Weight Loss Support - Plan for a nearly perfect day, Friday!!!!!

06-30-2006, 10:17 AM
Last nights D- One hot dog....s-all bran/low fat milk

40mins walking

B-all bran/lowfat milk
s-snack bites
L-grilled chicken salad
D- I will get back to you on this

40mins walking...

LOTS of water!!!!

06-30-2006, 11:27 AM
B - 1.25 cups skim milk, 3/4 cup (yay!) frosted flakes

S - Nature Valley Oats n' Honey Granola bar (2/pack)

L - 1 8 oz container Dannon coffee flavored yogurt
1 serving of spaghetti with marinara sauce, no meat, added veggies.

S - 1 chick'n patty (meatless), 2 slices whole wheat bread and ketchup.

D - 1/4 cup white rice and assorted veggie curries.