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06-19-2006, 09:12 PM
Hello and Welcome to the Jaded Ladies. :wave:

We are a group of ladies that come in for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, :ebike: and we also find time for some chitchatting! :gossip: So please, won't you join us?

06-19-2006, 11:36 PM
I didn't do WATP but went for a 2 mile walk instead. It was humid after the rain, but not too bad. Hopefully I can get back on track with walking feels good.
I watched Oprah today and saw the guy who lost over 500 pounds without surgery. Also the 12 week boot camp with Bob Greene. I am sure it was a re-run, but got me motivated AGAIN. My biggest habit to break, and challenge to myself this week...not eating after 8 p.m. I have been eating low fat snacks, but I am going to say nothing at all after 8 p.m. Oprah was drinking a cup of tea before I guess I can drink, just not nibble.

Didn't really do much else after the house was picked up other than dinner and clean the kitchen. We had chicken tortilla soup tonight. I watched Jeopardy...Cristi, I am a big fan too.

Talk to you all tomorrow....

da fat n da furious
06-20-2006, 01:16 AM
Sue,,,you talk about cracking the whip like you know what you are talking Don't mess with Sue! I have started drinking herbal tea. One of the things Dr. McKenna said was drop half my caffeine (coffee) in half. So for warm drinks,,,I have been drinking blueberry bliss, herbal tea.

Alex,,,congrats on the new home.... you are so lucky with all the trees..very nice. I have 1 tree,,,a sapling really. And I planted acouple of bushes in the back.

Connie,,,welcome back...sorry to hear of the infection.

Marti,,,I cracked up,,,the Lone Temptation. As for the whip,,,its my list Monte is reading off That must of been nice to have a few more hours with James...

Shel,,,sweetie believe me I know the call centre drama! And like you I cry when Im fusterated,,,well actually when Im really angry. And you have got to be so proud of yourself for passing the junk.

Jules did you have the bake sale yet?

Robin,,,lime no salt,,,and I bet you know what Im talking about!

Double dang wouldn't you know it...I really wanted that job with Wayne, didn't get it...had a job offer, and didn't want it and they keep asking me to reconsider. 2 things on the job list made me take a step is must be able to work with a diversified group of people...and have thick skin. ahhh no thanks Ill wait for the next employment train to come by. Seriously that sounds like I will be jumping out of one frying pan into another.
I told Monte to take pics of the house so you guys can see what I have been doing...darn I should of done a before and after since its totally different. New curtains and all.
I had a wonderful clean day of eating,,,and drinking all my more with all the tea. I went for a walk,,,feeling good. Just need to remember to eat more protein...its what is helping me with my sweets.
well going to go check out the want ads.

06-20-2006, 07:12 AM
Hi Ladies, just stopping by. But wanted to say :thanks: for all the support. :hug:

I did pass on the snack foods but we did end up eating McDs for breakfast. :( So oh well. :shrug: Today I didn't do too bad. We ate at a Mexican Restaurant with a friend and I got a HUGE plate, but I left more than half of it! I only ate the chicken and avacado enchalidas and my potatoes, I left the rest. I did have a drink but after yesterday I really needed it and I didn't even finish it, hub did.

Later on hub and his friend got some pie and I did eat two small pieces of pumpkin. For my last meal of the day/night I had ONE (NOT two!) roast beef sandwich on whole wheat bread and some pasta salad. So okay may not be the most wonderful things to be eating, but a lot better than I have been doing.

Now I just need to get motivated with the exercising. I do keep doing those Denise Austin things when I think of them. (holding in your stomach for 5 sec and your behind) But that is about it for now. We haven't gotten out walking and its been a scorcher here and its going to be even hotter here today! So I am thinking of finding a work out DVD to do that is not too hard for me. I have two, one is pilates and one is a tougher workout that I really struggle with. So I think if I can find something more simple for me to do for now, then at least its something. Or maybe I can scan the cable listings and find a work out program on tv to record daily.

Oh and we got a call from fil. Not a call to see how we're doing or if we are going to come over to visit. NO. A call to see if hub would come over THIS week (on one of our days off) to fix a computer for mil's friend. This is the computer mil VOLUNTEERED hub to fix for HER friend without even bothering to ASK hub first. So hub just simply said, "We have things to do this week" and we do. We have to go out to my mother's today to fix her computer, but she called us about two weeks ago and ASKED us too. Hub is not feeling too well, but if anything if she brings it half-way we can meet her and bring it back here, fix it, and then take it back out to her when he's feeling better. (my mom lives an hour and a half away from us)

So we'll see. He took a nice hot shower and is relaxing a bit now before we got to bed. (we work thirds so we keep our schedule even on our days off) I even got the bed stripped and remade already this morning. Now I'm getting very sleepy. For some reason I've been very sleepy today. Don't know why.

Everybody kept asking me if I was okay today. I don't know if I look tired or run down or something??? I was okay just tired. Maybe lastnight at work just took it out of me. Probably even better to meet my mom half way or maybe schedule another day to go out. Plus its going to be so HOT and our air does not work on our car right now and we don't want to drive our truck that far with its radiator problems. We fixed it but don't feel comfortable driving it too far yet.

Anyways. this has turned into a small novel. lol.

Take care and have a Great Day!

06-20-2006, 09:35 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Sue - not eating after a certain time sure does work for a lot of people. I betcha it will work for you, too. About the man who lost 500 pounds, can you imagine! Makes our weight problems seem a lot more doable.

Angie - yikes, you're right to wait for a better job. If they want you to be thick skinned, you know there's going to be tons of stress involved, lol. I'd love to see pictures of your house.

Sassy - have you tried WATP video? If you start with the 1 mile DVD, it's could get you started. How nice of your MIL to make plans for your DH, lol. I like your idea of compromise.

Today I'm going to go out and move some geraniums that aren't getting enough sun. I want to do this before the temps rise. Then I really have to swiffer the house and get some laundry done.

Have a good day, ladies!

Cafe Ole
06-20-2006, 09:48 AM
Morning All! :coffee:

Marti... Thanks! I read in this forum once that someone said, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" (ok that is a lie but it is also true) :)

Connie... Welcome back & Hopes for a speedy recovery!!! :hug:

Sue... My willpower? Hmmm probably the fact that I still do 18 flights of stairs a day trying to tone up my butt (yes it works) but do I want to do extra for a piece of pie? nope I figure when I get to where I want I will incorporate desserts back in very slowly.

Jules... Thanks! oh my dd was so proud of herself for doing those laps. I just hope they retest her. Which they should - I will know this Thurs afternoon how she did :D

Angie... NO SALT! icky We made our margaritas in buckets (have you done this?) I like the green ones. You pour in your tequilla (ok I like tequilla) and then you mix it all in the bucket & freeze it overnight & whompa there you go. It is awesome & powerful if you use enough LOL


Well yesterday I thought I was going to go to bed early until my gf called all upset so over to her house I went. She leaves today for Korea (she took a teaching job in Pohang, S. Korea. Exciting yes, she will be gone for a year +. She is just now realizing she really leaves today! So for fun to take our minds off it, we dyed our hair LOL. Well my dark brown dye turned my reddish brown hair BLACK. Her blond hair is now brown. I told her at least she won't stick out as much (yea right she is like 6') lol. I am gonna miss her. We set up a blog for her because the phone charges will kill us when we used to just walk next door. :(


Good morning to everyone I missed! :hug: :hug:

06-20-2006, 10:19 AM
Good morning. Beautiful day here but supposed to get up in the high 80's. We are going to see my SIL and BIL in a couple hours. Going to their favorite little diner. I am trying real hard to plan what to order...and going to TRY to not let the menu suck me in.
I felt so good after walking last night that I decided to weigh this morning. Skipped it yesterday feeling like I had gained. Well, I didn't gain but I didn't lose. After the week I had, food wise, I was pleased. Now I am on a mission to get those scales going down.

