Support Groups - Bathing Bovines in Bikinis or Moo Moos

06-07-2006, 07:47 AM
seems apropo as we enter the summer...Thank LandsEnd for Tankinis!..

06-07-2006, 09:06 AM
Shots, is your puter bigger than mine? We were on page 9 when you said page 4.

I hate ants.

06-07-2006, 03:13 PM

Can I join the herd? I've been reading thru your thread: "Hugh Heiffers Divine Bovines CenterFoals" and I've gotta tell ya, you get my vote for most udderly hilarious group on 3FC!:D

06-07-2006, 03:33 PM
You need to change your amount of posts per page, Peach. Mine said page 4 too.

I luuuuv your thread title, Schatz. You're so clever.

Oh, Miss Peachy, don't you worry none. Bigger and better things await you. I'm sure of it. It is hard to be supervised by idiots, though isn't it?

I'm sorta panicking. I think I'm starting to experience some ms symptoms again. I woke up in the middle of the night w/ the most horrible vertigo. Laying flat on my back in bed, I felt like I had a very bad case of the whirlies like I'd downed a couple bottles of wine, but I hadn't. This has been happening on and off for a month or so, but no where near this bad. The good news is that it gets better when I'm upright. Just a little dizzy now. Yikes. I suppose this is the source of my bone tiredness lately too. I suppose I should be happy I don't have any really nasty symptoms, but I'm finding it hard to be grateful.

We're going to the beach this weekend, in our motorhome. The daughter and son-il of our friend who recently died have a beach house close by where the rv park is. They're going to be there this weekend too, so I suppose DH will be off fishing w/ the son-il for part of the weekend. I plan on lots of reading and sleeping.

I hate ants too, Peach. Some of those little sugar ants had made a line in the back door to the dog food bowl. Gross. I cleaned it out and washed the floor and so far they've disappeared. so far.

The geo-tech guys from the house development company who is buying our place wants to come and dig up around where our old home heating oil tank is in the ground (to test for soil contamination). It also happens to be under my nicest flower bed. DH said "those plants are like my wife's babies - you'd better not mess them up". I'm so glad he's threatening ppl for my plants.

Lordy, this is a depressing post.

06-07-2006, 03:40 PM
Good night Nurse! Tell us about yerself.

06-08-2006, 09:22 AM
Hi Nurse!!!! yes yes tell us about yerself!!!!

Wabby!? I am most concerned about this horizontal whirling!!! Have you been checked for MS?? I get the same thing once or twice each year...cept when I stand. I was checked for all kinds of stuff that resulted in the " middle ear imbalance" Dx.. which means they haven't a clue! Perhaps you have something similar?? On a less depressing note, Rving to the Beach sounds Deeeevine! What are you planning to read? I am bout a quarter the way through the last book in the Dark Tower series.. yehaw... I guess reality is setting in now that the Big Muckity Company is trouncing about eh?

Peachie-- I was thinking bout you yesterday as I "t-rexed" my shopping cart..ah, :rofl: that phrase still CRacks me up!!!
My life has gotten soooo boring since I moved here - sucks with all my friends being so far away... my pityparty for the day..... I spent the better part of yesterday pulling weeds... how exxxxxxciting :yawn:

Well, I am considering enrolling in on-line programs to get my Program Management cert...And need to re-acquaint myself with Excel and Microsoft Project... I a fear I'm getting rusty!

Where is Kiwi??? Kiwi report in....Bagzilla??????? Sugarpie????????? Cherry???
We've got a new cow :moo: to interogate...:lol:

I was chucklin to myself as I food shopped yesterday..thinkin, ya know yer getting old when you completely bypassed the aisles with make up, hair adornments, etc -- and head for the "first aid" aisle to fill yer cart with bengay, tylenol, tums, pepcid, and Gas-X.....

06-08-2006, 01:53 PM
Okay, I'll tawk ta myself then....

Let's see: :chin: I'm tired of tawking bout myself... I just finished two cover letters for my resume... :blah: :blah: Look at how wonderful I am!!! Look at what I can do for youuuuuuuu.... while I'm not what you would consider shy , real humble , retiring or introverted...this self promotion churns me tummy a bit. I am sooooooo bloooooody booooooored at home :yawn: ( I mean, come on cows, look at my last few posts! Sheesh, it looks like all I do is clean, or buy products to clean... .and Jeeze Louise, while I like a clean home, I was never so focused on this crap...) anyhoo, I've tried joining meals on wheels...they just want my money to buy wheels or meals, I tried this book club-- unfortunately they focus on christian lit or the bible--- which is ok but not for me... and I aint a church goer... so, no joining a congregation... however, I have gone on ocassion to Duke's chapel... I find it calming, loverly, I plod away ... looking for a job that
1) do not require travel - commuting or otherwise
2) do not require relocation
3) has benefits and pays decent...

and nothin excites me... or requires the "do nots" above... Crappity Crap... any ideas???

I guess I wasn't tired of tawkin alll about meeeeee afterall ! :lol3:

06-08-2006, 02:05 PM
I'm tawking about Shots too then. Go join the Garden Club. In the Garden Club, you will find people who garden on Sunday becasue they aint church goers neitehr and they'll be interesting to you. Go to the book store and hang out. Meet the owners, workers. t-rex around the grocery store and find people who buy odd food. Tawk to 'em. (frozen Thai meals, piles of root veggies, 50 lbs. of carrots)

That's all the ideas I got.

lcp has been bringing me lunch at work. I'm trying to get ds to encourage her to stop. It's so sweet but she's paying for it (not him I think) and I'd just rather she didn't.

I'm taking a poll. Everyone answer. When you were in high school, were you requied to memorize something that you still remember in entirely? For me it was a verse from Vachel Lindsey's "The Congo." Some people got Shakesperare or the Preamble of the Constitution. I don't think DS had memorize anything. Too bad maybe.

06-08-2006, 02:21 PM
Ok, I'll tell the herd about myself....
Disclaimer: post may cause excessive drowsiness...yawn....
It may put you to sleep but it beats Ambien 'cause it won't cause sleep-eating! Yep, Ambien is now being blamed for a lady gaining over 100lbs due to sleep-eating!

Ok, back to me! I'm a 38y.o. happily married cow, married to the :love:bull of my dreams. (Good dreams, not nightmares!) No calves, yet, but hoping that the ovaries still know what to do---I think they have dementia at their age!

I live in Birmingham, Alabama but was born and reared in New Orleans, Louisiana. Thankfully, I left a few years before Katrina!

I am a nurse and am currently unemployed--by choice. I'm in the process of returning to school but I'm still not sure what I wanna be when I grow up....
Probably an accountant. I just LOVE the excitement of accounting......yawn.

I love reading, gardening, cooking AND eating!

I've struggled with my weight ALL of my life. Started out in plus-sized pampers and grew up and out from there. I've managed to lose weight several times, but it keeps FINDING me again and it usually brings friends!
I'm currently about 30lbs from goal.

Ok, are ya still awake?!??! :yawn: Hmmm.....I'll try not to overdose ya!

06-08-2006, 03:18 PM
Plus size Pampers??? heeee! I like you, you can stay.

Schatzy, I do have ms, just don't usually have symptoms. Whirlies are only slightly whirly now. I think your ideal job would be working at a big hotel, doing the bookings for weddings and conventions. Doesn't that sound fun? I'm always wishing I could stay home, but I know I would go nutz after a bit. Why don't you start your own business doing something?? I think it would be fun to start up restaurants, get them all up and running, then sell them to somebody else to run. The first one would be a little cafe. Cozy. The menu would be 50's comfort food and the name would be The Comfort Cafe. Even better, Schatz, why don't you open it?

06-08-2006, 04:01 PM
I read Nursie's Bio as Plus sized tampons... depends + ovaries + a shot of shotz = pontoon size = which translates to tampon. Yay! :cp: Nursie and her depends are ok in my book!

Wabbina I d.i.d N.o.t know you had Dx of Ms... I am sooo happy that it seems to be at bay ... but now I worry... hmmm, you've given me food for thought on this... I absolutely looooove planning events and themes for events.. and love to run everybody around (heh, heh: I useta be Programmers nightmare.. I would say "make it so Number one" -ah they looved me and hated me :s: ). I've gots lots of experience running large events..not weddings mind you but parades, and wet downs (not t shirts) and corporate retirements and corporate conferences... perhaps..... must put in hopper and let stew!

Cowie :lol3: you really ought to write dahlink, I find you hilarryass..not to be confused with a hairyass... I was forced to memorize 4 score and 7 years ago...our fathers brought forth upon this blippity blah... (Lincoln's Proclamation... and " Romeo ohhhh Romeo where for art thou ... Here I is! "( Our Gang, Darla and Stymie..or maybe Buckwheat..)

Cherry Cow
06-08-2006, 07:16 PM
Long day. Scout day camp. Two kids were extraordinarily troublesome. Also it was hot. And full of people who like to stand around in the sun. Not me-- I get heat exhaustion when it's above 80.

I'm trying to remember what I had to memorize that I still know. Play scripts. Popular songs. I know the entire movie "Breakfast Club" by heart.

Hello Nursie!

Wabby- sorry about your ms symptoms. My advisor has that. She has to take a nasty shot every week. But she had it a long time before she was diagnosed, so by the time they figured out what it was, she was pretty far along.

We're still wogging. Tomorrow is questionable though. Depends on if I can still feel my feet after today. Luckily, tomorrow is a lot of sitting and discussing the crisis in LIS education. Any opinions, Painty?

Peachy, have you done that resume yet? It's very bad to work with people who make bad accusations.

Hello Kiwi, Sug P, Baggzziiee, Schatzi, & all.

Oh, someone asked how I got DH to wog with me. A lot of it is just that I'm gone so much that it's one of the few times we can be alone together. Plus, although he doesn't like to run, he's always been pretty good at it and it is an efficient way to get fit. I've heard.

06-08-2006, 07:24 PM
find people who buy odd food. Tawk to 'em. (frozen Thai meals, piles of root veggies, 50 lbs. of carrots)

really Peachtreee, am I that odd? :crazy: I guess you have made some observations about the folks based on their produce purchases eh? Please share or is this a way to infiltrate the wheels on meals chapter serving the asian community ....

06-08-2006, 07:44 PM
Peach, why would you want lcp to quit bringing you lunch?

Wogging sounds like so much more fun than jogging. Wogging. wogging. I like it.

Cherry Cow
06-08-2006, 09:35 PM
Wogging is more fun than jogging. And not nearly as intimidating as jogging. How can you take something called "wogging" so seriously?

06-08-2006, 10:34 PM
what the **** is WOGGING??? can i do it???---we have a nature park here that some of my friends RUN through---i won't go with them unless they WALK!!----i am afraid of getting left behind and lost in the woods --i can only run for about a minute!!!----Greetings YOUNG NURSE----are you sure you want to hang around a bunch of dark,menopausal cows with only one green shoe between them???? if so,you are more than welcome---we used to scare people away from us but then we got too slack and became nicer.{ one more question----are you sure you are not Dusty Rose???-----she is still trying to find us and get us for ruining her chance to get on Oprah}ohhhhh ---i blather on and never bother to learn how to make paragraphs or do any html-----today at the shop i found TWO atrofied mice in the back cupboard---i knew it smelled weird in those cupboards so i just stayed out of them------HOW GROSS IS THAT!!!! WORSE THAN ANTS,I'LL WAGER!------WABBY!!! ---I don't think i was aware of the ms either----what a great girl you are--i would be complaining about that non-stop----hopefully this annoying dizziness will soon go away!!!!!------shatzi---i like all wabby's ideas for you,but don't forget how rich MISS FLY LADY got and she is a cleanie like you!!!!------i gotta get to bed---more mice to hunt for in the morning!!!

