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08-27-2001, 01:00 AM
Hi everyone!

BFL number 16! I tried to start a string earlier this week but all my passwords were gone and I couldn't access my boards!

I'm still struggling with some health issues but am still plugging along. I hope to be fulltilt BFL this week...I see a specialist on Tuesday and hopefully my dizzy head will be cured soon.

I started school last week and the gym fits much easier into this schedule than last spring.

Hi to the newbies!!!

08-27-2001, 09:38 AM
Good Morning ladies :wave:
Susanje~~~Good to have you back and hop you will be feeling normal soon. We miss you.

Curly Sue~~~WELCOME to the group and to BFL!!!!

Wcolleen~~~Keep up that great attitude and you will see changes~small at first and then LOOK OUT!!!

MrsJ~~~Great suggestions, as always. Thanks. :)

Sarah~~~Thanks for the kind words! I see nothing wrong with nutrasweet/splenda, etc. I would be lost without it in my food choices.

Crystal Lite and Diet Splash diluted have been very helpful to me in getting in enough water.

Workouts 1st thing in the am are best but any WO is better than none! Put it into your schedule so that it works FOR you. Otherwise you will have too many excuses not to do it. I have had to tweak my routine alittle so that I can get all my cardio and WO's in each week. I'm just discovering that.

CityChick~~~As far as "portable meals" go:When I work (weekends) , I work 12 hr shifts. The cafateria is closed and we only have a snack bar. Too busy to leave the hospital , let alone the unit for lunch. We only have mostly greasy foods,some veggies and a saladbar that is very expensive. So I always plan ahead and take ALL the food that I will need at work. Usually I include leftovers from Fri night (plan ahead to cook extra food on Fri).We have a refridgerator but no blender. Here are some things that I do.

Meal 1 (eaten at home): eggbeaters & fruit or oatmeal (or Myo shake)
Meal 2: cottage cheese with fruit or ff yogurt
Meal3:salmon/chicken/tuna, etc
rice/pasta/potato (sweet or reg)/lentils
veggies or salad
Meal 4:Myo lite bar
Meal 5:similar to meal 3 (eaten at home) or eggbeaters + carb
Meal 6: Myo lite shake or cot. cheese & fruit/ff yogurt

The real key is to plan ahead . If you go to the L&S board, check out my profile. At the bottom is a direct link to my Public Fitday journal. You can see what I eat each day.

Well, I have to go check out L&S before I go to the gym, so everybody have a great BFL day :)

08-27-2001, 06:50 PM
I'm still here plugging along in C1W8D1. I cannot believe that I am already in week 8. My hubby and I are still going as strong as ever. I could probably do better nutritionally but It ain't all that bad! :D Havent missed a workout yet and I can honestly say that there hasnt been a day that I have thought about missing one as well.

Water: I find that when I am at work it is alot easier to drink the water. I aim for 4 litres a day. And I actually set myself on a schedule. By 8:30am I must have had 1 litre, by 12noon the 2nd litre, by 3pm the 3rd (have to give the body enough time to empty before leaving the workplace by 4pm :dizzy: ) and then my final bottle throughout the evening. It seems to work. Now on days off thats another story but I'm working on it. I truly notice a difference when I am dehydrated. My body has reached the point of craving the stuff -- thankfully!!

Well, I'm currently on two week vacation and what am I doing....working on one of my goals I have set for this challenge. I said that I would organize 5 years of pictures (baby pics of my two boys) into albums AND finish their baby books that I have never started. I hope I can remember first words all that that stuff.... Well I better be off to organizing again. A weight will have been lifted OFF my shoulders when this is completed.

Til later...

08-27-2001, 10:12 PM
Hope everyone is doing great!!!

Personally, I've just been slogging through today. I know why - it's because I had KFC for Free Day! Haven't had it since I was a kid - at least 20 years ago. I discovered yesterday that I'm never eating it again! Blecch. Same with Capt. Crunch cereal. WAY too sweet for me!

Despite feeling like a pile of horse poo, I still got up and did my LBWO and have been slugging down my H20, trying to get all that crap outa my system!

I'm also planning on turning in early this evening. I've been superbusy at work - on Saturday Jim and I leave for Canada and my big meeting. Those meetings are fun but they can be VERY stressful and totally draining for me - fortunately both places we are staying at have fitness centers so I'll still be getting up early for my workouts - even bringing my BFL binder with me!

Another word on water - this from Pam B's training/motivation/nutrition document on the L&S Training Library - makes a LOT of sense to me - her analogy is spot on. Come to think of it, I'm going to quote what she says about Free Day and final words as well. I really encourage all of you to check out this document, print it and READ it when you need a motivational boost (I have it in my BFL binder along with her before and after pix).

I drink LOTS of water! I drink between 1 and 2 gallons per day. I know that it is important to transport all of the fat waste out of my body. Here's an analogy: Let's say that you wanted to clean your floors. You spent all this time sweeping and sweeping up all of the dirt and grime and put it in a pile. Then you realized you didn't have a dust pan to get it into the trash and out of your house. The pile of dirt just sat there and eventually dispersed itself on your floor again. I think of fat in the same way, you do all of this exercise to get rid of it and you dislodge it from the cells of your body, but it keeps circulating until it has a "dust pan" to take it out of your body. That dust pan is the water you drink.

