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06-21-2006, 12:20 PM
The 21 Day Challenge was originally posted by Katrina, from an EDiets forum. (Thanks, Katrina! ) This thread is based on that idea, but is more generic: YOU decide what behavior you want to focus on (you might want to follow WW or some variation, or may just want to commit to a certain amount of exercise -- whatever behavior you would like to make a habit) and commit to that for 21 Days. Then you might continue on for another block of the same, or you may want to add another behavior. The idea is that it tales 21 days to form a new habit. Sometimes it takes a lot of starts before you get through the first block of 21 days but if you persevere, you WILL make it. And it gets much easier as you go along, until - YES! - healthy behavior becomes a habit!


1. Your 21 days must be CONSECUTIVE days! That is the whole point in forming new habits.

2. This works on the "honor" one will monitor you...if you "mess-up", you are only cheating yourself by not beginning again! The importance behind this challenge is to have 21 consecutive days of self control!!

3. What do the numbers mean that you see by peoples' names?? They stand for DAY/POUNDS LOST/BLOCK. 1/0/1 is Day 1, 0 pounds lost, Block 1.

4. Once you have finished block #1 (the first 21 days) you will progress to block #2...

5. For each block, you should state your rules and follow them for 21 days... repeat this as many times as necessary until you are at your goal. Your rules may be as specific or vague as you want: for example, I've considered just at the end of each day, asking myself whether my behavior would lead to better health (and weightloss) and counting myself on track if it did. Or you can stipulate as many rules as you'd like - if you want to change your plan, simply start over with a new Day 1.

Good luck to you as you complete your journey! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! It all starts with a single step... and following with a new one each day!!

06-21-2006, 10:10 PM
Alrighty, then! Thanks for getting us started, Arabella!

My 21-day challenge:

Eat breakfast, before my 1pm lunch break. ;)
Some form of intentional exercise every day.

May add to this, but that'll get me started.

06-21-2006, 11:23 PM
Am ruminatin'. Will post goals tomorrow....
G'night :wave:

06-22-2006, 07:53 AM
I'm still pondering too, but I want to do calorie cycling. For example. keep the calories rather low for a few days, then cycle higher and repeat. Also, I need to add intensity to my workouts. At this point, I'm going for some weight loss to become leaner.

I'll be posting my food journal if that's okay. Anybody want to join me in doing that?

06-22-2006, 07:54 AM
Ok...a new day with no mistakes in it yet.

1. Drink at least a liter of water/day.
2. Road walk at least 15 of the 21 days.
3. No food after 7 pm.
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. A multivitamin every day.

I may fail on some of these this week end (bday) but I have to start somewhere :lol: So far I've done the vitamin...a real sense of accomplishment there. I'm gonna locate some duds and hit the road! Day 1 begins!


06-22-2006, 07:58 AM
Coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2
2 veg. 'sausage' patties

Smoothie [soy milk, mocha whey protein, banana, flax seeds]

1 sprouted grain tortilla
1/2 cup scrambled egg sub w/ ff cheese
steamed brocolli

4 tbsp. humuus w/ cucumber sticks

Big Salad [spring mix. vegs, veg. 'beef' strips, corn salsa]

10 cherries

Water: 8 glasses
fruit/vegs: 11 servings
exercise: 25 min. upper body weights
1 mile AM walk in the park

06-22-2006, 08:04 AM
Coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2
2 scrambled egg sub. w/ ff cheese
1 veg. 'sausage'

soymilk w/ banana, choc. whey protein, flax

1 oz. almonds

Big Salad [spring mix, vegs, soy 'beef' strips, salsa]

cherries [2 serv]
Sprouted grain tortilla w/ soy cheese, lettuce, cucumber, peppers, onion, mustard

1/2 cup decaf. coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2

water: 9 glasses
fruit/ vegs: 9 servings
calories: 1300

exercise: 2 miles treadmill

06-22-2006, 08:04 AM
Had an ugly day yesterday, culminating in lots of rye crisp crackers with melted cheese and sugar-free ice cream for dinner :eek: Not good, not core, not beneficial to my weight loss goals or general state of being. So, yes, this is a good day to hit it. Here's my commitment for this block:

Eat only at the table when alone (I always struggle with this but it makes it so much easier to stay OP and so much less likely to stray off-plan)
Core. Absolutely.
At least 2L water
Aerobic exercise every day
Meditate every day
Either tai chi or yoga every day
Something just for fun, every day

I'm off to the gym in a half-hour and have tai chi tonight. Was comforted by the thought, yesterday, that because I paid my estimated taxes for 2005, even if I owe a bit more the interest on any discrepancy won't be too much. But I do want to get that out of my life :yes:

Cost just $115 yesterday to have loads of junk hauled away. It really wasn't pleasant to prepare for but even the basement seems more manageable now. I'm toying with the idea of trying to get house cleaners in to work their magic while I'm away tomorrow. I just might!

K, I need to be off and running. Who's up for committing to at least one healthy habit for the next 21 days?

06-22-2006, 08:05 AM
One more thing----thanks for starting the new thread, Arabella. You're a peach! ;)

06-22-2006, 08:07 AM about simulposting! :lol:

06-22-2006, 10:36 AM
I did post yesterday but it seems to have been lost. No matter - I was basically just promising to set a goal and come back.

I'm on a string of 3 good (not perfect) days. Hooray! However I am going to set ONLY one goal for the challenge. That's my fluids. I need to have a minimum of 64 oz and that will be my goal. I'd like to do more but that's the minimum. I'll be working on other things but want to accomplish one solid thing to encourage me. Water/fluids have been my sore spot lately (well, one of many) so that's my first target.

That's the good attitude re taxes, Arabella. So many things happen - we cannot get out of sorts (except for a minimum initial reaction) for a long time. I'm just waiting to hear on some things and will deal when I have to. Decided to take a different course of action on most recent annoyance - I think it will work out that way (fingers crossed). Started course of action on other problem, am waiting for reaction. Minimal chance it will fly but have possible next step thought out if it doesn't. Working on yet another step or two the next two days. Neither should be a big problem (famous last words).

Good luck with auditors, Wildfire. Know it's a testy time. Remember they do have people who love them too so they can't be all bad ;)

Tai chi'd yesterday; out to dinner w/acquaintances last night. Today, pool. So should be my fourth straight day of satisfactory exercise.

Sun coming out after lots of early morning storms. To be hot, I hear. Good - lots of water will be easier.

Ta ta.

06-22-2006, 01:32 PM
Oops, just noticed my yesterday post was on the OTHER thread. So the cyber deities were not after me.

06-22-2006, 03:24 PM
Hey, count me in! I've been away from 3fc for a while and have truly missed it! Arabella was kind enough to lure me back and as I told her, it couldn't have been at a more opportune moment...I'm jumping on the WW bandwagon again, tonight, at my gym. Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things here. I see some familiar faces here. :wave: It's good to be back!

I will ponder and post my goals later...

Thanks again, Arabella!

06-22-2006, 03:35 PM
I like this challenge. I just set a goal to loose 30 pounds by September 30th. I also like the idea of keeping up with a 21 day challenge.

My goals are:

1. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.
2. Do at least 30 minutes of some type of exercise a day.
3. Do my core/crunch workout everyday (I am an apple shape...)
4. Only have one sweet thing a day (I am already doing this)
5. Stay on my eating plan of 1200-1500 calories.

Here goes...

06-22-2006, 04:09 PM
thanks for starting the challenge, arabella!

my 21 day challenge begins today!
-drink more water.
-continue with regular daily exercise program
-meditation daily
-continue with 1200-1400cals/day
-use my food journal daily

06-22-2006, 06:39 PM
Wow, this thread is hot!:carrot:

Great to see Wildfire and wsw back! And it feels good to me to post regularly again. [You may get tired of hearing from me.:o ] Also, welcome to Puney and Katrina, the founding Mother of this challenge!

Anagram, good job on 4 good days! I saw an ad in a Pilates mag. for something called "Pool-ates". Ever heard of it?
I was so touched by your son's Father's Day gift---what a sweet story!

I'm having a good day. This is my 4th in a row. REVELATION DU JOUR: I'm enjoying my food tremendously because I have it all planned out, and portioned out. Since I know that I don't have an unlimited buffet before me, I make extra sure that I enjoy it and eat mindfully!!! Very interesting.:hun:

06-23-2006, 08:11 AM
One day done....guess that you change the days when they're under your belt :?:
1. water *
2. Road walk *
3. No food after 7 pm. *
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin *

Have brekkie date, so am off to walk and take that vitamin! Hi to all, and welcome to the new faces!

06-23-2006, 08:14 AM
Coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2
2 scrambled egg sub.
1 soy 'chicken' patty
steamed broccoli

Rice milk, choc. whey, flax

-ww tortilla w/ soy cheese, lettuce, peppers, onion, cucumber
-seitan jerky

3 triscuits w/ 1 tbsp. peanut butter

lettuce, vegs, 1/2 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup chickpeas, 2 tbsp. Woodstock dressing

Water: 12 glasses
total calories: 1340
exercise: 2 miles treadmill [at a high incline]
35 min. lower body workout

I'm really pleased that I did a full lower body thing today. Usually I let myself off the hook because the lunges make my quads hurt the next day.

06-23-2006, 08:44 AM
Yes, all challenges were met yesterday, despite extreme fatigue -- which so often throws me off. Today I'm haring off to New Brunswick for my niece's wedding (ex's family). I still don't know anything about what's going on except for the city and time (See: ex's family) but am just going to go. Taking DS and DGS and will be v. happy to be home again this evening. Long frickin' drive!

In order to meet my challenges today I'm going to have to slurp down coffee #3 :coffee: Really feel like I need it, despite 10 hours of sleep last night. :yawn: I must have a smidgen of some bug or something. I'm going to do the condensed challenge version: 15-minute run, 15 min. yoga or tai chi and 10-min. meditation.

It's great to see the thread getting invigorated -- us too :carrot:

Welcome, welcome Puney and Katrinabgood!

Let's take this day and do our darndest with it!


06-23-2006, 10:17 AM
good morning, royals. welcome puney and katrinabgood! met all challegnes on my list yesterday. on to day2! another night of very little sleep, but have a friend coming over later, and need to clean the royal dwelling, so will get to it. take care, everyone.

06-23-2006, 10:59 AM
:smug: Hello everyone and thanks for the warm welcome. I am doing good today despite lack of sleep. I have thi horrible crick in my neck that is keeping me up at night. On top of that I have been teaching bible school this week. Lots of fun but after working all day and all evening and not really sleeping for over a week, I need a break!

Fortunate and unfortunate, due to my sore neck, I have not been eating much. No appetite due to all of the meds and I feel wshed out. I can tell that I have lost weight.

Anyway, I have really started watching my water today. I have been drinking coffee all week like I was trying to put out an internal java fire :coffee: . I needed it to stay awake! Anyway, today I have limited myself to three cups this morning and I am switching to the water.

I am also going to make sure that I reach all of my exercise goals too. Really hard when you are pooped but I will do it. I really like to vent my thoughts on the forum. I usually work all by myself all day so this is nice for a change.

Everybody have a great day and I wish you great success. If there is anyone out there that has a miracle cure for a sore neck muscle, I welcome any advice you have. I messed it up driving and articulated truck all day last Monday. (Lots of bouncing and jaring). I kept having to look behind me to back up and I sustained and "overuse" injury according to my Doc. He prescribed ibuprophen but this is taking forever. This is day 9! I am getiing better but this is so slow. There seems to be nothing that will loosen my muscles up and I am getting numbness. I wonder if I have a pinched nerve or something. Anyway, I am through whining:( !!!

Water, water here I come...:carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

06-23-2006, 12:59 PM
Welcome, puney & Katrina.

Off to the pool shortly for the 3rd time this week plus two days of tai chi. No, Eydie, I haven't heard of pool-ates. Sounds like fun. We no longer have an instructor/leader for anything (budget cutbacks, I s'pose). Ok w/me for what my problems are but sometimes some instructors have made it more fun. Do have more time options though so I'll take it.

I'm on day 5, can hardly believe it but am eating out with DSis/Dbil and it will be a challenge. On the water/fluid thing though, I'm doing well. I guess challengewise this would be only my second day but it's my fifth otherwise. Makes so much difference!

Oh Arabella, that is a long drive and esp. for DGS. Hope he's a happy camper but will probably sleep some of it, esp. return trip.

Lots of storms last night - power off for a while. More expected today with even more rain so I'm off and running before I'd need to be a duck.

Good Weekend, all.

06-23-2006, 01:40 PM
Hi all, thanks for the warm welcomes! It's good to be back!

I jumped back up on the WW bandwagon last night. Gonna shake things up a bit for myself and give the Core program a try. I was kind of intimidated by it the last time, but am willing to try something new this time around. So far, so good anyway!

My goals for this challenge are as follows:

1. Follow WW/Core plan.
2. 144 oz water/day
3. Daily vitamins
4. 30 minutes (at least) exercise per day
5. Check in here daily
6. Keep smiling, and enjoy the ride!

That's all I can handle for now.

We're pretty busy around here today, getting my son (15) ready for 7 weeks at Boy Scout camp, where he will be working as an aquatics instructor. (my baby, sob!)

Back later for more support. Thanks again for the lovely welcomes!

06-24-2006, 01:19 AM
I'm back. I promised myself that I would not post until all aspects of the challenge have been met. So, here I am!

I have to say I almost flubbed my very first day, but with the 35 extra points/week that WW allows, I was able to count my caramel frappacino (light, of course!) towards that. whew. Then....I hadn't had a chance to exercise all day, (other than hustling around here, doing laundry and packing and the like) So, at 10:30, I hustled the dog and myself out into the misty night for a good walk. That mist quickly turned into full blown rain about 15 minutes into the walk. :rain: We were drenched by the time we got home, but it felt good to be able to say I accomplished all that I set out to do today! 1 has been a success! Whee! 20 more to go!

Not sure if I'll get here tomorrow...we've got a long drive (3 hrs) in the morning to drop the boy off and then the ride home. AND I have to work at 11pm. Somewhere in there I have to find time to move the bod. I guess I'll be getting up earlier than I thought. Hey, it's worth it!

Have a great weekend, all! Can't wait to hear about everyone's progress.


06-24-2006, 06:54 AM
What's the Core program consist of?

Challenge du Jour for me is making smart choices dining out. Always tricky!
If I can pull that off I will have successfully completed day 6.:)

06-24-2006, 09:24 AM
Pool was closed when I got there yesterday. Bah, humbug! Did some stretches, etc. at home. Went out to eat - had more than if I had stayed home, of course, but included lots and lots of veggies and choices were not all bad.

Sort of gray outside today but I'm not as gloomy as I had been. Going to take a slow day today as Princess Ten is coming tomorrow for a couple of days. So my recently "organized" life will be awry again (though for a great reason this time) and then it will be the holiday weekend, etc. So in a couple of weeks, I'll be organizing again. But progress with each retry so 'tis good.

06-24-2006, 07:08 PM
coffee/ ff 1/2 and 1/2
1 soy sausage
1 lite string cheese

1 cup lentil soup w/ 1/4 cup brown rice
cucumber stix

ww tortilla w/ lite cheese, vegs.

smoothie [banana, whey protein, flax seed]

boca burger w/ vegetable-tomato sauce
kale 'chips'

Water: 11 glasses
fruit/vegs: 9 servings
total calories: 1315

exercise: 20 min. Pilates
2 miles treadmill [high incline!]

06-24-2006, 07:55 PM
hi everyone! day 3 of my challenge has been successful. so far, sticking to what i had mapped out. i'm still plateauing, but clothes fitting a bit better, so hopefully something positive is afoot. i had a nice time yesterday at high tea with an old friend. bad storms here last night, and figured i wouldn't be able to seep well, especially since having lot of sleep problems lately, but i used my sleep control on t.v. remote in hopes that the sound of t.v. would mask some of the sounds of thunder, and it worked well. i actually got a good night's sleep last night, and was reminded what a difference that makes! well, hope the remainder of the weekend is pleasant for all in the palace.

06-24-2006, 08:47 PM
Ah...what a day! Been up since 5:30...but had lots of fun! Was at a dog show but with the alternative registry....and 2/3's of the way to a championship with my little girl! And lots of good fellowship and fun with co-exhibitors....that does sound funky doesn't it?

1. water ***
2. Road walk **
3. No food after 7 pm. ***
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. 1
5. multivitamin ***
There... did today's also....since it is after 7 and I'm done. Eating was weird and chicken sandwich for breakfast, coffee, hot dog for lunch and a hot dog for supper....I ate at the border since I wouldn't have been home before 7.....and the hot dog was free. So....lots of fun...I am whipped though.

Great to see you all here...yes we had some wild weather too wsw! How's the wedding going Arabella? I'm fading...gonna go read and :faint:


06-24-2006, 09:41 PM
:cry: I posted a long postie and it vanished into the ether when I hit "post." Too tired to recreate now and on the way to bed.

I will say, though, that I've met all challenges but meditation and I'm going to do a brief guided one before I hit the sack. AND, were it not for this challenge I would not have gone for a walk and done a set of tai chi after DGS' mom finally showed up for him. So YAY US! :carrot:

And to all a good night :yawn:


06-25-2006, 10:35 AM
Having some 'puter problems. Not nice. Third day ok re fluids (actually fifth day of being "decent" overall). Rainy morning. Off to drive an hour to meet DD and pick up Princess Ten who'll be with me for a couple of days. Always trying to help her to eat healthfully so I'll probably be pretty good.

Good vibes to all.

06-25-2006, 12:16 PM
Quick fly-by...

Three days down. Eating breakfast is a big challenge for me, but I'm doing it. Yesterday's exercise was four hours in my front yard, re-doing the flower beds. Lots of bending and lifting (big bags of soil, mulch), digging (spade shovel got a great workout,too!), raking, and finally planting. Boy can I feel it today! Of course, all this work led to lots of water, for both me and the plants.

Planted two new Patriot hostas, a lungwort (affectionately nicknamed "Spot"), two new coral bells, a few begonias, some King Coleus since it did so well last year, and the prettiest Icelandic Poppies. Poppies are a favorite of mine, and these are so fragile and delicate looking. Will see if I can get a good pic to share, as they only flower for a short time. Also potted my favorite orange lillies for the corner of the step, and some miniature roses for the planter on the wall, and hung a basket of gorgeous red New Guinea impatiens. The yellow primroses are in full bloom, too, so the front is looking quite lovely.

Still have a hibiscus to plant in the back yard where there is more sun, an Arctic poppy, and an oriental poppy. Oh, and DH called me over at the garden center to look at a what appeared to be a spiky mint green colored evergreen looking thing. He insisted that I touch it, and I expected it to be hard and spiky, but it was soft and silky. I picked up the pot to see what it was, and it is called Nana. Of course, I had to buy one to plant in honor of my own dear Nana who passed away last month.

So, more lugging soil and peat moss and mulch and digging today. Got a bit of a sunburn yesterday so have to make sure my back and shoulders are covered today. Once the work is done, the plan is to sit on the deck and enjoy the fantastic weather we are having.

Welcome Puney!

Katrina, nice to see you!

Have a great day, all!

06-25-2006, 01:13 PM
Nevertheless, here we go Day 4. Hope to feel more recovered by tomorrow. I've done tai chi so far and already gotten my water into me (glug-slosh-slosh).

The wedding excursion was an emotional and physical torture test. 'Nuff said there, for the moment. Recounting details to my mom this morning, I burst into tears. Anyway, I'm lucky that I can express that kind of frustration to someone who understands and loves me! I'm going to pick her up at some point this afternoon to go for a brief walk. She's becoming increasingly incapacitated and I'm hoping to head off total decrepitude as long as I can...

O/w, I'm going to meditate a bit before too long and get my own walk in -- maybe park mom on a bench and go 'round the harbour while I'm out. I want to tidy the house up to code whilst doing the minimum. And I'll do the minimum of work, too. And strive to get to bed early!

Tomorrow's WI and hoping to be able to move my ticker. It occurs to me that I usually encounter a little resistance breaking through to a new "decade" and I think I'm through this skirmish...

Sorry for the me-me-meness! Shall return, less self-obsessed, later or tomorrow. Anyhoo, there were personal messages in the post I lost yesterday so please imagine that I've addressed each of my Royal Cohorts with all the attentiveness you deserve!


06-25-2006, 02:11 PM
I had a feeling I wasn't going to get it all done yesterday, but went in with the intention of doing so, anyway! Dh and I drove son up to the Boy scout camp, in the POURING rain, I might add. A normal three hour ride, each way, grew a little longer, due to the rain. Food choices were good, but I just didn't get the water or the exercise in as committed to. We did get a bit of walking in, going around the camp, but not a good, aerobic, sweat inducing (other than from the hot, humid weather) kind of walk.

All that and I had to work last night (night shift worker here) so a nap was in order when I got home. There was NO WAY I was sleeping in the car, I needed to keep awake so that my knuckle gripping and 'passenger's side brake' applying were available to help poor dh on the road. I think he would have preferred me sleeping, as opposed to my sudden gasps and groans and stomping of the imaginary brake!

I have every intention of getting right back on the band wagon, am sipping my large, second glass of water as I type. I need to get to the market to stock up on my fat free/low fat goodies and lots of fruits and veggies.

But first, I'm going to pop Kathy Smith into the old VCR and "Move through Menopause" with her. I'm not there yet, (on my way though, at 48, soon to be 49!) I've done this workout once before and it was a good, all around workout. It's just too hot and humid to get out and walk, I'll sweat in the AC today, thanks. Although, Wildfire's day of gardening is my favorite kind of exercise! Sounds like you had a great day of planting...and what a payoff! Good for you! My beds need some serious tending to, actually, this week...definitely!

Eydie: The Core program consists of certain foods that you can select from without counting points. All good food choices, including whole grains, lean meats/poultry/proteins, fruits and veggies, fat free milk and yogurt, good fats/oils. Some find it easier than counting points, but I'm so used to that, it's taking some getting used to. I will persevere though...

Arabella, I'm glad you have Mom to vent to and walk with. You're a good daughter, helping her to stave off total decrepitude as you say. I love that. We ALL need to keep moving to do just that! :)

And so I think I'd better get moving myself, before I find something else that needs to be done around here.

Have a great day all...keep on truckin'!


06-25-2006, 02:16 PM
Hello all!

Thanks for opening this challenge Woods Nymph!
Welcome Katrina and Puney! Glad to have you here!

Anagram, I think you are right... I am going to start slow so I can accomplish my challenge and feel good and work on that momentum....

so.... Like you, WATER.... although if this humidity continues, that challenge will be easy to make....
AND... I want to come here every day...

Sounds so simple doesnt it?

I too, seem to be feeling wan and weak but I think for me, its the heat and humidity. I finally took my jeans off and immeadiately noticed a tremendous difference.

Slept extra this morning too.

As for sore muscles especially the neck, I often use bengay, or the like.... sometimes apply it two or three times before bed.... and if I am going to be with follks who can tolerate the odor, in the daytime too.....
The one thing I have to watch out is not to apply right after a shower... I think the pores are wide open and it can really sting....


I think I should go and get some water.

06-25-2006, 02:18 PM
All that blather and I never restated my commitment: (tweaked a bit)

1. Follow WW/Core plan.
2. 128 oz water/day...shooting for 144
3. Daily vitamins
4. 30 minutes (at least) exercise per day
5. Check in here daily
6. Keep smiling, and enjoy the ride!

06-25-2006, 02:48 PM
I'm on day 4....and workin' hard at bein' OP...1/2 water, walk and vitamin so far.... Think I'll go admire the gardens. Yours sound loverly Wildfire. Arabella, slow'll feel better...why not do some R & R with and relax? That's where I'm almost at....I may add an "f" in there...for float. Pool looks good. :wave:

06-25-2006, 04:03 PM
I am joining this today. I keep thinking I'll lose weight and then ... I forgot not to eat those things that keep me from losing. So here's my commitment.

Eat less
Quit eating by 8:00.
Exercise at least 10 minutes every day.

06-25-2006, 07:32 PM
welcome, cowpernia!

day 4 of challenge and still on target. it is so hot here, haven't had much trouble at all sticking to the increased water portion of my plan. really bad storms here again today. i was supposed to meet a few friends this morning, but due to the weather being so bad, and my own "technical difficulties," i had to cancel. actually, i had a nice, cozy day getting phone calls from a few friends i hadn't talked to in a while. if blasted scale doesn't move downward soon, i may scream, or break some kind of plateau record, whichever comes first. just to remind myself that i haven't always been on a plateau, even though it sure feels like it, i have lost 17 lbs. since the beginning of march. i will hold that thought and keep hanging on by my dainty fingernail. :) greetings to all royals. take care.

06-25-2006, 08:39 PM

coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2
ww tortilla w/ egg sub, ff cheese, veg-tom. sauce

1 lite string cheese

Thai soy 'chicken' salad [had this at a restaurant.;) ]

strawberry fruit bar [like a thick fruit leather!]

the best smoothie ever! [rice milk, banana, choc. whey, flax seed, peanut butter]

water: 8 glasses
exercise: 1 hour walk***30 min. upper body weights
total calories: 1330


coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2
scrambled egg sub w/ ff cheese
potatoes, onions, peppers, brocolli
1 soy 'sausage'

ww tortilla w/ soy cheese, vegs.
beans w/ salsa, 2 tbsp. guacamole
1/2 serv. tortilla chips

Salad [spinach, lots of vegs, "chicken" strips, salsa, guacamole, a sprinkle of crushed tortilla chips]


Water: 10 glasses
Calories: 1255
exercise: 30 min. belly dance video*** a few yoga stretches

06-25-2006, 08:46 PM
Okay, I have some big news. Everybody hang onto something. Somehow this week I've managed to release 5 pounds from my frame!!!!!!:carrot:

Last Sunday when I weighed myself I weighed 150.8---this morning 145.8 pounds. I really put my heart into it this week and it was a great experience. I'm still processing it all. It's wonderful to feel in control and not a slave to emotional eating.
This week I'm continuing. I'll be adding 200-300 more calories per day and increasing the intensity of my exercise.

5 pounds. This has never happened to me before. My plan is to soon be back to my goal weight--135 lbs!:D

Welcome Cowpernia!!!!

06-26-2006, 01:53 AM
Congrats on the 5#, Eydie! What a great feeling of accomplishment! :cp:

I'm just popping in to say that I have a totally OP day under my belt, and it feels damn good. Got my exercise tape's an hour's worth of cardio/strength/yoga, about 20 minutes of each. Hopefully, this heat/humidity will break and I can get back out to walking the doggie. I do have my gym clothes packed so that I can go right over as soon as I get out of work. I like doing that, getting it all done first thing in the morning and don't have to think about exercise for the rest of the day. Better yet, anything else done, like gardening or walking the dog, is bonus exercise! It also helps me make better food choices...don't want to "blow" all the good calorie burning done.

oops, I'm being paged...back to work for me!

Here's to a great new week for all!

06-26-2006, 08:27 AM
Well, I had almost 4 days under my belt...rats... Day was done, except that I was being taken out for my BD was slow, people were late, cake was after 8 pm :shrug: So back to day 1. Same goals. I figured the wine would be the one to mess me up! :lol: BUT I'm still counting the 2 :dance: I lost. Am off to walk now and ruminate...think I may do the whole block...I did that last Friday for the first time in a long doubles my walking time and distance...