Cherry Cow
06-09-2006, 10:38 AM
Wogging is walking-jogging. Just jog til you get tired then walk until you're ready to jog again.

We're not THAT dark and menopausal. Sugar P and I are very cheery and bright. :-)

Dusty Rose. What a nightmare.

06-09-2006, 11:11 AM
Sooo no one other than Shots wants to tawk about what they memorized in high school even though I was so curious and asked nicely.

Bagz you have cats. Are they tied up?

Cher, you are dark and menopausal. Do you think that's bad? It has been the center of my self-concept for many years. Also, I suspect you have the other green shoe.

Shots, not sayiing you're odd but saying that people who buy odd things have interesting reasons and think differently than those you are meeting regularly. The carrots are for horses or juice. I am being helpful.

Hi Nurse. Last I heard, Birmingham was covered in dust from the steel mill. Do they have a steel mill or am I hallucinating?

Remind me where Kiwi is.

Wabbo, I didn't know about you either and you should be made boss of Shot's life. Poof. You're boss.

I am hungry. Must go.

06-09-2006, 02:47 PM
Peachez, I started to answer you about what I remember from hi-skool, but a customer came in and I had to go----that's what happens to all my best posts, by the way---ok, I remember things like how yummy the pizza was at Pietro's Pizza Parlor on Friday nites after the football game. I remember that DH's jersey number was 42. I don't remember much about what I actually learned in class---that's probably why I'm sitting here in this office, bored out of my gourd today. ---- thanks for making me boss-- I always say I'm the bosses boss around here.

Bagzie, there's a dead mouse stretched out on the floor under the stairs to my basement. I've asked DH to dispose of him several times, but no luck. This is a teensy mouse, by the way, not a huge-o rat like last winter. I still refuse to dispose of him, anyway, that's why I keep a man around.

I thought I'd mentioned the ms before- I pretty much don't think about it because it's been so many years since I've had major symptoms. I got an mri about 5 years ago, and my brain still looks like swiss cheese (explains a lot of things) but it's not causing me problems, except the whirlies this week. I also have glaucoma, but you knew that --- the good news is that I seldom get colds or flu and I have no allergies. If I'm going to get something, I like it to be something dramatic.

I guess I'm going to have to go read Sugar's blog if I want to know what's happening with her. whine.

Miss Cherry pie is not dark and menopausal. --- she's sunny and pre menopausal.

The motorhome is packed and we're ready to go -- DH has made his lists and checked them twice --- he's soooooo organized about things like that. You'd think we were heading off into the wilderness for a month, not a full service rv park with cable tv and everything for 2 days. :dizzy: Have a good weekend cowsies.

06-09-2006, 03:35 PM
"Osmosis is the process by which the dilute solution,water,passes through cell walls and the root hairs to the concentrated solution,the cell sap." Grade Seven,Sister O'Neils science class.St Patrick's Catholic School. THATS all i have Peachers!!!!--she went up and down the aisles until every last kid could rhyme that off. ---cherry,you and sugar are YOUNGER than us ----- that makes me even darker and more menopausie-------------stop being so young!!! sugar is at least forty now---CAN YOU CLAIM THAT GLORY FOR YOURSELF!!!!---------SUCH JOY AND EXCITEMENT!!!--- i must try wogging through the park===could be fun!!

06-09-2006, 03:44 PM
I am so innocent. I am reading about osmosis and cell walls and hair and thinking, "ants don't have hair." I thought you had given me the secret to killing antsssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.. why why oh why didn't you???EXXXplain??? You know how. You are a genious.

You know who I miss? Carrie. Wasn't she older than me???

06-10-2006, 12:13 AM
Carrie was overweight and had boils and calluses-----------i just got a message from Kiwonk-----------she wants us to know she is SWAMPED!!! with visitors and THE PARTY!!!---IT'S THIS WEEKEND AND HER MOTHER IS VISITING!!!=== so she sends her love and will be back with a full report ASAP!!!!----peachers!!---i really DID get rid of the ants---i used the full blown poison and put it everywhere and threw the cats in the basement!!!---i don' think they would eat it anyway but just in case---i put it all along the door jams and around the cubooards----------it really did work!

06-10-2006, 01:08 PM
What full blown poison?

Do u remember that story about the wolf that swallowed some sheep or something and the boy cut the wolf open, removed the sheep and replaced a big rock in his tummy? do you think it's possible that someone has replaced my frozen South Beach Diet chicken dinner with a beach ball? We have lots of beach balls around here.

We now have Russian and South American people at work. It's so cute to see the Russian girls saying, "Ai yi yi."

Back to the ants. They come in behind the kitchen appliances. There's holes back there, I guess, for water pipes and such and they sneak up. I picture my whole hole collapsing into a big ant hill underground condo.

I findally found one person older than me and she had boils. Figures. No wonder I'm so bitter.

06-10-2006, 01:28 PM
DID SHE HAVE A GOITER??-------- the ant poison was just the commercial stuff you get at the hardware store--not the ant traps---some kind of tube i think--you just squeeze it into the cracks---------we get ants every summer and it always works-----------of course it's toxic and whatnot and i probably have blood poisoning----I GUESS WE JUST HAVE TO "CONSIDER THE ALTERNATIVE" WHEN WE COMPLAIN ABOUT AGEING----THAT'S WHAT WE SHOULD DO!!! and look out for impending boils!!

06-10-2006, 02:27 PM
The alternative to ageing is sitting on the right side (or is it left?) of our Lord.

I think she had a goiter. She had cows or sheep or some kind of farm. She probably knitted and dyed her hair brown and had one kid who went to college and two cats.

I am just blah blah. Feel behind on everything and crave chocolate. There is none in the house or else DS hid it. He's at the beach with lcp. I was invited!!! I said, "You think I'd put on a bathing suit and go to the beach with you?" He, "Why not?" Since working in the store which in near the beach and seeing how people dress, I really really will be more careful. Yesterday was an older, attractive woman in a swimming suit with a towel around her butt. Not good. Undignified.

Bagz, when are we getting Kiwi's DVD? Nag her.

06-10-2006, 06:59 PM
i can't bother her on party night!!--can't wait to hear about the party---did you know that when your kids get older {like MINE} they do whatever they want no matter if you like it or not---AND they might want you to like what they are doing but even if you DON'T ----they do it anyway-----i keep finding this out time and time again!!!--------i think i already said peach-- i LOVE It when older people dress inappropriately ---it makes delicious chat.

06-11-2006, 11:48 AM
I am not dead. Just been busy. Yes, me, busy. Now I am not so busy any more so I can post. I have absorbed all yer posts by osmosis and will comment later. It is boiling hot here all of a sudden. I do not like to sweat.

Carrie used to make fried bologna sandwiches for everyone so that puts her pretty near the top of my People to Know list. AND she once sat beside Art Linkletter on a plane. I want to know what happened to Sheba and Hoochie Mama and Letty and Marcella and CRAZY MOM and Raul. But not Dusty. She was toooo scary.

06-11-2006, 11:52 AM
Forgot to say hi to nurse! I am not cheery and bright like Cherry, I just appear that way on screen to save you all a lot of grief. I am actually as dark and menopausal as the rest of 'em.

06-11-2006, 01:14 PM
Hi everybody!

Thanks for the nice welcomes! I like this dark menopausal thread crawling with ANTZ with an occassional dead mouse thrown in! What more entertainment could I possibly want?!?!

Peachez~I've been straining my brain trying to recall what I recall from hi-skool. Not much, I'm afraid. I did take Spanish for 3 years and I DO recall every cuss word in spanish but not much else. Oh, I can say "hello" but after that I only know profanity. Sad, what selective memory I have.

Wabby~I hope the whirlies have left you alone!

Schatzi~Meals on wheels turned you down for volunteer work?!?!? The MOW here is SO desperate for help to distribute their FINE meals. When my car was in the shop, they offered me a skate board to run my route. If you have a pulse, any kind of wheels and don't carry an uzi they won't turn you down for volunteer work. So, next time, maybe leave the uzi at home?

Cherrycow~I'm glad to know a cheerful cow! Even your name sounds cheerful! I thought wogging was the way hobbits with hemorrhoids move. I like your definition much better.

Bagzz~thanks for the mental challenge! (Ok, I was mentally challenged already but you added to it!) I'm still tryin to find out what aprongutarse means!

SupP~I'm SO glad you're "not dead". I've already read about several dead mice. I couldn't stand to think of your avatar stretched out dead in a basement somewhere.

Cowpernia~"Hi Nurse. Last I heard, Birmingham was covered in dust from the steel mill. Do they have a steel mill or am I hallucinating?" You may be hallucinating, I don't know you well enuff to judge. What steel mill?!??! I thought it was my darn neighbor roasting a pig or something.

I hope everybodys having a festive weekend! My weekend? well, I'm scraping paint off of my front porch rails---on a ladder, in 95 degree heat! WOOHOO! what FUN!

06-11-2006, 07:39 PM
Nursie, I am going to help you because I am the nicest one here. Peaches and Cowpernia are both me. It's ok if you get confused. Just NEVER NEVER decide to straighten us out by making some kind of filing system with facts. That is too scary and Dusty did it already.

Here is the steel mill in Birmingham ( No one else needs to look as it is dull but I am also from Alabama and I knew I'd heard this.

I am glad you have quickly picked up that Shots has an uzi. You knew she was from Joisey and you put two and two together. Excellent work!

Dinosaur = ancient.
Apron gut = you know.

Tell me about scraping paint. I need to that stuff and have never done it and am afraid to start.

Sugar, you are perfect and I LOVE your memories of Carrie. How did we loose her? When we can't loose weight, we can loose people? This makes no sense.

06-12-2006, 02:20 AM
I am back. We have a bat in the bedroom. :eek:

06-12-2006, 03:03 AM
I'm taking a poll. Everyone answer. When you were in high school, were you requied to memorize something that you still remember in entirely? For me it was a verse from Vachel Lindsey's "The Congo." Some people got Shakesperare or the Preamble of the Constitution. I don't think DS had memorize anything. Too bad maybe.I had to memorize several speeches from Julius Caesar. I don't remember more than a few lines now, though. I also remember memorizing the entire text of Father William, although that was probably a lot earlier than high school. I don't think they do that at all anymore.

06-12-2006, 03:15 AM
Hi Kids. I've emerged. I am now the parent of an adult child I guess. It actually feels a little different. What a weekend. The party was AWESOME! I couldn't believe how well it turned out, especially after the way the day started. I woke up to DH asking where the remote for the TV in the kitchen was -- the big slideshow we've been working was going to be shown on the dvd player, through this little tv, but he couldn't find the original remote and couldn't get the dvd player to play through it without the remote. I told him where I thought it was, he spent a long time looking, then I got up (:shrug:) and looked too. After way too long a time, during which I was supposed to be doing 10 other things, I found it exactly where I'd told him. Except for the advanced looking-for-something-technique of picking up something in a drawer and looking under it. :rolleyes:

Meanwhile we were having heavy rain, the dog had to be persuaded to go out to pee etc., ddbf came over and he and DD started inflating balloons in the living room. It took me 4 tries to get the dog to take care of business; each time I let her out I got wetter and I swear the rain came down harder. It was starting to look like a monsoon. Naturally while we were in a panic about not being able to use the tv, the ceiling started leaking. Once I found the remote, I was able to start on my stuff, though, so things started to progress, in spite of having to take the time to get buckets out for the leaks because they were too big for just little bowls. So, we're humming along here, balloons popping every now and then, I'm cutting up veggies, DH is doing I don't know what, and the power goes out. Yes, very convenient. Now, we don't have water when the power goes out because we have a well, so all I have is the soapy water in the dishpan and a big bowl I was using to rinse veggies. DH and I both need showers; we call my mother at the motel to let her know we are coming over for showers somewhere in between getting everything ready, and going to the other party where we planned to eat lunch (ya gotta take advantage of these opportunities when they're presented, y'know). Oy. Almost 2 hours later, we are almost ready and the stupid power comes back on. Well, that's a good thing, but it's still raining cats and dogs while we load the truck with coolers (count 'em: 5 coolers!) full of ice and drinks and food, my Explorer with food, decorations, TV, dvd player, paper supplies etc., ddbf's van with all the balloons. We send dd and bf to pick up my mother and take her to the first party so she can get some lunch, while DH and I get our showers at home. I have to move the dog's pen (we're talking a big, heavy thing) because she's under the leak and we have to leave her home. We get drenched every time we go outside, and inundated with mosquitoes. I have to go pick up the cake, which fortunately fits in the only available space in my car: the front passenger seat. Then we all show up at this kid's party, with our loaded cars, and partake of the first round of party food, after which we hightail it out of there and go to the bowling alley and unload everything, sending dd and bf on to more parties with strict instructions to show up at 4 pm!

