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07-02-2006, 10:36 AM
Yak. What a day I had yesterday. DS and I work at the same store and our shifts were two hours apart. While I was scanning away, the cell phone in my pocket is ringing and ringing and ringing so I excused myself to the restroom and found a text message saying "help." I call him and he's locked out of the house. I don't know what to do but tell him the deadbolt on the back door is not engaged so go see if he can break in.

I keep working and phone keeps ringing. He's walking a mile to the store to get food. Gave up on door because he's uncomfortable breaking in while the neighbors are in their back yard.

Arrrgh, I say, go ask the neighbors to help you break in. (All this while I'm finding excuses to go to the restroom on what is THE busiest day in our store.) I ask the manager if DS has called in (no) and inform him that he's locked out of the house. Later, manager comes to tell me DS is ok, got into the house, and is on his way to work,

Phone keeps ringing. 4th of July and every tourist north of us is headed here. DS is stuck in traffic for hours. He keeps calling me with updates until I tell him NOT to call unless something happens. I am very upset. On my break, I can not eat.

Later, I see him at work and feel better. Now it happens that a long time ago, this mean old bat customer made me feel really bad for a long time by saying out of the blue, "You're either having a bad day or you're ready to go home." In other words, she said I was unattractive looking AND I COULD NOT reply to her in the manner I wanted as I was at work. It really got to me. Yesterday, she came through my line but I didn't recognize her at once. She b*tched that we (bagger and I) were mashing her bread, snapped at him for offering to help her out and stared at me with a frown. I said, "Are you having a good day?" and smiled. "I am but it looks like you're not," she said. AHA, IT WAS HER!!!

I smiled and said, "I was just thinking the same thing about you." I handed her her receipt and said, "Maybe it'll get better." Her face fell about six inches and I revenge BUTTTT while it felt wonderful and fulfilling it also felt terrible.

On the way home, a light came on indicating something may be wrong with my antilock brakes. It went off so maybe all is ok there. Stressful day. Before I left for work, my new teacher called me to tell me I had not signed on to the internet thing yet. Very stressful.

Wabby, I don't like the book. Many of those chapters could be taken out with no loss to the story. There he is floating around on the water, describing fish, killing fish, cutting open turtles, talking about drinking water, etc., when ... out of nowhere, he with another person who appears to be an hallucination and who is killed off after a few pages. Just not good enough. It was like an afterthought and I really really think this person should have been alluded to earlier instead of being all confusingly slapped into the story.

Hi to all you cuties. I am so self-absorbed.

07-02-2006, 01:40 PM
Yak, indeed, Peachy!! :hug: :hug: :hug: Poor you. That woman sounds just awful. I think revenge was OK in this case since she got a taste of her own medicine and will maybe think before she speaks next time.

Canada Day came and went. I made hamburgers, macaronie salad, butter tarts and rhubarb streusel pie. Bad move. Fatter than ever. Only 2 1/2 weeks until vacation. Bleh.

As of Tuesday, Mercury is retrograde again. That's not good. Beware. Don't sign any contracts.

07-02-2006, 04:11 PM
just a quick note to say----what an effin b*tch that bag is peach----glad you gave her the gears!!! be back after i go to the bar for supper. {they have sweet potato fries and i am addicted}

07-02-2006, 09:57 PM
What a craparse broad! I oughta :rollpin: :boxing: You did fine peachy! Ah, DS still needs his mom :hug:

High Priestess Sug..Thanks fer the warning..I hate when Mercury retrogrades..:no: such a backward Planet..

Where's sweetpotato Head at? Bagzzzz we misssssssss you.....

Kiwi our own SailorMoon, is probably enjoying Frappes and Margies.. :hat:

Nothing new to report from Schatziville... :yawn: :bored:

Must go Stumble..... (If you use Firefox, you must get the new Stumbleupon...most addicting fun.... )

07-03-2006, 12:35 PM
Where y'all at? Did you know that if you take a lettuce salad and add blueberries, dried fruit and nuts to it, it gets yummier? I'm thinking marshmallow and choco chips next.

07-03-2006, 12:53 PM
Ya'll, I'm back. I need to talk about lcp. She's in South America on a school thing and is in the hospital. I'm told her gall bladder burst and she has a liver disease. This disease is unnamed to me. Months ago, she was in an automobile accident where she was not driving and had ribs broken and stitches. Before that, she called DS and said she was in the hospital. Then she hung up. She called back a few times and it turned out she was in the ER with a migraine. What would you think?

07-03-2006, 12:56 PM
moomoo...what or who is lcp?
i'm working today. boo hoo.
what is all this sickness here? you'd think we were all old women or something. we need to THINK YOUNG> Not to be old and staid and frumpy and dull. maybe a "vice of the month club." i'm taking suggestions.

07-03-2006, 01:00 PM
little cutie pie is DS's gf.

Please don't make the vice a food. Anythinggggg else. I, however, am not one to think of vices. I am staring at Frappie saying this.

07-03-2006, 01:59 PM
I know are a good girl. i have this inner bad girl that wants to play before i'm too old. i read too many biographies of fascinating (read outrageous) women with fascinating (read sinful) lives. I feel so boooooring.

and the most exciting thing to do in nocar is shop at the mall.

another "good girl" friend suggested becoming an exercise addict. can you imagine anything less exciting????? I'm missing drugs, sex and rock n roll. and she says spinning class???!!!!!????

lcp sounds like munchousen(sp????) run rampant.

07-03-2006, 02:40 PM
Hmmmm... I gotta enough bad vices fer at least :chin: a year or two... but I shall refrain from naming them all.. I hate rejection... It brings back memories of disapproving pen-Ga-win looking women from years past...

LCP such Cuteness! ...I hope her liver and innards are okay.. perhaps a slight case of lapsing histronics .. (I think I just made up a NEW psychiatric disorder! Yes! I'm Schmacht!) oooh, whilst ..upon reading berry laden lettuce I was mildly repulsed..I must admit I make a dingy fan fang dang a doo (Look at me! I invented a NEW cool saying) Mandarin Orange salad... must go........

07-03-2006, 07:28 PM
I'm back! And there was a whirlwind of activity here!!! Okay, maybe not..

Carry on

07-03-2006, 10:15 PM I looked at your stumble site but my computer repulsed foxfire. i have a wall or something.

07-04-2006, 06:29 AM
Happy 4th o' July, darlings!:balloons: Except Bagzie, of course, who waves her flag to the beat of a different drummer.

Today we registered ds10 at his new secondary school, because they make the kids go to secondary school after fourth grade here, you know. Yes, they are nuts. He actually got a recommendation for the second of the three school forms, but we feel that putting him in one of the better schools is the only way he's going to get a decent education in Germany, especially if he wants to study abroad later.

And...we picked up travellers cheques (official Canadian spelling!), got travel insurance and cancelled the newspaper. Three things down, a million things to go. In half an hour I have to go teach the little wretches at the school library. They've asked me to do it (for free, you understand) for three class periods in a row after the summer and I have tentatively said yes. Must be an upstanding non-citizen, right?

Leslie and I went for a walk yesterday. She talked the whole time. I am thinner, but not thin. I was thin once but didn't appreciate it.

07-04-2006, 11:44 AM
Thank ya Sugar! You must be getting sooo exxxxcited!

Berry--- hmmmm, you installed Firefox and it's your default browser? It does sound like you make have to tweak the firewall?

getting ready for a BBQ -- making a cake which I will not partake of...( Ya see, most times if I make a cake, I'll make one that I can take or leave... all part of my willpower mojo...:devil: ) Running out to pick up fresh stuff for a big tossed salad, and beer...The BBQ is 2 doors up from us.. and the woman running it, I think has never had a party before... she's called me at least 5 times in the last 2 days fretting over her Tea, (it's toooo strong, what should I do?) Do you like ribs? Do you like Carolina BBQ or "Red"? Should I keep the food in the screen house? Do you think it would be tacky to use paper plates??? :blah: Too funny...
Then tonight we're off to the lake for fireworks

07-04-2006, 12:27 PM
Happy Fourth You Yankee Doodle Dandies!!!---frappe,for Gawds Sake Darling---come In Here And Shake Up This Crowd---you Are Right--we Are All Falling Into Decrepitude {????}----i Feeeeeeeeeel Old But No Sense Looking It Too ,right!--- I Think I Will Start By Drinking More.

07-04-2006, 12:35 PM
Bagzzzzz....or we may look old but we don't have to ACT it!

My vice dilemma.....DH sworn off booze so I can't drink. DS sworn off drugs so I can't get high. I've been nagging the kids about smoking so it would be unseemly for me to start. Flab around belly precludes casual sex. Can't sing so job as back up for a punk band out. What's left????? Sloth has been here so long it isn't even a vice anymore.

What's a would-be bad girl to do???

07-04-2006, 02:03 PM
Casual sex???? Are you talking about five minutes with the DH or the old guy with the ponytail you met at the newspaper stand? And DS is how old? Twelve?

Ok, who am I to judge? I, for example, made a man with a lot of food items apologize to the woman behind him for being in the express line. I live dangerously, too.

Others need to weigh in on this. Frappy has brought us controversy!!!

Cherry Cow
07-04-2006, 06:37 PM
Sugar, I am sad that I did not appreciate being not fat. (I wasn't exactly thin, but it was a lot easier to buy clothes again.)