I totally used my free day for the first 3 challenges! A lot of people make the mistake of not using it and end up "cheating" on their diet during the week. I recommend that people USE IT and don't have any guilt about it! In the first few weeks, I LIVED for my free days!! I ate nachos, cookies, ice cream, pizza, burritos, etc... but I did not cheat during the week. It works, it really works!!!

In my 4th challenge here’s what I did: The first 4 weeks I ate one “free meal” per week and stayed on the nutrition plan the rest of the time, the second 4 weeks I had one “free treat” per week (It was usually a McDonald’s ice cream cone for me!), the third 4 weeks I eliminated the “free treat” and stayed on the strict diet the entire time, knowing that after the bodybuilding competition I would have all of the “free treats” I wanted during my week off.

I believe that you need a break every 12 weeks. Not only do your muscles need a break, but you need a mental break from all of the structured eating and planning. I would recommend that you eat everything you are craving, but try not to eat large quantities of it. It can really make you sick. You can set aside one “binge day” if you want, but you don’t wan t your week off to be a “binge week” as it can wreak havoc on your system. I am cautioning from experience here.

I am a totally different person inside and out and you can be too. Now if someone says I can't do something, a fire burns inside that tells me to prove him or her wrong... and I do.
I feel like an Olympic athlete, yet I am not competing with others, I am competing to be my own personal best every day that I train. Everyday you can chose to win in your competition and everyday is a prize called the present. Enjoy it, enjoy the journey, you deserve it!

08-28-2001, 05:54 AM
Got more water in yesterday. After I read Pam B's analogy I have been trying! I am taking 2 smaller bottles instead of the 2 liter to work. Someone over at L&S said that maybe that big bottle was intimidating me. It could be true. The problem about drinking a big amount in the am is that I work the daycare before I go into the office, and there is nobody to look after the kiddies while I run to the bathroom. I can't go 2 hrs when I drink too much before I leave the house! Also, lipstick!! When I drink my water in the car, it messes up my lipstick, although I have been using the kind that lasts 8 hrs., so it's not too bad!! Like all my excuses??

I wanted to wear a skirt today that I haven't worn in quite awhile, but it is still tight. Very depressing. Maybe more water would help!

Talk to ya later!

08-28-2001, 10:27 AM

Thanks for the excerpts from Pam's journal. After reading the ones you posted on here on Sunday I had a fabulous Monday. A little dizziness during the day but I had done my workout first thing in the morning (per Pam) so it wasn't so bad.

I ate clean though I tried to do a shake in a shaker cup (posted on L&S) but it didn't go over with me. I forced about half down and then I couldn't drink anymore. I think it definitely needs a blender. People at school were teasing me about my "cup o'meal" and I was teasing people at schools saying that I'm going to plug one in along with their laptops (plugs are at a premium at Berkeley).

Because I threw out half my shake, when I came home I grabbed a piece of fruit and some chicken. It was meal 5.5. Still, I think I had a good day in spite of it all.

Shelley: I've had that "still tight" disappointment. Hang in there!!! It gets better.

I'm off to see a specialist this morning. The bloodwork still has not come back but perhaps she can speed that process along.
I feel terrible all of the time and these long days at school don't help a great deal..but I feel semi back on track.


08-28-2001, 11:16 AM
Hi everyone. Thanks, MrsJim, for the water post. I ahve to admit I have been starting to slack a little in that department. Need to get back on the stick!

I am having the hardest time battling the munchies. I almost caved in yesterday, but I did not. I think part of my problem this week is that I am on vacation and my days are less structured and it gives me more time to think about eating. I am trying to stay strong, but that free day seems so far off. I am starting to wonder if this plan is causing me to obsess about food too much. There is no question that it has been working for me so far, but lately I have noticed I have been having HUGE preoccupations with food. Have any of the rest of you experienced that?


08-28-2001, 06:56 PM
Debbie -

I have the same problem on the weekends (i.e. when I'm not on my regular work/weekday schedule). I mean thinking about food a lot.

Sounds more like boredom or you may be at loose know, nothing really planned, and old habits are to spend a few hours with the contents of the pantry! (Believe me, I sympathize!).

The best thing I can say to do is - STAY ACTIVE and out of the house/kitchen if you can.

For example - Saturday is the worst day for me because I'm not at work, plus since it's the day before Free Day, it is sooo tempting to start "a day early". What I do instead is schedule a lot of busy things to do. My typical Saturday schedule is:

5:30 am - wake up
6:15 - 7:15 or whenever: Hit the gym, do my 20 MAS and some abs, work on my chin ups, etc.
7:30 am - home and shower, then a little Net surfing, have a Myo Lite around 8:30 am, read the SF Chronicle, drink a bunch of water
9:30 am - 11:15 am - off to Woodside for my riding lesson and visiting time with the horses!

In the afternoon, Jim and I usually do a little housecleaning, then go bike riding or something like that (unless he's rehersing with his band).

I've obssessed about food for the past 30 years, and I actually find I'm obessessing LESS doing BFL than I when I was dieting (on WW, Diet Center, etc. etc.).

I've mentioned this before, but keeping a personal journal is something that helps a lot too. When I have 'non-hunger' cravings for food (not hungry - just want to eat something because it's there) I pick up my journal book and write down my thoughts, my hopes, my asperations. I also have printed out profiles and articles (such as Pam B's) that I find extremely motivational and that helps tremendously!