It never stopped raining until well after the party started, but the party was a huge success!! We ordered pizzas from our favorite restaurant, directly across the street from the bowling alley, so we had a steady stream of them, and we had loads of other food. The slideshow was perfect and some people sat and watched it over and over and over (my mother...). I covered a wall with dozens of DD's early pictures and stories, which came out nicely. And people BOWLED!!! We had most of the lanes going the whole time -- from 4 PM to almost 8 PM! Everyone had a great time. We bought some 13 pizzas I think. The guy behind the counter who gave out shoes didn't give us a final count on people who bowled but it was at least 40! Which means that there were probably more people at this party than I invited!! Although there weren't any that I didn't recognize, except for some grandparents that came along with families that I invited. It was huge and fun, and DD beamed the whole time, and bowled with her friends and played pool with ddbf's grandmother and talked to everybody and raked in some awesome loot as well. I'll tell you, it surprised me and DH, but it was great. We were so tired we practically fell over on our feet, but it was worth it.

Oh yeah, and graduation was nice today too...... Miss Valedictorian, who is always so casual and comfortable on stage (on Friday at Class Day, she performed in 4 numbers without a hitch), got up to do her speech and got all choked up! Never in my life have I seen her do that, it was really something else. She had a bit of trouble getting through the first part of her speech, but laughed herself through it until she could talk better and did quite well. Her speech was truly from the heart. Her friend who did the first salutatorian speech did a flawless job, beautifully spoken with not a hitch (she is the type to rehearse until it's perfect and it was), and BF who is always nervous as **** did an absolutely excellent job. The class president then made a hilarious and very lovely speech that had the whole gym laughing. But DD's was the most touching for its sincerity, no question. Can't help but be proud of her. She raked in some more scholarships too, and looked smashing to boot. She's at the overnight Chem-Free party now and it's my turn to be choked up telling you all about it!

Probably ought to get to bed -- I told my mother I'd come over to the motel and go swimming in the morning! Night all!


06-12-2006, 04:45 AM
Whoooo Kiwi! - That sounds SO fun. We need to vote you Supreme Party Organisatrix or something. Isn't it amazing how you think nothing's going to fall into place and then it turns out to be fabulous? AND I swear we're married to the same man. He can't find a thing even if it's right under his nose.

Stuff I remember from high school:

1. I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host of golden daffodils.
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

William Whats-his-name

2. something or other has a large surface area in relation to volume

3. interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase

4. H2O + CO2 = CH2O + O2

That's about it. And I don't know if I have every used any of these nuggets of wisdom ever again. Schools should teach stuff like how to scrape paint.

06-12-2006, 01:19 PM
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH KIWI--- i got all choked up when i read about your dear ,sweet dd getting all choked up!!! what wonderful memories for you all---this has been a great year,hasn't it---with a fabulous finish!!! peach and i still want dvd's of your talented performer ---i want my dd's to hear her too!!! i love the hilarious {in retrospect} start to your day--as you know we have the same weather and the golf tournament the dh was supposedly in got postponed for sure-----the last three weeks have been insane with rain---there are slugs all over the garden,the weeds are three feet high!!-----anyway---so glad everything worked out so well with your divine Valedictorian and congratulations on the scholarships!!---does she have a summer job lined up??? dd has hardly worked at all with this weather {golfcart girl!!}--------hi sugars---glad to hear you have such a grand memory----mine is faded with holes in it!------------nursiecow---my gut is like an apron and it hangs loose like an old arse.

06-12-2006, 02:10 PM
Nursie, let me set you straight re: Bagz. I've seen pictures of her and she is slim. I know, as shameful as that is, she just needs to admit it. Does Birmingham still have a big statue that moons ppl? Vulcan? and the Talladegha Speedway?

Kiwi!!!! What a wonderful ending to DD's illustrious high school career! How did you keep yourself from sobbing out loud when DD was giving her speech? How touching! and your party for her sounded wonderful. I bet it was the hit of the grad party circuit.

The beach was sunny and warm. We ate and slept a lot. We visited our friends - their house is just down the beach and up a steeeep huge flight of stairs. They are only in their early 30's and they have a beach house that's nicer and newer than anything we've ever lived in. Apparently they have more energy and ambition than DD or I have ever had.

I've got to work. really I do.

06-12-2006, 06:12 PM
I am so proud of Kiwidd ... she will represent us well in the world. I say make her an honorary cow. She and Bagz and Wabbo will be the boney maroney cows.

06-12-2006, 07:50 PM
I forgot to tell youz that I figured out how to make a man do domestic chores. Put them in a tin can on wheels. DD cleaned our leetle RV home (complete w/ vacuuming w/ his miniature vacuum cleaner), he made the bed and he cooked me a steak dinner, and he even did the dishes. I sat in the lawn chair and read a book. As I was sitting there, it occurred to me "this is what it's like to be DH." :queen:

06-13-2006, 04:58 AM
As I was sitting there, it occurred to me "this is what it's like to be DH." :queen:

LOL, Wabby!!! Maybe we should all move into motor homes and start living a life of luxury? :D

Did anyone notice that I loosed a few pounds? I'm so tired of being fat. My shorts are squeezing me in unpleasant places.

06-13-2006, 07:55 AM
Any tips for us sugar? I would like to loose those pounds too. Same ones. Woman came through my line buying weird food and told me her doctor told her to go on the blood type diet. I looked at it. I'm type A so I get veggies and snails and game meat. That alone could knock those pounds right off as I wouldn't eat.

Such a headache I have. Yesterday I had to go to work at 6:30 which meant waking at 4:30 and it ruined the day and made me ill.

How'd you loose the weight?

06-13-2006, 08:55 AM
Kiwi: How fabuloso! How wonderful !:dance: You and DH must be so very proud of kiwijr-- and now begin the college years! Yep, you done good raising that one! What is a "chem-free" party? Now I think we should throw you a party or come run a roof raffle for ya! :dz:

All youse cows have such wonderful childruns! :hug:

Wabby: How are the whirlies? Glad you had a nice vacationette! well of course men take care of caves, and a RV is I guess a deluxo mobile cave,eh... That's how I get out a cookin.. just say BBQ and DH becomes Emiril. :s:

Suggie!!!! You svelting minx you! Yes dooooo tell how you are removing fat. I've been thinking about getting back to it -- :chin: usually mulling it over a ring ding or Ho Ho. :sumo: Sigh, I never got to know these wayward cowsies ye speak of...

Bagarina: Same here..rain rain...hail... thunder... tornado... we had one touch down bout 2 miles from here Sunday night.. We have a partially downed 60 foot pine tree in the backyard.. a tree cutter is coming today to take it all the way down as it is poised to fall directly on the back of the house :yikes: I'm not likin this nerth caroliner spring ... all this RAIN and lightning and tornado watches ! And Darby is just a mental case ...I feel like a modern day gunslinger wearing a tool belt complete with salt shaker, and critter killer as I venture out to deal with disgusting slugs and bugs big enough to saddle whilst weeding.

Cowp: are you in Alberto range?? I worry.

Nursie: I'm thinkin I need to develop a love of sweet tea, drop my joisey axsent.. and yeah, maybe leave da uzi home.. :lol:

06-13-2006, 02:02 PM
How'd you loose the weight?

Worry, nervous tension and generalized nausea. Oh, and a teensy bit of exercise and trying not to eat cr*p. :D Actually, I did a few of the ol' affirmations every night ("I now weigh xxxlbs. My body is fit and toned, etc etc etc") and that seemed to kind of help too. Not that I'm fit and toned or anything, but at least I haven't gained any more weight.

Peach - I had a killer headache today too. I feel for you.

We have the sweeeeetest cashier at one of our local supermarkets. She needs to have her own TV show. She is always cracking jokes and making people laugh and she never gets mad when the elderly hold out their wallets and make her count out the change. She would make a good world leader, I think. German cashiers are usually the crankiest creatures on earth. Sometimes if you're not fast enough they snap their fingers and sigh while they're waiting for you to pay.

I'm meeting my nice American friend downtown for lunch tomorrow. Chinese buffet. Will probably gain 5 lbs in one day.

Cherry Cow
06-13-2006, 03:37 PM
Yay Sugar for loosing pounds! I need to loose pounds too! Oh, well, at least I'm exercising.

06-13-2006, 05:46 PM
what the **** is WOGGING??? can i do it???- --i can only run for about a minute!!!--:lol: I'm with you. Running sounds good, but after a minute, I generally change my mind. So I could jog for 1 minute, walk for 20 minutes and go home, right?

btb, that was Dusty Jane, not Rose. heh heh.. Maybe she'll really find us now.

Wabby, I had also forgotten about the MS. Hope things are subsiding. I have only chronic things, nothing dramatic. Allergies, migraines. Right now I seem to have leprosy of the arms -- I am covered by mosquito bites. It's so damp here that they are really horrible, and I look like a freak. Along with the armloads of bites, I have bruises on my arms, from attempting to hold onto the dog leash in inopportune circumstances (many's the time I've had her try to take off on me and I've slammed my arm into something).

Welcome, telemetrynurse, what is telemetrynursing anyway? If you can stand us, more power to you, eh ladies?

My mother is making sighing and groaning noises because I'm on the internet. You will perhaps have noticed that I have not spent much time on the internet since she arrived. She is a very high maintenance mommy.

I thought you had given me the secret to killing antsssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.. why why oh why didn't you???There is no secret to killing ants. They don't die unless you squoosh them. That's what I do. Jet likes to stare at them and sometimes eat them. I've stopped worrying about them. I sure can't use real poison; Jet eats everything not nailed down. She ate half a sock last week and yesterday she ate a balloon. Can't wait to see those again...

I also have live mice, nurselady. And bats. Wow, I used to drive for Meals on Wheels now and then, but they didn't real need me, they had plenty of volunteers. We have a ton of retirees around here who are always looking for things to do.

DD is still looking for a job. She has 2 kids lined up for guitar lessons, that should net her about $15 dollars a week... :shrug: Of course if she had more like 8 or 10 students it might be worth her time. But she enjoys teaching in any case. I'm hoping the radio station has some voiceover work for her or something.

I'd better wind this up before the mother comes looking for me again... Thanks for all the kudos, I am very proud of the little skinnykiwi.

Later ladies.

06-14-2006, 07:34 AM
I am so happy about the idea of a cashier becoming a world leader! Movie of the Week!!

So Kiwi ... hmmm ... you've got this jar of peanut butter on the third shelf over the stove and a highway of ants coming and going up the wall and .. you squash?? You squash and squash and squash? Really?

