Support Groups - "Every-Day" 21-Day Challenge -- Make it happen!!

06-07-2006, 06:28 AM
Okay, everyone, as is the tradition, I start a new thread when I personally start a new challenge.

Below is a short explanation of how this challenge works so all you newcomers can take a look and decide if you're game or not! I hope you are! Hop aboard and enjoy the ride. We've got a great bunch of supportive people, so I hope you'll give us a try. A lot of people try for a while and then disappear.. I hope some of you will keep trying. There is NO shame in starting over. Remember, it's not over till you give up. And our motto around here is:

NEVER GIVE UP!!...Just start OVER!!


It works like this: you decide you'll do something for 21 days straight, every single day, so keep it doable. Then you count through 21.....and if you flub it, you MUST go back to zero and start over again. Everyone will be on different days. You can start anytime. At the beginning of the challenge you declare what level it is -- Level 1, 2, or 3. Level 1 means you feel it's a relatively easy challenge for you and means you only give yourself ONE pause day (see explanation of pause days below). Level 2 would give you two pause days and so on...
And taking NO pause days is what I'm going to call "aceing a challenge," as in "I'm aiming on aceing this one!" Yowzah!! :cb:

With a pause day you pause in your counting and continue the next day with the number you left off with. Pause days are NOT substitutes for days, i.e. Day 12 -- Day 13 -- Pause Day -- Day 14..... I suggest taking a pause day late in the game (better to go back to Day 1 early on) if you need a break or screw up when you're well into the challenge, meaning, when you're on Day 15 or something like that.

In any case, the trick is to keep going. The momentum builds and it's great incentive to stick to your guns, cause if you don't.........back to START you go. :( And the really great thing about this challenge is that you are forming new habits that will wipe out the old! AND, you get to do it with a great bunch of really supportive people to whom you are accountable! :grouphug:


In the interest of maintaining structure, a sense of solidarity and facilitating support I ask anyone who wishes to join this thread to please strive to follow the following guidelines while participating in this challenge and in posting.

1. Although this is a fabulous support group, the focus is to be on your CHALLENGE/S and/or other people's challenge/s AND weight loss, whether your challenge is about it or not. Please keep the challenge a priority, although we welcome chattiness! :lol: This means tell us what day you're on when you post and it's a good idea to make regular mention of just what your challenge is. This an action-based thread. Our members are ON a challenge, RESTARTING a challenge, or just in between and looking to start up again REAL SOON. ;) We also welcome posts from admirers, encouragers, and old friends!

2. Please refrain from posting food logs or recipes, except where you are really looking for help and advice on your eating. If journaling is your challenge, please keep the journaling off the thread and in a notebook or blog and just tell us if you've done what you set out to do. We have ALL types of dieters here, low-carb, high-carb, low-fat, high-fat, vegetarians, meat-lovers...please use simple mentions if you have something you want to share and then links and/or private messages to do so.

3. Please do NOT go into glowing accounts of any slipups, food indulgences or binges, what we here call "food porn." Simple mentions are fine, but use of smilies :censored: :tape: etc. as substitutes where possible is encouraged.

4. Please keep this a nonsecular thread. Of course, passing references to your beliefs, a bit of introduction about your beliefs, brief faith-related words of encouragement are fine. :angel:

5. Please show support, support, support! This is key. :grouphug: You can waffle on about yourself but please, at least occasionally,come up and look around at others and what they are doing and MENTION it with words of encouragement and/or praise or sympathy. We understand "busy," poor computer connections, and bouts of self-pity and life problems where the focus turns to "me" and dealing with those problems, but these should be temporary, not a habit! ('cept in the computer case.)

In conclusion, let me say, the above are just that, GUIDELINES. Please realize that these guidelines have been added in an attempt to keep this a supportive and beneficial thread, at the LEAST, to those who need it MOST, those for whom weight loss is the hardest and, more often than not, the most crucial as well as for those who still, perhaps despite great success, know all too well that the road they walk will always be a slippery one. :^:

The guidelines are also meant to cultivate an atmosphere of consideration and concern for ALL, not individually, but AS A GROUP.