Hi to Cowpernia, welcome into the palace!.. Eydie...WTG!!!! You are doing great! 17 pounds wsw! That is NOT a plateau...wonderful!
:wave: to all the other Royals...gotta fix my siggy and hit the gravel....

06-26-2006, 09:08 AM
I went to bed at 9 last night and didn't wake up until after 7. This seems to be happening lately -- maybe I should be making an effort to get to bed early? I didn't get any more aerobic exercise yesterday than walking with my mom, but given how exhausted I was -- I'm going to count it. I feel much better today, not fully recovered but on the way.

And... drumroll please... I've lost 2 fluffies and am officially into the next decade. :cb: :cb: We're rockin' right along here! :)

Eydie, WTG YOU!!! Just goes to show, doesn't it, that efforts pay off -- when you work it, it WORKS!!! Have a banana: :cb:

You too, Ceara!!! And how did I miss your BD? Happy belated to you!!! :hb: :balloons: Thanks going out to the universe for bringing you to us!

And a big congrats for the 2 fluffies released. YAAAAAAY!

Katrinabgood, I see you're still working the dreaded night shifts. I know there are some compensations -- hope you're able to get enough sleep/rest around your schedule. I admire you so much for being able to go to the gym before you go home -- kudos! You're right, though, about the joys of getting it out of the way first thing. I'm thinking I'll attempt to get aerobic and mind/body stuff out of the way ASAP after getting up once I'm fully recovered from last week.

WSW, HOORAY for you! 17 pounds since March is definitely not plateauing, nuh-uh -- more like FABULOUS! :encore:

Wildfire, your garden sounds so lovely! This week I've got to pick up plants to fill in the spaces left by bulbs in mine -- it's looking decidedly underwhelming :dz:

Anagram -- don't you hate those puter problems! My office computer was loud all last week so I thought it must have dust inside leading to overheating. Actually took out the manual and followed directions to open but I can't really see anything much on the inside. Will wait til DS comes over to have a look. And maybe I can get him to put up the clothesline while he's here (let's see now... what other chores are going begging... ;) )

Amarantha, beith thou out there? Hope all goeth well!

Welcome Cowpernia!!! So happy to see you've strayed into our pasture... I mean palace. Gotta say, I love the 21-day challenge.

Okey-dokey. Work beckons with its gnarly finger... Let's hit it! :carrot:


06-26-2006, 10:59 AM
Thanks for the welcome. I started this in the middle of the day so this is day 1 still. I did well, I thought, I thought EXCEPT I didn't exercise and EXCEPT I intended not to eat after 8:00 and my 7:30 break didn't happen until 8:00. I work in a supermarket. I grabbed a yummy salad and was pleased with myself. I just forgot about the exercise.


06-26-2006, 09:12 PM
eydie-congrats on the 5 lbs. down! woo-hoo!

arabella-congrats on the 2 lbs. banished!

ceara-happy birthday!

and good evening to cowpernia, katrinabgood, wildfire, anagram, kaylets, and amarantha, and to all our palace dwellers, mentioned or -un. there was another bad storm here today. it's getting mighty soggy down in my neck of the woods. mission has been accomplished for day 5 of my challenge! there were a few hairy moments when i was not so sure that i wouldn't succumb to some cravings for sweets, but luckily the weather was bad enough that i didn't think going out in a storm for "emergency chocolate" would be such a great plan. :) good to see so many royals milling around the palace. well, take care, all.

06-26-2006, 09:13 PM
Posting before I leave work...DH was messing with the computer again...we are down I think. :mad:

1. water *
2. Road walk *
3. No food after 7 pm. *
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin *

06-26-2006, 09:49 PM
Hello all....

Since I have so much trouble getting here in the mornings, I am officially giving those here the exclusive .... When I could get here in the mornings, the Thought of the Day was for the day going forward.....
Instead, what I am going to do ..... is post the Thought of the day....FoR TOMORROW.....
We can sleep on it and perhaps use it to better advantage...

SO, here goes....

........Thought of the Day for Tues, June 27.............
"The past is finished. There is nothing to be gained by going over it. Whatever it gave us in the experiences it brought us was something we had to know.
-Rebecca Beard

..............Question of the day.......................

"Now that you know differently, what will you never try to do again?


As for my food day .....

Just barely, by the fingernail ok......

Nearly had icecream for lunch.... instead had something w/ no sugar that tasted great but within an hour had me so thirsty I have to wonder how much salt was in it. In fact, that was the aftertaste, salt now that I write about it.
But, I managed to do ok which sure beats off the wagon again.

YAY to all for their losses !
And Welcome Cowpernia and congrats on your good choice of a salad.

Time for a shower for me. We had massive, massive rains today. In fact, about an hour south of year was so badly flooded it was on the NBC Nightly News. For me, it just turned a 30 minute ride into a 2 hr crawl. At least I had no worries in my new Focus which has fantastic windshield wipers...

Good night all!

06-27-2006, 08:34 AM
Nothing horrendous, but I did eat popcorn on the couch last night and wasn't really hungry, either. And then, somehow, I'd watched 4 episodes of Friends and it was 11 and I went to bed instead of meditating. I vow to do better today! I still don't feel fully well but I will make the effort to do those things that will make me feel better :yes:

Last night I tried every which-way to work eating on the couch into my (revised) plan -- but the truth is, I'm just a lot better off not doing it. I need to STOP abusing food, not find a way to rationalize it :rolleyes: I didn't eat very much yesterday, did exercise, did get in my water. But eating when I'm not hungry just doesn't feel right and I know it doesn't do me any good.

I woke up from a disturbing dream that seemed to be about life passing me by. I seemed to be waiting for something or someone to rescue me, felt the same way as I did as a kid when I got left out. Too shy and passive to just jump right in and take matters into my own hands... Lots to think about and -- it doesn't exactly feel good, but I guess it's some kind of necessary work for me.

I do think that, on some level, I gained so much weight as a buffer and an excuse for not living fully. As I say, lots to think about, work to do... Onward!

Kaylets, do you love your new car? Pretty ironic that you still had the brutally long (and hair-raising, I'm sure! :eek: ) commute.

Re QoD: Knowing better, I am trying hard not to over-mother. For one thing. Old habits die hard, though... Wish I could say that learning a lesson once does it for me. My sister and I were just discussing the other day how we seem to need to relearn things a number of times before we really get it. That's life, I guess!

Ceara, I swear that the stars must have some anti-computer alignment! I've got issues on my office computer; Anagram was having 'puter trouble; we haven't heard from Amarantha lately, which often means the same.

WSW, congrats on navigating Day 5! Interesting, isn't it, thinking about how much of an obstacle we'll try to overcome for emergency chocolate. I remember one woman who had some success locking chocolate in the trunk of her car (guess it was winter!). Think I'd have to throw away the key. And since the door/ignition/trunk all work with the same one -- hmmm... guess I just shouldn't stockpile chocolate :dz:

Cowpernia, I don't count "forgots" -- like if I'm preparing something and pop a bite into my mouth and THEN remember. "Oh yeah, I'm not doing that any more." This 21-day thing is all about making healthy habits -- once things are habitual they're much easier to remember.

:wave: Hi to all other challengers! Avanti! :carrot:


06-27-2006, 09:18 AM
I am rushing in to say I lost a pound and am not counting "forgots" anymore. My car is due to the serviced in 45 minutes. I read the clock wrong and was in the car, about to head there when I noticed it was an hour early.

Yesterday, I ate two platefuls at a Phillipino restaurant and it was soooo good as well as healthful. Then I had a salad for dinner. I didn't get off work til 11:30 and about 11:00, my boss came through handing everyone ice cream on sticks. Not ever wanting to offend the boss, I took it, ate half, and dropped the rest in the trash. I even exercised!


06-27-2006, 10:44 AM
Hello everyone! I think that my post was lost yesterday. I had a lot of rain and I use a directway sattelite. I guess it was flooded out. Go figure? Anyway, I am doing better. I am still having a problem with the water. I love coffee too much. I am trying to cut myself off before 10 a.m. My office stays so cold that I use it to warm me up a lot. I work with a bunch of polar bears!

Anyway, I am making a very hard effort to remember to put the coffee cup away and get the water bottle out... (pat on the back here...)

I am glad to hear that everyone else is doing great.


06-27-2006, 11:39 AM
hi all!

on day 22 of blasted plateau-what is going on here?! i will not use this as an excuse to jump off the wagon, though it's getting increasingly challenging. ah well. after listening to meditation cd this morning, did feel a little less frazzled. for qod- what i will and am, trying to do better anyway, is to be less self-critical. i struggle with that one a lot, but am definitely working on it. kaylets-sure glad you were in your nice new, safe car at least when you had to deal with that wildly long commute. kudos to all on your weight losses and all your victories so far on this challenge!

06-27-2006, 12:32 PM
I didn't check in yesterday, I think. I'm not starting over though, will just be mindful of that today.

Food choices continue to be good. Went out to dinner with hub last night, ordered the "Super Combo," which consisted of a 6 oz steak, a sliver of salmon, and 3 grilled shrimp. Brought half the steak home for the dog, gave one shrimp to dh, and ate all the salmon, half a baked sweet potato and most of my salad. No dessert! :( I'm having a great smoothie right now: 8oz soy milk, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 scoop protein powder, 1Tbsp flax seed. Very yummy and filling!

Exercise: good. I had gone to the gym right after work yesterday, armed with my cd player and current book on tape to hit the treadmill. Just as peppy music is great to walk to, so is a good story. Unfortunately, this story is kind of blah. Actually, the story isn't, but the delivery is AWFUL, over-enunciated and really dragged out. Sometimes, the author should NOT read their own stuff on tape.

I'm looking forward to getting outside and doing some gardening. Soon as I'm done here. So much to be done and it's finally sunny, breezy and not quite as humid. Finally.

Water: The bathroom and I are getting to know each other very well.

Been taking my vitamins, and thinking happy thoughts. Things are going well. Can't wait for Thursday's weigh in.

I love coming here and drawing strength from everyone else's successes. Thanks again for luring me out of hiding, Arabella! It's been a great motivator for me.

Okay, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts...Have a great day, gang!


06-27-2006, 06:40 PM
Great to see the Palace so full of queenly enthsisam. We fall down sometimes and spring right back up---love that!!!:hug:

Something seems to have shifted in me and I'm feeling more enthusisatic than I have in a long, long time. Doing the Monday night Body-For-Life workshop has been so good for me on many, many levels. Last night we talked about exercise and how we can blast thru our excuses for why we don't always exercise. Talked for 2 1/2 hours---it was great to get in there and thrash it all out.

Day 9 for me--feeling really good and my clothes are fitting better!:)


coffee w/ fat-free 1/2 and 1/2
1 egg*** 1 soy sausage
grits w/ ff cheese

lentil soup w/ 1/4 cup brown rice

salad [vegs, soy 'chicken' strips, lite string cheese, salsa]

8 oz. mocha why protein drink

ww bun w/ 2 tbsp. peanut butter, all-fruit jam
1 lite string cheese

Odwalla bar

water: 11 glasses
total calories: 1500 exactly
exercise: 1 hour yoga booty ballet DVD
20 min. lower body stuff

06-27-2006, 07:58 PM
1. water **
2. Road walk **
3. No food after 7 pm. **
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin ** tired and I think I will hit the tub...nice hot soak and then into bed...maybe. I missed the end of the history detectives on PBS last night...Snore....and not because I find it boring either!

06-27-2006, 10:34 PM
almost went overboard at dinner tonight, but hung in there and ended up day 6 on target, including drinking more water! still having a lot of trouble sleeping of late, so hoping tonight will be an easier run of it. well, nighty night.

06-28-2006, 07:50 AM
Did conk out last night. Am up, dressed for the road, and have a :coffee: I think I may walk the whole block again this I want to boogey. It was really humid out there yesterday!

Wsw, I saw on the weather last night how much rain your area is getting...that storm system looks like it just stalled there! Mould between your toes yet? :lol: Stay WILL beat this mini-plateau!

Eydie, good going...nothing like loose clothes to spurn you on...and your Monday group sounds reading the Shrangri-la diet book right now....interesting concept.

Kat, your weigh-in is going to be good....I can feel the cosmic vibes! Puney...good to see you here in the palace, and Cowpernia...a salad is a good choice for any time....

Well must boogey...are we simulposting Arabella? Are you in the stalled weather formation too? QOD...I've actually not had too many bad experiences with new this is a toughie. Probably go onto a ferriss wheel or carnie ride. I did that with a friend whilst I was in university and swore I would kill her when I got on the ground after I finished barfing. I can't do that kind of thing...inner ear and weak tummie I guess.

:wave: to Wildfire (how's the garden growing?) and Empress A....are you 'puter probleming too? DH and DS are leaving for a fishing excursion this am....and DD is gone to Sauble Beach with the girls 'til guess who's free and clear? Who can eat what she wants, when she wants and doesn't have to look at stuff she loves but can't have? ME!!!!! Actually I've not had any violent cravings for anything yet....froze the BD cake from Sunday 'cause I was sure I could eat it...and now I don't see is in foil. So chicken and salad and veggies for me! Oh boy!
Gotta :tread: :wave:

06-28-2006, 10:28 AM
What is an odwalla bar?

I did so good yesterday. Exactly, I ate (salad) before my 5:30 class and didn't eat afterward. I feel thinner even though the scale says otherwise.

Question: If I lose these 5 lbs and the 21 days are not up, should I start a new block or just try to pass the 5 lbs?


06-28-2006, 12:16 PM
I went to bed at 8:30 last night and slept until 8:30 this morning. Normally, I sleep 8 hours at most. I am fighting off something or other and have decided to try to get as much rest as possible instead of pushing myself. Will go to bed early again tonight.

I've got some assistance in the form of a pulled muscle in my butt (assistance -- :lol: ) that gets worse if I do anything lower body -- even walking any distance. So I'm going to try not to aggravate it today and see if I can make it go away. I hurt it on Saturday, just carrying DGS in a box (fooling around) and trying to walk upstairs. When I woke up on Monday it seemed to be better but after a walk it was bad again. Ah well.

Everything seems to be lower body-related. I may try to mow the lawn and/or vacuum later. Maybe if I go slow and don't take big steps...

So... Adjusted challenge for today is: 2L water, meditation, Core. I did eat dinner sitting on the couch last night, but I just had a bowl of oatmeal with fruit. So I didn't bag that day, but didn't do anything to hamper weight loss. The good news is I don't have much of an appetite, a blessed and extremely rare occurance. I think my new challenge is to announce my plan for each day in advance, although the three items listed above are always included.

Cowpernia, I do not know what an odwalla bar is either but somehow it sounds good, doesn't it? As for the weight loss/challenge -- I think the challenge part is the behavior, so I'd say stay on the same 21 day challenge and just feel GREAT about surpassing your weight loss goal :D

Ceara, good for you, freezing that leftover cake! It may come in handy at some point in the future and is so much easier to ignore when it's wrapped in foil and frozen. Kudos!

WSW, Day 6! Look at you go! :carrot: :carrot:

Eydie, wish I could attend your meetings -- sounds like they're fabulous!

Kat, your dinner sounds delish the other night and you did fantastic! foregoing dessert will pay off, for sure -- it's like exercise: every time we do it, we strengthen our "muscle." I find after I haven't had sugar for a while it loses its power over me.

Puney, me too with the :coffee: battle. I do love it not wisely but too well, I know. Thinking about adding a 2-cup limit to my challenge -- although every fiber of my being cries out against it...

Oh, dear -- I suspect Anagram's computer crapped out. And I hope Amarantha's okay... Can't remember what was going on with her when last she posted.

All challengers, let's take this day and do the best we can with it. Avanti!


06-28-2006, 09:10 PM
day 7 down, and still counting! really had to trick myself in to not having dessert after dinner, by distracting myself with doing other things (such as looking through some of my new books, etc.) now i understand why that trick often works for little kids too. lol! well, hope everyone has a good evening. take care.

06-28-2006, 09:29 PM
Tuesday food/exercise

coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2
scrambled egg sub. w/ lite cheese
1 soy sausage
2 servings cherries

8 oz. mocha protein drink

2 triscuits ***1 lite string cheese

brown rice and beans w/ veg. salsa, guacamole
1/2 serv. tortilla chips

trail mix [nuts and seeds, raisins and craisins]

ww bun w/ boca burger, ketchup, mustard
apple w/ 1 tbsp. peanut butter

water: 9 glasses
calories: 1510
exercise: 1 hour Yoga Booty Ballet DVD

Wednesday food/exercise

coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2
veg. quiche w/ rice crust

ww tortilla w/ beans, soy cheese, corn salsa, guacamole

sugar-free ice cream bar
coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2

soy 'chicken' patty w/ corn salsa
sweet potato soup
1 serv, each strawberries and cherries

water: 8 glasses
calories: 1345
exercise: 45 min. step video
30 min. upper body weights

06-28-2006, 09:38 PM
Arabella, if you're having lower body issues, could you possibly fill in with some upper body weights--if that's appealing?

Happy belated birthday, Ceara!:hug: Thanks for incarnating into this old vale of tears!

I'm wondering about our Amarantha too. Last we heard her friend 'Old Dog' was having some doggie dental problems?

Cowpernia, an Odwalla bar is a whole food bar that you can find mostly in health food stores. They come in lots of yummy flavors and some of them don't even contain sugar.;)

Today's special for me. It's mine and Garry's 20th wedding anniversary. That so blows my mind. I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that I've been on the planet for 20 years, let alone married for that long! Anyway, I'm profoundly grateful and I remember that day like it was yesterday. We were such babies!
We've treated ourselves to a king-size bed for the occasion and we can't afford it but oh well! We've had it for a week and it's so nice. We and the 2 big dogs sleep very comfortably!:D

06-29-2006, 06:42 AM
Hello all!

Evidently the universe thought it was profoundly funny that It hought I could just snap my fingers and schedule myself here in the evenings.....

The last couple of evenings have been non stop!!

But... food has been still OK.... not tremendous but not awful.... news for me is that I've decided to spend 1st week of Aug visiting my parents..... And DS daughter will visit here in two weekends so all of a sudden, social calendar is filling up.

I am recomitting to water and posting here everyday....

Thought of the day :

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way."
George Herman ( Babe Ruth)

Question of the day :

"Would you consider yourself a "picky eater"?


:hug: :hug:

06-29-2006, 07:57 AM
A new day dawns....cloudy. We got rain but not a great amount. Will toss around a bit of water later.

Didn't do the whole block yesterday....the water heater sprang (that looks funny :?:), sprung, springed (take your pick, don't matter to me) a leak yesterday...thank goodness DH was right down here and turned off the I will aim for that today. Met all goals yesterday....caloric intake was higher than I like but there seemed to be some issues there....I wish I could get into my own head....I should not have been hungry...more likely bored. Anyway, nothing horrid, just too much....

Will be much better today :yes:

WTG wsw....7 are flyin'! I wonder if Anagram got evacuated...there is a lot of flooding in her neck of the woods....

:wave: to all!

Talk about simulposting! Geesh! Yes I'm a picky eater...I pick everything! :lol: That's why I am like I am! All food is good! Except bugs and stuff like that.....

06-29-2006, 08:22 AM
Wonderful! on the 20 year anniversary, Eydie. Computer problems seem to have left as they came - unexplained.

No not flooding personally - had a few gallons in the basement but nothing to what others are having. Boil water advisory is a royal pain though. things generally a bit messed up with flooded roads, cancellations. Rained again last night but not what we'd been being deluged with.

Princess Ten here Sun-Wed. Had a ball with her even with the raindrops. She and family will be back for the weekend, I hear, unless boil water thing is still on.

i've been meeting my one goal - having 64-80 oz of fluid. A little tough as a lot of mine is usually tap water. Of course I have bottled water but it's less "spontaneous" as is tea.

Good thing I had no other goals firmly set - I'd be failing abysmally.

Lunching w/friend today - plan to go to afternoon session of pool. No real exercise with the princess here but busy constantly. Off to do minimal laundry, get place in sort-of order. To rain again this afternoon ;)

06-29-2006, 08:27 AM
Picky eater? Well, I don't think so but that's because I'm comparing me to late DH and to DD who certainly ranked among the most picky. I do have some limits.

06-29-2006, 11:00 AM
Forgot the synopsis for yesterday. And partly today...did the whole block, and had an orange and fresh peas from the garden for breakfast...I was weeding....

1. water ***
2. Road walk ****
3. No food after 7 pm. ***
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin ****

Glad to see you are not floating on the water Anagram....or evacuated...those pictures on the news last night were horrifying.

06-29-2006, 11:08 AM
A tad discouraged today as I ate well EXCEPT I didn't follow my own rules and I late. I ate healthful things (Boar's Head turkey and whole grain bread) butttt it's on my buttt today.

Good luck on that pulled butt muscle, Arabella. That's given me something to think about. Personally my feet hurt a lot because I stand all day. Will losing weight help that, you think?


06-29-2006, 12:24 PM
happy 20th anniversary, eydie!!! :)

06-29-2006, 08:11 PM
Hello all!

Well, the good news is I did very well w/ food so far today.
The not so good news is that tomorrow is a suprise shower for the boss and all are bringing in food from breakfast, snack, lunch etc.....but we'll see. I am bringing a vegetable tray and plan on bring stuff for me to safely eat and not feel I'm missing too much. Some nice spicy hummus to go w/ the veg tray and lots of fruit..... in fact, I would rather not set myself on a sugar weekend so I am going to ask all of you to send lots of good vibes so I can avoid the cake,etc.

Cowpernia...I can attest that yes, your feet will reward you for losing some weight. At my heaviest, it was hard to find shoes that I could wear all day.
At only about 50 lbs over, I ALWAYS wore a wide shoe. Just yesterday, I was able to buy an entire size smaller. At the regular width.
Yes, your feet will be so grateful! And won't swell so much either.

Woods Nymph....sorry, just can't help myself..... pain in the butt?
Ok. I'll stop....

Eydie, you are an inspiration! Thanks for posting your food journal!

Anagram-- watch out for hail tonight!

Ceara-- Garden is growing but we need sun to ripen!

Wsw-- I know it must be hot where you are, and don't think its cooler here....its so humid even my dogs are sleeping on the bathroom floor trying to find a cool spot.

Empress? Oh Empress..... Calling the Empress to the Summer Palace please....

And while we're at it, Calling the Frogger.....Calling the Frogger....

Wildfire? can you hear me even though I might sound muffled when you're underwater?

Who am I missing? Don't we have another new Royal?

Let's do this!

Friday's Thought of the day:

"Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it."

Steven Pressfield, American author, born 1943

Question of the day :

"Name your favorite food."


Anyone for some a some iced peppermint tea?

06-29-2006, 10:11 PM
ended up at the high end of my cal. allowance, which was ok in actual fact, but i'm definitely still feeling like i'm on shakey ground! did complete day 8 as planned, fortunately, though!! i went grocery shopping this afternoon, and got some nice fresh veggies and fruits to help keep me on the wagon, and hopefully away from all my recent chocolate thoughts. kaylets, i sympathize with your doggies looking for cool places. the humidity/heat here are just wearing me out to no end. tomorrow morning, i'm meeting a friend (whose personality can be somewhat challenging at times) for breakfast, and have planned out what i will have to eat, so i can't use that as an excuse to blow my day op. well, cowpernia, puney, katrinabgood, amarantha, wildfire, anagram, ceara, arabella, frogger, and all royals, mentioned or -un, have a pleasant evening. take care.

06-29-2006, 10:50 PM
I've kinda lost track of where I am. Doing okay on the water, so-so on the breakfast, overdid on the weekend and missed a couple of days of exercise. I'm calling it, and starting over.

Happy belated birthday, ceara!

Happy 20th anniversary, Eydie! Hard to believe is right, you're just a spring chicken still!

Anagram, glad the floods missed you. DH has family in Wilkes-Barre and Kingston and it has been pretty tense for the last few days. His aunt left her house to stay with her daughter, transporting an aging dog and two cats with her. I think she's escaped any damage, though.

QOD: CHOCOLATE!!! Followed closely by popcorn.

06-29-2006, 11:07 PM
Yo, :queen: lies ... seems I heard my name wafted 'bout on the breeze hither 'n yon and followed the sound 'n here ye all are doin' a 21-day challenge at the Palace!! Huzzah!!!

I be not tryin' to stay away from ye, sweeties, it's just that it's so hard to get in here from my computer ... the site doesn't like me ... karma, I guess! And now that I've let my subscription run out, it takes even longer as it's started puttin' up scads o' popups ... have 'em blocked now, so that'll help.

It's hard for me to respond to all the great posties here as I can't scroll through very quickly and you queens have been talkin' up a storm ... what great enthusiasm ... except Arabella, sorry 'bout your pulled muscle ... and did I see some have been havin' plumbin' problems ... me too ... I fixed it myself but will need to move or somethin' someday!

Also havin' some personal problems ... and, as E mentioned up above, Old Dog had to have dental surgery and it upset me ... but she did extremely well with it and is recoverin' nicely. My finances will never recover, though ...

Huzzah 'n greetin's to all royals on this thread, mentioned or un ... and a hi to those I have not met or conversed with before.

Re a 21-day challenge, I'm really not countin' the days but am embarked on a 2-Times-Per-Day Exercise Challenge, journaling it in a diet land far far away that I can get into more easily but am with ye in spirit on the challenge here ... previously I did week after week of every day exercise but have ramped it to two a day ... any intensity, any exercise. I am using four elements (havin' chucked the gym and the personal trainer, although she's still a friend): powerwalking with the Heavyhands weights, weights (various rotations), recumbent bike, and Pilates, which is more and more consuming my spirit.

E, I am glad you are journalin' your food as I love readin' your menus.

I WILL BE BACK! Just checkin' in ... the popups appear to have quieted on this visit so maybe things will improve.

06-30-2006, 07:59 AM
...til we get it right!

Yes, it's Day One again for me. Nothing too bad put me back at square one, but I wasn't totally compliant with what I had committed to. Time to re-group and start again.

I had my first weigh in last night, with a dismal loss of 1.8! Yes, it was a loss, so that's a good thing, but jeez.... Looking to make all kinds of excuses, (including the one where the weigh in gal said that I shouldn't have worked out prior to weighing in, that may have affected my numbers) but then I realized that, no, I will just accept my loss happily and move forward. Kind of keeping in line with Kaylets' Thought of the Day: "The past is finished. There is nothing to be gained by going over it. Whatever it gave us in the experiences it brought us was something we had to know." Here, here!

I had started out the week, as I usually do, all gung ho and eager beaver. That starts to dissipate as the week wears on, so then what I usually do is chalk up the entire week as a bust if it was not 100% perfecto.

But, NAY! Not this time. I actually thought things through and realized that I had exercised 4 days in the past week. No, it wasn't what I had committed to, but it sure was more than I had done the week before! My food choices were, for the most part, great, but then I focus on the nibbles here and there that certainly don't help, but didn't actually hurt either.

Conclusion? Time for an attitude adjustment! I must learn to accentuate the positive, as they say! I have made changes for the good. Gotta keep moving forward and not dwell on any blunders.

Could I get any more cliches in this post?