Angie, Who me, crack a whip, shy, innocent me? Surely you jest. Lol....

Jane, Yes, that was quite a story..500 pounds, yikes! I am taking baby steps again with making myself the no eating after 8 will be an improvement if I follow through. I told DH, no more late dinners..period! (and no, Angie, I didn't crack the whip) :)

Sassy, Oh do try the WATP videos. The 1 mile walk is such a great starting place. When I first started I could hardly do it, but she tells you to go right back to walking if you can't keep up. I felt like even moving for the length of the video was an accomplishment. Now I am better at it and really enjoy it. See if you can check one out at the least you can try it before you buy one.

Robin, Bet your hair looks least I hope you like it. :) I am going to TRY to improve on my willpower. Today at lunch will be a test.

Hi everyone...hope your day goes smoothly and the sun shines upon you!

06-20-2006, 10:44 AM
Robin - how do you do 18 flights of stairs?? That would kill me, lol. I like the way you think - not doing it for pie. Sounds like you and your gf had a good time. Good idea about the blog. Katie had one when she was in Florida, and posted lots of pics. Four years is a long time, but will pass quickly. Want to post a pic of your hair?

Sue - maintaining is sure better than a gain. In the diner today, whatever you order as a main dish, order double green beans, and you won't have room on your plate for much else, lol. I do that in buffets. Green beans and tomatoes are our friends, lol.

Ok, I really need to get outdoors before it heats up!

Cafe Ole
06-20-2006, 12:22 PM
Ok back for a sec before I run to WI (ugh)

Sue... Actually the color is growing on me a bit, it is dark that is for sure (my kids hate it) I think the more I go out in the sun it will fade out a bit. Sure can't redye it, I learned that lesson in HS LOL (can you say green?)

Jane... When I first started stairs was back in March. I thought I would die!!! I now do them in the am only (before it was 36, yes 36!) it is too freaking hot in the stairs here to do them in the pm too so I am down to 18 but I do 2 steps at a time rockin to my MP3. Once the 1 step was easy that is when I moved it to 2 steps. Yep I feel it & yep I am actually getting to be proud to say I actually have a butt & you can feel the muscle in my thighs (there's a first!). I got results FAST so I keep doing it, it is my stress reliever as well.

The girls here at work didn't beleive I did it, so I invited them to either join or watch me rock on past them which I did :)

06-20-2006, 02:40 PM
Just wanted to pop in and say hi--I am home sick--hopefully I will be well enough tomorrow to get back to the heap of work on my desk!!

06-20-2006, 05:35 PM
I'm back for a few minutes...

Robin - omg, I bet your leg muscles could crack walnuts, lol. I'm impressed, and I totally admire your persistance.

Julie - aww, hope you're feeling better. Will anyone at work help you with the backload since you were out? I remember when I first started office work, if I missed a day, I got docked, but still had to do all the paperwork from that day. What a ripoff! I didn't dare complain, as a young single mom, for fear of losing my job. Anyway, hon, I hope you're getting some rest.

Michelle - I know you have some stress going on with your mom's situation. Just want you to know I'm thinking of you, ok? :hug:

Marti - rest up and have fun with your sweetie. :D

Hello to the others. :wave:

I got the stuff for my patio :cp: and plan to string up the garland soon. It's so hot out I can't stand it. I think we get spoiled with air-conditioned houses, cars, stores, etc. and can't take the heat, lol. Neal said we need to wait until this evening to move the geraniums, so I'll take his word for that.

I'm doing well with the food today. One day at a time, right? :yes:

See you later, chickas! :cool:

06-20-2006, 08:49 PM
Hello Everyone!!!

How is everyone doing? I'm alright. Just got off work about 1/2 hour ago. I'm going to meet a 17 month old boy I might be babysitting tomorrow. I'm excited, I hope I get the job! I've had a headache 2 days in a row now...I don't know why...its been so long since I got alot of headaches, I used to get head splitting headaches almost every day and then they just went away..It will be nice to get this babysitting job, b/c then I will be working full time, not one day a week, and my bf and I can save up money faster to move out! :) It will be nice to be on our own, and not have to worry about anyone else, my mom thinks I won't lose any weight until we get on our own b/c of all the stress here. I'm *thinking* of starting to write a "book" not to neccessarily publish, but to help me sort of some issues in my life, especially from my childhood, I think I am sub-conciously holding onto my weight for protection. I read an article in Self magazine a while back about how some people sub-conciously want to be fat to protect themselves, or to make themselves ugly so people won't pay attention to them.....anyway I'm not really on program right now..I've been trying to eat less and make healthier choices, I think my calories might be too low though, yesterday I barely hit 1200, but then other days last week I was anywhere between 1300 and 1800, I think one day I might have even gone higher than that...I ordered two Billy Blanks Tae bo DVD's and a Leslie Sansone 1 and 2 Mile walk DVD, I enjoy doing Billy Blanks workouts so I hope I like the two I ordered, and WATP will be nice for when I want a more relaxed workout.


Sassy Chick - I love Mcdonalds breakfast!! lol I'm rarely up early enough to have it though, which I guess is a good thing!! I don't know how you could leave half your plate of food, I'm so bad for eating everything, even if I'm full, but usually only if we eat out, b/c I don't want to waste the money spent on the food!! It is a habit I need to break I know...don't worry about eating too much, it's just one day, I have a bad habit of giving up if I have one bad day!

Jules - I'm sorry your sick, I hope you feel better soon!

Cafe Ole - lol I've had some bad experience with dye, I should just stay away from it! lol I tried going blonde once and ended up with brown spots all over, then I tried to dye it back dark brown and it went black!! My best friend Ashley told me it looked "awesome" and I would "make an awesome goth" lol I laughed at her, I've tried going blonde sooo many times and it never turns out right, which is weird b/c I was born blonde and I was blonde up until I was about 8 or 9 when it started going brown! lol Maybe I will need to get is done professionally for once! Anyway I hope your friend enjoys Korea, I would be so nervous about moving to a new place, with a new language, does she speak Korean?

06-21-2006, 12:08 AM
A quick good evening to you all. I had a pretty good day and got my walk in tonight. AND nothing to eat after 8 (if I make it till bedtime) I am hoping to start doing the WATP in the mornings and walk outdoors at night. The evening walk works best in this heat.
Food was my friend today, but I have no idea how many calories....I need a calorie counter.

Hoping for a great weigh in next Mon.

06-21-2006, 11:53 AM
wow...nothing on here? Noone? Yikes.

No time for me to gab this morning either. We have a showing. Just asking for the "good luck fairies" to watch over us. Fingers crossed...

:) :)

06-21-2006, 12:53 PM
Good morning ladies,

I'm so happy the server is back on after being struck by lightening. I thought maybe it was just my computer, lol.

Trixie - so glad to see you back here! So how did the meeting go with the boy and his mama? Did you get the job? I hope so. I agree that stress can throw off our good intentions to lose weight, and it's just one more thing we have to deal with, lol. My DD who's 19 writes all the time. She journals her own life, and writes short stories, too, based on her life with her friends. I think it's a really good idea for you to do that. It can help you sort out your feelings, although it sounds like you've already begun that. YGG!!