Well, all's said. Please join us!! :wave:

06-07-2006, 06:29 AM
NOTICE: Hi there everyone! I just wanted to make a note that I've noticed some challenges lately that incorporate rest days or days off. Just so newcomers don't get confused, I ask everyone to re-read or read (in case you haven't) the first post of the thread. The whole idea of the challenge is to do something EVERYDAY, thus the name.

So, please, and it's just for rules and structure sake, but please make your challenges along these lines. Remember, you can always schedule in "a pause day" if you make it Level 3, so it's really the same thing, just doesn't allow for any other pause days on top of that...Okay?


06-07-2006, 06:33 AM
Hi there, all. Even though I haven't started a new challenge for myself, I was tired of the old thread...I hadn't started a new thread last time I wimped out and restarted my challenge (or made a new one) here it is..the new thread. I hope this will get some new people to join us and put some action back in this place! Everybody! :welcome:


06-07-2006, 07:26 AM
Hello everyone

Sounds like you are all doing well with your challenges. Yesterday was a pause day for me as my day was full on from sun up to sun down. I was finally able to climb into bed after eleven and my 21mth old had me up bright and early at 5:00 after getting me up twice through the night.

Did one of you mention it being more difficult to shed pounds if you aren't getting enough sleep? I thought I remembered reading that, which would explain my difficulty as I have been suffering sleep deprivation since August 2002. I am heading on 4 years without a single uninterrupted night of sleep. My last 2 children have been such terrible sleepers. I can't remember what it is like to feel rested and find a spend most days dragging my butt hence physical exercise is such a level 3 for me.

I will get my crunches in today and make ya proud but I must run as MR. Early Riser is calling me and I need to get him breakfast. I hope everyone has a great day.

06-07-2006, 07:37 AM
And here's the old thread last page in case any of you want to take a peek back....

Just make SURE you come back here!!! OK?!?! :lol3:

06-07-2006, 07:41 AM
Another thing I wanted to mention about today...I actually made some decent food and ate that instead of the garbage that's been going down the hatch lately. That may have had something to do with the burst of energy I got after that. I had brown rice with lentils, onions, green pepper and tomatoes cooked up with a bit of miso in it for body and had that over the rice. It was yummy. Brown rice does always give me a lift and lentils are just so soothing... :cloud9: Gonna try to keep up eating well again. I used to and felt insanely better....then got away from it... :(....get back on track!

Sushi Penguin
06-07-2006, 08:20 AM
Hello Everyone :)

Thanks for the new thread, Red, you seem to be doing good with your challenges, keep it up! :)

Here's an update on all my challenges... ;)
--- "no food after 7 pm" - just finished yesterday, and was going to start a new one today, but I went skating which meant being away from home from 4:30 to 8:30 pm. There was nothing I could have taken with me to have on the go, so I was hoping not to be too hungry when I got back home. Alas, I was starving, so I had a late dinner, which means that the new challenge will start tomorrow instead of today.
--- getting up before 8 am (Day 2 complete) - yesterday was tough, today was easy, things should go good from here, and I should be able to move the time to 7:30 by Monday
And Day 3 completed on the following:
--- no chocolate (don't even miss it!)
--- no cheddars, meaning this special kind of crackers I tend to overeat (I had a few moments... "so what am I going to have for lunch instead...???" but so far it's going good)
--- keeping a food diary (going good too)
--- daily exercise - taking this one slightly easy for the first week: any exercise, any amount of time; so Monday it was my Asthanga Yoga class, yesterday it was a walk with the dog, today it was another walk with the dog and 1h15min of figure skating; by next week, I want to exclude those 3 activities, they're too fun to be challenging ;)

06-07-2006, 09:10 AM
Hi, Red! I`m still hangin' around, doing okay for the most part. I dropped out of my challenge around Day 8 or 9, about 2 weeks ago.
But I got my butt up at 6am and worked out this morning, so, here we go again...DAY 1. :D (No pause days allowed). I`m due for TOM tomorrow so this will most definetely be a challenge. I haven`t been eating so well either :(

Just been a busy couple of weeks...we put a pool in so I`ve been busy in the yard (wouldn`t you know it`s been cold and now MORE rain so I havent been in it but once!). I did get one **** of a sunburn on that one day. My brother was in the hospital last week. He`s fine now, scared me though. Been helping at the bar in preparation to start having live bands. Haven`t been drinking (much) and my depression is getting a lot better. All in all, I`m okay. ;)

I treated myself to expensive concert tickets, Mariah Carey and Sean Paul, Aug.21st. So theres my new goal date, 165 by that day! My one year weight loss journey anniversary is coming up, June 22nd, so I wanted to treat myself in a big way. I hope I can get to where I want by the concert. I`ll just have to work hard. ;)

I hope everyone is doing well. :)

06-07-2006, 09:49 AM
Hi everyone!

