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Karen L
06-18-2006, 08:45 PM
Looks Like I have to do all the work around here:D

We are having a good rain storm again today. We sure needed it. It did rain the other day for a while but then nothing for a few days.

It's been a quiet Fathers Day around here. I asked DH where he wanted to go for dinner and he went out to clean the grill so he cooked. He did ask for potato salad so I made a very small bowl.

Called my Mom and she is out running around with one of my brothers i guess . That is a good thing. I always make sure i call on Sunday because she told me Sundays are always the loneliest. She has gotten brave enough to drive her van in town now that winter is over.

Maria sounds like she will be glad to get home. I will be happy to see all he pictures I'm sure they are wonderful. Also Maria an new Grand child on the way my,my.my. That's wonderful.

Tuesday at WW i lost 1.8 pounds at the scale i almost fell off of it i never lose that much at once. That puts me at -10.6# Not sure how this week is going to go. I've been eating everything in sight. I'll let you know how it goes . Still walking and now a few of us in the park are doing a Leslie Sansons2 Mile walk 3 days a week in the club house.

My doctors appointment went OK. he was pleased my weight has dropped. he put me om a new medication for the migraines. I've been having way to many and taking way to many Imatrix. They are very hard on your heart. Any way so far so good .

Have to shut this down there is lightening


06-19-2006, 03:43 AM
G'day all......

I am HOME!!!!!!
Arrived a few hours ago and of course have heaps to do.
Talk to you soon.


06-19-2006, 09:45 AM

I'm sure you are glad to be able to be in the same bed more that one night in a row!:) It will take a while to unpack, clean, and unwind but now you have something very special to look forward to....a new grandchild. Hurrah! You must be so excited.

Not much going on here but we did have a nice quiet Father's Day. DH either saw or heard from all four of the kids and we ordered 2 1 1/2 lb. steamed Lobsters and sat and devoured the entire thing. Delish. I had juices flowing from each elbow....does that show how much I enjoy Lobster. Wouldn't ever order them in a restaurant....too messy but at home I really dig in....nothing left but the shells.

Karen: Congrats on the big loss.:carrot:

As for everyone else...your on the other page and I can't remember what you said. Glenda, Ann, Trudy, Sally, Peggy hope all is well and have a great 1st full week of Summer!


06-19-2006, 04:22 PM
Had a minute and thought I would stop by and see what is happening. Welcome home Maria. Can't wait to hear and see the pics. What is this about another grandchild?? I have to go and check this out.

Karen - happy about the loss. That is great. Maybe running from alligators helps.

Gloria sounds like you had a messy delicious Father's Day.

We watched the kid yesterday while they golfed and then we went to dil's parents for a Father's Day cookout. It was nice and fun. I was just tired from chasing P and the dogs [they seem to come as a package-lol] around

It has been hot and humid here this past week and finally had to turn on the ac. Went to a swim party Friday and it was nice to sit around and catch up with old friends. And there is no shortage of food. We should do water aerobics to work it off.

Going to go read the old thread.

06-20-2006, 02:02 AM
G'day everyone,
I have been going non-stop since returning home, dh immediately started the unpacking when we got home yesterday afternoon which of course meant that I had to start putting things away!
Little Matilda called in late in the afternoon and boy has she grown up, she is just gorgeous and she did remember us! :love:
I bought a saxaphone/flute toy that you can put together into any shape. Once she realised how she had to blow it she just loved it. I was marching playing the thing and Matilda was trying to march as well, she looked so funny, only one leg would march!!!!
I bought a beautiful pendant for d-i-l which she loved. She is coming to terms with the new pregnancy. It was just a bit of a shock as it was not planned and Matilda will still be in nappies etc. when the new baby arrives in January.
Our trip was great, we saw many things and drove many miles, 12342 km to be exact! We crossed rivers, drove on VERY rough terrain (taking 3 hours to drive 50 km) clambered around gorges and for me the best part was Kakadu and I now fully understand why Kakadu is a world heritage national park.
In time I will share some of the stunning photos we have taken.
I noticed some talk about alligators on the board, of course in the Top End of Australia it is not safe to swim in many of the waterways because of the 'estuary crocidiles' or as they are known salt water crocodiles. The freshwater crocodiles are similar to your alligator in so far that they are not as aggressive as the 'salties'. I have taken many photos of freshwater crocs but the saltwater crocs have always been taken from the safety of a boat.
Freshwater crocs have been known to attack but usually when they have been provoked, the salties do not need any provocation, they are just mean and nasty.
I am emailing a couple of photos of a very remote place we stopped, Lake Gregory. It will give you some indication of the 'luxury' we enjoyed but also the beautiful sunset at this particular campsite.
I will put some of the best photos on a website but as I have taken over 4000 photos, it will take some time to sort through them.
It is lovely to be home and it will be nice to 'see' you all again every day. Internet cafes are great but you are always pressed for time.
Hope everyone is well,

06-20-2006, 01:46 PM
Maria, I cannot wait to see your photos. We have missed you, but knew you were collecting precious memories and photos for us all. I was amazed at the shower contraption. How did you learn all this stuff? And I bet Miss Matilda has grown and changed. It doesn't take long. So she will have a sibling pretty young and that will be such fun. Right now I am sure it is a shock, but things have a way of working out for the best.