PS - after posting this initially, I had a thought - could your cravings be related to your menstrual cycle? TOM can really do a number on me sometimes!!

08-29-2001, 09:21 AM
Hello - I'm "new" here - well, to this thread, not the board. So far this year I've lost 30 pounds, which is great. I do a lot of cardio and have tried to work in arm weights, too. I know that cardio has been key for me up to this point, and that's the way I had to lose the first pounds, but I know that if I am going to succeed in getting to my goal of 135, I really need to work on muscles. My thighs and rear are particular problems, and I don't even know what to do to fix those!

I've heard a lot about BFL, but nothing too specific. I don't know that I am willing to change up my eating habits again this year - I am basically trying to eat fewer carbs and more fruits and protein. I think I am starting to get to a balanced point there. I guess what I want to know is what is the exercise program with BFL? Where can i find exercises? And my biggest problem is motivation - I play on sports teams, go to aerobics classes, and run. Running is really the only solitary exercise I do, and I do that so I can be better at soccer, so it has a group goal in mind! I need help getting over the lack of motivation and the fact that I don't like reps and sets and weights - they bore me :(



08-29-2001, 09:53 AM
I just posted a recipe for Homemade Protein Cakes/Cookies in the recipe section under Miscellaneous. I took 1 different recipies from L&S and tweaked them to make this recipe.Tried some yesterday with the blueberries and while they were warm, they tasted like blueberry pie. Great cold also. Try them! :)

08-29-2001, 10:38 AM
Hope you're having a terrific morning!! :cool:

What I'd recommend that you do if you want to find out more about BFL is....get the book. You can probably find it for significantly less than retail since it's still on the bestseller list (try or amazon - actually I bought mine at the local Barnes & Noble for about $13).

If you don't want to shell out the $$ check your local library system. I'll bet you they have it - place a hold on it if it's already checked out. Either way it's well worth it. An easy read and very motivating (especially the first part of the book with the transformations).

Most of us gals also hang out at When you go there, check out the Transformation Library - where you'll find loads of before and after pix of **REAL PEOPLE** who have had enormous success with BFL! If that doesn't motivate you, I don't know what would!

Another favorite site is This guy (who's a Ph.D) explains how BFL works in scientific terms that Bill Phillips doesn't detail in the book (I think Bill P's motto must be "Keep it Simple, Stupid" - in a nice way of course - not everyone wants to hear all the scientific jargon).

Also, check the 3FC forum archives for past BFL threads. You should find a lot of info there as well!

One thing I would like to mention is - for the BFL program to work, my opinion is that you must incorporate the "eating-for-life" as well as the "Training-for-life" together. From what you said here, it sounds like you're pretty close to that. Basically, it's six small meals a day consisting of a portion of protien the size of your palm (excepting "fluffy" things like cottage cheese) and a carb the size of your fist (there are also exceptions, such as melon). You should have a portion of veggies with at least two of your meals. If you want to use meal replacement shakes for a couple of your meals, it's recommended - but not required. I use Myoplex Lite for Meals #1 and #6.

Supplementation is OPTIONAL but I believe most people use glutamine (to combat muscle soreness), and a multi-vitamin. Two cheap items - you can get a huge tub of Labrada Glutamine from for about $48 that lasts forever.

Gotta hit the shower - take care!

08-29-2001, 05:04 PM
Okay, I know I posted earlier today, but I've been reading and learning more about BFL all day, the question I have is about the aerobics now. I do kickboxing and step, and soccer, none of which I want to get up. I love the people, the moves, it's just fun! So how do I incorporate those with this "20 minutes" of aerobic? Is it okay to do my regular hour of aerobic (or more on soccer nights?)

08-29-2001, 06:24 PM
Elisette -

Have you actually read the book yet - most of your questions would be answered there.

As I stated before, ya gotta check out the Hussman site...he answers the rest of the questions that you may have after reading "Body-for-LIFE".

The way the BFL Cardio program is laid out, I don't think that soccer, kickboxing, or any other type of class is going to accomplish what you'll get from doing the 20 MAS/HIIT from the book. That doesn't mean you should give up playing soccer or kickboxing if you enjoy it - just do it as an added leisure activity. For example, I enjoy cycling, horseback riding, long walks, hikes, and the occasional Spinning class - but still do my 20 MAS 3 times a week. This was the toughest part for me in the beginning because I was so accustomed to doing at least an hour (usually more) of cardio 6 days a week.

When I started doing the 20 minutes and hit my first 9 and 10, I discovered I had never reached that kind of intensity before in any workout I'd ever done - and I have been experiencing MUCH faster and better results than I ever did doing those long cardio sessions! Check the BFL section of my homepage for more info on that.

Hussman has a Q&A page on his site (I recommend printing the site for later reading - it's got a lot of great info!). Here's a question and answer that you may find interesting:

Q Hi John, We are currently doing Tae-Bo for our aerobics, but I'm worried that we won't get the results we desire as quickly as we would with other methods. We do it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, eating about 1 hour after completion. The workout has varying levels of intensity ranging from a 4 to a 10 and are about 20-25 minutes long. Do you have any suggestions?