I am going away today to take DS to honors orientation at the university. We will be gone til Friday night. I told him to BE SURE he found the printed material they sent about it. He assured me he did. Naturally, I see printed material all laid out about something entirely different.

I'm thinking about leaving a lot of cat food and pans in the tubs with water dripping in. The big problem about leaving the cats is water evaporates so quickly in the summer. Will they be ok? It's about 58 hours maybe.

06-14-2006, 12:39 PM
What is a "chem-free" party?This is the program they push these days in the high schools to organize parties for after prom and after graduation to keep the kids from drinking and doing drugs. They have had one after graduation for several years I guess -- they have them come to the bowling alley (I'm sure the kids were really good bowlers from all the practice they had at our party the day before... :smug: ) and they stay all night, and they give out prizes and feed 'em good and let 'em bowl and play pool and arcade games and lots of other stuff. Then in the morning they go out to breakfast and go home. The rafting trip after the prom was part of the chem-free party -- they had to show up at the party after prom and stay all night to get to go rafting. The key to the whole thing is that they can't leave the party and come back, so nobody can go get drunk and return. The kids had a good time. DD won a stereo -- there were also dorm refrigerators and camcorders and other good stuff. Cool, huh?

NC does have its share of thunderboomers, but I don't remember extremely wet springtimes -- maybe it's just this year, because we are practically flooded here this year too. What I mostly remember about rainstorms in Charlotte was in the summer. Every afternoon like clockwork we'd get a thunderstorm. "Everybody out of the pool!" Half an hour or so later, it would all stop and we'd get back in. :D When I got older and was working or driving somewhere, a lot of the time the traffic lights would crap out during one of these. Wow, did I hate that. All that traffic and no stop lights. ~shudder~

So Kiwi ... hmmm ... you've got this jar of peanut butter on the third shelf over the stove and a highway of ants coming and going up the wall and .. you squash?? You squash and squash and squash? Really?
No, silly Peachie, close the peanut butter jar!!

As a matter of fact, yes. I have put out several different kinds of traps and they do either no good at all or very little good. So yeah, squashing it is. :shrug:

I think your kitties will be fine. Have fun!

I'm going to take my mom for a long drive :s: Don't worry, it will be fun.


06-14-2006, 01:08 PM
we have left the cats for a weekend and just put out LOTS of food and water {and litter!!}----just put out extra water if you think it will evaporate----lots and lots----make an island in the tub that they can sunbathe on and fill the moat with water!!!----kiwonk---they have an alcohol and drug free party here,but they still manage to have a big drunk fest at another time!!!

06-14-2006, 02:16 PM
We have a chem free grad party here too, so they just postpone the big drunken brawl until the next night.

You know everyone thinks Oregon is so rainy, but from late June until the end of September we can go a month or 2 without any rain whatsoever. My water bill is horrible, then the clouds move in around November and we don't see the sun for months. We very seldom get lightning.

The only ant problem I've had is w/ those huge black carpenter ants. DH sprayed with toxic waste around the perimeter of the house and we haven't had any more problems.

Peach, go to the pet store and buy one of those automatic pet waterers that holds a jug of water upside down and fills the bowl automatically. They're pretty cheap. We had one for my weiner dog when she had diabetes and drank gallons of water every day. Poor doggie.

06-15-2006, 04:41 PM
MMMmmm toxic waste. :hungry:

I have nothing to say.


06-15-2006, 06:33 PM
Is there a place one can go to purchase toxic waste? How intriguing.

Tomorrow is our 16th wedding anniversary - can you believe it? I can't.

It's been hotter than Hades all week but thunderstorms are coming soon to cool us off. My house is a mess and the garden is full of weeds.

06-16-2006, 01:13 AM
Happy Anniversary, Sugar Plum! Wow, 16 years. We are coming up on 20. My mother mentioned it the other day, that we are coming up on 20 and my sister & BiL are coming up on 10 years. Somebody said, "what are you going to do to celebrate?" DH and I looked at each other and I said "Pity party?" and he said "Good idea" :lol:

Had a lovely dinner out tonight, sponsored by my mom. We took Dd and bf along. Then we went for a drive up where I took my mother yesterday -- we saw several moose in the water then so we thought we'd see if there were any tonight. Sure enough, there were several, pretty far from the road, but one big bull moose with an impressive rack was right near the road munching on water plants. Kept looking at us. Made my mom's day. I'm tard.


06-16-2006, 01:26 PM
I took yesterday off to do all the stuff that stay at home wives get to do every day. I paid my household bills, I did a couple loads of laundry, I went shopping for 2 wedding gifts, 1 graduation gift, 4 Father's day cards, 2 Father's day presents, went and took my geezer eye test so I could renew my driver's license that has beed expired since my birthday in April, bought a few groceries. geez. It's hard work to be a domestic goddess. Then DH said "I thought you were going to clean the house". Yes, he still has his head..... lucky for him.

Toxic waste is the stuff at the exterminator's that you have to ask for.... they keep it behind the counter. We also have to take our neighbor, Bob with us b/c he has an applicator's license b/c he has a small vineyard that he has to spray all the time w/ nasty chemicals. Bob buys our ant killer for us.

I was driving home yesterday when my sis in law called. She was stuck in traffic in 110 degree heat on the Phoenix freeway. I was stopped on a country road waiting for 2 deer to sloooowly move out of the way on a perfect 72 degree sunny day. I have a good life.

16 and 20 years of matrimonial bliss.... it will be 28 years for us this fall..... and me, so young and lovely still. I'm sure glad I still like him.

I picture your town like the one on Northern Exposure, Kiwi, complete w/ moose.

06-16-2006, 01:28 PM
I forgot to tell you how devastating it was to get a new picture for my driver's license and to tell them my revised weight. Turning 50 is bad enough, but why do they have to humiliate me w/ this little routine? Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh.--- and excuse me, Peach, but this was not a pleasant experience. I wouldn't mind the turning 50 if I was in good shape, but I'm not. Pictures don't lie. damn it.

06-18-2006, 01:32 PM
Toxic waste is the stuff at the exterminator's that you have to ask for.... they keep it behind the counter. I never even thought of exterminators as having a counter. Not having dealt with any since I was a kid in NC -- I always thought you just called them up and they came to your house. :dunno:
I picture your town like the one on Northern Exposure, Kiwi, complete w/ moose.Not far off. The town is a lot bigger, but not much more going on... Saw another moose by the side of the interstate while I was driving my mom to the airport.

I'm with you -- 72 degrees and a country road beats 110 and traffic any day.

I'm changing my ticker. A pound is a pound. Apparently I sweated it out while watching 3 dance recital performances (that's about 10 hours of dance) in the stuffy sweaty auditorium. Whatever works, eh?

I am ditching my in-laws today. I woke up with a migraine and figured that was a good enough excuse to be unsociable. It's father's day and I sent a card home with my mom to give my step-dad and I'm calling it good. DD can do the father honors today for DH, she's old enough for heaven's sake.

I don't believe I've told the truth on a driver's license for 20 years. I shave off as much as I think I can get away with. :lol: The only people who get to know how much I weigh are you guys and the doctor's scale (which is obviously set too high...)


06-18-2006, 03:10 PM
I wonder if the police really care what you weigh when they're issuing a speeding ticket? :D

Must go call my dad.

Whooo on the pound, Kiwi! 9 lbs sounds good but 10 sounds fabulous!

06-19-2006, 12:34 AM
I am still not dead.
I am still fat.
Are any of you chalking up weight-loss successes? If so, how and how do you stick with it. I can be "on a diet" for about 15 minutes... usuallyjust AFTER I've eaten.

06-19-2006, 01:16 PM
Miz Painty, I can't speak for the whole herd, but I've not been behaving myself diet wise. It's summer time and I don't want to bare this blubber. I'm seriously thinking of going to the fake and bake b/c I figure tan blubber always looks thinner than white blubber. Either way it ain't pretty.

We went to a wedding on Saturday. The couple was young and sweet. They made up part of their vows. Very touching. Sunday we drove all the way to Seattle to look at a car DH is thinking of buying. A '57 Chev. Don't all men want a '57 Chev? He made an offer. We don't really need it, but he said he'd sell the Harley to buy it so I'm happy. He's had 3 friends wipe out on their Harleys in the last 2 months, so he's getting smart and selling the d*mn thing. I actually forgot to call my Dad on Father's Day. We were soooo tired when we got home yesterday my brain wasn't working. We're doing a belated Father's Day bbq tonight for DH, DS and Gmpa Jim.

My DIL has lost all the baby weight and looks fabulous. 60 lbs in 4 months. Is that possible???? I think you have to be young and nursing a baby and veeerrrrry motivated.

I wonder if he would have called me on it if I would have told the DMV clerk that I weighed 120? I think it's rude enough that they put me through the vision test because I turned 50.

06-19-2006, 01:47 PM
I never go on a diet anymore. I think it's dangerous. I've been on enough of them to know that the chances are about 100% for me that I will gain back all the weight and then some. I've been very tempted by the South Beach Diet; it's the only one where I've personally seen good results from people I know. But if it feels like a diet -- i.e. more work than regular food preparation, regular periods of hunger -- it's not going to fly for me.

The only way I ever lose any weight these days is by small changes, skipping a snack, going to bed a little earlier, getting some extra exercise. It's not a plan, it's more like an accident.

We have some video compiled, and dh is experimenting with a faster method of transferring it to dvd. Does everyone who wanted to see video of dd have a dvd player? If you have a dvd player on your computer that will work too. (It says "DVD" on the drive door probably, instead of Compact Disc) Otherwise I can make VHS tapes.

Here's what I need to do today. This is why we need Lushie here, so she can remind us that we should have lists of things to do...
Write thank you notes (not for DD, for people who helped me with the grad party)
Clean up the junk next to the bathroom sink
Wash the car
Trim the weeds around the house
Take the dog for a walk -- or a swim!
Return defective piano tuning manual
Order itty bitty part for Rosie the Robot

DD went to the grocery store to check on her employment app, and I gave her the grocery list. So that's one more thing I will accomplish today :cp: Delegation is a wonderful thing. And DH is working on the sailboat (it's still in the yard, in the middle of June :kickbutt: ), so I may actually get something done today.

Keep cool, chickies!


06-19-2006, 02:02 PM
Here's a depressing bit of news: My adorable nephew and his very gorgeous wife who got married in Charleston a little over a year ago, are breaking up already. Her decision apparently. Sux, eh?

DH says his experiment with the dvd didn't work and he's back to square one. Clearly what we really need is to spend big bucks on some new hardware for the computer...


06-19-2006, 04:59 PM
Yes, Kiwi, I have a DVD player and yes, I would like a DVD of the talented Miss Kiwiette.

06-19-2006, 05:13 PM
Kiwi-- What a shame that nephew's marriage didn't "stick" The priest at my former church says that's why he prefers officiating at funerals compared to weddings: you know how they turn out. I hope your nephew finds someone to listen to him and help him figure how what went wrong... so that he can avoid it or avoid doing it in the future.

Wabbs-- DH had a Miata for a while... Had a 58 (?) or so Mustang and VW that kind of used up his "classic old car" juices. We are happy with cars that run and have AC these days.

Obviously I survived the cardio test. :tread: :woops:Nothing toooooo abnormal. Have a referral to a pulmonary specialist. You'd think with my ginormous boobs there wouldn't be a problem with breathing...... Ah, the irony. :rofl:

06-20-2006, 01:29 AM
Sadly, I have only completed 2 of my assigned tasks. But at least that's something. I did a bangup job on the bathroom. I now actually have a little vase of flowers beside the sink. DD got piles of flowers at the final dance performance, so they are distributed around in vases.

DD got the car a shower at the bf's house, so that counts a little.