Peggy, chasing P and the dog sound like a fulltime job. Amazing how quickly those little legs, all 6 of them move.

You guys with your reptile stories! I have only seen alligators in the zoo or tv and they are so frightening!

Slavika, thanks for the research on the Arlington wreathes. That was such an interesting story!

And Karen, that Sunday thing was exactly what my mother used to say. She got along just fine everyday, but Sundays were so for people and their families that she felt very lonely then.

Did I tell you that I was in a wreck, a small one, during my colleague's husband's funeral? We were on our way to the cemetery when a car hit us from behind, a pretty good bump. I have such a fragile neck anyway that I have been in some pain since. Who would think you could get hurt in a funeral procession!

I have a cardiologist appointment this afternoon. I wish I hadn't said anything about my symptoms of not being able to breathe in the heat, but I did. I don't want to go.

06-20-2006, 06:22 PM
G'day all,

Glenda good luck at the cardiologist, it is definitly something you should follow up eventhough you don't particularly want to.
I am sure all will be well and you will be pleased that you have had it checked out.
Fancy being in a 'wreck' (we call it a car accident) on the way to a funeral. I remember you speaking of your fragile neck in the past. Hope with physio etc. it will come good again.

As far as the shower contraption, one of our friends had one and allowed us to use it and we were surprised how good it was.
We also bought a shower cubicle so that in not such private places we use that. It is like a small tent that you collapse like some sunshades you have for your car, it is a much bigger version and it can be a nightmare to get the jolly thing to collapse back into a flat pack again. If you have trouble picturing what I am talking about check this out http://www.tentworld.com.au/CategoryView.aspx?Category=Ensuites

Most of the washing is done so this morning I will do the ironing and then I am almost back to where we left off 2 months ago.

It is lovely to be home but I must say I was sleeping better when we were away. Everynight we went to bed very early (like 7.30) and then we would read for a while but invariably we would turn the light out by 8!!!!
We would wake up around 6 am so that was a very good night sleep.
Since being home I have so much on my mind that I want to do etc. that I went to bed around 11 pm last night and I was up again at 5.30 this morning:(

It promises to be a lovely winters day, I am having my haircut this afternoon, long overdue.
I have a cousin and her husband from the Netherlands visiting next Monday, they will come for a roast lunch and then stay a couple of nights before flying out to Alice Springs. They have been in Australia a few weeks and are now on their way to Adelaide.
I am pleased we were home in time to catch up with them.

Off to have my breakfast and start that ironing:(


06-21-2006, 12:41 AM
Once again - Welcome Maria. It is nice to have you back on the board. Loved that sunset. And I agree with Glenda - a little companion for Matilda as they grow together will be nice. Hard on Momma sometimes, but goodfor the kids. You had such a schedule when you were traveling, it will probably take you a while to establish your waking and sleeping hours all over again.

Glenda: Hope all goes well with your Cardiologist. It is better to be checked out, than to be sorry later if you didn't. Also sorry about your accident, and your neck. They have a neck vibrator with heat made by Homedics thatmight be useful for you. I think if you go to www.Homedics.com you will probably find it. Almost got one for DH for Fathers day, but he opted for a vibrating pad that goes in ones chair or the car. I tried it and it is very nice.

Slavika: I enjoyed all your research about Arlington. The photos were very nice, and all those wreaths made a beautiful and inspiring sight.

Karen: Congrats on the weight loss. I was up last week, and then after spending much time 'resting' got rid of the fluid and am now back to where I should be and down a little. Guess I ate something too salty. Of course I can't weigh in this week, as we are invited out for breakfast. Too bad:D:.

Peggy: Both dogs and grandkids are alot at once. But sounds like you had a nice weekend anyway. DH decided he wanted to go out on Sat. for dinner to avoid the crowds and then I cooked on Sunday. That worked out well.

Gloria; I love Lobster too, and when we go to Maine usually get our fill as one son is a Lobsterman up there. He keeps us supplied. But since we haven't gone in two summers, we might just have to break down and order out.

