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07-02-2006, 11:02 AM
Good Morning!!!

How is everyone this Holiday weekend? Last night we did teh fire works thing. I ate too much food. But I didn't have any pop. Instead I drank a Liter of water. It was fun. DS was terrified of the fireworks. He was huffing and puffing trying to blow them out. Eventually, after screaming and puffing he laid his head down on DH, we thought maybe he passed out LOL. He eventually started grasping the concept, but still wasn't really into it.

Before leaving for that I took the kids for a walk. We walked 3 miles. THAT was a WORKOUT!! Pushing 50 pounds of kids up and down hills. I feel good about it though. So I earned 4 of my 8 points for the week.

We may go to the Pennsylvani Bark Peelers Convention (yeah I don't really know what it is eitehr LOL). My neighbor's son wanted to enter the frog jumping contest. They just called to ask if we had any frogs in our pond. Sadly, we don't LOL. No bull frogs anyway. They are going, so maybe we will too. I only have 6 points left though until 5 pm. But I have flex. So we'll see how it goes.

have a great day everyone!

07-03-2006, 10:56 PM

Ok so I have been totally talking to myself for like three days LOL. WHERE are you guys????????? I know it's a holiday weekend, you're all probably out picnicing and other fun things :)

Today was a laid back day for us. We did the bark peelers convention yesterday...I ate too much! I had never had kettle corn before. OMG is it GOOD! But today we did nothing. It was nice. Tomarrow we're having a cookout with the in laws. DH had the township supervisor sign a permit to allow him to purchase and use fireworks tomarrow night. Normally it's illegal for PA residents to purchase fireworks other than small firecrackers and sparklers. But if you have a permit you can purchase whatever you want. So DH and his brothers are going to go waste some money tomarrow and hopefully not blow off a hand.

I walked 3 miles again today. I left the kids at home this time and took only my dog. It was nice!!!! Last time I asked DH to keep our small dog as he has a bad leg. Well he snuck off and found me about 1/4 mile from home. By the time we were on our way back I thought I was going to have to carry him. Luckily my BIL was driving by and picked him up and took himhome. SO this time I got out of the house without him. HE's also a pain to walk with b/c he doesn't listen and stands in the road when cars come (thus the bad leg). My dog..the only one I truly claim ownership of, the other I still consider a stray even though he's lived here 3 years, listens very well and really needs the walk as I couldn't find his ribs if I tried.

So anyway. I've stayed on plan. I've walked 6 miles since Saturday, and earned my 8 APs I had aimed for for the entire week. I've been drinking my water. My weight is down from last week, but I don't officially weigh in until Tuesday AM. I feel good!

How is everyone else doing?

07-03-2006, 11:28 PM
Hi, Misti. So sorry I've been MIA. I'm in a bit of a funk, nothing bad, just nothing good either. I've been good about exercising and eating and stuff, but I haven't been in the best mood (for no apparent reason).

Have I ever told you that your posts are so entertaining? Seriously, I love reading them. You write so vividly that I can actually picture you and your dog (although I don't know what either of you actually look like), and you contemplating whether to carry him!

Good for you on the walking. Fireworks are illegal here too. We use to live close to the Wisconsin border, and I remember lots of people going over the border to buy them.

The National Special Olympics are in town this week, so the city is packed. We went to the opening ceremony last night. It was quite cool. this is the very first U.S. national games. There's over 3000 athletes, their families, etc. Very big! Can you believe that they have over 8000 volunteers?! I wasn't able to volunteer, but my husband is. He's so excited that he gets to be inside in the air conditioning!

I'm tired of food. Hmmm...can't believe I typed that. I feel like I eat the same thing over and over and over again. I don't care for cooking, and it just seems pointless to have to cook something that i really don't enjoy eating anyway. I just got back from the library and grabbed some cookbooks. Hopefully I'll find something easy that looks interesting to make.

I was going to run a race tomorrow, but I'm feeling lazy. I'd rather sleep in. I don't know how it got to be 9:30 already. I have zero plans for the holiday. My husband works, so I'll just stay home alone :( I'm such a loser. This is part of cause of my funk that I'm in.

Happy 4 of July, everyone. Stephanie

07-04-2006, 01:24 AM
Hi there. Sorry I have also been MIA. Things have not been good diet/exercise wise, still drinking my water mostly so that is positive at least. Also every time I am on the computer lately my 4 year old bugs me to watch a music video, he loved this song on the radio and I found the video for it, now he is bugging me constantly to watch it so it is just easier if I don't turn the computer on at all while he is around! Anyway as usual I did poorly over the weekend and especially because I was not working. :( I talked it over with dh about me calling the bariatric clinic. He is a lot like Misty's husband, he does not overtly sabotage me but he doesn't support me 100% either. I told him that if I did not lose weight within the next 2 years that I would go for the surgery. Once I am in to see the dr I will do whatever is necessary to lose weight with diet and exercise and he (my dh) will have to support me if he doesn't want me to have the surgery. He is against the surgery and I am not crazy about it either but I can't go through the rest of my life like this. I need help and I'm going to get it and he'd better support and help me.

