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da fat n da furious
06-14-2006, 12:16 AM
Hello and Welcome to the Jaded Ladies.

We are a group of ladies who come in for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting! So please, won't you join us?

06-14-2006, 12:20 AM
Hi Ladies!

Thanks for all the nice comments about my 10 yr. anniversary vow renewal plan & my Avatar. Sounds weird but the Smokies are where our "heart & souls" are and someday we want to move there. Its hard to explain but that is how we feel so that is why we thought it would be fun to have a vow renewal and to make it "Fun" and casual. Not saying our wedding wasn't, just well you know how it is the 1st time round, not for everyone, but just is kinda nerve racking, I was nervous until we finally got to the church, then I was fine it was just everything leading up to it was so nerve racking! lol.

So we want the vow renewal to be completely fun and casual. :D Hmmmmmm too bad we couldn't get Kenny Chesney to play at our ceremony or reception or whatever. (he's my fav and he is from Tennessee too) Okay so a girl can dream, right? lol.

Anyways...............I have two years before that so who knows! lol.

Cafe Ole - Sounds like you had a good time. Can you beleive I've never been camping? lol. I wanna go someday though. Congrats on the WL! :high: Sorry to hear about your promotion. Sounds a lot like where I work. Its all about who you know and usually has nothing to do with your job history or skill level. Our co. are a bunch of tight wads when it comes to raises, we may not even get one period this year! I think the most they ever give to anybody for a yearly raise is 1-2%.

Jane - thanks I shall enjoy my time alone tomorrow. I don't have kids, but I do have ONE BIG kid -- hub and two "furry" ones (cats). So I get a "Break" from the "Big" kid tomorrow. lol. Thanks for the comment on my avatar. I love my wedding pictures. Its about the only pictures I personally feel I look good in, besides my senior pictures. lmao. Not exactly sure what is going on with your legal issues, but I do have a story for anybody who has a house/car/bank account.

My step dad passed away in 03 from Cancer. Now he did have a will that they did before he died, leaving everything to my mother. BUT once he passed on, we found out that his life insurance policy beneficiary (sp?) from his work was still his EX wife, NOT my mother. We are sure he just never thought of it once he got remarried to my mom because he had been with his co. for over 25 years. Luckily his EX did sign the check over, but it was a mess and my mom was HOT when she heard. If that wasn't enough, they THOUGHT they had their house covered so when he passed that it would be paid for. WRONG. The insurance stated they ONLY had disability insurance on it, not life insurance. We fought it all the way up to the local Congressman, but nothing worked, the insurance co. won and my mom lost the house, her new vehicle that my step dad picked out for her, EVERYTHING. She ended up filing for bankruptcy. So just a little note here, update those policies and if you do not understand your policies, please get a lawyer to explain them to you!

After that experience, everybody in our families checked their policies and my in-laws even got more insurance and are now updating their wills just to be safe. Better to do it now, while you are well and in good thought than to have something terrible happen, like what happened to my mom and lose not only a loved one, but lose EVERYTHING you both worked so hard to get. My step dad always promised my mom would have a house of her very own and he lived up to the promise, they got a house, too bad my mom lost it along with my step dad. It was very very hard for her. But she made it through, I honestly don't know how she did it, but she did and she is my hero because of all she has been through. Not just this, but her whole life...........

Well just thought I would share. Sorry I got long winded there!

:welcome: to any newbies I may have missed!


06-14-2006, 02:48 AM
Good Evening everyone!!

Seemed like such a loooonnnggg day at work.

Going to attempt to get you all on here....lets see.........

Jules--Ouch! My sister just had a gallstone removed a few weeks ago. I had to laugh at her because she was picturing this tiny thing like sand.....not at all, it was a size of a quarter or something like that. I told her that I've seen some the size of eggs and bigger. Must've been painful. Hope that figure out whats wrong so he can heal!

Michelle--Your DD is going to have so much fun traveling and seeing new places she hasn't been before. What a great experience for the both of them!! Hope you're having an easier time on the computer now.....let us know if you're not.

Robin--So sorry that you didn't get your promotion! I hate that kind of thing.....interviewing for things like that. We have to put in a request then get interviewed for a shift change position. Now how silly is that?? I would love to see photos...I will PM you my address.

Cristi--I sure would hope that he wouldn't leave me looking like a fool!:dizzy: Maybe I ought to start cutting for real and see what he does!

Jane--58 acres??? Wow! I knew you lived on land...but had no idea how much. That's wonderful. Will each one of your kids get a piece to live on?? many kids do you have? I always hear about the have a son too?? How did I miss that???

Sue--Too bad your house wasn't online so I could view it!!:D I love to look at homes. And then there are the homes that haven't even been cleaned and they're being shown. Now what in the world were they thinking???

Angie--Books on tape or IPod would be great! I used to listen to a story about some war on my way home from work. I was so lost that I had to keep replaying it! That or I was so bored of it...never did finish it and gave it back to the guy who loaned it to me. So my suggestion...get books that you're interested in!

Trixie--Hello and welcome. Hope to hear more from you. Feel free to just start posting and share more w/us. Glad to have you here.

Shel--I think your idea of renewal sounds special. Casual or not, that is something that you two want and that's what will make it special and memorable. I would love to see photos of the you have any??

Ok...I wasn't avoiding the question about relocating...but since it was asked more than once I thought I would save it for last.

Don't know when it'll happen. Or if it will happen. But it's still in Oregon. Just up North a bit. An hour drive from Eugene. Not sure what we'll do yet. I'm half an hour from Eugene it's just means more driving.

I'll keep ya posted.

Ok...more to read so off I go!

06-14-2006, 05:04 AM
Hi Marti!

Thanks. Yes I have tons of The Smokeys. I'll have to share some with ya sometime.

Good Luck with the Relocating thing, if and when it happens. ;)

06-14-2006, 09:37 AM
Just wanted to stop in and say "HI!" -- had a flat tire on the way to work--actually at the end of our very long driveway!! Phone's ringing gotta go!!!
Hope everyone has a great day!!

06-14-2006, 10:31 AM
Hapy Hump Day :D

Angie - yay for getting in to Dr. McKenna so much sooner. What type of an evaluation will he be doing?

Cristi - I get so many catalogs that I don't even look at, so one day I started calling them all and told them to take me off their mailing lists. But I do love the Terry's Village one. They are affiliated with Oriental Express, so I get that one, too, but don't order.

Trixie - welcome! I'm looking forward to knowing more about you. :)

Sue - here's a tip - if you're writing a long post, take a second and copy it as you go. Then if it gets lost in cyberspace, you've got a backup. Hope you get good feedback on the house today. Let us know! Uh, if you hear a knock on your door today, it will be a carrier with my ironing. He'll wait while you get it done, and bring it back to me. :D

Shel - Kenny Chesney rocks. I've never seen him in concert, but my son has, several times. Yikes, your poor mom!! One thing - after a person has a run of bad things happening, usually, lots of good things are right around the corner. Hope it's like that for her.

Marti - Terry, Gina, Mackenzie and Macy... is any of this ringing a bell, lol. Can't believe you don't remember them, lol. Anyway, they were supposed to get married July 8, but I think they're going to have a private ceremony on July 5th since that's a special anniversary for them. Then they're having a big reception. Yikes, it bites that you have to wait now before planning to buy a home.

Julie - oh dear, I hope your day gets less exciting, lol. Who changed the tire? I don't even know how to change one, but I know how to call and get someone else to do it, lol.

Hello to all others reading this. :)

Need to sweep and mop today, and get a few things done for the lunch with my buddies tomorrow. Also need to get some laundry done, and see to it that Sue gets my ironing finished, lol.

Have a good one, ladies!

Cafe Ole
06-14-2006, 10:43 AM
Morning All! :hug: :hug:

I think I figured out the attachments -- this is our Pergola! That is my dh in the background, just ignore him LOL

Jules... I can handle biscuits but not mush, oatmeal or grits -- that is the DH's thing, he loves that stuff & if you have biscuits you have to have the killer gravy with it (UGH he is pure South let me tell you).
a flat at the end of your drive - was it a nail? We had about a million ants on ours, the kids spilled pop and didn't rinse it off. Then I go my normal way to work & no advance notice until you get there that the road is closed. So I had to turn around on a bridge mind you and go 2 miles out of my way to go to work. Like they couldn't tell you before you got there? duh :dizzy:

Shel...We had an enormous wedding and if I ever got to do it again, I would go to Vegas (ok really only because that is a good excuse to go there as I have never been :D

I love the Smokies! Have you done Gatlinburg? I have been there a few times but last time if you went to town I was bumming as it is so commercial & touristy now. Camping is a blast (Ok I am spoiled, we have a 5th wheel), but I sure love it!

That is horrible what happened and to loose the house too! I am so sorry that happened! I am going to go read over ours now too and double check it.

Angie... I know thanks! I was just sick they said I couldn't have the promo cause I wasn't a minority BUT I can keep doing the job at my current pay & level becuase I am not? Do you see a red flag on this anywhere or is it just me? I could call them on it but why turn a job I love into a nightmare for me down the road? I did take a walk and talked to myself (bad habit I know LOL and I am sure I got looks that I was crazy) but I feel better :)

I am sorry you didn't get the job you were after. We need a big fatfree liquored up Frozen Margarita! There is the perfect job with your name on it out there and I bet you will find it where you least expect it!

Jane... LOL if it were only that easy, I would have them call you! ;)
58 acres! YEEHA that is a ton of land! We have 1/4 acre, I feel so deprived now :^:

Cristina... Alright, first ya'll give me the Crate & Barrel and now I find Terry's Village. My Dh is going to kill me if I buy more stuff LOL --- cute website though I have to go browse there more in a bit :)

Sue... WOW sounds like your showing are going well & coming fast! There are a lot of homes here for sale (with all the plant closings) and they just aren't selling either. When the market gets back on track we might look in the country maybe, I am tired of city living & small yards. I am jealous of Jane's 58 acres!

Hi to everyone I missed! :hug: :hug:

da fat n da furious
06-14-2006, 11:10 AM
Robin,,,Im with you,,,fatfree liquored up margaritas! I can't believe they actually said that that because you are not a minority? yikes don't even want to touch that.
love the pic...we were talking about doing that with our back yard and I hve to say I like the way your patio looks. (Im going to be just like Robin,,,same ipod,,and ok that is sounding a bit

Jane, so is Terry and Gina going to have you guys to the private ceremony? or its that private? 58 acres Id love to have that much land.

Trixie,,,welcome! I hope you get teh job at the gas station...
well Im off to work...*sigh didn't sleep well,,,bad thunder and lightening storm at about 3 am last night. Shook the house.
later Ladies...

06-14-2006, 01:25 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!

Not a lot going on at the moment. Feeling pretty good. The sciatic nerve is bothering me but that'll go away soon. Just need hubby to pop my back and I'm all good!:D

Shell--I'm looking forward to seeing photos! I love seeing photos! (yea, I'm a little nuts.....)

Jules--I hope some tall dark and handsome man came out and helped you w/your tire!:D I've never had a flat....and I hope I don't. Will keep an eye on those tires of mine!

Jane--Terry!! OMG...I can't believe I forgot about him. So sorry. :o Yes, I remember now. Just hear so much about Mary and Katie.....I guess it's time to add Terry in there more! is just a few weeks away! How exciting. Are they getting married in your big yard? I can picture it all done so beautifully. I think I'll tell James that when we renew our vows we're going to Janes house in her back yard to do it!:D Then we'll buy an acre of land and live nearby!

Robin--The photos of the deck are beautiful! I love how you have the little stove off to the side. So pretty. I would be BBQing all summer on that patio!

Angie--Was I reading correctly, do we have a "single white female" on our hands??:D I'm all up for a fatfree margarita too. But you know, it doesn't need to be fatfree for me! Just give to me as is!

Must get breakfast. And a cup of coffee. Anyone try the coffeemate "Vanilla chai spice"? It's so good. It's like drinking pumpking pie. Ok...maybe not that bad, but its' really good. So I"m off to make some.

Have a great morning!

06-14-2006, 02:12 PM
Hi Ladies......

Just popping in because I'm feeling blue.........:( Won't go into details but makes me just want to totally give up. Why should I even bother anymore? :cry: I just don't know how much more I can take. :cry:

Sorry to be a bummer...........:cry:

06-14-2006, 03:06 PM
Good afternoon...Well, I got the ironing done and even managed another load of laundry. Don't know how two people can dirty so much. At least we are a clean duo now.
Nothing else much to do since the house is tip top. Haven't heard from our realtor yet, so don't know what the "lookie-loos" thought of our place. :)

Shel- I don't know what has happened, and don't know what I can say. If I was there I would give you a big :hug: Hang in there!

Marti- I have had sciatica several times and it is very painful. Hope you get relief soon. Have a good day.

Trixie- Welcome and hope to "talk" to you soon.

Robin- Yes, the housing market here has cooled off...our house value is down from what we could have gotten if we had sold a few years back. It is also due to plant closings and people losing jobs right and left. Luckily, we built the house ourselves, so it also cost us less years ago.

Jane- Sorry, I didn't get your ironing before I put the ironing board away. Now you have to wait for another week. :)

I am going to go be lazy for awhile. Be back tonight.

Cafe Ole
06-14-2006, 03:50 PM
Hi all!

Angie... oh yes they said that to my face, I wish I had that in writing (that will never happen)

LOL that is ok, I just won't tell you where I shop for clothes HAHAHAHA ;)

Marti... the girls roast marshmallows in there & their own hot dogs, otherwise it is just our "fire pit" for cooler evenings or get-togethers with friends & family (we have the biggest deck on the block :)

Shel... I don't know what's wrong, I am sorry you feel so blue. Would hugs help at all??? :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Sue... Don't you LOVE having laundry done and then I swear the second you turn around, someone put something else in it. But we sure can't run around naked LOL :p

Have a great night - chat with you all tomorrow

06-14-2006, 03:52 PM
Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Cafe Ole - Your back porch is beautiful!!! Did you build it??

Da fat n da furious - I hope I get the job at the gas station as well, I dont want to stay at the chinese place, not my thing, and it is hard to work for someone you can hardly understand! :o

My day is going good so far...I have a bit of a headache but it isn't too bothersome, I drew another fairy today, a tiger fairy, based on one of Amy Brown's and it turned out really well, I love to draw but usually I can only draw one good thing once in a blue moon, but I want to draw more and get better, I still can't draw anything unless I have a picture to draw from, so hopefully eventually I wil get good enough to draw purely from my imagination.

06-14-2006, 04:13 PM
To answer Jane & Marti's question on who changed the tire--yes it was a tall, dark and handsome guy and I actually sleep with him everynight. Hubby and I ride together so he took care of it. I have had three flat tires in my whole entire life and never have had to change one--one of them I was 8 months pregnant with my son

Robin--you got to have the good gravy!!! especially chipped beef or just the plain old milk gravy!! actually I need the gravy hubby doesn't--no wonder U weigh more than I should!! Cute house, I love your back deck!

Shel--I hope everything's okay--I get a little blue now and then myself--getting over the empty nest thing and turning 40 last December was rough for me!!

Sue--I tell my DH the same thing about the house getting so dirty with just the two of us--of course we have two big dogs too!! It's been so dry I can't keep up with the dusting with the windows open.

Angelia--I don't see you as a stalker or follower so I think you'll be fine--getting great ideas from friends is wonderful since you know it works!!

Trixie--sorry about the headache--my DD and all her friends love fairys--her one friend is an art major who's birthday is in the fall--there is a "How to Draw Fairies" book on Amazon that I want to get for her--though she does good on her own.

Well back to work--breaks over!! Hi to everyone else!!

06-14-2006, 04:39 PM
Hello ladies...

Not much going on but wanted to say HI :wave: sorry you are feeling blue. I too wish I knew what was wrong and the right words to say. Hope you can feel these hugs :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: Thank you for the heads up on the insurance, etc. But so sorry about your mom losing the house and car, etc. that is just terrible. Lots of hugs to you and her.

MARTI...are you serious about not ever having a flat? That probably jinxed you now. Sorry about James possibly going to be transferred...geez, that would be terrible to go from a 30 mn. drive to an hour drive. Maybe if they do do that you guys can find a place in the middle somewhere. Hey, I too love looking at houses online. I do that sometimes when I am bored.

SUE...:thanks: I did take a break from walking over the weekend but was back on track Tuesday. Took my free day Monday so have to work out/walk the rest of the week. I really am enjoying going to It Figures and the time spent there seems to go by so fast. When I work out at home it seems so slow for some reason. You know...I felt the same way when we had our house listed. and the last straw was when someone was jumping on the couch! Don't know if they actually jumped on it or what but all the cushions were messed up that the only way they would be that messed up was if someone did jump on the couch. And I could'nt believe that people actually come in someone else's house and have no respect for them that they go through things...what a nightmare. I hope you have much luck and a very quick sale!

ROBIN...I forgot to send you my email address, oops! But thanks for putting the pics here...the deck and pergola look GREAT! Now did you and hubby to the deck also? Our pergola will look a little similar to yours but a little bit smaller since we are just doing a section of the patio. We saw a pic in one of DH's handyman magazines and going with it with some changes of course. It has copper for decoration that I thought would be a nice touch. looks good and you guys did a GREAT job!

JANE...I get that catalog a zillion more. I need to find the address/number to contact the main place to get off these peoples mailing list. it gets crazy sometimes!

HI to everyone else, JULES, TRIXIE, KATHY and anyone I may have missed...

Have a good day ladies!

06-14-2006, 09:29 PM
Hiya ladies,

Just wanted to say hi, and that I'm not sure what time I'll make it in tomorrow. I'm having 2 friends over for lunch, so I'll be busy in the morning, spiffying up the house and myself, lol. On the menu is a tossed salad that consists of baby greens, slivered carrots, turkey strips, walnut pieces, yellow sweet pepper, cukes, tomatoes, mandarin oranges and then a bread stick on the side. Very colorful, lol. I've got the cutest square Corell plates to serve it on, and some neat placemats I bought in Chicago last year. There's WW raspberry fluff for dessert. Yes, I know I serve that dessert often, but these 2 haven't had it, and it's sooo good. And points friendly, too.

Aww, I wish you JLs could be here! Maybe someday.....

I hope all of you have a really great Thursday. :)

da fat n da furious
06-14-2006, 09:44 PM
hey all
Robin...can I see a pic of you...ha ha ha joking. I did show Monte the pic and he was,,,that is exactly what I had in mind! So our plan is to drop the deck to ground level,,,and then make the top...what is that called? Ive called it an arbour. I like the corner and probably will add I made a bench years ago out of willow so I need to somehow impliment it in too. Ohhh I would be ticked..maybe back track in your genelogy and find out if perhaps you have a ancestor you can use.

Trixie,,,laughed when you said its hard to work for people you can't understand. about 20 % of my customers don't speak english very well. Thats fun....arghhh

Shel, Sweetie we all how down days...believe me you are not alone. I get pretty overwelmed each day over my weight,,,house mess, bills, and horrible traffic. Oh and my favorite,,,kids fighting all the time.

Sue, well thats good that no matter what you will make a profit with the house. I know we would too but ,,,thing is we couldn't afford the other houses either. Hows your back end there? nice colors?

Jane,,,Id love to come for lunch!

Jules, I laughed over the stalker comment, I have a friend from theatre named Trish. We joked about her being a stalker to this hot guy in theatre. Thing is she said shes just too lazy to actually I sometimes follow,,,but ya I normally am too pushy to do that for

well off to finish dinner...its nice,,,with hockey on the house is almost quiet except in the living room. Its like being home

06-14-2006, 09:48 PM
Btw, since this is a weight loss thread, I want to ask how everyone is doing?

There are some of us doing the challenge, but I like to mention it here, too. Right now, I feel strong and in control, but as I know from previous experience, that can change in a heartbeat. I wonder what it is in our heads that make us so strong one week/day/hour and then completely lose the feeling of that the next?

Do you think there is something different with us as compared to people who never have to diet? I mean, genetically speaking, or something? Why is it that I have trouble stopping after one piece of candy, and my skinny friend would have trouble eating more than one? I'm not complaining about the lack of fairness in that... just wondering what it is in us that makes us overeat, especially when we aren't even hungry.

Once, years ago, I was shopping with my skinny buddy Nancy, and we picked up a treat at the checkout. This was around 4 PM. On the way to the car, I opened my candy, and she put hers in her purse, and said, "Jane! You're going to ruin your appetite for supper!" I told her I'd chance it. But, a fat-natured friend would have KNOWN that there was no way my appetite would be ruined for supper. Tamped down a tad.... maybe.... but not ruined. What makes her like that, and me like this? At what point did I start to live to eat instead of eat to live?