Hello Cows! Happy fourth! (And a belated happy first to Baggzz and Sugar P.) I just got back from New Orleans and New Jersey. I didn't gain weight, but that's because I didn't have time to eat. I suspect I will have to eat even less if I want to lose weight. Sigh.

Cherry Cow
07-05-2006, 11:45 PM

07-06-2006, 01:18 PM
Hi Cherry! are we all alone here? I too, didn't appreciate being thin. or young. My mother tells me to appreciate being 50. I'm going to try.

I've spent most of my life trying to avoid vice. In my extended family it was considered 'uppity' to not be alcoholic or drug addicted, and to actually be married to the father of your children before they were born. I've spent most of my life apologizing to my siblings for being so darn.... well, I don't know, I guess for being me.

Frappe, I love your reasons for living a vice free life.... especially the flab around the middle/no casual sex one. Hee. We need to think of something.... a life of crime perhaps? cheating at bingo? hit and run on our scooters?

Happy belated 4th and Canada Day.... we mostly ate and slept our way through the weekend. zzzzzzzz. 2 bbq's, daily naps, & yard work. Geez, Frappe, you're right, we need some shakin' up.

07-06-2006, 04:19 PM
I'm back, I'm reading all your voluminous posts and it will take me a while to wade through them all. You are always so chatty when I'm gone... ;)

Had a wonderful trip. Spent the first night in friends' RV at their campground because it was raining so hard we didn't bother to continue on to the sailboat. Had best omelet ever made, at campground diner the next morning. That started us off on a roll of 5 days of overeating. Packed up the boat and went for a sail Saturday, did a little shopping in Southwest ( Harbor ( (don't ask me why they only have photos in the rain...) on Sunday, picked up the BF and we all went out for lobsters. YeeHaw!!!!!!!! The friends went home that night because she had to work. We went for an early sail on Monday -- very restful as I slept through the first 2 hours of it :lol: -- BF got his sea legs, piloted the boat for a while, then later started turning a bit green (the latter part of the sail was a little woozy-making as the sea was rolling in 5-foot waves :barf:), but we all made it to Bar Harbor without incident.

DD and BF dinghyed in for a stroll, while DH and I prepared to relax in the gorgeous sunshine and breezes. The boat was tied up to a mooring in the harbor and dh put up the "Skychair" ( and then promptly lost a vital wooden dowel overboard. Since the dinghy was not there, he was prepared to call it a lost cause, but not Kiwi the Magnificent, who stripped off her shoes and socks, climbed down the swim ladder and took off after it. Oh yes I did too. Well, you know I like to swim. Not so much in 55 degree water, but hey, I'm game -- who knew that it was tough to swim when you can barely breathe it's so cold :rolleyes:? I retrieved the part and started back, only to discover that I was barely keeping up with the current, so I swam harder. DH tossed me a PFD cushion so that made it a bit easier and I finally reached the boat. I went up on the bow with some dry clothes and a towel in hopes of warming up in the sun, when suddenly I totally crashed: my hands and feet started to itch and swell and I started getting nauseated and faint and I spent the next half hour heaving the day's provisions over the side of the boat and attempting to get up enough to crawl below to the cabin. Unfortunately I wasn't able to even raise my head without seeing kaleidoscope images in front of my eyes, and my clothes were still soaking wet. It was not pretty. DH made me keep trying to get down below and finally I made it to the head where I mostly lay on the floor attempting to get enough balance to do what needed to get done to clean up and put dry clothes on. Meanwhile DH had called DD and BF to retrieve some Benadryl (I cleverly had none on board) and row back out to the boat pronto, which they did. I spent the next 3 hours dead flat on a bunk requesting more and more blankets because I was still so cold and I sure as **** couldn't move without fainting.

And then later I was absolutely 100% fine and our friends came back on board and we ate a delicious dinner and frankly I still don't know what all happened. Everyone thinks hypothermia (well, duh, maybe I should have thought of that possibility before I jumped in, eh?), or possibly jellyfish sting (didn't feel it, don't have a bite), but I am a little mystified. And glad to have survived.

So, always some excitement, eh? We had a nice brisk sail on the 4th, came back to the harbor in time for socializing with BF's family who were there for the fireworks, back on the mooring for dinner and fireworks, only to have the fog roll in and blanket the whole place so that the fireworks consisted of noises and different colored glowing skies! Oh well, not the first time that's happened. They would have been quite spectacular if we could have seen them! Have any of you seen these screaming ghosts they have now? The kids were calling them Dementors. Really creepy. Those we could see :shrug:.

Yesterday was quite lovely in Bar Harbor; unfortunately the fog rolled in and made it impossible for us to leave. We hung out on the dock the whole morning waiting for it to lift -- the Queen Mary II came in and anchored but you actually couldn't see it for several hours! So finally we gave up waiting for it to clear and DD&BF took a shuttle bus around the island to retrieve his car; and they and I packed our junk in the car and left the boat. DH and one of the friends (other had gone to work already) took the boat back over to our home mooring after the fog lifted and he got home late last night.

So that was our trip, very nice, somewhat eventful. Much bonding going on between the teenaged lovebirds... BF was the soul of politeness and shared the main cabin with DH -- he had to sleep in the "pilot berth" which is not exactly luxury accomodations, but he was a great sport and had a good time. It's the strangest thing, feeling almost like a mother-in-law; how odd. It makes me start to understand a few things about my own mother. What a thought; I'm becoming the old lady in the back seat. :lol: Oy.

Later gators,

07-07-2006, 04:19 AM
Frappie darling, you do not have to stand as a role model for DH. Drink away.

I am embarking on a life of crime aka filching free coffee in fancy hotels.

Schatzi, I thought this Stumbleupon was going to be a game. Should I really install it?

07-07-2006, 09:16 AM
Morning Cowsies.. I've been soooo busy procrastinating. :dz: it really can be a full time job..
:wave: Cherry! NJ and NO? I hope this was some sort of vacay for you.. most excellent that you didn't gain anything. And you are Soooooo right, I was thin once.. and I worked hard at gettin there dammit :tantrum: but didn't work at all to Stay there... sigh

Wabby: I Had a good laugh envisioning us as old bada$$ gang of seniors terrorizing senior bus trips, bingo halls and our local Medicare offices.. he heeeeeeeee

Now where oh where did Frappe go? :shrug: Come hang with me Frappe, I'll put a little bit a the devil in ya ..Mooohaha! :devil:

Sugar:Are you packing yet?

Kiwi: :dance: ! MY GAWD, that sounded so scary! It sounds like a combo of hypothermia and a bite of somethin.. Ya know, when the water is cold my palms immediately start to itch.. weird, eh?
Benedryl is a wonder drug in my book.. .But it sounds like a delightful trip!

hmmm depends. If you are into websurfing, stumble is like channel surfing, instead of entering www's or googling and going to just one page at a time, Stumble will present you a new web site , based on your interests that other Stumblers have found that might interest you, each time you hit the stumble button. When you find a site you like, you can rate it by hitting the I like it or I dont like it button. You can also add a comment . The pages you rate are added to your Home page, where you can blog or add pictures or commentary. Folks may come to view your Home page to see all of your pics and pans, and if they like what they see, they add you to a list of folks that they want to always in clude in their stumbles.
I like it, I've "stumbled" upon so many interesting, fun sites. You can enter "games" as one of your likes, then , if you wish to just surf games, you can set your stumble to "games" and when you hit the stumble button on your tool bar, it will take you to page after page of people's recommended games. Btw, On my site, My avatar is one that you found !!

We went to the strangest "cookout/BBQ" ever.. I was quite befuddled by it...
All the hotdogs, hamburgers, ribs were already BBQ'ed ahead of time (Like 2 hours before everyone got there) , We ate inside, in the kitchen using real plates and forks... No music.... The couple who threw it are very nice people -but odd.. ... with almost borderline OCD on cleanliness and order... They would run behind people picking up crumbs, swabbing the floor, ... Very bizarre! I dropped off my cake ,pinwheels and salad ahead of time (it was just 2 doors up) and came home .. DH asks me "do they need any chairs, or one of our patio tables?" I was like, I don't think we are eating outside... and I think all the food is cooked already... He looked at me, couldn't quite comprehend this... and said, I think I'm gonna need to drink a few beers before I go then" :lol: So... he came later, had a cold burger, a few more brewskis and then we we left... The poor dear has been on call for over a week now, excellent $$$ but he can't be more than 30 mins. aways from his laptop...So while he went back to work, Landlords and I went down to the lake to watch the town of Cary's firework display, the NC Orchestra was there playing good ole Americana songs like Turkey in the Straw, When Johnny comes marching home... We set up our chairs next to this set of 4 chairs and a giant Tarp, with nobody there... Apparently folks came down at noon, set their stuff up and leave...In Joisey that would never Fly... That stuff woulda been gone or tossed in the lake .

07-07-2006, 01:04 PM
That does sound like a strange bbq, Schatz. Can you really call it a bbq w/o mosquitos and flies on the food?? The funniest bbq we've ever gone to was at a friend's who has a beeeeuteeful huge new house. Around 25 guests. Although the house was huge, all he had to bbq on was a teeny little hibachi grill that he had sitting on the ground on the patio. It was about 8" x 15", and by the time he managed to get anything cooked ppl were giving up and going home. Not me. I just had a couple more margies while I waited. :hat:

Kiwi, what a scary experience. I'm glad you're ok. I think hypothermia can do some strange things to a person.