Hope you all have a great 4th of July tomorrow and enjoy your holiday. Take care!

07-04-2006, 10:34 AM

Oh Thank God SOMEBODY is talking to me LOL!!! Dh has been off doing his farmer thing, making desel fuel, gathering oil from various sources, and all the otehr stuff he does. So even though he is home, he's not really home. That's why I type so much...to have some semblence of an adult conversation.

Steph-Sorry you're feeling junky. I know what you mean about DH being gone and you just staying home. That's my life most of the time. It's better now that I have kids, at least there is something to do other than stare at the tv. But for the first 3 years of marriage it was that way. It's not that much better now though. I get stuck with all the mundane junk of feeding bathing, dressing. I get really depressed. I always feel better when I have a good book to read, or when I involved in a project like crocheting or working with polymer clay.

I think the cook books are a great idea! I haven't felt like cooking latley either, it's just too humid. Maybe you can find some great grilling recipes.

Jen-I hope you find the help you need at the bariatric clinic. Summer lives in NC where some of the cutting edge research on PCOS, obesity and such is going on. Her doctor had her on that program that was wholistic and scientific. So maybe you can find some great support and a plan that you cna live with. Weekends are so HARD!! I've decided to start my points on Friday. That way my flex points renew just in time for the weekend and if I go over I have the rest of the week to help balance it out.

WHat is it with kids and the computer??? MY kids LOVE the Videos on Noggin.com. But they just want to sit on me and play with stuff even we're not on Noggin. Maybe you can get a timer and let your DS have his turn on the computer and when the time's up it's your turn. If he cries when his time is up then he loses computer time tomarrow? DD has her little leap frog desk in my office. Next to it is a set drawers with all kinds of washable art stuff, her leap pad and stuff. She sits at her desk while I sit at mine. She's 3 so it works for her DS is not even 2 it so does not work with him.

I wasn't planning on walking today. But I think I might try. I need better pants. My shorts ride up (TMI I know), and all my sretchy workout type pants are too long and hot. I wore demin capri's yesterday. I tried to jog every so often but those are not the pants to jog in. So I guess I'll have to find cooler shorts.

I have a headache for 4 days now. It's getting better. I have noticed they coincide with TOM. So when I go back to the dr. to renew my perscription for my BCP I'll have to mention them. I REALLY hope he doesn't take me off the pill...LOVE my kids but a third one would cause me to have a mental break down LOL.

Well something smells bad. I am guessing it's DS, so I better run. Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

07-04-2006, 04:43 PM
Hey Misty. I get my migraines around TOM as well. I have switched different kinds of birth control trying to help the migraines. Also I take 3 months worth in a row so I only have TOM 4 times a year which is really nice. The idea being that I would have a continuous flow of whatever hormone I am not getting enough of that is causing the migraines so I should only have the migraines 4 times a year. Didn't work out that way too much. I am on a fairly low dose birth control because when I am on higher doses I don't have the migraines but then I don't have TOM either. The week that I would be off the pills I would have like one day of TOM if I was lucky. Well that is nice in some ways but not so much when you think you are pregnant every flipping month. Anyway that could be a thought to ask for a different pill, your headaches might go away.

I know what you mean about adult conversation. Somedays I am home with ds all day, we need to go out more! Then dh gets home and he is tired from work and doesn't really want to talk.

Anyway I need to get going. Have to pick up ds from daycare and get something for supper. I hate cooking in the summer. I am so tired of cooking but I don't want take out all the time either. I am so not into cookbooks. I like the idea of them but I need one of those ones where the recipies have like 5 ingredients or less.

07-04-2006, 06:03 PM
Happy 4th of July!

Jen, I'm completely with you about the cookbooks....5 ingredients or more! Fortunately, we have a huge library (I bet there was over 1000 cookbooks), and those were the ones that I chose. I also found one that is full of only microwave recipes.

I also get migraines a few days before my period begins. I tried Seasonale (which is maybe what you're on, Jen), but it didn't work for me. Instead of having TOM 4 times a year, I had it non-stop. Fabulous! Misty, I highly, highly doubt that your OB/GYN will take you off the pill, I've had migraines for years and neither my OB/GYN or neurologist has even hinted at that possibilities. So, no worries! But, yes, maybe a different pill?

Misty, I really like those Champion mesh shorts. They're fairly long and cool. I don't have problems with them riding up, and I do have that problem with other shorts.


07-04-2006, 06:35 PM
I just have to complain about my husband quickly--

I asked if he wanted to go to the fireworks display tonight. He said, "I'm not going to any fireworks until we have to with the kids."