1. Write thank you notes (not for DD, for people who helped me with the grad party)
2. Clean up the junk next to the bathroom sink
3. Wash the car -- well sort of
4. Trim the weeds around the house
5. Take the dog for a walk -- or a swim!
6. Return defective piano tuning manual
7. Order itty bitty part for Rosie the Robot

Isn't that interesting? Have any of you heard Tom Lehrer's rendition of the The Elements? One of my favorites. The line "Isn't that interesting?" always cracks me up.

I'm glad you're not too abnormal, Painty. Good luck with the pulmonary festivities :woo: .


06-20-2006, 07:27 AM
I am just stopping by to say I have to go. Everything for school is due today and I'm behind. Work from 6:45 to 3:30 then school at 5:30 and must eat something maybe not out of a vending machine.

Kiwi, I closed the peanut butter but the ants opened it again.

I suggested to DS that he not go away to university but he is quite insistent. Isn't this insulting?

I agree that good news about Painty is good news indeed. Also, when I left you we had a nurse. Where is she? Ok, must go.

06-20-2006, 12:56 PM
I have a headache and yet, I still have time to post. I do and do for you ppl. Where are you?

06-20-2006, 01:29 PM
Kiwi, I closed the peanut butter but the ants opened it again.Them's some serious ants. Buy them some chocolate to go with their peanut butter, before they take drastic action.
I have a headache and yet, I still have time to post. I do and do for you ppl. Where are you?You are a saint. I just got up and here I am! Should I stop sleeping until noon?

Frankly I'm too p-o'ed at DH to stop sleeping late. After doing nothing at all the past 2 months toward getting the boat ready for the water, he expects me and dd to bail him out in the next 4 days to get it all done. Yesterday DDbf came over and helped out. Then they spent 45 minutes "cleaning up" down at the lake. Ahem. Perhaps I should send the dog down there with them...

Kiwi, contemplating mutiny.

06-21-2006, 12:52 AM
Wabby if you really really cared, you'd be up now and posting. I am doing this homework @*(@ and I don't know how apparently as she told me to beef it up. It's due in .. ummmm ... 8 minutes and I don't know how to beef. I know how to minimalize. Except my butt.

DDbf sounds wonderful. Maybe he'll be a good influence on dh.

06-21-2006, 07:03 AM
Kiwi, I closed the peanut butter but the ants opened it again.

Ants have opposable thumbs! Run for the hills! :eek: :eek:

Hope you got all yer assignments done, Peachy! When will this martyrdom (is that how you spell that?) be officially over?

Wabs - I had a killer headache yesterday too. :stars: Dh even offered to clean up the kitchen for me last night (and will never let me forget it) so I didn't have to get up off the sofa. Hope you're feeling better now. :hug:

Kiwi - "cleaning up" eh? ;) If my boys ever get girlfriends (and I have the feeling that the little on is going to steal them all away from the big one) I am just going to squeeze my eyes shut very tightly and try NOT to think about it.

Painty! So glad you checked in and are doing OK. Yes, it looks like some of us are actually loosing a little weight. I haven't been feeling myself lately and have been eating WAY less than usual. I'm sure it won't last forever though. Hang in there!

I did 30 mins of Pilates this morning and now I feel like I am about to become violently ill, which just proves my theory that exercise cannot be part of a healthy lifestyle. I have taken a travel sickness pill just in case.

Just a few minutes ago a nice, shiny young man came our door offering me one of those Delicious but Outrageously Expensive Frozen Food catalogues, but I turned him away. He was crushed.

Only one month until we go on holidays!!!! None of my shorts fit!!! I don't have a decent bathing suit!! Somebody save me!

06-21-2006, 12:02 PM
I think you've hit on the Cowsies Summer Weight Loss Plan.
It's too hot to eat
A little exercise makes you sick
Voila! Pounds slide right off! (or for loosers: Viola!)

I'm going to work on that.

I have to go "help". I think I just volunteered to vacuum all the boat berth cushions. Well, I have to sleep on them too.


06-21-2006, 02:08 PM
hey ladies and cows. it's Berrypie aka Frappe. Still in NC, still need to lose 20 lbs., still whining about my life. How are all of you? Any major life changes? and I don't need to hear about change of life.....

06-21-2006, 05:54 PM
Frapppieeeeeee! Wheeee! How ARE you??? Have you met Schatzi yet?

06-21-2006, 07:04 PM

06-22-2006, 12:06 AM
Frappy.... that's all you can say??? Talk. I was thinking about you and your body cleansing juice diet thing. I always liked that idea. Are you making tv shows in NC? I am so confused.

06-22-2006, 12:45 PM
Hi Frappe!!! It's so nice that you're back! tell us all about what's new. My biggest news is that I have a beautiful little Granddaughter. We want the long version of what's been going on with you.

06-22-2006, 12:46 PM
No, I haven't met Schatzi. Where is NC are you?
Peaches, what are you doing now? Going to school?
Wabs, unfair to be sick. I'm sorry.
Bagz, how is life in Canadia?
Lush? Where is she?
Cherry, Kiwi, SugarP hello!!!!
Hi Nursie who I also haven't met.
Am I forgetting anyone?
Life here goes on...a constant stream of dramas and crises. Took me a year to recover from orbital cellulitis (I think that was the last time I posted.) Truly a drag.
Got a great job as a VP for a new production company in LA that allowed me to live in NC and travel. Unfortunately, turned out CEO was a scam artist.
DD's are both living in LA now, Sasha is an agent trainee at a talent agency (and now 24!!!) an d Gaby is back acting (now 21). They share an apt and are constantly fighting and calling me to complain about each other.
I've spent an enormous amount of the last year and half in LA 'cause my dad was sick and my mom is nuts. Dad died in Feb, mom still nuts.
Marriage unstable as always. DS has been a handful....hates living in NC, waaaay too cool for the state and got himself into lots and lots of trouble. He seems to be straightening out now, will be a senior in high school next year and goes to a program in a jr college...takes a combo of high school and bizarre college classes and seems happier. He's obsessed with the beat generation and when he graduates wants to buy a long term grayhound bus ticket, travel the us and write. Don't ask me.
Out of sheer boredom and desperation, I took a job in retail....for the first time. Actually sort of like it and have plans to take over the company within the next few years because I'm too old to stand on my feet all day!
I think that about sums it up.
I expect short sketches of everyone's lives!
missed you.

06-22-2006, 12:50 PM
Oh, yeah. Who is Painty? Do I know you from another life, another alias?

06-22-2006, 01:58 PM
Nice to see you again! Sounds as though life is eventful as usual for you and your family. Things don't seem any different to me up here in Bugland, Maine, although I guess there have been many changes at that. DD has just graduated from H.S. with flying colors, has an adorable boyfriend, and plans to go to Tufts U in the fall. DH is unemployed, going on 12 months and we're living on savings. The upside of this is that DD qualified for huge amounts of financial aid. The downside is, well, everything else. Out of pure stubbornness I am refusing to think about getting a job until September. I've also acquired a new dog, who is almost a year old now, is huge and yet still very puppyish. She is getting so strong she sometimes pulls me off my feet. Much more training is needed. And I still spend inordinate amounts of time on the computer when I should be doing something else.

Like right now, when I am supposed to be putting in my time cleaning the inside of the boat. Yesterday about killed me, but it's hard to complain when DH, DD, and DDbf also worked their arses off.

Did I tell you that my mother, after eating my cooking for a week, called me a good cook? Note jaunty feather in my cap.


06-22-2006, 11:15 PM
Frappie .. are you kidding? Short sketch of my life ... I live with 2 cats and 1 teenager by myself and go to work in a supermarket (I can discuss standing on feet) and to school. That is it and that's probably showing some sort of denial about how really dull I am.

Lush abandoned us. Really. We replaced her with Shotsy who is also from NJ like Lush and from NC like Kiwi. Shots is very cute. I think Painty was here when you were. She does art stuff and is a therapist.

Oh ... I also knit.

06-23-2006, 01:06 PM
Frappe, I'm not really sick-just a case of the whirlies the other day, but other than that I'm fine. I'm still fat. I'm still whining about being bored with work. DH and I are empty nesters now. We like it. DD is bartending and moved 20 minutes away to apartment. She has a very nice bf that we approve of. DS works for us, got married, bought house, had baby. Not necessarily in that order. Life is good.

06-24-2006, 01:03 PM
Hi everyone! I have nothing to say, but I'm here boring you anyway! DH went with the sailboat down to the coast this morning, so I am finished with the horrible dreaded boat cleaning chores, and can do whatever I please this weekend :carrot:

:chin: Hmm, what should I do this weekend?

Hope you are all out enjoying wonderful weather, or at least relaxing with a good book. Or sumpin.


06-24-2006, 03:01 PM
Kiwe, you should rent "Undertaking Betty." I rented it the other night and laughed a bunch. Christopher Walken is in it playing a funeral director who tries to adds the personal touch ... like making a Star Trek fan (old lady) look like Spock.

I finished another class. One more to go. I have no boat.

Pizza Hut is having a special where you buy a large pizza and get a medium chicken ranch something for cheap. The chicken ranch one is sooooo bad that I can not describe it in words that go with food. I wanted to throw it out the window (was tasting) on the way home.

Frappe is gone for another 5 years isn't she? And so where is Shots?

06-24-2006, 04:37 PM
Sugar will especially enjoy this. The patience and tolerance of the Hannover police is exceeded only by the incompetence of the American tourist.

Peachie, that sounds like a hysterical movie. I will keep an eye out for it. Have you seen every movie with Betty in the title? Such as Nurse Betty? Or perhaps Betty Boop's Bamboo Isle, Alias Betty, Atomic Betty, The Betty Ford Story, The Betty White Show, Betty Co-ed, Where's Bingo Betty?, Betty in Search of a Thrill, Betty and the Buccaneers, Two-Gun Betty, Indiscretions of Betty, or the very best one: Lose Those Shoes Sweet Betty Lane. :lol:

That sounds like a good deal to me, buy a pizza, get a chicken ranch free. You could sell the ranch to the Perdues and keep the proceeds.

I think Schatzi is afeared we're going to send Frappe to visit her.


06-25-2006, 02:35 AM
I like the hannover cops but I am especially tired of tourists. many of them have peculiar attitudes and ideas. I graciously checked this woman's eggs and told her one was broken but we'd get her a new dozen. "No," she said, "I want those. Give me a discount."

I want Shotsy to come back.

All those Betty movies sound pornographic. Have you seen them?

I am going to live on the chicken ranch.

Did I mention I finished a class today. One more to go. Only one.

06-25-2006, 09:05 AM
I am here and guess what???? I'm still fat :dz: everytime I come visit the cowsies, I get sidetracked! I can't beleive it's been awhile since I posted!
Kiwi: :cp: on loosing the poundage! Mooses????or is it MoosI? ManyMooses in Maine eh... they scare me...So DD decided on yer alma mater? and yeah for $$aid...

Cowp: only one more course till you gradgeate??? I love Christopher Walken..will have to look for that movie...sounds right up my alley...

Sug: I agree! Thankfully they only take a head shot fer the why do they need our weight??? I wish to put down that I weigh 300 pounds, and have them congratulate me on my miraculous loss..

Berrypie/Frappe...I like Frappes ... I'm a joisy transplant to the RTP area - a year in July... Its hot and humid here and toooo much effin rain And I cant get pork roll, hard rolls or a decent bagel :snooty:

LOOK!!!! It's RAINING AGAIN!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr...bloody swamp is what this town is....

06-25-2006, 04:39 PM
Hi kids. Lordie it's hot here. Too hot to do anymore than I've already done -- I vacuumed, and folded laundry. Went out partying last night. yeeha.

dd and bf are out canoeing. I'm on the computer.