Day 18 donuts - pause day, so back to day 17. This was my last pause so can't blow it again!

This is my last day posting until next week. I'm off to California tomorrow morning! I'll try to make good food choices while I'm gone and also watch portions but my main goal is to just not gain any weight!

Have a great week everyone! Catch up with you later. :wave:

06-07-2006, 10:19 AM
Hellow All!

Red- Good job on jogging! 5K its a whole lot to job but i iwll get there one day!

Caro- Great gift choice! I am sure you can make it there by then and slip your sexy self in something really good for the 165lbs! Great job on this weight loss journey! I am very proud of you!

DJ- Have a safe trip! Hope you make great healthy choices!

1) Exercise daily (at least 20 min) 14 days done! LEVEL 1
2) Drink 64oz of water (at least) 14 days done! LEVEL 1

06-07-2006, 04:53 PM
:woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo:

BRAVO :cb: :cb: Sushi!! :hat: :hat:
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06-07-2006, 10:17 PM
hi all
i've lost track of the day i'm on lol so i have to go back to the thread and check. i think day 8. anyway so far all going well with no rest or pause days. will update when i've checked what day i'm at...

06-07-2006, 10:23 PM
right!!! i've done 7 days. i have ballroom/latin this afternoon for an hour so that will bring me up to 8 days completed

I won't be able to check in every day as I have a lot on my plate at the moment with the move in nearly 3 weeks, tax returns (ugh), working on my book etc etc. but i will check in regularly

cya all soon

06-08-2006, 09:19 AM
Day 9 is done. 12 more to go. Doesn't sound so bad now, does it?
I wrote the above sentence, then went and did my crunches and came back and posted it. How is that for self-induced motivation?! :yes:

Sweet pea, Rebeca, dj, Caro, Sushi, good work! Hang in there and one of these days I'll be able to say hi to you all individually! Till then, please wish me luck! :^:

06-08-2006, 10:43 AM
We out dancing last night, and did aerobics for one hour in the morning... i am sore and tired! Didnt get home until 3 and had to get up at 6!

1) Exercise daily (at least 20 min) 15 days done! LEVEL 1
2) Drink 64oz of water (at least) 15 days done! LEVEL 1

06-09-2006, 07:22 AM
Hi ladies,

I am going AWOL for awhile, my dad's health has taken a turn and I really can't be thinking about this right now. He had triple bi-pass heart surgery and then a pace-maker had to be put in which was supposed to give him 10 more years of life, well he has had 16 years so far however they have now discovered that half his heart isn't working properly and I feel like we don't have much time left with him. He is going to be 83 this year and I am grateful for all the extra years we have had together however I am daddy's little girl and am struggling right now coming to terms with the looming fact that I might not have him for much longer.

I wish you all well with your challenges and thank you for accepting me into you group so readily.

Sushi Penguin
06-09-2006, 09:49 AM
Time for an update! :)

I did start a new "no food after 7 pm" challenge, just wrapping up Day 2. "No chocolate", "no cheddars" and my food diary are going strong, wrapping up Day 5.
Getting up before 8 am got a bit derailed yesterday though, as I didn't get out of bed till 9 am. I'll count that as a pause day. Today I was up at 7 am, so Day 4 notched no problem. Hope I can keep it up over the weekend!

Daily exercise got derailed as well... I wanted to try out a Nia class yesterday, but when I got there, it turned out I was an hour late (read the time wrong, I guess...). Nobody else had showed up anyway, so I don't know whether it would have been held. I was both kindd of glad to miss it and disappointed about it. But the problem was that I didn't make any effort to do any other exercise, and I haven't done anything today either. I sort of have an excuse - pain... I slipped on the stairs on Wednesday, fell very hard on my bottom and slid a couple of steps. There is a humongous swollen purple bruise there, and it hurts, so I'm trying to move as little as possible. And sit as little as possible as well. However, I can still walk and probably run, so I should be doing that. Especially since this is unlikely to heal fully for a few weeks, and I can't excuse myself from exercise for that long!

