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07-01-2006, 01:15 AM
Hi all! I'm relatively new to the beach....just shy of a month. Hubby and I have lost a combined total of 42 pounds! Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone out there has adapted the diet to fit their life? What Hubby and I are going to do is on birthdays and our anniversary we are going to go out to eat and eat whatever for that one meal. Has anyone else "tweaked" the diet to fit their lifestyle? I would love to hear all your ideas!

07-01-2006, 12:42 PM
I think you definitely have to live your life but I think you will find that some of the things that were so great before aren't worth it any longer - they just don't taste as good.

I am new to the beach - at least this time - trying to lose rest of weight from baby #3 (actually that is gone already but it is really leftovers from baby #1 and baby #2 that I am working on :rolleyes: ) but lost a lot of weight on it between pregnancies #2 and #3.

I did what you are saying the last time with a few modifications - had birthday cake and ice cream, for example, but very small portions - the 3 bite rule worked great for me! Also, made adaptations where I could - red wine instead of margaritas, etc. When we went to the beach, I "splurged" one night on fried shrimp, but had them on top of a salad - skipped the fries, hushpuppies, etc.

I made the mistake a couple of times of going way way off for a meal and found it very difficult to get back on - you may not have this problem because of your husband's support, but it was very hard for me.

I really had to reevaluate, personally, the idea of food as celebration or to "celebrate" in a different way - fabulous filet and veggies at really nice restaurant, for example. That is a problem for me and I am still working on this idea . . .


07-03-2006, 11:16 AM
I have totaling changed the way I am is very hard though...when going out to mexican with my sister I had a fajita salad and dumped it out of the fat-laden, carb ridden tortilla bowl...and the chips were eaten only by her...anytime I eat is a major thought process...I went to quiznos for a salad and had to think of what i was putting on the salad...I have the white chicken chile from Taco Time and pick out all the corn...I know that a few pieces won't hurt but I'm trying to stick to this as best as I can. My sister is doing weight watchers and she lives with me and my hubby and has weight watchers ice cream and food everywhere..i was going to have a fudgecicle of hers but dear god its full of sugar...i still drink my coffee everyday but its a SF white chocolate and vanilla americano with fat free milk and 1 pack of splenda...its taken some getting used to but its soooo worth the effort i'm making...I have lost 9 lbs in one week...although its probably all water but I am excited!!!