DH is going to a rodeo this weekend w/ the family of our friend who passed away recently. I would go, but the honest reason I'm not is because I'm too fat to fit into my western clothes. Isn't that pathetic? The only reason DH is going is because this is a small town rodeo that our friend volunteered to help with every year and they are doing a special tribute to him at the rodeo Saturday evening. It's going to be like going to the funeral all over again. They will do the thing with the riderless horse w/ his cowboy hat hung on the saddle. so sad.

gotta work.

07-07-2006, 02:11 PM
Kiwi...too scary! Was Dh properly chastized that he wasn't the hero? Did everyone wait on you hand and foot for the rest of the trip?

Schatz....very wierd bbq. We were invited to a pig roast and then the person never called me back to give me the address. Should I take this personally? I stayed in my jammies all day and read a crappy novel on the screened porch.

I'd feel guilty drinking in front of Dh. My mother never let me eat in front of other people if there wasn't enough to share. I have an over=inflated sense of "rudeness".

Until kids, I was skinny skinny skinny. I am now thrilled to be down to much more than I weighed when I gave birth to DD1. When I think how fat I felt at 130.....which is now my dream weight.....

Wabby, couldn't you put on funny clothes and go as the rodeo clown? You could even wear and mask and no one would know who you were.

I think all successful criminals need to be computer geniuses these days.....there goes a life of crime. Ah, for the old days when all you needed was a bandanna, a horse and a gun. I could get off on robbing stagecoaches. Or maybe members of my family will finally kill each other and I could solve the crime.
I'd like drinking better if I could slouch around in silk evening gowns and drink champagne cocktails while hanging with Cole Porter et al.

At least drugs would help the weight loss. But they're so expensive and I'd have to involve teenagers in the procuring which would offend my maternal instincts.

Life is too hard.

07-07-2006, 03:24 PM
My fat clothes look like a rodeo clown's. Why is it that fat girl clothes are unflattering? A couple years ago I could wear cute jean skirts w/ tank tops in the summertime. Now my legs are too cottage cheesy and my arms have flab wings. I guess it's not the fat girl clothes that are unlfattering, it's the fat girl body. Yesterday I told DH I felt that I looked unattractive. He said "you are very attractive." in this serious voice, so I think he really was serious and he has some serious vision problems. Seriously.

I need to buy a summer dress for a luau/wedding we're going to next week. I think a mu mu would work. or is it spelled moo-moo?

07-07-2006, 03:25 PM
:lol3: Berrypie Frapparoo! I myself would have loved to be one of dem curvy broads that hung with the Rat Pack... I do believe "Dino" would be all over me.

Wabbina, I so feel yer pain I can't tell you how many "outfits" I tried on prior to this bizarro "cookout" till I felt that an outfit made me look the least wildebeestish. I have decided to be nice and cordial to the OCD couple, but will keep them at an arms distance.. she has called me 3 times since the event asking if I like it, her food, can we do this or that... She thinks I am "fun" . :blah: Unlike Landlord&landlordess, ( I shall call them LL and LLess in the future -so take note! he hee) who are definitely our cup of tea. Our next adventure is taking them out in our canoe whilst me and DH are in our Kayaks, and have a paddleabout and teach them how to kayak, a pic-a nic lunch and call it a day.
DH and I are planning a long weekend at the Biltmore.. them seem interested -so who knows...

ok, back to cleaning the crack house...

Where oh where is sweet peaches??? Dear Painty, Bagz and Sugah??? Moo in there Cowsies

07-07-2006, 04:59 PM
Kiwi...too scary! Was Dh properly chastized that he wasn't the hero? Did everyone wait on you hand and foot for the rest of the trip?
Oh heck no! DH was all about how it took up the rest of the afternoon "taking care of me" -- i.e. fixing up the main cabin so I could lie there and asking me how I was now and then. But I managed to get out of cooking dinner that night, so that was almost like being waited on.... I'm just glad DD and BF weren't actually on the boat when it happened, it would have been too freaky for them.

That is one weird bbq -- apparently they'd never even been to one! No wonder she kept asking you for advice.

Ah, Frappe, here's your solution: go out drinking. You can get in more trouble that way anyway!

Gotta run, going to see The Marshall Tucker Band tonight. Hope it doesn't suck too bad.


07-07-2006, 05:08 PM
ohhhh Kiwi, Marshall Tucker brings back such great teenage memories fer me! Have a wonderful time... I loved them and will admit to having their double triple Best Of CD. :rollpin: on the head to DH... he doesn't appreciate the gem he has! :hug:

07-07-2006, 07:51 PM
Y'all need to come down here and go drinking with me! Too too AA to go drinking alone!

I just went to the gym and feel very proud of myself. Of course, DS and I ate 4 POUNDS of cherries between the two of us in the last 24 hours. I may have eaten more than he did. But cherries have no fat, right? therefore they're almost diet food.

Kiwi, beware bonding too much with the BF. As soon as I start loving them too, my girls dump them and the loss is too much. I don't want to meet them anymore unless nuptuals are in the offing.

07-08-2006, 01:16 PM
Doesn't that make you feel above average?

Kiwi, beware bonding too much with the BF. As soon as I start loving them too, my girls dump them and the loss is too much. I don't want to meet them anymore unless nuptuals are in the offing.Too late. I just hope all the various family members from both sides will forgive the kids if they break up. They're childhood friends though, I imagine they will at least stay friends in the long run.

I'm on my way south next week -- anyone want to have a girls night out at the beach?

Marshall Tucker was a hoot. The concert was outdoors at a fairgrounds in a town 100 miles from nowhere. The crowd was a really ragged bunch -- we looked maybe a little too respectable! It was fun though, very casual atmosphere, no obnoxious people surprisingly. I'm convinced the fan base was so old they didn't have the energy to be obnoxious... :lol: (Yeah, they were about my age...) The band was pretty aged itself, except for an infant drummer and the lead guitarist who came onboard a dozen years ago from the Outlaws. I loved the guy who played the flute, sax and keyboards; he was awesome, long white hair flowing. It was the most relaxed concert venue I've been to in years. Even most outdoors I've been to lately are pretty tightly controlled, but not this one. You paid or showed your ticket when you drove onto the grounds, then you could go back and forth to your car as you pleased, sit in the stands or set up chairs. I took Jet with us and went back a couple of times to take her out and run her around the place. Even DD and bf enjoyed the concert, music elite that they are... :cool:


07-10-2006, 01:59 PM
Frappe, as long as they weren't chocolate covered cherries I think you're ok. Next time I'm in Caroliner, I'll be sure and call you and Schatz for a girl's night out. :cheers:

Kiwi, if you come to the Oregon beach I could make it.

I had a loverly weekend all by myself. Friday night went shopping after work, was disgusted with myself so I met my sister & niece for dinner. Did all my house stuff early, then took my mom to my friend's shop so she could spend her Christmas gift certificate from me. Then went to a bbq, then out to a movie w/ a couple friends. Sunday I went to a free class on using color in the garden. It's a good thing we're moving, because after going to that class, I feel like starting over in my yard. Then DH got home and we went out to dinner. It's a good thing he's not gone every weekend, or I'd be tired out. :faint:

07-10-2006, 05:50 PM
Did I mention that DDIL has lost all her baby weight? She's lost 72 pounds in the last 4 1/2 months. That's from after baby was born. I don't know how much more she weighed pre-birth. Amazing, huh? That's what determination and youth will do for you. She looks absolutely gorgeous.

07-10-2006, 09:38 PM
Did I mention that DDIL has lost all her baby weight?I hate her. My baby is going off to college and I still have every bit of baby weight hanging around looking like crap.

I mean Congratulations to DDIL. Good for her.

I have to get planning for the beach. We had a lightning storm today and it fried the modem in the other puter. Mine still works. harhar.

Later kiddies.


07-11-2006, 03:11 AM
Oh my! By the time I get through reading all this it will be next week. Still here, still fat, still in manic "get ALL the laundry done before we leave" mode. I swear that this time I will NOT still be packing in the middle of the night.

Was downtown yesterday and caught my reflection in a store window. Positively matronly. Gone are the days when I used to have a waist.

07-11-2006, 10:38 AM
Off to LA tomorrow. Today I get to clean the house, run 10000 errands, do laundry and pack.

Don't know what my computer situation will be since I will be jumping from house to house. If I don't "see" you till I get good or be careful!

07-11-2006, 12:39 PM
I haven't been here. I hurt my back.. and just not in the mood. I'm better today.. and am staring at the Dreadmil. I must do something.. I feel like the ever expanding woman. Thank Gawd for elastic.

Berry - sorry I missed you .I promise I will come to harass you :)

Sugar- you are adorable. smart and gajaws dahlink.

