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06-12-2006, 08:28 AM
Good morning all! It is going to be another {{{HEAT}}} wave today. Supposed to get near 90 today. I told Jack I thought he ought to start going to the pool after work everyday and relax a bit before dinner. I will gladly go with him as I am such a water baby. Jack has promised me if we ever get rich he will buy me a house and build me an enclosed heated pool in the back so I can swim year round! :lol: I think it is kind of funny because most overweight or obese women hate to swim because of the swimsuit issue etc. I say to heck with that. They can look or not look, I could care less!

Jean: You can work hard on Wednesday while Bob is at the golf tournament. I say go with him and go shopping on Tuesday! You can do the to do list on Wed! When we go to the casinos, we strip right at the washing machine because I don't want smoke in the furniture etc. I also wash every bit of clothes we take even if we didn't wear something because of the cigarette smoke. I wish they would ban the stupid things everywhere! They pretty much helped put my fil in the grave and probably my mil too. Jack quit 12 years ago for the last time and hasn't regretted not going back to the nasty habit. I won't let anyone smoke in my house. My sister had to sit out on the deck to smoke. I gave her the lid to one of my candles to put her butts in. I wish she would quit because she has to use oxygen and has precursors to emphysema but she smokes on. I have seen first hand what that disease does and I think a lot of people would quit if they saw how people with the disease have to live. It is not living, it is existing.

I have all my chores done this morning and did my Monday AND Tuesday weekly cleaning yesterday while Jack watched the race so I am free to read today if I like. I will probably just start on the Wed cleaning! :^:

Have a great day everyone!


06-12-2006, 12:31 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! Just popping in before I head off to work on another pile! I don't know where this stuff comes from . . . yeah, right! Bob could tell me, I'm sure. The sun is out but it is a cool 60 degrees in my neighborhood.

"Gma" -- I found out last night that where Bob's meeting will be is on the opposite side of the city from the new mall so I think I am going to pass this time. There is major construction going on around the state/city's interstate system and I'm not that familiar with driving in normal conditions. He is going down tonight and a bunch of the guys are going out to eat. They don't get to see each other except at these meetings to renew their various licenses so enjoy the time together. That's ok, I have plenty to do right here. I wish we had a pool but with our changing weather it's not too practical. Some people do have them, but basically you can only use one for three months or less. :( It's kind of like owning a boat except you can boat a bit longer if you wear a jacket! :lol: You are a smarty to be done cleaning so early in the day! :cp:

Well, I'm off to fold towels. Have a great day!

Jean -- :cool: in Iowa!

06-12-2006, 06:41 PM
Good Afternoon Magnolias.

I'm Back! Yeppers for awhile anyway. I have a lot of catching up to do and setting up this new computer so I am making a quick peek in.


06-13-2006, 06:58 AM
Good morning gals! It is hot and sticky outside this morning. Miserable for Jack to work in , but a joy for the pool. It is warming up quite nicely.

Jean: You do have erratic weather and a long cold spell so I can understand why a pool is not too practical where you live. I wish they would open ours sooner and close it later. They open it Memorial Day and close it Labor Day, so we only have a pool for three months too. Most years our weather remains pretty warm clear through October. I kind of wish they would open the middle of May and close Oct 1. Because they trusted me with my own key, I try and keep things cleaned up at the pool and I fill it when I am over there and it is necessary. I think I told you last year I found some screwy stuff and I still have the set of wedding rings and the watch that someone left last year. There is also a set of keys someone left. A couple days ago I cleaned up a pair of socks, my assorted cigarette butts as usual and saw something that looked like seaweed against the back wall. It was someone's HAIR EXTENTION! UGH! I have even found money. Some of the people throw coins into the pool like it was a fountain or something. Right now there are plastic toys in the bottom of the deep end, but I can't find one of those basket strainers to get them out.

Maggie: Oooh, WELCOME BACK! Now I will have more company while Jean is gone to Minnesota next week! It is good to see you!

Everybody have a great day. I have to go fold laundry that didn't get dry last night.


06-13-2006, 11:58 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I'm stopping by on my way to and from a trip to the bathroom. Thought you all would like that piece of information! :lol: I slept late this morning since Bob was gone last night. I tend to stay up later when he's gone so I really am tired when I do go to bed. He won't be home until after supper tonight so I should be able to get alot done today.

Maggie -- It's great to have you back with us! :cheer: :cp: Please come back soon and let us know what is new/different/interesting going on in your life!