Sue - yay for not eating after 8PM. :cp: And good luck on the showing today. Hope you pop back in later.

Hello to the others. :wave:

Wow, the same line of storms that got the server here also got us. We were w/o power over 4 hours last night. Which means no water, either, since our water pump is electric. I read by candlelight, lol. Just call me Ma Ingalls. :D

Back later.......

06-21-2006, 12:56 PM
Marti - this photo is for you. :D The Lone Temptation is the 2nd from the left. He has a microphone in front of his face, but this was the best shot we got of the whole group. As you can tell, we had really good seats.

06-21-2006, 02:25 PM
Popped into say hi, but gotta go answer the phone!! I'll be back tonight!!

Cafe Ole
06-21-2006, 02:30 PM
WOW I GOT ON! Ok I am seriously making this quick because we keep loosing power -- the storms here are wicked, it blows over & then BAM we get another. The lightening is pretty intense so I want to be off the comp before the next rounds hits so I don't fry myself! :yikes:

Jane... LOL crack walnuts with my thighs probably not, but my dh said he has to be more careful as I can probably kick his booty now ;) I am pretty happy with the results so I keep it going (how pathetic am I that I miss it on the weekends although I do different stuff then?)

Trixie... Just call me Robin :) Journals are wonderful stress relievers! I have one and have kept one (ok several) for as long as I remember. I always feel better after I get it on paper.

Nope she only knows 2 phrases in Korean, one is Goodbye and the other I won't repeat :p I imagine she will be picking it up rather quickly though. I got a Korean translator on my computer so I can tease her with new words :)

Ok my weather bug is flashing red again so I am outta here. Hi to all I missed & have a great day!

06-21-2006, 08:24 PM
Thanks for all the well wishes--I think it's stress related and I have an appointment on Friday with the doctor.

Hi all--not much going on here..

Jane--I like the picture--looks like a fun time!! I thought it was me not being able to get on..hope everyone is okay..unfortunately I do all the "weird" stuff at work and it is hard to share...

Robin--we had some bad storms the other day--if you have them today in MI, I will probably be seeing them in a day or two...

Angelia--lime, frozen & salt....the bake sale is next Monday. Lots of people committed to both buying and selling and we already got our first $ donation!! The coworker that is out on medical is much loved by all!!

Sue--I have to go with the maintaining is better than a gain...Good luck with your showing..

Shel--I do the Denise Austin "hold it in" thing too....

Trixie--good luck with the job!!

Alex--hi! how's it going?

Where's Marti!!

Michelle ma belle--hope everything is okay!!

Connie-how are you feeling today!! Hope all is well!!

Hi to anyone I may have missed. Hope everyone has a great evening!!

06-22-2006, 12:06 AM
Well, we left for the showing and when we got home we got called for another one tomorrow. I got feed back on the one last week...they had loved our house, but they decided on a home closer to Indy, where they work. We didn't expect to sell it to the first looker anyway..but hope it doesn't take long. There is an open house this week-end.

Went to lunch with my mom, aunt and DH. (more like lunch/dinner) I was pretty good, eating a very small steak, salad and baked potato. I hadn't had steak for so long and was really pleased with the small one...I am finding that I don't need huge portions. Restaurants are doing us all a disservice with the portion sizes they serve. I am learning to eat only half, or order the smallest sizes. Cracker Barrel will allow anyone to order from the kids menu and I take advantage of that too. We do eat out often, and especially in the winter in Vegas, so I have to learn to do the right thing when we go out. It is slowly sinking in. :)

Went over to the house and the fireplace is in. That was exciting! In the master bedroom which is the back side of the fireplace..there is going to be a shelf built in for the t.v. and that was cut out. Looks cool.

No exercise today other than up and down a ladder cleaning lights and fans this morning. I need to do better. I sure won't lose weight this way! :(

Jules, Robin, Hope the storms aren't too bad. We were supposed to get some today, but didn't. It was way too hot and humid though!

See you all tomorrow.

06-22-2006, 12:32 AM
Hiya ladies,

Robin - we had storms around us today, but fortunately, none right here. I think it's great that you miss your stair climbing on the weekends. You're an inspiration, Robin.

Julie - it was a fun time! Neal and I need to do that sort of thing more often, especially since he's retired. Good luck at the doc's Friday. Glad you're feeling better.

Sue - oh, I agree that the restaurants serve too big portions. I've been known to either give 1/2 my portion to Neal, or if it's something he doesn't want, I'll pour salt all over 1/2 so I can't eat it. Don't want to be tempted with a doggie bag. You won't have much to do to the house for the open house, will you, other than maybe dust?

Hello to anyone reading this. :wave:

Well, I've got that Mind/body/spirit meeting at church tomorrow, and some errands to run before that, so I'll check in when I get home. We just watched a movie called Finding Forrester, and it was really good. Neal and Katie had seen it before, but I hadn't. Sean Connery is in it. :)

See you tomorrow!

06-22-2006, 02:22 AM
Good evening, ladies :wave:

Sorry I've been MIA. I come on most nights after work and read, but just haven't been up to posting...just really down, and didn't want to depress everyone else. My arm hurts, I'm worried about my job, things are getting really stressful and bad there, and gripe gripe gripe moan complain.


Today was not so good. They had our monthly birthday potluck for our team at work today, and the theme was "breakfast". Yikes. Bet you can see where this is going. I tried to plan ahead, and brought half a seedless watermelon, hollowed out and filled with watermelon and canteloupe chunks, strawberries, pineapple -- good, huh? Really pretty, and when it's gone you can just throw away the bowl. It's my summertime party/potluck staple. But people brought breakfast food, and I don't have to tell you what that all entails. And I ate a little bit of everything, and a lot of somethings I shouldn't have. *sigh* I tried to fill up on the fruit, but the other stuff was just...there. All day long. And so was I. Haven't done very well this week, and have missed my last 2 WW meetings, I know I'm up a few pounds and really disheartened. I need to read some encouraging motivational stuff and get back on track.



Jane, love the pic of the concert :) Bet that was a blast -- I love old school Motown. The next concert we have tickets for is Mock Rock at the end of July. Last year the tribute bands were The Eagles, The Stones (both pretty good) and Led Zepagain and Which One's Pink? (Pink Floyd tribute). The last two were AWESOME!!!! We've seen Led Zepagain since, and they will be back in our town in September. But Mock Rock this year will have tribute bands for Aerosmith, Van Halen, and the Beatles! Yay! I know the Beatles band, Rain, is supposed to be fabulous. When we go out, if my meal is too big, I ask for a take home box right away, and pack up half of it for lunch the next day.

Sue, your new house sounds so exciting. My house is 50 years old, and I keep waiting to see what falls apart next! Today it was over 100 and our AC decided to go's working now, but we are thinking it might be the compressor and we will have to replace it. I wish I had the nerve to ask to order from the kid's menu when we go out. I will do it if I go through the drive thru somewhere because I figure they can't argue with me, LOL.

Jules, if you are sick due to stress, then I totally empathize :hug: Hope the bake sale is a huge success and that they make a lot to help out your coworker.

Robin, where in MI are you? Tim's mom is in Bay City, and I was wondering if it was storming in her area, too. 18 flights of stairs??? I'm tired after 2.

Hi Trixie, nice to meet you! Good luck on your job prospects. I agree with you about the "fat as protection" concept. That and "fat as excuse" for why I don't do a lot of things I'd like to do...because I'm fat, so I couldn't possibly accomplish them, etc.