07-11-2006, 02:05 PM
have a nice vacation kiwonkers!!!---you too frappalicious!! and SUGAR!!!! hurry back to CAnaDA===we MISS you here!!!!!----- sorry about your back shatz!!! don't let that dreadmill scare you--just drape some laundry over it and poof,GONE!!---i have been awol cause i am going to visit my friend whose wife is having chemo and i had to work full time in the shop in order to get those days off {can't have the staff working overtime--can't afford it!!!}the tourists are out and about so that is good---FINALLY!!! we have one cruise ship per week so that certainly helps.THE FOG IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!!!! I SWEAR THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE IN NORTH AMERICA WHERE YOU DON'T NEED AIR CONDITIONING IN YOUR CAR OR YOUR HOUSE!!! EFFIN DRIVES ME NUTS------------now i have to go get my jacket on and clean the garage----crap!

07-11-2006, 03:13 PM
Are Schatzi and I the only ones left to hold down the fort around here? You'd think summer is for vacations. I don't know if we're going to get away or not this summer. Drat.

Bagzie, I'm truly sorry that you're still in the fog. That sunshine is so healing. How far would you have to drive to find a spot of sun?

I hope all you vacationers have fun! 'bye if I don't see you back here before you go!!!!

07-11-2006, 09:59 PM
So Frappie's leaving tomorrow, I'm leaving Friday, when are you leaving, Sugar? I am entirely unprepared. Tonight I think I'll map out my trip and look into some hotels. I spent the whole afternoon up at doggie friend's camp drinking beer, dodging thunderstorms, and letting the doggies play. I can't deal with real life anymore. I am so p-o'ed at DH that this is a bad time to be going away on a vacation. He is staying home. I would like to say, "to get some things done", but I know better. Here's why I am in a snit today: I tried to get DD an appointment with my gynecologist and they wouldn't see her because she is on state health insurance (i.e. the free kind). I don't blame the dr., I blame DH for not getting a freaking job and taking care of his family.

And in other news...

Sorry to hear that your back is paining you, Schatzi. And just when I was going to come by and take you out dancing! Hope it feels better soon.

Bagz, you won't find much sunshine here either. It comes and goes. Alternating with rain. Not cold though. You could definitely come here to warm up.

Where's Peachbum?


07-12-2006, 01:57 PM
I haven't seen Peaches. Don't know what she's been up to. She has a pair of unfinished socks at her blog, though. Maybe she's working on those.

Sorry things are going snitty for you Kiwi. Use your vacation to un-snit yourself.

Wish I was going on vacation. Wish I had something fascinating to say.

I still haven't bought the mu-mu for the luau/wedding on Saturday.

07-13-2006, 01:16 PM
Don't make me talk to myself.

07-13-2006, 05:38 PM
I'm still here. Hi Wabbit! Our plans have changed just a bit, because the mother of a classmate of DD's died yesterday and DD and the friend who's coming with us both want to go to the wake. So I am no longer in a hurry to pack (What? Me hurry?) We will probably be leaving tomorrow afternoon.

I guess I should change my 21 day challenge line, considering I got stalled at 5 days and haven't exactly returned to it at all. While I'm on vacation I will probably be able to follow it: it's so much easier to pig out at night when you're home. So tonight, back to day 1. No porking out after 11 PM.:no:

Ohmygod it's hot here still. :hot: Looking forward to 20 hours of driving and long traffic jams in my air conditioned car. Well, I'm looking forward to the air conditioning. And the getting there. :beach:

Do you realize that above the message box on the reply page, there is the word "unmentionables"? Go look. :o :D


07-13-2006, 08:28 PM
It's DH's 51st birthday. I don't know how I got hooked up w/ such an old guy. Hee.

Kiwi, sorry to hear bad news from Deepinthewoodsville. How is DD's friend holding up? Terrible way for this girl to remember her senior year.

I'm sooo very tahred today. I think I'm going to take DH out for a couple of drinks tonight.... the herd seems to have thinned out a bit.

07-13-2006, 11:10 PM
Congrats to Mr. Wabbit on his birthday. What an advanced age that is......she says, knowing that she will be there in 4 months..... Am I really 50? I've forgotten.

I'm not sure how the girl's doing; she and DD aren't really friends so she hasn't gone over to see her. But from all reports she is trying to cope. She has been arranging what music to have at the funeral, and has asked several of the girls to sing, including DD, so it may be that we will stay home an extra day and go to the funeral on Saturday and then head out to NC. Depends on whether the girls are willing to skip a beach day for this; I've told them I will be flexible. Of course this would be easier to figure out if DD hadn't taken off to the city with bf several hours ago and not called since. At least 4 people have called looking for her. I'm just hanging out here by myself (except for the dog, the cats and the bats) plugging away at various chores, avoiding packing...


07-15-2006, 09:34 AM
Well kids, I'm finally outta here. Had a wonderful night cowering under the covers in the 90 degree heat while bat after bat flew through my bedroom. I am so glad I'm going away!

Have a good week, stay cool.


Cherry Cow
07-15-2006, 03:24 PM
Have a good trip, Kiwi!

Hi all! I have nothing to say. I'm up to jogging about two miles, with only a couple of walking breaks, about 2-3 times a week. Still fat. Oh, well, I like the running.

07-15-2006, 03:28 PM
Good bye Kiwi! have a wonderful time darlin'!!!

like Cherry, I'm still Fat, and will be the same chubster upon your return... but I am faithfully doing my dreadmill - up to 3 miles a day with hand weight routines after each 1 mile .

We're off to buy paddles for the canoe... and are going out Kayaking and canoeing with the LLs tomorrow...

Happy 51st bday to Mr Wabby!!!! Wishin him 51 more with the darlin Mrs Wabby!

07-16-2006, 10:54 PM
HELLO GANG!! just got back from Nova Scotia where it was HOT and SUNNY!!!--we stayed at a cottage with friends right on the Northumberland Straight and the kids were in the water all day----warm and NO undertow!!!---of course we didn't let them out past their waists.The food was good,the guitar playing was great,the singing sublime,the cocktails were plentiful----NEEDED THAT!!!!---- came home to guess what FOG FOG FOG EFFIN EFFIN FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG!!!!! this poor town has not seen the sun for days---------deeeeeeeeeee pressing---i need a cottage out of the fogbelt!!---glad to hear kiwonkers is off to the carolinas-----WHERE ARE YOU PEACHERS!!!!-----GOOD TO HEAR YOU ARE RUNNING CHERRY--I AM JEALOUS!!! AND GOOD FOR YOU SHATZ---ON THE DREADMILL!!!! ---ALSO,happy b=day to wabby'sman!!! fifty is soooooooo close to me now i can see all it's blemishes,wrinkles and blight!!!!----off to bed now---cruise ship in the morning---it's a Carnival Cruise---wonder if Kathy Lee is on board!!!

07-17-2006, 09:54 AM
Hi darlings! We leave Thursday morning and I'm STILL fat. Packing is sort of going well, but what the heck, if I don't get the laundry or we forget something there's the washing machine and Wal-Mart (saaaaarrry, Kiwi!), right?

It's blazing hot here. 90 degrees. We all have dentist appts this afternoon and will have to sit in the sweltering, no a/c waiting room and watch scary silent movies about frogs spawning and panda bears sliding down hills.

07-17-2006, 07:55 PM
News Flash! I'm still fat too! although I'm not exercising like dedicated Cherry. You are so good, girl.

I managed to get my eyes all inflamed so I can't wear my contacts for a week (that is if I actually follow Dr.'s orders). I'm wearing my coke bottle glasses with no makeup. I feel pretty - not.

I wore a summer dress, not a mumu to the wedding on Saturday. Then bunco Saturday evening. Then went on a garden tour w/ my friend Sunday, then bbq'ed for DH's birthday on Sunday. My house is a sty. I'm tired. I need a weekend. Oh, I also worked in the yard for several hours Saturday morning. Geez. I deserve to be tired. I earned it.

Sugar, packing for 4 ppl for a long trip like that would be excruciating. ick. and sorry about the dentist too. no a/c??? what's with that?

Bagzie, your Nova Scotia trips sounds deeelightful.

Hi everybody else. I'm sorry. I can't think when my eyes are stinging. gots to go.

07-19-2006, 09:23 AM
Checkin in...

Bagz: I hope you make alot of dem merican $$$$$.. Yer trip sounded like a well needed getaway!

Wabby: I hope yer eyes are feelin better.. Sounds like you had a great weekend even if exxxxhausting weekend!

Sugar: I bet you are gettin sooooo exxxxxcited!!!!! Have a Wonderful time !

Peachpie: We miss ya darlin :hug:

The flower beds are all watered and I'm watching the hummingbirds swarm the feeder.. as I sip a cup of cawfee...Had a lovely time kayaking this past weekend.. and may take the kayak out this weekend again. Still looking for a job, so in the meantime I figured I'd take a course in Office Project.. So I'll be staying outta the heat doing that today.. and run out to return some rachets A old friend is in town, so we are going to meet him fer dinner... I know the convo will revolve around his aches and pains, the number of pills he is taking, and the name of all his meds and what they are for... I know, you wish you could go... :lol: Thank Gawd fer Tivo.. it makes my time on the dreadmill fly .. so I'm off to git in my exercise... TaTa!

07-19-2006, 04:05 PM
Hi Schatzi! It looks like it's just you and me, kid. Where the heck is Peaches? We're gearing up for a sweltering weekend. It's supposed to hit 105 degrees (farenheit, of course) by Saturday. Ick. I'm seriously thinking of calling for reservations at the beach just to escape the heat. Ah, well we complain if it's too cold and we complain if it's too hot. Maybe I just like to complain.