A Thanks for your note. I'd really like to see you doing at least one, and possibly 2 of your cardio workouts using the specific intensity pattern in Bill's book. It's effective to challenge your lactate system, but in order to know that a 9 is a 9, you have to have a clear idea that you'll be doing it for 1 minute, and that when you're doing a 10, it's the highest level you can sustain for a full minute (without gasping, of course). I would think it's harder to do that if you don't know how long a given period of intensity will last. If you can manage to regulate that intensity so you are challenging yourself, feeling a burn near the end of your 9, getting "active recovery" after that 9, and having sufficient warmup and warmdown, then the Tae-Bo will be effective, but it just seems harder to get at all that if you're not totally in control of the activity. Hope that helps!

And from Pam B's training/motiviation/nutrition document at L&S (if you don't know who Pam B is, ya gotta check out her before and afters on Lean&Strong - she is just INCREDIBLE...a real champ...)
I have always done my cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

For the first 3 challenges I followed the Body for Life program to the letter except I bumped up my cardio to 30 minutes per session after a few weeks. I still made sure I hit the 9's and 10's every workout (that is SO important). I used the recumbent bike for the first 6 months and then added the treadmill and elliptical trainer to my workouts. As I got in better shape and needed more challenging cardio, I started using the stepmill (where the stair rotate like an escalator). It wasn’t until my fourth challenge when I was preparing for a bodybuilding contest that I started doing cardio 6 days per week. I found that when I was doing cardio 6 days per week, it became MUCH harder to stick to the nutrition plan. I have always done intervals with my cardio. Even when I increased my daily time to 45 minutes, I still did intervals, just not as intense. I would say I hit a level 8 on my intervals when I extended the duration past 30 minutes.

My opinion on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) where you do one minute walking and one minute running all out: It is excellent for burning fat!!! I will only do HIIT 3 times per week for a short duration like 3 or 4 weeks. It can really burn you out fast. I did 30 minutes and hit 10 level 10 intervals per session. WHEW!!! closing...if you enjoy playing soccer, kickboxing, do that as a leisure activity, but for BFL ya gotta do the 20 MAS or HIIT.


08-30-2001, 12:16 AM
The info on this board has so incredibly helped me out!! Mrs. Jim, your posts and the articles are keeping me in line.

This is the end of my 3rd day (yes, day), but here are the things I have done right:

Drank water! (***THANKS FOR THE TIPS!! They are working wonderfully. I even have made a version of cheap man's lemonade with a slash of lemon juice and 2 packets of nutrasweet per 24 oz. I will drink 3 of those just at work)

Worked out in the morning. (**Difficult, but up I go, out the door at 5:15 so I can be home in time to help get my girls off to school/daycare and still get ready for work)

Worked out well. (*I have been lifting and doing cardio for years now off and on, but BFL workouts and hitting 10's really kicks up a notch or just plains kicks ya!)

NOT so well:
Keeping fully committed to the food. (* each day something has happened -- ate 5 times not six or at 2 lifesavers)

08-30-2001, 12:23 AM
Whoops --- just posted and forgot --

HOW DOES EVERYONE STICK ON THE DIET? I find myself wanting to take the jolly ranchers, life savers, so forth and have my afternoon sweet.

Man, I have a sweet tooth and then some. In 3 days I have ate something little (under 50 cal) on all three days!

What does everyone do to stay away from all the candy/cake/icecream???? This is probably the million dollar question that all dieters what to know the answer too :)

08-30-2001, 12:45 AM
That was a problem with me too during my first challenge. Many people at my job are quite accustomed to keeping jars/bowls of different candy on their desks. I would say, well, they're only 10 calories, what harm is a Jolly Rancher going to do me. Except one would lead to another...and another.

For me, eating something sweet begins the rush to eat more and more sugary foods. Can't have just one. And the aftertaste of sugary foods, I really don't care for now.

So this Challenge, I've kept my hands out of the candy bowls since the beginning - nearly six weeks ago. I just slug down a lot of water during the day (I'm not drinking Diet Coke nearly as much either - don't keep it at home right now). At night, I treat myself to a Diet Snapple (Orange Carrot or Kiwi Strawberry) at Meal #5 (dinner with Jim). If you haven't tried those flavors, I highly recommend them - they are nice and sweet!

I also have fruit at two of my meals - Meal #2 and #4 - with cottage cheese. And of course Myo Lite shakes are sweet (without sugar!). Try making the Myoplex Power Pudding sometime, that REALLY helps with the sweet tooth!

What's REALLY working for me, though, is the thought of Free Day which is never more than a few days away. If you have thoughts of having something unauthorized on a non-Free Day, I urge you to WRITE IT DOWN - in your journal or whereever - what you want to eat so you can remember it on your Free Day.

I'm going to reiterate again what Pam B says about Free Day:
I totally used my free day for the first 3 challenges! A lot of people make the mistake of not using it and end up "cheating" on their diet during the week. I recommend that people USE IT and don't have any guilt about it! In the first few weeks, I LIVED for my free days!! I ate nachos, cookies, ice cream, pizza, burritos, etc... but I did not cheat during the week. It works, it really works!!!

I find that, unless I write down exactly WHAT I'm craving during the week, I tend to forget what it actually was that I was wanting a few days before when Free Day actually rolls around. And, again, as I've stated in the past, I really feel that writing your thoughts down (even a thought about food cravings) goes a long way towards keeping me from pigging out!

Of course, keeping the 'bad stuff' i.e. ice cream/cake/etc out of the house or immediate area ain't a bad idea either - out of sight, out of mind, right?