"Gma" -- I am surprised that your pool isn't open for a longer season. The messes some people will leave truly amazes me. Dirty diapers in parking lots really grinds on me. I almost think I would say something if I ever catch someone in the act! :crazy: I'm of the opinion that if you make the mess, you clean it up before you leave. Bob has a nephew coming back from AZ this summer and MIL has told him he can use the cabin. I plan to leave a list of rules for him just like the resorts do! She is sure we will all want to run up there and spend time with him even though he's never made the effort to see us when we've been in AZ. Bob reminds her that both of our kids have jobs and 4 little ones that have to travel 2+ hours in car seats, so it isn't like driving across town to say "hello." The nephew is Jason's age and they've never been close so I don't look for any of us to make the trip to see him while he is here. I have towels from the lake to fold so better get a move on.

Hope the rest of you have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-14-2006, 06:22 AM
Good Morning girls! I hope the day is starting out well for you!

Jean: It is amazing what relatives expect of you, isn't it? I have the biggest group of noodle heads for relatives in the world. My one sister thinks that when we go to Indiana to see my son I should not only stay with her but visit her the whole time. Sorry, I don't go to see you, lady! I do visit her once, but to tell the truth, besides being a pain (it is the one that came down here in March) we usually only have 3 days or so to see everyone. We always go out to dinner with our friends one night and try to spend the rest of the time with our son and dil. Let me tell you, I am going to have a whole bunch of irked relatives when the find out we are not going to Indiana for Thanksgiving. Too bad! We just can't do it this year. We didn't even get a vacation this year because Jack had to take sick days off and that messes up his bonus days and it becomes a trickle down thing. Boy, it will be nice when he can just retire!

Have you ladies ever heard of carpenter BEES? We have some that are eating away our redwood fence. The maintenance man told me what was making holes in the fence and there seems to be sawdust along the bottom of the fence all the time. I found what I think was part of their hive, but I guess I am going to have to talk to someone at Lowes or someplace about what to use to get rid of them befor they destroy the whole fence. I should probably call the management company as they are responsible for it, but the guy who is the manager for this property is kind of a pain.

Well, I need to get the trash dragged out to the corner.

Have a good day ladies.


06-14-2006, 01:10 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! Not much exciting going on here today. I need to get busy and pick up the clutter left over from cleaning out the drawers. I keep reminding myself that everything has a place and that's where it should be! I don't know why I just don't do that at the time . . . I'm a great one to just open a drawer and shove it in thinking I will deal with it later. :spin: Bob is off playing in a golf tournament so I won't see him until later this afternoon. He tried on a pair of shorts last night and claims they shrunk over the winter months! I don't think so; I think he grew! :(

"Gma" -- I've never heard of carpenter bees, but I have heard of carpenter ants. I wonder what the attraction the wood would have for them? Maybe they are really termites although I don't know if termites leave sawdust or not. I hope you find a solution to them before they wreck your fence! :yes: I guess it is a good thing we can pick our friends since we can't pick our relatives. :lol3: When are you going to tell them all you are not coming for Thanksgiving?

Hope you all have a great day! I'm off to attack the clutter. . . . .

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

06-15-2006, 08:43 AM
Good morning gals! Wish I could just crawl under the covers and forget today even exits. My husband's sister (big :barf: here) called last night (they live in Texas) and said they will be here this evening! :eek: :eek: They have a son in the army that is stationed in North Carolina so they are stopping on their way through. I can't stand this woman and have to put on a nice polite face when she is here for my dh's benefit. She is not only his only sibling, their parents are both dead. He could care less if I tell her to stuff herself, but I try to be polite for his sake. She talks non-stop about herself, cuts people off when they are talking, and resents that I married her big brother. GET OVER IT WOMAN IT HAS BEEN 34 YEARS!!!! :mad: So, I want to make sure my house is perfect. We are taking them out to dinner and she refused to stay with us (Thank you Jesus!) so maybe we will just have them meet us at a restaurant for a couple hours and that will be the end of it. They are leaving first thing in the morning for North Carolina and Jack has to work and leaves at 6 AM so they wouldn't be hanging out here with me that is for sure! :carrot:

Jean: Carpenter bees are big devils. They look similar to a yellow jacket except they have a fat black shiny back half of their body and the front half is striped. They also aren't fuzzy like yellow jackets are. I have no idea if they sting as I have never encountered them before, but they are loving the one side of my fence. It looks like someone took a drill and drilled holes along the brace part of the wood fence. The holes aren't tiny either. They are good size. I did find an empty comb on the deck so I think they set up house between the fence slats and the posts and braces. I figure if they destroy the fence, we will get a new one and we need it. That is the managment companie's problem, not ours. As for the Thanksgiving issue, we will tell them when we go up there in September. My dd and I are trying to plan a late Christmas and all of us go to Indiana and have Christmas with Jay and Alicia in January. Of course, my sister will be a buttinsky, which she always is, so we are keeping that quiet until closer to Christmas and then just talking to Jay and Alicia.