Great--happy fricken' 4th of July. Argh.

07-05-2006, 01:41 AM
You can take any birth control pill for more than one month, it doesn't have to be Seasonale. That one was specifically designed but my doctor said it really doesn't matter, it can be any kind of birth control. I don't think it has really made a difference in my migraines but there is a benefit of only having 4 TOM per year.

07-05-2006, 06:47 AM
Hi girls!!!!

I have been on several kinds of pills over the years. Most cause swelling and headaches (apparently from my brain swelling...nice). These ones were fine for the first six months. I've always gotten frequent headaches, but these must be migraines, it's dibilatating. 4 days of it. My ob/gyn isn't one who usually hands out the pill actually. I had several woman who were shocked when they heard he gave them to me at all. He also won't tie your tubes, if you want it done he'll have another dr do it. He's catholic. But he's really fabulous and everyone loves him. So we'll see. The one I am on is a really low hormone as well.

In most developing nations and until the advent of the birth control pill woman actually only had periods on occasion b/c they were either pregnant or nursing through most of thier child bearing years. A monthly TOM wasn't the norm, until the pill, which for some reason (designed by men probably) it was developed to have a monthly period. I'm all for the four times a year thing!!

I over ate yesterday. I have to calculate my points and all, but it was pretty bad.

Sorry to hear about DH Steph. That's no fun. Fireworks are fun even without kids! Heck I'd almost say more fun...DS screamed through the ones we watched on Saturday.

Well I am going to grab a shower and all that good stuff. It was after midnight when I went to bed, but I couldnot sleep, so I woke up at 5. My house is clean, my laundry is sorted. I may try to lay down before the kids come just for a little while. Have a great day!

07-05-2006, 01:05 PM
Good morning!

Just a quick update--we could hear the fireworks go off, and I said that I wished we would have went to them. My husband said, "Why didn't you say so?" Duh....wouldn't you say that he sounded pretty adament that he didn't want to go!? Boys....

I'm starving but I'm trying to wait until noon to eat. Do you think I'll make it 56 more minutes? Cross your fingers!

07-05-2006, 01:56 PM
Tired. Tired. I am exhausted. We have been running like crazy since Friday...and I managed to put on like a pound a day. I am pretty upset. However, its the 1st day of my menstrual, and I know it has a lot to do with that. It just felt so good to be 169 on Friday and now here I am at 176!!! Today I was going to count my points hard and stay at 20pts. As soon as I get to the office, a coworker surprised me with a veggie omelet and a gutted roll. She was so excited because it was veggie and everyone knows how I watch what I eat. I started working here 6yrs ago, and I was 220lbs! Unfortunatly, the omelet was made with whole eggs and who knows how much cheese. Sigh. I ate it to be grateful but now I am pretty sure the rest of the day is going to be uneventful foodwise. I am drinking alot of water and snacking on soy crisps. Tonight I am going to a comedy show on 42nd. There is a 2 drink minimum at each table, but I will opt for diet pepsi.
I hope everyone has a successful day...As far as AP...I don't really know how to count them. If anyone has a link, that would be great. I don't have a WW meeting near me, and I don't want to spend for the online. I went to meetings before and I have my slider and book..just nothing on AP.

Thank you all.

07-05-2006, 04:01 PM
Welcome, Luluandstina! I wish I could help you with the AP, but I don't know if there's a formula or anywhere online to look. I have a slider at home (I'm at work now), so I could help you if you have something that you'd like me to check. It was very nice of your co-worker, but how funny. The good news about your weight is that it has to be a lot of water retention. You just can't physically gain that amount in such a short time frame. I'm hoping that the weight leaves you as quickly as you found it. A comedy show sounds like a blast. My husband and I use to frequent a comedy club where we use to live, and I miss it so much!

07-06-2006, 08:20 AM
Welcome Luluandstina! I'm glad you found us!

If you know anyone who goes to meetings they might be able to buy you a AP slider, they cost like $4 to replace, so they could just pick one up for you. Otherwise like Steph said you could tell us what you did and we could calculate it for you. Also, if you search the message board for WW general I think this topic has been covered and the formula is thier or there is a link to it somewhere. I think it's publically available on WW copyright application or something like that. I know it's been talked about in that thread alot.

It's TOM for me and I feel like junk. I can't sleep, I am really grumpy and I am eating alot. I did great until Tuesday night...which hey that's in improvement! My weigh in on Tuesday AM showed me back to 217.5 so that makes me happy. I'll be on track today, maybe I can fit in a walk. It's Thursday, right...sheesh I am so tired I don't know what day it is. Well, I have today and tomarrow until 5 pm and then I get new points. So if I can just hold it together until then :)

Dh was so nice last night though. We had a late night b/c I had to run to town to pick up a perscription, so we grabbed dinner on the run. When we got home and had eaten, I got the kids pj's ready and filled the tub and he bathed them and put them to bed so I could go to bed at 9. Then he slept on the couch b/c he knows my back is killing me from our mattress and I sleep better when I can sleep smack in the middle LOL. So a smuch as I complain...he's not all bad LOL

Well, the kids will be here soon, so I better run. Have a great day!!!

