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06-23-2006, 06:09 AM
Ah! nuthin like the first sip of the first cup of cawfee in the Morn! :dance: :coffee: and watch the :sunny: come up on the :beach:

Alrighty then, I'll pop back in after my 2nd cup.... Takes 1 to get my heart started and the 2nd to make me pleasant :s:
so see ya in a bit and we can do some cawfeetawk :cofdate:

06-23-2006, 07:15 AM
Good morning! It's gorgeous here this morning and I have to leave to work a darn BINGO at 10:30! Never mind - there was a double rainbow in the sky last night and the prediction is for a glorious summer weekend.

I may not be around much until Sunday evening as my next three days are packed - and there are lots of food pitfalls too! The Girls are going to 4PawsInn from Saturday morning until Sunday evening as there is just too much happening.

Today: Candice come to clean at 8
I do BINGO 10:30 to 4:30 (I'll take a lunch and resist fries)
5:30 BBQ at John's place (chicken so I'll be safe)

Saturday: Dogs to 4Pws by 8 AM
Pick up garden order in Ottawa by 10 (90 minute drive)
Meet three other MODs for DimSum at 11 DANGER!
Visit dear Aunt Rose in the Ottawa Hospital around 4
Drive home - 90 mins
5:30 due at surprise birthday party :hb: and BBQ DANGER!

Sun: Meet Sister and BIL for breakfast before Church DANGER!
10:30 Church followed by Parish picnic DANGER!
1:30 Bridal shower for my neighbour
6:00 Pick up my poor babies from the kennel
SALAD for supper

I like being busy and this is all fun stuff except the Bingo but is pretty ridiculous. I am going to have to keep a firm grip on what I eat and drink lots of water.

Lucy is hollering - she's late today - and I'm about to wrap myself around a coffee. What's going on with you? :coffdate:

06-23-2006, 09:14 AM
:coffee: ahhh! My coffee tastes especially good this morning. No, I didn't make it, I picked one up at the Wawa after getting gas on my way back from Curves. :)
We had some wicked thunderstorms overnight, and our power went out twice, but all is well this morning. We have a threat of T-storms throughout the weekend but otherwise it should be pretty good. We have nothing planned so it will be a quiet one for a change. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if all that changes. It's rarely quiet around here for long!
I just made a spinach, tomato, and goat cheese omelet and oh boy, is it ever good! I got pretty tired of eggs and haven't been eating them lately, but they sure hit the spot today. Today I have a hair appt., but nothing else is scheduled. The girls had a lot of fun at the petting zoo yesterday although it was sweltering hot. We all enjoyed a snowcone (a 1st for them!), then we came back here for a dip in the pool and I fed them their supper before taking them back home, so they had a fun day. We've been running all week, so I won't feel bad about just having a day at home today, and I think they need it, too.

Enjoy your day, TGIF!

06-23-2006, 10:16 AM
Good morning! It's cloudy outside. 30% chance of rain until this afternoon when it goes to 40%. It may make the last day of camp difficult. I think I'm going to see if my big project board fits in a large garbage bag so it doesn't get wet. There is a campout tonight for the Webelos and their families after the regular day camp ends. But if it is raining then I doubt if we will stay.

Today should be a pretty easy day. I will be having my group of boys make Leave No Trace posters and then design their own coat of arms. In the Scout Skills areas they will do fingerprint kits and in Sports and Games they are doing Arrow Toss (straws with modeling clay) and Pass the Stone game (two balls of Model Magic in different colors). There isnt' a lot of setup for any of this although I need to go to the store to get more pencils and baby wipes for the fingerprinting. The BB gun instructor said he'd let Brian shoot before camp starts so maybe he will get a chance to earn his Shooting Sports Award. That's one advantage since Brian has been getting there at 2:30 to help me set things up.

Ruth - You have a very busy weekend! I've very glad to say that I have a fairly free one. I could use it after this week.

cottage - That omelet sounds good. Yesterday I stir fried mushrooms, red onions and yellow squash and then added Rotel Italian and some shrimp and cooked rice. It was so good!