Fellow Jaded Ladies, please tell me what you think. :)

06-14-2006, 10:12 PM
I said I was going to go relax, but I didn't. I ended up doing a WATP tape. Felt good and I needed the inspiration...I have the version that is Christian inspired. The music is so good. You really forget that you are exercising.
It did inspire me to eat clean for dinner. I grilled chicken tenderloins and veggies on my George Forman. Had forgotten how yummy fresh grilled peppers, onions and squash could be. Made DH buttered potatoes, but I passed on those and bread. I am already planning a time to WATP tomorrow as I have to run errands in the morning and get the house picked up for another showing in the afternoon. We plan to get groceries while the house is being shown. Hope I can eat clean again tomorrow...get back on that track.

Angie- Yeah, my back side is going through the green stages right now..Actually looks like someone kicked my a** get the idea. LOL

Jane- Hope the lunch goes well...sounds yummy and like a good time. I really should entertain out of the habit when I was working and DH worked opposite hours for most of the years. We usually have family over, but I miss having gal pals in. I belonged to a sorority for years that met every two weeks at someone's house, have started to miss that.

Cristina- I already got miffed, after just one showing. It just doesn't feel right to know someone was in your house when you were not home. I feel that same feeling when we go out West and someone has "borrowed" our house for a vacation. I can always tell some one was there, no matter how neat they are. There is something that they did diff. than I do. :) And I really do like to loan out the house there, but I can always notice.

Jules- We have farm field on two sides of our the dust is just a daily fixture. Makes it hard to keep the house clean though.

Oh, I forgot to post my new pictures....I will see if I can get that done.

da fat n da furious
06-14-2006, 10:26 PM
Jane, like you,,,I can turn on a dime with my eating. I struggle each day...some days,,,all day. The white sugar almost beat me a couple of times but right now I have the control. I do find that I am wanting more carby foods...not the good kind either. I crave breads even more then I did before. Im training a woman at work and she had heard that I don't eat white sugar... she asked me how I got so big then if I don't eat white sugar? What to say to that.
I have no excuse to not exercising,,,I have nothing on my agenda in the evenings...perhaps house work or bad weather but I have a bike,,a gazelle, a total gym. No reason not to work out. Except I am lazy.

Tomorrow I go see Dr. McKenna, I need to update my food diary. Im craving creamy white stuff Im going to go make a protein shake. Lots of fruit.

06-14-2006, 10:29 PM
Oh Jane, you posted while I was taking my good ole time typing.

I wish I had something profound to say about your questions. I certainly know what you mean about being so in control and doing well and then how it can change in a heartbeat. I can even plan a meal in advance if we are going out...and I have such good intentions, then I see the menu and it is like I am dumbfounded! I just order whatever I want...with no regard to what I NEED to eat. Then I beat myself up afterward.
I am one who HAS to eat all the candy even if I buy it and say I am going to eat one piece a day. So I know that I might as well buy a small amount, eat it all, and then stay away from candy for a long period again. I don't do sweets often, but if I have them I eat 'em until they are gone.
I don't know if there is something genetically with us...but it sure seems like it.
But, speaking of someone who used to be "the skinny friend" I also had my addictions then. I gave up smoking and caffeine and replaced it with food. I was 103 pounds at both of my weddings. I put on weight over the years, but was normally 115-120. After my DS was born when I was 32 it was harder to lose, but I still was in the high 130's. Quit smoking, quit working and had a hysterectomy at 42 and the rest is history. :)

I don't know what makes one person one way and us a different way. I do know that I am glad I found this group of "US."

06-14-2006, 11:29 PM
Hi Ladies.

Just popped in to say thanks and :hug: back. Just one of those days. I went back to bed and stayed there for hours. I needed it not only for the sleep but just time alone to think and be with my own thoughts.

I just felt so defeated :stars: And what did I do when I got up? Ordered a Pizza. I guess old habits die hard. At least I know what I do when I get down and bummed. :(

So tomorrow is another day and back to work at that. :rolleyes: Guess I needed today so I can make it through the "work week".

Anyways. Maybe by tomorrow I will feel more like "myself".

Thanks for listening and caring.


P.S. -- Well there you have it ladies my new avatar is one of the many pictures of the Smokies, so enjoy! ;)

da fat n da furious
06-15-2006, 12:02 AM
Sue,,,thank you! you have written a part in there of how I feel. Ok two parts.... 103 lbs? How tall are you? Im 5'6 before I was pregnant with Brandon I weighed between 132 and 135. When I walked in to the delivery room I was 100lbs more. And that part that gets me ,,,I weigh even more then that!

Shel, sleep is just as important to weight loss as eating right.
Love the pic. I need to do that,,,I have such beautiful scenes here and think man I need to take a pic of that. But never do. That needs to change.

Jane,,,I like your question,,,this is a good digging into our minds/souls/hearts I don't share my feelings too often. Alot of times I just am writing about nothing. Alot of times I want to write about how Im feeling but feel shy/scared. Thank you for the question,,,Thank you Sue and Shel for sharing your struggles too. Makes me know I don't struggle alone.

06-15-2006, 04:02 AM
Angela - You are very right. Sleep is SO important! It is an essential part of a healthy life and without it I'm a big crabapple! :rollpin: lol.

Thanks. I have tons as well as video footage. Everytime we go back I have to take more pics. Last time we went it was really neat as there was still snow on the mountain! ;)


Cafe Ole
06-15-2006, 01:55 PM
Hi All!

Trixie & Cristina... Yes my Dh designed the Pergola - the deck was already there BUT it had 6 foot walls all the way around it - we knocked those down & started all over. We built it too - my Dh is pretty handy with tools AND cars so I got a bonus with him LOL

Angie... This is me, well it was me at 197. I actually have to have my pix taken now, my face is really different. LOL You are a total riot! :D

Jane... Hmmm if there was any chocolate in my reach, I ate it. Ruin an appetite? NOT, oh did I love food (ok I still do but I am better at it) -- I still get my omg I need a sugar fix from time to time too. Oh that & fresh warm bread and a ice cold pepsi. Those 3 things were killing me.

HI & :hug: to all & all that I didn't get a chance to write to :)

06-15-2006, 02:15 PM
Hello ladies...

ROBIN...thanks for sharing your picture with us! You are a beauty! and you are a lucky lady...getting a hubby that fixes both! I keep DH away fromt he cars, lol! He knows the basic's but other than that, I am taking my vehicle in.

SHEL...beautiful avatar...but then the smokies ARE beautiful! I love the mountains! DS went to college in Wise, VA and I fell in love with it up there. Hope you are having a better day today! :hug:

JANE...have a good lunch with your friends today!

