Carb Counters - Question For Those Doing Atkins For A Few Months Now

07-02-2006, 09:57 AM
How is your overall weight loss going at this point? do you still keep your carbs pretty low? are you exercising? Do you stay on plan ?

THis past month I have lost 4 lbs. and 3 inches
I keep my carbs at 25 or less.
I have been exercising about 5 times a week
I stay on plan about 99% (only screw up was this past week, (1T mashed potatoes and 1 scoop bananna pudding) I also exercised an additional 30 minutes to try to make up for it.
I am pretty much at the end of my rope as far as how many pounds I am losing. even the inches are not moving now. ( or is 3 inches a month considered good?)
I so don't want to give up but it's getting harder not to sabatoge myself.
I don't know what else to try. I thought I'd reach goal by the end of the summer and at this rate it will take me another 6 months for to lose a lousy 20 lbs!!
The reason I did atkins was because I thought I would lose a a faster rate than other diets. But with these results I could probably just keep my old way of eating and cut portions down and keep exercising the same and lose the same . At least I wouldn't have to stare at another egg for a while. (what I wouldn't give for a bowl of cheerios!)
I think I've just about had it! It makes me so mad that I am thinking about giving this up but but I feel like I'm beating my head against a wall for no reason.
Please let me know how things are going for all of you. I don't see many people talk about their weekly progress.(as far as the scale goes)
PS thanks for letting me vent

07-02-2006, 11:00 AM
Don't Give Up!!:hug:

I've done a search online and found this helpful list. Maybe it will help you.


A lot of folks on the Atkins Diet are having "plateau" problems. I read about folks on a plateau for several weeks and wondering what to do about it. Here's what Dr Atkins suggests in his book "Dr. Atkins' Super Energy Diet," copyright 1977(out of print). This is his second book, following "Dr Atkins' Diet Revolution." He devotes a chapter to "If You Are Not Getting Results." I'll try to set this up as a sort of check list you can use although much will be paraphrased and abbreviated.

* 1. DON'T GIVE UP - Your continued search will probably find the problem and correct it.

* 2. CHECK FOR HIDDEN SOURCES OF SUGAR - Sugar goes under many different names & in many cases does NOT appear on the label. Many vitamin tablets have sugar fillers. CHECK!

* 3. PERHAPS YOU'RE CHEATING ON THE DIET - If you think it's too small to matter, better check again. (Even one M&M)

* 4. OR YOU MAY STILL BE KEEPING YOUR FOOD INTAKE TOO LOW - Many times you carry over habits from other diets & eat too little. EAT UP... The right things & don't skip meals.

* 5. ARE YOU EATING SIX SMALL MEALS OR SNACKS A DAY? - A frequent eating schedule will provide a constant source of energy without the insulin rebound. Six small feedings a day are better than 3 large meals to break the energy/weight loss barrier.

* 6. YOU MAY NOT HAVE FOUND YOUR PROPER LEVEL YET - Reduce carbos still further, works in 4 out of 5 people, or ADD carbos while still remaining in ketosis. Try it and see.

* 7. CHECK YOUR MINERAL BALANCE - You may have a mineral imbalance. Such as zinc/copper. Or a trace mineral shortage.

* 8. YOU MAY BE LOSING TOO MUCH SALT - Salt or potassium shortages are common in the first stages of the diet. Eat salty foods & take potassium supplements.

* 9. TRY TO EXERCISE MORE - Exercise can improve circulation, stabilize blood sugar & other important metabolic benefits.

* 10. FOOD ALLERGY--A NEW CONCEPT - May cause all sorts of problems, fatigue, headche, Check possibility in your diet.

* 11. FOOD ADDITIVES MAY BE YOUR PROBLEM - Over a billion lbs of chemicals added to our food every year. (1977 data) You may be allergic to some of them. Check dyes in soft drinks.

* 12. YOU MAY BE DRINKING TOO MUCH COFFEE OR TEA - Coffee, cola & tea stimulate release of insulin with a temporary lift in energy followed by hunger, fatigue & slower weight loss.

* 13. IT MAY BE BECAUSE YOU ARE SMOKING - Some people will not respond to the diet unless smoking is stopped. Smoking uses up vitamin C & stimulates the adrenal gland.

* 14. HOW MUCH ARE YOU DRINKING? - Alcohol stimulates insulin.

* 15. IT MAY BE THE MEDICINES YOU ARE TAKING - Many drugs, even aspirin, can cause hypoglycemia. Watch out for hormones, amphetamines, diuretics, antihistamines, antiinflammatory drugs, analgesics, anticoagulants, antidiabetics, antibiotics, tranquilizers, clofibrate, acetaminophen, and propanolol.