And what exciting things have you been doing Trudy? Have enjoyed your emails. Some good jokes and laughs.

Yesterday I had a new experience. A laser treatment on my eye. Everything is fine and the Dr. says the combination of the shot and then the laser may solve my problem. Sure hope so. I certainly don't want any more shots than are absolutely necessary. Now I have to go back in 6 weeks to be checked.
I have to brag a bit about my DD. She was voted Interpreter of the Year for the state of Virginia. It was all a big surprise for her, and she was presented with an ingraved plaque, and gifts and roses. She was really dumbfounded. Everyone was very good at keeping the secret, including her husband and daughter.

Guess it time to go to bed. Talk to you again soon. Ann

06-21-2006, 05:45 PM
Ann, congratulations to your daughter! That is one very huge award--the whole state!

All, I did go to the cardiologist. He did an EKG and listened and said there was a small abnormality we will check out. Darn! Anyway next week I am scheduled for a stress test and an echocardiogram. Not looking forward to that, but I won't have the results appointment until July 10th. Think good thoughts for me!

Gloria, I have never eaten lobster and now that I am a vegetarian I probably never will. Last week was so sad at the office that I just ate the whole week. I am not an emotional eater or anything!

Maria, tell us when you have your pictures up on the website.

06-21-2006, 06:01 PM
Ann, A big congrats to your daughter....what kind of interpreter is she? For the deaf or for foreign languages? Either way to win over the whole state is big.

Glenda: Glad you are taking care of the cardio problem. A small abnormality should be a quick fix. The tests you will have are not too difficult...I've never had them but DH has had them a few time...he even had the nuclear medicine heart test on a treadmill. He can no longer do that one because of his knee but he is scheduled to have the echocardiogram in the fall again.
Good luck and the worst part is the waiting to get the results.

Maria: Loved the sunset and glad you sent the close up of the shower. I'm not sure I could have done that trip. I like my shower to have a tile surround!:)

Ann: what kind of laser treatment did you have. I have had Laser surgery to help the Glaucoma and also to treat a tuft that was pulling away from my retina. Both were not painful and were quite successful. Hope yours was equally successful.

Tomorrow DH is having a tooth extracted....infected roots. He has been on Amoxicillan for 7 days and then needs to take 4 Amoxicillan 1 hour before the extraction tomorrow. This is to prevent infection from reaching his Stents. He is OK with this but I am a bit nervous.

Well off to see about something to eat. Gloria

06-21-2006, 08:37 PM
G'day everyone,

Ann you should be very proud of your dd, that is a great achievement. I am always in awe of interpreters, I have learnt different languages and of course speak Dutch and English fluently however when I am in English mode I find it very difficult to switch to Dutch mode and vice versa.
It will be a test next Monday when I have a cousin and her husband visiting who are here on holidays. DH doesn't understand or speak any Dutch and my cousin's English is poor. It will be an interesting day.
They are here for lunch and I have decided to make a typically Australian meal ie pumpkin soup for starters, roast lamb and roasted vegetables for mains and a bread and butter pudding for desert.
I hope they like it.

Glenda sorry to hear that there is a small abnormality with your heart, better to check it out now then when it may become a bigger problem.

Gloria good luck to your dh with his tooth extraction, not a fun way to spend a day.

I have given myself the day off and I am starting on the sorting of the photos.

Hope everyone is well,


06-22-2006, 04:28 PM
Hi All-
Gloria: My DD is an interpreter for the Deaf. She works in public schools and also teaches classes in a Community college in American Sign language.
About the laser- it was to help with a periodic swelling I have in the back of the eye. He had given me another shot, and then after 2 wks the laser. Dr. said he has had good results this way, and it reduces the possibilty of more shots. Let's hope so.

Glenda: They found a small abnormality with my heart - a prolapsed Mitral Valve, but it doesn't hinder anything, just have to have antibiotics before any invasive procedure, even having my teeth cleaned. Hope your have a simple solution too. Those other tests are not bad, have been through them.

Maria: I think you deserve a day off to just 'chill out' as they say. Your menu sounds lovely. Who couldn't like roast lamb. One of my favorites. I too am looking forward to your pictures. I'm glad you had a great trip, but as you describe some of the rough terrain, I feel sure, that I am happy to enjoy it through your photos.

Today we drove cars to a sale again. I got one 'doozy' that was manual transmission, and the clutch was not good, so of course I stalled it, and then it wouldn't start again. - so I just left it for someone else and went to another car. :D: It is interesting to drive so many different makes and models. So many dealerships around here are having special sales. This makes me a little spending money.

