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06-30-2006, 06:15 PM
OK, I hate breakfast! I know I'm supposed to eat breakfast and all, but not only do I really not like eggs (I restarted P1), I'm never hungry in the morning and it's hard to eat just because I'm supposed to. How much of an impact will this create on my ability to lose weight? And I find I feel more hungry throughout the day if I eat breakfast in the morn when I'm not hungry...what the heck?!

06-30-2006, 07:22 PM

From everything I have read, breakfast is very important!! If you don't eat, you will slow your metabolism down which slows your weight loss. It's one of the worst things, if not worst thing to do when trying to lose weight.

I read, several months back (and I have looked for the post but couldn't find it), about what to do about breakfast and someone mentioned that they treat breakfast like a first lunch. You train yourself out of the mindset that you have to eat 'breakfast', you just eat lunch when you wake up. So, make yourself some soup, have a salad, anything you eat normally at lunch.

I haven't been able to do that, but it is something I am working on now that I am back on track. I can only eat eggs so many times before I am sick of them, and honestly, breakfast is the hardest meal for me! I eat yogurt, cottage cheese, peanut butter on some celery, sf pudding, jello and today I even had the dream cheesecake for breakfast. You should definitely eat something to get your body going.

Good luck!


06-30-2006, 07:28 PM
Missy Smartypants. I hear ya.. I never was a breakfast person.. and while I like eggs, after a bit they wear thin.. but Truthfully I notices that since I started eating breakfast, I'm not as hungry --especially at night.. I tend to be someone who can go allll day without eating...then I eat dinner, and I would find that I would munch right through till I went to bed... now I love some cottage cheese and tomato in the morning... and after a bit, my internal hungry clock shuts down around 7. worked for me at least

06-30-2006, 09:41 PM
Right there with you - eggs get very old very fast for me. For some reason, they are easier for me to eat hard boiled. I usually hard boil a dozen at a time so I can grab them quickly. Sometimes I put in a bit of light mayo and make egg salad on a tomato = yummy.