Morning, Schatzi!

06-23-2006, 10:38 AM
Good morning!

Working through my second cup of coffee waiting for it all to kick in!

Ruth Good luck on avoiding your food pitfalls this weekend. Isn't amazing how many events involve food??

Cottage A stay at home day is nice, isn't it?? Our first few weeks of summer were really busy and activity packed. This week was a nice change and we hung around home quite a bit. I think it is good to have a blend of both.

Barb As much as we need rain, I will keep my fingers crossed for you today that it doesn't. We have our last t-ball game and then a picnic after tomorrow morning, so hopefully that won't get rained out. We sure need it though.....

A quiet morning at home for us, then we are heading to our friend's for lunch and swimming. We will actually be having our t-ball picnic/party at this friend's tomorrow, so I am going to make a bunch of cupcakes there when we are over this afternoon. Other than that, a Walmart run and then home.

I am also planning on an exercise video this morning as I have GOT to gett my rear in gear if I am going to lose more weight. I think I have gotten as far as I am going to get without exercise and now it is time to kick it into motion! :running:

06-23-2006, 11:19 AM
Morning all....yesterday at work was ****. My boss looked at me when I came in at 1 & told me that he was leaving because he was sick, so I didn't eat lunch or dinner until 11 pm where I came home & stuffed myself with everything in sight! grrrr!
Today I'm off, I plan on cleaning the bedroom and bathroom and go to the scrap book store for some paper & the party store for some stuff for my sister'sa bridal shower..oh & I gotta go to Curves.
Ruth - sounds like a fun weekend. Sunday I'm off, I think the df & I will go clean my car...maybe I'll see a movie.
kiko - I'm with you with the exercise....I cna't lose if I don't move.
Barb & Cottage - good morning
Schatzi - hello darling!!
See you guys around

06-23-2006, 11:40 AM
letseee :chin: Time fer me to catch up! :gossip:

Crockette: enuf of these voodoo doctors fer you! WE need to get you to a MD who'll give you a DX , some xrays and a treatment plan! So say Dr. Schatzi :yes:

Barb: not only are you busy and soooo active in Brian's life, but You are having sooo much fun!!! Good fer you doll!

Cottage: Cars was a Hoot! My fav is still Nemo and Toys but this was so well done! I am in awe of the creative talents behind the CGI and clever dialog.

Soon: Splain this newsletter??? What's it for ???
Rinangel: I hope there is some treatment fer Gpa :hug:

Weezie: You VIXEN!! :belly: YOu look MAhvalous DALL!!!! So glad you had a good time and the new career seems to be getting of to a good start...hmm, not that firing folks is a good thing... but ... :shrug:

Hollyhock: :cp: on those stats girl!!!

BG: So glad you had a wonderful bday yesterday!!! You deserved every fried clam and bite of that carrot cake!

Kiko: oh darlin, I hear ya... I keep fallin off the treadmill...:woops: I was doing Curves, and thankfully I know myself soooo welll, I opted for month to month membership.. after 2 months I was bored with it. :yawn: but Landlordess has a house acrossed the street that she set up a gym in, and we've been working out there til it gets rented...We're doing kathy Smiths Project Me aerobic thing... and this Core Ball workout... I really like the Core ball thingie.. It;s this big "medicine ball " thing.. alot like those bouncy ball things that we use to hop up and down on as a kid.. I can't tell you how many times I have rolled off the ball...or ... looked like a flying blimp laying on it whoa, instead of just trying to gracefullyfall off, I grapple fer control lookin like a deranged crab .. I finally flipped rolled off of it onto my back lookin like a turtle on its shell... Did I tell you "grace" is my middle name? NOT :lol:

Alrighty then, I got things to do and people to see..................................Whoosh! later Gaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06-23-2006, 11:54 AM
Schatzi You crack me up! I have a girlfriend who does some Pilates and uses the big ball. I just did a WATP video- not the most intense workout, but I managed to work up a sweat!

Soon Morning! Sorry your day turned out so crummy. :( Enjoy your r and r today! I need to do some cleaning too......

