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08-26-2001, 03:17 AM
Just a quick stop by to get you all going. I am soooo tired, there was a party in the neighbourhood, not sure exactly where, but I know the music stoped at 4:15am. :mad:

I'll stop by later, when I have had some sleep and feeling more social :D

08-26-2001, 09:41 AM
Okay RR and BFB I know we all want to save summer. But honestly it is August. We really can't deny it for 2 long. :lol:

Okay going to buzz through this house as much as I can before we leave for the ballgame. And I will stay within my points. I did it yesterday and I will do it today. Besides I have 2 more games to go to. I can have nachos then if I really really want. Or I have to revamp today's plan. But I am planning on picking up a Subway sub on the way in. Have to go super early to get our bobbleheads.

BFB-Don't you just love LOUD people. We have a few of them around here.

School starts Thursday. So tomorrow I will get in my walk going to the school to see who his teacher is. Wish me luck....I always seem to go every other year with a good one. And this is my good year. So I hope the teacher angels are with us.

See you all later. And don't forget to post those miles.

P :s: