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06-16-2006, 06:04 PM
Boy, I've been playing around with these same pounds in the 250s for the last 2 months! I had a couple of mini vacations, and that stalled things. I can't help feeling like part of me just isn't willing to commit ENOUGH to get the ball rolling again.

I want to lose the weight, I have my journal with the all the inspirational pics. I go to the gym, and do other exercises. It's the little extra eating that's doing me in.

I wish I could get to that mental committment point again, and figure out what's keeping me from doing it, grrr.

06-16-2006, 06:23 PM
You have done so well, just think of how far you've came. Dig deep and find that motivation, why you started the new lifestyle. You can do it. Good luck and best wishes for your continued success.

06-16-2006, 06:27 PM
Oh, Marge, I am SO there with you! I know I can do really great things when I put my mind to it--I lost about 40 pounds in 6 months last year, which was awesome for me, as it was more than I'd ever lost before! But since then, I've just been messing around for moooonths. I know I can do it if I just get back in the swing of things, but it's getting back that's the hard part. Like you, I do a lot of the things I should be doing, but I can't commit to certain parts. I'm just the opposite of you--I eat very well about 90% of the time, but I can't get back into the habit of exercising :dizzy: I remember how amazing I felt at this time last year when I was doing so well, and I want to feel that way again, but it's like something is holding me back :?: We'll figure it out again, though--I've seen you do wonderfully before as well...just gotta figure out how to get everything to *click* again, and I certainly don't have the magic key for that, so all I can offer is :hug: :^:

06-16-2006, 06:37 PM
Me three, stuck stuck stuck, and it's the nibbles and treats doing me in as well.

I'm bored of my regular eating pattern, so I know I have some work to do there. I have plenty of ercipe books with good ideas, but I hesitate to start reading recipe books again, as I used to read them like novels!

I'm lazy, but getting better! Not lazy with the exercise, but with the food. I got tired of thinking about it all the time, preparing it, planning it. But I gotta do that, or I eat what's around and thats not good.

And I'm scared. Really scared. I have no idea what thin feels like. And what I have now, I can cope with. I can buy nice clothes, I can run/walk 10k, I can do all the things I want.

But I need to get this weight off, it's weighing me down still, and I'm still at risk of so many things with this weight on!

So come on Marge, lets get down and dirty and do this thing!

06-16-2006, 07:30 PM
whew! thanks, ladies!! I know you'll be kicking butt, Jill.

It's true, K, I get tired of thinking about it all the time, especially around summer, when we're going out a lot and there are fun treats around (Mr. Softee, Frozefruit bars). It's hot to cook and soooo easy to order in.

I think some part of me must be intimidated by getting thinner (even though I still have a ways to go). 60 plus lbs now and I'm seeing a big difference in my body and stamina. Maybe that's part of the reason I let up.

Doesn't it seem weird to be scared of being thin? I want it very much!

Ok, I'm doing the down and dirty. I logged on to fitday and I'm going to start tracking the ol' calories again. The extra accountability should start pushing me in the right direction again. :)

Thanks again all!!

06-16-2006, 08:43 PM
I find that reading a new diet/health/exercise book helps me keep motivated. Trying something new - like counting calories v. doing the Mediterranean diet - also helps me shake things up.

I think one interesting aspect of weight loss that I sometimes fear is dealing with unwanted attention from men. I've never been a pro at saying 'no' anyway ... always the chubby "nice" people-pleaser. That, to me, seems like a difficult battle and probably the most intimidating aspect of weight loss. Being true to myself.

06-17-2006, 12:13 PM
I hear you about attention from men. I've been in a relationship for quite a while now, so I'd think that wouldn't be too disturbing now. Plus, I'm older, in my 40s, more able to handle myself.

Who knows, maybe old fears die hard. bf says he thinks I have all these ideas of what I would do if I were thin (career and life wise) and that I'm intimidating myself. I would think that the fear wouldn't really kick in until I was at, say, K's weight.