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06-14-2006, 08:55 AM
Would anyone on the Purple Plan (with lites) like to show me a page from their diary.
I've been eating practically the same thing 3 days straight, and i'm kind of getting bored with it..

Also, I was wondering, since having the lites works so well with others, do using Luna Bars instead really work the same?
I can't afford the lites, I've leeched off my dad almost 1100 bucks for this whole deal (620 for the plan, 400 for the treadmill he bought me ^^) and he refuses to buy the bars for me.
I'm your typical teenager with no job, leeching off her folks, I just need to know if I can buy the cheaper bars, and still have the same effect. =)

06-14-2006, 09:22 AM
never heard of this plan... tell me about it..

06-14-2006, 09:35 AM
never heard of this plan... tell me about it..
2 Protein, 4 Veggies, 3 Fruits, 2 Starch, 1 Dairy, 1 Fat, 2 Lites
Thats about it. ^^;

06-14-2006, 09:43 AM
Cassycat--a lot of gals here do the plan with Luna's or the Kashi Go Lean Crunchy (they are the square ones) just compare the calories, carb, fat, etc to the lites. And some just do more food and no bars at all. I NEED the sweet treat so can't imagine doing without one of them.

Sample day--I am Gold--so just add a couple more oz. protein and 1 more vegetable to your day.

apple (F)
yogurt (D)
toast (S)

Mid AM:

**50 oz. water before noon

Tuna w/ FF mir.whip(P)
pita (S)
lettuce/tomato (V)

Mid PM:
watermelon (F)

**50 oz. water before dinner

eggs (P) or any protein
sauteed mushrooms and onions (VV)

**25oz. water before bed

pineapple (F)

you could throw in some carrots in the evening and call it good. I am allowed an extra 1/2 protein when needed so sometimes I like a little peanut butter on celery or on a rice cake (great treat--caramel corn rice cake!) or an egg with my toast.

I try to get my starches in before dinner and sometimes have my last veggie for a bedtime snack and have my fruit earlier in the day. I was bad about getting into ruts and it wasn't NOT helping the scales--apparently you have to keep the body guessing as to what is coming next. My main proteins are chicken, tuna, eggs, with red meat 1-2 per week. I usually eat a LOT of salads just because they are easy (McDonald's and Wendy's side Caesar are my favorite)

Ok--hope this helps some.

06-14-2006, 09:48 AM
I use the Luna bars and I absolutely love them. So good! Especially the Peanut Butter Cookie one. That's my favorite. I spend about $16 for a weeks worth of bars from my grocery store. They could be cheaper elsewhere, but I like the convenience of getting them while I'm at the store. They have like 9 different flavors, though I did not like the key lime flavor. Yuck! The smores is good and the chocolate pecan pie is good too. They get me through when I want to snack.

06-14-2006, 11:27 AM
I don't use the lites but here is a sample of purple you can add the lites in where you want, I think most people add them in during the snack.

1/2 bagel (s)
cream cheese (fat) I use the regular cream cheese and count it as a fat

AM Snack

fruit or dairy. You can add your la lite here

Lunch: I usually do a protein, startch, and 2 veggies here and then add a dairy or a fruit depending on what I have had earlier.
ground beef patty (p)
pita bread (s)
cheese (dairy)
mixed vegtables (broccoli and carrots) (2 veggies)

If I had a dairy for snack I will put fruit here during lunch instead of dairy

PM Snack
fruit (add your la lite here)

Dinner: I usually do 2 veggies, a protein, and a fruit here (like grilled chicken with salad)

I had chicken (P),
tomoto and spinach (2 v) (these were a topping for the chicken)
mango (fruit)

I switch around my protein as well for variety you could have (meat, deli meat, pork, peanut butter, fish). Drink you water throughout your day
Also when I did the bars I used to use the luna's for money reasons as well. Just don't tell your center that. Write it in your journal as a la lite most center's don't like substitutes. Just tell them you got some la lites from a friend or bought some off ebay.

06-14-2006, 11:54 AM
Cassycat- I am on purple with lites too, here is what I had a few days ago

bfast- 3/4 c. fiber one cereal(s)
4 oz. ff milk(1/2 d)
12 sm. strawberries(fr)

3/4 c. fresh pineapple(fr)
1/2 mango(fr)

6 oz. tuna(p)
1 T. lite mayo(fa)
1 pc. lite breat(s)
1 oz. cheese(1/2 d)

snack- lite bar

8 oz. chicken(p)
1/2 c. each grilled cauli., broccoli, zucchini, red peppers(vvvv)

lite bar

06-14-2006, 12:01 PM
Here's another one
LA biscotti(fr,s)
4 oz. ff milk(1/2 d)

lite bar

turkey taco salad-
7 oz. ground turkey(p)
homemade taco spice (free)
2 c. green salad(vv)
1 oz. 2% cheese(1/2 d)
9 black olive(fa)


8 oz. grilled chicken(p)
1 pc. lite bread(s)
1/2 c. cooked cauliflower (v)
1/2 c. cooked broccoli (v)

lite bar