SO, with all that in mind, I will tweak my 21 day commitment a bit. I will scale down my expectations, knowing that I can always over-achieve if I'm feelin' frisky!

Here goes...21 Day Challenge v.2
1. Follow WW Core. (I'm really getting it now!)
2. Exercise: At least 4 days/week, shooting for something, anything daily.
3. Water: 64 oz daily, shooting for that gallon.
4. Check in here as often as possible. Just can't get here everyday, as much as I'd like to.

That's it.

Anyone have any big plans for the weekend? Dh and I have a golf date on Sunday. He plays regularly, I do not. Should be interesting. I'll get most of my exercise, chasing my wayward balls! (um, that sounded dirty!) Monday is my 49th birthday. ouch. Nothing planned yet, but I do want to go see some fireworks. Wouldn't be my birthday without 'em!

Speaking of, Happy Belated Birthday to you, Ceara! I'm quite impressed with the freezing of the cake. You're a stronger woman than I am!

wsw: You're really hanging in there and not giving in to the frustration of that plateau. Your determination is going to pay off big time. Hang in there!

Arabella, your words about your dream about life passing you by could have been written, word for word by me. I tend to dwell on the what could have beens instead of rejoicing for what I have and planning for what can be. Lots o' work needed here too. Hope the butt's feeling better, by the way!

Eydie: Happy Anniversary! Enjoy that bed! Perfect gift to each other, I'd say!

Anagram: Are you in a flooded area? Sending "dry out quickly" thoughts your way. Yesterday morning on the news, I saw a report about another flooded out town, when I realized the one they were showing is right where my son's camp is! :O They are high and dry (well, damp) where they are, being up on the mountain and all, but seeing it on TV was a bit freaky.

Cowpernia: I would say do the entire 21 days,even if you lose the 5 lbs. The idea is that it takes at least 21 days to incorporate new habits, so just keep reinforcing whatever you're doing to get those lbs off!

Kaylets: re: QOD---Ice cream! :p

Puney: I have a coffee jones too. Working nights you simply have to. So, I drink water AND coffee! And go the the bathroom a LOT!

Wildfire: I hope the family made out okay. Lots of news footage on Wilkes Barre. My god, what a mess. Sending those dry out quickly thoughts to your family too!

Amarantha! I look forward to seeing you more often!

I think that's everyone...any exclusions are purely unintentional. May you all have a happy, successful day!

06-30-2006, 08:16 AM
Another day under the belt....hang on there wsw...I'm hot on your trail! Four down, onto the fifth!

1. water ****
2. Road walk ****
3. No food after 7 pm. ****
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin ****

As terrible as this sounds for you easterners...I had to water some of the flower beds last night. As usual, our peerless weather forecasters were wrong and we did not get any rain yesterday pm. Makes me nervous when they forecast sun! :lol: Have the hose onto the pool right now and am consuming a :coffee: Need to walk and then do the brekkie with the parentals. Maybe some shopping and then, if the grass is dry I will cut some. I am quite enjoying the morning walks finally....the mosquitoes don't bother you unless you stop!

QOD fresh baked bread with butter...the heel preferably.

Was great to see you Wildfire and Amarantha. Your post was wonderful Kat...think I'll read it again. Congrats on the loss....a loss is a loss...that is almost 2 lbs...which is healthy they say for a week...I know we all want it gone yesterday but realistically that isn't going to happen. I keep telling myself slow and steady wins the race.... Where's Arabella of the sore behind? How'd your weigh-in go? EOM for you too...that's likely it.

:wave: to all :queen:s ...gotta boogey...and find some socks :yes: the gravel calls....:no: but :yes:

06-30-2006, 10:42 AM
Wow, so many loverly posts! Thankee.

Fortunately not personally flooded but area is but faring better than anticipated. Weekend Musicfest has been halved. They're still hoping to get it on for Mon/Tues. Now I don't know if DD is stillcoming Sat/Sun or waiting until Mon/Tues.

Boil water thing is still on. Only I could let a good thing go bad. Was very worn out yesterday, fell asleep early evening. When I woke up late I realized I was falling short of my water goal, got up and drank at least 24 oz. You guessed it. Half asleep, I just drank tap water. Woke up feeling better this morning so maybe there's something good in it from the flood waters ;) It's getting a little old but I know I have it much better than many. Even Hershey had more flooding problems than I've ever heard them have (creeks though, not the river).

Did get to pool yesterday for the afternoon class. Was about 45 minutes in when there was lightning and we had to exit. Got outside and it was sunny and bright. Just a small cloud passing over, I guess, though there were some storms around the area.

So far, I've met my fluid goals (though sometimes just barely). Have some other "good" things - not enough. Am heading to pool again this morning.

So off I go - sorry to be without personal postings. Just great to see all so determined.

06-30-2006, 11:42 AM
'Tis WN Arabella, reporting in! I wasn't actually away long -- posted day before yesterday. But... this thread is HOPPING!!! Wow! It's fantastic to see this kind of energy! :carrot: :carrot:

Pain in the butt still with me (thanks, :queen: K! :lol: Can not imagine why that exact phrase didn't occur to me) but manageable. I did mow lawn and vacuum house yesterday, which seemed to be good, exercise-wise. This morning I walked 'round the harbour, taking little steps so as not to worsen problem. It was interesting, on my way there, going slower. I had more time to look at houses and gardens and covet! Which is one of my favorite hobbies... When I got back I did a set of tai chi, just going easy on the bends and kicks and it seemed to be fine. Also meditated under my trees and drank great volumes of water, so I'm set for Day 3 as long as I stick to core.

I'm doing a little work today and then knocking off for the long weekend, which I'm taking to honour my American friends ;) DH is home from the Yukon tomorrow and we've got a major wedding on Sunday -- the son of friends, who's also a friend of our son. I'm lending fridge space to chill wine and taking a humongous bowl of tabbouleh and a big bouquet for decoration. Kind of a community effort. By 8:30 this morning, I'd managed to clean my fridge (where is that patting self on back smiley?) in honour of the incoming. Feels good to get that done!

The wedding's at 2 and the reception at 5. The plan is for partying and dancing to go late into the night. So I'm very determined to get my butt into fighting trim by then.

My mom's coming soon to help me prepare parsley. I'll keep her for dinner: chill a bottle of white for us, too. Maybe pick up a couple of lobsters (re QoD -- there's my favorite food!) and make some mango salsa and have some of that tabbouleh...

Ceara, I love it that you have that standing date with the parentals! WI was good, 1.6 off according to WW. That's 3 in 2 weeks. Do I see FOUR gone in your sig? Woweee! :cb:

Anagram, I love the sound of your pool expeditions -- want to try to fit that into my schedule. Actually, I should check with the dept. of tourism to see if they know of any beach that has easy access so I could take my mom...

Katrinabgood, what a lovely, long post! I'm so glad I called you and you came! 1.8 is pretty good, as you know :yes: And some weeks will be bigger. Come to think of it, seems to me that's what I lost on my first week back. My biggest week so far (since March 20) was 3.4. Ah, we just have to keep heading in the right direction and we'll get there :)

Amarantha, so nice to see you! :hug: There's a hug -- but why don't we have a kiss smiley? Thankee for the inspiration to start this thread again -- talk about a happenin' enterprise! Hmmm... Pilates... I do have a DVD -- must try it after posterior improves.

Eydie, big congrats on your 20 years with Garry!!! :balloons: I know that you two have a very good thing going! Your new bed sounds lovely (why did I first type "lively" there -- because of all the life forms in it?). I initially wondered why you'd need a king size one, but then read about the furkids...

Wildfire, mmm... chocolate! I'm a little "between" chocolates now -- after mostly not eating sugar for such a long time I find most commercial chocolate much too sweet. I do like the sugarless ones but am sure they're not good for me. And I find most of the extreme dark ones still not quite sweet enough (and, of course, they do contain sugar :chin: ) Not sure what the answer to this momentous question is :lol:

WSW, interesting spending time with challenging friends, isn't it. I haven't spent time with any of my more challenging ones lately, but I can find it disturbing. Sometimes takes me a while to recover and I have to go over the whole episode to work out why I'm disturbed.

Kaylets, I love spicy hummus -- I had some with wasabi in it that was great. But I don't think I can get it anywhere around here -- maybe I could make some? Hmmm...

Cowpernia, yes -- I concur, the hooves will be less painful with less "poundage." My feet were really bothering me when I started this new campaign. 25 pounds off has made a big difference. And I'm really looking forward to more improvement. Oh, I hate to stand! I'd rather walk all day than stand for an hour.

Puney :wave: Still hanging in?

K, I'm off. Officially! (Hullo? Anyone still here? :lol:) Love to all and AVANTI!!! :cb: :cb:

06-30-2006, 10:58 PM
just a quckie post to check in: made it through day 9 successfully! well, take care, all.

07-01-2006, 09:00 AM
Just lost my whole post so will reconstruct....browser shut down so I am doing this in the notepad and will paste....darn computers...

Beautiful day in the spa ...I'm all alone so I can do what I please...even walk around in my undies if I want...not that I have :lol: Had a good day onto day 6!

1. water *****
2. Road walk *****
3. No food after 7 pm. *****
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-
5. multivitamin *****

My day was satisfying....I can't say that I got a lot done...but I felt satisfied when I went to bed....that is all we can ask right? Brekkie with the parentals was fine, made a quick trip into Costco and PetSmart (I was out of chopped romaine and canned dog food) My girlfriend came out in the pm after she finished work and we did some shopping and running around at this end of the county, had salads for supper (romaine, croutons, chicken, feta, black olives and caesar dressing), wine Spritzer, (made with dry white wine, 4 oz, poured into a glass filled with ice, topped with soda water and a fresh lemon slice....more bang for your buck...are there many calories in soda water?), then we got out the float beds and floated in the pool...I turned off the pump and we just drifted, talking. Very peaceful. Very comfortable. I did some watering of gardens after she left and headed for bed....missed the end of Numbers...again....I have seen so many half episodes of that. Did they get the eyeball identifying machine back?

Arabella, you must keep in mind that I lost 2 of those ticker lbs on the first attempt at 21 that's been since the 22nd of June. I hope the weather is great for your wedding tomorrow. are doing wonderfully...I'm in your dust! Leave a few crumbs for me to follow as you break the trail! Nice to see all the other Royals....Congrats on the 20 years Gary and I are in that area too...I just count myself lucky when I remember the date and not the year! Wildfire and Empress A, it was nice to see you guys...I know about those vet bills.. :wave: to Kat, Anagram, Cowpernia, Kaylets and all MIA's. Puney, how is the neck? Soft tissue damage does take a long time to heal and if you don't let it won't. I think I'll take some Ibu for my elbow....and wear the brace when I walk! Wave my arms around too much for it....:lol:

So off I go....the gravel is the whole road...but I just do 2 sides of it twice...I don't like walking up on the is too busy and the gravel always gets in my shoes up there.....:tread: However, I think I'll have an orange and a pee and another :coffee:...which is self defeating isn't it? An endless circle. ;)

'Bye :wave:

07-01-2006, 12:30 PM
coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2
veg. quiche w/ rice crust

1 ww bread w/ peanut butter and jam

Salad [at Subway. w/ ff Italian]
'Think Thin' bar

ww bun w/ boaca burger, ff cheese, ketchup, mustard]

sugar-free angel food cake w/ strawberries, s-f whipped cream [Land-O-Lakes now has sugarless whipped cream in the aerosol can. A nice treat!]

Total calories: 1350
water: 5 glasses
exercise: 20 in. pilates

07-01-2006, 12:38 PM
coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2
ww wnglish muffin w/ egg sub., ff cheese, 'bacon'

herb tea
pita w/ tempeh and vegs w/ peanut sauce
fresh fruit cup
[had this at a great little rest. Garry discovered! I love finding new restaurants that I feel "safe" in.]

berries, a drizzle of yogurt, a bit of granola, grapes
a few malt-sweet. choc. espresso beans

1/2 ww pita w/ pizza sauce, onions, peppers, spianch, mozzarella
3 hard-boiled egg white halves w/ humuus

ww cracker w/ peanut butter

water: 2 glasses :o
calories: don't know, but my best guess is 1400
exercise: none:^:

07-01-2006, 01:53 PM
Hey there! Canada Day here. I met all challenges yesterday but haven't gotten started on any yet today, other than water. Must meditate now, while DH sleeps, and then slip out for a set of tai chi. He may be up for a walkabout later...

Really had quite a nice day yesterday, hanging out with my mom. I'm so fortunate to have that relationship, which I'm more aware of as she gets older.

Put on tandoori chicken to marinate and will have that with green rice (brown rice cooked with blended chicken stock and coriander), sweet potatoes and brocolli.

I hope to get out to see the fireworks later, even if I end up walking over by myself. :yes:


07-01-2006, 03:14 PM
Hey all...Day 1 was a smashing success! But...the first days usually's keeping up that momentum on through days 7, 14, etc. Eh, gotta start somewhere, right?

We're off to the Festival of Sails, a town-wide fair the next town over from us. If I don't actually call it exercise, I can sometimes get dh to come a walkin' with me! The trick will be to stay away from all the 'festival food' available at these things!

The weather is perfect for a day out and about. There's much to be done at home, but that can wait. Who knows when we'll get such great, non-humid, non-rainy days again? Gotta get outside and enjoy it!

'bye for now!


07-01-2006, 03:16 PM
We must have been typing away at the same time, Arabella! Um...dinner sounds good, is there enough for four? :lol:

Happy Canada Day!

07-01-2006, 03:27 PM
Sure! C'mon over. Dinner's at 6 ;)

07-01-2006, 03:48 PM
Hello all....

Is it just me or were we shifted around a bit on the site??
I dunno. Just glad we are still here.

DH is working nearly the entire holiday and I am trying to do everything else and do a real good houseclean as we have DD coming to visit in two weekends.
So there you have it....

I am trying to do things that will keep me motivated by showing quick results... windows, floors, etc... Am also thinking of how big a pile I can make for the trash men...
15 minutes and then 15 minutes again... Getting up every commercial even if I am sorting or folding....

And will also do gardening each morning early b/4 it gets warm. I believe this
breezy, mid -80's, low humidity is changing to "will feel like its 100"... I am saving the bathroom for when the heat hits....

Had a hard fall off the wagon yesterday alhthough I did get lots and lots of raw vegetables too.... in fact, I should go find the scallions now as scallions are a favorite of mine.....

I plan to come back my next break!;)

07-01-2006, 06:36 PM
happy canada day!!

07-01-2006, 08:31 PM
day 10 is now under my belt successfully! i'm posting right now, too, since i have finished with dinner, and want to ensure that not another morsel will pass through these lips tonight. since i have finished with my exercise for today too, i plan to watch some mindless movie rentals and chill out for the remainder of the evening. a friend from ca called me earlier this afternoon, and i had a nice long visit with her. she was saying how miserably hot it was out there, as i was lamenting about the heat here. i lived in l.a. many, many years ago, and at the time, it did not get as hot there as it does now, plus i'm sure my memories of the very tolerable "dry ca heat" may also be partly tinged with my nostalgic feelings for that past time.

well, a good evening to all royals! take care.

07-02-2006, 07:50 AM
Well, did yesterdays' plans ever go to H*** in a handbasket! I was all ready to hit the gravel, had another coffee along with my pineapple for brekkie and the phone rang...a 1-810 number...long distance. I answered and it was a person who is involved with my breed rescue....2 of her rescue placed dogs and 1 of mine had just come in to be groomed and were in deplorable shape. So I didn't walk, but ended up over the border to the co-breeders' house (she went and got her part of the way bless her heart...saved me 2 hours of driving, which I sure do appreciate), to pick up this girl...she did live here with me for at least a year before she went to her new home. I don't think she was abused per se, but she has been neglected for at least the last year or so. She is very thin, and they shaved her down at the shop...looks like a whippet with no muscle tone...and has many sores on her back and groin ...likely from the matted coat. However, she remembered me and this place all right....bounded right in wagging her tail like crazy and just made herself to home...she sure eats fast though. She actually is a half sister to two that I have the day as I'd planned it was shot....but I met all my goals....since I only wanted to walk at least 15 x in the 21 days I can miss one or two....BUT I am going to walk at least the pavement today!!!!!

1. water ******
2. Road walk *****
3. No food after 7 pm. ******
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-
5. multivitamin ******

So, after church..which is early, I will continue with the grass...I did some last night and can do some more today....don't know about the push mower though...will see how the elbow likes that. Then I will get my library programmes done for the week....and tidy around this place...just me but I can be cluttery!

Geez dinner sounded wonderful Arabella! OK Kaylets...what colour of seatbelt do you want? Wsw...awesome. My hero. Anyone else read anything on this Shangra-lah has really curbed my night-time cravings...that has been simple since I started on Wednesday. I'm not hungry at all....

Well gotta boogey....I can put my own girls in the runs...but don't know about the fence climbing capacity of the "new" one....she'll have to stay indoors in a crate whilst I walk....have a great one ladies! :wave::tread:

07-02-2006, 10:50 AM
Ceara, can you tell us the gist of the Shangrila Diet? Sounds exotic! Good job with re-rescuing the dog. Will you keep her or what's the next step in a case like this?

Arabella, I agree---the dinner sounds great!

wsw, what movies did you watch?

Kaylets, have you skittered back onto the wagon?

Katrina, how was the Festival of Sails? Did you stay away from the fair food? I pray that I'll be able to live out the rest of my days without having to taste a deep-fried chocolate bar, twinkie, etc. What a repulsive idea to make a bad food even worse!

I have a little parable for all of you. Two days ago we were out of town; that's where we found the new "safe" restaurant. There was a Whole Foods market there and I was looking around for a treat, some naturally sweetened dessert thingy. And the only thing that really appealed to me was the fresh fruit at their salad bar! I tried to fight it!!! I looked in the ice cream section, and then looked at the healthy bars and cookies and that kind of thing but I finally succumbed to the fresh berries. The point I'm trying to make is that this isn't like me. I've always chosen some baked thing or dessert-y thing over fruit, but this time fruit is what I truly wanted. Is this a sign of the apocalypse? :D Something in me has shifted and I feel like I'm making better choices than ever. And it totally floors me! May the trend continue!

07-02-2006, 10:58 AM
coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2
ww tortilla w/ egg sub, soy 'bacon', ff cheese, corn salsa

8 oz. mocha protien drink [This is one of the Bolthouse Farms drinks that you find in the produce section. It's called Perfectly Protein Mocha Cappucino and is delicious!]

Salad [lettuce, lite string cheese, soy 'chicken', lite italian]
2 hard-boiled egg white halves w/ humuus

sugar-free angel food cake w/ blue and strawberries and cherries w/ whipped cream

1 "Dr. Cracker" flat bread w/ 1 wedge lite Laughing Cow cheese

calories: 1470
water: 8 glasses

Exercise: 30 min. Tae Bo
lower body stuff: 35 min.
Pilates: 20 min.

07-02-2006, 11:46 AM
Fly-by hi :wave: Just frantically trying to get ready for wedding today. Aerobic exercise will be dancing tonight. Hope to be able to squeeze in a set of tai chi at some point. Yikes! Late night last night cut into my morning. Must prepare veggies for tabbouleh, get brekkies, have shower, etc. etc. etc. :wave:

07-02-2006, 04:21 PM
Hi, all. My plans for a pleasant weekend tanked. Sick people and a plumbing problem that will set me back quite a few $$$ since it was a Saturday evening over a holiday weekend. Sigh..........

07-02-2006, 07:24 PM
Hello all!

So far, so good.... but its by fingernails... I don't know why I always forget how hard the sugar detox is!

Ceara, you are so good to drop everything and take care of the rescued dog....
so nice the dog remembers you and your home... its exactly the right medicine I'm sure!

Eydie:Just had t his discussion in the vegetable market this morning... and we decided that many things for us are ending AS WE KNOW THEM....and you're experience echoes the same thinking.....

Anagram: Oh plumbing woes! So sorry! And who is sick? A princess? The prince?

Woods Nymph: I see you twirling now.....

Katrinabegood... If memory serves, we are very close geographically....which means... Is it hot enough for you????

WSW-- Yes, memories always seem lovlier don't they? The heat is bearable, the snow charming, etc. etc.... funny ....


I did get some gardneing done b/4 it got too warm this morning... even enough to make blister...
And lo and behold, we now have thunder... so... I am signing off....


07-03-2006, 07:54 AM
Well, I did it...another day under the belt. That makes 7!!! Yah-ha....a mini-roll. One third of the way!
1. water *******
2. Road walk ******
3. No food after 7 pm. *******
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-
5. multivitamin *******

The Shangrila Diet...however you spell it has the premise that your body has a set-point weight....which I have heard before and when I've hit plateaus in the past, have certainly given credence to. This set point is determined by food....the more flavourful and familiar the food, the higher the set point it contributes to. The premise is that people are fat and obese now because of how this affects the body. Obesity rates in the USA were 13%,or there abouts, prior to 1980. Then the food industry became very standardized and people consumed far fewer home-prepared meals (which would never be exactly the same and therefore not have a high set point). Familiar, flavourful foods have a high set point remember. Anyway, the author has discovered that 2 easily available food sources, which likely reside in your cupboards, which when consumed at a rate of less than 200 calories a day, contribute to a decrease in appetite and a lowering of the set-point. He has done it himself and many of his students have also...not to mention friends and relatives, and eventually GQ Public. He gives websites which I don't remember and I lent the book to someone. He also cites some rather interesting rat studies, and people studies to support his theories. All I know is that last Wednesday, I tentatively started with one serving of one of the food sources and I have certainly noticed a decrease in appetite. I'm not making any empirative statements, but I'll see how it goes. Caveate.....this is how I understand the theory....nobody better jump on me from outside the Palace.

Dog....she is doing well. I need to try and get her to the vet for a weight and heart-worm test. She has had one booster (Sat) and I will wait on the other shots....right now she needs food. But she is happier, talking and wiggly and wagging. Everyone else growls less at her...but she is still not pack-mingled. Thanks for all the kind thoughts, but when you breed a litter, those babies are still your responsibility at nearly eight even.

Well I never got back to the grass yesterday. A few errant clouds wandered through sporatically and dropped rain...just enough to wet the grass, but not really do any good. I want to vacuum this am and tidy a bit...already started in the bedroom this am...will continue after breakfast and walk I guess. So better boogey. Sorry to hear of your week-end crash Anagram....that happens. I'm starting to go with the flow more. How'd the wedding go Arabella? :wave: to all the other Royals....tomorrow is a big day for some of you! Happy Fourth of July! Off to take that vitamin now....old-age memory sets in if I don't do it with the :coffee:

07-03-2006, 09:23 AM
coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2
ww flatbread w/ scrambled egg sub and ff cottage cheese, vegs, corn salsa
1 soy 'sausage'

3 hard-boiled egg whites w/ humuus
smoothie [rice milk, choc. whey protein, peanut butter, banana]

salad [lettuce, spinach, vegs, seitan 'chicken', Woodstock dressing]
ww pasta w/ garlic-veg. sauce w/ pine nuts

sugar-free ice cream w/ berries, drizzle of maple syrup

Water: 6 glasses
Total Calories: 1660

exercise: 35 min. upper body weights

We had guests for dinner last night and I think that I let my guard down a little and ate more. I was actually full after the salad at dinner and we had dessert really late.

07-03-2006, 10:22 AM
The plan went to heck in a handbasket last night. I didn't eat too much or any banned substances at the wedding but then ate cheese and crackers when we got home. And I drank a LOT of wine.

The wedding was nice, although it included speeches, which I found a little funny. And then the reception was SIX hours long, also because of speeches. And THEN the dancing started. I was getting cranky, I must say. Is it just me? Do wedding receptions go that long these days? :p I feel a bit resentful. I'd think that three hours, including dinner would be reasonable. You'd have thought, from the speeches, that it was some kind of ceremony to honor a lifetime's achievements. I hope that I'm not talking to my friends for a while because I'm appalled and don't want to have to tell them what I thought. I did enjoy some of my table companions.

I actually smoked a cigarette -- something I haven't done for 15 years but occasionally, at a party, think I'd like to do. Don't think I'll try that again, maybe for another 15 years. I don't think I would have done it last night, but for all the wine and the dangerous mood I was in from being forced to listen to speeches for so many hours. Ugh.

We were supposed to have another party today at SIL's but she's not feeling well. I'm not too disappointed...

I meditated already this morning, trying to feel more zen about the whole thing.

Eydie, I'm loving your menus! What's Woodstock dressing?

Ceara, ok -- I'm officially dying of curiousity. What are the two substances? Pleeeeeeeeease? :^:

Kaylets, that's so true, isn't it. The detox is very difficult but so much easier after you've been sugar-free for a little while. I feel like I may have to white knuckle it a bit today after all that wine and the crackers.

Anagram, so sorry about the illness and the very poorly timed plumbing problem. Hope today's more auspicious!

WSW, hope you had a nice evening with your movies...

I'll walk today and do a set of tai chi. I think by tomorrow I should be recovered enough from pain in butt to do a little run and some yoga. It'll feel good to be back at it.



07-03-2006, 10:22 AM
Hello all....

We had a wild T storm go past last night.... and only about 20 minutes after we thought it passed, power went out....Very unusual for our neighborhood as all our powerlines are underground. Nearly immeadiately, our 2nd floor got very warm and we opened the window. All I could imagine was being w/out power all of today too and let my imagination go wild.
Luckily, w/in 30 minutes, the power was back on and I was very grateful.
( still am this morning too as it heats back up to 92 degrees w/ nearly as much humidity)....

Did I mention that I took a fall in the bathroom the other night? Slipped and went down in a flash. First landing on my butt and then hitting the back of my head. Luckily only have a few bruises to show for it.... Was sure at the time I had done real damage to my tail bone..... I am reminded every time I need to stand I guess I join the PIA club to Woods Nymph!!

DH's computer screen is warning us that the end is near.... I priced a few of the new screens and am trying to brave... Just goes to show you.... Murhpy's law and all that....

I am home today trying to continue "clean sweep" plan... Its shocking to me t to remember how much the heat and humidity really do slow me down...

lets see what I can put together for breakfast ......:D

07-03-2006, 12:56 PM
Arabella-- I agree, 6 hours is pretty outrageous. Talk about being a captive audience! What were they thinking?! I guess the planning just got out of hand and all the speechmakers were trying to outdo each other? I'd be cranky too!
Woodstock dressing is made by Annie's [the same Annie who does the fabulous "Goddess" dressing]. "Woodstock" is just as good IMO; it's made with nutritional yeast and that gives it a nice cheese-y flavor with no dairy.

Ceara, what are those 2 foods????? Tell all!

Kaylets, it's scary when the electricity goes out. We live way out in the country and when there's a big black-out we're among the alst to get it back. There've been a few times when we've been sans electricity for 5 days. Thank goodness for out Y2K generator!!!
Gald you're okay from the fall. It really is startling how fast those things can happen. Take care!

I've already had a good workout today and will be going to work in a bit. I have another one of my Monday night 'classes'. I think we'll talk about how to navigate the 4th of July food-fest and other holidays and vacations and all those summer fairs. [Thanks for that idea, Katrina!] And there's a young woman there who's about to get her tae kwon do black belt and I've asked if she could show us some moves. Should be fun!