Once you cut out most of the high-sugar stuff, I guarantee you most of your cravings for it will go away after a little while - just stay away from it - except on Free Day of course...

Well, getting ready to turn in - g'night all!

08-30-2001, 06:10 AM
Hunny-Free day takes care of the sugar cravings for me. I look forward to it, even though when it comes around I don't have too much sugar. Sugar is a bad word for me. If I have even just a tiny bit, it gets me reaching for the wrong foods! I even suggest having 1 free day to everyone I know that is on WW, Atkins, etc., because it is so great having that 1 day to look forward to having whatever you want!

I am having an 11th week slump. I know my cardio isn't up to snuff, and my eating has become sporatic. I don't know if it is the fact that I have changed my hours, or what. Is all I know is that I am not being as rigid as I have been at first. I have found myself reaching for SF popscicles at night, and not getting all my meals in during the day. I fell asleep last night right after dinner, so I only had 4 meals yesterday. I did drink 3 liters of water yesterday, though!

Mrs. J-Have you posted any new transformation pictures on your home page??? I need some new motivation!

08-30-2001, 09:00 AM
Shelley~~~WOW, you're in week 11 already! I'm so proud of you. You did it~you're in the home stretch. Don't give in now. I know you can do it. :) :)

I really think that for some of us (me included) the first challenge is REALLY a challenge to change eating and exercise habits. Before my first challenge, I wasn't exercising at all~let alone lifting weights, doing squats and cardio sessions. But C1 helped to build a wonderful foundation. Now that I've worked the kinks out and developed new habits, I am in a much better position to REALLY see some changes on the outside.