Time to go to the pool So bye for now. Ann

06-26-2006, 04:53 PM
Maria it is good to have you back. Your trip sounds like quite an experience with your trying all kinds of new things. The shower was cool. Tell Alan-nice buns!! I saw something about Alice Springs. When we go to the Outback[restaurant here] I usually get Alice Springs Chicken. Now I know that there really is an Alice Springs.

Ann I used to be able to drive a manual car. My son has a cherry red 94 Mustang convertible that is his second car. He says I can drive it but I chicken out cause I haven't driven a stick in an age. If I did something to it I would be in big trouble. I think your dd has a wonderful job. My son and dil taught P a little sign language. He keeps doing "more" and "please". I just am not sure what he wants more of sometimes.

Glenda I am glad that you were not hurt in the accident. Weird place to have one. Have you had your heart test yet?? I am glad that you are getting checked out.

Have to run,

06-27-2006, 09:47 PM
G'day all,

I have had some very busy days with my cousin and her dh from the Netherlands. Tomorrow we are off to Melbourne to visit our daughter for a long weekend and today I have Matilda.....phew!
I look forward to a bit of a rest.

I have read all the emails:) but haven't had much time to make any comments.

DH is very busy planning our American trip. He enjoys doing it and is noting down the mileage from place to place and the time it may take us.

It is unlikely that we will go to Florida, time just doesn't permit it. I hope to catch up with as many of you as we can but unfortunately this time I won't be able to catch up with Ann and Karen.

I don't want to be away for 3 months, our trip will be for 8 to 9 weeks.

I hope everyone is well and happy,


Karen L
06-29-2006, 08:51 PM
It has been a busy day for me today but wanted to stop by and let you know I do live. I went to Weight watchers Tuesday night and was down again another 1 pound that puts me at 13 pounds gone and only 3 to go and I'll be back to my goal again. I think at the rate I'm going I won't have to pay anymore after next week. we'll see. I'm walking 2 miles a day and three days a week I'm doing the Leslie Sansone 2 Mile walking Tape down at the club house with some other gals. it's fun. I'm learning to run the big screen TV video equipment so that more than one of us know how .

Our weather is hot and we have moved into o the rainy season. So every day sometime during the day we get some rain. But that is a good thing. At least we are not catching it like the poor people it the north east.

Have to go just wanted to say Hi.


06-29-2006, 10:37 PM
Karen: Congrats on the continued loss. I can't say the same for me. All the time that I couldn't exercise even tho' I stayed with the program I gained without the exercise. and now it seems that it just doesn't want to come off again. It does get frustrating and disappointing too when the scale doesn't move. It makes me just want to stay home, and I know that doesn't really work either.

Maria: You sound very busy with company and having Matilda too. I bet she was glad to have you come home. How about the big wedding in Sidney? Was it big news there as well as her in the states?

Glenda: Have you had your Cardiologist appt. yet? Hope all is well.

It is disturbing to read about all the flooding all over. Pennsylvania and Southern N.Y state, just to name a few. We are happy to be having the rain right now. I don't have to water my flowers anymore.

I've been watching, 'So You Think You Can Dance' I certainly don't care for the HipHop style of dancing. I like the ballroom style the best.

Hope you all enjoy your long weekend. I know July 4th is not a holiday in Canada and Australia, but enjoy the weekend anyway. Ann

06-30-2006, 07:51 PM
:hug: Hi Everybody: I read all your posts a few days ago and now I can't remember anything. :?: KAREN...I remember you lost weight again and are doing well.. I am trying but not much happening, I guess I just have to work at it harder. I am finding it very difficult to cook decent meals just for myself...it just seems easier to just grab "something" and that something is usually not a great choice. :( Karen, I also take Imitrex for my headaches and know that it can have some some not so great side effects especially as we get older. What did your doctor prescribe for you now and have you had a chance to try it yet? I went to the lake last weekend and went for a ride in the boat that David and I got the kids, and it sure is a beauty. I am going back out to the lake tomorrow and coming home on Monday. I find that I get restless if I stay out too long but the weather has been just super lately. I am doing sort of ok, but I miss my David so much that sometimes the tears just come and I don't even realize it. Both my grandkids passed with honors and today was their last day of school. The Princess will be in grade 6 next year, and Peggy, you will be pleased to know that the "rapper dude" who sometimes sends you emails, will be in grade 8. I have to tell you, that he asks about you from time to time. LOL :D Hi to all of you, and I guess Maria you are getting back into the routine of being home....and I think Glenda is now on holidays. Talk to you all soon.

