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08-23-2001, 10:04 AM
I am not thin. I ballooned back up to 140 after a 24-hour fast no less.

Today I ham here at home. Flylady and I are going to think about cleaning. I have nothing to say cept I'm sure Kiwiette was adorable and I still don't know how Bagzette is dealing with "the problem."

I'll check back later. Buh eye.

08-23-2001, 12:17 PM
Peachers!!!!good to hear you are getting fat without really trying----a true triple sow-cow!!!!WHAT are you talking about ----I forget what my problems are---except that I am now in love with Dave Matthews---he is only 33---James is 53----I am forty four---I can go ten up or ten down----I pick DOWN----anyone care to join me????KIWI----we are having a great new music server to replace Napster---Morpheus!!!it is as good as Napster,and sometimes even faster!!!have you been there????by the way---- I miss Frappe,and I am ENORMOUS!!!!!:lol:

08-23-2001, 12:51 PM
you gigantic seahorse. A.J.'s problem. The BACKSTRTEETT Boys if you can remember them. *sigh*:rolleyes:

I have cleaned nothing. Flywoman has written me only once today. How can I be expected to go on.

And HERbie actually used the word "whining" when referring to me. I am not over this yet. He apologized but not quite enough.

I have this thought. There is a boy ds's age who has touched me since he zeroed in on me and talked for awhile in 3rd grade. He has failed two grades since then but he's not dumb. He just doesn't have anybody to care about him and offer him hope. I was renewing Nickelodeon magazine for ds when I thought I'd like to send it to him too. I don't know where he lives. Think I should do this? Send it to the school? Must remain anonymous.

08-23-2001, 02:09 PM
Something like a conversational pit.

Dave Matthews is GREAT!! Did you know he just had twin baby girls? Isn't that sweet? No, there was no mother. To speak of.

Too bad you're so fat and your house is messy, Peachie dear. But at least you have plenty of company here.

I am so bummed out. My dog is on a bunch of medications again, for licking herself into infection. The meds are a pain in the neck and she is really thirsty, so she drinks a lot and then can't hold it and is starting to leave puddles again, plus she is on a special diet, part of which is homemade, so this is what my days look like for the next 2 or 3 weeks:[list=1]
Let dog outside (sometimes have to help her across the kitchen floor)
Throw her bedding in the wash
Get out her pills, her homemade food, the butter, the liquid med with syringe
Let dog back in
Squirt med in dog's mouth, watch her grimace and make "yuk" face
Butter large pill, make dog sit, straddle her, force pills down her throat
Pick up pills off floor, remove hairs, shove it down her throat again
Clap hands and squeal "Good Girl!" when she swallows them
Mix dry and homemade food, give to dog
Fill water bowl, wipe up slobbered water
Run load of dog laundry
Start all over again in evening
Who wants to trade places with me? Tomorrow I take the dog to the vet and let them deal with her for the weekend.

Guess what other horrors we are dealing with? DD found a bed bug again (we thought we had dealt with this 2 years ago). I need a new life.


08-23-2001, 08:32 PM
Kiwi, even your day sounds interesting to me. The high point of my day today is getting my nails done at 6:30. It does, however beat the doggie routine.

I'm so happy to hear that Herbie is a mortal man. It sounds like you two are getting comfortable with each other, Peachy;)

Well, I really have nothing to say. I'm still waiting to hear why Sugar's neighbors are not overjoyed with her.

08-24-2001, 05:52 AM
Just because it's you, Wabby, I'll tell ya. We have these neighbours, right? They haven't given us the time of day for the past six years and now we find out it's because THEY wanted to buy this house that we're in but WE got there first. These are the people with the 12 yr old daughter and the one year old baby. Now they're stuck living with the guy's 80 yr old father (whose house it is anyway), 70 yr old evil step-mother (scrubs her windowsills with a toothbrush) and at least 100 yr old granny (whom I haven seen lately so she may no longer be with us). I suppose they look over every day and think "Geez! What are they doing to that house??? It could have been ours if grandpa hadn't been such a cheapskate!" Who needs neighbours anyway?

Bagzie!!! I need to join the down 10 lbs club!!!!! Yesterday I was at yet another kindergarten do and someone I know comes up and says "Hey, are you expecting your third?" I just looked at her and said "H*ll no, honey, I'm just FAT!!" German people are not known for their tact.

Peachy - did you join FlyLady again? She is such a hoot.

So sorry about your dog, Kiwi. Animals are a full time job, aren't they?

Is Frappe ever coming back? I guess she's waiting until she makes her firt million.