Michelle -- thinking about you and hoping things are going better with your mom. It's so hard when they get to an age when we don't know what we can do to help them anymore. I worry about mine all the time, and she lives states and states away.

Angie, blueberry bliss tea sounds good. I've been on a chai spice tea kick, with honey and nonfat half and half. I don't know that I'd want a job where they told me before I even started that I'd need a "thick skin" either...sounds like a recipe for trouble. Sounds like you are doing well w/your eating, water, exercise -- you go girl! And send some of those good positive motivational vibes my way, please.

Sassy, I've heard good things about the WATP videos. I have several videos and DVD's...I just need to get off my butt and DO them.

Marti, hi there! When will you be in SF?

OK, that's all I can type. Sorry for all my b****in' and complaining.

Mary Kate

06-22-2006, 03:50 AM
:) Evening Everyone...

I tried to get on here this morning but it was a bust. The pages just wouldn't load for me and I lost patience! Then, I tried it at work and same thing.....but now, all is good.

Katie--Oh goodness, I am sorry to hear that you've been feeling down. Always know we are here for you if you need a cyber hug!:hug: And feel free to gripe all you want! Your breakfast item sounded so good. My DD would have gone crazy on it! She's a big fruit fan. We'll be in SF on the 3rd. Hoping to hit all the spots we wanted to last time. It's going to be fun.

Jane--You really did have great seats didn't you? Wow, great shot. Glad you got to see them and have so much fun. I'm looking forward to hearing how the meeting at church goes. Give us an update tomorrow.

Sue--You're probably losing weight w/o even realizing it. When we were remodeling and getting this house ready to be move in ready, I was doing all kinds of up and down motions and cleaning. I lost weight doing it too. Maybe that's what I need to do....get a physical job where I'm constantly moving!

Jules--I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, but I am sorry to hear that it was stress related. I think we've all been dealing w/some kind of stress lately. I know work can drive me up the wall sometimes. But this week has been good. Tomorrow is our department meeting. They plan on having pizza. Now what good will that do for my thighs?:dizzy:

Robin--Your dedication and motivation has me wanting to do the stairs!! Ok...maybe not the stairs, that is one of my most unfavorite exercise, but you have me wanting to move more! 18 flights of stairs is shocking to me! I'm huffing and puffing w/only 2 flights of stairs!

Trixie--Writing a book sounds like a great idea. I have friends who have done that. And my DD who just turned 12 today, loves to write short stories. I think it's a great outlet plus it gets the creative juices flowing! Maybe I'll try writing a short story myself. Sound kind of fun!

Angie--Looking forward to pictures! What you've been doing sounds pretty! Now about that one job offer...boy does that sound like it has "STRESS" written all over it! And you don't need that. Doesn't sound like a job a person would enjoy. So go find that perfect job....maybe in a craft store making crafty stuff! Actually, what would be your dream job??

Sassy-- :hug: How are you doing? I hope everything is getting better for you at work. I find it interesting to read how different people have different types of jobs, but we all suffer from stressful situations! As long as we're able to let it out, we should be able to start healing.

Michelle--How are you?? How are things going w/your mom? It's been awhile since you've posted, when you get a chance let us know how things are doing! As for the digital....I'll post a photo as soon as I figure out how to use it and when James decides to let me play w/it!:D

Alex--You found a perfect house it seems! Love the place. When do we get to see the inside!!:D How exciting for both boys to have their own room! Are they looking forward to moving?

Hello to anyone I may have missed!! I tried to get you all.....

Well I think I'm going to go hit the hay. Been going to work 2hrs earlier so I've been getting up earlier. Midnight just seems so late now!! (this coming from the gal who just a couple months ago was posting at 5:00am!!)

I will catch w/you all in the morning!

Cafe Ole
06-22-2006, 09:04 AM

Have to do a quickie post as I have a meeting in 15 minutes (but you know this is more important LOL)

Actually guys the stairs are not that bad after you committ to them and keep doing it. It is CRUCHES I hate with a passion :D

The storms here were pretty bad (we missed most the sever stuff). There were a couple tornados, lots of flooding, trees down & lots of folks without power until late today. We just got nailed with heavy rain, thunder & lightening and a tornado watch until 11pm. (oh we are in South Lansing right by Holt)

Have a fabulous day & I will be back on in a bit :hug: :hug:

06-22-2006, 01:31 PM
I wanted to pop in quickly and say hello!

Be careful to the ones who have storms and falling trees!! I will be thinking of you all!:hug:

Robin--I like crunches, just need to do them. I think if I were to start doing them again, my belly would have a fit! But I think it's time to get myself together and just do it.

Well Spent a relaxing morning on the couch. Trying to unwind and relax BEFORE going to work. And now since I've been getting up earlier, I thinking of getting my butt outdoors for morning walks. That's totally doable. Wish I had a walking buddy but I got my MP3 and I can sing down the street to myself. Neighbors have already witnessed my mowing/dancing/singing abilities!:D

I have Jhanai this weekend so I will see if she'll want to walk w/me. She loves to go for walks. We're also going to the coast Saturday so we'll be doing a lot of walking there. Good for the old bones!

ok...need to pretty up a bit and go to work.

Hugs to all!:hug:

06-22-2006, 03:31 PM
Hiya ladies,

MaryKate - so glad to see you here. You have been missed, sweetie. Please come in and vent anytime - that's what friends are for. :hug: I'm so sorry that you're still in so much pain, and hope it eases up before long. The Mock Rock concert sounds great! We saw the Tribute to 1964 group, that look, mimic and sound like the Beatles, and it's easy to get caught up in it, as though it's really them. They even wore the dark suits, white shirts, and narrow ties like the Beatles did back then. Awesome. As for the weight, you'll get serious again when you're ready. Actually, it sounds like you're doing well most of the time now. Remember - persistance, not perfection, ok?

Marti - I can just see you now, bee-boppin' with your MP3 player, giving the neighbors something to talk about again, lol. They already know how talented you are! Are you and Jhanai going to the coast for the scenery, or is there a festival or something going on?

Angie - did you fall in? :D

Sue - how'd the viewing go?

A big hello to the others. :wave:

I went to the Mind/Body/Spirit meeting, and really like it a lot. It's a small group, and I felt very comfortable. We discussed what our goals were, shared some of our stories, had enjoyable fellowship, all in the name of spiritualness. I told them that my main reason for being there is for my health, and that if I lose weight in the bargain, that would be a plus. I gave them the addy here, and invited them to join us. So Faye, Dixie, Caroline, Judy, Debbie and Linda, if you're reading this, you found us, and just jump in.

I didn't get my errands done, because I wanted to get home to check on Neal. He's been spreading rock for a driveway, and I'm afraid he'll get overheated in these temps. He's fine, but I guess I had to see that for myself.

Have a good day, ladies, and I'll try to check in later. :)

06-22-2006, 08:04 PM
Sue--good luck on the open house!!

jane--sounds like your meeting went well.

Marti--I have been doing crunches on my exercise ball--the first couple of days I could really feel it!!

MaryKate--I hope the bake sale is a huge success the lady we are doing for has a huge heart and is so sweet to everyone.

Robin--hope you can get back here later!!