07-03-2006, 03:15 PM
Before I begin I want to wish you all a very Happy 4th of July

I sit here in a house that is in total chaos! Tomorrow they will be here to replace our oil tank and we have been preparing. First we had to remove the shelves going down the cellar stairs....the contents are now boxed in the dining room. Next we made sure the path from the bottom step to the oil tank was clear in a wide enough path to accomodate the passage of the tank....this entailed moving some storage that was under the stairs. Next, DH removed the cellar door... which is leaning up against the house on the back deck. Oh, yes, we had to move the hope chest that is in the front hall...again it opened up a wider path from the front door to the kitchen. This meant emptying the chest....items kept are in boxes in the living room. Must say that some stuff was tossed. Last I removed the storage drawer under the stove and we are ready....I hope. They will have to move the stove (electric) no pipes, thank goodness and I don't know if they will have to unhook the hood....I hope not. The old tank will be pumped out....oil dellivery just 2 weeks ago, of course, and then cut up and removed thru the cellar door. They tell me the tank was in the house before the cellar was closed up....at least 75 to 80 years ago. So there will be a hot time in the old homestead tomorrow. The reason it is being done on the 4th of July is that the company gave it's employees today off in lieu of tomorrow.

Hope you all will have a great day and lots of fun.

Marie...hope your are all settled in from your trip and enjoy Matilda.
Karen...great weight loss. Keep up to good work.
Glenda...hope you had a great time off.
Slavika...I can understand how difficult it is to cook for one but if you have a freezer maybe you could cook a bigger meal and freeze a portion or two for later.


07-03-2006, 09:24 PM
Gloria: that certainly sounds like a major project to me. Did your tank spring a leak? what made it necessary to get the new one?

Slavika: when I was alone after my divorce, (in my first life) I lived on TV dinners. I didn't have to think - just popped it in the Microwave and there it was. We were watching a documentary about the cross country train that leaves Toronto and ends up on the west coast, and one of the stops is Winnepeg. there were lots of lovely pictures of your city, and I kept looking at the sidewalk crowds, hoping I'd see a familiar face(heehee) But you or Trudy could have been there. :D:

Hope you all have a fun 4th. Talk to you all later. Ann

07-04-2006, 09:20 PM
I hope all my American friends are having a great day. It must be good in Florida because the space shuttle took off. It always amazes me when I see it head to outer space, you could never get me on that bird.
I haven't posted in a while. We have been out looking for furniture, picking out carpeting and drowning in paint chips. Nothing will be happening until the end of August, but we do know what we want now and have placed our orders. This sort of thing gets more stressful as I age. Decorating used to be fun, now it is very tiring and hard on the nerves. Still aren't sure about the paint color. We had a decorator from the furniture store and she suggested a color. It is taped up on the wall and I am trying to get used to it.
We have been spending a lot of time with our DD and family. We never turn down an opportunity to baby-sit or have them over. MC is 6 months old and 18 lbs. :angel: is 3 1/2 and 33 lbs.... he is 1/2 the size of her already. He loves to cuddle and is such a happy little guy, always smiling. :angel: adores him and he is always so happy to see her. Hope that keeps up.
It has been so hot here, another scorcher weekend is predicted. Our gardens are so dry, we are constantly watering. Of course, this year we have a rabbit who dines daily in our little vegetable garden and has my flowers for dessert. My DD has the same problem at her home. She heard about sprinkling cayenne pepper on the plants to keep away those pesky bunnies, however, her dog goes behind her and licks off all the pepper.. that dog will eat anything.
I was glad to read that every one is happy and keeping busy.
Gloria I know how nerve racking it is to have something large moved out of the house when you aren't sure it is going to fit through the doors. My old sofa was bought before the railing was put up at my front doors. The delivery men had a devil of a time getting it in the house then. Now we have that railing to contend with and also doors on the closet opposite the door. The sofa will have to be shoved in the closet to manouver it out. This won't be happening for another month and a half, but I am worried about it already.
I am looking forward to seeing Maria's pictures too. Wasn't that emu someting? How was the vist with your DD? Are they getting really excited?
Good for you Karen. You are doing so good. My weight has gone up this summer. I can't seem to get motivated, I say as I put another brownie in my mouth. Snacking and portion control are my big problems. I don't eat the wrong things, just way too much of the good stuff.
Slavika Being alone while our husbands are out of town is one thing, but knowing he isn't coming home must be so very very hard. I think about you constantly and I am amazed at how well you cover up the pain. We saw each other today and had some really good laughs.
Ann it is so good that you are happy with your 2nd life. I am sure you had some rough times as well. I am sure it makes you appreciate your husband ever more.
Peggy We don't have Outback Restaurants in Canada, but we did go to one in Grand Forks ND., and I had the Alice Springs Chicken too. It was so delicious, the portion was huge. Did you try the Blooming Onion as well?