(too hot and tired to do capital letters)

06-25-2006, 04:48 PM
I think I will join that 21-day challenge next door. Except I'm going to do mine right here. Because I'm a homebody. heh heh. I really only think I can alter one habit at a time, so this is the one I'm going to work on: (Don't laugh) No food after 11 PM. Yeah, I know, but honestly that will be a good change for me. If I can do that for 21 days I can go on to something a little more challenging.

So, today is Day 1.

Later, cowies.


06-25-2006, 09:02 PM
yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss----i just realized that cowpernsie has joined up NEXT door---i see that kiwonkers is staying HERE at the house.{hmmmmmmmmm,i don't know if i can tolerate this====let me think} welcome back Shatz----------except for the fact that it is COLD here,we have non-stop rain as well----EVERYwhere in the damn continent was sunny and warm today--but NOOOOOOOOOOO----the effin fog rolls in and here we sit,fresh and chilly in nature's own air-conditioned city. I have jeans,socks,shoes,a longsleeve teeshirt and corduroy shirt on and the duvet is still on the bed.crap.

06-25-2006, 09:29 PM
I'll trade with you. You can sweat and I'll go sit in the fog. We have indoor mosquitoes too. Do you want them?

I have not seen any of those Betty films, except for Nurse B. That one was kind of funny, but not especially memorable.

I'm very excited that you are almost done with your classes, Cowp. What do you get when you're finished? A teaching certificate?

ddbf has been over here all day. Currently snuggling on the couch. The dog nearly attacked them a little while ago; apparently she has a problem with their proximity (to each other). That's all I needed. I think she believes she owns DD and that bf is her boyfriend. And I thought it was the kids that needed a chaperone...

Did I tell you we're going sailing next weekend for several days. Finally. Taking a couple of friends; ddbf will meet us Sunday night. Planning to see the fireworks on the 4th from Bar Harbor (from the boat). I hope the weather is good; it could get mighty crowded in that cabin if it rains the whole time.

Later gators.


06-26-2006, 10:26 AM
...I'm hungry!

More evidence that exercise will kill ya: Last week I did Leslie on Monday and Thursday and Pilates on Tuesday. Friday finds me sittin' at the computer as usual when this HUGE pain shoots through my back and I almost pass out. Lying down for an hour doesn't help and it's still bugging me today but not nearly as bad. Gets better when I move around, worse when I lie or sit for a long time. Left side at about shoulder blade level.

Whining over. We shall overcome. Or something.

It's hot and humid here. Blistering sun here, a thunder shower there.

You may have heard that Germany won their soccer game on Saturday night against the Swedes. Wheee! I have to root for someone since they're never going to let Canada get anywhere near the Word Cup.

Frappeee - I am so glad you got over that nasty condition and are alive and well. My life in a nutshell: nothing has happened since the last time you checke in. Zzzzzz!

06-26-2006, 10:31 AM
And yes, I enjoyed the story about the Hannover police very much. :D Silly tourists. I'm sure it's not the first time it's happened. I heard another story about football fans who parked their car somewhere in Cologne and couldn't remember the street name and then when they were sober again they suddenly remembered that it was "Einbahnstrasse" and ran over to a policeman to ask for help. Only trouble is that "Einbahnstrasse" means "one way street". Heh. :o

Peachy - Good luck with the last class. Soon you will be educatin' young impressionable minds.

06-26-2006, 10:54 AM
what is a pork roll? I see people buy things called pork rolls but they're in little squareish frozen boxes. Not rolls at all. I do know what a one way street is though. Tourists are funny the world over. They are so excited and tired that they cause a lot of automobile accidents.

I must go weigh myself for the 21 day Peach-a-thon.

06-26-2006, 02:51 PM
Back on track....checking in with y'all. Been consumed by work and family dramas. Shots....I thought yesterday's torrential rain was great....better than the hot, humid, muggy buggy usual summer day here! I'm in Durummm.

Went to the gym this morning....did weights...lost another lb. Yeah me!

My house is such a disaster and I am refusing to clean it. DS lies around watching tv, jamming with his friends and generally being a slug all day. DH goes to Panera all morning (to "work"), goes to the gym and then naps all afternoon. I, martyr that I am, am working about 30 hours a week and on my feet for every second of it. Somebody else can vacuum for a change.

I need to get back to my pity party before everyone else eats all the chips and dip.

06-26-2006, 02:55 PM
Oh, Shots....I miss real bagels, real deli, Trader Joes, edible Asian food, a BAKERY with real baked goods.....Jewish, preferably....real rye bread, food that isn't fried, sweetened or lard-laden, a decent Nordstroms....I could go on and on.

06-26-2006, 03:20 PM
You will be so impressed with me. I was actually successful for one day. Wowee! Go ahead, roll your eyes. If I'm not pigging out at 1:30 in the morning, that is a good thing.

DD got a mailing about her college orientation program today. I am misty-eyed. She can't really be going away in 2 months, can she? She is still looking for a summer job. She's been knocking on doors and making phone calls for a month and a half now and I'm beginning to think she should just give up. Very few places around here want someone for the summer and the ones who will take someone for the summer are able to employ kids who have been working there during previous school years. The drawback of being so totally involved in academics and music etc. --taking on a job was impossible. Thinking back on the school year, I know something would have suffered if she had tried to work a part-time job too, and all those essays and applications weren't going to write themselves. Considering she "earned" thousands of dollars applying for scholarships, I'm not complaining. But she is getting very frustrated.

Later cowiegators

06-26-2006, 03:23 PM
YO HO HO N A BOTTLE OF RUM ! AVAST YE LANDLUBBERS!!!!!! Capt'n Shatzi reportin' in from her garbage scow! News FLASH!!! IT's RAINING!!!!! and shiver me timbers! Lightnin and a thunder (or "Tunders" as my landlordess likes ta say) abound!!!!

Frappezoid,Ah Durum, the lands of Semolina wheat and pastas! I ain't far from ya darlin... not atall... I do believe I was sold up the river with this transplanting to "nirvana" called nerth caroliner... I ain't takin a cotton to it,,, :no: :no: RYE BREAD!!! I'd give me eyepatch fer a loaf:D

Peachers:: I wish to do this peachathon... I shall give up peachers? noooo, :no: I shall forgo it saves Bagarooo from sending chickenbones my way.... Oh observant cashieress, yes, indeed, porkroll, precut in round slabs does come in a square box..BUT!!! There are SLABS with burlap on them in a roll that hmmm just sinfully delish!(on a hard roll, with cheese if it do ya, thankya!) I may be going back to school tooo...on line since I am a lazy a$$... Villanova offers a Project Management program that I'm mmmmildly looking into...

Sugeeee: are ya gittin exxxcited fer yer vancover trip??? :s: I lurk yer blog duncha know....

I wanna go with Kiwi on her skip!!! I'm qualified with all this rain duncha know and I havent been to Bah Haaabah in yeahs!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I am B.O.R.E.D out of my G.O.U.R.D I shall regale you all with another story of an incident in my days of yore: (i'm lazy I did a cut n paste from another forum...)

Once Upon a Time in the Days of Yore,
DH useta work for the company that makes NAIR (who wears Short shorts? I wear short shorts .hmm ha hmm hmm doowah) :jig: Sos anyway...
DH brought home a few bottles fer me to try...
and It's Schatzi's BeeeUTeeeeeee Nite (Sunday' fer yer infermaSheOn)

I slather it on... (dooo deee dooo: legs done,:check: arm pits: done : check: A splichfer me unibrow) :write:
I Read the DIE- RECTSheons...hmmmm (legs 20 mins: Pits 10 min)
I have ADD.!.. (I think)...I can't be STILL!!! . m.u.s.t ... u.s.e. .... t. i m.e

I decide to paint my toenails... I bend, ... saggy baggy flabflaps a dippin and caressed and couched on me lower thigh knee...

Schatzi Showers..

Nipples a FIRE !!!!! :flame: Pain !Pain !Noooo!!!!! Armpits are Fried toooooo!!!!IIIEEEE!!!! :faint:
Schatzi resorts to unneeded stuffing of haggy saggy brazeeere fer 3 days and walks like hulk - with no eyebrows..( She thanks the gawds she did not attempt a Twiffie waxing..)
so now I use just a plain ole daisey or bic shaver...
so, now, my question is, does anyone use a depilatory.. (no Schatzi is not imbibing on above mentioned Rum or any other al-cooo-halll...just sooooo bored with myself)........................................... .....................................

06-26-2006, 04:00 PM
In case anyone has missed it, the 3fcs are moving all the Club Forums to a different location -- under Support Groups. It will happen this weekend.
Just a heads up. Don't think it will change anything, but we don't want anyone to get lost around here, eh?

Hi Schatzi. What is it, Pirate Day? Ye seem all avast, m'dear. Your story was most entertaining... I have used the facial depiliators (or whatever). I don't like them. The results are just as if you shaved -- in a couple of days you get stubble. I do not need stubble on my face, I'm having enough trouble with my identity these days.... So I either tweeze or wax. And for legs/pits, I'd just as soon shave. Less mess.


06-26-2006, 04:40 PM
Sigh, no darlin kiwi, it's Adult Swim here ... and I have adopted the personna of Blackbeard to keep me from throwing myself face down in a mud puddle round these parts.... speaking of beards...facial hair... I have had the Eyetalian stash fer years, and :chin: unfortunately have begun sprouting beneath me chinny chin chin................................sigh

06-26-2006, 05:26 PM
what is a pork roll?I'm pretty sure it's what I have around my waistline.

It is blasted hot here today. Supposed to get to 102 degrees. Bleeeh.

Schatzi, I'm not brave enough for waxing, nair, etc. makes me break out in a rash, so razors and tweezers are my best friends. I spend as much time getting rid of hair every day as I do putting on makeup.

I vote for Kiwiette taking it easy for 2 months. Her life will get hectic soon enough.

This heat makes me a dull girl.... anyway, that's my excuse.

06-26-2006, 05:47 PM
i agree with Wabbs---Let the doll take a breather !!! she can enjoy her summer with Mamma!!! and BF of course----i need some good karma and healing thoughts sent to Nova Scotia for my friend . She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago,had chemo,was on tamoxifen,but the evil cancer has returned to attack near her liver.[not sure if it's IN or around the liver] They are blasting the poor girl with extreme chemo treatments to alleviate pain and with hopes of shrinking the cancer.I don't know alot about it,and everything i read is sooo scary i hate to believe it.This girl is soooooooo sweet---loves being a stay at home mother {after a very successful career as a journalist}--her two boys are adorable {8 and 9} she is only 47 and her husband is one of my best friends from highschool. I know you guys---you will all send out your best. -----MY dh had two 'suspicious' moles removed two weeks ago and they called him to come back TODAY so i have been freaking out all day--he just called and said they were not precancerous,BUT they were the type to become cancerous---he is NOT to get a sunburn and is to have yearly mole checks {he has already had three sunburns this year--two in Denver!!---he even gets them when wearing sunscreen!} i have other terrible health stories going on around here with friends,but these two things are weighing me down lately. {another best friend had a very serious brush with death ---BUT I THINK SHE COMES HERE SOMETIMES SO I WILL NOT DIVULGE INFO!!!-- she is doing well now,so the big scare is over}blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh====thanks for letting me vent---------------xoxoxoxoxo

06-26-2006, 10:03 PM
AACK! Kiwi I see by our time stamps we were in a "Zen" moment...:rolleyes:okay--alrighty, ... maybe not ...
but, I agree with Wabby the Wise, :wizard: and the Baggy Hagasaurus the Haggard ( no offense thar Baggie... just makin it up as I go along:D ).
Enjoy each other this summer..You,DH and DD, Dbf and family just relish each others 'company and the memories to make and keep for a life time! :hug:

06-27-2006, 09:34 AM
Ohhh, Bagzie. Your friends must be so sweet for you to be their friend. I want them all better.