07-03-2006, 12:57 PM
I am not getting on the scale today. Distractions with DS, finances, etc. have made me feel a little (!) down and I have not been living up to my 21-day agreeemnt with myself. I'm back on track today.

Thanks ceara for the encouragment.

07-03-2006, 02:44 PM
Hey there~

This will be a real quickie...I'm behind on reading, can't really reply to anyone right now, no time!

Suffice it to say that I am still on track, I believe this is day 4 (always a crucial, make or break day for me) So far today I've had my protein smoothie, and two small bran muffins that I made this morning. Kept in line all weekend, even at the fried Oreos for me! :p

DH and I played golf yesterday...he plays a lot, I don't. I was concerned that we wouldn't get nearly enough exercise using a power cart. Oh, silly, silly me! I didn't factor in to that equation how much time I'd spend chasing balls! It is certainly hot enough for me, Kaylets, yes indeedy! Not real humid though, which is a bonus, and there was a wonderful breeze all day. I got way more than my share of water yesterday. As quickly as I'd drink it, I'd sweat it out. Which is convenient, actually...less bathroom time!

Gotta run, I'll be back to read all the posts later. Going to do some sunning and swimming at sis's pool. (One of the few places I feel okay wearing my bathing suit!) :lol:


07-03-2006, 05:44 PM
anagram-sorry to hear your plans for a pleasant weekend tanked. hope today is better, at least.

arabella-hope your pain in the butt continues to improve quickly! all the speeches at the wedding yesterday would have gotten on my nerves too.

eydie- i watched "the thin man" (william powell, myrna loy) which i always enjoy, and also saw "dreamer", "narnia," and "pride and prejudice." it really was kind of nice to veg out and watch a lot of movies.

ceara-it is neat that you do dog rescue! glad to hear the rescued doggie is doing well now too, and that she remembered you. :) you are doing great on thy royal challenge!

kaylets-we have been having a lot of power outages with electrical storms here lately, and i definitely worry that my a/c will be out for any length of time, since the heat really makes me feel awful, physically. your fall the other day sounded scary. i'm sure glad to hear you weren't hurt any worse!! hope your pain in the butt is better a.s.a.p! oh dear, there does appear to be a royal epidemic of butt injuries.

cowpernia-good for you for being on track today !

hi katrinabgood-impressive that you didn't yield to temptation at the festival.

---and hello to amarantha, wildfire, and to all the royals, mentioned and -un.

made it through yesterday on target. today, day 12, and having more trouble making myself stay in line, but so far, so good. just one more meal left, though, and plan to stick with what i have planned for dinner, come **** or high water. it's so weird to me, that some days are just harder than others, even when the reasons are not always obvious for me. i still have a little more exercise to complete this evening, but have had to do things in small (even smaller chunks of times than usual) doses today, since the heat is really getting to me big time. i was supposed to go to a movie with a friend today, but she had to cancel, and truthfully, with the heat as treacherous as it has been, i wasn't all that disappointed. well, hope everyone has a good evening. take care.

07-03-2006, 06:38 PM
Sugar and oil....1 tablespoon of sugar disolved in a cup of hot water and sipped slowly for at least a half hour, or 1 tablespoon of extra light olive oil (not virgin, normal stuff) is one serving...about 150 calories? Since I don't pay attention to those I don't remember what was said. He recommends 2 servings a day, but because I'm timorous, I started with one. It has made a difference. Either an hour before or an hour in between want the hour as a buffer, so the sugar or oil does not become associated with a flavour. These are what he calls zero set point foods, and they lower your overall set-point, even though they have calories. I'll keep you posted on the does seem rather simple and I am not hungry.

Lots of posts since this morning....six hours is a little extreme...but I've gotta get back to work...:wave:

07-04-2006, 07:28 AM
Another day under the belt which is a minor miracle...since quite a few things happened at work. More later. Thank goodness I'm fairly balanced at the moment...and not hungry.

1. water ********
2. Road walk *******
3. No food after 7 pm. ********
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-
5. multivitamin ********

Walked when I got home last night. Have a children's programme to perform this am and I need to touches.


07-04-2006, 09:02 PM
well, made it through day 13 of challenge successfully! have a good evening, all.

07-05-2006, 08:16 AM
Nine down, twelve to go. Off for a walk. Early vet appt, and work. Many issues still, and I may be making some life changes...other than this one.

1. water *********
2. Road walk *******
3. No food after 7 pm. *********
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-
5. multivitamin *********

Was coaching a barbership quartet last night....I had fun. These guys have a nice sound when all is well.

Anyway, have a great day ladies!

07-05-2006, 11:07 AM
As a result of the wheat crackers and my two worst enemies, stress and fatigue, yesterday \I found myself having a good visit with two old friends, Ben and Jerry. Starting over again with the original plan, although am going to also try the Shangri-la thing (oil, I just don't think I can safely have sugar in my system).

I'm back from the gym. Did 15 minutes on the elliptical trainer, 25 min. walk there and back and 25 mins. doing the circuit. I'm going out to do a set of tai chi before brekkie. And I WILL meditate -- that's one thing I'd really love to have habitual :yes: It transforms my life and I feel like my life could really stand a little transformin' right about now :dz:

So, here we go:

Eat only at the table when alone (I always struggle with this but it makes it so much easier to stay OP and so much less likely to stray off-plan)
Core. Absolutely. Plus maybe the Shangri-la thing...
At least 2L water
Aerobic exercise every day
Meditate every day
Either tai chi or yoga every day
Something just for fun, every day

WSW, wow -- day 13! You're an inspiration!!! :encore: I'm going to give it my all this time.

Ceara, thanks so much for all the info. I've poked around on the Web and it really seems like people are finding this helpful. That's a beautiful attitude you have about litters of pups and being responsible -- wish everyone felt the same way!

Hmmm... life changes -- I hope this is something 100% and not disturbing!

Kaylets, how's the posterior? I was glad to hear you didn't have any other damage!

Kat, fear not! Sometimes 'tis all we can do to report in. And sometimes that's all we can do for weeks on end, and nobody minds :) Mmmm... sunning and swimming -- my favorite things in the world. I'm surrounded by beaches here. Why is it I haven't gotten to one yet? :chin:

Eydie, I think the reception got out of hand because, in the invitations, there was a note about letting them know if you wanted to speak. Which I think people took as a solicitation. I'm still feeling mad at my friends :mad:

Cowpernia, that's the beauty of the challenge! It doesn't matter how many tries it takes to get in 21 days. If you mess up, you just start again and you've got a clean slate!

K, in between things I did my tai chi. Just have meditation -- and of course that "Core" thing :rolleyes: -- left to make today a success. Oh and fun, yeah, lessee, what'll I do...


07-05-2006, 08:44 PM
day 14 under my belt! the heat is just relentless, and defintely not a good mix with my ms. i need to plan more down time after i've gone out for an errand. i have several appointments scheduled for the next few days, so will make sure i allow plenty of extra time to "recover" in between each of them. well, a good evening to all. take care.

07-05-2006, 08:55 PM
Hi yall! Mind if I join? I'm doing other challenges on other boards, but I'm always up for something else that's going to keep me in line!

07-06-2006, 05:47 AM
I think things have finally settled down around here. I can stop and take a breath and don't have to be 'somewhere' in the next 10 minutes. Thank god for that, since I am at work, and they'd frown upon me just up and leaving for some pleasant diversion. Not to mention that it is 4:00 in the morning.

I'm all caught up on reading posts, even took notes as I read so I don't have to keep going back when making my replies! Dork that I am.

The birthday went well, but I gotta admit that I did not adhere to the challenge guidelines that I'd set for myself. I did not OVER indulge, but I did stray. Mmmm...carrot cake, my favorite! I wanted to make my own birthday cake, so that I could insure that it would be healthy and nutritious and even Core, if possible. Dh went to the bakery instead, and so it was back to square ONE for me on Tuesday.

One thing I'm noticing is that any setbacks are not setting me WAY back like they usually do. Usually, I'll fall off the wagon, figure I've messed up anyway and proceed to eat everything in sight. Nope, haven't done that. Just pick myself up, dust myself off and start again at another Day One.

Tonight is weigh in @ WW. I've been avoiding the scale, so whatever the number is, it is a direct result of how strong and consistent my efforts are. I think I've been pretty consistent, but I know I can always do better. I'm shooting for that this week.

Ceara, I've got to admit that I was intrigued by the Shangila diet and spent a good amount of time at Seth Robert's website, just reading and learning. I'm thinking of giving it a try today. Will see how that goes...and report results, of course! How's the doggie?

wsw...Is it 15 days now? I'm so impressed. You said something that stuck with me: "...some days are just harder than others, even when the reasons are not always obvious for me. " So true. I'm so gung-ho some days, have no qualms about chopping veggies, guzzling water, getting to the gym. Other days it's all I can do to get out of bed. Just gotta keep getting up though and doing what needs to be done.

Arabella...Wow, I'm all for a party, but a 6 hour reception? Good grief. And speeches? No, it's not you, that's just too much. Hey, we have some mutual friends! I know Ben & Jerry too! Intimately...wink wink. ;) I have a question for you, did you learn Tai Chi in a class, from a tape or a book? It's always fascinated me, I tried a class at the gym, but the instructor was, hmmm, less than helpful. In his own little world I'd say.

Cowpernia, I hear ya on staying off the scale. I'm finding that NOT getting on (and being disappointed) prevents me from the "Oh well" binge trigger! was your class? Any pointers for us on navigating fairs and food and festivals?

Kaylets...We're due for a break in the weather at last! Today is supposed to be nice with very little humidity. :cp: Gonna definitely get out into the garden. I did some weeding the other day and was DRENCHED in sweat within minutes. We haven't had any power outages (THANK GOD, I'd die without AC) but the phone's been wonky for days. Hopefully Verizon will favor us with a visit today.

Anagram, Sorry about weekend plans going down the pipes. I hope things are better now.

Hpnotq...sure come on aboard! Always room for another challenger. Welcome to our merry band!

Allright, I've rambled on for long enough. It's very quiet around here tonight. (i probably just jinxed that now that I mentioned the "Q" word!) I hope that I didn't miss anyone, Here's wishing us all a happy and successful day!

07-06-2006, 06:38 AM
Hello all....

Welcome Hpnotq! Glad to have you with us!

Well.... I now understand why its called Devil Foods Cake......
I too celebrated a birthday... My new office team treated me to a lovely, moist, devils food cake. Which let loose the flood gates!! We had a/c problems at the job and I became much, much too warm and KNEW I shouldnt eat anything.... but DID....and suffered for nearly 4 hrs w/ the biggest stomach ache I have had in ages.....


Sometimes we only learn the HARD way.....

I gave the remaining cake away.
Even as my stomach hurt I was thinking another piece would be tasty.
Can I really be so overcome by sugar? YES

I believe it now. I really could benefit by a 12 step club for sugar. And I'm not being disrepectful or funny..... I'm serious.

Thought of the day :

"Generally speaking, you aren't learning much when your lips are

Question of the day :

"How many vehicles do you own?"


So, in keeping w/ today's thought.....

Have a good one all.....

07-06-2006, 06:41 AM
I've been meaning to do something like this for a while and it could be just what I need to get me going. I'm going to do 21 days of excercise for 20 minutes a day - minimum. Rules are:
1) that it can be anything so walking to running to housework
2) if needs be it can be broken into chunks
3) I can't stockpile - e.g. I can't do 60 minutes one day to take the next three off - it _has_ to be 20 minutes every day.

I'm now determined!:carrot:

07-06-2006, 08:13 AM
Mornin' Actually it has been so nice since yesterday that I've been able to turn OFF the unheard of thing in July.

Boppin' right along....
1. water **********
2. Road walk ********
3. No food after 7 pm. **********
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-
5. multivitamin **********
:dunno: if I will get a walk in this am before the programme....I'm thinkin' I'll do it tonight after supper. My programme went well Tuesday in spite of my employer and their induced interuptions (why would you send a man out to change a modem while staff is alone with 12 kids? And the roof guys weren't done.) Like I say, I'm balanced mentally and physically for some reason...or just in shock. I sure as H*** know that I'm depressed....I am exhausted. Bed is an escape. As are books usually...but since those are sorta a part of the problem, they aren't showing their usual allure.

SO brekkie tomorrow....:dunno: if the parentals will make it...DF is getting his 2nd cataract done today and the recheck is tomorrow. He had the 1st done on Tuesday....and it is good. But my friend and I will be there to carry on the tradition, and continuity. I need that right now.

Well my efforts are paying off....NSV alert. I wore a shorts outfit that I haven't worn in years yesterday and it looked nice! And was comfy. I am a decade away from a couple of other pairs...and intend to get there. I can wear walking shorts to work...whatever that means...I suppose they don't want them so short that your dignity shows....and at this moment I actually have a few pair I can wear! Am also wearing my old walking on the road shorts again...they would not fit at first of June.

It is great to see more new people in the palace....welcome! :cheers: Clutha and Hpnotq, our new :queen:s! Huzzah! Wsw you are doing great! I know Kaylets...I still have my chocolate cake in the freezer and although I didn't put any food restrictions on myself...except for the 7 pm, I have to keep "forgetting" that it is there. Now that DS is home maybe I'll "force" him to eat it :lol: I think that sugar is like potatoes...they are not that bad on their own, but it what you put with them that kills you. What is Ben and Jerry....I'm assuming booze....enlighten please. Kat what do you do? I'd be :faint: at that time of the morning!

Anyway...:wave: to all....gotta boogey. Missing the questing :queen:s...hope they haven't fallen off their palfreys! :(

07-06-2006, 08:21 AM
quicky...forgot the dog report...she is 48 lbs...which means she was around 40 when she got here, and we pulled blood for a heart worm. The other 2 rescued with her were negative on that so I'd assume she will be too....she is doing great...playing with toys now, more relaxed. Still not pack integrated.

07-06-2006, 09:48 AM
At the end of the day, I'd done everything but "fun." I picked myself a wacky bouquet for the kitchen and let that suffice. Anything is better than nothing, right? :yes: It's totally pathetic that making sure I have some fun is as hard as -- or harder than -- sticking to core, getting exercise. Also pathetic that I have trouble thinking of things that would be fun...

I woke up at 4 this morning and decided by 4:30 that I wasn't getting back to sleep. So I had a cup of tea and then a nice long meditation. Going to go for a walk soon and will do a set of tai chi afterwards.

Kaylets, Happy belated!!! :balloons: :hb: :encore: I hope this year is FABULOUS for you!

That really was :devil: food, huh. No wonder it gave you a tummy ache! I have the same problem with sugar in anything more than miniscule amounts. I want it on a daily basis if I have it. Extra water and vitamin C helps to clear it out of the system.

We only have one car now. And I'm seriously thinking about giving it up once the lease is done. We live in town and it would be much cheaper to take public transit and rent a car for longer trips.

Ceara, our friends Ben & Jerry ( would be very hurt if they found out you'd never heard of them. Maybe you're more of a Häagen-Dazs kind of girl?

AND -- holy smokes!!! Look at your ticker -- NINE POUNDS GONE? (maybe you really have never heard of ice cream) Woooo-hooo for you!!! :carrot: :carrot: (And Shangri-la, here I come!)

Hope that the issues are positively resolved soon :hug:

Welcome, welcome to Clutha and Hpnotq!!!

Katrinabgood (KBG?), I love carrot cake too. It'd be a challenge to make it core, I think. Flour, don't you know. But I've had success experimenting with making cakes with spelt (wheat's no good for me) and sweetened with a mix of all-fruit spread, honey and stevia. I try not to eat sugar or wheat even for my flex points because they're addictive substances for me.

I took a class to learn tai chi. I do it on my own, but still find that I put a lot more into it when I do it with the group. The kind I do is Taoist tai chi. (

K -- I'm all talk, not enough action so far today. I'd best hit it! Love to all, mentioned or un- ...


07-06-2006, 01:11 PM
Ack...I thought there was a brand of rye called J&B....we buy the cheap ice-cream...Chapman's. Don't think I've heard of that brand or am just being dumb it an easterner kind?

Carrot fav too...actually just the cake part is, the carrots are a bonus. My mother makes an excellent one.

Gotta run...had fun this am at the programme.....

07-06-2006, 01:52 PM
Alright everyone...thanks for the welcome!!

Here's my rules:
1)exercise at least 5 of 7 days
2)write something every day...anything about my day etc
3)absolutely NO getting on the scale for the full 21 days (I'm terrible about getting on it multiple times a week)
4)drink no less than 24 oz water every day

So far I'm off to a good start. I've already drank 34 oz water and spent almost 2 hours at the gym today...and so far no getting on the scale. We'll see how that turns out today.

Everyone have a fabulous day!

07-06-2006, 03:08 PM
Welcome to hpnotq and clutha!!

07-06-2006, 08:11 PM
Hello all....

Just poking my head in as I drip dry from the shower. DH is still at work, I had a really tasty supper of 1 delicious apple chopped into 2 cups of cottage cheese, w/ splenda and cinnamon. I made toast and spooned the apple/cc on the bread and am a happy girl.

I fought intense sugar cravings all soon as I'm done posting I'm running for the Vit C... Have to admit I did have a small piece of birthday cake ( someone else's not mine..... I really did give the remainder away last night)....
And lo and behold.... for the first time in maybe 10 yrs....ate some potato chips.
The problem is that they are sitting next the printer which I go to maybe 100 times a day. I just had a inspiration to move them into the kitchen and hopefully, someone else will toss them or take them. But at least, out of my sight.

Here we go.... this is the exclusive preview to tomorrow's Thought of the day:

Thought of the day:

"It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere. " Agnes Repplier

Question of the day :

"Do you sleep in places other than your bed?"


Off to find the Vit C

07-07-2006, 04:32 AM
I'm really into this now and it's given me a real feeling of enthusiam again. Last night I went to the gym. I'm trying to see if I can run - never have been able before and I'd like to do a Triathlon - which involves running. Over the past couple of weeks I've been working a couple of minutes running into my walking but last night I managed a whopping 30 minutes. My knees were sore at the end of it but I was really chuffed to bits. So that made my 20 minutes for yesterday. Today I'm going out at lunchtime and will see if I can do 20 minutes walking! Go Me!:D

07-07-2006, 06:02 AM
Since I set only the minimal goal of being sure to get enough liquids, I'm making it (coward). Sometimes I would not have without the challenge but now I'm into increasing it a bit so there's a tiny bit of progress. Walked Monday, stretched Tuesday, Pool on Wednesday, Thursday. Maybe today too unless I get out for an early walk. Up WAY too early and probably won't fall back to sleep though I think I'll give it a try.

So happy to see newbies and that progress is being made all around.

07-07-2006, 07:50 AM
Eleven down!

You GO Clutha! I read on another thread that they call that "wogging"...where you jog until you can't then walk and then jog when you can. Neat sounding word.

Another day under the belt... I managed to walk last night...did the whole block so that was fruitful.

1. water ******* ****
2. Road walk ***** ****
3. No food after 7 pm. ******* ****
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-
5. multivitamin ******* ****

Am off to locate the coffee and vitamin, maybe do a miniscule amount of reading, and do some thinking...I have a meeting with my manager this am after brekkie. are exceeding your own goals...WTG :cp:! Just look at it as practice for the next set of goals. Arabella did you WI this week or was it a holiday for them? You too are doing great....where's Empress A? I should check in the afar kingdom. goes it! More tales from the Monday night class? Wildfire....this weather is's the garden? I have a gorgeous dark red/maroon day lily blooming right now...I'm going to a garden show on Sunday with a friend....I'm looking forward to it! Hpnotq you have very doable goals...good for you! :wave: to all :queen: s. Wsw has the heat broken yet? Kay...a small piece shows good manners and it is bad luck NOT to eat a bit of birthday cake isn't it? I generally only sleep in bed. Or someone else's bed :o when I'm travelling.

Gotta :tread:

07-07-2006, 08:51 AM
3/2/1 -- Yuppir, made it again! :) Once more, it was "fun" that was left till the last. Ended up working until 8:30, after which I took a book of poetry out on the deck and read a few poems. Even these small things are so life-enhancing. It's always a bit of a revelation. No wonder I tend to overeat when I habitually deny myself so many small pleasures! That's where addiction enters the picture :yes:

I'm starting to think of a few more things that are fun -- dancing, singing, making art...

I was suddenly struck by the realization that it's not much more than a month until I take possession of the cottage I'm renting for the second half of August. :D I'm excited!

I've already had most of my water (usually go way over), walked to the gym and done circuit and come home for a set of tai chi in the back yard. Started trying the Shangri-la thing last night. It would be great if it delivered the boost that it seems to have done with others...

Ceara, woggling? :lol: That really sounds descriptive of what I do in any case. :dz: No, I didn't officially weigh in this week. The wedding last week knocked me off course and WI would not have been good Monday. Working towards a nice loss for next week now...

Anagram, sounds like you're doing well. Hope you're not too tired. Sometimes when I wake up extremely early I really enjoy the quiet time. Other times, of course :tired:

Clutha, can't beat that fresh enthusiastic feeling, can you! :D Here's to LIFE! :cheers: Congrats on the 30 min. run!

Kaylets, oh that sugar monkey is a bugger! Just keep reminding yourself that it'll get better. And have some SF sweeties if it'll help. ToD is very thought-provoking and reassuring -- sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that struggles to be happy, even though I know, logically, that's not the case.

WSW, where are you now? Day 16? You're smmmokinnnn'!!! :smoking:

'Tis Friday, which is a v. good thing. Have sworn not to work this weekend and have also sworn to get outside more. I hate it when I get to the end of the summer and feel like I didn't experience it!

Love to all, mentioned or un- ...


07-07-2006, 10:57 AM
hi to all royals! i am on day 16, and so far so good this morning. happy belated birthday, kaylets. the heat finally did break a bit yesterday, with the rain and thunder storms, fortunately. anagram, i sympathize about waking up too early. i still seem to be on a pretty long insomniac jag, and hoping it will begin to let up soon. well, hope it is a good day for all in the palace. take care.

07-08-2006, 08:08 AM
Twelve down! Nine to go! Yesterday was ws a piecey day, a buggley day and under old circumstances I likely would have had too much wine and after dinner nibblies. Didn't. No walk yesterday, but I intend to do it is Saturday right?

DS and friend went off to the funfest last night and the bike died about 2 miles from the house...I had to go rescue them...and DH didn't get in until after 1 am...guess he got conscripted into the rescue later. I went to bed about 11:30....way past my usual time.

1. water ******* *****
2. Road walk ***** ****
3. No food after 7 pm. ******* *****
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-
5. multivitamin ******* *****

So, I have an open slate today...need to drive DS to work and likely pick him up, and guess I will do groceries whilst in that town....I like it there. Then I :dunno:. Maybe I should groom.

I see you are online Arabella...or your computer is...I think there was no "L" in the word, but I like your version better...the visuals add the wobble aspect. it. Maybe I'll start....I'm getting fairly fast at the walk now....would be a good way of upping the ante. I changed my ticker to reflect the end of this decade....not necessarily what I hope to achieve in this challenge....although that would be nice. If wishes were horses I'd need to build a stable.

Hope you all have a great I said this weather is incredible here!!!! :) :wave:

07-08-2006, 11:51 AM
I'm starting my 21 day Challenge today. 7-8-06

I'm starting a juice fast cause this week wasn't that great and my body needs a cleanse.

1. Finish my two day juice fast *
2. 8 glasses of water a day *
3. Eat under 1500 cals a day *
4. Treat once of week
5. Workout everyday after the 2 day fast
6. Vitamins *
7. No eating after 7pm *

07-08-2006, 02:18 PM
Boy, one innnocent flick of a finger and my whole, long post is G O N E!!!
:mad: :devil: :?: :mad: :devil:

Short version:
I lost 3.8 lbs at WI Thursday night for a grand total of 5.6 lbs off!
Hi and "good job" to regulars, Welcome newbies!

I could stay here for another hour and try to re-create my post or I could get my butt outside and work/play in the garden......hmmmm....:?:

Sorry, m'ladies, I'm outta here! Will try again tonight, from work. Unless, of course, I actually have to, you know, WORK!

Have a great day!

07-08-2006, 03:07 PM
Quick progress note: I was just having lunch (toast with peanut butter and banana, and a glass of milk) AND I couldn't finish it! Not only that, I WOULDN'T finish it! (coming from one who was schooled early on to "eat everything on your plate," this is BIG)

Making that conscious choice to *stop eating when full* usually totally escapes me.

I had to share that with people who understand. If I excitedly told that to anyone around here, they'd look at me quizzically and say, "yeah, and...what's your point?"

"That's all for now," kat said as she whistled, happily, out the door....

07-08-2006, 03:59 PM
AKA 4/2/1. Yesssss! Made it again! I did have 3 glasses of wine last night but had the points for it. I woke up at 5 this morning, read, sat and drank tea, meditated, did some energy work. Then I went for a woggle ( :lol: I didn't realize the word had no "L" -- but, yuppir, I'm keeping it!) through the woods and stopped part way back up the path to do a set of qi qong. Then back to the hacienda, a set of tai chi in the back yard... Just have the fun and food requirements left to fulfill, which I will. Gorgeous day here... I might just take myself to the beach this aft...

Ceara, might have just been my computer online -- I checked in earlier and then thought I'd wait to see if anyone else came in and posted first :s: YESSSSSS! It worked! :lol: 12 days! Wow -- you're doing fantastic!

Funny thing about wishes -- I was thinking about them yesterday, and the difference between wishes and hopes. Every time I think something starting with "I wish..." I try to change it into something starting with "I hope..." It feels much better to me...

wsw, so sorry about the insomnia. It just sucks the joy out of life to be tired all the time. On the other hand, I'm sooooo impressed that you're getting so close to completing the block. When I'm tired, I find it an awful lot harder to stay OP.

K, I started this this morning and it's almost 4. No trip to the beach and it's getting unlikely that'll happen now. Food good so far and only fun left to accomplish...

Hope all are having a terrific Saturday. :wave:

07-08-2006, 04:08 PM
Okay, a couple people sneaked in :s: in those 6 hours or so between when I started and finished my last post.

WTG, Katrinabgood! 5.6 off is AWESOME!!! You got that big loss you were looking for last week. And -- WOW! -- I am ultraimpressed (as an old bf of a ds used to say) with the PB+B victory. Holy smokes! I'm sure such a thing must have happened to me at some point but... I couldn't honestly swear to it. :o Kudos!

Shoot, don't you hate losing posts! Hope it's nice and quiet tonight at work and you don't have to... you know.

Welcome, Angiepants!!! I think you'll like it here :)

07-09-2006, 06:32 AM
Here I am, another quiet night at work....ssshhh, don't tell anyone! :yawn:

Another successful day under my belt. I spent a good three hours out in my back yard, digging, weeding, hauling rocks from here to there, raking, bagging, was great. Lots of huffing and puffing, I happily chalked it all up to calorie burning. Way more productive than a walk around the block! Although, the night before, I did take my dog for a nice long walk. There was a fireworks show in my town, all within view of our usual 'walkies' route. So that was fun. Hey, Arabella! I combined my exercise with fun! I'm taking your words to heart, about finding the time for something fun each day. Thank you for that!

