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06-10-2006, 06:54 AM
For some reason, Lucy decided 4 AM was a good time to get up! :shrug: She and Hersh are now pottied, fed and settled down for a good sleep! It's a wet and cold morning so I may join them. The furnace actually turned on.

Yesterday I treated myself to a little "retail therapy" when I was in town. I had a 40% off card :carrot: and managed to take advantage of it at Penningtons. Did you know that the "capri-length" pants are just the right length for regular pants for me? Imagine not having to shorten stuff! I splurged on some olive green pants, t shirt and cotton shirt and found a decent denim jacket too. I just wasn't up" for trying on regular jeans but will do that when I ditch another five pounds.

When I got home I picked armloads of pink and white peonies, made a big bouquet for myself and took one down to Eve at the Long Horn. No, I didn't have dinner there but I did indulge in the Chinese buffet at noon! :o No harm done and back on track today. I haven't done that since April.

I need to do the Church bulletin and finish a bit of embroidery on some Church linen. It's pouring right now so there probably won't be any gardening. :( I have a couple of flats of different lettuces which I am anxious to plant plus watermelon and some cantelope plants.

What's on your list for today? :cofdate:

06-10-2006, 09:18 AM
:tired: :yawn: CAFFEINE IV STAT!!!! :coffee:

Holy :moo: Woulda believe I just got up only a half hour ago--and I feel like I was hit by a Mack truck! I hate those kinds of sleep...

Ruth: Wow, you got a full plate for today!

DH and I are going to weed whack and mow, then head for the lake for some kayacking-- then a london broil on the barbie for dinner!

beach bum
06-10-2006, 09:40 AM
Good Saturday Morning Beachers:)

Still raining :rain:and have no place to go today so I'm house bound.We're lstening to old country music that we pick up from the roadhouse on our satellite radio.

I think I lost 2-lbs this week,:carrot: but it would be official until Mon. at my new W-I.Not:no: going to count my chicken bvefore they hatch. Watching portions in my case is doing the trick.

Don't think:dunno: my DD is coming up to see us for Fathers Day next weekend.She would have told us,though Leo told her not to come until hes better. He so inbarrassed with all his hair loss,he doesn't want the grandkids to see him that way.I want to buy :gift: him something special,but don't know what.

Ruth-Thats great that you found capris to to fit. I have shorten everything being 5'2".I'm inbetween sizes,to big for juniors and to small for womans.Can't:no: find anything nice for my age in the Misses dept either.

Schatzi-Hope you find your ZZZ's this weekend. Have a great time kayacking & that BBQed London Briol sound delish. When :hun: dinner??????

Have a great day Hugs :) BB

Wannabe Hotmama
06-10-2006, 10:16 AM
You beachers get up early even on the weekends....:dizzy:

I have to get up to come to work. Unfortunately we work 1/2 days on Saturdays. Family business, so I have to be here:mad:

After work I'm getting one of DD friends and taking the kids to see Cars. I think it will be cute. Hopefully it will keep my 3y.o. DS entertained. :hyper:

Then we'll head to Chick-fil-a for supper. I guess I'll get a salad. :^:

DH will be out of town tonight racing so maybe I'll rent a movie. ;)

Tomorrow we'll head to the river.

That's about it for me.

Beach Bum- I think I need to watch portions too. That may be why my losses have stalled. Will give it a whirl and hope for the best.

Hope everyone has a great OP weekend. See y'all on Monday :wave:

06-10-2006, 11:03 AM
Hello everyone.... I just got up, I know but I feel achy. I work today at 1 (really don't want to, but what are you going to do?) Tomorrow I'm off & df & I are having a date.....Red Lobster & a movie - can't wait. I have to go shopping too, my grandma turns 80 (don't tell her that I told you!) & I want to get her something special, but I don't know what - any ideas?
Has anyone seen Pearsy lately?
Off for some coffee

06-10-2006, 03:05 PM
Hi girls!

Well this weekend I'm probably not going to do much. Who I am I kidding I always tell myself that and I end up doing a lot. Anyways I am only plannig on cleaning my house and my car; and exercising. I thought about going into Seattle, but I have no reason to right now.

06-10-2006, 09:54 PM
Quiet day on the boards today.... my day wound up being busy, busy, busy!! We all slept until 8:30 this morning, which was GLORIOUS!! :cloud9: Trip to Walmart, lunch, and then DD's tball game. It had to have at least been 100 here today, it was miserable! After that we ran some errands and then went to my mom's for dinner. She made a delicious SBD meal- it is a Chicken Fajita recipe that I got from Cooking Light years ago and is a MUST MAKE. :chef: Easy and so good! I will post the recipe in just a bit.
(Bat- you will love this as I have noticed many of your fav recipes have a Mexican flair to them!)

I am absolutely beat tonight- DD is watching a movie and the baby girl is crashed. Tomorrow is playing out to be just as busy- teaching Sunday school in the morning and then spending the afternoon gettin ready for Vacation Bible School which starts on Monday. I am excited for that as DD will have a blast and it will be a neat experience for me.

Alright, I am curling up on the couch- I may not be awake for long now that I am in a cool air conditioned home!!!!!