SUE...can't wait to see the newest pictures. Your dinner sounded so good. I hear ya about people being in your house. When we first listed the house I was excited at the first few people coming in. Then started thinking about it and it went downhill from there, lol. I didn't know they had a Christian inspired WATP...haven't seen them. Will have to check it out because the music played on the ones I have is icky, nothing special at all so when I do them, I turn the radio on.

Busy morning this morning but it was nice out. Got my walk done, just 2 miles today and then had grocery shopping and errands to run. Supposed to be hot later but wasn't bad this morning with the wind blowing like it is. Anyway, hope you have a GREAT day!

06-15-2006, 02:46 PM
Cristina- What a small world. My neighbor and walking buddy is from Wise, VA. :) She goes home several times a year and my youngest DD went many times to Wise when she was growing up. (best friend with the neighbor's DD) I have never been, but I know by photos that it is lovely.

Robin- Thanks for showing your face...:) You are your smile.


06-15-2006, 03:03 PM
Morning Ladies......

Having a moment today. I had a hard time sleeping. Woke up at 3:00 am in so much pain and in tears. My left side was just pinched! Still walking w/a limp. So I'm not much for being bright eyed today!! Pretty whiny really.

I'm thinking that I'm full of stress and I'm bunching up all my back muscles! I tend to feel the weight on my shoulders on things that I can't control and should have no control over. Don't know if that's good or bad!!

I need answers at work. Too much stress!! Needless stress too. Wish I could just go to my cubicle and do my work and not answer any questions! That'd make me happy! :lol:

Sheesh....sorry for that rant and rave. NEEDED to let it out. Driving me nuts. It was so much stress yesterday that I even asked someone if he had a cigarette that I could bum off him....he didn't, which was a good thing because I would have smoked it!

Which leads to my struggles on weight loss. If I'm stressing all the time, I don't have motivation in me. And if I don't have motivation I don't move. And I know exercise for me is KEY to losing weight. Right now, I have to force myself to get on the gazelle. And I don't feel great afterwards like usual and thats not right.

Boy....I'm SO ready for my vacation. I just want to get away from it all.

Thanks for letting me cry this out.


06-15-2006, 03:39 PM
MARTI... I'm so sorry for what you're having to go through at work right now. I can totally relate though with the day/night shifts being divided! I worked nights for 12 years, and we were always blamed for everything and looked down upon. I know also what you mean with not having any motivation in yourself when you're stressed! It seems like everything just comes to a complete stop with me with each stressful situation, and if I keep doing things this way, I will never lose my weight!:o :hug:

Well I'm getting ready to take my DD for her dental cleaning/x-ray appointment, and then we're going out to lunch and then to Walmart to get some pictures printed off of my new camera. Hope everyone is having a good day and I'll be back to talk again later.:grouphug:

06-15-2006, 03:39 PM
Hi again...:wave:

MARTI...I thought at first you were talking about this site! But...I am very sorry that you are in the middle and having to deal with that. :hug: :hug: :hug: Been there, done that and it is not fun at all. I think it's sad that grown people can't work out their differences and especially sad when they put another in the middle of it. I am so sorry that you are so stressed about it all. But also, I don't think that you can just ignore it. I don't think lying about it either would be good...they always say that if you lie it will come back on you. Plus you will have to remember that lie and I think it would just be more complicated. But too, who's to say what is right or wrong for you. I think as hard as it is, you are the one who has to make the ultimate decision about the right way to handle it. And you NEVER have to apologize for a rant or rave! We are here to supposrt each other and help each other the best we can. Sorry you are in pain too from a pinched nerve...know ho wbad that can hurt. Sometimes though working out can make it feel better. Or at least get a massage from James ;) funny! Too bad you haven't been though, it really is BEAUTIFUL up there. I didn't want to leave! We made a vacation out of touring the college with a stop in North Carolina to visit my brother and SIL. I so wanted to move up there after visiting there.

Okay, outta here for now. Going to visit a couple other threads before starting a load of laundry.

Have a good day ladies!

EDITED to say HI to MICHELLE! hope you have a nice lunch with DD and trip to Wal-Mart. And hope her visit to the dentist is a good experience for her. I so hate going but need to soon!

06-15-2006, 03:55 PM
Here I am again. DH had come in with a fountain diet coke for me. I love them and seldom will buy them. Then I had to talk to him for a few min. about the showing tonight and some new house things.
We spent 3 hours this morning running around electrical suppliers. Ugh! Then to a plumbing supplier to see the toilets the builder picked...I know, fun stuff. :)

Marti- I am sorry to hear of the stress at work. It's tough when you feel like you are in the middle. I do think I would talk to the supervisor. Stress can cause all kinds of aches and pains, not to mention be careful and try to get this resolved ASAP.

Angie- I imagine we could all write something that would mirror another persons feelings on here, don't you? That is why we all connect. Yes, I must admit, I was a teen when I got married the first time and in a size..(this is obscene) one. Weight 103 lbs. I'm 5'5". After two babies and 10 years of marriage I was 136 when first DH left. I lost 33 pounds in 3 weeks. I stayed thin for almost 5 years until (having re-married) I was pg. at 32. That weight was hard to lose and I stayed at a more balanced weight for me for several years. Then at 42 I had a hysterectomy, quit smoking, quit work and gave up caffeine. wonder I gained all this weight. I've been fighting it for 15 years now. (Of course, I take responsibility for the fact that I put the food in my mouth and I lacked motivation for exercise.) only asked how tall I am. Lmao....sorry, I digress.

Now I have to leave once again as we need to shower and get out of here for a showing.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

06-15-2006, 03:58 PM
Hi again...:wave:

MARTI...I thought at first you were talking about this site!

Ooh......don't want that! Let me go edit that.

This is strictly a work thing! Which I better hurry and get to before I'm late!

HUGS everyone!:hug:

06-15-2006, 04:07 PM
SUE...fingers crossed for you! :crossed: Maybe this will be the one! You know...I get that way when I go to Lowes with DH. Unless of course it is shrubs, flowers or a tree! And you are right about "I imagine we could all write something that would mirror another persons feelings on here, don't you? That is why we all connect." That is so true. *Gulp* a size one!

MARTI...hope you can have a good day at work, or a least a good drive to work! :hug: And yes, to what Sue said about it affecting your health...stress can do a number on you for sure.

06-15-2006, 10:51 PM
Hi ladies,

I'm bushed but want to thank you to those of you who opened up about your feelings like I did. It really does help to know we aren't alone. :hug:

Mary Kate - where ARE you??? :(

Sue - I just love to entertain. I used to try out new recipes for a particular group of friends, and called them my guinea pigs, lol. Size 1!!! That's so small for someone 5' 5". I've still got some of my "baby" fat, and the baby is 19 now, lol. Speaking of plumbing and such, I can't believe in the difference in estimates we got from different plumbers for the same job. We ended up going with the ones we know, even though they charged a little more. Happy toilet hunting, lol. How'd the showing go? Does your realtor call you after each one?

Shel - we do care about you here, and are so glad you're one of us. :hug: When you have a setback like that, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on.