Someone asked what I do that keeps me out in the wee hours of the night. Well, I'm a vampire! :devil: All right, not really. I work in a hospital from 11pm to 7am. I'm a unit secretary, we're responsible for all the clerical work associated with patient care: putting a chart together, inputting patient information, ordering diagnostic testing, consultations, treatments. Most units have a secretary at each nurses station. The difference at night (well, in this hospital, anyway) is that I'm the only one here, so I go from floor to floor, mostly when new patients are admitted. I get their charts together, decipher and transcribe the doctor's orders and enter everything into the computer. Some nights it's an absolutely frantic pace, with everybody calling at once, and other nights it just kind of crawls along. Like tonight. I prefer a busy night. I'd rather just zoom from floor to floor and get the night over with. But I am catching up on my reading, so that's good too!

I made a quick, easy, tasty dinner last night. Chopped some green and red cabbage, 1/2 an onion and grated a few carrots. (Next time I'll just buy a bag of coleslaw mix) Sauteed all in a wee bit of sesame oil and added a few splashes of soy sauce. I had frozen cooked shrimp, which I defrosted and heated up in the wok with the veggies, and served it over Success! 10 minute Brown Rice. :T Good and filling. Cant wait for leftovers!

I'm starting to nod off, sitting here at the computer, need to get up and walk around, get the blood flowing back to the brain!

See you all later....

07-09-2006, 07:37 AM
Sunday dawns. Had a pleasant day yesterday. Dh and I actually spent some quality time together just talking out in the new front garden...we bq'd some blue cheese burgers (nice!..president's choice for the cannucks), ate and had conversation...amazing. Then we did some chores and met in the pool...floated around for a while. I am a little pink today.

Have to go work a pancake breakfast at the church, so need to run...that same FunFest is on...DH has been working the beer tent. I hear that the band there was really good this year. I am going to a garden show this pm...

No walk yesterday...but maybe today.

1. water ******* ******
2. Road walk ***** ****
3. No food after 7 pm. ******* ******
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-/ -1-
5. multivitamin ******* ******

:wave: All!

07-09-2006, 09:43 AM
welcome, angiepants78!

congrats, katrinabgood, on the lbs down! woo-hoo!! and that's great about stopping when full. boy, do i know what a victory that is. the dinner you prepared last night sounded yummy.

hi ceara!

i am starting day 18 today. was happy that i finished up yesterday on target. i had a friend over for dinner last night, and i made a good, healthy meal with lots of veggies and fruits. my friend gave me a few computer games, including scrabble and monopoly, which i have been enjoying thoroughly. well, i am meeting a few friends this morning, and then going to a movie with another friend this afternoon, both of which, i'm looking forward to.

still sleeping lousy, but i figure eventually, i'll just be so worn out, i'll get back in to my normal sleep pattern. i hope so, anyway. arabella, i agree, it really is important to remember to do the little things which bring us pleasure, and yet it is so easy for me to forget to do these things. the other day, i read some poetry while sipping my favorite herb tea (peppermint), and smiling, i thought of you. well, better be off now. greetings to all our marvelous royalty! hope everyone has a good day. take care, all.

07-09-2006, 11:23 AM
Yesterday was pretty good although by the time we finished the shopping and got home I was too tired to really enjoy anything. I hate that! Feeling energetic enough today and may give going to the beach another shot.

Ceara, I started doing the Shangri-La thing either Thursday or Friday night and wasn't noticing any change in appetite yet. But then I went to the site forum and it seems like it's pretty common for it to take a few days to a couple of weeks to kick in. Going to see how it goes... Did you notice a difference right away?

I know what you mean about the conversation thing. When DH and I actually talk to each other (quality talk, I mean), I think "Oh, I guess there are some reasons for me to be married to this man. Mmmm... blue cheese burgers sound fantastic! :T Enjoy your garden show!

Katrinabgood, glad you had time last night to drop in. Your job sounds pretty good to me, other than taking place when I mostly like to sleep. I think I'm getting ready to move in the direction of trying to find a new career for what I hope will be the last 10 years before retirement. I miss working with people!

DH and I have a date this afternoon to go to the garden store and to devote time and energy to pulling weeds and etc. It will be lovely to get it done. I want to do some more major landscaping in the fall. New beds, changes to existing, etc. Wow, your dinner sounded SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I'll definitely make that this week. Also -- v. impressed that you had leftovers. Kudos!

WI is tomorrow. I seem to be retaining water for some reason. When I woke up and got out of bed I could feel it in my thighs and sure enough, when I got on the scale I saw 3 pounds up. Hope they've gone again by tomorrow. Drinking extra water, getting extra C and eating extra carefully to try to see that they are.

K, Lovelies! I'm off. Let's make it a good one!

07-09-2006, 04:03 PM
nothing huge to report...3 1/2 days down and only 18 1/2 to go! so far so good....although I was itching to hop on the scale this morning...then I thought about coming here and having to tell yall I had to start over. Now I'm good ;)

07-10-2006, 05:23 AM
Doing well so far. I managed a walk on Friday lunchtime then Saturday we went to a wedding so I made sure I did my 20 minutes celidh dancing with the brides brothers - my fiancee doesn't do dancing! Yesterday we stopped off for a walk for 10 minutes on the way back and in the evening I got up and did 10 minutes of exercising round the house. So that makes it 4 days down and 17 to go!
Also I'm starting a new 'diet' today, I've been slacking a little with my ususal plan so figure that a new programme will give me a little inspiration and chance to have a go at something new - wish me luck!!

07-10-2006, 08:33 AM
Alright! Another day under the belt and on the wagon! Did not walk the road yesterday, but am counting as if I did....did a fair amount of walking at the pancake breakfast and we toured 14 gardens yesterday....very interesting stuff...inspires and overwhelms. A lot of work.

Good work on the streak Clutha. I'm finding that even if you "mess" up one day, that doesn't have to destroy the whole effort. I just try to pick up where I left off before the "event" and carry on. Good luck with the new food programme.

Arabella, I ate some heavenly hash ice-cream the other night...Friday I think, and thought of was Parlor. Does that mean anything? It was OK, but wouldn't throw me into a tailspin like carrot cake. :lol:

Well, I've gotta be short this am...the girls need to get out and I need to actually walk the road...

Hi sound rather busy. Social butterfly. :wave: to all the :queen:s and welcome to all the new royalty!

:drill: :tread:

07-10-2006, 11:07 AM
Forgot the tally and a few answers.
1. water ******* *******
2. Road walk ***** ***** *
3. No food after 7 pm. ******* *******
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-/ -1-
5. multivitamin ******* ******* *
Have walked the road(!) and logged it, also the vitamin. Cannot believe that I am 2/3's of the way there...wsw, you are just mere days away!

Arabella....I felt a definite decrease in appetite right away...I only drink 1 mug of hot water with 1 T of sugar...usually at night. I have managed to sneak it in at work about 3 looks like I'm drinking hot water but I don't care. The scale is wandering down...about a pound every few days...which is nice. My friend is doing eloo because she is diabetic and as far as I know is doing well....she'd dropped about 4 lbs before the week end...I haven't talked to her yet...they were away.

Am off to make a bean/chick pea medley thing that I put over brown rice for fast suppers....Hpnotq, that scale habit is hard to break...I just gave up. I find that for me it is better to just give into it and weigh myself...instant gratification. You're doin' great! Katrinabgood, nearly 6 pounds is awesome...WTG! :cp:

Gotta get off line.....

07-10-2006, 04:09 PM
Fly-by -- I'm wiped! :tired: Woke up at 4 and have been working pretty much solidly since then. WI has me still up 1.6 but I'm not changing ticker. Nope -- it'll be gone again sooon. 6/2/1

Thanks for the input, Ceara. I'm looking at the site and some of the testimonials for fish oil. Definitely going to try that -- sounds like it's MAGIC!!! :wizard:

Hmmm... my (skinny) son looooves carrot cake WITH heavenly hash ice cream. :rolleyes: The Ben and Jerry's I had was definitely superior stuff! But no more of that :nono:

K, just getting through the end of the workday here and have to take my darn fun break :lol: Talk more (lucky you!) later.

07-10-2006, 04:46 PM
I couldn't resist it...I got on the scale this afternoon. :(

07-10-2006, 06:30 PM
Hpnotq...And...what did it say? How about just getting on once every 3 days? We're loosey goosey with our goals...change 'em! Your exercise ticker is really moving along! We're not even halfway through July.....

Oh...carrot cake and ice cream? Whoa...sugar overload for me. The ice cream was enough for a while.

Anyway, on supper break...pork chop and brussle sprouts...mmmmnnnn. I love those BS's. :lol: They are better with butter and lemon and parmesan cheese...but I'm havin' 'em nekkid. Then lots of water....that I haven't even started yet today! Swim city, here I come....glub!

07-10-2006, 08:29 PM
day 19 was successful! felt a little "iffy" earlier in the day, but finished up on target. sometimes, like today, i just have to white-knuckle it, but whatever works. :)

07-11-2006, 08:23 AM
Supposed to be weather of the drippy kind today...we'll see. We didn't get the last drips on Sunday night.....Yesterday was good. Am off in a short bit to walk again.
1. water ******* ******* *
2. Road walk ***** ***** *
3. No food after 7 pm. ******* ******* *
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-/ -1-
5. multivitamin ******* ******* *

DS had a tent-over party and bonfire last night...the kids (older teens - early 20's) are ones he works with at the Fort...he does historic reinactments in the summer for the tourists....quite the uniform. So I have a gypsy camp over on one side of the property...and the dogs are discomboobulated. They are right off their normal schedule.

Anyway....gotta :tread:!


07-11-2006, 10:36 AM
I'm declaring 7/2/1, despite breaking one of my rules last night. I ate my dinner on the couch, although I was alone. AND I'm changing my rule to include one discretionary "free pass" per seven days.

Funny kind of a day at work yesterday. I started v. early (5ish) and was full steam ahead all day, other than going out to the gym and having breakfast and lunch. Wrote some things that I was happy with and juggled a lot of balls. By 4:30 (when I was here last) I was, as reported, heading out of the office. Howe'er, before I even hit "submit" on my last note, the site director pinged me with an emergency task. That had to be done last night and meant sheer drudgery until almost 11. Ugh.

However, within just a few minutes after that another editor (who is NOT known for her thoughtfulness or compliments) pinged me to say how much her husband had appreciated our Word of the Day yesterday (which I had written -- patting self on back, here) and we also got a very nice note from a reader in Stockholm about it.

Soooo... I feel like the two sides to my job were both highlighted -- the marketing-oriented drudgery part and the public service informational make-a-difference side. And since I haven't been feeling that latter side much lately, I feel better. Despite having been slogging through the swamp all evening, way past my bedtime and not even thinking to check on that full moon.

Today I responded to the reader's note and am going to take it eeeeaaasy. This afternoon, I'm going to take DS and DGS to the beach. It'll be my first time this year.

Ceara, my niece does a historical reenactment thing, too. Strolling around town in hoopskirt and petticoats -- whew! Thank heavens for fans and parasols!

K, Chickitas -- must run. Or woggle, as the case may be. Going to do a little trot through the woods and come back for yoga and meditation. Let's make this a good one!

07-11-2006, 11:25 AM
Well actually looked better than the last time I hopped on it. Last time I looked I was up 4 lbs from my previous weigh's only 2 now....and that was at night after a long day. I normally weigh in the morning...and while I was writing this it reminded me to go check since it's morning and I haven't eaten. This time it shows me the same as my last weigh in. So I guess it's not so bad after all. My official weigh in day is Friday, so I'll share the official word then. As for me challenge, I'm back to square one. I'll be back later when I think of rules I can stick with.

07-11-2006, 12:57 PM
Day 6 now and doing really, really well. Managed another 20 minute run on the treadmill followed by 10 minutes on the bike. I've already done 30 minutes walking today and am going to the gym for a spin class. This 21 day challenge has really got me going and I'm really enjoying it!

07-11-2006, 07:07 PM
Just checking in from day...can it be....8??? Feelin' pretty darn good about that, I gotta tell ya!

It's so much easier to eat well in the summertime...I just got back from the farm market with some corn on the cob, tomatoes and peaches. :T I made a great blueberry cobbler not too long ago, all healthy-like, using Splenda and oatmeal among other things. I think I'll try it this time with the peaches. I'll share the recipe if anyone's interested.

I had a great water workout in today. My nephew and I (he's conditioning for football) jog around the perimeter of the pool as many times as it takes to get a good whirlpool going, then we reverse and run against the current till we get the water going that way. Did this I don't know how many times, but it was for at least a half hour. Great workout. Then we play volleyball with the heaviest, soggiest foam ball. Like playing with a medicine ball. Got both upper and lower body done over there! And it was fun!

I've been suffering with an ear infection for the past week. Probably swimmer's ear, but it's so having one of your stereo speakers on the blink. I have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow, hopefully she'll give me something good for it. Actually, I'm going to have my cholesterol re-checked. About 6 weeks ago, I had bloodwork done, cholesterol was a whopping 235. :yikes: She wanted to put me on Lipitor then and there, but I begged for a month to try and get my nutritional/dietary sh*t together. Said bye bye to red meat :wave: and bacon and butter and haven't looked back. I'm actually down 10lbs since then, (only 5.6 since starting WW) but I am anxious to see if there has been a significant change in my numbers. :crossed:

Not much else to report around here, just plugging along. I'm working for the next three nights, then off for three. Will start getting things together for our beach house vacation coming up July 29...two weeks down the shore. ahhhh. can't wait.

Off to throw some dinner together, my corn on the cob is already boiling! Chicken on the grill and a salad and corn...did I mention I love summer?

Have a great night all!

07-11-2006, 09:35 PM
a quick post to say hello to all who dwell in the royal court. on day 20. another not-so-easy day for staying op, but came through it on target, so it counts. well, take care, all.

07-12-2006, 06:37 AM
Hello all....

Where does the time go??

Woods Nymph! I love words of the day....PLEASE consider sharing w/ us...

To all.... sorry to be so brief but I do send my very, very best!


Thought of the day :

"If there was nothing wrong in the world, there wouldn't be anything for us
to do."
George Bernard Shaw

Question of the day :

"Can you whistle



07-12-2006, 07:18 AM
When I got to work tonight, er...last night...whatever...I realized that I'll need to be fasting for my bloodwork today. (I usually grab something to eat around 3 or 4am.) Figured this will be a good time to test out the ShangriLa sugar water theory. I had a cup of hot water with two packets of sugar in it around 11:30, and I must say that it's 6:11am and I am TRULY, amazingly, not hungry! Huh. Go figure.

I hope this lasts for a bit longer, I'm not due at the doc's til 8:45.

I think that I'm going to continue with the sugar/water thing about an hour or two after a meal. Will keep you posted on results!

Speaking of results, tomorrow is weigh-in. I'm feeling a mighty surge of PMS coming on, hope this doesn't hinder a nice little loss. Going to to some extra something, anything, exercise-wise to try and counteract the evil PMS bloat!

See y'all later! Have a great day!

07-12-2006, 07:50 AM
8/2/1, Baby! Yup -- still going. And it's getting easier to get the harder parts of the challenge in (that would be meditation and fun :dz: ). I did go to the beach with DS and DGS but it was like jellyfish soup -- nowhere to launch oneself without being swarmed. I don't know if it's just the height of the season and right stage of the tides or what, but holy moley! I've never experienced that before. I dunked myself a couple of times and lay on the sand, made a little sand sculpture and watched the boys make a castle. It was still nice, although I'm going to have to try again soon. I love me some beach! :yes:

Had a little trouble getting to sleep last night, maybe the fullish moon. Maybe the extra coffee I had early in the afternoon. Will have to be more careful today.

Katrina, that's you and Ceara both had the experience with the sugar water. I may have to start trying it, although I'm a little fearful... Wow -- pmsing and not hungry? hmm... :chin:

I've got a cottage on the shore booked for the last half of August. I really think I need to live on the ocean, yup.

Good luck with WI!

Kaylets, our words of the day are related to technology in some respect but we do try to make them interesting. Monday's WoD was Nikola Tesla (,289893,sid9_gci863301,00.html). He invented the radio and developed the first alternating current device -- but Marconi, Edison and others typically get credit for his achievements. Today's word is breathalyzer cell phone (,,sid40_gci1197983,00.html). Our freelancer suggested that it was probably created by a bunch of editors to prevent writers from drunk dialing :lol:

WSW, this is it, huh! First :queen: around the block today? HUZZAH!!!

:wave: Let's make this a good one!

07-12-2006, 09:13 AM
Well they're having a great time messing around with my schedule...I'm beginning to hate work.

Another good day on top of the wagon....gotta go to the eye doc's this a fly bye...:wave:
1. water ******* ******* **
2. Road walk ***** ***** *
3. No food after 7 pm. ******* ******* **
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-/ -1-
5. multivitamin ******* ******* **

wsw today is the day right? Clutha, Kat and Arabella, you are all in the same ball park.....WTG! :cp: Jellyfish....ugggh. Hpnotq, at least the scale was going in the right way...I find I get lax if I'm not on it daily....start playing mind games! :wave: to y'all....we are all doin' great!

07-12-2006, 10:05 AM
Ceara, 12 pounds!!! :balloons: I have to keep an eye on your ticker because you are so quiet about your losses.

Sorry about work -- sucks sometimes, huh.

Me too on the scale thing. I've sworn to weigh daily ever since I weighed after a long hiatus (maybe a year?) and found that I'd gained close to 40 pounds, all "without noticing." :dz:


07-12-2006, 01:03 PM
Thanks Arabella...Yes I'm heading for "virgin" territory here....I'm still in the 15 lbs I've gained and lost a gazillion times...once I break this decade, or actually just hit it, I'm "virgin" is kind of exciting. Keep in mind that the ticker is since the 22nd of June....the number above reflects the challenge. :wave:

07-12-2006, 02:53 PM
Well I was gonna start again, but I think I'll be MIA for a bit. We're having to send our computer in for service, and my only options are to go to the library (and sit with a bunch of little kids goofing off and being incredibly loud) or use my laptop (on's excruciatingly slow lol). Good luck to're doing fabulous!!

07-12-2006, 03:20 PM
hypnotq: Good luck to you...but you don't have to give up on the challenge just because you can't post...hang in there and tell us about your progress when you get back!

wsw! Our hero! Congratulations on 21 days! :cp: :cp: :cp: On to block 2!

Arabella...I'm a beach girl too...just wish I had a "beach body" to go with that persona! Ah, but that's what we're working on here! You know I had one of those 40 lb weight gains "sneak" up on me too! :freak: If only those lbs would just turn around and sneak away now!

I must further comment on the sugar water...this morning when I got home from work, I decided to take just a wee catnap before my doctor's appt. Dontcha know, I slept right through and missed my appointment. :faint: Once I rescheduled, I went right back to sleep til 1:00. Woke up and I STILL wasn't hungry. :?: As a matter of fact I still haven't eaten, but dh and I are planning on going to see "Pirates of the Caribbean" this afternoon, so we'll go to lunch first. I'm holding out for that.

Interesting that such a small amount of sugar could sustain me for this long. No wonder we gain weight! Think of how much more we consume than is actually necessary for survival! :chin:

ceara...I was nodding vigorously in agreement over the "virgin" weight! :lol: I have a long way to go to get there, having gained and lost the same 50lbs for years! This time WILL be different!

Okay, someone's getting impatient here...and I haven't even done my hair yet! Gotta run, back later!

07-12-2006, 04:15 PM
Alright...starting tomorrow I get my challenge going again.

1) take a multi vitamin every day
2) eat at least 3 servings fruit/veggies per day
3) exercise at least 20 min every day

When we get our computer back, I'll let yall know how I'm doing :)

07-12-2006, 07:22 PM
Well, ta da! Today is the 21st day of my "drink 8-10 glasses of fluid a day" challenge and I have done it. Some days it was close and I'd drink 3 of those glasses right before bed time and pay the penalty of 2 or 3 mid - nite potty calls. But I did do it.

So - for my next block .......

I will endeavor to keep my calories under 1800 (divided into five or six smaller meals).
There will be one day each week when I can go higher (to confuse my lazy metabolism). I am at the end of my third day of "good" eating. I have a doctor's appt 3 wks from today so the timing is good.

Of course I hope to continue (or improve) the liquid part but I'm not going to count as closely. It should be a habit now.

I've also been managing some good regular exercise. Tai chi twice a week, pool work out 2 or 3 times a week and an occasional walk and yard work. Today was tai chi and some yard work.

I have lost no weight (alas) and go up and down waterwise, esp if I have eaten out (salt) as I did last night. I remind myself that I'm looking at health and lifetime and the rewards WILL come.

Forgive the me--me but we're expecting a storm momentarily and I want to get off computer.

Hooray for all queens.

07-12-2006, 11:01 PM
just a quickie before i jump in to bed. congrats anagram, on day 21! and to ceara for the weight loss, and to all our royals-you're doing great! made it to end of this challenge, and tomorrow will figure out what i will add to my challenge- block 2. nite all! you are the best! :)

07-13-2006, 07:38 AM
:grouphug: for wsw and Anagram. WTG! You each did 21 days! What are the next challenges? Inquiring minds really need to know!

1. water ******* ******* ***
2. Road walk ***** ***** *
3. No food after 7 pm. ******* ******* ***
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-/ -1-
5. multivitamin ******* ******* ***

Well, I have programme #3 this am....only 2 more and I will be done after that....then I can read adult books for a change. So, I plan to walk either after dinner, or after the programme and before lunch...whichever happens. That being said..,.I have to boogey. Where's Eydie these days? Was she going away? And the Empress?


07-13-2006, 08:39 AM
Hi all! I'm still here. Just haven't been able to get on in a few days. No more pounds lost since my initial "whoosh" of 5 pounds, but that's just how it is with me. Trying not to be disappointed. Had a bit of a sugar-free ice cream binge around the Fourth and still feel like I'm scrabbling to get back on the wagon!

Off to a doctor's appointment and then to work. I'll check in later!:hug:

07-13-2006, 09:06 AM
I had a good reminder yesterday of why it is I don't eat wheat. The day was going along well, had completed all parts of challenge except for the food thing by 9. DS and DGS came over and I fed them and DH but somehow didn't get around to feeding self. Drove DS to work and was suddenly ravenously, tummy-threatening-to-digest-self hungry. I'd made them tuna sandwiches on whole wheat, 12 grain bread and was dying for one for myself. I got home and made one and scarfed it down and then another. Not a problem, core-wise, because I did have the points. But then I was exhausted and brain-dead all afternoon AND craving sugar. :rolleyes: Yup, that's why I don't eat wheat. Not good. :no: I managed the sugar craving with a chocolate-yogurt banana-PB thing that I stuck in freezer, but I wasn't actually hungry and it didn't make me feel good. Even if it didn't put me off track plan-wise. 9/2/1

I realized afterwards that I hadn't done the Shangri-la thing the day before. And I guess it's not likely going to work if I don't give it a good shot. Onward!

Hoooorrray for WSW and Anagram, first :queen:s around the block! :balloons:

Eydie, funny how even SF ice cream can do that, huh. Have had the same experience. It's a great product, but I've decided that I can only buy it if it's for a dinner where it'll be shared out among a bunch of people. :yes:

Anagram, weight loss is the ultimate result of these healthy habits we're forming. If we concentrate on developing the habits the weight loss will happen.

Katrina, I've got to lose about 30 pounds to be a virgin again :lol: That'll be going back about six years, I think. Funny how the years slip away, though. I feel like it's not that long since I was within 10 pounds of my acceptable range. But, in fact, it was going back 16 years. Ah well, we plug away and we get there. :dancer:

Ceara, 12 pounds since June 22nd is INCREDIBLE!!! :encore:

Hokay-dokay. I'm gearing up to go for a little woggle, I am. And then aiming for a putter-y kind of day. Along with work, of course. Hoping to putter my house into shape betwixt and between whilst also managing to have some fun. I've got construction workers outside the window right now -- might be fun to practice my vocal exercises :s:


07-13-2006, 11:09 AM
Still here and still doing it. Last night I managed a 20 minute swim followed by 45 minuted of a aqua circuits class. Good fun and exercise - so today I make it the seventh day - Yay go me.

Everyone else looks like they're doing really well especially those of you who've reached the 21 day mark. I'm trying to think of what the next one will be and I think it's going to have to be night time snacking!

07-13-2006, 01:16 PM
Well Jeepers...if inquiring mind would read for content, it would know...sorry Anagram. I see yours...sound quite reasonable.
WTG!'re going to break into a new century soon! Night time snacking is a biggie for leads to a little night-time wine and then we're off....boom, onto the dirt. Long fall off the wagon bench. I'm just better not to start...I drink water. Or escape to bed. Don't eat there unless I'm sick.

I'm gonna walk after supper...then I can jump into the pool after...Can't do that now...I have make-up on and have to go back to work.:lol:'s it woggling? ;) Hi Eydie!
:wave: Avanti!

07-13-2006, 03:48 PM
so for my next block, i wil continue with:
-drinking more water.
-regular daily exercise program
-daily meditation
-using my food journal daily
and will add for block 2:
-have fun daily (to borrow from arabella!). wish that one were a no-brainer for me, but unfortunately, it isn't, so need to consciously work on it.

man, this heat has got to go! it is just clobbering me. well, so far so good on beginning of block 2. hope everyone has/is having a good day.

07-13-2006, 10:09 PM
Just a fly-by to let you all know I'm still alive. Absolutely swamped at work and brain dead exhausted by the time I get home.

One of these days I'll be in to catch up!

07-14-2006, 09:04 AM
Fly-bye....will check in later. Am supplying in another branch..$$$...and I'm not even getting brekkie with the parentals! So I have to eat here, make lunch and get out for a walk....did a stroll last night up and down the road with a friend. She has an inhaler so we weren't going fast. Gotta go! One more day under the belt!
1. water ******* ******* ****
2. Road walk ***** ***** **
3. No food after 7 pm. ******* ******* ****
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-/ -1-
5. multivitamin ******* ******* ****

Nice to see you Wildfire...;)

07-14-2006, 07:13 PM

I've been trying the sugar thing with SDL but it doesn't seem to have the immediate effect for me that it does for others. I haven't really studied the diet as much as I should -- could be a dosage/ substance issue. Aaaaannnyway, I picked up some wild fish oil caps and am going to give them a try. When I read about some of the research into them, I had that all-over YES!!! response. Guess it made sense to me on some level?

Nice to see you, Wildfire! Thanks for stopping in. Hope things sane-ify soon!

Ceara, it's woggling... um, woggily. But woggling, nevertheless! Do you have a pool at home? Mmmmm... ideally, i'd have a house on the ocean with a pool besides...

wsw, hope the heat lets up for you!

Clutha, yup: GO YOU!!! :bravo:

K, Queenlies, Friday night dinner and movie await. It's the weekend! Huzzah!

07-14-2006, 07:15 PM
Flying by also....Weigh in yielded another 1.2 lbs off, which thrilled me since I had just started my period, so anything off was welcome! Day 11 today. Got a great walk in this morning with my dog. Molly. We headed over to a beautiful park and tromped up and down a few hills. The park was once someone's estate, with stately gardens and acres of rolling hills and meadows. Great workout and a nice change from just traipsing through my neighborhood. Molly gets a good workout too, chasing birds and whatever else crosses her path.

Lots to do, little time. I'll be back later.