06-11-2006, 07:14 AM
Still cold and wet here and I still was up at four. I'm tempted to let Lucy sleep upstairs with me but it doesn't seem fair to Hershey. I can not imagine having both of them on the bed. :yikes:

I got lots done yesterday but just remembered I did a load of laundry on Friday that's still in the washer! :( I hate the musty smell it gets when I do that and will have to rewash, maybe with some vinegar? Liz came in to pick up some stuff and we actually sat and drank tea at the kitchen table. :) We realized we hadn't had time to do that in the seven years she has been my friend and neighbour! It's time to take more time for things like that. Nothing got planted because of the :rain: but I got everything else on my list done.

I have Church at 8:30 and no real plans for the rest of today although I do have a movie to watch, "Mambo Italiano". It may be a nap day and I may find some outdoor jobs to do between rain showers. This is getting silly! I should be growing rice instead of veggies. :shrug:

How's your Sunday shaping up? :cofdate:

06-11-2006, 08:19 AM
Morning Gals! Everybuddy sounds like the weekend has been chockful! Yesterday was a perfect day to take the kayaks out. Not too hot , a nice breeze and the water was like bath water. And today RAIN and boomers , so I think I'll just snuggle !

Ruth how nice to just sit and have tea!

Kiko: I'm going to try the Chick Fajita recipe this week- sounds delish! oh, and "PM" is Project Management...

Soon: Can't wait to hear about your date! Our Pearsydew is MIA these days! I miss her and the ratties. Have you made a scrapbook for yer gma? I bet she would love that.

Hotmomma: I love "kid" movies..and am thinking of going by myself to see Cars

BB: :crossed: that you lost those 2 pounds!

beach bum
06-11-2006, 09:49 AM
Good Sunny Sunday Morning Ladies:)

Is any one going to watch the 2006 World Soccer Cup this weekend?????

I'm not a sports fan at all,I watch baseball once in a while,but Leo will be watching it.He watched Sweden & Ivory Coast yesterday ,he was for IC the underdogs. Today its Iran & Mexico game,Mex is his choice. I'm serving pulled pork sammies with salads tonight.

Can't stay to long,as I have to get ready for church.The sun is out and all the puddles are all dried up.It VERY WINDY,which keeps the temps down. Can't wear my planned outfit,have to wear something warmer.

I got on the scale and I'm down 2 lbs, this portion control is working. I tried some thing different also,but was afraid that it wouldn't work.But it did,ate more bread carbs than I was suppost too[3 per day]which I wouldn't dare do before and walla!! I lost 2-lbs. I guess I shouldn't be afraid to eat GOOD BREAD CARBS.But keep them in moderation.Does this make sense?????????? Going to try this again next week,and see what happens.


Will post later

Hugs :) BB

06-11-2006, 10:40 AM
Good Morning busy bees

WI today, I lost 3 lbs.. That sure is my magic Number isnt it?!
Cool and damp here in West Virginia. The front you had Shatzi must be the one I have here now.. it sucks.. seems like West Virginia dont want to let go of Winter just yet.. ... I am ready for it.. All is well food wise. Take Care Everybody.

06-11-2006, 12:24 PM
If Church is at 8:30 and is over at 9:30, why am I not home until now? Could it be that I hang around and socialize too much? Lucy was Church Dog today and behaved beautifully although she did give a big groaning sigh during Karen's sermon. Too funny!

I am starting to give myself heck about not finishing things I start so will make a concerted effort to get some of the "niggles" done before lunch. I didn't get some soup made yesterday so will have a salad for lunch today with some HB egg. A batch of chili is the afternoon project AFTER I re-wash those darn clothes, dry them and put them away! If it's dry enough, I'll go out and deadhead my lilacs.

Have a restful but useful afternoon. :grouphug:

06-11-2006, 12:32 PM
I just have time for a quick check-in. The GD's stayed overnight with us, so the baby has been keeping me running. She woke up at 4am! this morning, but I managed to get her back to sleep until 6. She NEVER gets up before 7 when she's at home! My daughter had to go back home for church today, she's doing a special song in the choir, but will be back this afternoon for the graduation party for my nephew. I hear sounds of protest coming from downstairs, so I'd better get back to my duties.

06-11-2006, 02:47 PM
Hi, guys! Sorry I haven't posted much in the last couple of days. I was on a severity 2 conference call on Friday for over 10 hours straight. Saturday I did get to go with DH and Brian out to a model rocket launch. But I got paged twice and spent about an hour on the phone talking people through stuff. I tried to get to bed early since I knew I'd be up early with work but I didn't get to sleep until 10:30. Then I got paged about 10:45. I couldn't do to much since the system was going down for maintenance at 11 but I got everyone to understand what needed to be done to fix it. It was rough getting back to sleep. I woke at 3 and checked see if maintenance was over (it wasn't) so I went back to sleep and got paged at 4:45. Then I spent the next 6 and a half hours working a severity one outage. Problem was with routes on a firewall but it stopped things from working.

So now we are getting a late start on our day. I'm leaving in a couple of minutes to take Brian to church. Then he wants to go volunteer at the animal shelter and then we'll go to the pool. Then home to fix pork tenderloin for dinner and hope I don't get paged tonight. I am really dragging today. Got to go now. Have a great day. Oh, and Kiko it was at least 101 yesterday. I saw several clocks that reported that even in the morning.