07-21-2006, 01:32 AM
Hello Kiddos. It's hot here too, Wabbo, but again it's Florida. I don't know what's going on with everyone but I hope it's something new and wonderful. I hope, for example, that the fog has cleared from Bagzland, the people in Sugarland have developed New Jersey accents, Kiwi returns home to find a moose sleeping on her porch, Wabbo wins the Rock n' Roll star contest that's on tv (just cause she's better than the participants), Shots has learned to make banana puddin', and Cherry has purchased a rickshaw so she can make a few bucks while jogging.

I hope to soon realize how adorable I am.

07-21-2006, 01:54 PM
I hope you realize your adorable-ness too, Peach. Anything new happening with you? anything not new? We're leaving for the beach today (just for the weekend). It's usually 15 - 20 degrees cooler there. Probably ppl in Florida are smart enough to have air conditioning. I'll worry about my plants cooking while I'm gone and my doggies being too hot. They are visiting DS for the weekend.

07-21-2006, 03:12 PM
Cowie, You are one of my rays of sunshine--you always make me chuckle or smile :) ...

Wabby: Have a wonderful mini vacay darlin!

I haven't been in the most chattiest of moods lately.. and not full of p*ss and vinegar .. I hate when I get like this.............
Jersey friend had to cancel.. but we resched dinner at a Chinese place fer tomorrow.. A phone call just to cancel and resched was 45 minutes filled with a recap of his recent Dr visits, new pills -where HE READ ME I swear the whole pamplet that comes with meds..and his foot hurts, breaking in new sneakers has left him with 2 painful blisters not to mention his corns. Don't get me wrong, I am interested, and I do feel for him but this is all the man talks about! When I try to tell him that he has so much more in his life and ask about hobbies and what not, it returns to his high BP, clots, pains ..and if not that then: He is filling me in NOT on how friends back home are doing in general, but focusing in on Mike's latest surgery, XX daughter is autistic, this one has back pain, AUGH! Please don't get my rant wrong, we all have "something", but this guy just focuses in on all his and others physical and emotional problems .. he's just one of those energy zapping "friends" ... rant over...

07-22-2006, 08:16 AM
Honestly, I may know your friend. Did he live in California at one time?

Speaking of people who read, I decided to buy a candy bar I didn't want because there was a machine full of them in front of me. I stepped aside to pull coins out of my purse and this young woman with a cell phone stepped up to the machine. She said to whomever she was talking to: "What do I want? They have ..." and she read the names of everything. I shoulda been a sign I didn't need the candy, right? But I went into the book store thinking I'd get one there and that's where I saw the entire new nursing class lined up to buy their books. They were in little groups chatting and happy to spend a long time in line. I still didn't give up. I did end up with candy I didn't want.

07-23-2006, 01:18 PM
love your candy story peachers----i always want the candy though---that is not the problem--i am still eating chicken bones--i actually still have some people's bones that have not been mailed out---who are you??? i think shatz deserves to get hers cause i am in the mood to go to calais---shots---send me your addy again---i enjoyed your post on your hypochondriac friend----he is my aunt------you will get a reward from me for listening and recounting.{foggy again with rain from hurricand beryl}

07-23-2006, 02:04 PM
I agree Shotz deserves bones. What is calias? Isn't that the skinny actress who's with Harrison Ford? I have a DS story I like. We're working in the supermarkert with upscale clientele and this woman pays with a credit card. Unlike most of us, he looks at the cards and on the back, instead of a signature, is written "see id." So he asks for id. She doesn't have id. He refuses to accept the card. It's her card. She wrote that on it and she's realllly angry that he won't accept it. But accept it, he did not. She had to go to management to pay. Good boy! ----question ... when boys go to college, what do they take their stuff in? Not suitcases. What? ----(hot and humid with tourists in hawaiian shirts)

07-23-2006, 06:36 PM
Hi kids. I'm staying with some old friends in Del. and using their puter. We had a great time at the beach, way too short. Took the girls to Myrtle Beach Pavilion to ride the rides one night; spent lots of time with the nephews/niece and all the family. Hot. Sunny. Sandy. Oceany. You know the drill.

Good 4 DS on the CC, Peach. Smart boy. Smart enough to figure out how to transport his stuff. DD says suitcases and whatever else she can find. Some people pack a trunk -- at Tufts you can store a trunk or boxes in some locked storage room until the end of the year. You sure couldn't keep large storage containers in dorm rooms. Of course you can pack stuff in crates/boxes/tubs and take them home with you when you leave. That's what we will probably do -- we will be driving her there.

Hi Schatzi, Bagz, Wabby, Cherry. Hope Sugar has landed safely. We will be getting home tomorrow and I hope the house is bat-free or DH will be kind of embarrassed that I won't live at home when our 20th anniversary comes around...

I'm hot. The whole world is too hot. Tata


07-24-2006, 11:21 PM
the whole world is not hot kiwonkers----global warming takes place everywhere but HERE_--like i tole yas,i still have the duvet on the bed--hurry home,we miss you!!---peach---we took alot of stuff in rubbermaids and laundry baskets and brought them back home----also,one of the girls has a trunk and there is on campus storage as well-------------i can't believe all our kids are leaving home---who is left??? my ds and sugar's ds's???? cherry has ds's too----all my dd's are taking off----HOW DID WE GET SO EFFIN OLD???

07-25-2006, 10:23 AM
I can't figure how this will work. He's taking his car and he's supposed to be there at 8 a.m. Saturday morning. So I guess we can both take our own cars and get a motel and show up there on time. This is not perfect. I prefer later in the day and no motel. I think it's about 5 hours away.

I have a job interview today. I have no expectations of getting the job AND I have to find my insurance and car registration before I can go as it's on the base. I am tired and want to sleep. I never get a real day off. Poor little Peaches.

Tell us university stories Bagz. What can we expect? LCP came back and has applied for a job where we work. I don't know when she goes back. That was off subject for this paragraph. Some of the kids don't buy those meal plans and make their own food. I'm wondering about that. DS seems interested but what could he make. He'll have to get a fridge in his room and I think there's a shared kitchen in the dorm.

07-25-2006, 03:22 PM
Hi Chillins I'm back. Got back at an actually reasonable hour last night, hard to believe. Usually we pull in in the middle of the night. We stayed over 2 nights at our friends in Delaware, so were able to get up and head out after breakfast yesterday. The 2 girls did a lot of the driving; I sat in the back seat with my feet up reading a book. La di da, rough duty. Of course I still did at least half the driving anyway, but it was a lot easier than doing all of it. :yes: By the time we were nearing home, both girls had informed their bf's of their arrival time and DDbf was waiting at our house for her. He had braved a bat in the mud room when he arrived (he is almost as freaked by them as I am) and lord knows how long having to talk to DH, so he gets big points for that. DH gets points for picking up the dog from the boarding kennel before we got home. He doesn't get points for dealing with the bats because he didn't get rid of them. We had 2 last night. I made him get up at 2 am and look for one that had been flying around the living room when I was trying to get ready for bed. He didn't find it. We closed the bedroom door and didn't see/hear it all night so at least I got some sleep (of course frequently they are right there in the bedroom, but thank goodness not this time).

Hey, good luck on the job, Peachie. I guess!

I sure wouldn't recommend that DS skip the meal plan -- he just won't eat half the time or else he'll spend a fortune on pizzas and subs off campus. Why wouldn't a person want unlimited food prepared and cleaned up by someone else? I wish I had a meal plan.

At Tufts they require freshmen to live in the dorms and have a meal plan. They also don't allow cars for freshmen. I'm delighted.

My dog has shed again and looks weird -- fluffy hair around the head and around the tail, thin hair everywhere else. Probably makes sense to her. She wants me to play with her, imagine that!?!


07-25-2006, 04:07 PM
I want points like Kiwidh. Points for going to the base even though it was the wrong gate and I didn't get in. Even though the car registeration with me was expired and I couldn't get in. Even though the car insurance thingy with me was expired and I couldn't get in. I waited 40 minutes in line. Gimme 40 points.

I would be delighted if cars were not allowed at ds's school also. A parking pass is called a "license to hunt" so there's that and he's taking his bike so that's something else to worry about. He can get the meal plan at will and they have several types. They have "pay money in and use it up" and they have "pay money in and get discounts all semester based on the amount you paid in." We just keep meeting students who bought a meal plan and didn't use it so I dunno.

Play with the doggie. Look at this. (

07-25-2006, 06:17 PM
Cowpeachia gets 40 points. And 2 extra for all-around effort.

What a dopey idea that 2nd meal plan idea is -- pay money, then pay for your food anyway. Sounds annoying. I almost hate to ask this, but a "license to hunt" what? Is this anything like panty raids?

I am such a sheltered old thing, perfectly glad that DD is going to the same school I did, after hearing what horrors they inflict on students in the state university. Poor DDbf went to his orientation and got stuck with a group of remedial students because he hadn't officially declared his major (math). They made him listen to hours of blather about a program for students who were unprepared (please note he was the Salutatarian and Mitchell Scholar for his school) to attend college, then got shut out of the classes he wanted. Then his brother who was planning to room with him and get a business degree decided to go to a comm. college closer to home. I think BF should transfer out ASAP. Perhaps to a school in Boston....