We went to see The Da Vinci Code and I really liked it. I also read the book, which I had a hard time putting down. It was an entertaining bit of FICTION... I don't believe any of it. Our friends son's company did the visual effects for the Superman movie and so they gave us tickets for the premiere and I liked that movie too. Two movies in 1 week is a record for us.

Talk to you all later, ... bye bye

07-05-2006, 12:47 AM
G'day all,

I am back again from our visit to Melbourne.
DD is getting quite excited, I am hoping she doesn't deliver early, I need at least 6 weeks before another trip to Melbourne.
The plan is that as soon as the baby is born we go over for 2 days then her dh is home with her for 2 weeks and then I fly over again to help out for however long she needs me before dh driving over, stays a couple of days and we drive home again.
All very hectic.

Glad you liked the couple of photos I emailed, I will try and get a website up by the end of the week.

Gloria does that mean you have oil heating? I am surprised that is still an economical way of heating the house. It sounds a huge job replacing your oil tank hope all went well.

Ann how long were you on your own before you married again? I guess you can relate perhaps better then any of us to what Slavika is going through and her lack of motivation to do any cooking.

We (I should really say dh) are busy planning our US trip. So I pick up on speaking 'Canadian' ;) when we visit Trudy and Slavika, I rang Slavika this morning and my Canadian is coming along well:D:D
It was good to talk to her and I also think she is coping amazingly well.

I was supposed to have had Matilda today but I now have her tomorrow afternoon till Friday afternoon whilst her Mum flies to Sydney for a netball game.

I must be off and get stuck into those photos......


07-05-2006, 07:22 PM
Hi All,

Been enjoying the wonderful day. It has been so hot and today it cooled off enought to open up and let the fresh air blow in.

Gloria how did the tank moving go. Those are such big heavy things. It would figure it would leak after just having it filled. You can't win. I hope you got everything back together again.

Trudy that is funny about your dd's dog licking off the cayenne pepper. I just moved some things cause the little bunny is eating it. She seems to like morning glory. Everytime they sprout up she eats them so I moved them to a different spot and hope that she won't find it.

Karen keep up the good work on the weight loss. And good for you for doing all that walking. You are inspiring me to get on the stick and do it.

Slavika your tears are normal. It has to be hard to be alone after all those years. My sister has been a widow for a long, long time and she says lonliness sort of never goes away. She keeps busy with her kids and all her projects. She volunteers, helps out in a floral shop and tap dances. She is 78. Tell the Prince of Winnipeg I said Hi. Miss his emails. Hope the kids are having a good summer.

Ann I haven't seen the dance show yet. I keep forgetting it is on.

Maria you have to be sort of tired with just coming home and then going away for the weekend. For some reason I don't get your emails. We have bridge called the Purple People Bridge. It is a bridge that connects Ohio to Kentucky. You can walk over it. Now they have copied the bridge in Sydney and we have first bridge in North America that you can climb. I am not sure if I would do it. Sort of costly. www.purplepeoplebridgeclimb.com

Nothing really exciting is going on here. Been busy trying to keep up with the painting. Babysit whenever they need us. Been doing some reading. My niece is bringing her dog over tomorrow for us to watch while she is on vacation. She is old like our dog and they just lay around and sleep most of the time. She just gets into more things so I Bailey proofed the house today.

Hope that Glenda is having a nice vacation.

07-05-2006, 07:46 PM
G'day all,

Peggy it is very annoying that for some reason your emails are sent back to me.
I will have to investigate further when I get some time.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge walk has been around for some time http://www.bridgeclimb.com/ , dh did it some 4 years ago. Not realy my thing and it is also far too expensive.
So when we visit Cincinatti he will be able to climb your bridge!

Busy day,


07-06-2006, 04:52 AM
Ladies Can I ask you a question?

I just found this section and I 'm 53. I have been following WW and have lost all of my weight this way. I reached goal and held it for a while. Now I'm trying to lose the 15 lbs that I gained back. Down 5 lbs and have 10 more to go.

I need some advice. My daughter took a year off work and has decided to go back. I thought she would be making the same deal with her friend to look after her son. She phoned me and asked me if I would babysit while she went for a interview and I said yes. We hung up and then I got thinking she never mentioned that her friend was going to look after her son. I phoned her and asked her if this was this situation. She said no. When I asked who was going to look after him she said me. I was floored because she never asked me a head of time. I told her no I wouldn't look after my grandson. I do not want to be tied down to looking after him 5 days a week. My daugher is furious with me and is not speaking to me for the moment. Do you think I'm being selfish because my daughter says I am. I can take the honesty, so please, how do you feel about this type of thing. I do not work and I have the time to do it but I really do not want to do it. I do feel guilty and upset over this. I have been eating almost non stop since I told her this. Any advice would be appreciated.

