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07-02-2006, 07:40 PM
Ok I was at work yesterday and everyone was doing the usual geez your getting sooo skinny. One girl asked do you mind if I ask how much you weigh? I would usally not say but I just blurted out 199. To my surprise another co-worker said "NO WAY" I would of guessed maybe 150. It felt really nice.

07-02-2006, 10:17 PM
Wow, Congratulations that is fantastic. I usually only tell the people on here and a few family members my true weight. But, once I got below 200 if any one asked I told them the truth. You have done so great.

Misti in Seattle
07-03-2006, 03:57 AM
Wow, that's great! Happy for you.

07-03-2006, 10:53 AM
First good job on blurting it out! I still don't have the courage to do that!
Second, Congrats on her comment!!!

07-05-2006, 11:32 AM
That's great! Some can carry weight better, and it seems like you're one of the lucky ones! LOL.


07-05-2006, 02:32 PM
I can see how they'd say that. Nice to get those reinforcements from people around you :)