Must go have fun with visiting Oregonians.


07-25-2006, 07:32 PM
License to hunt parking spaces.

Paying the money is paying for food. It's like this (made up figures): $100 gets you 26 meals (eat all you want.) $200 gets you 72 meals. $300 gets you 106 meals. The figures are much higher and you run the risk of paying for stuff you won't eat.

The BF and BFx2 experiences sounds horrid. Remedial university students is a sad concept. Why didn't their mom be cowlike like us and think about this? Is she thin? Just checking.

A quiz:
Four tourists crossing a 8-lane street thinking, perhaps, that the light never changes and car will never come. There are 2 women, 1 man, 1 child. When cars do come, the man:
1. Hurries them along.
2. Tries to stop traffic.
3. Runs safely to the other side leaving them in the middle.
4. Picks up the child and runs her to safety.

Guessed right? Ok. The man is safely on the sidewalk. Do the others (when traffic stops and they are waved across):
1. Mouth "thank you" and hurry along.
2. Just hurry along.
3. Prance their big butts in their gauchos on their high heels like they were walking on glass.
4. Turn back.

You guessed right and I blew my horn at them a LOT!! It's stupid enough to do that but to have a little girl out there deserved louder blowing than I could do.

07-25-2006, 08:01 PM
Hey Kiwi! You can stick around here and have fun visiting w/ an Oregonian.

We're back from the beach. It was nice and cool. Much better than 100+ temps we had at home. We got home on Sunday afternoon, then went to a movie Sunday evening to escape the heat. Yesterday I went to a spa type place w/ my Mom and Sis's to use their pool and jacuzzi. Supposed to have natural mineral waters that will rejuvenate you. We came back rejuvenated, but I think it had more to do w/ the lunch out, dinner out and lazing around all day than anything else. Today we're back down into the upper 80's, thank you very much.

Peach, go get your registration and proof of insurance and keep in the car for next time. If we don't have that stuff here, they'll tow your car away. So were you able to interview anyway???? re: the food controversy - buy the food plan. If you don't you'll worry that he'll starve and then all that work to raise him up and pack him off to school will be wasted. It's worth it for the peace of mind.

Schatzi, your friend sounds like one of our best friends, only he talks about his health constantly, and so does his wife. I mean she talks about his health too. Apparently she's not worried about her own health. Please stop me if I start to get that way.

Kiwi, I've never had a bat, but you know how I feel about rodents. eeek. Is having bats worse than having a rat? I don't know. I think rats deserves more points. Although at least they won't fly into your hair.

Bagzie, did the tourists make you wealthy?? are they all annoying? tell us some more stories.

I'm hungry, and not for "healthy" food.

Peach, I'm not sure if I guessed anywhere near right. Speak very slowly to me.

Sugar has landed on my continent. I read it in her blog.

07-26-2006, 01:46 AM
Oh Wabby.Which ones did you choose?? I'm dying to give out grades. Break me in as a teacher!!!

I am sick. I have been eating healthy and making juice but I get to where I HATE cleaning the juicer so today I had THREE sodas and I'm sick now. Blah. Sick to healthy Wabbo. Drink cawwot juice you little bunny.

I would rather not have a bat more than I'd rather not have anything. Makes me feel sicker to consider it.

I am reading The Red Tent. Very good. Only women would like it but I recommend it so far. Before this read The Life of Pi and Magnificent Obsession and recommend neither as they both annoyed me.

07-26-2006, 02:13 AM
Aloha from Lotus Land! It is SO nice to be back in civilzation. Got here Thursday afternoon and jet lag left yesterday. Finding it hard to get used to qwerty keyboard again and must type all z's and y's twice.

Parents are surprisingly agile for old people. Cats are dumber than ever but cute enough. Brothers are up to no good as usual.

It was boiling hot here, about 90 degrees but is cooler now. I have phoned best friend, I have eaten great food, I have shopped. Wheeee! More later. Dh has been mumbling something about family togetherness and doing more as a couple. The nerve.

07-26-2006, 02:14 AM
Peachy - I LOVED The Red Tent! Great book. I am reading the Holographic Universe now. My mother has lots of scary books.

07-26-2006, 02:23 PM
Hmph. I really liked the Life of Pi. Can't tell you why, but I did.

07-26-2006, 06:00 PM
Tell us more about your parents, Sugar. My parents are surprisingly agile also. I think its because they eat well and exercise. Who'da known? My mom works out 3x's a week in a water aerobics class and walks the other days. My dad just never rests a minute. They're leaving mid August to drive their huge-o motorhome cross country to Kiwi's area. They want to see the New England area in the fall.

Peach, the correct answers to your questions should be 1 and 1, but since the question is re: a man, as opposed to a woman, it probably is 3 and 3, especially b/c the question refers to tourists. However, I feel the need to point out that if it were my man the answers would be 1 and 1, b/c we know that he's exceedingly nice, even tho he whined b/c I was gone until 10 pm on monday, out gamboling w/ my mom and sis's. (which is waaaay different than gambling.) So, Peach, what's my grade? Did I break you in or just break you?

07-26-2006, 10:53 PM
Wabby, you get 100 for correct answers PLUS 10 points for having a great guy. The tourist I saw ran off and left the females in thieir touristy leisure clothes and high heels.

It's not nice to call parents "old people." I would disinherit you.

People I had class with are getting hired. I wanna be hired.

07-27-2006, 02:15 PM
'tewrnt me that called 'em old ppl, and you have to forgive Sugar b/c she's still just a young 'un and doesn't know any better.

I made it thru 1 whole day without overeating. It was hard.

I ordered The Red Tent from on Peaches & Sugar's recommendation..... and b/c it was cheap. Less than 10 bucks including shipping for a new hardback copy. I love getting a book bargain. I also bought Ava's Man by Rick Bragg for something like 2 bucks plus shipping. If you like non ficiton, read anything by him. Even if you don't like non fiction, read All Over but the Shoutin' by him. Beautiful command of the language. He reads like poetry.

07-27-2006, 02:39 PM
Kiwi, I've never had a bat, but you know how I feel about rodents. eeek. Is having bats worse than having a rat? I don't know. I think rats deserves more points. Although at least they won't fly into your hair.
I think it's a tossup -- rats are vile and horrible no matter how you look at it and bats swoop around the room scaring the pants off you. The only advantage of bats is that if they live outside you can forgive them because they eat a lot of insects. There is no excuse for them living inside.

they have "pay money in and get discounts all semester based on the amount you paid in." [/URL]This is the part I don't get. Isn't a discount a certain amount off the price? Ergo, you must be paying something each meal?
The BF and BFx2 experiences sounds horrid. Remedial university students is a sad concept. Why didn't their mom be cowlike like us and think about this? Is she thin? Just checking.Nah, she would fit in very well here, in all our assorted sizes. I think she was distracted by the older brother, who was also having orientation (he just completed a year of tech school and wants to get an AA in bus.). He is less of the college type than BF, so she probably thought he needed more help. I talked to BF the other night and he's feeling pretty positive about getting into the classes he wants once he talks to some professors.

This whole college thing is sooooooooo complicated, isn't it?

I loved the Red Tent, fascinating and intriguing (or are those the same things?).

I got both answers right, do I get a prize?

Hi Sugar, glad you are having a lervely time. Aw go ahead and spend time with DH. You can come back and tell me what it's like.... :devil:

My parents are doing pretty well too -- my 90 year old stepfather is amazing. Went out walking every day at the beach (then took 2 naps... :lol: ). My mom is controlling as ever..

For old people, that is.


Later, gators

07-27-2006, 03:25 PM
you can forgive them because they eat a lot of insects. There is no excuse for them living inside
Aaaaah! maybe you should ask them what their excuse is..... possibly trying to help you out with the ant problem, in which case they definitely should be forgiven. I don't know what that rat's excuse was when he was slinking around my house. I guess I'll never know since the nice exterminator man took him away.

07-27-2006, 04:16 PM
I decided to skip Peachers class, so I will take the zero.
My family has a short life span.. cept fer my grandpop.."Cap" was 96 when he passed on.. everyone else... 40s-early 70s..
I'm reading horror trash ... The Store by Bentley Little and The Ruins.. MoooHaha :devil:

In my quest to eat healthy I have broken the blender blade and the little plasticy thingie that goes in the lid was melted by the dishwasher.. But I got replacement parts on line for $11. So now I am eating very chunky blueberry smoothies, and my hand is purple from covering the hole in the lid.

I am glad Sugar is enjoying her homeland and family..
I am exxxxhausted from exercising with Gilad and Cathe. thankfully we have Tivo so I taped some exercise shows, and actually using my dreadmil. I am tired of looking like a Buddha.

and we have been looking at properties over the weekends.. can't seem to find a house we like so we're leaning toward building.. I want the best of both worlds ..some land so I can run butt nekkid if I wish... but close enough to movies, shopping centers..etc... I want to sit on my front porch and yell Git Offa My Land ya Varmit!!! wearing boots and holdin a shotgun natch....

07-27-2006, 04:50 PM
possibly trying to help you out with the ant problem, in which case they definitely should be forgiven. Heck, I'd rather have ants any day. Those I can squish with a piece of paper towel. When you do that to bats they scream.