* 16. LAST MONTH'S DIET PILLS MAY BE SLOWING YOU DOWN - Sometimes it isn't what you are taking but what you were taking that slows you down.

* 17. SEX HORMONES - Will slow down weight loss and stimulate the production of insulin. Estrogen (used in birth control pills) and Testosterone have much the same effect.

* 18. TOO MUCH SALT MAY BE CAUSING RETENTION OF WATER - After 2 to 3 weeks on the diet, the body partially adapts and excessive salt can cause some water retention.

* 19. WHAT ABOUT QUANTITIES? - If weight loss stops short of your ideal weight, even though you are producing ketones, you must conclude that the quantities within the diet are too great. The diet usually works best with just enough calories to stave off hunger. Too many people misinterpret the instructions regarding the diet as "Eat unrestrictedly." When they do this they will still lose weight in the beginning, which will reinforce their assurance that no heed whatever need be paid to quantities. In most cases, this practice will lead to a stalemate partway to the desired goal.

* 20. YOU MAY HAVE TO COUNT CALORIES IN ADDITION TO CARBOHYDRATES - I have never said that calories don't count because I know of course that they do. I say that carbohydrates count more. If your case is especially difficult, you may have to count both. There is no question that a 1,500-calorie, 10-gram diet will take more weight off, and more quickly, than a 2,000-calorie 10-gram diet.

* I hope nobody has to get to item 19 or 20 to solve their problem but still, if you have a metabolic resistance to losing weight, you must consider everything except giving up and admitting defeat.

* Addendum:
* 1. Your problem may be a low thyroid.
* 2. A systemic YEAST infestation may be part of your problem. Read chapter 13 of "Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution"
* 3. Your vitamin mix may need something different. Read chapter 22 on Nutritional Supplements.

Ms Spotdog
07-02-2006, 12:30 PM
It is great to have this info. Thanks for posting it.

**Leenie** Maybe we can sticky this post (or name it something else??) since this problem seems to crop up often.


07-02-2006, 01:20 PM
needtolose, I know just how you feel. I have been doing Atkins for a year now. When I got down to only 20 lbs. left to lose it got really hard. But, I have seen on all the other "diets" that people say those last pounds are very difficult and slow. I started Atkins at 234 lbs. after getting to 162, my weight loss dropped from 2 lbs. a week to only about 5 lbs. a month. I am now very close to goal and only losing about 2 or 3 lbs. a month. I am still only eating 25-30 carbs and exercising 4-5 times a week. My doctor told me this is completely normal. I wanted to reach my goal by 1 year but it didn't quite happen. Today, I am going to re-evaluate my food intake, water and exercise and see where I might could tweak things up to get the last couple lbs. off. Don't give up, it will come off. I wouldn't want to change to a different WOE because I think increasing the carbs would cause a weight gain. Good luck and know that I am in the same boat.

07-02-2006, 02:21 PM
Thanks for all the info and advice. It will keep me going another day and maybe that's what I need to get past this feeling of defeat.
Iwill go through that list Jux. Thanks for taking the time to post it.
Lillybelle, I guess if you look at atkins as a lifestyle and just keep to it, in time it will come off. It just seems to be SO much effort for so LITTLE results lately. But i guess I don't have to tell you that!
Thanks for the support

07-02-2006, 04:02 PM
When I was at exactly 162 lbs. (Your Weight), I considered changing my program too. I am thankful that I stuck with Atkins even though I was frustrated with how slow it was going. It really does come off and the time line isn't that important in the big scheme of things. Heck I've been 147 to 148 for several weeks now. Like you, I have lost more inches and that helps keep me going too. At my current rate, you all might see me here in 6 months with a tracker that says 2 lbs. to goal. LOL, that's OK, as long as I am maintaining.

07-08-2006, 11:25 PM
Toneedtoloseforme2, I have been on MANY diets and at some point you will hit a plateau, do not let it throw you, keep on doing what is right and do not get discouraged or give up. Do not weigh youself everyday while you are at that maddening plateau, it only makes you feel bad wait for several days and you may get a pleasant surprise.I see that you have lost 32 pounds, that is great and that shows you can do it.

07-09-2006, 10:58 AM
Thanks, You know what you are exactly right. I weighed this morning (my official weigh in day) and am down 3 lbs! That's great for me. last month i think I lost 4 lbs the whole month, this was 3 in a week. THanks you all for keeping me going. It shows you that just when you think your at the end of your rope to try to hang on a bit longer!