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Karla B
06-13-2006, 01:44 PM
Hey gals, I have read some messages on the board and need some help to see if this is the direction I want to go. Can someone explain the program to me? I don't want to use the bars or suplements and I have over 100lbs I need to lose. I just want to know if this is worth it for the money as I hear I have to pay for a year upfront which is over $400 and that getting a refund is horrible. I have read lots of negative things and I guess I would like to hear some positive. So if someone could summerize what the plan would be like for me I would appreciate it. Thanks.:hug:

06-13-2006, 01:57 PM
I'm guessing you would probably start out on Red Plus, but I don't have the info on that - I know the protein sizes are bigger than my current plan....I know there are several on here that know the plans by heart - hopefully they can help!!! You can do this - there are several of us that don't go to the center for different reasons...

Karla B
06-13-2006, 02:00 PM
Thanks I would love to know what each plan is and how much eat portion is. I really can't afford to go the center but then I don't want everyone to feel I am trying to cheat by getting the info either.

06-13-2006, 11:38 PM
Hi Karla,
You started a little under where I did. I started at 256.6 on Jan. 13 and I am down to 207.4. 49.2 lbs. in exactly 5 months. I paid $600 for my plan, but to me, it was worth every penny. I was at a point that nothing was working. I like going into the center because I have to be accountable to somebody else besides myself and that keeps me on track a little better. I have the mentality part down now and could probably go it on my own, but find that I tend to sneak other foods in if I know I am not going to the center for a few days. The counselors at my center are great and very helpful and supportive, which unfortunately is not always the case. Like Heather said, you would be on the border of red plus/red without the lites right now at 229. I would do what Kristi said and at least make an appointment with your nearest center, you will get an idea pretty quick on how they are going to treat you and you can always say no if you are uncomfortable with it. The plan definitely works, but in any case losing weight is 90% mental. Good luck with whatever you choose.

06-14-2006, 02:27 AM
Hi Karla,
It's best to go in for the free consultaion. Most people aren't aware but LAWL is the only medically recognized program in North America. It's important because certain conditions do not qualify for certain plans. ie: Diabetes, Hypoglycemic, people who do shift work, certain surgeries. ect. If you do not go with LAWL at least go in for the consult and find out what they say about your medical. This actually plays a HUGE part as to what plan we place people on.