Angie - what a (bleep) at work to say that to you! You could ask her how she got that job if she's so stupid! Let me at her.. :frypan: Thank you so much for sharing! Please don't be shy or scared with us. We Jaded Ladies take it as seriously as you do, Ange. How did things go with Dr. McKenna today?

Robin - Love your photo! You're very pretty. One of these days I'm going to post mine again.

Michelle - hope you had a good day with your DD.

Marti - Step Away from the Cigarettes!!!! You've come too far to ever, ever smoke again. If you feel that way, call me, or something, ok? At least come in here!! I'm so sorry things are going like that for you at work. Maybe you should tell them how you feel.

Cristi - thanks, I did have a really good time.

Hello to everyone else.

As I said, I had such a good time with my friends at lunch. One of them had to get back to work, but the other one sat on the front porch with me until almost 3 pm. Best of all, I stayed OP. :carrot: It wasn't really hard, though, because of the choices I had to work with. The gals loved the WW raspberry pie, btw, and I even used Splenda in the graham cracker crust to make lower points.

Hope you all have a good evening! I'll chat at ya tomorrow. :hug:

da fat n da furious
06-15-2006, 11:50 PM
Good evening all....

Marti, I feel for you. I wish I could take your out and get you a massage,,,or a pedicure at the very least. You need to be able to vent. And I would say this place in the the best place. You are over stressed, and your body is telling you that. Glad that guy didn't have a smoke either... How long till the meeting? And has this been happening since your transfer?

Robin,,,ok you are going to be sooo freaked out! I look absolutely nothing like that picture! lol Ok sure I have the dark hair but thats it...

Sue,,,yes Sue that is obscene. Size 1... I thought I was all miss skinny at a size 7 at my skinniest. Well I could lie and say Im living through Sue,,,yup nothing liek toilet hunting to get the blood pumping... who am I kidding I would actually have fun shopping for a toilet. There are some pretty nice ones out there. I tend to have a thing for faucets. And want to change each faucet in this house eventually.

Jane, *snort,,,,if only you knew what went through my would then know we share more then just a Ok so the freaky thing about this woman,,,she says shes a sychic(sorry can't spell) anyways she got a look at my hands while I was using some lotion. I can not believe what she said next. hmmm don't have a long life line. is that why you pack your whole life is so much? I asked her what she ment by packing my life so much and she said,,,you have alot of energy is shows,,,you are always busy. Too busy. I didn't know what to say,,,so I said could be. Im not even busy right now,,,Im actually pretty laid back.
Anyways Dr. McKenna is fantastic. I took part of the test,,,need to do a fasting blood test. She checked my metobolic rate, which is very slow. slower then she even thought. Shes asked me to do my diary for a solid week and come back,,,she did give me a chart to follow on foods, and how much. They took pictures, measured me in all areas. And will do so each 10-12 lbs.
We have had rain off and on for almost a week. Im tired of it. The drivers in this city are down right crazy. I hit my melt down earlier...being honest here. I stopped at Peter's drivein and bought a creamy cold thing. Drank more than half then threw it away. I was doing so well but just sat there in the parking lot,,,drinking it watching the crazies. Thinking but not thinking you know? Something that Dr. McKenna said that I never knew...did you know guilt is something that can hamper your weightloss? Please don't ask me to explain,,,its something about renal glands, and giving off something that makes the sugars in our body release.

Well thats about it,,,going to take Miss Skittles for a walk around the block before bed. It hasn't rained in almost 3 hours...

06-15-2006, 11:50 PM
Now I am really bummed. The evening showing cancelled on us an hour before they were due. But we did get very good feed-back about the first showing. We are at the top of their list so far. We could tell that they spent lots of time here and tried out, lights, water, etc. (even door locks) So we thought they liked it enough to be interested in everything. They are from out of I don't know how that will play out. Oh well, hopefully we will have many more showings and QUICKLY.

Jane- I know what you mean about the different estimates for the same job. We actually went with a higher priced builder, just because he was local and did custom work. And he uses local businesses even though they might be a tad higher. (small town, non chain businesses) Speaking of entertaining...I told DH I plan to cook and party more in the new house. Don't know why that will make a diff., but I just want to turn over a new leaf. LOL

Cristina- I really enjoy the WATP Christian version. The music is uplifting.

Hi to everyone...I am off to bed as I am pooped for some reason.

06-15-2006, 11:58 PM
Hi Ladies.

Cristina04 - thanks. we love the mountains too. just so beautiful. :hug:

Jane - I know you do, I am feeling better today. I think we all have our down days. I will try to be more uplifting. lol

suetalks - sorry to hear about them cancelling. I hope you get many, many more. :goodluck:

:wave: to Everybody Else, I hope you had a Great Thursday and I hope you have a wonderful Friday! :)

06-16-2006, 12:00 AM
Angie- We were typing together...and you are living through me as I buy toilets? Hmmm.
Oh yes, faucets, that is another story. I thought I wanted chrome and now I am looking at brushed nickle and it is calling my The kitchen faucets will be oiled bronze as will the cabinet hardware. It goes lovely with the chocolate colored counter tops and the hickory cabinets. The tops have a copper colored specking throughout so I am painting between the lower and uppers a copper color. (I think it is more tera-cotta than copper)
The whole process is far.

Ta ta till tomorrow...

06-16-2006, 12:19 AM
Hello ladies...

Nothing like getting pm to cheer one up.

Well, I came here in a good/happy mood only to put in a bad one. Stupid high school BS that I didn't play in High school and I won't play now. So now, not really in a mood for this. I'm so tired of the treatment I have received from a select few which is so unwarranted. I hope you all are happy with yourselves because you have hurt my feelings beyond belief so thank you very much for that.I hope it makes you feel good about yourself. That's about all I have to say.

Hope everyone has a good evening.

06-16-2006, 12:30 AM
Cristina I just sent you a PM, sorry to hear that someone hurt your feelings. :hug:

06-16-2006, 02:08 AM
Cristi - I have no idea what happened, so can't help you with this unless you are more specific. Please PM me, Marti, or Suzanne with more details, if you'd like some help working through this. Or you could work it out with the one who sent you the PM. Keep in mind that things usually can be worked out, ok?

Cafe Ole
06-16-2006, 09:41 AM
Morning All!

Thanks for the wonderful comments on my pix :D

Marti... Work stress sucks but I try to remember that my DH says work is what you do in your spare time, it is not who you are or what makes you. So apparently my JOB is a wife & mother first lol. No really I know what he meant, it is just hard to remember that sometimes. I truly hope it gets better for you at work!

Sue... did you find a toilet (isn't that funny to ask someone? LOL) -- stay clear of the economy efficient ones, my parents bought two and HATE them. I am picturing you trying out toilets to find the best one :rofl:

Angie... are things any better? I swear it must be in the air, everyone is havign a crappy time at work lately. This is horrible.

LMAO whew for a minute there I was worried I had a twin out there and didn't know it!