Making my list and checking it twice... this week will be SBD on a major budget crunch, but I know it can be done. I have gotten really good at shopping the ads and finding sales.

Gotta get in the shower while the baby naps... later gals!

06-23-2006, 12:07 PM
Hey, thanks Schnatzo!

G'morning everyone! I can't believe I slept this late. I was wiped out. Have to be at work in two hours, too. Yuck!

Not a whole lot happening over here as I just got up. Need to figure out what my meal plan is going to be for the day.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


06-23-2006, 01:26 PM
Shatzi~~ This makes the seventh doctor I have seen over my lower right leg.. My primary doctor had me in the hospital for three days and did all kinds of test.. and whent the other docs see all the testing , they say there are no other test to give you , then they agree with my Primary Doc. stating that it is years of working on concrete and to not go back to working in the Dept. of Corrections.. I have been Correctional Officer for nine years, what the **** do they expect me to do go to a lower paying job.. uhhhhhhhhh.. I dont know what will come of this.. that is why I have been going back to college , Medical Assistant will not be on my leg as much...

06-23-2006, 03:25 PM
Crocky :hug: how frustratin' :tantrum: perhaps this is kismet/karma whatever..leading you to a new career..which sounds much less stressful, and I dunno provide for a more positive environment.. GAWDLUVYA! a CO???Hard work.. physically mentally and emotionally! ok, I'm not big on chiropractors...but have ya seen one? :shrug: at this point seems it can't hurt?

06-23-2006, 05:43 PM
Wow, everyone's in fine form today! :lol3:

Schatzi, as always, you make me laugh! :lol: Loved your comment about the cups of coffee it takes to get you going...

Ruthie, DH and I have longed to help out with bingo, but you have to go on a waiting list and wait for someone to keel over before you can help out. I take it that it's not as fun as it looks? ;) I'm SOOOO jealous of your visit to Ottawa...please give everyone a hug from me. :grouphug: Loved your 'danger' signs and 'wrapping yourself' around a coffee! :lol:

Cottage, glad you and kiddos had fun yesterday! Enjoy the downtime at home. :cloud9:

Did 25 mins on the elliptical this morning and got to play with my brand new sewing machine. :drool: It's so amazing!!! I'm partway through making new straps for my ME purse...the second one fell off yesterday. I'm really in the market for a new purse but I love this one...

Worked with my literacy student and did lunch, will start making dinner in a bit (grilled marinated chicken, fresh snap peas from the farmers' market, and salad made with greens and herbs I just cut from our garden. Mmmm...). Hoping for a relaxed evening of dinner, snuggling, and watching movies with the hubby. :D Tomorrow and Sunday we'll be in the bathroom, taping, mudding, and sanding the wallboard. Hope to have it ready to paint by mid-next week as my best friend is coming for a visit on 7/3! :hyper:

Have a great evening, chickies!!!

06-23-2006, 06:12 PM
Whew! BINGO is NOT fun, Beachgal! It may be fun to play but sure isn't fun to work. However, our Fair does make a lot of money from them and that helps us offer better entertainment.

I am just dashing through and printing off the Girls' registration forms for the kennel. I need to water some plants that are still in flats and let them know that I won't get to them until Monday now! Poor babies!

After that I'm off the the BBQ!

06-23-2006, 06:26 PM
Got here late today ladies. My ds decided that he would only take 2 VERY SHORT naps today!!

Update for those who were wondering (and thanks for the nice thoughts) grandfather is having a major operation in July to remove the cancer. They have to take out his common bile duct, part of the pancreas, part of the stomach and part of anything else that it may have spread to. Kinda sucks but the alternative is being gone by xmas.

Now for something a little more pleasant...I've lost another 1 1/2 pounds! I'm starting to feel a little worn out. I think I need to up the water and veggies. I've been over-doing the protein. Sent my husband out for grilled chicken salads. I may snack on some other cold veggies tonight to get me up and running again. And it feels like I'm about to have another iced coffee's definitely my chocolate.

See you in the morning!