I have to get hoppin and get cleaning done. Everyone have a good day and wish me luck that I don't tell the woman off. Luckily, my dd, sil, and grandson are going to go to dinner with us so I can play with him while she talks! :lol:

PS: The dog mystery is solved! I went out to the pool this morning and down the walk in the courtyard here lay the neighbor that told my other neighbor we stole her dog. The woman who called the police on us about stealing her dog was standing talking to her. I thought she had fallen so I went rushing over. She was laying in a sun hat and very short silk komono, no undergarments talking nutty like a jaybird. The woman said she had called her x-husband to come get her. Come to find out, she locked them out of her house and she and the dog were outside. She has not been taking her medicine and is mentally ill. I guess she said she saw us steal this woman's dog! I tried my darndest to get her to get up and get in the ladies SUV, but she wouldn't do it. Told me I looked like a beached whale a couple times. The other lady said she was not right in the head and to pay no attention to her. I thought, hey I am not sitting on the ground showing my privates to the world so I would rather be a beached whale!


06-15-2006, 04:16 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The drapery lady just left; I am having valances made for my French door and kitchen window. Hopefully some fabric will cut down on the noise level when there is a group here. :) I need to make a grocery list for next week and make a grocery run. My 'mom' and I each try to plan at least one evening meal, do salads and sandwiches for lunch, and hope there is enough fish to fill in the rest. I also need to go to the dreaded WM since we won't make it to Sioux City before we leave. I was hoping we would go see MIL and I could make a stop at K-Mart or Target, but she is busy tonight. :spin:

"Gma" -- I guess if you have to put up with a relative, the place to do it is in a restaurant. I'd much rather do that than try and be civil in my home while they are in town. I hate cleaning and cooking for someone I don't espeically care for. You will do fine . . . T will keep you busy! :D I'm glad the dog mystery is solved . . . the woman is definitely short a crayon or two in her box! :lol:

I'm off to make my lists and keep moving. Have a great 'rest of the day!'

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-16-2006, 08:41 AM
Good morning girls! I am a little tired as we went to bed late with having company and all, but I got up with Jack anyway.

The visit with the sil went remarkably well. She came into the condo and came right to me and hugged me as did her husband. We haven't seen her in 4 years and her husband in 16! I was so bowled over I almost fell back into the chair! She sat and talked about herself the whole time, but it was all pleasant enough. I had Jack go get BBQ from the place across the street and I made some pies and ice cream so we all just ate and sat and talked. My dd, sil and grandson came over too and Thomas and I played games the whole time. I think it went off better than going to a restaurant. I have to tip my hat to her. She was really very nice.

Jean: I guess we won't hear from you for awhile after tomorrow until you get back from MN. Hope you have a great time and lots of fun!

I talked with Thomas last night and told him if his mom said it was ok and he wanted to, he could stay overnight in our hotel room on Friday night and we could stay up all night and watch movies and eat popcorn like a slumber party. He laughed and said ok. The hotel has a sofa bed so we wouldn't disturb Jack if we stayed up late. Since there are no definite plans for Saturday except to let him spend his birthday money it won't matter if we sleep in some. The hotel provides a nice hot breakfast buffet as part of the cost so we can eat right at the hotel in the morning.

Tomorrow we are going out to eat with them and to the movies for Father's Day. Thomas wants to take his Granddad to see the new Garfield movie, so looks like that is where we will go. He said to me last night, "Nonny, there are NO mice in this movie." He then proceeds to tell me he has a movie he wants me to go with him to see and the whole MOVIE is about rodents! UGH! I have already seen the trailers for it and I told Jack when we went to see Over the Hedge that when Thomas saw the trailers the first thing he would want is for us to go to see it. I do ok with cartoon characters, but when they look real (like Stuart Little) I get the willies!

Everyone have a great day and weekend and if we don't talk again, Jean, have a super time!


06-16-2006, 02:42 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is HOT and humid in my corner of the world today. It wasn't too bad when I left for the grocery story and WM earlier. This up and down weather has been something else. It is still windy which doesn't help any either.

