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06-14-2006, 10:39 AM
New group coming over from the support thread - Fed up and starting today!
Let's get to know each other so we can have some deep rooted support for each other!
I will go first ;)

Name: Sara
SW: 273
CW: 273
GW: 160
Favorite exercises (if you can call them favorite :P): Elliptical and I am starting aqua aerobics soon.
I am watching my calories - trying to stick to around 1440-1550 a day. Use as my food diary.
Currently a size 22/24 - can't wait to get to a 10/12!
Recently divorced about a year ago, live with boyfriend in Cordova, TN (right outside of Memphis) Moved here about a year ago from Jacksonville, FL where I lived my whole life.
Have been heavy my whole life - lowest weight as an adult was about 175.
Have three kitties - One is 8, one 7 and a new kitten.

Looking forward to meeting you gals!


06-15-2006, 11:10 AM
Well I am here. Hope the others will join in. I will tell a little about myself too.

SW 272
CW 272
goal 175

I have had a problem most of my life. Have always had to battle since I was a teenager. It has been to hardest battle since I have been in my 40's. Now I am going to turn 50 next year, and I want it gone by then. I have almost a year and a half to go, and it will not be easy, but I am going to give it my best effort. My size right now is between a 20/22. I would just love to get to a 12 or 14, I would be happy with that size. My lowest weight as an adult was 160. It was wonderful to go to a clothing store, and be able to just try on regular sizes. I want to be able to do that again!

I was also born and raised in FL, moved to TN in 1992, lived there for 10 years, and moved to the country of Mexico for a year and a half, and now live in Southern Indiana. Have been here for two and a half years. I have two little dogs, and they are my children.
Looking forward to meeting all of you too.

06-16-2006, 03:10 PM
Looks like it's me and you Sheryl!
Anyone that wants to join in - feel free!!

This morning scale said 271 yay! I am going to start only weighing once a week though - I have to!
Going canoeing this weekend - happy summer is here!


06-16-2006, 03:17 PM
Hi Sara and Sheryl

I'd love to join you.
My name is Leec
HW 240
CW 215
Gw 150

I count calories and exercise 5x a week.
I too have been heavy most of my life. In fact I can't even recall the last time I was in the 100's. I can't wait to get there.

I am married and have on 2.5 year old daughter.

Hope to get and give some much needed support!

Talk to you later

06-16-2006, 04:28 PM
Welcome Leec!! We will do it!!!

06-19-2006, 04:39 PM
Hi Leec,
Welcome. Good to have you here, and glad you wanted to join in. We will do this together. I had a hard weekend. To much going on, but I did fairly well. I usually weigh on Mon., but went ahead and weighed on Sat. morning, and lost 1 lb. But that is alright, one is better than none!!

06-19-2006, 04:52 PM
I definietly fell off the wagon this weekend, and I don't even have a wagon!
I did horrible. The two lbs I had lost are right back. Here's to buckling down! I can't backslide!!

Sherly - 1lb is GREAT! Anything is awesome....just think when we get to 50 lbs lost....

Leec - how was your weekend?

06-19-2006, 05:12 PM
Hi girls,

I had a great weekend! Spent some much needed time with hubby and daughter.
Tomorrow is my official weigh in day so I'll have to see how well I actually did over the weekend.

Sheryl-WTG on the 1 pound loss. You're headed in the right direction.

Sara-Just pick yourself up and brush yourself off and climb back up on that wagon. You can do it.

Hope you are having a great day!
Talk to you later

06-20-2006, 10:13 AM
Hope you did well over the weekend, and glad you had a good one. It looks like you have a good start already, and that is great. Keep up the good work.

Sara, thanks, your right. You will do it too. I know that you can.

It is hard when you go places, and have things to attend. I am invited to a 4th of July party, and I am already worried, but I will do alright. I just hope there are some healthy choices. But I am going to try not to stress about it to much. Just try to stay on track til then.
Stay strong. Have a great day!

06-20-2006, 10:52 AM
Hey Sheryl - just load up on the veggie tray or eat something before you go so that you are full. I have a dinner party that weekend too and I think I am going to eat before I go so when I get there I just pick a few spoonfuls of the healthiest thing there and don't over do it.

Leec - I hope your scale makes you smile this morning!

Let's keep it up girls!!!

06-20-2006, 12:53 PM
I think I'd like to join if that's alright.
SW: 235
CW: 235
GW: 140
Fav exercise: walking/aerobics

I have an eating prob. I just love to eat! LOL! Plus, I take medications that help pack on the pounds. I am getting a Y membership in a month or two and am very excited. I am trying to watch what I eat and stuff now, but once I get that membership, I'll be watching for sure. You gals seem like a great bucnch. I'm sure I'll get good support here! TTYL!

06-20-2006, 12:56 PM
Hey Angela!!!
Welcome :)
We are so excited to have you. We all have each other so hopefully we can band together and get the lbs off together!!


06-20-2006, 01:39 PM
me too
sw 190
gw 140

I dont really exc i do some push ups and sit up's almost daily and walk alot but i want to get some video's that i can do at home i have been hearing alot about this turbo jam on this site im gonna look into that when i get paid this week BUT i deffinatly want to be 140 BY DEC 1st

06-23-2006, 02:21 PM
Hey girls!

I am out of town working an event, so I have had limited net access...but taking a break - I thought sticking to my eating healhy regime would be hard out here, but I have been lucky! Park City Utah has a bunch of healthy type restaurants and I have been so lucky that my group has been ordering food from one of them! There was this wonderful shrimp steak and mashed potato dinner we were served and a dessert BUFFET but I traded my steak for other peoples shrimp and ate like 9 shrimp and a side salad. I stayed FAR away from the dessert table.
Been grabbing bananas and honeydew slices when I can. I can't believe its been this easy out here.
There isn't a scale out here, so I hope I am surprised when I get on it when I get back home Sunday night!

Girls - lets keep each other encouraged.

SHERYL - AWESOME JOB on the 3 lbs!!! Just when you think you aren't moving the scale - the next day it drops. Keep that excitement!!


06-23-2006, 02:22 PM
And also WELCOME to Goddess!!! GLad to have you!

06-26-2006, 02:25 PM
Yes, welcome Goddess, good to have you here too. I haven't been in touch in a couple of days. Was really busy over the weekend. Hope all is well with all of you.

Good work Sara, sounds like you are traveling and staying on track! Congrats!
It is nice that there lots of healthy choices where you are. I did pretty good over the weekend. Just didn't feel to good, (it's that time of the month) yuk!
So I haven't weighed today, retaining lots of water....

Anyway, hope you had a good trip back Sara. Talk to you soon.

06-29-2006, 11:41 PM
Am I the only one here! I am just wondering...There has been not posts..Where is everyone. We were doing so good. Are we all just giving up...Or am I just the only one here..

06-30-2006, 09:13 AM
No way am I giving up. I am still here and quitting is not an option.

06-30-2006, 12:14 PM
Me either! We can't quit!! Back to "real life" now - fell off trach the past two days - but here's to getting back to it!!

07-05-2006, 01:34 PM
How did you ladies fare over the 4th?

07-05-2006, 02:58 PM
Surprisingly I did better than expected. I lost 3 pounds. I think i am finding that if I don't stress about losing weight so much then I actually do better.
I didn't go over board on eating but I didn't do any real exercising either. Just played outside with my daughter, which is a workout to have to run after a 2.5year old in its self.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far.
Talk to you later.

07-06-2006, 11:30 AM
I think you are right. It keeps dropping for me too. Here's to not letting the scale stop moving down!!
Awesome job Leec!!!