07-06-2006, 10:12 PM
G'day all,

Keya hello and welcome to our little group.

As regards your other predicament of looking after your grandson.......

You are definetly NOT selfish and I think your daughter is expecting a lot from you.
I look after my grand daughter (she is 14 months) one day per week and even that I find is a lot and it is a day that I just have to wipe because I cannot do anything at all while she is here.
It was also sort of taken for granted that I would be prepared to do that one day per week. I really love my little grand daughter and enjoy having her but, as I already said, that one day is gone and by the end of the day I am exhausted.
I think all you can do is to try and calmly explain to your daughter how your feel and that perhaps you are willing to look after him one day per week.
In the meantime don't feel guilty and get back on track with your eating plan, you are doing a great job.


Karen L
07-07-2006, 12:06 PM
Welcome I meant to answer last night but got called away. No way are you being selfish. I remember going through the same thing my self with my daughter . She was mad for a time but got over it. I felt my time was better spent with my husband. And on my self. I had spent a lifetime taking care of children and didn't want to do it anymore. I would Babysit on my terms and that is the rules that I laid down to all 3 of my kids and we all get along with them now at first it rocky. Now it helps that i live in Florida and they live in Minnesota. But that's just been the last 2 years. Your daughter will come around when you explain that this is your time for you. Put down that donut! ;) Good Luck.

07-07-2006, 05:18 PM
Hi everyone: things have been busy around here lately, or should I say as usual.

First off- Keya- Welcome, and I agree with the other gals. No way are you being selfish. As a matter of fact, I think it is your daughter who is being selfish in just expecting you to jump at the chance to babysit. Was she planning to pay youf ro your services? I'd guess not, and it is certainly a bit 'cheeky' to expect you to baby sit, and just take it for granted that you would do it. Maria has a good idea, one day a week. But please don't feel guilty. I don't know why it is exactly, but our kids do have a way of laying on the guilt. We just don't have to accept it.

Maria: I love the emu photo. I hadn't realized they had that much color on the head. Matilda certainly is growing. I was on my awn about 3 years before we met. I know it is hard to cook for just one, when you are accustomed to getting regular meals for a family too. My youngest daughter was still home at the time. And my mother lived with us, then she passed on, and DD went to college and I was alone. it is an adjustment for sure.

Trudy: good to hear from you. Your project sounds interesting. I need to get DH interested in a little home decorating. It is like pulling hens teeth to get him motivated to even talk about redecorating. Your :angel: and grandson sound like great fun. I am so happy that you get the opportunity to see Slavika and perk her up a bit.

Peggy: Hope your morning glories survive the transplant and the rabbit can't find them. I never put cayenne pepper on plants, but I remember making a paste of it and smearing it on the step that went from den to kitchen because our puppy would lay there and chew on the step. It did stop her from doing that.

Gloria: I hope by now that your house is all back to normal. It would really have been a disaster of major proportions if your tank had sprung a big leak in your cellar. It is a good thing you could avoid that.

It sounds like the 4th was a happy time for us all, and I hope that Canada Day was the same for you gals.

Slavika: I know I don't have any firsthand experience with what you are experiencing, but do know that my friend from England does, and I have been a sounding board for her as she is going through the grieving process. I know she says that she can keep busy all day and that is fine, but that when she gets home at night it is a different story. I know she has gone through the sadness, and then the anger, and now is back to the sadness and missing him. I'm a good listener, if you ever feel the need to vent a bit.

Karen; Good for you on the weight loss. I have weigh-in tomorrow, and it will once again be the moment of truth, and I am fearful that it may not be good. But I can't stay away forever.

got a haircut today, and am pleased with the results. It is short, and will be good for the summer. No swimming today, as we have had thunderstorms and rain.

Hope Glenda is havaing a good vacation. We will be going next week for some time with our DD up in Va. The one that got the award. We are looking forward to that, proably me more than DH because he won't have his easy chair up there. :D:

See you later. Ann

07-08-2006, 12:18 AM
G'day all,

Keya if you still need convincing you are doing the right thing......I had Matilda (my grand daughter) on Thursday afternoon till last night (Friday). she is normally a handfull but relatively easy to cope with, this little stay was a nightmare and I was so pleased to have ds pick her up last night, I was just exhausted :tired: She slept very little and was very cranky, she had 4 'dirty' nappies the short time she was here. DH tried to help but she only wanted me so dh and I had an argument that I wouldn't let him help:mad: DS stayed for dinner and could tell how cranky she was and just not herself and took her home straight after dinner. He rang this morning to say she had slept 14 hours and.....has a new tooth!!!!
He said she still wasn't herself but was better now that the tooth has erupted.
I couldn't bear to think of having her for 5 days on a permanent basis, it is just too much. Of course in an emergency different story.