Good luck to everyone, don't go and acquire any bruises! :)

06-09-2006, 02:55 PM
Good Afternoon Chickies-

Monica- I am soo sorry that you are going through such a rough time! I am daddys little girl too so i know where you are coming from! Just think that everything is in God's hands and you have to trust him! Spend as much time with everyone you love the most! Your dad is a strong man and he will make though it! Best wishes!!!

1) Exercise daily (at least 20 min) 16 days done! LEVEL 1
2) Drink 64oz of water (at least) 16 days done! LEVEL 1

06-09-2006, 11:30 PM
Good morning. Saturday here and I just got down and did my crunches. I had to call a pause on yesterday since I didn't get in till late and hadn't done them early, which is really the best way to get them out of the way for the day. So, Day 10 is done. Eleven more to go. I'll be over the hill tomorrow and rolling down the other side. Only one pause day left, so I had better pay attention! :yes:


MyOwn -- I'm so sorry to hear about your father. Being over here in Japan, I get no time with my father and it does pain me as he is in his 70s. I feel for you and hope that you can cherish the days you have together. I lost my mother early to cancer and just wish we had had more time to spend together once the teen years were over and I had become a mature adult. But, I didn't have that chance. Looking back, I wish I had had accepted the fact that she was likely to die. Instead I ran from it, denying it and, in doing so, lost the time we could have had had together. You are brave to be accepting of what may be. Still, you never know, your father may still have years left. My heart is with you. Take care and I hope to see you back here sometime. You are always very, very welcome and I enjoyed having you with us. :hug:

Rebeca -- Bravo to you for sticking to your challenges! :cp: I love that you're out there dancing and having fun. I so wish I could dance and sing but neither of those things come naturally to me and I just can't afford lessons now. My problem is actually that I am horribly self-conscious and need to be really drunk to let go. Of course, I still can't dance, and just look all the more the fool then! :lol3: I really envy dancers. Think that to be able to do that would just be the greatest. :^: Thanks for the congrats on my jogging too. I have taken the day off work to work on a story and am sitting here writing this instead! This will not do! :mad: I have to get going as deadline is here! I would love to go to the gym as well and get in some more gung-ho exercise though. It really helps me feel great (though tired) to attack the weights and run and run....wish me luck, please!

Sushi -- Good going with you to on those no-no foods :nono: You've been going strong on the early rising challenge too, so just get back on track. You can do it. Just think of how every moment out of bed earlier can help you keep those engines stoked and metabolism revved. Sorry to hear about your fall. Ouch! That sounds like it really hurts. What a bruise! How far did you fall? I know some people bruise more easily than others. I never do. Hope you feel better soon! And I hope the bruised area doesn't develop into anything. I once fell on the icey sidewalk when I was a teenager and developed a very painful abscess right at my tailbone. If you start feeling sickish and developing a fever, your body may be fighting infection. Hope you're ok!

sweet pea -- How are you? Speaking of dancing and dancers, eh! I am so in awe! How is your challenge going?

dj -- Hope you're having a good time in California! :sunny: Sounds like fun. Great going on abstaining from the holey food. You're a strong woman! :strong:

Caro -- Good to see you again! I am so proud of you for getting back on track...just keep at it! I'm sorry about your brother but very glad to hear he is doing ok now. Sounds like fun at the bar, live bands are just the best! I am staying away from the booze as well, although last night I did have a couple beers with the colleagues and that was fun. I was even able to have a good conversation with the problem fellow, as I have been trying to understand where he is coming from and talk to him more when we are at work. Yesterday, at the last minute, right on deadline, we decided to get a World Cup pool going and for the first time we had nearly all the foreigners who were in the office standing around for the drawing. It was fun and even though I picked two horrible teams, Costa Rica and Iran (actually Iran may have a chance to get somewhere), I don't mind at all. The most disliked person at the office picked Brazil! :mad: Oh!! So frustrating! And he got France too!! :tantrum: Great to hear you're going to a concert. I know who Mariah Carey is of course but not Sean Paul. I am a hard rock fanatic. But, I hope you enjoy it and can make your goal. How many pounds do you need to burn off by then! You can do it! Good luck and I hope to hear from you more! :yes:

06-09-2006, 11:37 PM
Hiya Red, just popping in to say hello.