Wabbo made me laugh. Now I know that pork rolls are found near Canada. Hmmm. That's all of you.

I don't know about Kiwiette. Couldn't she get a job with a road crew? Tarring roofs?

Remember that Joisey woman I told you about? Old. Grey. Attitude. Young guy comes through her line last night and she turns to the cashier behind her and says, "Now THIS is a yum-yum." The guy is confused and wonders what's going on. The other cashier chimes in, "She thinks you're hot." Are all Joisey women this forward? Hm Shots?

06-27-2006, 11:27 AM
Bagz, I'm so sorry to hear about your friends... and send healing vibes.. :angel: I hope the treatment cures them... :hug: Glad DH moles came back ok.... just think when we were kids we use to baste in the it's slather on the SPF2000, sunglasses, hats getting ready to go into battle! Sheesh!

Peachie: Dunno bout all Joisey broads.. but I would take offense, and if I was her mgr and heard that she woulda been written up! That's just Not right...
I had a boss who wanted to hire a guy who didn't have one skill we needed, simply because she "needed her eye candy"... I was flabbergasted.... not right I tell ya, it just ain't right.... :no:

I exercised this I must go rest, I am in pain.... some ice tea and advil... and a good crossword puzzle....:write:

06-27-2006, 11:29 AM
And it's stilllllllll raining...just in case ya was wonderin...:lol:

06-27-2006, 08:30 PM
The heat wave seems to be over. We're down into the mid 80's today. It's a good thing too, b/c I get really mean when it's hot.

Bagzie, I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's troubles. Just doesn't seem possible when someone so young and full of life has health problems. I'll keep her in my prayers and thoughts.

Okey dokey, even though it's cooler, it's still blasted hot in this office, so I'm going home, pouring myself a tall iced tea, and putting my tootsies up for awhile. :beach:

06-27-2006, 11:08 PM
What is it with all this sickness? I'm sending good vibes out to Nova Scotia for your friend, Bagz, it's all so damn scary. Glad your dh has escaped bad news.

Speaking of all that, I spent all day today in the Emergency Room with DH. It turns out he had a kidney stone. He was on the sailboat by himself yesterday morning and thought he'd gotten food poisoning. He was throwing up and having awful back pains. It got better and he drove home (thank goodness -- this would have been a worse nightmare if he hadn't), and was sick last night and in such pain this morning we headed right into the ER. Took them nearly 5 hours to finally diagnose the kidney stones; in the meantime he'd already passed the one that was causing the pain. The nurse (happily, a good friend) gave him 5 shots of morphine and he was still in pain!

He's home now, had a long nap and feeling better. Still has to "expel" the offending stone (who knew there were 2 stages to that misery?), but hopes to be feeling normal by tomorrow or the next day. I am filling in for him tomorrow; he was supposed to do a truck shuttle for our 3-fingered buddy, who is doing a river guiding trip for a couple of people from NH. So, tomorrow I will spend the day driving a big pickup. If I ever get a week where I can do what I actually want to, I will be so confused by it I won't know what to do. I'm totally jealous of DD, who has taken advantage of her free time to write every one of her grad gift thank you notes, and is now working on a band review for the online mag she writes for -- all of this while curled up in a lovely corner of the front porch on a dandy wicker love seat we scarfed up at the in-law's yard sale last year. I can't seem to enjoy any solitude anymore; it always seems I have something to take care of.
I don't know about Kiwiette. Couldn't she get a job with a road crew? Tarring roofs? Actually, they are advertising for Flaggers in the paper. That and motor route newspaper routes might be her only remaining possibilities. There is a 3rd shift waitressing job open down near the interstate, but I'm not even going to show that one to her -- all I need is to have her driving 15 miles each way in the middle of the night. :stress:

Peachie: Dunno bout all Joisey broads.. but I would take offense, and if I was her mgr and heard that she woulda been written up! That's just Not right...
I had a boss who wanted to hire a guy who didn't have one skill we needed, simply because she "needed her eye candy"... I was flabbergasted.... not right I tell ya, it just ain't right.... :no: I agree -- what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander as they say. I'm not entirely sure it goes for interaction between employee and customer in quite the same way that it does between coworkers, but it is certainly offensive. If an older man was at the checkout and referred to me as yum yum, I know I'd probably smack him. Or at least make it clear that it disgusted me. Can you imagine what the guy felt? A lot of young people would voice their disgust in such a way that she would have been humiliated -- she must not have come across that type of guy yet.

The right side of my chest hurts -- what does that mean?


06-27-2006, 11:29 PM
Kiwi .... what does it mean? I want to know. Go to the doctor.

Bagzie Pie, are you ok? It's hard to stay "up" when you're worried about people.

DS is supposed to have this wisdom teeth out next month. They said it would be $100 - $345 per tooth. Do I get a vote?

06-28-2006, 01:55 PM
My friend's DD flagged for an asphalt company for a summer job while she went to college. She got her degree, but 5 years later she's still flagging. She likes it.

Kiwi, you need to go to the Dr. Go now. I'm sorry you were robbed of your week of 'all about me-me-me'.

Did you know that Costco will take a bbq grill back after 3 years if the burners disintigrate? They gave us all our $$'s back. Of course we bought a replacement grill that was an extra $300, but DH is in love with it. There were ppl at Costco taking back things for absolutely no reason. One lady brought back a box of diapers b/c she "didn't like" them. The box was torn open and some of the diapers were gone, but they still refunded her money. Then one lady brought back a bouncy toy thingie because it "wasn't bouncey enough and it took up too much room". The box was all torn apart so they couldn't resell it. I was totally amazed at what ppl would take back. We were only asking where we could buy replacement burners and they told us to bring the whole grill back for a refund.

I'm impressed that Frappe can work retail. I did when I was just a sweet young thang and it absolutely killed my feet.... and that was when I was skinny. I couldn't imagine standing on my feet w/ an extra 40 lbs on them. not that Frappe is, but I would be.

ok. I'm boring myself now.

What are the plans for the big 4th of July? Canadians and ex pats are excused from answering.

06-29-2006, 10:17 AM
i'm agonna start a new thread.

06-29-2006, 10:21 AM
Changed my mind. It would be pointless to start a new one since they're all being moved, wouldn't it?

Wabbo did you keep the receipt or can you just bring in things that they sell and return them? Walmart used to be like that. Now, they're nasty in more ways than one.

I have the day off. Post.

06-29-2006, 01:29 PM
No receipt. I gave them my Costco card and they did a search on their computer and pulled up the sale. They keep records of everything you buy for years and years. Big Brother.

06-29-2006, 02:21 PM
I'm back. I didn't even realize I hadn't been here yesterday until I tried to figure out what day of my challenge I'm on.

If you all thought I lived in a remote part of Maine, you would simply not believe where I was yesterday. From our little town on the edge civilisation, we drove north for 3 hours. Surprisingly there is quite of bit of activity up there, ranger stations, dams, road work, logging operations, fishermen, and nutty people like the ones I drove up heading out into the wilderness in a canoe. We only saw one other party of these nuts, but no doubt there are plenty here and there. It was an interesting trip -- we saw a beautiful moose just 5 minutes from my driveway and a non-stop parade of wildlife thereafter -- rabbits (my 3-fingered friend informs me there are no rabbits in Maine, they are hares. Looked like rabbits to me..), partridge, a hawk, a porcupine, and a big black bear (that was very unusual). On my way back I saw a deer, which only went a few feet into the woods and then turned around and looked at me, so I stopped and looked at her. She didn't have a camera either. I also saw another moose, a pheasant, more rabbits. Made the ride much more interesting, I can tell you. Driving back 3 hours on dirt roads by yourself can get rawther boring.

So anyway, I'm not going to the doctor, the pain went away. DH is doing better, stones all gone I guess. Now DD sounds like she has the flu, but she won't slow down, so I'm not sure. We are leaving tomorrow for 5 days on the sailboat; I sure hope she won't be sick.

That's what we're doing for the 4th -- watching fireworks from the sailboat in Bar Harbor. We will have 6 on board plus a dog (not ours -- she's going in the kennel). It would be so easy to figure out where to put all those people if we could let DD and bf share a cabin. Hardeharhar. As it is, I am sharing with DD, DH and bf will both sleep in the main cabin, and the couple that's coming along will cram into the v-berth with their dog. Or maybe we'll change it around. If it's really nice, DD wants to sleep in the cockpit (outdoors), but something tells me that will just keep me awake all night listening for signs of stealth...

I'm impressed with Costco. I want one here. I think it's great if you buy something you don't like that you can take it back. I can't tell you how many times I've thought of doing that from various places, but I always assume it would be more hassle than it's worth. The only company I've dealt with that was that generous with returns is LLBean. Nothing ever wears out from LLBean, you just send it back and ask for a new one.

I'm surprised someone would like a flagging job enough to keep doing it -- I have to go tell DD that. Do you think they would hire a cute little thing like her for flagging?


06-29-2006, 03:32 PM
How can I send my worn-out LLBEAN comforter back? I don't think they make this kind anymore and I love love love it. It's come open on one side and I still love it. It just feels so nice against my skin and is warm but not hot.

They have all sorts of cute girls doing flag work here. She would have a unique experience. A bad one maybe but here they hire road workers by the day so she could do it a day. (like this would actually happen!!!!!!)

06-29-2006, 05:29 PM
I am doing better,,, of course when I'm doing poorly or am stuck, I generally don't show up around these parts.

I went to cardio MD after I'd had pains in my chest off and on for maybe 6 weeks... they didn't last long, no nausea, no dizziness (the questions the MD asked)... so they gave me a stress test. (Like I wasn't stressed before.) Anyway I got to quit when my exhaustion got (only) to 7 on a scale of 1-10. My heart is fine. but aparently my lungs... not so sure... so I have another doctor to meet. I hope he's good looking.

Sug... has your shooting pain come back? Do you still have a gall bladder?

Amazing how working out can stretch ones innards and make them revolt one way or another. I often thing they wait and launch sneak attacks.

If anybody needs a de-clutter motivation (besides fly-lady -- she makes me nuts) I found a grest book called "Get it Done" by David Allen. I have gotten more done (and more trash thrown out) in the past week than in the past year. I FEEL LIGHTER. It's clearly a mental thing.

Happy 4th to all for whom that's relevant. Watch out for mosquitoes, black flies and too much bar-b-q

06-29-2006, 05:55 PM
. so they gave me a stress test. (Like I wasn't stressed before.) Yeah, all you need when you have chest pains is more stress, eh? Glad it's not your heart anyway.

I want to feel lighter! Especially around this house. I am so stuck. Rather than clean anything OUT, I clean it up and end up with the same mess, only in a different shape. Tedium. The dog is helping me, though. She goes around looking for things on the floor to eat or tear apart. It's a win-win situation -- she gets to chew on things, I'm forced to get rid of something.


I am way too tired for what I have to do tonight. I am driving 4 girls to Othertown and back for a coffeehouse evening, then I have to finish the laundry and pack for 5 days on the boat. I can't really back out of it -- DD told the people over there she'd be bringing some friends with her tonight and I really really don't want any of those girls doing the drive herself. There are too many moose on that road. Too bad DDbf had to go out of town with his family; him I'd let drive over there instead of me (DH is also out of town for the day and won't be home in time to do it). Yeah, I'm a freakin' mother hen. I should just send them over there on their own.

DH will want leave at the crack of way too early tomorrow, although he will not get to because we are not ready. So he'll cranky and I will be stressed.