Angelia, Sassy, Alex, Michelle & Trixie--Hi to all of you wherever you are!!

da fat n da furious
06-22-2006, 11:15 PM
Good evening Ladies,

Katie,,,sorry to hear about work,,,and the eating is probably stress from work and of course it being in your face is not good. Just remember guilt and stress are big factors in non weight loss. So let it go...move on. The watermelon bowl with more fruit in it sounds yhummy. I think when I can find time Im going to do that for the girls at work. We normally have a potluck per season,,,so with summer here now.

Robin,,,what a great way to work out. You started slow and moved forward with it. Good job. I know Susan did that too,,,she used to climb these stairs in a tower, It was like a lighthouse. I visited with her and was all dizzy from the height and the going in circles. But again she did fantastic. Im thinking I need to color my hair too,,,I keep finding long strands of white..*sigh Maybe Ill go and cut my hair short and color it like Tanner's . His is a light pink and all shades of blue and green. Intersting boy he is.

Jules, hope you are feeling better,,,let us know what the Doc says tomorrow.

Alex,,,Im excited for you and your house. Are you going to be painting and stuff?

Sue...Its only another 2 months and a bit before you move in! I kinda wish I was you...except for all the work in

Jane,,,send some heat here,,its been cold and raining,,,storms and all. It was way more hotter last month then right now.

Trixie,,,getting down all your thoughts is a great way of getting it off your chest. I don't know of anyone who could disagree. I think you have nice hair...nice and long. Hows the babysitting?

Well Ive been playing telephone tag with that horrid job,,but will be saying no thanks. I said no thanks early today over another job, had the interview this morning and walked away going,,,NO WAY. The lady seemed kinda cranky.. First question was,,,how many days of work have you missed in the last year. She was ticked that she had to interview me. The guy wasn't there. So after that question I interviewed her. Asked her all the questions I would want to know,,,so in away I gave her all the answers she might later think about. But I did decline.. Had another interview an hour later and want it but at the same time don't cause they said it was only temporary...a maternity leave which is 1 year here. But they are moving to a larger place far out in the outskirts of the city,,,no transit. So some people will be loosing their jobs if they don't drive or have their own transporation. Sounds like an intersting job but,,,not sure. Have 3 more resumes out there so possibly could get a call from another...just checked and did get a call!
Took Brandon to get a tattoo,,,nice celtic shamrocks on his wrists...I would of got the same if the guy wasn't so tired. His boss/owner of the shop died 3 weeks ago and he is working alone. Felt bad for the guy.
Got a call from my PI boss,,,he asked me to do a case,,,find a missing person. So I have to find time for that,,,waiting right now for the email to give me a pic and all the info. Sad thing,,,guy is old and mentally unstable. Doesn't take his meds and then disappears. So I have to check shelters and the streets for him. not a good thing,,,not too safe after hours. So will have to figure out another way of doing this in time.
Ya life has taken a busy path for me lately.
I have been eating and drinking my water,,,,feeling really good. Going for walks when its not raining. Today was an exception thou,,,didn't eat dinner till 7:45 should say didn't eat anything today till then. Had tea and water....the girl who hates tea drank so much of it today,,,gurgle.
better run...have a great night ladies

Cafe Ole
06-23-2006, 09:51 AM
Have a super weekend all -- I know my messages have been short and I am sorry! We are gearing up for Orientation next week and we are running around :frypan: :crazy: :yikes: (these are me LOL) and can't even think straight with all the changes going on here. I am soooo ready for my vacation to start on the 30th!!!! :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

06-23-2006, 10:16 AM
Good morning ladies!:wave:

Jules - so what have you been up to? Aren't you scheduled for the doc today?

Angie - yay for you being specific in what you want in a job. What about the last call you had? Any good? Be careful with the PI work - last time you were in some dangerous neighborhoods and about scared me to death for your safety. :dizzy:

Robin - we understand about short posts, :yes: since we all have busy lives away from the computer, too. Keep your eyes on that vacation countdown clock, lol.

Yikes, we had some really bad storms here yesterday, and Neal and I were in town when they started. The winds were so bad, big trees were being bent sideways, so we found a safe place to park and sat it out. Once we did start home again, we were amazed at the flash flooding on some of the country roads, and had to change our route.

I'm going to have Madison with me today. It's her turn to be Grandma's Girl for the day, lol. Not sure what we'll do, but whatever it is, it will be fun.

Have a good day, ladies. :hug:

06-23-2006, 11:14 AM
Yesterday, it was 103. Today and tomorrow it is supposed to be 107. Sunday, they are predicting 112.

And our air conditioner is broken. It was 94 degrees in my house last night at 5:30 pm. The A/C repairman is coming today, and I pray he can fix the problem. If not, we will have to a new system installed, and not sure how long that will take. The A/C repair guys are all swamped with calls from desperate people right now. I just hope he can fix the problem today, and it won't cost too much, or we are gonna be in a world of hurt. :( Our electric company offers financing and rebates for A/C's -- but even if the loan app and the install go like clockwork, I can't imagine having a new unit before next Friday at the very earliest (Tim will have that day off work and can be home).

Last night, we turned all the fans on for Chloe, made sure she had plenty of water, then fled the house. We grabbed dinner at Chili's. I had the "guiltless grill" salmon w/veggies and rice pilaf, not too bad. Not the best salmon I've had, but hey, it was cool in there and I didn't have to cook it! And the waitress kept bringing me more cold diet Coke :) Then we went to see The DaVinci Code. Don't usually go out to movies mid-week, but at least it was cool in the theater. Good flick, Tim says the book was better, but he always does, no matter what movie we see. :dizzy:

No time for individuals this morning, gotta get ready to go chain myself to the oar for 8 hours...

I know I read someone else is having this problem, but when I sign on, then type a post and try to post it, the board shows that I'm not signed on and I have to sign in again? Does anyone know what is causing this? I have made it a habit now to copy my entire post so I can just paste the text after signing on again, but it's a bit tedious. Please let me know if you know how to fix this...

06-23-2006, 01:02 PM
The storms you guys are getting reached Texas last night!! Along with the dog breaking her hip in 3 places. A little crazy here at the moment. The boys are going to their dad's for the weekend so I will be dog sitting, cleaning and maybe some packing. Were moving into the new house on July 31st. I will post pictures of the inside this weekend. The boys are so excited!!

I will post more later...going to give the dog something to knock her out. I have to keep her off her hip for the next 3 days then she is confinded to the house for 3 days and after that she is free to do as she pleases. Her hip will be sore so she will have to learn what she can and can't do until it's healed completely. She jumped out of the back of my brothers pick-up going 60 miles an hour. Something she hopefully learned not to do again...the hard way!

06-23-2006, 01:46 PM
Morning gals!!

Jane--Glad to hear that your Mind/Body/Spirit meeting went great! I hope the gals decided to pop in and check us out! Jhanai & I are going to the coast for the restaurant called "Mo's" It's a fishhouse of sorts and make some of the best clam chowder! That is what she wanted...the lunch. The beach combing is just an added bonus!:D I've read that the beaches are really windy so we may not get a chance to do that part. Sandy wind is no fun. We already have plans to go again to the coast many time this summer! We all want OUT of the house!

But back to the meeting: Hello Faye, Dixie, Caroline, Judy, Debbie and Linda!! Hope you all make it this way!

Jules--I have an exercise ball that doesn't do me any good. The air isn't staying in much. But I love using it when it's all aired up. May just need a new one!

Angie--I read in the paper yesterday about a guy who is missing. He's in the early stages of Alheizmers. I will pretend you're on the case to find him. The interview w/the cranky woman....I just don't get it, why do they let these types of people interview?? I hope you get a call from a good workplace! You know, about the tea. I used to hate the stuff. Now, I really enjoy it. Don't like the cold tea's, just the warm stuff. Mainly green tea or oolong tea's. Somehow, I got hooked!