"Gma" -- I'm glad your visit with the relatives went better than you anticipated. :cp: Perhaps your sil has mellowed some since you last saw her. :D What kind of pie did you make? Pie is my favorite :T and it's a good thing that I'm not a pie maker or I would be in trouble! I saw the Garfield movie ad in the paper; I think I would enjoy that movie!

I have the last load of laundry waiting for the washer to finish and then will start packing. I know I will forget something as I always do.

Have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-17-2006, 02:12 PM
Howdy folks:

I realize my visit with ya'all has been short lived. Little did I know when I got hooked back up with internet that we have to relocate. We have been spending the hours looking for a place to park and there is nothing in close here. We finally located a place in the forest which will be a 35 minute drive to get back here for church services. Our snail mail address stays the same.

There isn't any electricity where we will be and that will be an experience. I have ordered a cataloge of things that folks use that don't have electricity and am looking forward to seeing what they offer. We will be so far from town that I am thinking about buying a scrub board to do hand washing with. I am getting rid of all my electric appliances so we won't have that weight to drag around. When we get really used to living without electricity we won't have to have "hook ups" and look at the money we can save. Some of those places are charging an outrageous fee for the night. You know, being without electricity may not be so bad. We are still in the process of remodeling and it is looking good in here. Life is good.

JEAN: have a great time on your trip! LOL I don't forget anything ~ I take it all along with me.

FAYE: snail mail me with pictures of that house all around and I'll see what I can come up with. I am keeping my "glassworks" and plan on making myself at least three little cottages as a small Christmas grouping. I sold all of my other village houses and I do want a few myself.:p

06-18-2006, 07:46 AM
Good morning ladies! We had a big thunderstorm zoom through last night dumping a ton of rain on us. We needed it, but it kept shutting on and off the power and the satellite dish.

I guess our Maggie isn't going to get to start posting again after all. I would NOT like to live without electricity. I don't even like camping. I am strictly a city girl anymore.

Jean: Hope you are having a good time in MN.

I will check back in tomorrow.


06-19-2006, 08:19 AM
Good morning ladies. It is hot, sticky and miserable outside. We have had rain all weekend pretty much and it has just made the humidity ten times worse. I haven't even been in the pool since Thursday.

We had a nice time on Saturday with Thomas and his mom and dad. He promised me no mice in the movie, but it had a big RAT! {{{UGH}}} We then went to a restaurant downtown called Big Foot Lodge, which was fun. I had a really good club sandwich, though the cheese was pretty salty. We even got to make smores. They kind of shorted us on graham crackers so I had a Hershey bar smore sandwich; just the chocolate bar on outside with the marshmallow inbetween. It was messy but yummy. Thomas had marshmallow all over his face and hands and luckily, Nonny always carries liquid hand soap AND wash and dry packets from the casinos. Clean up was a breeze. We had to run to the Peabody hotel across the street as it was raining hard and then we walked through the hotel and out the other end under the portico to the otherside and through the Peabody Place mall the where we had parked. All in all a fun day. They gave Jack money for Father's Day and Thomas gave him some dvd cases and he bought his laptop cooler and dvd's that you can laser print the labels on.

Yesterday we hung out at the house. I went to the commissary first thing in the morning and it wasn't too bad, but there seemed to be a lot of men shopping by themselves and they tend to clog up the aisles with their carts sitting out in the middle. I didn't have a huge amount to get so I was in and out fairly quickly. We watched the ballgame, but the Cubs were getting creamed so we switched to the NASCAR race and our favorite, Tony Stewart got crashed into and was out of the race so we turned on Turner Classic Movies and watched, Courtship of Eddie's Father with Glenn Ford, The Ben Hogan story about the golfer, and The Thin Man with William Powell and Myrna Loy. It was a good day to just sit back and watch flicks on tv.

Hope everyone has a good day and Jean you are having fun!


06-20-2006, 08:15 AM
Just moving us to the front page ladies. I hope everyone is having a great day!


06-21-2006, 07:17 AM
Just going to move us to page one! Hope you all are having a good day. Jean, hope the vacation is still lots of fun and hope to see you back soon!


06-22-2006, 07:00 AM
Just going to move us to page one so we don't get too far behind. I am going to be gone until Sunday so you ladies all have a great weekend!


06-25-2006, 05:53 PM
Just going to move us to page one. We had a wonderful time this weekend. I will talk to everyone tomorrow.