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06-12-2006, 06:54 PM
Don't you ever feel like enough is enough sometimes? I just feel like I've made no progress in all my years of dieting and losing weight only to gain it back. I'm just SO depressed about not being able to EVER be thin. How I wish I could be anorexic or learn NOT to eat food and lose weight. I just find myself in this cycle of losing and gaining and losing and gaining. I've just tried so much and so hard that it's hard to keep up with it. It takes such strength and I"m sure everyone here knows how hard it can be. I just don't know what to do sometimes. Just needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for hearing me out like you had a choice. :?:

06-12-2006, 07:19 PM
Well, drb, I think you posted in the wrong spot. There is actually a "jaded ladies" club in the club forum! :lol3: No, just kidding, actually, yeah, here is for the support groups. You should put this in the support forum or jump in and join a group! Or better yet, start up a new one. But this kind of down-in-the-mouth attitude ain't gonna get you nowhere good! :nono: Come on, don't be so down! This is the way I feel a LOT of times, but you gotta just keep focusing on what you CAN do, what you HAVE done that was positive and moved you toward your goals, not away from them and just keep at it. If you look, you can see the negative in anything. Look again and you can see the positive and be optimistic. You have to have blinders on. And, if you REALLY feel that enough is enough then you're ready to take action. I mean, what is enough, the overeating, the lack of exercise? :shrug: What should be enough is whatever you are doing or NOT doing that keeps you from where you want to be. :nono: And come one, don't be so hard on yourself. We all know it's NOT about the food and exercise most of the time. It's about life and all the screwballs it throws us, all the rainy days in between the sunshine and such. You've done well to be this far along. But, you've got to go further and take those extra steps and the only way you're going to be able to do that is if you look up and forward at where you WANT to go, not where you are, not where you've been. Come and join a group and start with what you can! :sunny:

06-12-2006, 08:14 PM
Remember that you can never entirely 'lose it'. You'll always have the knowledge you've gained any time you lose a few pounds. When you get rolling again, you'll build on that knowledge. Each time, you're a little smarter.