Well, maybe a shower will perk me up. The iced coffee isn't doing the trick. Can't wait to spend the weekend on the boat -- it will be cooool and lovely out there. Or maybe even cold! I am prepared for either cool or cold, not picky which one.;)

Kiwi the Sweaty

06-29-2006, 06:18 PM
Painty, is there such a thing as too much bbq???? We have no plans for the long weekend (we're closing on monday & tuesday). We waited too long to try and get campground reservations so we're going to stay home and veg.

Kiwi, I'd like to stowaway on your boat..... and I want to feel lighter too. I don't think cleaning out my house will do it.... maybe cutting out junk food would. Just when I think my dog has finally quit chewing stuff up he destroys one of my favorite sandals and eats his dog bed. I don't think he's going to outgrow the puppy stage, since he's 11 yrs. old now. I was giving him a bath yesterday and he slipped and fell in the tub. I said "oh Barney, poor boy!". Except Barney was my previous Golden Retriever who has been gone for years now. For some reason that really choked me up. I guess b/c I know that my Lucas will soon be joining Barney in doggie heaven. ---- Kiwi, be careful driving those girls if you're tired. Don't want you nodding off when you're driving. Go take a nap.

Painty, maybe your pain is something simple like pleurisy. I had that last year and it hurt like crazy, but it's nothing serious. Hope so.

06-29-2006, 06:48 PM
Whooo! So glad everyone's chest pains are either gone or sort of explained. Lungs, huh? Yes, I could see how that could hurt as well. Painty - my gall bladder is still in there somewhere but the pain was really high up and hasn't been back since. I think I'm just so feeble that I pulled something while doing Pilates.

We're going to our friends place tomorrow evening to watch Germany beat Argentina. I shall wear my black, red and yellow feather boa and pretend to be German for an hour or two. On Saturday we'll have a Canada Day BBQ all on our lonesome, I think.

I want to feel lighter! Especially around this house. I am so stuck. Rather than clean anything OUT, I clean it up and end up with the same mess, only in a different shape. Tedium.

*sigh* Tell me about it. It really does weigh you down - physically, mentally, whatever. It's one step forward, two steps back around here. Today I was thinking how happy I'm going to be when we go on holiday, take only the stuff we really need and leave all this crap behind. Must start throwing stuff out before it buries us.

So sorry about your friend, Bagzie! :hug: Not fair at all.

Geez, it's almost midnight again. It's no wonder I look the way I do when I get up in the morning. Bleh.

06-29-2006, 07:57 PM
Finally had a day off....spent it at the gym (yah!), Costco (no cherries, I was pissed), getting gas, returning overdue library books, errands at Target, cleaning kitchen that hadn't been cleaned since my last day off last Sunday, feeling like a martyr, having a pity party and whining to myself. Just the usual.

So sorry to hear about everyone's illnesses and friend's illnesses and rude cashiers. Personally, if some one referred to me as a "yum yum", it would make my day.

I noticed Schatz was quick to complain about the rain but hasn't mentioned that it's now stopped and been replaced by muggy heat. I already miss the rain.

I'm g oing to go be cranky by myself. I'm afraid to go to the bathroom because I will feel compelled to keep cleaning.

There's a divorce epidemic at work. I'm finding myself envious when coworkers talk about their cute little apts where they will live all by themselves.

06-29-2006, 11:15 PM
"the crack of way too early"---is that the same as "oh my god-o'clock"? great posts to read---will talk after i read-------------------remember when kiwi and cowpern came to my town--remember how it was FOGGY the whole week---well,it's almost been an entire week of Fog again and i feel like a ghost walking through Jack the Ripper's Londontown---i feel like screaming.

06-30-2006, 01:46 AM
I remember that Bagzie. We saw nothing 'cept Timmy's and Frenchy's and a few other things we got real close to. I want to scream to. I am so depressed that I'm immobile. I mean I've been home all day and shoulda cleaned up this place somewhat but did little indeed. I am so broke and and need to get this dam*ed job but haven't lined up my duckies. Next week, I work 6 days. That's not 8 hours a day but it's 6 days to go in which isn't bad I guess. It's the 4th and they're really busy plus DS goes to see his dad at the end of the week so I'll be alone for a few days and thennnnn maybe I'll ... nah, I won't.

I am reading the Story of Pi. Anyone read it? Just wondering.

So nice to have Frappie with us. I want everyone here to stay here.... none of this running off crap. I mean you can go away on the sailboat but I want posts about jobs and job applications and walks in the fog and messie houses and WHAT EVER HAPPENED to the butcher's wife? And we're all a little sick (me in the head) so I feel we're getting closer together and are almost ready for the Ophra Show except .. would you trust her in an interview? She's really bossy. Maybe we could go on with Sylvia Browne instead.

06-30-2006, 03:27 AM
Sug-- enjoy the brief Germanische imitation... I hope victory and ample bier is available. Pilates could certainly pull unexpected innards... (good for you by the way)... and when I had gall stones it felt as someone had stuck an ice pick in my sternum... couldn't tell if it would have been from the front or the back. Hope your spasms go away.

Berrypie... I should look at your profile, but even the dsl is so slow I'm too impatient... You gotta be careful about those congatious divorce bugs. I don't think there's a vaccine against those.... and even the survivors ache for quite a long time after, no matter how cute the new apartment(s) are! Hope things go OK for YOU.

I have been knitting a blanket... How ironic in 90 degree weather... It is to be a TV throw for my DS and his intended... my DD and I are dividing up the squares.. (We're knitting "quilt" squares... so it will look like a Log Cabin quilt.) I might have re-sized photos tomorrow.

gotta go off to fit day.
Best to all... and hope you are dry enough.

06-30-2006, 10:47 AM
helooooooooooooooooooo---happy FOURTH of JULY weekend gang of yankees!!!--we are having CANADA day tomorrow and I HAVE TO WORK---all the young things are heading to PEI to party at some giant camp out and concert {YIKESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS}---don't think about it,don't think about it.---frappe---you BRAT ===going to the gym~~!!!! what a SHOW OFF!!!!---Painty,too bad you don't live here,I HAVE THE DAMN HEAT ON!!!---I COULD USE A BLANKET!!!--- [wearing a long sleeve shirt,courduroy shirt over it,heavy jeans,sox--need a jacket if i go out]HOW SICK IS THAT!!!-- on the bright side,it's lobster season,so last night my girlfriend and i had salad,white wine,rolls and BIG FAT LOBSTERS WITH HOT GARLIC BUTTER!!!--- i guess living by the sea,even if you can't SEE it ,has a few perks.i feel cut off from the rest of north america who appear to be having summer though.-----SUGAR!!! there is a german couple in town ---they have TWO restaurants and they are the BEST chefs this province has ever seen----their food is unbelievable---they wanted to erect a giant tv screen uptown so people could watch the soccer!!!---people are interested around here,but nothing like the NHL playoffs!!!!---i hope germany wins too,cause there was a german guy who interned at CBC radio two summers ago and they keep calling him for updates on the matches---he is soooooooo excited for Germany!!---COWPERNIAAAAAAAAAAA----- this terrible seaon of crap you are dealing with will fade into distant memory when you have your OWN teaching job!!! a friend of mine whose mother had EIGHT kids went back to school and became a teacher when they all left!!! so she was older than usual but enjoyed fifteen or so years teaching ,left with a decent pension and enjoyed her life!! this is a crappy sort of segue,but better times are ahead--when ds gets settled into school and you start and adjust to your new chapter,it will be GOOD!!!! { the older they get,the more you realize that it's not so bad having them off site for a time~!!!!}----kiwonkers and wabbs--have a grand weekend,shatzi too----hope i didn't forget anyone,but HAVE A LOVELY HOLLYDAY!!!!{ CRUISESHIP IS IN ON THE THIRD OF JULY--WE HAVE HAD TWO ALREADY---I HEARD THIS ONE IS PACKED WITH A MARY KAY CONVENTION--HEEEEE HEEEE} I close with a favourite joke quote----" When I die, I want to die like my grandfather--who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car."

06-30-2006, 12:05 PM
Bagzie, you can't go??? No fair!!! Well, you will make a cool million this weekend at the store, right? I remember the fog, I thought it was cool. Yeah, I know, there's something not right with me... If it makes you feel any better, it's pouring rain today and we are supposed to head out to the boat. I'm not packed. I'm not even dressed. Maybe I'd better get started....

Hello to everyone, it's very cool that you are all posting on the same day, more or less. Have a great weekend :grouphug: See you Wednesday.


06-30-2006, 02:32 PM
Bon Voyage Kiwi! .... sounds like a wonderful Holiday adventure!

Bagzz--- Think of all the Money you will make!!!! Marykay girls love smelly soaps and jewerly!

Painty-- I hope these stretched innards will go back to normal for ya

Cowpeach-- I have nothing new to report... The Great Rains have left and as Frappe has reported it is a Steambath ...

Sug in a feathered boa ...just beautious!

Wabby-- closing? on the house? already??

I have been feeling craptacular lately... weather related :shrug: sick of my own company :shrug: but now must go food shopping or DH will come home and be a crabarse....

06-30-2006, 07:38 PM
Closing up shop on monday and tuesday, Schatzi. Long holiday weekend. Our house closing isn't even in the distant future yet. Developer is talking next spring. It takes all the fun out of my house. I don't feel like doing any home improvements to a house that will get bulldozed, and yet I don't feel like I can do any planning about the next place....because we just don't know where or when that will be. Geo tech ppl were supposed to be out this morning to inspect our house for asbestos and lead paint hazards. They stood DH up and he was MAD. I don't know why they're worried about bio hazards--- they're going to put my whole house in a tub grinder and make it into wood chips anyway.

I love Bagzie's long and rambling paragraphs......and I love big fat lobsters w/ garlic butter. Some day I intend to visit you (maybe when we're old decrepit ladies who like a nice little toddy in the early afternoon) and we will eat lobster together. Everyone else is invited too. Bagzie, the good thing about cold and foggy weather is that you don't have to expose too much skin. Long sleeves and turtlenecks are sooo uncomfortable in 85 degree weather.... and yet they are a girl over fifty's best friend. Your joke reminds me of Gpa Jim. He's 93 (officially 88) and still driving all over the place. He got out of his truck yesterday and fell down. Luckily my nephew was with him but it took him 10 minutes to get him up. Scarey. I think we're going to have to talk to him about one of those medic alert call necklaces. If he'd been alone, it could have been a disaster.

I went to dinner yesterday w/ my very good, very dear friend and ex sil. It's so nice to have a connection w/ someone for years and years. We can see each other and it's like no time has passed at all. I also went out to lunch w/ my mom & older sis..... and I wonder why I'm fat????

Frappe, who hasn't had the cute little apartment fantasy when we're just up to our eyeballs in cleaning up after other ppl? Life is just so constant.

Painty, how nice that your DS and his intended will have something handmade by you for their new home together. Things like that are so personal. I have a beautiful cream colored crocheted throw that my aunt made for me years ago. I just love curling up under it w/ a good book on a rainy day.

Peach, I read the Story of Pi. I loved it. How far into it are you??? I have 3 books going at the same time right now. Too many books, not enough time.

Hi Sugar, I'm off to read your blog next.... I love it. I'm so impressed that you update so regularly. I quickly ran out of anything interesting to say b/c I don't feel ok about posting pics of my Kayden on the 'net and she and my garden are all I ever think of or do.

Bon voyage, Kiwi! have fun!!!

See yas all on the 5th of July!!! I'm off for a lazy weekend.

07-02-2006, 10:20 AM
K. Now I"m starting a new thread.

Misti in Seattle
07-02-2006, 11:34 AM
Wogging is walking-jogging. Just jog til you get tired then walk until you're ready to jog again.

Hey I DO that but didn't know it was called wogging. :) Now I have a new fun term tee hee