07-06-2006, 10:52 PM
Thank you all for responding. I am feeling so inspired already. I do have a slider, though..thank you so much! Today was a great day. I woke up ready and willing to stick to 20pts. I know I am allowed more at my current weight, but that is my sneaky get-back trick. I hope I don't bore you...ok this morning I had two boiled egg whites and a toasted bialy with ff cc. At work I snacked on fruit and BBQ soy chips. For lunch I had 1/2 mozzarella and basil wrap and 6 teeny tiny california roll thingies. For dinner I had a small baked pork chop onto of a bed of steamed squash, garlic, baby tomatoes, and red onion. I even allowed myself a small portion of avocado. It was totally delicious. I weighed in this morning at 175, I just weighed myself at 174. On thing I stuck to all day, in between meals, I drank two bottles of poland spring. Since its that awful time of the month, water is the only thing that keeps from snacking and breaking out. Oh I nearly forgot, a co-worker (another one, aren't they a mess?!) offered me a delicious yummy looking Greek dessert. It was tied up in a pastry box....a red signal for DANGER AHEAD. I took a fork, slivered off the tiniest piece and savored it.

It was well worth it and I was able to taste it and politely decline another bite. Whew. Sometimes healthy eating is like a video game. ping ping ping bam zoom.....

07-06-2006, 11:01 PM
Name: Luluandstina
Real Name: Christine
Location: New York City
WI Day:Every morning
Highest weight: 230
Weight when started WW: 198
Current weight: 174
Long term goal: 160...maybe make my window 155-160
Plan: Flex Points
Job: Office Manager in University Catering Department, Hospitality Student in BA Program@College, Mom to two lovelies

07-07-2006, 02:02 PM
Hey all. Sorry to be MIA for a few days. Things have been very off plan, more than usual. Anyway don't really want to talk about it, just wanted to pop in and say hi and hope everyone has a good weekend. I have to work all weekend and then I have a whole week off, then I'm back for a week and then have 2 weeks off. I'm really looking forward to some time off. Maybe I can get myself back on track. Take care all, have a great weekend.

07-07-2006, 07:20 PM
:hug: :hug: Jen!!

I only have 2.2 seconds. The kids are here late b/c thier mom and dad have an appointment with the realtor. Just wanted to say HI and I will be catching up with everyone this weekend!

07-08-2006, 12:04 AM
Hi all. Well I've been a little better today than what I thought. I didn't really go all that crazy, sometimes I think I am a little too hard on myself. The couple of days before were not good though but that was then and this is now. I get that mentality that since I've blown it by having a couple of cookies or some chips I might just as well as snack as much as I want which is not the best attitude. My husband has not been home much, what with me working shifts we have little time together and lately he's been staying at work a lot. It ticks me off when I see him for like 1 hour before I have to leave for work and he stays late. Or when I don't have to work and he purposely stays late because he knows he doesn't have to be home before I leave. Last night he was there late and then his boss asked him to go out for pizza. So I was po'd because I knew he'd be late anyway so I made supper for when I figured he'd be home and then he calls and says he's going out with the boss. Well if I had known that I wouldn't have bothered making a big supper just for me and ds, I would have had a protein bar and he could have had a sandwich, he doesn't care, usually he prefers that. He was apologetic about it and actually a little upset that I was upset which normally he isn't so I wasn't too mad for very long. I think that is stressing me out, that we haven't spent much time together.

Anyway sorry about that little rant. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

07-10-2006, 08:00 AM
UGHHHH! What a weekend! The kids didn't leave until 8:30 pm on friday...a 13 hour day, normally it's 10 hours. Then I got up Saturday morninga nd decided there was no way I was going to sit around here and do nothing all weekend. So I took the kids and spent a fun weekend at my bestfriends' house. We went to the zoo yesterday and had a blast!! It was a great weekend.

We got home and my BIL was here with his fiance and her three boys...5 kids ramming through my in laws house is LOUD. But he FINNALLY told his parents that they are getting married...my handing his mom and invitation! But at least now they know LOL.

I'm off track. But I have about 90 days until the wedding so I'm gonna get back on track today.

Jen-Having DH not home like that would suck. Mine always wanders off everynight, and it is stinky for me. My choice is hang out in the barn or calf shed or stay home with the kids alone. It's not fair. Why is it that they can do thier thing and not give a thought to where the kids are, but with us they are an automatic acsessory? I hope he gets better about coming home.

Well, I have to go wake my sleeping beauties and head off to babysit. Have a great day!!!