Dieting with Obstacles - Welcome to My Diet where Snacking is Sometimes Spoken

06-10-2006, 03:02 AM
I work in an office that would probably win the award for "most opportunities to feed its employees". Between the Monday bagels and croissants, daily fruit and juice availabilities, catered lunches and Friday donuts; not to mention the birthday cake on every birthday (over 150 people in the one building), I'm plagued with a snacker's (and overeater's) paradise.

My diet had been going quite well this week until what I'll call the "first slip of the tongue". It was a close coworkers birthday and it was ice cream cake, son instead of saying no and making up some other excuse, I had a small piece, which of course was mistake number one, because it set me off ot the path of a sugar binge that didn't end until 10pm that night with the second piece of cake from Costco.

So, I say all this for what? Sympathy? Nope. Ranting? Partly. Advice on how to avoid this situation again? Ding ding ding, give the lady a prize.

06-10-2006, 10:36 AM
Hey never,
I hear you, it seems like on the days I work in the office there are at least 4 different types of junk to choose from.
What do I do? Yesterday I caved and had a trial size peppermint patty, I avoided cheesecake, cake, whoppers to name a few.
Some snacks I try to keep on hand are: little debbie angel food cakes, only .5 gram of fat each, tootsie rolls, sugar free pudding cups. I have found that if I have something to eat myself while the naughty stuff is around I am ok.
I hope this helps, are you buddy hunting?
let me know

06-11-2006, 10:31 PM
tara youre so full of great ideas!
whassamatter losin&me arent good enough for ya??(he j/k :D )

06-12-2006, 12:53 AM
Hey the title of your thread from Welcome to My Planet where English is Sometimes Spoken? If so, I love that book! And being from Minnesota I can totally relate to it! Anyway, I have the same dilema as you. Bagels, donuts, and treat day once a month. Not to mention those damn candy dishes. Some days I can avoid everything, and some days I can't. Maybe when you all get together for ice cream cake, you should bring along a little treat that you like. That way you can still socialize with everyone and have a small treat, without feeling like you've wrecked your diet for the day?

06-12-2006, 06:50 AM
Andrea, you know you guys are my crew!!!LOL I was motivated and when I get that spurt of motivation I go hunting for more firends, I still love ya though!!!LOL
How is everybody else today?
Pretty good here I found a great recipe for veggie burgers and I can eat a ton of them!!!