Jane... I would love to see your photo. :) I would love to see everyone's that way we can have a "face" with the name. I have a new one on a camera that I can to get turned in maybe I can do that this weekend.

Marti... NO NO NO don't do it, it isn't worth it. I know I tried like 100 times to quit and I finally quit when my DD told me she was scared I wouldn't be around to see her grow up (can you say OUCH). The 1st 3 days were the WORST but you can do it!!!! Yes there are times I still want it but think of the healthy you! You are worth no nicotine!

Size 1? You have to be joking! I am just happy I am in a 12. I want a 10 by July but unless something drastic happens I don't see that size soon (I know as I have tried and I have to really suck it in)

Cristina.... What happened - I missed something!? I went to back posts and not sure where anything went wrong? No one has the right to hurt your feelings. I am so sorry that happened and that people aren't brave enough to post what they say and pm it as they know they shouldn't. We are supposed to be here for each other not turn on each other. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

This weekend I will be taking my youngest dd to the big pool. They had to have a swim test at the Summer Adventure Program to use the big pool & she didn't pass it (I know she can as there are 6 levels of swimming & she is a 4!) I think she had an off day, so I am taking her (ugh a swimsuit!) to the pool to help her get her confidence back.

Sat night we have a going away party for my dear neighbor who just took a teaching job in KOREA!!! She will be gone 1-3 years. Her oldest is staying at the house with roommates (lord help me if they get unruly!).

Sunday of course is Father's day and going to MIL's for a cookout. I get to make a maccorni salad that I cannot eat but everyone else will enjoy :)

Have a great day & Hi to everyone else I missed! :hug:

06-16-2006, 11:21 AM
:wave: Good Morning Ladies! :flow2: :grouphug:

MARTI... I sure hope that your stress level comes way down at work! It's so unhealthy and bad on your whole system, not to mention your mind and everyday thinking. Please take care of yourself!:hug:

JANE... So glad you had a wonderful lunch and visit with your friends yesterday. You're very lucky to still have so many friends that you're close to and can get together with!:hug:

ANGIE... Any new news with the job situation?:?: Jobs can be so stressful and especially looking for a new one! Please keep us posted.:hug:

CRISTI... I hope you're okay and feeling better, and PLEASE let us hear from you...I MISS YOU!:hug:

Hello to ROBIN, SUE, MARYKATE, SHEL and anyone else I may have missed!:hug:

Yesterday my DD's dentist appointment went really well and she didn't have any cavities. Today I'm going to get my hair colored and trimmed; always makes me feel better and I haven't had anything done since last September, so I think I'm much overdue for something! Hope all of you have a wonderful day and I'll check back later on.:hug:

06-16-2006, 12:45 PM
Morning Ladies!

Thank you all for the support! I spoke w/a guy last night and told him that I would really appreciate an ear if he could loan me one....just so I could express what's going on. (He's a lead guy) and he said that he was available anytime. Really made me feel better. Wish I had spoke to him before I let things get all bundled up!

Cristi--Oh goodness, please let me know if there is anything I can do! You gave me such great advice on the work issue and have been if there is anything that I can do............let me know.

Michelle--I'm happy to hear that your DD has no cavities! I should probably make an appointment w/my dentist. I could probably gaurantee that I won't have the same good news.:o

Sue--That is one of the things I mentioned to the guy at work. I explained to him that I'm feeling so stressed that I'm carrying a weight around on my shoulders which is affecting me. He didn't like the sound of that. He's such a nice guy. I want to call him kid though, he's about 12yrs younger than me! But a good kid!:D

Angie--Stress and guilt are two HUGE weightloss blockers! I have known this for so long that I should know better when I am stressed! Which is one reason why I needed to talk to the guy at work. There are some other issues going on, but I'll work on that soon too. Glad that your doctor is nice and helpful. Make sure you do what she says!!

Robin--I loved your photo too!! Do you have plans to make it your advatar?? Don't worry....I don't have plans to smoke. I just wanted one that day to get it out of my system, which makes no sense now does it? That would only be putting it back INTO my system!:dizzy: It's been since the beginning of April since I quit. Proud of that.

Jane--Thank you for the "give me a call" comment. I may have to do that you know, so be prepared! Our department meeting will be next week sometime. I'm preparing for the worst....meaning, no one will say a thing and it will be like there is no problem! That will be more frustrating for me than them bickering at each other!

Hello to the rest of you gals out there!! Oh....Jane is that raspberry pie recipe posted in the recipe thread?? sounds good!

I need to get dressed. I'd hate to have someone pop in this morning and I have my belly hanging out being comfortable.:D

Chat w/you all later!

06-16-2006, 12:52 PM
Michelle ma belle--what color are you going with and how long is your hair?

Robin--sizes are a funny thing--when I was 18 and weighed 125-130 I was in a 7 or 9 due to my hips and thighs--my DD will be 19 next Tuesday and weighs 125-130 like I did but was lucky enough to have long legs and skinny thighs like DH's side of the family. We are also almost exactly the same height. She wears a 1 or 3. Go figure!!

Sue--I can't wait to see pics of your finished homes--with your hubby's furniture making talents and your awesome decorating skills it sounds like it will be beautiful!!

Angie--I believe guilt, stress and worry do effect weight loss--I can be totally on point with food--water consumption and exercise and actually gain (and I know it's more that muscle mass being heavier than fat mass)--Micheel ma belle and I have had the discussion about how do we stop ourselves from doing it--we couldn't come up with an answer--if Dr Mckenna can shed some light please share the wisdom!

Sassy--love the new avatar--so beautiful--reminds me of the Carolinas!!

Jane--That rasberry pie and the crust sounds yummy--did you post the recipie??

Marti-hope everything works out at work--work is hard enough without having to be the mediator for two groups!!

Cristi--hope you will be back!!

Hi to everyone else!!

06-16-2006, 03:36 PM
Hi ladies,

Angie - I had to laugh at your co-worker's remark about the short life line. Fern had a very short one, and she died less than a month short of her 93rd birthday. I think my metabolism is shot from too many years of yo-yo dieting. Exercise is proven to bring it back up, so that's what we should concentrate on. You go first, lol.

Sue - oh shoot, I hate that your viewers cancelled. Any word from the other people? It sounds like they are very, very interested. Let us know!

Sassy - so glad you're feeling better today, sweetie. :hug:

Robin - I took a pic of myself to put on here, but when I downloaded it, I noticed there is a glare on my non-glare glasses, and I look like a one-eyed pirate, lol. Ahoy Matey, lol. But I'll try again, ok?

Michelle - I've always been a very sociable person. My teachers used to tell my mom that I "visit with my neighbors" too much, lol. I was offered a job in an elevator once, lol, by an investment broker who I'd never met before. But I passed.... I'm gonna write a book someday.

Marti & Julie - yep, the recipe is in the recipe thread. If it's too far down, I'll bump it up, ok?

Cristi - if you would PM me or call me, I bet this could be worked out, ok? Not sure what happened, or who sent you the PM, as I said, but obviously someone else is hurt, besides you, and with patience, it can be mended, if both parties are willing. Think about it, ok?