07-15-2006, 09:49 AM
Another day under the the skin of my teeth! The parentals live 20 minutes from where I worked yesterday, so we met for is hard to get them moving sometimes....we got to the restaurant by 6:30, and I ordered right away :( the main course came out at 7:10. I brought it home. So I had house salad and bread for dinner last night. Lemon veal for lunch today!
1. water ******* ******* *****
2. Road walk ***** ***** ***
3. No food after 7 pm. ******* ******* *****
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-/ -1-/-1-
5. multivitamin ******* ******* *****
Geesh....2 days to go!

Gotta drive DS to work today, and guess I will do groceries whilst I will walk later. Have a great day is supposed to be a scorcher here.....think I will groom the air.

Yes Arabella, we have an inground pool in the back yard...I'm using it a lot this year in comparison to others...last year I had the incision, so that kind of limited me. I just float around on my striped chair the DH bought has spots for drinks on the arms and everything. I haven't been brave enough to read and float yet...afraid I'll drop the book. :lol:


07-15-2006, 03:10 PM
Yep, I'm declaring it DAY ONE again. While yesterday wasn't the worst that I've ever done, as a matter of fact, I "cheated" with all good foods, just too much of them! Mindless eating. Eating because it was there. Eating because I let myself get too hungry! Had a great start to the day with my hardy walk too. Last night, I was home alone, dh and dd both working. I thought that I would throw together a few things to have in the frig, so it wasn't forage and hope for the best when I was looking for a meal later this weekend. I made some pasta salad with whole wheat pasta, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese. :T Did some tasting, not too bad as I hadn't eaten dinner yet. I had planned on guacamole and chips for dinner, so I threw that together. (chips made from whole wheat tortillas, cut up, sprayed with Pam, wee bit of salt and baked) With the extra onions I had chopped, I made some tuna salad to have for lunch today. While I was foraging around the veggie drawer, I found 1/2 head of cabbage, so I made some cole slaw. One thing just seemed to lead to another and I was tasting everything! Oh! And! I also made a yogurt pie. With ff yogurt, ff cool whip, strawberries and plain gelatin all mixed together and layered over a low fat graham cracker crust. Had to have some of that when dd got home from work at 12:30. After I finally had my "dinner" of guacamole and chips at midnight. {Obviously, I hadn't had my sugar water yesterday!} :rolleyes:

Mea culpa, mea culpa. Confession is good for the soul.

I think this week I'm going to go back to counting points. Just to keep a close account of what I'm doing. Makes me feel more in control when I see those numbers go down, I know I have only so many left to work with.

I am happy to report that I did not go into the "oh well, I cheated, might as well go crazy" tailspin that usually follows a slip up. And that's all it was, really, a slip up. I allowed myself to get too hungry and just kept nibbling. I should have sat down and had a proper meal, FIRST, and then done all my food preparations. I think that since I didn't actually STUFF myself, I never realized how much I was actually consuming.

Sorry to keep rambling about this, but I'm having a self awareness moment :idea: and need to work this out in order to avoid the same mistakes in the future!

I overheard a woman at WW the other night telling her friend that "this diet just doesn't work for me." I heard someone else say that they just couldn't eat the vegetables. Then I was on alert to see just how many excuses I could hear. Someone else said that it's just "too hot to exercise," and "I'm too tired to exercise." It struck me as funny, all these excuses. So there I am, standing on line, waiting to weigh in, feeling all smug because I didn't have any of those problems, and then, all of a sudden, it occured to me that I had my own excuse ready to use, if necessary, "I didn't lose because I have my period." :lol:

The bolt of lightning hit me right between the eyes. I wanted to shout at everyone there, myself included, "STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND JUST DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO." Eat well, exercise more, drink the water. It's not rocket science. The weight will come off if we just do that.

:soap: Stepping down now....

Good grief, look at the time, lots to do today, not getting any of it done, sitting here blathering on about myself.

So, goals for the next 21 days: (the last 7 of which I will be on vacation, this will be a TRUE test) :beach:

Food as according to WW Flex Plan
Water (at least 64, aiming for 128 oz)
Exercise, at least 20 minutes daily

That's it for me, Hi to all and hope you're all having a great weekend! Keep up the good work, you are all so inspiring to me! You keep me on the right track.
...most of the time, anyway!:wave:

07-16-2006, 01:56 PM
Well, all that is left is the no food after 7 and halfway there. Did my walk today and the multi already so logged them. It sure was hot out there...jumped into the pool right after and then read under a tree for a bit to cool down...that's when I drank all the water!

1. water ******* ******* ******
2. Road walk ***** ***** *****
3. No food after 7 pm. ******* ******* *****
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-/ -1-/-1-1-/
5. multivitamin ******* ******* *******

Bought more plants yesterday....have plans for under the Austrian pines...ivy and more grass=no more trimming. The lawn mower does not fit under there, so it was hand mowing or whipper snipping...niether of which happen too my search for ease this is a solution!

Have a great day is a scorcher here!

07-16-2006, 03:52 PM
:yawn: We had friends over for dinner last night, same folks whose son got married a couple weeks ago -- remember the six hour reception? I was tempted to throw together a 3-hour presentation :devil: They didn't really stay too late but I woke up before 5. Ah well... should be ready to get to bed early tonight and get rested up.

I'm getting some appetite suppression with the wild fish oil caps. I took 6 early yesterday and it was so easy to eat lightly through the day -- a bowl of cereal, a small handful of almonds, a little salad. Then I had raw veggies (and a little blue cheese dip) while they ate calorific munchies as well), a little plate of brown rice penne with a chicken, artichoke & tomato sauce, more salad. Then served baklawa for dessert -- not a crumb did I eat, nope! I did have a few glasses of wine, but nothing drastic. I thought, while cleaning up, of other times when I was having people over and would be dipping into the munchies while I prepped and popping whole pastries into my face while I cleaned up afterwards. And eating heartily in between.

Ceara, methinks you are wise! We've got a shady area in the back that DH has been struggling manfully (they're so CUTE when they do that, aren't they!) to grow grass on. Maybe periwinkle and ivy would be the answer -- it would sure as heck be prettier. We spent hours putting plants in and weeding (not in that order) yesterday. Could be another reason I'm pooped!

Katrinabgood, so hazardous to get over-hungry (that's where my two tuna sandwiches came from last week, followed by sugar cravings -- ugh!). Doesn't sound as if you did badly, really. I remember a friend of mine who was in AA one time telling me that they tell people to be careful not to get too tired, too hungry, too lonely or too... stressed? Can't remember the last one, but I know those are all dangerous for me. Bored, too. But that's usually when I'm tired. Onward -- we fight the good fight!

12/2/1 -- WI tomorrow. Hoping for a good one :crossed:

07-16-2006, 03:56 PM
KatrinaB, that last post was brilliant--the part about overhearing excuses. Would you mind if I read that at my Monday night group? The topic's going to be Excuses We Tell Ourselves. I, myself, have a million of them!:o

I've got some big news: I've decided to go for Personal Trainer certification. :o :^: :) :carrot: :?: :cool: :D And those little emoticons represent all the feelings I have about it, but I'm working thru it. The truth is, I believe [from my Mon. night sessions] that I'm good at this sort of thing, and whether I like it or not, people will be more apt to come and talk to me if I have the certification. So it's all exciting and scary and the textbook is terrifying....! But, oh well, lots of things are terrifying, right?

Ha! You know what the scariest thing is? I've got to lose these last 10 pounds and keep myself looking good. No more fritzing around with walking the talk, and all that!

Great to see you you, Wildfire!

Where's our beloved Empress? Adventuring, no doubt!

07-17-2006, 11:12 AM
Ok 21 days done. My next set of goals....the same except I will extend the time to 8 pm on the week ends, and limit the wine to 2 per week until the 3rd of August. I am going to the cottage then with my parents and although I'm sure I won't be hog wild, I don't want to be limited then. So this set goes 'til August 7th?

1. water ******* ******* *******
2. Road walk ***** ***** *****
3. No food after 7 pm. ******* ******* *******
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-/ -1-/-1-1-/
5. multivitamin ******* ******* *******

Ok....gotta go walk. I sure can't type!


07-17-2006, 03:06 PM
Still going. No loss at WI this week, so I'm stalled verging on 20 pounds lost at WW. This week I'll lose some, I will :yes: I was very hungry by the time I got back from WI but didn't overeat or eat banned substances, which I'm counting as an NSV. So far, my experience of SLD is that it's made me a bit less hungry and a bit more in control. If it never does anything more than that, 'twill still be far, far better. Combined with not eating other than at the table when I'm alone, not consuming those substances that tend to send me flying off the wagon, meditation, yoga, tai chi, weight-lifting, running and walking, drinking gallons of water... well, that really should do it, shouldn't it. Onward! Tomorrow maybe I'll be able to change my ticker :crossed: (will say this every day until it happens).

Stressful here at work. My new assistant editor puts together a newsletter on Monday that he's made the same errors in judgement on (misleading links to irrelevant content) week after week. Which I patiently explain the folly of, week after week. By the time I finish proofing the NL I'm just about a basket case. I think I may have made my points strongly enough this week that he won't do it again next week. Plus I asked the director to have a look and she said she'd speak to him.

Still, stressed and tired I just had a brief recreational read on the couch and feel a bit better about it. I've also got myself over-booked with work and I switched something around so I'm not under so much pressure. I think I'm making progress here...

Eydie, that's fantastic! Loved your eloquent sequence of smileys -- I know just how you feel! That's very exciting news and will be such a great thing for you to do -- you've always been an inspiring exerciser. Soooo... sounds like you may have a calling -- and you responded. Good for you!

Ceara, congrats on the 21 days! And 13 pounds off in -- what? 3 and-a-half weeks? -- holy crow, woman! You're amazing!

K. I'm going back to work to do bare minimum that needs to be done and then get the heck out of Dodge. Love to all, and AVANTI!!!

07-17-2006, 06:08 PM
hi ceara-congrats on your 21 day challenge!

eydie-that is great about deciding to go for personal trainer certification!

and greetings to arabella, katrinabgood, wildfire, anagram, kaylets, amarantha, and to all our lovely queens, mentioned or -un! hope everyone is having a good day thus far.

this relentless heat is just the pitts. i am one big ms short-circuit, as a result. i haven't been able to do as much exercise the past couple of days as usual, but still doing what i can, and have been staying op. the only good thing about the heat is that i don't want to eat as much as i usually do, so i guess i can't really complain too much. :) well, take care, all.

07-18-2006, 08:55 AM
Good news on the WI Arabella! Isn't this a special day for you? :hb: :gift: :hat: :woo: :balloons: :encore:
:cheers: Have a drink on me!

Hi wsw...thanks...just following your bread crumbs!

Where's Anagram and Kaylets? Punkin are you around here? You've been doing great things I see....Wildfire...did it slow down yet? goes the training? And the meeting last night? Clutha...? You're still on a streak?'re quiet too....interesting observation on the excuses....I should print that off and put it on the fridge!

Successful day yesterday...although I almost melted on the walk...Geesh! Appears to be better rained sometime through the night.
1. water *
2. Road walk *
3. No food after 7 pm. *
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin *

Feels like I'm back at square one here....I miss my *'s! :lol:

Got a dog appointment this am and a quartet to coach...gotta get going. :wave:

07-18-2006, 09:18 AM
G' mornin' Royals. Sorry for hit/miss postings recently. Last Monday was six months since dh left and I've taken some time off from almost everything to do some base-touching with myself and once again to reassess where I am and where I'm pointed.

The good news for me is that I have completed eight days consecutively of calories below 1600. Only six count toward the current challenge but that's a worthy record too for someone who's been off the wagon so much more than on for a long time now. During last week, I also managed five days of either pool or tai chi plus some heavy duty yard work. Demon Scale has responded well though most is water, of course. I also have yet to take the day of "more than 1800" calories. I will do that though. That's one of my key points. I've also been eating 4-6 times a day. Both should help fight my "deprived" feelings.

I'm with you on that heat, wsw & ceara. Hotter than Hades here again today but tomorrow should be a slight improvement. Eydie, it sounds like a perfect match for you to take on that new career path!

Wood Nymph and Ceara - happy to hear of your losses. I'm still heading for revirgined territory. Am currently less than 7 lbs above most recent "lowest" - basically back to where I had been plateauing for so long - a familiar place. But considering how long I was on prednisone this last time, I guess it could be worse.

So off I go - it's the pool today, tai chi'd yesterday.

07-18-2006, 09:28 AM
Re the six hour reception (I've been gone a while, I guess) - something similar happened at DDs rehersal dinner. Well greased father and godfather of groom put on embarrassingly long, drawn out and wandering "speeches". WG father even started out saying it wouldn't be about bride and groom because there'd be lots of speeches about them the next day. He was true to his word and had everybody bored and starving. THIS on top of the groom's parents being WAY late and holding everything up on that end as well.

After the two of them FINALLY sat down, DH stood up and quietly directed attention back to the b&g with a sweet (and short) toast. DD told him she was never more proud of him. It did sort of put things in a more normal perspective but - PHEW - it was so torturous sitting through their maudlin wanderings.

07-18-2006, 10:15 AM
Yup, today begins my 52nd year on the planet. Which thought actually makes me feel a little cheerful. Struggling with crankiness, probably some birthday-related angst on some level. Had a bit of an NSV last night though -- I sat down and wrote out a long litany of everything that was bugging me. Three pages, it was, mostly petty stuff. My thought is that it's better to acknowledge instead of pushing it way, way down with food.

The plan for the day is lunch with my sister and the afternoon at the beach and then a gathering at another sisters - which I'm not looking forward to, sadly. I'd much rather just go out to dinner with DH but she offered and I didn't feel like I could refuse. Typically, there are swarms of adolescents and all their teenagey behavior and energy pervades. Plus just too many family members all at one time. And everybody brings junk-y food that I can't eat. But maybe it'll be better than I anticipate. I told DH I wanted to go out to dinner another night to celebrate and he agreed reluctantly. He should take me out at least once a week, since I cook dinner for him every freakin' night! (Yup, that was one from my list)

Ceara, thanks for noticing and the nice birthday wishes! That definitely cheered me up! Have you actually seen evidence of our Punkin around somewhere? Do tell!

Anagram, I'm glad you felt the same way about being held hostage to speeches! Some people I've spoken to (although no one who was there) think I'm being a little "funny" about it. :dz: I hear you on that "deprived" thing, too. I felt deprived of food a few times yesterday and then was longing in the evening for some cold white wine (which I'm trying to limit because it makes the hot flashes worse). Wonder what substance I would have wanted to abuse next? :rolleyes:

WSW, hope the heat breaks for you soon and those darn short-circuits let you go! :hug:

K -- I've got help desk calling me in a bit and I need to get out for my run before they do. Love to all!

07-18-2006, 09:46 PM
Happy Birthday, Arabella!!!:hug: :hat: :woo:

I've lost track of days, but have been eating something for breakfast every day, so that's great progress for me. Plan to start lifting again soon...after I see how much damage I received today in the form of whiplash. Got hit from behind on the way home from work tonight. Detailed tale in land faraway.

07-18-2006, 10:18 PM
Hello all....

sorry to be gone so long...
DStepD was here this weekend and we did the tourist thing in Philadelphia.
Tried to stay inside as much as we could but it was still very warm. Not as warm as the past two days though....

And of course, anytime you do the tourist thing you have to take photos. Especially since DStepD has the camera cellphone....
And I had a reality check seeing myself in some of the photos.
Not a big shock mind you but still.... you can see the belly, etc, etc....

BACK from beyond.

As I write to you I am taking a short break from preparing for a speech I'm giving tomorrow. Luckily, I expect a very, very small group so I'm not too nervous.
Luckily, my topic is coming together nicely too.

As many of you might remember, I enjoy "collecting" heroes to inspire me. This month, I have added a few to my collecton.
Has everyone here heard about the Red Paperclip traded for a House?
Kyle McDonald decided he wanted a house but all he had was a red paperclip.
14 trades later, he had a house. Granted, the house is in Saskatchewan and Mcdonald currently lives in Montreal but ...... its a 3 bedroom house .... value of aprx $50,000 Canadian .....the payment.... one red paperclip....
Sure... its a BIG red paperclip... but its STILL a paperclip.....

well, in the middle of my royal pondering a big t storm has just rolled in.... 60 mile per hour winds.... must log off....

Away, away!

07-18-2006, 11:17 PM
arabella-happy birthday!!

wildfire-hope you are ok and no residual whiplash pain or worse from car accident.

and to all queens, greetings. ended up on target today. well, take care, all.

07-19-2006, 07:05 AM
Hello all.....

Wildfire... hope your whiplash is really something less ....

WoodsNymph.... I can relate... this year was 52 for me too...
Happy returns of the day!

Somehow, that "click" must have happened mentally although it wasn't very loud.... what I mean is, although I could see in the mirror and the way clothes fit, I was avoiding the scale. This morning, w/o a second thought, I climbed on. And yes, its no wonder the clothes don't fit. I am up 15-16 lbs....
More motivation....

But.... the good news is although I have lots to learn about maintaining... I DO know how to lose...


Thought of the day :

"Do good and don't worry to whom."
--Mexican proverb

Question of the day :

"Do you know your grandmother's maiden name?"


take care all!

07-19-2006, 08:28 AM
Happy birthday, Arabella!:D

Wildfire, let us know how you're doing.

Kaylets, not to worry about the few extra. I still have about 12 to lose--good thing that we know how it's done! ;) Eternal vigilance!

Have a great day, friends!:carrot:

07-19-2006, 09:17 AM
It was a tough one last night...I finally just went to bed and devoured the new Janet Evanovich....was :lol: to myself in bed....must of sounded like a lunatic! She is funny.
1. water **
2. Road walk *
3. No food after 7 pm. **
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin **

Nice to see you was really a stinker last week-end wasn't it? We have your seat all ready on the wagon...splinter-free! You're right Eydie....diligence. Or escapism....distraction works. How is the new career veer? Wildfire! Are you OK? Arabella, Punkin is lurking around in Alternachicks...mayhaps here too. Maybe she'll drop in on Friday? You're doing great Anagram....slow and steady does it. Wsw...fare thee well? Where are Clutha, Kat and the rest of the ladies? How're y'all doing on your challenges.

Am off to walk. Have adult book club not finished the book!...and a programme to prep for tomorrow...

07-19-2006, 08:44 PM
hi all! recently, i had received an amazingly generous gift of a group of massage therapy appointments! well, i had my first massage this afternoon, and it was wonderful!! :) what a treat that was!! i finished up on target today, too. well, hope everyone has a good evening. take care.

07-20-2006, 06:56 AM
Hello all....

WSW-- what a lucky royal you are.... a massage always is welcome!...... especially the deep tissue that really make the kinks and knots melt away...

Yes, Ceara, I too have been wondering about our missing Royals... and wondering if they are lurking....

Found myself suprised at how often my "new" bad habits were tested yesterday.... Seems the hand -to- mouth excecise is almost on autopilot....
Talk about being distracted, I need to be more aware and focused.
And yesterday did go well. And believe it or not, I'm beginning to feel a little cleaner.
But that sugar demon is a wily oponnent. I need to remember and be vigilant.

My speech didnt go as well as I would've liked. I blanked out in too many spots and tripped over pronoucing Philanthropic.... I forced myself to keep trying but even at the 3rd attempt I bungled.
I know where my mistake was.... not enough prep. Another lesson reminder.

Ok all, here we go.... LETS DO THIS!!!


I can't hear you!



And now, a cute and safe experience w/ chocolate:


Thought of the day:

Don't tell me your age; you probably would tell a falsehood anyway-but the
Hershey Man will know!


This is pretty neat.

It takes less than a minute .
Work this out as you read ...
Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out!
This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun.

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have
(more than once but less than 10)

2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold)

3. Add 5

4. Multiply it by 50 -- I'll wait while you get the calculator

5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1756 ....
If you haven't, add 1755.

6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born

You should have a three digit number

The first digit of this was your original number
(i.e., how! many times you want to have chocolate each week).

The next two numbers are

YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it is!!!!!)



Question of the day :

"Can you remember the make of the first car you ever drove?"


07-20-2006, 07:36 AM
...careening around the corner to say "puff, puff...I'm here!"

I haven't forgotten you all, just crazy busy these past few days. Should slow down now, I'm off for two, work the weekend then three days next week and on to the beach. Oh, I can't wait.

WI tonight...I'm expecting good things. :crossed: This is day...5? 6? I think 6. I have been doing well, getting into the groove, so to speak. Example: last night at work, there were many pizzas to be had around here, courtesy of a grateful patient. I had my yogurt and my cherries with me, and stuck to that, much to the surprise of my coworkers. "But there's PIZZA!" they gasped in astonishment. I stood my ground and had my preplanned snack.

So I'm feeling good about that. Dh and I have a date for breakfast this AM. <aw> I'm thinking "PANCAKES WITH SAUSAGE" but I'll have an egg white omelet with whole wheat toast. And tomato juice.

Yesterday I had my blood drawn for a re-check on the cholesterol. I've been so good, I can't wait to see the difference! :crossed:

Geez! Another admission! Do they see the time???? Gotta run, be back later.

07-20-2006, 08:41 AM
Pluggin' along....seem to be on a mini-plateau. The scale is stuck but, I feel tighter....guess the ol' bod is just re-adjusting!

1. water ***
2. Road walk **
3. No food after 7 pm. ***
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin ***

Geez Kay...don't you hate that when the memory just fails? I call it my "meno-mind". :lol:

Kat...good work on the pizza....we have to turn down those trigger foods...or at least I do...can't just eat one piece! Glad you'll get a bit of a break. My fav brekkie is two poached on rye, sliced tomatoes and ... :coffee:

Wsw...oooh...massage. Melting! are you? Anagram...did that vicious PN weather hit you yesterday?

QOD..Simca, a small car somehow associated with Chrysler. Standard, light coloured...a little box.

Have a programme to finish prepping...gotta go.

07-20-2006, 09:04 AM
Hi there. Wildfire, hope you're ok - this happened previously, no?

Wsw - what a great gift! I have a massage scheduled this afternoon and am, as usual, looking forward to it.

Belated Birthday wishes, Arabella. How was the gathering? Yes, dh SHOULD treat you at least once a week (and willingly). Just don't know how to make that happen for you.

Kaylets, Eydie - at least you have proved you CAN DO IT.

Was it TWELVE, Ceara. I just returned TO THE NINES. Haven't read much Evanovich and don't know why as I'm a big fan of the genre. I'm on a Dick Francis now. Yes, we had yet another nasty storm. Worse in surrounding areas though. Can't believe how green grass still is. Way above normal rainfall and those tiny weeds I missed have become at least a foot and a half tall. Way too hot to worry about them.

QODS - 1954 DeSoto (if you don't count the 30s crankup truck my dad gave me my first lesson in-never actually drove it)

Yes - Kavanaugh and Butler and their moms maiden names were Small and Tallon.

Off to strip the sheets - ooh, a massage and clean sheets on the same day!

So yesterday was the 8th day of the challenge and I've been under 1800 each day (and it's the 10th day in a row). I'm going to go over one day soon, as planned. Maybe today as I'm lunching/shopping with sister after massage.

07-20-2006, 11:47 PM
Hey all...

Weigh in went well, down 1.8 for a total of 8.4 lbs lost! I always think, "oh it's going so s l o w l y," but as long as it's going, I'm happy. I think this is the first time in forever that I've lost consistently, four weeks in a row. Gotta make the big push for that 10# star next week! Yes, it's silly, but it's a motivator for me so whatever works, right?

QODs: 1st car I drove was my brother's 1962 Chevy Nova. (a clunker given to him by my grandparents) I later took my driver's tests in a '73 Nova that belonged to a friend. I must have had a thing for Chevys...the first car I bought (and wrecked) was a '78 Chevy Monza!

Grandmother's maiden names: Grant and Hart

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Kaylets!! Hershey Man does indeed know :?: He is wise....and tasty. Now I want chocolate.

Happy belated birthday, Arabella, fellow Cancerian! :hb: I hope family time wasn't too annoying and that you got some quality birthday time as you like it.

wsw....mmm, a massage! Heavenly! Nice gift.

ceara....oh yes, "meno-mind," I am familiar... :yes:

anagram...I like your plan to include higher calorie days in the week...they say mixing it up like that stimulates the metabolism and keeps it revved. AND you get to eat more! :cp:, how did the "Excuses" topic go at your meeting? I must be tuned in to the subject, because I'm realizing that people make excuses for EVERYTHING. Why do we do that? Is it because we find it hard to admit that we are not perfect and must find a way explain why? Must ponder this further....

My brain is starting to shut down and my body is calling me to the recliner where I plan on doing some reading before I drift off to dreamland....:yawn: :faint:

Dh and I are heading up to visit our son this weekend. We can't see him til Saturday, but we're driving up tomorrow with the intention of doing some canoeing or rafting on the Deleware River and then maybe some golf on Saturday. The heat wave seems to have broken, I sure hope that lasts through the weekend!

Have a great weekend, all...keep up the good work! :wave:

07-21-2006, 06:18 AM
Hello all!

Although I got myself into a real tizzy yesterday as ( gee Katrina, same wavelength here) I had to explain a mistake I made to 3 dept heads .... I only had 2 little ( very tiny) lollilops and I really did take responsiblity and offered a solution. But yes, I hated to admit I had made the mistake....
I caught one boss inbetween meetings, I wonder if the morning brings a different reaction. .......

Ah well.....
Guess I am just a human royal.....

Here's the thought for the day:


Thought of the day:

"It's not how you begin the race but how you end it."

Question of the day :

"Which phone number do you know best?"



PS... Little tiny muscle under my left eye is twitching non stop. No pain, just twtiching. Google search says this is common, often related to stress, tiredness, ( grammar?) and caffeine.....
Anyone else ??? I have seen this b/4 when I am overtired but have never seen it last this long b/4.....
Some folks are beginning to only notice the twitching......


07-21-2006, 08:43 AM
And we're rounding into the home stretch! It's Friday! No brekkie with parentals :( they are away. And my friend is working. I think I may just go myself and read a book. So there!

1. water ****
2. Road walk ***
3. No food after 7 pm. ****
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin ****

Did some gardening last a lovely red hibiscus and some unknown spikey perennials in...2 reds and a blue one....spikey as in delphinium flower spikey, not yucca leaf spikey. I still have to work on getting in the new hostas....but that involves soil prep.

Have a great week end away Kat! Sounds like fun. How was the DH brekkie? Congrats on the weigh-in! I'm with you. Downward movement is good....I see mine inching but not enough to count a pound yet...darn thing! Kaylets...mine does that too, mostly when I am really tired. That eyelid droops too when I am tired or stressed. I never had it not stop though. That would be really annoying. Sounds like you need a spa day....maybe a chill out day on the week-end would help. Wanna come float in my pool? Yup was Twelve Sharp....:rofl: Great work on the 8 day streak....DH and I ate at a new restaurant in the small town where I work last night. (whew! what a rambler!) Mexican. It was fresh, and the portions were portions. No huge amount of food. I quite enjoyed it!

Anyway, must fly. Want to walk before I ramble away, and get the girls out...maybe even toss a tennis ball for them...with the heat broken, it is actually livable out there. :lol:

:wave: to all royals...where are you Arabella?