On my 48th B~Day (Feb.) I will be in the best shape and health that I have been in , in YEARS. :cool: BRING ON 2002!! :cool:
~~~Sil :wave:

08-30-2001, 10:35 AM
Amazingly enough, I just seem to be in the **BEST** mood (for the most part) since starting BFL back in April!

On Saturday morning Jim and I take off for Toronto on business (for me anyway) and I probably won't have Internet access for a week. I'm really going to miss this board and L&S while I'm gone...but look forward to reading all the posts here when I return! I might be able to log in from our room but it's finding the TIME to do it...organizing and running these meetings are 12-hour days for the most part.

Shelley- Sometime before we go I'm going to have Jim take a couple of progress pix of me, and I'll post 'em on my home page and let you all know when they're up. OH and congrats on being in Week 11! :wave: Betcha you'll find that C2 is much easier to do now that it's a routine. Sil's right - C1 (IMO) is very much a 'learning phase' for BFL. You may want to start planning your meals the night before - not only what you're going to eat, but WHEN you're going to eat. The "Eating-for-LIFE" Daily Progress Report (which you can download from or photocopy from the book itself) is a great tool for planning your meals.

Body-wise, my thighs are starting to get that 'jiggly' soft fat that the experts at say is a sign of good things - the fat is getting softer and ready to leave the body. I've always had big thighs - and I think I always will - but I'll take big MUSCULAR thighs any day of the week over skinny flabby ones. When I start seeing quad definition, I'll be ready to fly over the moon!

On the chin-up front - I'm at the point now where I can hoist myself up to my chin on the bar and hang there for (I think) about 15 seconds but I can't yet lift and lower myself. My goal is to be able to do **5** chinups by Dec 31, 2001!

People at work are REALLY starting to take note of my progress and complement not only me, but Jim as well (we both work at the same place but in different departments). Jim is so proud of me - he brags on me all the time! :cool: I feel especially blessed to have such a wonderfully supportive husband (now, if he'd only do BFL with me...he is eating the same dinner as I do though!).

Susanje - I know that you're reading these even if you don't feel up to posting. Just want you to know that you're in my thoughts! Take care... :angel:

08-30-2001, 12:30 PM
Hunnybunny, I wanted to take a minute to address your question about craving sweets. I thought MrsJim pretty much said it, but I wanted to put my $0.02 in as someone who is newer to BFL (am in the 6th week of my first challenge.)

My first week on the challenge was pure **** as far as the eating went because I so desparately missed all those yummy refined carbohydrates that I loved so well. But, I stayed strong and waited for my free day to eat anything not authorized. As each week went by, it got easier and easier. I think the only way for the eating part of this plan to get easier is for you to do it ALL THE WAY, not part of the way. Each time you pop a Jolly Rancher, even if it is just one, you are helping your body stay addicted to that type of food. My best advice to you is JUST DO IT. Yes, it is hard, but it gets easier. Yes, you will have weak moments, but when you do, remember you can have whatever you are craving on your Free Day. And remember first and foremost one of the points from the BFL book....DON'T BREAK PROMISES TO YOURSELF! That has become my mantra throughout this every time I felt like sleeping in instead of exercising or felt like throwing in an extra free day.

I still get cravings sometimes, but not as much as I used to. In particular, this week has been very difficult for me to stay on track with my eating. I think this is because I am on vacation and my day is not as structured as it is when I am going to work. I am proud to say that I have stayed with the eating plan even though there were times I really wanted to say "To heck with it, I am on vacation." Am I looking forward to my free day? You bet! Am I going to struggle for the next 3 days til it gets here? Undoubtedly. Am I going to do it anyway, even though it is hard? YES! Because I am not going to break any more promises to myself!

Stay strong, Hunnybunny, and save those Jolly Ranchers for Free Day!


08-30-2001, 11:01 PM
I'm going to attempt to attach a pic that Jim just took of me like 10 minutes ago...

You'll see that I have quite a bit of 'jiggly fat' on my thighs still but the arms look real good! In retrospect, I suppose we should've gone outside in the back yard or somewhere with lots of natural light...but I still feel a bit weird going outside like this (even if it's our backyard - we share it with another couple).

I bought a chin-up bar to install in the doorway (only $17!) and Jim's going to install it tomorrow - then I'll be able to practice chins full time...and maybe take a photo of me doing chins to post?? Hmm...

I also got to try out the Power Blocks at the shop. I'm telling ya gals - I WANT SOME!!! But they're very expensive for the 125 pounders. I enjoy the gym but it would still be nice to have a set of dumbbells like PowerBlocks that don't take up much room at all. All I'd need is a bench and I'd be set!

Anyway...hope this works!

08-31-2001, 07:23 AM
Mrs.J-You look great!! Thanks for your motivating words. I'll miss your posting for the week. Have a great time in Toronto! I would like to try powerblocks too, since my highest dumbbell is only 20 lbs.

Sil-Thanks for your motivating words, too. I'm still tinkering on the thought of quitting and going back to Cathe Friedrich tapes. I am going to do this until the end, though and then make my final decision during free week, since I can do some tapes over that week. Like I said before, my hubby sees a difference. My friend that tried BFL for a couple of weeks then quit, doesn't see a difference (but she is a skinny minny and thinks she is fat!!)

Hunny-How's it going??


08-31-2001, 10:07 AM
MrsJim~~~Wow, you look great!! I have been following you along the way and I can see a difference from the C1, AFTER pics. You have great definition in your upper body. And LOOK :eek: you've got ab definition showing!!!!! Of coarse the thighs will be the last to go, as we have had our "thighs" for years. It's worked it's way down and now these are your "thigh times" and they will be firm and have definition in no time at all. Keep up the great job. :cool:

Shelley~~~I seem to remember that you took measurements before you started this challenge. Am I right? And did you take your body fat with calipers and write down your starting weight? Well, if you did, then do it all again at the end of this challenge and I will help you figure out how much bf % you lost, how much muscle you gained and fat lost. You may not be able to see it, because it's been gradual, but the numbers will tell the tale! And I have a feeling that you will be pleasantly surprised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, hang in there until the end. That will be an accomplishment in itself, that you can be proud of. You can email me you numbers and I'll figure it out. Then you can make your decision on what to do next while on free week.
BTW~there are several people over at L&S, on the Periodization Training board that are doing all different work out routeins, not just PT. You might gain some insight for next.

Debbie~~~Thanks for the wonderful motivational message . I was thinking about not going to the gym today because I have a zillion things to do (it would be my first ever missed LBWO). But you are so right! DON'T BREAK PROMISES TO YOURSELF! So, off I go :wave:

08-31-2001, 02:48 PM
Hi, everyone!

It's good to be back. I've had the worst month of my life and even though I couldn't exercise I ate clean!