Ann from a distance emu's are not that colourful but a close up certainly does reveal some interesting colours in his head and neck.
I have taken some photos of 'Jabiru's' or black necked storks, amazing colours. I cannot put my hand on them at the moment but will share those photos in time to come.

It is a cold day here today, dh has gone to watch the football and I am just 'mosey-ing' around this afternoon doing what I want to do.
Tomorrow one of dh's colleages is flying in and staying the night, must get the guest room ready once again.


07-08-2006, 06:20 AM
Thanks for the replies ladies. I have been reading them :)

I decided yesterday to put the food down and get back on track again. A few days of over eating was way to many. A few good walks out side and I felt more like my old self. Still felt a bit guilty but at least I stopped eating over it.

I love my grandson to bits but he is a handful. I see him almost every day as they only live a few streets over. They are here almost every evening and I do find it a bit overwhelming at times. Many times on my evening walks I will walk to his house and he will ride his bike while I walk. I do look after Brett quite often now. I offered to look after him one or two days a week. I don't know where my daughter got the idea I would look after him full time. :dizzy: I'm giving her a few days to cool off and I know she has other friends who she can ask and who do child care.

Maria my grandson is 5 so he is older but has ADD so is constantly active. He wears both myself and my husband out. We have to constantly run after him and get him out of things. Poor Matilda and her new tooth, can be so painful. Also very tiring to those who have to take care of her. Hope your day was restful today.

Ann I was accepting the guilt and my husband sort of added to it. He thought I should look after our grandson too. Easy for him to say because he doesn't do the looking afer lol. I did remind her that some of her friends pay their mothers for child care, that didn't impress her lol. I have never charged her but also I don't want the full time care of my grandson. I also watch " So You Think You Can Dance." Don't like the hip hop stuff either but enjoy the rest.

Karen How did you know I was eating donuts :o I agree with you, I would rather spend time doing my own thing or doing something with my husband. It has not been that many years since my youngest left home. We are enjoying the house with just the two of us. My husband had cancer and he is doing just fine. It makes one realize just how we never know when our time will be up. We are taking advantage of now, while we both are healthy, to travel some and do many small things together.

Slavika I'm sorry for your loss. What caring grandchildren you have.

I have to not let things upset me and stay on track. Did great today so I need to move on and stick with the program .

07-08-2006, 05:49 PM
It is nice to see a new face. I am a bit late with my 2 cents worth, but I have to agree with the others. We adore baby sitting our 2 little grandchildren 3 1/2 and 6 months, BUT we are absolutely exhausted when it is time for us to go home or when they leave. It takes the 2 of us to to keep things running smoothly. We have helped out on the days when my DD had to go into work on her days off, but that is only an emergency situation. I could never do it on a regular basis. Years ago, my neighbor/cousin asked me to look after her son when she went back to work. I refused politely. She was angry with me for years over that. We are friendly now, but not like we were before the incident. Just because I do not work full time, does not mean I do nothing with my days. I think your daughter will come around once she realizes that it would be too difficult for you. Besides, the grandchildren need someone in their lives who don't lay down the rules and discipline, and that is what you become when you have to look after them every single day. Like Dr. Phil said... "grandchildren need a soft place to fall", and that is into grandma & grandpa's laps.
Maria you said it is a cold day today, exactly how cold is it?
Ann I started talking about re-decorating 10 years ago, it was a long hard row to hoe getting here.

It is a lazy Saturday around here. I am reading and DH is doing Sudoku out on the patio. Has anyone read Falling For a Dancer by Deirdre Purcell? I came in to get something cool to drink and popped over here to see what was new. Have a great weekend all..

07-08-2006, 07:12 PM
G'day all,

Keya goodness you do heaps already, you just cannot make it a full time thing. My son also lives very close by which is great but sometimes it can be a little too convenient.
Pleased to hear you are back on track, you have done so well with your weight loss.

I know Trudy it wasn't really THAT cold, it was 17 degrees but it was a bit cloudy making it feel colder then that....you can stop laughing now as to how pathetic we are with our 'cold' weather ;):D

I will hopefully get some of my photos up on line today...I will let you know.


07-10-2006, 02:51 AM
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