Robin--Refresh my memory.....where you going on vacation??? I'm SO ready for mine, which starts the same day!:D Of coarse I'm not actually leaving for SF until the 3rd. what a horrible day to be out driving I know!

Jane--Please be careful! Flash flooding is no fun thing! Not like we ever get something like that here in Oregon, but any type of flooding is scarey. We're having really pretty weather here. And hearing about other states looking out for storms.....truly boggles my mind!

Katie--When you're at the page where it's asking for your user name and to it is a little box that say's "remember me" check it that way you stay logged on. I can't believe you have such high temps already!! I was checking the SF weather report, and it was saying that it's in the high 70's. How far from SF do you live?? What a major difference!

Alex--OMG! Your poor dog!! Jumping at 60mph?? Poor thing! My dogs wouldn't survive such a jump. Being chihuahua's and all. My boy can't even jump well off the couch! We're thinking of putting little steps up for him because of it. Looking forward to seeing more photos of the house!

Today is a pretty day. I'm really excited that it's friday. Of coarse I'm working my normal shift so I don't get off at 7:30 to get Jhanai early, but 9:30 isn't so bad.

James has been talking more and more about getting a treadmill. Not so sure why he's wanting one so much. But I'm not complaining. He said in the next couple months we'll get one. That'll be nice to have! I can go walk after work w/o worrying about the night creature walking the streets! :lol:

Anyway, must get a shower and then get to work soon. Hugs to all!:hug:

06-23-2006, 03:41 PM
The doctor says I have anxiety--he gave me a perscription for a pill for it (which the pharmacy can't get until Monday) and also one for a muscle relaxer. I am tensing up so bad it is causing the chest pains. He wants to watch it though--if the two prescriptions don't help I will have to go for a stress test. He is sending me for blood work. My BP was 116/82 --it usually runs really low around 100/60, so though the numbers looks really good, it is high for me. He also wants me to also give up my one morning cup of coffee and go totally "O" caffiene. Hopefully this will get me through until my coworker can come back--I am sure I will be able to deal better with her help and not having to add her work to my already heavy workload.

I'll be back later for individuals!!

06-23-2006, 11:49 PM
Hey ladies,

Mary Kate - oh, you poor dear! I can't imagine not having AC with the temps you're having. Yikes! Hopefully by the time you read this, you're through sweltering, and the AC is blasting in your home. Good idea, going out to stay cool. Hope your arms are feeling better, too.

Alex - wow, it's a wonder your dog wasn't hurt even worse than she was. Did she see a cat, or something? I bet you're getting so excited about the house, too. I'd love to see photos of the inside, whenever you can post them. Enjoy your quiet weekend.

Marti - a treadmill is my fave exercise, as you know, and I think you'd really, really like it. Not only will you not have to worry what's on the streets, you won't have to worry about the weather, either. Treadmill walking is harder than street walking.... wait, that doesn't sound right, lol..... I mean walking on the sidewalks, lol, but more effective by far, imho. Have fun with Jhanai this weekend at the coast.

Julie - :hug: :hug: :hug: Hopefully the meds will work, and you won't need a stress test. Everyone of my living sister have had them, and I hear they aren't too bad, but still. Can you give up your coffee without hurting someone, lol? Not sure if I could. :D When do you get a vacation from work again? Soon, hopefully.

Hello to everyone else. :)

I had such a good time with Madison today. We went shopping (a grandma's prerogative, right??) and then read books, and made pictures. We talked about babies not being in bellies, but in uteruses. Oh boy! I'll let Mary answer any more questions about that, lol. :dizzy:

Tomorrow will be really busy, since the weather is cooler, I have a lot to do outside, as well as indoors. And we're having company Sunday after church- my good friend that I've known since I was 9, and her DH are coming over. So I probably won't be back until Sunday evening or Monday. I hope all of you have fun this weekend, too, and I'll chat at ya later. :D

06-24-2006, 01:40 AM
:carrot: :cb: :cp: :dance: Hooray, hooray!!! My A/C is fixed!!! And it was only $90, and there was a $25 coupon in the phone book, so it was only $65 :) A bad delay switch, and now it's nice and cool in here, thank goodness. We are having a heat wave like you wouldn't believe.

Marti, we are only about an hour or two drive from SF, but we are central valley, and it's a huge bowl that holds in the heat and the smog. SF is right on the coast, and constantly has the sea breeze and fog. Mark Twain once said that the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

Alex, YIKES! Hope your dog is ok! What kind is she? When I was a kid my dog used to ride in the back of the pickup, but we always had to tie him on a really short lead because he'd get so excited and try to run around the truck bed.

Jane, got your card today and laughed my butt off! Well, not really, 'cause my butt is still definitely there -- darn. :D But it definitely made my day... Your little "talk" with Madison reminded me of when my oldest two boys were about 4 and 6. They were watching a show at Christmas that was dramatizing the birth of Jesus, and Mike, 4, asked Erik, 6, how the baby got in Mary's stomach, and Erik told him it was in a special baby place. Then he asked me, "What's it called?" I told them, "It's a uterus" and they both looked at me blankly, so I said, "Sometimes people call it a womb" thinking they may have heard that in Sunday School. "Oh," they both nodded, knowingly. Erik said, "I was in your womb, Mom, huh?" and I said, yes, he was, and then Mike said, "I was in your womb, too, huh Mom?" and I said yes. Then Mike indicated a very tiny size with his fingers and asked, "Was it a wittle bed womb?" (say that out loud if you don't get it)

Jules, what kind of chest pains have you been experiencing? I'm asking because I was in the ER twice last week with intense chest pains, and they were worried about my heart -- tightening, squeezing sensation, burning, spread to my back and jaw, hard to talk or breathe. Had two EKG's, blood work and chest xray, and my heart is ok, except for a little murmur. The second dr. I saw said it sounds like esophageal spasms, which I thought was a bit silly, until I looked up info on the net. Mayo Clinic website and several other sites say they can be mistaken for angina or even a heart attack. Dr. prescribed some meds, but I'm also taking a few drops of peppermint oil in water a day (recommended by a couple of the sites) and it seems to be helping. I think these are being brought on by stress...that's why I was wondering about your situation. Sure hope you are feeling better! Stress can make you really, really physically sick.

Angie, be careful out there on the streets! I hope you are able to help find that old man. His family must be so worried.

Hello to everyone else...

ACK! :frypan: Stupid, stupid me, I ate Chinese food tonight, and have weigh in tomorrow morning. Won't be pretty. Oh well...

See you soon,

06-24-2006, 02:45 AM
Hi Ladies -- Sorry I've been MIA, but I've just had a very rough last few days and I've been so down and worried about my mom that I just haven't felt like doing anything, or being on the computer either. I've been so stressed that it brough on another migraine, but today I've actually been feeling better. My mom called me finally this evening; I hadn't spoke to her in over a week. She said she's been very sick and the doctor took some of her blood to run some tests. She doesn't know that her doctor and the insurance have approved for her to go to a mental facility where she will have mental doctors and specialists evaluate and test her, to find out what is causing her mental problems and depression, that has gotten very bad in the last couple of months. It has been a very hard week on me, because all I can keep doing is thinking about all of the times I was able to pick her up and take her out to lunch or shopping, and I'm not able to do that anymore, and I feel like it's almost mourning her death. Sorry to unload all of this, but I've been very down and just wondering when I will get out of this rut. I keep telling myself just stick with my plan and exercise, but mentally I haven't been able to. Thank you everyone for all of your kind words and prayers, because I truly appreciate them.:grouphug:

da fat n da furious
06-24-2006, 04:35 AM
aw Michelle,,,girl you so need a hug. I wish I could be there to give you one. I am so sorry for what is going on with your mom. Its ok that you sometimes can't get on here. Just so you know we are here for you. Unload,,,sometimes posting about it can relieve some of the tension.