In a nutshell, about a month ago I noticed that my ankles had disappeared. After this went on for a week, I got up one morning and my legs from the knees down and arms from the elbows down were throbbing like mad. My hands were so swollen I couldn't make a fist and my face looked like the moon!
A trip to the doctor (internist) began a round of tests from all angles. Over the next two weeks they "ruled out" the following, all of which run in my family: congestive heart failure, liver disease, kidney disease, ovarian cysts, and phlebitis (blood clots).
They couldn't find anything wrong at all except that my "bad" cholesterol is not good. Everything else is hale and hearty.
The only thing left was to try food allergies (duh! the doctor never asked me what I ate). In the last two weeks, we have determined that I am allergic to shellfish (I knew that) and oats and white potatoes and sugar. I had been eating oatmeal and potatoes every day for my carb, and had eaten them all my life. Only when my allergy medication was not used for the duration of the testing did this reaction surface. Evidently, the Zyrtec had been masking the symptoms. The swelling was caused by histamine overload.
And sugar? I've evidently "medicated" myself with sugar for years. My internist said I should have the energy of a hummingbird. As a result of all this mess, I ate clean and gained eight pounds of water :mad:
Gratefully the swelling is going down and my energy is returning. The best part? I've been released to return to my BFL program :D My doctor has always been very supportive of BFL and she is excited that I'm back on track.

On a more pleasant note: Mrs. Jim, you look fabulous! It's a far cry from that red polka dot dress on your website! I can tell you that you're one of the lucky ones who have small, petite tie-ins. When you finish your personal work, your proportions will be fabulous and your calves, thighs and arms will look more "cut" because your tie-ins are small. Ya got good genes!

Didn't mean to write a book. I am just so grateful to know that my health is returning and that I don't have anything life-threatening. Everyone's posts have meant so much inspiration for me, and the folks at Lean and Strong are wonderful, too.

Here's to success!


08-31-2001, 10:59 PM
Well, it's almost 7 pm here and I haven't even started packing yet...just got in the door a few minutes ago.

So...gotta make this short n'sweet.

I highly doubt that I'll have Internet access while I'm in Canada (there's always hope though). Actually even if I DID have access I'm going to be very busy! I'm so glad Jim is going with me - it really gets lonely at night on these business trips when I go solo... :(

But you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be following BFL as closely as possible while I'm away - bringing my Myo Lite with me, as well as my BFL workout binder. The places we're staying have great fitness centers, thank goodness!

And thanks for all your kind words. I really appreciate them - keeps me motivated!

I look forward to catching up with everyone when I return from Niagara! Take care...

09-01-2001, 05:22 AM
Claire~~So happy to hear that you are doing better. Missed you while you were gone.Welcome back!!!

09-01-2001, 10:48 AM
Serrano-Glad to have you back. Thank goodness it turned out to be allergies. Allergic to sugar!!! Now you have a good reason not to eat it!!

Sil-Unfortunatly, I could never figure out the caliper thing. I have them, but can't figure out the pinch thing. I've tried and tried. It's hard to tell if you're getting hold of fat along with skin or not. I do have pictures and I plan to take them again at the end of next week. My husband said again last night that he can tell a difference, that I am becoming more solid. I do take measurements every week and write them down. Thanks for trying to help me out!

09-01-2001, 01:10 PM
Mrs Jim--you look so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have changed dramatically!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a good week.

I have gotten some preliminary tests back from the dr. I have a raging inner ear infection (and I take antibiotics daily for acne so they aren't sure what to do about that but I will probably go off the acne antibios and onto something else for a few weeks) that has been causing a lot of the vertigo and nausea but in addition I have low blood sugar, and NO hormones in my body. :-( They also want to do more tests involving fasting and not fasting (some test where you don't eat and have it tested and then do eat and have it tested) to check more into diabetes.

The dr. was very concerned about the hormonal imbalance and I'm on estrogen and testosterone. Apparently lack of testosterone will greatly impact your ability to lose fat and add muscle. So the dr. thinks that I will have a better time of losing fat and building muscle with the hormones(I hope so). However, I am off the wall hungry due to the testosterone.

The dr. thinks I will "balance out" in a few weeks and hopefully we can find something for the ear infection because I cannot do a lot in the way of UBWO or even cardio when I'm dizzy. Just getting through school these past 2 weeks have been a lot to handle.

Still plugging along.

09-01-2001, 06:29 PM
Hi Everyone!

Mrs. Jim -- OH MY! WOW! Absolutely wonderful is how you look! You pics are incredibly motivating! Can you believe how strong you look?

Shelly -- 11 weeks is such a great accomplishment!! Congratulations!!!!

Sil -- You are looking fabulous -- Your 48th birthday is going to be one where you will be proud to have your pictures taken!!

Thank you everyone for all of the suggestions. I feel a bit guilty for not sticking with it completely. This week has been hard. I have gotten the workouts in and I think I know what 9 & 10's feel like. I worked out every morning for 5 days at 5:30am and today at 7:00am. That part feels is great!! I think switching to early mornings has been a good kick in the pants. I feel good through out the day and happy I did it!!

Food -- ummmm, not so good. I have been concentrating on getting all of my water in -- and THANKS FOR THE TIPS b/c I have been getting at least 12 in a day. Thursday I took in 140oz. I could of floated away that day! I had drank 32 oz b/f I got home from the gym. I just kept drinking. I wanted water. Wild. My cheap man's lemonade gives me a flavor and sweet. Thursday was also a good day b/c I stayed out of my candy jar. I dumped all my mints / jolly ranchers in the admin's candy jar. Everyone always takes her's so now she can have mine :)

I also, dumped tons of food out of my cabinets. I put the canned goods, the boxed cake mixes, frostings, pasta boxes, and so forth in a bag and told my husband to hide it. My oldest daughter will have a haul during her school's food drive this fall.

Last night I went to my girlfriend's for our monthly scrapbook party. I have a hard time letting anyone know I am on a BFL challenge. More on that later. I ate Pizza HotDish (Yes, hotdish --egg pasta with beef and tomato). I took less than 1 cup. That was the last time I ate. Total of 5 meals yesterday. So, took in my water, stayed away from sweets, but meal 5 and 6 were not BFL. It is aggravating. I always think that tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow I will build on the good things of today and figure out how to stay away from the things that didn't work today.