07-21-2006, 10:03 AM
G'morning kids...Just sipping my coffee, waiting for dh to amble on out of slumberland. I'm not waking him, it's nice and quiet for the moment!

I just got off the scale and am a full 2lbs lighter than I was last night at weigh in. That's okay though, I'll keep that in mind this weekend when it's time to eat...should keep me on the straight & narrow.

I know I've said it before, but summer really is the best time for much available in the way of fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies. Last night we had corn on the cob and sauteed zucchini, tomatoes, onions and garlic with our bbq'd chicken. For dessert (don't laugh) I had chopped up a sweet sweet peach, mixed it with cottage cheese and topped it with blueberries. :T

Okay, gotta go. Have a great weekend all, keep cool, stay focused, have fun!

07-21-2006, 12:59 PM
Busy and a little "put-upon" the last few days. Some of which was put on by mine own self :dz: So mine own darn fault. Need to work on that! Sometimes I hardly finish agreeing to do something before I start resenting it -- might be a better idea to consider more carefully before saying "yea."

My MIL had a fall on the weekend and they took her into the hospital. We got a call saying she was fine. Then, later, another call saying that x-rays had shown a large spot on one lung and multiple small ones on her other. Further examination found spots on her brain. She had colon cancer a few years back. Sooo... I guess this is it. I just hope she doesn't have a long illness. She doesn't want to have chemo or biopsies or anything. She's almost 91 and has been blessed with excellent health and an enviable amount of energy. Her retirement has been a total model -- travel, taking classes, etc.

Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes -- the afternoon and the gathering were both LOVELY!!! :) The beach was gorgeous, the water temperature perfect and only a normal complement of jellyfish. So we swam and lolled in the water and chatted. My sister wanted to go for a walk on the beach and I first said, no -- I'll just go back to the mats and lie in the sun. Reason being that I didn't want to parade my swimsuit-clad body down the shore. But then I decided the heck with it and went for a stroll. It was nice -- we did encounter a couple of young and flawless (physically at least) women, one of which looked very noticeably and scornfully at our bodies. But I didn't take it to heart.

Then the gathering later was really very nice -- I got in more good times with my sisters and felt good. Oh, and another nice thing: when I got home from the beach there was a mysterious envelope and when I opened it up, it was a check for $1,500 from a company that stiffed me on some freelance work YEARS ago when they folded. I had completely written that money off. Just went down on the debt, but I guess it's a good thing anyway.

Am starting over -- didn't manage to meditate yesterday. Doing well on the whole, although the scale seems to be stuck. Oh and now I've rambled on so long that I've got to leave and get some work done. I'll be back, though -- so much I want to respond to! Let's make this a good one!

07-21-2006, 03:43 PM
Hi Arabella....what bad news! I hope things go smoothly for MIL and your family.

Yeah Kat....that scale is a fickle thing isn't it?

I had brekkie, did some running around. Now I wanna go dig dirt...I visited a few looking for a particular hosta. I'm on a quest!

Still have 1/2 of the water to drink and every thing else to do on my list...better get glubbing and walking I guess!

:wave: Frogger!

07-22-2006, 08:34 AM
Ah, Wood Nymph! Sorry to hear your MIL will be going through her last journey. What a brave woman, too. It sounds as though she lived a very full life and is accepting. Will be hard on all but would be if she were having chemo, etc. too.

And your birthday sounds PERFECT (well, except for the "flawless" chick but who needs her - she's not "royal"). And what perfect timing for the mysterious envelope to arrive. I'd say 2/3 on the debt and 1/3 to blow to compensate for the anguish caused by the long delay in compensation. I'm sure you went through all kinds of emotions when you had to write it off.

My calories were up around the 1800 mark the last two days so now it's time to buckle down again. Today is the halfway point of my current challenge so I have to rebuckle. It's been so nice to be sitting squarely on the wagon for change. I don't want to blow it.

07-22-2006, 09:26 AM
Fly-bye quickie. It's great to have you on the wagon Anagram! I am off to walk, (may have to wear a jacket!), then :wave: to all Royals!

1. water *****
2. Road walk ***
3. No food after 7 pm. *****
4. 2 glasses of wine/week. -1-
5. multivitamin *****

BTB...WTG Kat on the 2 lbs down...hope the week end with hubby is good!

07-22-2006, 10:09 AM
A little tired today -- think I've got a smidgen of a bug that DGS has had. Don't feel badly, just had some digestive upset and now am weary. Gearing up to go for my woggle but decided I'd have some coffee and spend some time in the palace before I left to fortify self. I skipped the meditation and mind/body exercise yesterday but will do today :yes: I've been having trouble making the scale nudge downward for a few weeks and want to start moving again. Took the fish oil caps yesterday and did have noticeable appetite suppression. I've been doing pretty well, diet-wise, but not 100% and it really doesn't take much to stall the weight loss. "Avanti!" I say. (Missing our Empress!)

I was thinking, amid birthday musings, of blessings and joys and of how everyone in this group is counted large among both. Thank you!

Kaylets, yes, I often get an eye tic when tired and/or stressed and sometimes it lasts for weeks. Remember to get your royal R&R! I love the recent QoDs:

Grandmothers' maiden names: Prowse & Whitehead (makes me feel good just saying this, making that connection -- I must delve deeper)

First car I drove was a little red Renault that my brother'd bought very cheaply. I remember we'd scrounge up change for gas and put something like 35 cents-worth in the tank and go driving around :lol:

My mom's phone number is the one I know best. Four+ decades of using a number will etch it on one's memory, I think ;)

Katrina, 8.4 in four weeks is PERFECT! You're doing GREAT!!! And your weekend plan sounds lovely, too. Plus, you get to see your boy :) I thought it was interesting the way you mentioned noticing "excuses" more. I've been noticing how many times I fudge the truth for no really good reason -- usually to present something to DH in a better light or some such. I guess noticing is the first step, huh. Honesty is power!

Eydie, how'd the "excuses" meeting go?

Anagram, yes, I think she's prepared. And I hope to model my retirement on hers, she's had such a good time! She said something about death being the final great adventure of life :cheers: Which is how I want to look at it, despite not wanting to die any time soon. But after, say, another 50 years on the planet I should be ready for the next frontier. Are you still aware of your beloved's visits?

I'm counting the walk on the shore, complete with scorn of the snippet, as an NSV. I did it, faced up to the fear and lived with the actuality without letting it send me into a tailspin. Yay me!

Ceara, my love -- even if the scale is slow at this moment, by my reckoning you're down 13 pounds in exactly a month. Amazing! :encore:

I love hostas! What kind are you looking for?

Am coming along with Kaylets to float in your pool, BTW. :s:

Wildfire, hope you didn't have any physical repercussions from that accident!

WSW, has it cooled off yet? Hope you're well! I must book a massage myself -- DH's insurance pays for one a month but I haven't been getting them -- sad to say, I'm sure it's because of body-shame. Must just get over that and make an appointment. They feel soooooooo good :cloud9:

K, Sweeties! I'm slurping a bit more :coffee: and then woggling along. Let's make this a good one!

07-23-2006, 08:20 PM
'lo, ladies. Still on track. Tough today as went out for late breakfast/lunch and really had a good one. So skimping tonight to come in under the allotted 1800. Think I'll do it though.

Exercise for the week was two tai chi classes, two pool workouts, 3 trekking through stores. Feet are so tired................

Had a really great sleep last night. Does wonders.

You're a blessing to us too, WN and hope you're feeling a tad better. Kaylets I, too, at one time got a twitchy eye. It seems to have left me in recent years though :crossed: Seemed most prominent when I had teen aged kids ;)

And yes, I still feel dh around me. Not constantly but when I need him. I'm going to head out now to read the newpaper on the Patio of Peace and Contentment as I feel him there more than a lot of other places and he'd esp. enjoy the fine evening. I'm pleased that the PPC retains that feel - I was a little worried that it might not w/o dh. And it has saved my sanity so oft through the years that I didn't want to lose that. So off i go before the sun goes down.

07-24-2006, 12:21 PM
Somebody kindly dust off my tiara!

Helloooo all you friendly, familiar faces! Arabella has the best timing. I've been looking around for a place to fit in here again (love the Alternachicks, but have yet to pull up a comfy permanent chair there) and there was her PM saying howdy! Great timing.

First, I've got to say, my deepest sympathy is sent out to Anagram. I literally teared up when I saw you'd lost your DH. I feel like we went through a lot of his illness with you in a sense. Having just lost my stepdad a little over a year ago losses like yours just dredge up those feelings. I guess I can understand that magnitude of loss, unfortunately, so much better now.

Arabella, thank you for the nudge to get back over here. I'm sorry for your MIL's prognosis too. She sounds like an amazing woman, and 91 years is downright impressive. We should all be so lucky - to have lived that life and to have the people around her she does now at this time in her life. Bless her.

Kaylets, Ceara, Wildfire and Eydie, I've missed you all so!!!! As I was going through the 14 pages of posts every time I'd see a familiar face I thought "oh, she's still here too!". Good to see you all here and doing well (eh, Wildfire, hope your neck is well!).

WSW, I'm happy to see you too. Sticking it out still through the "technical difficulties". You are an inspiration, truly! As for the massages. I just in the last 7 months have started treating them as important as any doctor's visit. They're good for the body and mind. If you can, keep going. Some insurances even cover them- of course *I* don't have insurance ($%&@#$ Oregon) but I've been saving up and having one every couple months. Sooooo worth it!

Howdy to Clutha and KatrinaB! :wave: Lookin' forward to getting to know ya!

Ok, mini mememe post. All is well, has been well. I took a year off after my stepdad passed to figure out what end was up in life - after losing my best friend's son, mom's best friend, grandfather and stepdad everything felt, I don't know, just bad. Bad, bad bad. I tried to force myself back to "normal" but there was no forcing to be had. So, in January I decided it was time to start moving myself back to a positive direction, joined WW with some friends, started scheduling massages, practicing meditation (tho not as often as I'm still aiming for!) and started practicing being a more honest person. I don't mean in the truthful sense, I mean starting to be ME and not who someone thinks I should be. If I feel it, I say it (hehe, for the most part, of course!). Life's too short on one hand, but to say you didn't get the chance to say you loved someone or what they mean to you is just a cop out. Or that you didn't have time to do one thing or another? No, you've just gotta do it. So, it's been my goal to just live more honest to myself. If that makes sense.... :dizzy:

Mini updates that I can't remember if I've posted:

~ I became an auntie again in December. You all remember Bean, my bestest friend in CA who was here with our 3FC group yeeeeeears ago.... she had a baby boy, 13 weeks early, in December. He was 1 pound 13 ounces, but is now a biiiig boy and doing great. I'll be seeing her in 2 weeks and plan on giving the boy back when she leaves. Not a moment sooner!

~ Still visiting with "my guy" in LA. Yes, it's been almost 5 years of phone calls. No, I STILL have not met him face to face. That seems to be coming to an end in September though. I have tickets to fly to California for fun and work and we're planning on finally meeting up. Nervous? No.... it's been too long for me to be nervous about meeting him.

~ Mums is still doing well, still cancer free. She's starting her 3rd year cancer free this fall. Gods willing the visit we had from IT will be the only visit we ever get. That's a trip we're both grateful we made, but never want to go back to again. We're both trudging through the loooong list of things my stepdad never got finished. Learning to be extremely self-sufficient women. I think he'd be proud - well, I think he'd expect us to do what we're doing too!

Uuuuuh, guess that's it. I'll get back to the posties later. I could really use a string of 21 days, currently I've gotten into a "post weigh in celebration" rut/bad habit and have been not counting anything past weigh in. Ya know, you can do a LOT of damage in a few hours!

Check back later, toodles!


07-24-2006, 01:06 PM
:carrot: What a nice surprise to come here and find a lovely chatty post from Punkin!:hug: The Prodigal returneth---kill the fatted calf---or tofu or something! Wow, have you ever? A biblical reference from ME?:D

I finished up a 21-dayer at some point and was starting on a second and last Monday it all came crashing down around me for no apparent reason a mere hour before my Monday nite session. Ironic, ain't it? That the workshop facilitator would go on a merry little cheap cookie binge just before the thing started. It was probably the weirdest episode ever, because there was nothing I could really pin it on.
I think I figured it out, in the interest of being painfully honest. [I'm a huge fan of that too, Punkin!] I'm sure that it has to do with my recent decision to go for the PT certification and those old "tapes' started playing again, saying 'Who do you think you are, little miss? Let's throw some real sabotage your way and derail your confidence before your people get here. Let's see how well you function thru this sugar fog." It was weird--truly. So I changed the subject to 'how to bounce back after a binge'! And everyone was in agreement that the only way is to claw your way back immediately!
It was quite the wake-up call. Just when you think you've conquered something forever, it's back. But as I always say. awareness is everything and I'm catching on faster and faster!

My studies are so much more involved than I thought they'd be. Last night I looked up words like "sarcoplasmic reticulum" and "anthropometric assessments". It's like learning a new language, but thankfully the language is FASCINATING!

Sorry for the me-me-me post. I really am paying attention. Even if I'm not responding to you all individually, know that I'm nodding and smiling and wishing we all lived closer!;)

07-24-2006, 02:22 PM
Dang...I just realized I posted to the old thread....NO WONDER!! :dizzy:

So here it is...

Still at a 10 lb loss!!! I can't believe it!

HI ALL!!!! Long time no talkie...

Looking for a new job (still here same place) I continue to feel very unwelcome and my doctor has even suggested that I am showing signs of depression. She was like, whatever it is, NIP IT IN THE BUD!!! All I want to do is sleep, and I cry at the drop of a hat. I'm all kinds of things all at once, and I'm starting to stay physically sick. (Cold/flu symptoms)

I have a phone interview on tuesday so I'm looking for 2 things. $$ and anything other than crap work. I'd take less $$ for my sanity...

I'm trying to catch up on everyone. How are you girls?

You should see my little tadpole. She'll be 2 years old in two months. Daddy has already taught her to count to 3. Then she says 5. 1-2-3-5

More later loves. I'll try to be around more...

07-24-2006, 04:52 PM
Hey Eydie! Yes, you flingin' biblical stuff is a bit scary.... Thanks for the welcome back!

Frogger, my goodness, the tadpole's gonna be 2????? I still remember your discovery of her existence! Wow, we all have been together for a long time haven't we?? Send pics when you can, I'd love to see little Sydney! Oh, and yes, sometimes your sanity is worth taking a job for slightly less money. Hopefully that all works out, stress/depression over work is no good since ya spend more time there than at home!

Smooches all around, later gators,


07-25-2006, 12:54 AM
Hola chicas! My goodness this board is running slow today.

Hey Punkin! Glad you made your way over from Alternachicks. My condolences on your stepdad's death. Glad to hear you and your mom are supporting each other still. How exciting you are finally meeting your guy! I went 9 years before finally meeting my Irishman, and we both can't understand why we waited so long!

Arabella, sorry to hear of your MIL's illness. What a remarkable lady, to have lived as she has and have such courage for her final journey.

Eydie, you go girl! You will make a great PT! (No matter what the cookies tell you!)

Frogger, can you set yourself up with a headhunting agency if you haven't already? They often have the best leads on jobs because employers pay them big bucks to find the right person.

Anagram, how comforting that your DH still shares the Patio of Peace and Contentment with you. Hard to believe six months have passed already.

Ceara, what kind of hosta are you hunting?

My neck/back are feeling better, and I imagine will continue to with time. Still have lingering problems from accident two years ago, so I am somewhat used to it.

Declaring a new 21-day challenge:

1) Breakfast every day
2) Walk 30 minutes minimum every day
3) Water!

07-25-2006, 10:10 AM
Fly-by :wave: Things are insane at work -- huge campaign on and assistant taking week off :dz: All going well, another pound squoze off at WI and SLD working pretty well. Haven't been counting days but will start again soon. My plan for the day is to remain sane and if someone else's plan for me is to go mad (which is quite likely) I shall resist with all my strength. I'll try to get back in to respond later.

Oh, it feels so good to have more of the chicks home to roost :grouphug:!


07-25-2006, 11:15 AM
Wildfire..I never thought about a headhunter. I'll have to research that. Thanks :hug:

My eating is completly out of control HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I eat and eat and eat. At this 10lbs will be put back on in no time. Time to buckle it down!

Oh, more later...we are having a "meeting" about my concerns that I submitted to my PM. Maybe I won't have a job after today afterall...:?:

07-25-2006, 12:55 PM
'Morning' - so glad to see Punkin and Frogger back.

If today were not Day 14 of my current challenge, I think I'd go to an all you can eat buffet. I think I crawled over the 1800 calorie mark a bit the other night (by a rice cake or two) but since I allowed myself an up day or two (and that was the first) I'm continuing on the same challenge. average is still below 1800. No real weight loss but I'm feeling more toned. Skipping pool today as too many other appointments, etc. and peace of mind (relatively speaking) counts for something too.

I'm so hungry I'm actually making lunch my "big" meal of the day today. Water, water, here I come.

07-25-2006, 08:40 PM
hi punkin and frogger! how lovely to see you both!!!!

arabella-congrats on the weight loss! sorry to hear of your mil's diagnosis.

wildfire-glad your neck is getting better!

---and hello anagram, eydie, ceara, kaylets, katrinabgood, and to all our royals. i decided to start over again on this second 21 day challenge. i didn't fall too far off the trolley, but i just wasn't as careful the past few days when not feeling well, and that's not a good trend for me. tomorrow will be day 1. well, take care, all.

07-26-2006, 09:42 AM
Green for GO! I'm climbing outta the muck into the sunshine...again. I'm with you wsw...just little things but when I start to justify something, then the goal was NOT met and I'd better start over. Started again Monday....2 days on the wagon. So will change siggy and off I go!

1. water **
2. Road walk
3. No food after 7 pm. **
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin **

It sure is great to see all the familiar faces back again....:wave: Punkin! :wave: Frogger! How is your neck Ms Wildfire? I check you in the far away land once in a while. I can't see the rest of the posties from here...I've been lurkin' over the week-end though. This is the first week of the new schedule...I got my 2 hours back by the bye...had to file a grievance to do it. The hours are wacky on Mon and Wed be life right? That and the big ol' party (teens) here Sat night was enough to knock me off I guess. I am very tired though.

OK, vitamin and walk....then some gardening....the hosta I'm on a quest for is very showy...saw it on the garden tour. The leaf is fairly large, with the smallest of dark green strip on the outer edge and the middle is just pure white....blinding. It is very flashy, and I WANT one! I have one that may be it...we'll see. The baby does not match the picture but that is often the way until they mature. Don't know the name...but I will surf one day and see if I see it. I could just go and ask right? Duh...too easy.

:wave: to all :queen: s....gotta :tread:

07-26-2006, 11:17 AM
Mornin' one and all!

WW gave me a .2 pound loss prezzie last night. Wasn't expecting anything, actually was expecting a gain because of camping over the weekend. But, I'll take it!

So, today's Day 1, so far I:
* got up at 4:30am and walked for 30 minutes
* had a good healthy breakfast
* journaled my breakfast, snacks and lunch
* planned dinner, but haven't written it down yet

* drink more water today, at least 2 mugs while here at work

Tomorrow? More of the same!

Onward and downward royals!


07-26-2006, 08:00 PM
Almost to the end of the 15th day of the challenge and my 17th acceptable day in a row. Excuse me, but what did I do with the real me? She's probably lurking about just waiting for me to relax or be in a bad mood. Either way, there'll be some sort of irresistable treat if I just let my guard down.

I'm only at 1200 calories so far so expect to come in about 1400 for the day - allowing for my evening snack.

Ungodly weather today. Only reached high 80s but so humid I have a headache all day even in the a/c. But did do tai chi this a.m. spent a lot of time on answering machine problems. Machines HATE me, I'm convinced.

Will venture outside in a little bit once it's closer to sundown. Shesh!

07-27-2006, 06:40 AM
Hello all.... things are nonstop getting ready for next week's vacation......I have only a moment but saw a post from PUNKINSEED and am SO glad to see it.....
Hope all, ( saw your name too Frogger!) are well....

I cannot wait to come back this evening and catch up!

07-27-2006, 08:14 AM
Green for still going! Did the vitamin already...counted it for today before I forget...meno-mind. Got my water waiting in the fridge...ready in their bottles.

1. water ***
2. Road walk *
3. No food after 7 pm. ***
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin ****

It is a little drizzly out there today...we need a long socked in rain, but the farmers who still have wheat and hay still on the fields aren't going to be too happy!

Managed to haul some dirt and manure mix (got some mushroom stuff) yesterday and started supplementing the new bed on the north side of the house. Planted one hosta and a soft wort?...which will have hot pink flowers on it. I'm wondering if it will have enough light there...I may have to move it next spring. The hosta I'm looking for is maybe winter white, or a derivative of sounds like what I saw...and apparently is harder than blazes to find...wouldn't you know! Maybe I'll just go steal some....NOT! my last programme to prep for this morning...I was supposed to be done with this stuff last week, but with the staffing change...and lack of 1 person, I picked up another programme....

Congrats on the loss Punkin! You are doing marvellously da-a-h-h-l-ling. Good for you Anagram....days strung together are nice :yes: and productive. When are you off to see the princesses again? Kaylets...which weekend are you going? I'm outta here on the 4th and gone for at least a week....I hope. Breakfast with the parentals is one thing, but living with my mother that long can be a trial .....Arabella ...your egg is lit! How goes life? Nice to see you Eydie! :wave: to all other queens...hope your day goes well...

Gotta get going...update the siggy and finish the planning! Avanti!

07-27-2006, 08:27 AM
Ugh. Just hit a single button and closed the window of my near-finished long, chatty post. Don't even know what button that was but will have to find it and tape it up :mad: Will be back!

07-27-2006, 02:04 PM
Dropwort, that is it. Have planted 15 red salvia, and a couple of perennials...creeping thyme and something else. Good memory, just really short. :lol:

Hi-Ho...back to work I go 'til 6 tonight. Last programme was this morning...what a relief!


07-27-2006, 09:42 PM
The strain of this long string is getting to me. I'm at 1300 for the day - hope to finish about 1500. Did pool workout today, hope to make it there tomorrow too.

Was having answering machine problems all week. Put on my backup - problems. Bought a new one. Problems. Called nephew whod does this stuff for a living. He came today, checked all out. No problems with jacks, outlets, machines. We've had a lot of power outages lately and I thought maybe that contributed. Dunno - just know machines don't like me.

Princesses coming up this weekend, ceara. Gardens sound lovely. Happy vacation, Kaylets. Dontcha just hate those buttons in the wrong place, WN?

Anyway, today's day 16 (plus the two I did before declaring the challenge). Really thought I'd have my allowed "blowout" before now. Maybe tomorrow night as I'm going out to dinner w/friend. Blowout being eating in moderation but not counting calories so ending up with a bit more. Don't know about losing weight but feeling a bit more "toned". Getting sleepy - shound be smart and end the day early.

07-27-2006, 10:41 PM
punkin-congrats on the weight loss!

anagram-you are doing great!

hi ceara-your garden sounds delightful.

and greetings to all our lovely queens. well, completed day 2 on track. the heat is just doing me in. a friend called this evening, and is going to bring lunch over tomorrow, and i'm looking forward to the visit. well, have a good evening, all.

07-28-2006, 07:19 AM
Hey all, this week has been cuh-RAY-zee! Working, and getting it together for vacation has taken up most of my time. I almost forgot about WW last night, then remembered and thought, "oh ****, I don't feel like I lost anyway, why go?" I DID manage to drag my butt over there, weighed in, gained 6/10ths of a lb and was so happy that I went. It just renewed my sense of commitment, especially before two weeks of vacation!

I am hereby issuing myself a 14 day vacation challenge:

*Attend WW meetings on the island.
*Exercise at least 4 days/week.
*Follow Flex plan, counting points, utilizing 35 point allowance for cocktails or treats. Will also utilize activity points (which I don't usually do)
*Drink at least 64oz water daily.
*RELAX AND HAVE FUN! :flow2: :cloud9:

I'm not sure if we'll have internet service, dh might bring his laptop if we do...I'll try to check in if we do!

So much I want to say to all, so many replies about various things you gals have posted and I just don't have the time! I still have one more admission to do then I am out of here! They're squeezing every last drop of work out of me before I leave!

Hang in there, everyone, I expect to read about lots of great progress when I get back!


07-28-2006, 08:07 AM
Still green for GO! However, my went is gone :lol: Am :coffee: yet....A-h-h...that's brain should start working any minute now.

Made it through another day, and have regained my ticker stats....movin' on! I guess the only consolation is that if it goes on quickly, it comes off quickly....I nearly freaked when I got on the scale Monday. I wasn't off my challenge...just pushing it...eating chocolate covered granola bars out of ???boredom??? I don't believe I was hungry. Anyway, onwards and downwards! NSV...I have a pair of shorts on that I've never worn....they were $5 cheapies I found a couple years ago....
1. water ****
2. Road walk *
3. No food after 7 pm. ****
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin ****
A little shy on the walking....guess where I'm off to this am?

Have a great vacation Kat....I'm joining you as of next Friday...just for 10 days or so. Good work on the streak Anagram....don't worry about the why of it, just enjoy it and do ARE doin' it!

Garden is coming...they are always works in progress....and here I am thinkin' on going back to get more of those $1 perennials today...I have not even finished the beds where they go! Optimist. Guess I'll be hauling dirt and mushroom merde this week end! :lol:

Gotta get goin'...:tread: The coffee is workin'. Arabella, I copy my posts (ctrl C) before I post 'em....saves frustration, especially when I've done war and peace :yes:

07-28-2006, 08:35 AM
Shan't specify day because we've got our beloved Queen o' Friday back to proclaim. :cb:

Ayuh, let's try this again! Will be very careful of pesky buttons -- still didn't figure out which one it was. Something on my actual keyboard. Ah well, that one never happened before so maybe will never again? :crossed:

I'm pretty much cruising. We had dinner out with vacationing friends the other night (DH has been pals with this couple since first year university). They're always a lot of fun. I feel like we're old friends, too, and really I've only met them a handful of times and it's been five years. Always just like we saw them a week ago, though. They live in Kingston (Ontario). It would be nice if they were closer -- I'm sure we'd see a lot of them.

I'm in that mode where I feel slimmer and think I can see a difference but the scales are slooooooow/stalled. I should take the body fat and etc. measurements tomorrow.

Going to start counting days now instead of trying to figure out what kind of a string I've got going. Here's what I'm doing:
* SLD + Core
* At least 2L water daily (usually it's LOTS more)
* Meditation daily
* Tai chi or yoga or Pilates daily
* Aerobic exercise daily (currently woggling 3-4 times a week, walking o/w)
* Circuit training 3X weekly
* Have some FUN every day!

And that last one is as important as any of the others. Here's a larf for you: I dreamed the other night I was marrying Willie Nelson :lol: I took it to mean that I need to get in touch with my inner outlaw. Have been pretty strait-laced the last decade or so and mean to free my inner wild woman (of course, this is going to be pretty mild, in actuality -- this morning, for example, on my way to the gym, I stole a little sweet pea blossom that was poking through someone's fence ;).

That's enough of me-me-me for now. I think I'll post and come back in before something happens...