Now Jules and Katie,,,ladies you need to take care of you. Chest pains? That is down right scary to hear.
Jules Im hoping those meds work quick and you can get some of that anxiety taken away.
And you too Katie. My friend Becky has/is going through all that,,,Im constantly pecking at here to see a Dr. But like you both shes under alot of stress. Going to sign us both up for yoga. Say lil bed womb with a lisp. lol

Jane,,,now with your storms, we have been experiencing alot of storms but no where near what you are experiencing. You still have the cellar right? Is it close to this house? I don't even want to listen or read about all the weather storms happening in your area. And you worry about me?..its nothing compared to Mother Nature.

How many more sleeps Marti? James is a smart guy,,,getting a tread mill will be a good thing. Have you got to use the Ipod thing yet?

Alex...OMG your poor pooch. And the vet said 3 days and the dog will be able to walk around? That just seems a bit soon...

Robin...I second what Jane said about cracking walnuts with your legs... aren't crunches so much fun? I used to use a machine called the Ab Cruncher loved it when I could do it,,,hated it when I struggled to do one set.

The PI boss finally emailed me the info. Ill have to start tomorrow. Its 1:30 am...and I only now figured out I can't print off most of this stuff,,,,for whatever reason each time I try to enlarge it it becomes so blurry I can't read it,,,and I can't read it at 3 inches long. Even with a magnafying glass.

I did decline the job,,,with the cranky lady. I have an interview on Tuesday with the Chiropractic office. And Monday at a tool place. Im really hoping for the retirement home,,,its right in my neighbourhood. My friend Angelika works for the extended care home. Which is next door.

Well I should get to bed...

06-24-2006, 12:40 PM
Katie--my chest pains felt like a band tightening around my chest and even going down my arm. It was kinda scary--I called my mom and she gets the same thing. She has gone to the ER for it but they can never say whats causing it. The doctor says if I can do 10-15 minutes on the elliptical without having the pains or shortness of breath than he isn't going to send me for a stress test just yet. Sounds like yours are pretty serious. I have been edgy and irritable and I am hoping that the anxiety meds I will pick up on Monday take that away.The muscle relaxers are way too strong for me--I am supposed to take 3 a day but I would be a total zombie!!! I think I will take just half a one at bedtime. I started on the stretching exercises he said to do and have been using my hald held massager--(IF anyone does not have one of these things--it is definitely worth it!!) I also have an appt to go get a 1/2 massage. She is so good and will let me now if I need my neck adjusted at my chiro.

Alex--so sorry about your poor dog!!!

Marti--I got my ball at Walmart-it came with a chart of exercises and I got a book out of the library that gives more.

Jane--I am not sure about giving up my morning cup of coffee--i am thinking about either switching to decaf or tea. I really like chai tea.

Michelle ma belle--thinking of you and your family!!

Robin--Hi to you!!

Angelia--hope you get the job you want!!!

Maybe BBL!! Hope everyone has a great day!!

06-24-2006, 01:27 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!

Jules & Katie--Chest pains? You poor girls!:hug: Yes....stress can cause all kinds of "ick" Last week when I was stressed to the max, I was feeling so light headed and weak. I just knew my blood pressure was up! Scared me. I didn't go to the doctor for it though. I just decided that I needed to talk things out and get it off my chest.

Maybe we all need a vacation!!

Jules--I believe I got the same ball!:) I hung up the exercise chart when I first bought it and followed as many as I could at the time. Then we move here, and for the life of me, I don't know where I put that chart!

Jane--I used to walk on the treadmill at work all the time on my breaks. I had gotten to where I started jogging. That was such an accomplishment for me! I want to do that again. I may start using my gym at work again. NEED to use it is more like it. Only $10 a mos. but if I'm not using the gym, I'm just wasting money. Cute about Madison and the baby questions!

Katie--Been watching the weather for San Fran. We're bringing jackets just because we've heard that it's pretty cold during the summer! I wonder how it'll be for 4th of July, will the fog/smog prevent seeing the display?? I loved your son's comment "wittle bed womb"! :lol:

Michelle-- :hug: I'm sorry that you're going through such a tough time right now w/your mother. Don't feel bad about unloading. That is one way to relieve some of the feelings that we bottle up. It should help you feel a little better if you let it out. Just know that I'm thinking of you and sending you hugs. :hug:

Angie--9 more days!:carrot: Not that I'm counting or anything! :D You know, I haven't gotten to use the Ipod or the new camera. James is being a new toy hog! Actually he's been downloading all our CD's onto the Ipod. Not even sure how many he's got on there so far, something like 2000 songs......And the camera, he took it down to Kfall w/him so he can take some photos of the places he see's and always describes to me. I can handle that. is Coast day. It's 9:30 and Jhanai is still in bed. I'm going to get her little butt up and we're going to get ready and go. Weather shows that it'll be in the high 70's low 80's over there.......good coast weather.

Chat w/you all later!

06-25-2006, 01:34 PM
Howdy everybody!

Had a great day at the coast. Was a bit too windy so we didn't stay too long on the beach. We had her birthday lunch at Mo's! Felt like we ate a lot!! (probably did, but it was worth it)

Not much going on today.......more of a relaxing day.

Hope you're all enjoying good weather, if you're having careful!!

Off I go to make breakfast!

06-25-2006, 01:37 PM
I had a weird NSV this weekend...I got a stomach flu that would have killed a small person....I am going to make it! Just very very very sick at the moment.

06-25-2006, 10:37 PM
Hello ladies,

Katie - Yay for having a/c again. :cp: I've been worried about you in the heat. Bed womb.... how cute! Kids really do say the darndest things, don't they? Is the esophageal spasm like a panic attack? I've had those a few times in my life, and felt like I was having a heart attack. So scary! Btw, you're welcome for the card.

Michelle - there you are!! I've missed you, and I'm so sorry you've got so much on your plate right now. It has to be miserable to think of what's happening to your mom. :hug: We're here to help you, and I know you have good friends on the other threads who care deeply about you, too. Among all of us, we'll get you through this, ok? Don't feel bad if you can't concentrate on your weight right now. Maybe just try to not gain. Anyway, come here anytime you need a shoulder, ok?

Angie - nope... no cellar. It's scary at times, too, because you wouldn't believe all the downed trees, and roofs blown off with the weather we've had. I say my prayers, and hope for the best. Ange, I'm so glad you didn't take the job with Cranky Lady. That's the last thing you need. Or maybe I should say the last thing she needs, because you'd be kicking her butt before long, lol. Hey, I worked for a chiropractor as his office manager temporarily once. He was a total nutjob, and when he started waving a gun around, I left. I'm serious! He had other reports on him, and got shut down. Not only that, he ate my lunch. That honked me off about as much as the gun thing! :D <- I laugh now, but it's really true.