I love the blue hand image, Schatzi. And I applaud your quest for the perfect home. We have the part where you can run butt nekkid if you want, but not the proximity to civilization. By the way, I have never actually run butt nekkid in my yard, but I have seriously considered it.

Do you all have that chunky monkey pic at the right of the screen?


07-27-2006, 07:04 PM
Schatz, I just bought a new blender so I could make healthful smoothies. So far I've made Pina Coladas and Margaritas. The plain yogurt and fruit is still waiting patiently in my fridge. My old blender started smoking and refused to blend anymore. I think it felt betrayed when I bought my new food processor.

Oooo. I want to build a house really bad too. So far we have a maybe possible piece of land. We hope it's still available when our place closes hopefully next spring. If you want to see my favorite plan so far go to and look at plan #HWEPL10598. It has an extra garage that we could convert to a bachelor pad for Grandpa Jim. I don't think I'll be running nekid no matter how much land I have around me. I can't hardly run w/ clothes on - a fast walk is pushing it.

Yes, I have a chunky monkey Kiwi.

07-27-2006, 10:28 PM
I also love Rick Bragg. Love him love him love him .. but .. do you remember what happened to him at the NY Times? Was found to be publishing things under his name that other people wrote, I think. He paid 'em to write it. NY Times has had a bunch of troubles.

I knowed it was Sugar said it. I seen her say it.

Kiwi, you get 100 which is a perfect score. You are so smark.

I have a movie recommendation which you all will never take since you don't get movies thru mail. Korean movied called "hi dharma" is really cute. It's about a bunch of young thugs who hide out at a monastary while the law looks for them. The monks aren't that different from the thugs (except they're good guys) and much competition ensues. I don't know if ensue is a good word. It looks weird. The movie made me laugh.

I am getting efficacy.

Cherry Cow
07-27-2006, 11:20 PM
Hi! I've stuck to Weight Watchers for TWO WHOLE DAYS! Woo hoo!

Baggzzie, I have a DS who will hopefully be off to college next fall. Crossing my fingers. He'll go to the same school I'm going to.

Argh! I'm so tired I can't concentrate enough to say hi to anyone! I'm tired of brain fog.

07-28-2006, 06:32 AM
You know .. there was this whole page of posts that I didn't see. There were people running butt nekkid outside under the satellite cameras and Shotsy failing my class and Cherry cheating off her ds in school and ... and ... I forget. A perfect house means not having to wear clothes. I agree.

07-28-2006, 12:38 PM
Bats Rats Ants...let's add SNAKES to the mix shall we? Big Black slithering snakes have taken up residence under the deck and in the crawl space... just loverly...

The UPS man just delivered my casters... we have kitchen chairs on rolly thingies and one I ordered 4 just to see if they fit... he was here the other day dropping off Cisco books fer DH... he thinks since I have a Polish last name I can make homemade pierogies and babka...I thought he was talking about eating them the other day... noooooooo, now he thinks I make my own and gave me his info and a lady on his route who will pay me for some home made pierogies......anyone got a recipe ??? :lol:

07-28-2006, 01:34 PM
I knowed it was Sugar said it. I seen her say it.Whatchu talkinabout girl?
Kiwi, you get 100 which is a perfect score. You are so smark.Thank you. And you are not only smark, but also cuke and sweek.
I don't know if ensue is a good word. It looks weird. It is a very good word.
I am getting efficacy.Now that looks weird.

Wow, that's a beauty, Wabbit. Looks expensive to build; all those rooflines and things. I would love to have that butler's pantry arrangement -- with access to the kitchen and dining room. The whole house looks like it would really work well. And that master suite -- I could do with that too!

Way to go on the WW, Cherry! I can identify with brain fog. I feel like an idiot half the time when I try to have a conversation with people. Can't come up with names, movies or books to talk about, mostly I just mumble incoherently. :no: I blame the heat and humidity. Who can think with this kind of oppressive weather?

Congrats on the casters, Schatzi. Ick on the snakes. My, you have a demanding UPS man. We used to joke that DD resembled the UPS man, we saw him so frequently... No, Lushie, she really doesn't. (That Lushie, always trying to get me in trouble)

Kiss Kiss


See? I'm delirious. But I am almost ezzackly the weight on my counter, so that's good. Now if I could just get back into the non-midnight snacking routine.

Looky there, I signed off and I'm still writing. Seriously it's the heat.

07-28-2006, 03:44 PM
Wabby! I looooove :love: yer taste in houses... I'm not going to look at home plans anymore.. just sooo many to choose from:dizzy:

Schatz, I just bought a new blender so I could make healthful smoothies. So far I've made Pina Coladas and Margaritas.
:lol3: :rofl: I would soooo love a Strawberry margie right about now ...speakin of margies where is Frappe and Bagz??? Report in! Stat! (I always liked that word)

Cherry! Yes, brain fog and brain farts .. I have many... :cp: on 2 days down with WW!

Kiwi..Maine is lookin sooooo attractive to me right about were absolutely correctamundo... It's 99 here.. and I think the humidex is like 90.. I look like a sweathog.. no use trying to be a pretty sweat hog... hair goes friz... makeup melts ... I look like Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"

Peachy: did "we" have an interview??? hi dharma sounds like something I would enjoy.... must check out blockbuster....... This Red Tent book I hear so much about on other forums too.. I think I'll put that on my reading list... I have such low brow taste fer the most part though...

OK must make a batch of ice tea before I melt....

07-28-2006, 04:54 PM
Wouldn't it be amazing if we actually built that house? It seems impossible. I mostly want to just be where we're going. This year of not being able to plant or plan in the garden is just killing me. I have a bunch of lilies that I planted in pots sitting on my deck. I figured they'd be easier to take with me - anyway, they smell sooooo yummy.

I stayed on WW for eggsactly 1 day. Then I was off 1 day. Then I was on 1/2 day. I suppose it's better than nothing.

My DDIL just brought me an iced coffee. Yes, she's still working at Starbucks. Did I tell you the other Grandma drives 30 minutes each way every day just so she can babysit Kayden? She's a much better Grandma than I am.

Schatz, if you learn how to make pieroges overnight air me a couple, would ya?

I have a movie for you, Peaches - The Whole Wide World. I loved it, but you have to order it from Netflix or something. I got it from the library.

07-28-2006, 05:08 PM
Peaches, I read a little about the Rick Bragg resignation. He wrote stories based on interviews conducted by an intern he had working for him. NY Times suspended him and he resigned. Not exactly plagarism, but definitely not a good thing. I think he should write novels. He has such a beautiful way of expressing himself.

07-28-2006, 05:15 PM
Kiwi..Maine is lookin sooooo attractive to me right about were absolutely correctamundo... It's 99 here.. and I think the humidex is like 90.. Oh, forget about Maine, my dear, there is serious melting going on here too. It may look better in the weather report, but it is also unbearably hot and humid, no air moving, and no air conditioning! So one cannot function either in or outdoors. :hot:

Yes, the Red Tent is worth reading even if you don't feel like a serious read.

My hip is killing me. I've been scarfing up ibuprofin all day. I'm starting to sound like my mother. I have a dr. appt next Thursday, I hope it doesn't get any worse before then.

DD has finally gotten her college advisory program info. She got into one that she chose where she attends a seminar giving by her advisor. The class is called something like "Arabic Love Literature" and the professor is in the middle eastern studies department that she wants to major in. Oddly, there are 2 other kids from northern Maine in this class of 15. I wouldn't expect there to be more than that in the whole freshman class. Possible transportation prospects!

Hey, Cowp, does ds know his roommate yet? DD won't hear for another week or two. Her BF has just learned that his roommate is gay. Discuss.


07-28-2006, 05:16 PM
Wabbo, I feel yer pain... when we made up our minds to move here... I think it was in March 05, and got the house ready and on the market, it was so stressful in a weird way to feel in limboland.. I wanted to do this and that.. and well, since we were selling, settled on "maintenance" of the little garden we had and the house.. ... (oh my gosh, I think me and DH have been here a year this week!) Now, well we've rented in the past so its no big deal...but even with that..DH is on me about not spending tooo much dough on bulbs.. and what not... our LLs like us so much that they want us to buy this house... but although it is quite's not what I want..if we stayed here..I see a big addition, a pool (which we cant have in these places) ripping up the carpet, ripping up this horrid WHITE linolium kitchen floor... I do dread the thought of moving again..I should be use to it..

We just looked at property in a very desireable area..but, it is right up against it looks like a squatters trailer park.. I have nothing against mobile homes at all, my dad had one, my aunt had one..but they were well maintained...these are your sterotypical run down, with beat cars and tractors in the front yard..There was an old barn on the property, rusty barrels filled with gawd knows what, a tractor and generator taken over by weeds and shrubs, and unfortunately no matter how far back you went on the property you could hear the road traffic. OY! This weekend we are going further out to look at 18 acres -part pasture part timber.. Thankfully there is no shortage of land here like there was in NY/NJ - and the price per acre is reasonable... I just dont want to be so desolate... If we decide to build I will fill you all in on our adventure!

07-28-2006, 07:32 PM
Good, Schatzi, b/c I want to know how to build a house without divorce. DH already has dissed my favorite house plan b/c he wants everything on one level, which is fine, but then you don't get all the cool roof angles and such. I can't wait to build a house vicariously w/ you Schatzi.