Well, I got my hair buzzed, er.... trimmed today. It grows so darn fast, so that's why she cuts it a little short. Then Neal and I had lunch out, and I was very good with the food. Thank goodness for green beans and tomatoes! We also went to the lawyers to get papers signed giving our son 3 acres. He'll be happy about that.

Today is the twins' 4th birthday, and Mary is having us over after supper for a party. No temptation with the cake, because she buys them, and I wouldn't waste my points on that!

We leave for Owensboro tomorrow, but I'll try to be back before then.

06-16-2006, 05:00 PM
Marti--it looks like we posted at the same time and both want Jane's recipie!! Glad you have someone to talk to!! We all need that sometimes.

Jane--When I worked at the Sheetz store--area chain that serves food, sells gas and grocery items. I was always asked to sell Amway and such--I always said that I am not that kind of salesperson--yes, I enjoy people and talk to everyone but that doesn't mean I want to buy into a pyramid scheme!! Happy birthday to the twins!!! DD will be 19 next Tuesday.

Stopped at a Farmers Market and got sweet corn, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, garlic, cantelope, onions. Hubby builds a fire and we roast the corn in the husk--it's really good that way!! DD & DS are coming out for Father's Day on Sunday!!

06-16-2006, 10:29 PM
I'm back for a sec,
Jules - mmmmm, roasted corn on the cob sounds so good! Hope you have a good time with your DD and DS on Father's Day.

Well, Neal and I are taking off in the morning for Owensboro, KY to see The Temptations perform tomorrow night. :cp: We'll be back for Father's Day, to celebrate with the kids. Katie and Mary are taking care of the meal. :)

Hope all of you have a great weekend and have lots of fun with your families. :hug:

06-16-2006, 11:20 PM
HI Ladies :wave:

Thanks Jules! I bet part of that pic IS the Carolinas! lol. I beleive it was taken at that point where you can actually see 3 or 4 states? Kinda cool. :cool: I want to stop by our Farmers Market too and get some fruits and veggies. :)

Thanks Jane. I want to get my hair re-cut. I got it cut about a month ago by a little teeny bopper who I think was brand spanking new at cutting hair, but was very sweet so I let her because frankly I just wanted it cut at that point but now I want it re-done as its driving me insane! I hope you had fun at the party!

Cristina - I hope all is okay hon. Haven't heard back from ya yet from the PM I sent ya lastnight checking on ya. I'm just concerned about ya. I hope you come back to us. :hug: Like Jane and Marti said maybe if you talk to them about it maybe between all of ya, you can get this thing (whatever it is) worked out. I hope so as I know its no fun to have your feelings hurt. :grouphug:

Hi :wave: to everybody else! I hope your night is going well! :D

da fat n da furious
06-17-2006, 01:37 AM
Happy Birthday to the Twins! Hope the Temptations are good. I have a casset of theirs somewhere.

Jules, ah man my mouth was watering just thinking fresh fruit/veggies. Think i will go to this HUGE farmers market about 40 min drive into the country. I love it cause you walk up there is this smell of popcorn, hay and beef cooking. Kids usually in the corner with a box of new kittens trying to get rid of them. I buy Skittles the best doggy treats there. Gonna go and call my friend Angelika to go with me.

Shel, I just love the mist you can see in your picture.

Today was my last day of training that woman...(THAT woman) gotta say it was attitude. I had a talk with my boss, told her didn't think she could do the job, which is honestly the truth. The woman can't even open her email.

I was crazy busy today, we have our Stampede BBQ in a couple of weeks. Stampede starts soon. Calgary is unbelievable during this time. Seriously you can eat for free for 2 full weeks with all the breakfasts and then lunches and dinners going on. So I spent the day emailing all these big shots invitations,,,WAHOOO Pardner it's that time again to enjoy our fine fair,,,so come on over to the corral and belly up to the keg (being we sell beer...*eyes roll) had to sign a name so I signed Jill' She did give me a script but how boring it was...I improvised...*evil grin

The carpet was laid today and I am so enjoying the nice plush feeling. Need to vaccuum and then touch up the paint,,,and bring down the furniture. Gonna love having all that extra space.
well off to bed I go.
night all

06-17-2006, 01:40 AM
What a day! I got called this morning at 9:00 right after I got of the computer, asking if I could come in a little early. So I went to work at 11:00, and got to come home at 7:30!! Fantastic!:carrot:

Must say this. I feel great after my meeting today. I got lots off my chest and that was all I needed to do. Let go of it. He was so nice to talk to. I told him that he should be our new Supervisor!! He'd be great. He's still young and just graduating from College....but in a few years, he'll do fine.

Glad that's all dealt with! concentrate on the belly and thighs I'm jigglin around!:o

Jules--Is a size 1 a real size??:D I remember when I was 18 and I was a size 5. I was about 110lbs. But the size 5's now are lots bigger looking compared to back then! Who decided it was ok to change the sizes? And Why did they. Were they closer back then? Or are they now? Am I even making sense any more??:dizzy: LOL So when are you going to try the pie?? Sounds good, I might attempt it this weekend.

Jane--Have fun this weekend!! And wish the twins a Happy 4th birthday!! My gal turns 12 on Wednesday. 12!! Can you believe it? My baby girl? Not a baby anymore!! Since she's spending Fathers Day weekend w/her weekend we will celebrate by going to the coast. Will be fun!

Shel--Ooh...brave girl having someone brand new cut your hair!! Very sweet of you too! I need to get mine done sometime soon. Perferably before vacation....but then....I get these comments on how beautiful my hair is, and I look and think? What in the world are these people talking about? Are they trying to make me feel better about myself?? I think I need to take some "learn to love myself" classes!:)

Hello to everyone else out there!! Hugs to you all! I'm going to browse a little bit more then I'm off of here!! Going to get my creative mind working and try and make a paperbag scrapbook! Anyone make one before??

Talk to you later!

06-17-2006, 01:44 AM
:wave: MARTI -- I'm so glad you were able to talk to such a nice guy and get everything off your shoulders now. You know, I had a friend years ago that used to wear a size 0-1, and after having three kids, she went up to a 3 and was upset about it. She still was way too thin, but she liked being able to buy her clothes in the kids section at Meier and Frank. Hope you can just relax now and concentrate on YOURSELF! Have a good evening!;) :hug:

06-17-2006, 01:46 AM
Angie!! Now where did you come from? Posting while I was a posting! I wanna come to the stampede! What is a stampede? I'm picturing cattle stampeding through the town.....kind of like they do in Spain.....What I really want is all the free food for two weeks!:D

Michelle!! You popped in too!! LOVE the hair cut! Cute!! Did you get bangs or have you always had some and they were just pulled back?? Maybe I should get an update photo of myself and post it.

Just had to say hi!!

Now....I think we're full here so off I go to make a new thread.:)

06-17-2006, 01:51 AM
Going to close this meet us at #198! :D