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06-30-2006, 01:01 PM
I have started Phase I. I lost about 10 pounds in 6 weeks at the first of the year and then switched to Medifast to try to lose the rest fast. It did not work. In fact, I lost 6 pounds the first week and nothing for the next month, not to mention that Medifast was hard to stick to.

My husband lost about 20 pounds on the South Beach diet at the first of the year and has been beaching it in Phase III ever since. He is a doctor and has really been impressed by the diet and how healthy he is eating - he is recommending all his overweight patients go on the SBD and most of them are having great success too (he is an OB/GYN so he sees a lot of people struggling with their weight).

I did well yesterday EXCEPT ate 45 nuts instead of 15 - I had swimming lessons and t-ball game and had to eat a piece of grilled chicken from Chick Fil A between one and the other and was still starving. I had almonds in the car and ate 15 and was still starving so ate another 15, which seemed to work. I had eaten 15 earlier for a snack. Nuts are my downfall - may need to eliminate!

I also realized after I ate my second salad of this diet for lunch today that carrots were not allowed in Phase I - didn't eat many, just the few slivers that were in the prebagged romaine mix - but won't do that again.

I am trying so hard to stick to it like glue because I really need to lose at least the next 10 pounds by my birthday, September 5th.

Looks like there are several of us who are starting at the same time, which should be great!

06-30-2006, 04:12 PM
:welcome3: Athenmom, you can head over to the Daily thread and the Phase 1 thread tooo.. Sounds like you and hubby are doing great on SBD... I had to completely eliminate nuts too...My biggest weakness...I do keep the odd bit of almonds around to sprinkle in my salads...