07-28-2006, 09:33 AM
Ceara, I love hearing about your gardening escapades -- very inspiring to me. I've got a lot of what a friend of mine called "potential for improvement" :dz: in my gardens. I'm starting to imagine the possibilities. We've been working on the house/yards since we moved here but it takes a while. Lots of shady areas in the back that I'd love to get planted up with hostas/ferns/astillbe and other shade lovers. Yesterday I swiped (there's that outlaw thing again! :lol: ) seed from my neighbor's sweet, old-fashioned deep rosy-red columbine. (It was tempting me through a fence, too ;) ) and sprinkled it through my beds. Hope to see it come up next year.

Katrina, I'm so glad you got a chance to get in and post before you left. It's great having those points for extras, isn't it. I remember one time having some kind of a treat after lunch and feeling my automatic guilt/failure response and then thinking, hey, no, I can just track those points and it's all good. :) Very empowering! Have a FABULOUS vacation and pop in to say :wave: if you can.

Anagram, how wonderful that your darling still shares the Patio of Peace and Tranquility with you!

Re: electronics -- they are just badly behaved and unpredictable, even with those who are most adept. And they typically pick the worst possible time to feel impish. Frustrating for all -- electricians and programmers and network people all tend to be pretty good swearers ;)

:queen: Punkinseed, thanks for getting us up to date. I'm vicariously excited about you meeting "your guy" so soon. Fun! I can't wait to see what that's like after all this time. I just notice this morning that you're on the verge of Onederland -- WOW!!! You've done fantastically -- kudos! :encore:

So happy that your mums is still well! :)

WSW, hope that heat lets up for you soon! Have a lovely lunch with your friend :)

Frogger, stress'll do that, huh :dz: I often find myself eating before I even allow myself to realize I'm reacting to something. You might want to look into the Shangr-la diet There's a lot of info in the forums. And a lot of people are having AMAZING results in it -- just seems to make the whole thing more controllable.

Wildfire, how goes it? Re: mermaids -- I was IMing with my site director yesterday and she was talking about a couple of coworkers -- said "She's Type A and he's Type C." I asked what type we were and she said "uuummmm... Type Mermaid?" She was right, too. She'd been saying that she was spending the day fighting various fires. We decided that fires are not good places for mermaids. New motto :). Good thing you've got the fire here and mermaid there...

Eydie, that's so classic -- the sugar binge in response to the YOU-GO-GIRL PT training. Maaaan, if we didn't self-sabotage no one could stop us! I know I've got fears on some level that have put me where I am. Need to find out what they are and stare 'em down :yes: BTW: YOU GO GIRL!!!

Amarantha, lurkest thou?

Anyone else? Love to all, in any case. Must away to work (c'mon, Willie!)

07-28-2006, 09:03 PM
katrinabgood-have a wonderful vacation!

thanks, arabella, i did have a nice lunch with my friend today. it was a rather emotional day for me afterwards, though, because my friend told me that he found out he will probably be moving out of the country for 2 years. it is an excellent and enriching opportunity for him, which he truly deserves, and he is very excited about the prospect. i am thrilled for him! he is a wonderful friend, and emotional support, and i will miss him tremendously, though. granted, he doesn't know for certain yet, but it looks like it will happen, and i am already missing him. ok, so enough of the sappy stuff--. i completed day 3 on target. i also finally lost a blasted pound after an unbearably long plateau. i thought people usually lose more than one measly pound afte such a long time, but my poor body just isn't remembering too well how to lose weight. i am pleased about this dainty lb. down, though, since it was very hard-fought! also, i don't want to use my losing weight so sloooowly as an excuse to throw in the towel. so, onward and downward, i say. hope everyone has a good weekend. take care. all.

07-29-2006, 09:14 AM
:cp: wsw for the :dance: released to the stratosphere, where all released :dance: live a life of luxury far from our bod! WTG!

I too stayed on track yesterday....and I am planning to stay on board all week-end. I had a very little bit of a peanut butter/chocolate dessert thing that a friend of my skinny son's made....I came upon it in the freezer and had a piece after it ambushed me. But then I went out and shovelled 2 loads of dirt and mushroom manure and moved them, so I think I wore it off....Also just a sip of my husband's beer. I don't have type of food or amount in my challenge, but I'm not allowing myself to go hog wild....I still eat very sensibly I'm afraid...salads, grilled salmon, lean meats, lots of veggies and at least one fruit a day. Picked up some fresh blackberries last night...I'm off to make jam this am.
1. water *****
2. Road walk **
3. No food after 7 pm. *****
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin *****

So, what is on your schedule for the week-end...mine is already filling up. Potential for to breed a *****, jam, practice with soloist for church tomorrow, practice with myself for soloist for church tomorrow, groom the rescue (I may have a potential home for her!!!!), take the rescue to meet the people this pm (or tomorrow pm) and a load of stone and mulch coming in this morning....I need a nap. Oh yeah....walk the road! Plus move the earth...literally. Dh is much too tired these days :lol: And I was "bad" yesterday....have another 20 or so plants to plant with no prepared spots for their little feeties....Geesh. I picked up some arugula (bugleweed), 2 varieties, one is called chocolate something....very dark green and velvety chocolate colour....and a variagated green, purple and cream put on the border of the under the Austrian pines ground cover area....that is where the ivy and periwinkle will go too....and the mulch. I've decided to start at one end and mulch the other that I don't do this least it will be started and I can work on it as I go. This month's Canadian Gardener has the coolest tree on pg 98....the black locust one....I want one! Anyway, there are some available in NS, bit of a drive. Also Ajax, but I will investigate a little closer to home.

Okay....I've gotta run.....hopefully the stone will be here soon.

:wave: Avanti.....I need a nap

07-29-2006, 09:24 AM
Hello all!

Ceara, I love GREEN FOR GO..... I really do... its very uplifting to me everytime I read it.....

WSW... GOOD FOR YOU! And sometimes, the plateaus are long and longer still but everything considered ( Including the heat and humidity) breaking a plateau is a CELEBRATION!!!

And good job to you too, Punkin and Katrina.... .6 is really a maintain... I am usr ethat has something to do w/ humidity too.....

Ok, for me... I am doing alright.... and finally, can feel that "somethings changed" feeling. I havent gotten on the scale but I feel less bloated and firmer somehow too. Although the only real thing I've done is put the pedometer back on and watch my step count.

In fact, I am a little suprised at how little thought I am putting into this....
Could I have been obsessing about losing weight for so long that when I finally got to goal I let loose mentally .... hmmmmm.....

We know physically that our bodies are more than glad to regain as quickly as possible ....
Ah..... not for me to figure out...... certainly a zillion books and a zillion "experts" can't agree either....

To ALL....

Go drink more water.....
Go sit up straighter.....
Go do something you enjoy even if its for 10 minutes.....

Which means for me, YARDSALING!

At least till it gets too hot....


07-29-2006, 11:17 AM
Morning, Queenlies! :wave: Scale still seems stuck -- hoping to at least squeeze another fluffy one off by Monday's WI. In SLD, some talk about a plateau followed by a big "whoosh." That's what I'm hoping for. Have been doing well on all counts and -- hey! I DESERVE IT!!!

Did almost an hour step tape and then some tai chi. I bought a stability ball along with a Pilates DVD the other day and haven't looked at the DVD yet, but just lying backwards on the ball and rolling top-to-bottom on my spine. It's a little uncomfortable (some tight muscles? spine getting compacted?) but feels better afterwards. We're going to SILs for dinner this evening. I seem to have beat the :devil: of dinners out/falling off wagon. Hope THAT lasts! :crossed:

:queen: KAYLETS!!! How did I miss you in my last message? :( I HATE that -- get to the end of a massive missive, thinking I'd at least managed to say "Hi" to everyone. I thought a lot of stuff to you, though -- did you get that? I must have written to you in the lost post and then thought it was in the current one. Now if only I could remember what I'd said :lol:

Love to all!

07-29-2006, 10:32 PM
Go Green! It is late. I am tired. List of things I did today.
Moved 2 wheel barrows of dirt mix.
Practiced solo with self.
Bred *****.
Practiced with soloist.
Crushed blackberries and made jam.
Froze big bag of blackberries (they have to be laid out on cookie sheets, frozen before they are bagged or you end up with a rock sized blackberry)
Finished up rescues' groom...DD bathed and did preliminaries.
Vacuumed up hair and family room.
Cooked, depitted and made apricot jam.
Made salad for supper and steamed spinach. DH BQ'd the salmon...yum.
Managed to meet all goals, and am finishing up the water. I just finished walking the is it hot! Gonna jump into the pool and then into the shower....BYE! My scale is stuck too Arabella. But it will move eventually.

07-29-2006, 10:52 PM
thanks for the encouragement, kaylets and ceara!

ceara, i just read your post. i was tired before, but seeing all you accomplished today made me bleary-eyed. you're like the energizer bunny! :)

finished up on track today, though had to force the exercise. just not always in the mood as much as i would like to be, but as long as i do it, figure that's what counts. tomorrow, i am getting together with a few friends for lunch, which should be fun. well, to all royals, have a good evening.

07-30-2006, 07:40 AM
Green for Go! Mornin'! Quickie post, gotta walk and Cornation Steet starts at 7...I'll miss it after 8:30 because of church...oh well.
1. water ******
2. Road walk ***
3. No food after 7 pm. ******
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin ******
Scale has moved micro-bit down...won't count it as a pound until it is more stable....I moved the scale around and got on v-e-r-y gingerly to see that! :lol: But it is nudging in the right direction., then take the rescue to meet her potential new family. Still have enough blackberries for another batch of jam....maybe I'll get to that too. And of course, I could always plant some of those plants...the bed is closer to being plantable!

First order of the day...walk...actually get dressed then walk. It is too hot to walk in my terry bathrobe...:yes:

:wave: to all Royals! Have a great lunch wsw.


07-30-2006, 09:50 AM
good morning, royals! going to get in a bit of exercise now, and then tidy up a little before i leave for day's activities. hope everyone has a good day.

07-31-2006, 08:56 AM
Green for go...again! The home for the rescue may be falling through...wife is ready but hubby isn' has only been days since the other one died, and he was closest to her...he is grieving. So we'll wait. But they liked each other.

Went to my friend's house and did some paperwork and proofing afterwards. She ordered in Chinese. Well, I drank a glass of water with it, a 591 ML bottle on the drive home and another huge glass when I got home. Salty! So the scale is still the same this morning, but I have a lot of water to get rid will likely come off during the day whilst I am trying to run around and do stuff. Guess I'll add finding bathrooms to my list! :lol:

1. water *******
2. Road walk ****
3. No food after 7 pm. *******
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin *******

Anyway, got a breakfast date for 8:30, coaching barbershop at 10, and burgers there I think...and sometime I may be helping with another breeding...I don't work until 4. like a herd of turtles!

Avanti! :wave:

07-31-2006, 09:16 AM's the day ladies! I'm handing in my resignation today. *Hopefully* They'll let me work through the date I have on it (which is only a week and 2 days). I have an interview and several other things to take care of the rest of that week, soo......

I'm a bit nervous. I'm nervous that they'll just say OK pack up your desk, you can go now. Which they can totally do. Any ideas for making a bit of money if that happens? We have 2 weeks until vacation though. (Which I am SUPER happy about. I SO need to get away!)

Back later ladies.

07-31-2006, 04:43 PM
Hidey hoooooo!!!!!

Sorry, no official "It's Friday!!!" post since we lost our internet on Thursday morning and didn't get it back up until they showed up at 6pm Friday. But, at least it's fixed. I shall proclaim the day this week, happily!

Frogger, good luck with the resignation. Hopefully they'll need you too much to just say "fine, leave now" and you can collect what you can between now n' then. Hang in there!

Anagram :cp: you're rackin' up quite an impressive string o' days there! But I'm with ya, at what point do we quit waiting for something to happen to mess it up? Maybe this is the you whose location you were wondering about!

Kaylets, yardsaling.... aaaahhh, haven't done that since I lived in a "real" town (7+ years ago?). Such fun!

Ceara, I'm jealous, you're still planting and I've got maybe another 4-6 weeks before I start loosing my flowery dirt babies to the first fall frosts. The growing time is just too short here! However, I have an abundance of "natural landscaping" (aka weeds) that seems to survive the frost and snow every $%#&% year! :dz: Uh, and you can send that apricot jam riiiiiiiiight this way! Yuuum....

Katrina, have a blast on vacation! Wherever it is, anyplace described as an island can't be bad at all! I'd call a .6 maintenance too - isn't it funny when you want to go to WW the least is when you end up being the happiest you went? Strange how that works....

Arabella, aka sweet pea stealer, thief o' the red columbine! :devil: That's too funny! I've swiped fairy roses off my Mom's plant from time to time, but since I end up putting them on my desk it's not like I'm being too sly about it, am I. They just look and smell so purdy, who can resist?
Yep, soooooo cloooose to Onderland. Nekkid in the morning I'm there, we shall see at WW weigh in tomorrow evening though. Personally, I take my nekkid a.m. weight as my "real" weight versus my 5pm, 2 meals and 1 snack eaten, fully clothed weight. But eh, I'll play the game.

WSW, I'm so sorry about your friend moving. I left CA and moved to Oregon and it felt like it might as well have been another country. Thank goodness for internet and long distance phone service, you'll probably find like I did with my friends that we made more effort to keep in touch since our being able to be together wasn't taken for granted anymore. Congrats on catching the train outta Plateauville too! :carrot:

Ok, me.... got a busy week coming up with bestest friend The Bean coming for the annual visit with her clan on Friday afternoon. I get her and the kids all to myself until Tuesday morning! So, shopping, cleaning and general prep for visitors to be done. Also must de-cat the house as much as possible since her DH is allergic to my furry kids (they'll be in lock-down - aka my room/bathroom/laundry room area - during the weekend).

Smooches all around, will check in on Wednesday to report WW weigh in. Wish me a ticket to Onderland! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Day 6, and counting! :smoking:

08-01-2006, 08:10 AM
Crashed and burned last time - lets see if I can do better this time, I'm challenging myself to 21 days of writing down everything I eat and 21 days of no booze. This is what I really need to kick start my attitude so wish me luck!!

08-01-2006, 08:15 AM
Have a great time Punkin' with Beanie...I lost a long time friend like that....she and I had a mutual parting of the ways....sad but releasing too...looking back she was quite a negative influence. Her life outlook I mean. Good thoughts for your are doing great!

Yesterday was busy but I'm still on the wagon. Dratted scale still stuck. No walk again...I'm going to attempt it this am after some :coffee:. I may end up a puddle of perspiration on the is muggy out there! :lol: Apparently this is a swath of USA Southern air and the cooler Canadian air should be in to move it back (be warned!) by Thursday.
1. water ********
2. Road walk ****
3. No food after 7 pm. ********
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin ********

Have to work at 1:30, and have some paperwork still to do....may plant? At least I need to make sure they are all hydrated.

Frogger, how'd that go? It is always hard ending a job....good luck!
Arabella...WI? I hope things finally moved for you! I'm gonna fly...need to get in some laundry too before the "peak" electrical pull....

Hi Clutha...yes I find that the booze lowers your good intention rate and can lead to the nibbles....besides it has a lot of empty calories. I do like a good glass of wine, or a nice strong beer...but...I also want other things.
Tah! :wave:

08-01-2006, 09:21 AM
Hello Ladies! All went well and I can stay through my resignation time. I also have accepted a contigent offer with another employer (they don't have the actual contract yet but :cross: they will soon) and I'm waiting to hear about another position with a friend's company. So things are looking up! :carrot:

08-01-2006, 09:26 AM
Another day, same weight. :p Well, WI had me down .2. Which is still downward but a pretty far cry from a "whoosh." Have really been doing very well on all counts, hitting all targets at least 9/10 days. Eventually the scale will reward me :yes: I've been so consistent that I'm tempted to pity-party. And yet, I know where that leads and I don't want to go there. Soldiering on!

I think it's just that, after having lost 26 pounds, my body thinks it's supposed to regain. Just have to convince it otherwise. The SLD is supposed to address the setpoint issue but they do say that if you've already lost some weight it might take a while to kick in. As I used to tell DS, if you're trying to do something and it's not working -- TRY HARDER!

It's a lovely sunny morning here. Was cool, but warming up. Just an absolute peach of a day. Shall try to escape from desk periodically to enjoy it.

Ceara, what are your frost dates there, just so i can know how jealous to be? I think we're typically May 21st - Sept. 21st. But of course can have early or late frosts, too.

Clutha, welcome back! Yes, that's the beauty of the 21-day challenge -- the "do-over." You never fail, just restart. That said, I need to figure out where I am in this string of days. :chin:

Punkinseed, how lovely to have that long weekend with The Bean and fam. :) Enjoy! Really, there's nothing better in life than hanging with our nearest and dearest, is there. Will be so exciting to have Friday proclaimed this week. :D

Frogger, hope the resignation went well yesterday. I've started poking around looking for potential career moves my own self...

WSW, you are so right -- the thing is to "just do it" even if we don't feel so inspired. As a matter of fact, we get double brownie points for doing the nec. when we don't waaaaaannnnnna.

K, Dovies. I must work. Simple fact of life. Double brownie points.


08-01-2006, 11:04 AM
OMG....just add soap and shampoo...who needs the water? I am so wet!!!! But before I get clean for society...I am going to move some dirt...and maybe put in a plant or two, and edge with bricks...then I will REALLY need a shower! Obviously I just finished my head is soaked!!!!!

08-01-2006, 11:32 AM
Hi there! Well, I had planned to have about three days of uncounted calories during this challenge. What I didn't plan was to have them three days in a row.

I feel I didn't do TOO badly - brought half of meal home Friday - and a third of an 8 inch pizza came home with me Saturday. Don't seem to have gained. Maybe that's the heat - easier to stay hydrated. Am feeling somewhat rocky though - stomach problems - wonder if that's from change of diet?

Anyway, i'm not counting those three days as "failures" as I had planned on them all along. So that means I'm on Day 20 of the challenge (Day 22 of being pretty much on track.

Y'all seem to have so much going on. Have to work on that part of my life.

08-01-2006, 12:13 PM
Mornin' all,

Well I'm 60% confident that I've kicked the deuce. Tonight at weigh in I'll see. The suspense is killin' me!!!!!!:carrot:

Arabella, I'm SO with ya on the set point thing. My weight loss came to a grinding halt at around 213 and it's taken me almost 3 months to get to 199 in the morning. Like you said though, if it doesn't seem to be working, just keep trying, and trying, and trying!!!!! Our minds have got to overrule our bodies.

Clutha, you can do it! Just one day at a time! :goodluck:

Ceara, about a year ago I did the toxic friend dump too. Matter of fact there was more than one that needed to go and life's been drama-free ever since. It was hard, soooo hard, but healthier for me. Thankfully the Bean and I have had almost 20 years of trouble-free friendship. Actually "friendship" kinda belittles what we are to each other in a way.... But, here's to surrounding ourselves with healthy, positive influences! :hat:

Frogger, fingers are crossed for ya! :crossed: Happy to hear you're staying until YOU decided to leave too. Keep us posted on the new job opportunity!

Anagram, Oh I totally think 3 days of "off" eating could cause tummy trouble. Heck, ONE day usually has me spending more time than I should in the tiny room with porceline fixtures! I betcha' when you're back to "normal" your tummy will be happier too.

Ok, nuff from me. My office is in mum's house and she's just starting having the kitchen remodeled, so I should get some work done before all the racket starts again! :headache:

Day 7!

08-01-2006, 07:41 PM
hi clutha, ceara, kaylets, eydie, wildfire, amarantha!

punkin-hope you will have loads of fun with your friend and her family in town at the end of the week.

frogger-glad to hear it went well for you with the resignation and good luck with your new job possibilities.

arabella-congrats on .2 down. it may not have been a "whoosh" loss, but with all your hard work, it will happen.

anagram-wow---you're almost at the end of another challenge. way to go! hope your tummy is feeling better.

and to all our royals, mentioned or -un, hope everyone is having a good evening.

had another of my massage therapy appointments yesterday, and it was wonderful. so far, hanging in on this current challenge. well, take care, all.

08-02-2006, 05:28 AM
Hello all.....

Somehow yesterday's post didnt make it here .... I will recap a bit..

I leave in a few hours for FL to spend my mother's birthday with my folks...
My guess is that I might be in for cooler weather there. Today temps here at home might hit 103....
At home, the a/c unit keeps tripping the circuit breaker.... The a/c people have been here 3 times now .... last night we thought it was resolved but then b/4 11 pm, it tripped again and was reset and then tripped during the night again. So now poor dh will take me to the airport and then stay home to wait for the a/c man to come back.

Dh also had an eye test yesterday. There is definite bleeding behind one eye, he is scheduled for laser surgery in mid Aug to hopefully correct the bleed.
Another BIG motivater for him to get his food/diabetic plan under control.

congrats to all for preseverance.

I will try to at least look in but do not know if I can post while away.

Here's today's thought:
Thought of the day :

"We really are all part of the solution."
Kevin Johnson, former NBA basketball player, now turning around the
Sacramento school system

Question of the day:

"Can you name your first grade teacher?"

:hug: :hug:

Here we Wednesday!
Green for GO

08-02-2006, 09:34 AM
Hopefully this is the last scorcher day...Have a good time in FL Kaylets....perhaps the AC is going just because there isn't enough power...if there are brown-outs that would do it. I dial and hold mine up to 24C during the day, eventhough they ask us to go to 26....I do have coated dogs you know....and then after 11 or 12pm I let it go back to normal...22C. Maybe today I'll go up to 25....I'm here until 4 if something happens...

Well, got 2 loads of red decorative rock moved after my walk yesterday, and 2 perennials in....want to expand another bed today, and get some other plants in tomorrow in anticipation of the weather breaking. I leave Friday, and they stand a better chance in the dirt, rather in pots with the non-attentive men who live here....they may fry if they are in pots whilst I am gone. early as mid-October. As late as May 24th...if you cover you can go earlier or later...

Another day on target yesterday...I am claiming that :dance: today ....that scale has edged down enough...
1. water *********
2. Road walk *****
3. No food after 7 pm. *********
4. 2 glasses of wine/week.
5. multivitamin *********

Was up quite late last night...was picking up friends coming in from Halifax on the 8 pm arrival was actually 11:20 pm...they were late all along the line...the train from Gaspe was 1.5 hours late and they waited for it they all missed connections right up the line. My friend is a diabetic, but the Via people took good care of her! and I are at about the same spot....I've been sitting at 25 down now for a bit....I think you may be right...our set point needs to change a bit. Hang on...let's change our bodies' histories! Glad the transition is going smoothly for you Frogger! Are the new opportunites closer to home? Stay cool wsw...kudos on your single mindedness for staying on track! The second 21 days are almost done...and you too Anagram....where are you in your days? I don't know quite what I'm going to do for vacation .... challenge-wise ....I think I suspended the wine restrictions....but you know I think I will just challenge myself until I leave, then try and keep the water, walking, vitamin and time restrictions and not go hog-wild on the wine. When I get back I will restart another 21 days....I'm just not into higher math functions :lol: And I really want to get into that lower decade...I can taste it! NSV...wore jeans last night (dog sex again) that I haven't worn for at least a year and a half...and they fit! In fact I had trouble finding them in my closet, they'd been pushed so far back!

OK...gotta go...the hot tar and chips beckon...ugh. I'll feel better when it is done! Have a great one Ladies! :wave: to all!

08-02-2006, 09:41 AM
Quick up date guys, one day down and twenty to go but I am feeling focussed and on top form. Thanks for all the encouragement and good luck with all your challenges!

08-02-2006, 09:47 AM
You go Clutha! The first day is done, and you are on a streak!

08-02-2006, 10:19 AM
I had kind of a down day yesterday -- tired, didn't excercise for the first day in I don't know how long and just glum. Ate too much in the afternoon. I think my intake for the day would have been fine, but :shrug: don't want to get into a pattern. Was off schedule with my SLD plan, which really seems to work well when you get the balance right. Rededicating self. :yes:

Ceara, you're getting pretty close to vacation time :flow2: Exciting! I'm longing to find out if MIL is coming or not (selfishly, I must admit -- I just want to know how vacation-like my vacation is going to be.) It occurs to me that she may not even decide until after I'm at the cottage. I guess I'll just have to adjust to the uncertainty. Still considering stringing up DH for inviting her to go to the cottage with me when he won't even be able to be out there. Men.

Kudos on the pound gone! I don't think I've ever really experienced a plateau like this before. Then again, I guess I've never been 51 and trying to shake the fluffies before. Ah well, we soldier on. Hope it cools for you soon!

Kaylets, I feel for you with the AC problems -- sounds almost worse than having no AC. We don't, but then again, it doesn't usually get as hot here. Sending cooling ocean breezes your way...

My first grade teacher was Miss MacKinnon. She was a teacher of a certain age who, nevertheless, wore red go-go boots. Good for her, I say!

WSW, thanks for the reminder about the massages -- I've got to go to my doctor's office anyway to get an appt. for a physical (they don't ever answer the phone or, seemingly, return calls) so I'll get a new referral for massages at the same time. I only ever had one, but -- my goodness! :cloud9: When I left that office I felt fabulous and like I couldn't get stressed out about anything if I tried. Mmmmmmmm....

:queen: Punkinseed, how goeth the WI? I really feel like these "landmark" kind of WIs are tricky to negotiate, like we resist passing them on some level? I've been within 1.5 of 20 off since I started WW for weeks now and am having to work like the :devil: to get past it. Hope you flew past that artificial barrier!

Clutha, good for you starting off all guns blazing! That's the way to do it. :)

K, lovelies -- back to the virtual salt mine for me. Avanti!

08-02-2006, 11:21 AM
Happy trip, Kaylets. Yes, you will be cooler! Two more scorchers to go and not a whole lot better after all. Hope dh problems even out.

Happy trip to you too, ceara. My goodness, you're a gogo gardener Wish I could see it all.

Arabella, dh did WHAT? You should have been consulted and you should have been allowed to just have that cabin for thine own self if thee wanted it that way. Hope you explained his transgression in very clear (and patient) language. It is a man thing, no doubt, but mayhap his generosity at your expense was prompted by news of MILs situation.

wsw - good for you on the massage. glad it helped. You're hanging in so well.

Frogger, enjoy your last days and then your vacation. Hope the new position is in place by the time you come back so you don't have any lost income time to set your finances back.

Clutha, hang onto that enthusiasm!

Re challenge - yesterday was the 21st day of that challenge. The three days I didn't count calories were not really that bad (at one meal each day and I only ate half of that).

I'll be declaring a new challenge after I think on it. I'm going to doctor this afternoon and sometimes doctors come up with the challenges ;) Skipping tai chi this morning but will work on it at home to make up for the miss. Had t.c. Monday, pool yesterday. Had to really force myself both days because of weather. So I've been doing pretty well on exercise (for me) and fluids and calories. We'll see what demon scale says today at doctor's. I'm feeling more "fit" but always dragging. Gotta find the answer to that.

Yay for a/c!!!!!

08-02-2006, 11:24 AM
Punkin, enjoy visit with Bean!! Unburden your soul, too, unless you do all that via phone.\

First grade teacher was Catherine Dalto. I remember because, though she was quite young, she became ill before the year ended and passed away that summer. No idea why but she was kindly.