Marti - hey, do you have Foxfire? Did you have to redo all your preferences and stuff? I started to use it, but had ads everywhere, so I'll have to get Neal to de-ad it, lol. Nine more days! Ohhhh, you lucky dog! I think I do remember you walking the treadmill. But my mind is getting worse everyday, lol. :dizzy: Must be all the fiber I'm eating, lol.

Julie - chai tea? I've never tried that, but I do drink iced tea everyday after I get my water in. We don't make it very strong, so I don't think the caffiene is too bad. Anyway, tell me more about the chai tea, ok? :yes:

Alex - it's good you can still have a sense of humor while you're sick, lol. Hope you're much better by the time you read this. Want me to send you some chicken soup? :hug:

Sue - oh Suuuuuue! Please tell me that your absence here means you sold your house? Or something else really fun or good!

Oh, I've had such a good weekend! After all the rain we had, it was easy to do the weeding, and the flowers around the house look so much better. I tied up some tall ones to some stakes - the stargazer lillies and the hollyhocks. My friend and her DH wasn't able to make it. She had car and fimaily issues, which isn't unusual for her. Neal, Katie and I watched the movie Family Stone a little while ago. It was so good, and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't already seen it.

Better toodle off of here.... chat at ya soon. :wave:

da fat n da furious
06-25-2006, 11:03 PM
Hey all,
Gawd Jane you made me laugh,,*,Not only that, he ate my lunch. That honked me off about as much as the gun thing!*
Ya I would be kicking butt and taking names if someone ate my lunch...*grin
So Jane are you going to make a cellar?
Just figured out we had a movie channel and watched Cold Mountain again,,,I have it on vhs but Tanner is the only one with a vhs machine. I saw Wallys has a thing now you can bring all your vhs tapes and have the reverted to dvd. might have to do that.

Hey Marti,,,Sounds like you two had a wonderful day together. Tell James not to be a toy hog. We still have't played with our new camera. I find we spend the whole weekend doing all the things we never have time for during the week.

Alex...hope you feel better...stomach flu is a horrible way to spend the weekend.

I went out to one of the shelters to look around,,,talked with the director there and posted the guys pic...
Still haven't done the trim down stairs...or the touch up painting...Im going to make Brandon and Brandon paint the bathroom and office. Picked up Monte's fathers day gift finally. It was on back order. But he loves it. Its an old stage coach looking tea cart. While
I was at that store saw a cute love seat upholstered in jean(denim) material.
well Tanner needs to study for one of his exams...
Hello to everyone else...

06-26-2006, 12:24 AM
Didn't realize I hadn't been on here for a few days. That's how busy we have been! House showings, company and today an open house. We haven't had an offer on the house yet, but by the sounds of things the open house went really well and at least 3 couples were very seriously speaking to the agent. One came back and walked all over the property planning where they could put a pool. :) Sooo, we will see what next week brings.

Sat. went to breakfast with DH's family (2 sis' and hubbies) and took them through the new house. Came back here for the afternoon. They had no sooner left than we got more company. Two of my good friends from school stopped by. One from out of town and I hadn't seen either of them for a few years. I was surprised... One friend has had gastric by-pass and I have heard from her via mail, but hadn't seen her. She thought I wouldn't know her, but she looks just like I remember her mom, so I did know who she was right off. :)

Jane- Let me know how Firefox works for you. I have it and just downloaded the new version last week. It keeps popping up sponser ads in tabs and I don't know how to stop it....grrr. I didn't have these tabs before and can't figure them out. Computer illiterate that I am. Our weather was pleasant today, was yours?

Marti- Glad you had a nice day on the coast. I am still envious of your up-coming trip. wahhh...I wanna go to SF. Hope you have a good time. I always dress in layers for SF. I wore a tee shirt, then a denim long sleeve and a windbreaker when we took the ferry early in the a.m. in the fog. Then when the fog burned off I put the jacket and or shirt around my waist and had it available to put back on in the afternoon when it starts cooling down again. That was in in July you might get by with two layers. LOL

Angie- I don't blame you, who wants to work for a Cranky Lady? The only thing worse is a Nutjob man. (as per Jane) I think she should have taken the gun and held him up for the lunch.... Good luck with the PI work.

Jules- Decaf coffee isn't as bad as you might just takes a lonnnggg time to get used to it. Some people do half de and half caf for the first few days. I just went cold turkey and I did have a headache for a few days. Now I do NO caffeine at all. I was wondering from your post...which 1/2 do you get massaged with the 1/2 massage? :)

Alex- I hope you are feeling better real soon. Not a good way to spend the week-end!

Michelle- I am sorry you are having such a bad time right now. I hope things look up real soon.

Katie- Wow, I don't know what I would do without a/c. Glad you have yours fixed and I know it is more comfotable for you. Hope your arm is doing better. My DD is north of SF and she tells me her weather is lots warmer than what I read in the paper for SF. I still love it out there.

Don't have any showings scheduled for the week yet, but I have my fingers crossed. I don't even have anything "biggie" to do for the week. Just keep the house clean. Oh that reminds me..people keep saying how the house is so clean they could move right in...makes me feel like I am doing it right.

06-26-2006, 09:28 PM
I just wanted to pop in and say hi!! Lightning and thunder and flash Feeling a little better--muscle relaxer help the tightness but made me into a zombie. Got the other prescription today and it has helped with the edginess.....

Hopefully the storms will pass!!

06-26-2006, 11:17 PM
The heat is horrible here today! On the 5 oclock news, they said someone called in from a town that is 15 miles south of us, and reported it was 118F!!!:yikes:

06-26-2006, 11:33 PM
Hiya ladies,

Just a quick one to say bad storms and winds are heading my way yet again. Neal is in the hospital doing the sleep study thing, so Katie and I are here by ourselves. Yikes! Neal is my rock during scary stuff, but I'm just hoping he'll be safe in town - he's on the 7th floor (top) floor. I get to pick him up at 6AM.

Anyway, I want to get off here before it gets worse. Take care, ok, and I'll check in sometime tomorrow. :hug:

da fat n da furious
06-27-2006, 01:55 AM
Jules, Im glad your feeling the a bit better...can you send some of them pills my way,,,specially the zombie stuff...

Michelle,,,we are having some good heat over here but not even close to that.

Sue,,,So how much weight did your friend loose? And did the family look the new home? Fingers crossed you sell...

Jane...only a few more hours till Neal is home....hugs...

Went for another interview...this one looked good other then its close to down town. YUCK takes forver to drive there. I ended up being 17 min late..I hate being late and was mentally frazzled when I got there.
Not sure how it went. Tomorrow is another interview,,witha chiropractor. Hoping for that one,,,close to home,,easy drive.
Had asked Brandon to paint the bathroom,,,wanted greeen,,,he grabbed the brown I have a poorly painted brown I laugh now but let me tell you...when I got home and saw that I was close to tears. Work is so crazy Im overwelmed and then a brown bathroom? Thankgoodness its a small bathroom. So I made the most of it and finished up...this is the bathroom with the plastered leaves around the top so I used copper and gold paint and rubbed it on the leaves giving it a 3 demension look. Went to Wallys and bought a couple of small hand towels in brown and dark brown (leaves all over them) Painted the lil stand brown and then smooshed the copper and gold over it. Had bought a wrought iron hand towel holder and new knobs for the stand. It doesn't look bad now...and Im exhausted. Have to admit I barely ate anything today...just so busy. Didn't have time during work to eat...and my lunch was my it was I was an hour late getting back to work.
Well need to get to bed...night

06-27-2006, 04:15 AM
So close to the end.....lets head on over to