I go back to my place in 3 weeks time. Maybe I'll be able to fit in a challenge then. Meantime the 12 or so hour days are taking their toll.

Good luck to all who challenge.

06-09-2006, 11:57 PM
Hi there Shad! :wave: Good to hear from you! Sorry to hear about those grueling days and hope you'll be able to join us. I miss our old regulars, I mean, our regulars from yore, not that you're old! ;)

06-10-2006, 06:30 AM
awwww sulk sulk she likes the oldies better :c

anyway going good. day 10 of exercise done without pause happy days

myown :hug: good luck with everything. hope your father recovers quickly

rebeca - i love dancing. it's just the best!

06-10-2006, 06:38 AM
No, sweet pea, what are you trying to start?! :dunno: I didn't say anything about liking anyone better. :nono: And, there's more than enough to go around. How about a little support here for me, eh??! :cry: ;)

06-10-2006, 12:59 PM
Yes! I knew it! Mom likes us oldies best. :rofl:

06-10-2006, 01:28 PM
Hello all!

I´m back and ready to start a new challenge! The PMS has subsided thank God........................

I´ll only be here a week, though, because I´m taking off for my in-laws next Saturday and I´ll be gone for about two months...

Anyway...My challenges for the next 21 days are:

1. No :censored: Level 3
2. Exercise/activity 30 minutes four days a week Level 1
3. Stretch 10 minutes daily Level 2
4. No bread Level 2
5. 3 L water daily Level 2

Hope everybody is doing well in their challenges...I hope it´s okay that I just spring in again!


06-10-2006, 11:19 PM
Yes! I knew it! Mom likes us oldies best. :rofl:

SULK SULK :o I KNEW she liked the old wrinklies best ;) :cool:

06-11-2006, 02:21 AM
I just did my crunches, so Day 11 is done. I am over the peak! All downhill from here! :dizzy: Even got to the gym again yesterday, did another 5K jog (with walking periods) and a bit of weight training. Hurrah for me! :dancer:

carla -- Good to see you! :wave: Sure wish you were here... I miss you. :( Momo says hi.

sweet pea -- Congrats on making it through Day 11! :cp:

kt -- Sure, of course you're welcome to join us for a bit. I expect you to continue your challenge while you're away as well! Two months gone?! Wow. Of course, your No. 2 challenge doesn't fit ours, but we'll consider it an extracurricular activity. ;) Good luck and nice to see you again!

So, where is everybody? Did we lose them in the transition. Jolly, where are you? :dunno: dj, Rebeca, Sushi, princess, Apple, Caro, tweety, teatree? :shrug: Others? Newbies?

06-11-2006, 03:49 AM
Oh dear, it seems that Sweet pea is sulking - that's fine, sulk away but of the 'wrinklies' hey?
I'm only old because I've been around the thread for a very long time! And this from another Kiwi too!

Jumped on the scale this morning. It has moved but upwards. This little black duck is not happy. Three weeks more and I can be home and back to gym and back to normal foodstuff. (I hope) Can't wait.

06-11-2006, 03:54 AM
Hi Shad! Too bad about that scale, eh? Little black duck? :?: But, I'm sure you'll be able to knock that extra bit off once you're back and in your regular routine. Good luck and hope to see you pop in regularly! Always good for a bit of sunshine. :sunny:

06-11-2006, 03:01 PM
Maybe we need a new thread - Revenge of the wrinklies... :D We could limit subject matter to our knitting, our health, and of course how dissipated young people are today.. :rofl: Our motto: don't trust anyone under 40! ;)

06-11-2006, 03:57 PM
I got it all in except the first challenge today--I ate an entire :censored:....ugh. This is my toughest challenge...

oh well...tomorrow´s another day.


Sushi Penguin
06-11-2006, 09:32 PM
Hello again :)
It's Monday here, and I can't believe how fast last week went by! Today is public holiday, so it makes the day feel like a weekend day, which only reinforces this impression that it's still last week, and not a new week already!