PS I have a squatter's trailer next door to my house now. Gpa Jim lives there. He's going to miss it b/c when we move, he won't be able to junk up the new place. Yeeeaah right.

Kiwi, you don't sound like your mother. You sound like Schatzi's friend. Hee.

07-28-2006, 08:14 PM
Oh dear Gawd, no, Kiwi! :rofl:

PS.. dear friend got points fer saying that I looked Gawjis.... we will overlook the fact that he is Mr Magoo on top of all else.

07-28-2006, 11:08 PM
My feet hurt.

DS's roommate lives about 10 minutes from where lcp goes to school. But DS and the roommate are both the types to send one email and that's that. What do I get to get him? A bedroom rug? Little throw pillows? I dunno. Really. Tell me.

I will look up Wabby's movie and wait for perogies.

07-29-2006, 01:14 PM
Well, Peach, if you're anything like my mother, you will buy him today's equivalent of a stack of writing paper and envelopes, stamped and addressed to you. I guess the equivalent today would be free calling to home. Don't get throw pillows, they will only get thrown...

I was comfortable when I sat down here, now I'm sweating buckets. I am so sick of this weather. We had another bat last night. I heard it in the ceiling, so I went to get ready for bed (the hiding your head in the sand method), but when I came out of the bathroom it was hanging in the corner like some horrible miniature Boris Karloff. So I made DH get up and deal. He apparently dealt it a death blow and it dropped behind some junk and he can't find it. Oh goody.

I can't believe you've been in NC a year, Schatzi! That means you've been a Cow for about that long! Congratulations. Aren't you proud? We are proud of you for sticking with us. As you now know, we are easy love but hard to live with. Or is it the other way around?

Now you do remember you are trying to buy land in NC, right? Junky trailers and rusting hulks in the yard are the rule. What you want is land where there's only one junky trailer next door, or at most one on either side. Across the street there should be a llama farm. You know, as opposed to a pig farm. Or tobacco -- they have pretty flowers. Check the neighbors for teeth.

So, we were discussing the pros and cons of DD'sBf having a gay roommate. On the one hand, he is a theater major, so the music contacts will be useful. On the other hand, the mutual "friend pool" could be rather limited. DH thinks there will be girls flocking around because a gay guy is "safe" and therefore BF will be meeting girls right and left. And let me tell you, when they find out what a nice guy BF is, DD is going to have some serious competition.

I have to go play ball with Jet. She insists. She put her squeaky ball on my leg and she's waiting. Every time I say "just a minute" she comes over and sticks her nose on me. Who could resist?

Ta everyone. Keep cool.


P.S. I like 2-story houses too. Explain to him the cooling and heating advantages. Or something.

07-30-2006, 02:03 AM
Don't miss the all forum weigh in on Tuesday! Look here if you've missed it ( I'm going to do it.

Went up to friends' camp tonight and had a big time. DD played and sang by the fire and we had a ton of people and dogs, we roasted marshmallows, set off fireworks we brought back from Myrtle Beach, and watched shooting stars. 'Twere fun.



07-31-2006, 12:26 PM
Why am I still talking to myself? I'm getting a complex.

I already had a complex, you say? That is true. I'm getting another one.

Isn't it sad to see someone with a 21 day challenge that they still haven't started? I think it's sad. I can't stop eating at night, so maybe I should choose a new challenge.

I'm so fascinating. You are all riveted, right? That's why nobody is posting.

I predict that Wabbit will be the first to post.

Good grief I'm dying of boredom.


07-31-2006, 04:13 PM
You're soooooo smart Kiwi! Here I yam!!! Your marshmallow roastin' self sounds like you had fun, Kiwonkers. We had an incredibly uneventful weekend. Friday nite we took Grandpa Jim out for his favorite fried oysters. Saturday I piddled around the house and went to the farmer's market while DH went to watch his friends at the drag races. Saturday night we went out for dinner and stopped by our friends house to yakity yak and went by DS's so I could see my Kayden. Her new favorite thing to do is squeal. She's quite impressed with herself. Then Sunday I worked in the yard, while DH cleaned his barn and shop and smoked fish. He also cooked me a yummy salmon dinner. I think I also worked in a couple naps here and there. Geez. I'm getting boring.

Have I mentioned lately that my Dad hasn't seen Kayden? Did I mention that he hasn't even mentioned her to me ever? Did I mention that I'm not surprised?

I need a supermarket story, Peaches.

PS - another thing that bugs me about my Dad is that every day I get about 5 forwarded emails from him, but I have never once gotten a personal email from him. Did I mention that I have issues???? so sue me.

Cherry Cow
07-31-2006, 04:14 PM
I'm going to do the weigh in thing tomorrow, too. One week down on WW. No weight lost, though.

Last night, I had the horrifying revelation that I barely have enough time left to lose one pound a week before OMG It's My High School Reunion! (Added stress is that it's in Italy, where almost no one is fat.)

Kiwi, what is your 21 day challenge?

07-31-2006, 10:02 PM
supermarket story for Wabbo. This couple comes through the line and the guy points at me and commands "smile" so I showed him my teeth. He comments to the woman that the teen girl bagging looks like someone they know and tells the girls she looks like his really ugly niece. I gasp. He quickly says he's joking, they're both beautiful. I tell the woman that I notice SHE smiles a lot but I has yet to see this guy smile. She says Right, He asks for it but doesn't give it. The guy asks for 2 tens for a twenty and upon leaving, says lunch is on him for putting up with us and drops the tens in front of us. We exclaim that we can't take them. They can sue me, he says. Was nice. I like money.

Annoying thing about customers: We have to stand out in the aisle when we're not busy so people can see that we're not busy and we can keep an eye on them. About 90 percent say, "You're waiting for me" OR "You look bored" OR "You need something to do."

Is Bagz weighing herself tomorrow? I am afraid.

It is less than 3 weeks til my baby leaves. In the Red Tent, it says "Time is the enemy of mothers." Oh yes.

08-01-2006, 01:15 PM
Boy, you get them all through your checkout line, don't you? People are weird.

Personally I hate it when people tell me to smile and also when they say I look anything -- bored, tired whatever. It makes me want to stare holes through them. Guess you can't do that. Maybe an insane smile would be appropriate, preferably with a little insane chuckle.

Cherry, my 21 day challenge is to not eat after 11 PM. I was doing pretty well until I went on vacation, now I have to start over, which I haven't yet.

Have I mentioned lately that my Dad hasn't seen Kayden?Sometimes you must wonder which one is the baby, eh Wabbit? I have an idea -- when you see him, whip out some pictures of Kayden and say "would you like to see pictures of my granddaughter?" -- as if you were talking to someone totally unrelated. :s: What's he gonna say, No?

I think I should get dressed before 1 PM today. Tata


08-01-2006, 08:03 PM
Kiwi, what you need is jammies that pass for daywear.

Never a dull moment at the grocery store - at least he paid for his whackiness. I hate it the most when ppl tell me I look tired. One time a teller at the bank told me I looked tired and I said "no, this is what the face of an almost 50 year old woman looks like." What would the appropriate greeting to you be, Peach?

I wouldn't bother to show my dad pictures of Kayden, b/c he really has no interest. It would be a waste of time. I'm working on not caring so much.

I'm predicted some major empty nest syndrome melt downs around here come September. Have faith mothers - it will be a new chapter in your lives. It could be a really good one. :hug:

Cherry Cow
08-01-2006, 08:38 PM
Wabby, I'm sorry your dad is so distant about Kayden. That's unfortunate. My mom hasn't quite caught on that I have TWO kids (I only gave birth to one of them.) When DS10 was born, she said something about "Now I'm a grandma!" DS-now-17 had been my son for more than a year by that time. But we're not terribly close anyway.

Peachy, I'm dreading sending my kid away. Next year. But he might still live at home.

08-01-2006, 11:57 PM
Some people tell me I have great hair. That's a good greeting. Anything positive. I have turned to answering "You look tired" with "You're projecting."

My flocking day: Call this a.m. for a job interview about 40 miles away. Drove through storm. Could barely see road. Crossed bridge. Got there. School has a pre-k ESE class and needs a teacher. They are required to hire an ESE teacher but can't find one so can fill it with a sub. A SUB!!!! But it's a foot in the door so she got on the phone and arrangaed for me to get fingerprinted. I drove 20 miles back and BOTH the floozies who have fingerprinting expertise had gone to lunch. Was 11:39. Told them I couldn't wait as I had to get to my current job and couldn't come tomorrow as I'm signing up to sub in the next county and it's an all-day classroom experience to do that. Could come Thursday. They couldn't clear me in time to start Friday when the kids come so the principal said she'll make other arrangements for that classs but go ahead and sign up to sub as she needs subs anyway. I am so depressed over this. I want a REAL JOB. I am signing up to sub in the other county at schools close to the supermarket as a way to get in but I WANT A REAL REAL REAL JOB.

People are weird. I agree. I know a family with 4 girls and 1 boy. The boy is number 2 and the only kid the grandmother who lives across the street acknowledges.

08-02-2006, 03:00 PM
Time fer a new thread....follow me....

08-02-2006, 03:05 PM
Where? where? Schatzi! I'm lost in a fog......

08-02-2006, 03:49 PM
Wabbo, look fer the thread that could be misconstrued ... "natch" ;)