I have a hard time telling anyone I am trying to lose weight / shape up. (I always tell my husband) I live in a land of food and big women. It is cold in North Dakota in the winter and we need that extra fat or something. I don't get it, but the most of the women are bigger here. I swear! Only one of my girlfriends I would list as skinny. She also will paint your house, take care of your kids, while singing the latest show tunes for you in record time. She eats, but also runs at 140 miles per hour. The rest of my girlfriends are out of shape (I am the only one who works out) and could stand to loose 25 lbs a piece. We are all the same. They did not like it last time I went on a diet and lost weight, b/c I wasn't with them every single get together. I couldn't! I cannot go to the happy hour every week and chow on the taco bar and drink sweet calorie filled drinks, go to every lunch, every dinner, every social outing b/c they always include lots of FOOD!

If I tell anyone I am trying to eat differently, I usually get the, 'don't worry -- just have a little'. What they don't get is I have a difficult time with a little. I take a portion, I eat it. Little or big. I eat. Don't get me wrong, this isn't Sarah's little pity party either. I know I like food. I also know that if I make a choice to do something I always must give my best effort to do it. This BFL challenge I am taking as a step to a refreshing my outlook on how I treat my body. The motivation of seeing others succeed and still live a life to me is incredibly inspiring. Shelly already completing her 11th week, let's me know that I too can be one of those people too. I know it wasn't easy to get there.
Lastly -- Debbie -- Thanks for your post. I was yelling inside, 'this woman knows me! this woman is just like me!' This week has been from ****. I do live under the 'Just Do SOMETHING' slogan and this week has been incredibly difficult. Your thoughts are things I have thought. Today I will not break my promise to myself.

Thanks you for reading!

PS Anyone else have great pictures to show off?

09-02-2001, 11:37 AM
Hi everyone!

I may not of been posting much lately but am certainly keeping up with everyone's success'.

Sarah: Sounds like you have alot of "temptations" around but good on on you for standing strong and sticking to BFL . In the end you will be feeling so much healthier and energetic and you won't be drawn to the types of food you have bee used to.

Susan: Good to hear from you. You sound like you have alot of obstacles in your way but your finally getting some answers and you'll soon be on your way to good health again! I gather then they have ruled out chronic fatigue? One of my girlfriends has chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and has for years but is learning to cope with it. A few years ago she switched to eating 6 times a day, drinking tons of water and is only now slowly introducing exercise again. She's made alot of progress but I've seen how difficult it has been for her.

Shelly: I'm with you on the caliper thing. I have to do my 8 week measurements today and feel so fat today :( I found the calipers the most difficult. In my case the past two measurements I wasnt even on the scale. My measurements were more than the mm on the accumeasure so I've had to do some calculations to find out my BF%. I'm hoping to be on the scale today.

Mrs. Jim: Your pic is amazing. I constantly think of the progress you have made! I still cannot believe the progress made in your second challenge - amazing.

Well as for me, I am finishing up my 8th week and both my hubby and I are noticing we are hitting the wall. The energy is lagging, I feel as if I am overdosing on protein and difficulty downing the water. My weight workouts are great I have to say but the cardio is difficult but "do-able". I am so trying to remind myself that it has ONLY been 8 weeks but I look in the mirror and see little change. I will be taking 8 week progress pics tomorrow to boost myself. We will also resume the nightly next day meal planning which we stopped doing approx. 4 weeks ago. Planning is so key I know now! Well, these next four weeks I am renewing my goals and will put a 110% effort back as I KNOW this program works!

Has anybody else gone through this in the middle of the 12 weeks?


09-02-2001, 01:09 PM
Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the thoughts. They haven't ruled out chronic fatigue but they are trying to fix me as much as they can and make certain all other things are "well" before going there. The Dr. said that testosterone will also add to my feelings of well being and energy levels...AND if its easier to put on lean muscle and lose fat, I certainly WILL feel better! I do hope it's not chronic fatigue because I don't want THAT. I want something fixable.

I hit a wall at 8 weeks on C1. I didn't see a lot of progress until the last 2-3 weeks and was giving up at 7 weeks. However, I hung in there and it was a great thing. I would suggest commiting yourself to finishing the challenge and doing your free week. I was on such fire when I finished!! I had never finished anything like that. I am having a **** of a time in C2 (which is stopping and starting every single week) but I know how great I felt at the end of c1 and that is where I want to be again. That is what keeps me motivated to keep walking through my stuff and the days when I'm just flat out exhausted, dizzy and nauseous and make some attempt to go to the gym or exercise at home it is because I want to finish a challenge again. There was nothing like that feeling of finishing c1. It was fantastic and I keep craving that feeling and I will be there AGAIN when I get this medical stuff out of the way and get to finish a few weeks of working out and eating clean. I know it. I LOVED that feeling and I would strongly suggest you give it another 4 weeks and experience that feeling. It's a wonderful, powerful feeling. Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!


09-03-2001, 09:48 AM
Michelle-I've been hitting a wall from practically the beginning! Stay with it. I am now starting my 12th week and hopefully when I take my 12 week pix I will notice a difference. My big decision will be in my free week, whether to continue the BFL way, or incorporate other training into it. I will stay partly with BFL, as far as diet goes, but I don't know for sure what I will be doing for strenghth and cardio. I'm toying with Periodization Training, or trying Cathe Freidrich tapes for my strenghth workouts.

I ate way too many carbs on my free day yesterday! My daughter asked me why do I eat stuff that I shouldn't be eating, if I feel I am not getting results. My answer?? Because I wouldn't have anything to look forward to, and I would not be able to stay on the plan!! Sick thinking, or normal for food aholics???

09-04-2001, 10:03 AM
Hi all!

Just a drive-by greeting! Plan to eat clean today and get in my cardio!

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm still finding things I'm allergic to. It has been an interesting journey for sure!

I've seen several posts about "results" -- when will I see... when will I feel... when will I look...

The results seem to be very subtle and then the "big change" occurs. My body has been thanking me in small ways for the few changes I've already made. I figure I didn't get to be this size overnight and it's going to take time. Exercise relaxes me and I look forward to my workouts. The food tastes pretty good with no preservatives in it. Every day that I feel better, I have more hope that my health is improving.

I ignore the scale and the tape measure. It's who I see in the mirror that's most important. I feel a little better every day. That means more than what I weigh or my measurements.

Have a fabulous day!


09-06-2001, 06:06 AM
I'm getting so anxious!! C1W12D4!! My 1st challenge is almost over. Although I haven't seen many results, I am sooo proud of myself for sticking with this for the full 12 weeks, through thick and thick!! I am going to take pictures this weekend and compare. I'm sure there will be a little difference. At least it has made me feel so good inside!