Red, strangely enough the bruising doesn't hurt! It did hurt a lot just after, but that was before the bruise appeared! It looks horrible though - huge, black... I only slid 2 or 3 steps at the most, but it was the fall that caused the bruise - I totally lost my footing and nearly went airborne before crashing to the ground. I'm sort of rejoicing though - I always have tons of bruises and never know where they came from, but this time I do! :lol:

Challenges going good. :yes: :)
I'm on Day 8 with "no chocolate", "no cheddars" and with keeping a food diary. "No food after 7 pm" on Day 5.

I'm not too sure where I am with exercise though... I feel I need to make a more genuine committment here... something specific, as opposed to "anything goes." That approach was supposed to help me get moving again, and it sort of worked, but I feel I need more. I am going to walk lots, and go to my yoga classes no matter whether I'm on a 21-day exercise challenge or not, just because I enjoy those activities. Time to start doing something more challenging again. It's been weeks since my last run - I got derailed because of my temp job, and since then I've been wanting to run again, but some weird fear has been stopping me... I need to push myself some, so I think I'll be starting a new exercise challenge. Especially since the bruise on my bum really doesn't get in the way of activity!

I didn't keep up with getting up, so I think I'll re-start this one. Day 1 today, and I woke up before 8 am! I did stay in bed for nearly half an hour, but that was just to keep warm and there was no danger of falling asleep. It's winter in Australia, and I'm in Australia's coldest part. This itself doesn't make it that much more difficult to get up. The bigger problem is that my boyfriend's family has a strange habit of having the heating on all day and turning it off for the night - totally opposite of what I'm used to... and while the heating does get turned on as soon as someone gets up, our room takes a while to warm up. So our room is really cold in the morning. Add to that the fact that there is no heating in the bathroom at all (don't ask me why, I don't understand it myself...) and you get the picture... which might help to explain why I'm reluctant to go for a run outside only minutes after warming up somewhat...

06-11-2006, 10:23 PM
ooooh now now Carla - they can't help being young and impressionable. They are brainwashed by the ad agencies.

06-12-2006, 12:38 AM
Not my fault either - my poor brain is as wrinkled and lumpy as the rest of me, and doesn't always fire on all cylinders. :lol3: But I'll behave from now on. No more fantasies of Monty Python's roving gangs of grannies causing terror in the streets... Wouldn't want to have Red ban me from the thread forever for conduct unbecoming!

06-12-2006, 08:36 AM
Day 12 is done! Only 9 to go! :cloud9: No time to post. Hello to all! carla, Shad, good to see you! :wave: Sushi, kt! Hello! Good luck :goodluck: and come in and post please!! I'll be back to spend more time with ya! :dance:

06-12-2006, 10:53 AM
Good Morning ALL-
I stay away from my computer during the weekends so I actually get things done! I also went dancing this weekend, DH didnt want to go so just went all by myself and had a great time! On saturday my legs were hutting so bad (dancing in high heels bad idea) so I went swimming isntead (again all alone)!

You guyz are doing so good! I cant believe it! 21 days is almost here...we can do it!

Red- good luck on your writing...Do you do it as a hobbie or are you a writer?... Sorry but I know brazil is going Hexa this year (coming from a brazilian of course!) About the dancing, all you gotta do is to picture that you are alone and let it go, most people look too funny dancing (includes me) and that is the main reason why the lights are out! (:P) DH also needs a few drinks but I just act like a lunatic and he gets over it! Dancing is a great passion of mine, is the only time that I forget about everything and concentrate on nothing but me! You dont need any lessons, just do it!

1) Exercise daily (at least 20 min) 18 days done! LEVEL 1
2) Drink 64oz of water (at least) 18 days done! LEVEL 1

06-12-2006, 12:29 PM
Hey everyone...I hope you will let me back in. I am sorry I have been missing. I just had so many irons in the fires and I needed to put a few of them out. If you will have me, I am ready for support and to give it as well. I am doing well with my water, portion control, low carbs, no sweets, and postive thinking on the food end. (nothing tastes as good as thin feels). However, I have backslid on my excersise and with my PCOS and IR that is going to be the biggest key for me. I have lost 10 since I started with you ladies and then I have not lost any more. challenge
1. excersize daily
2. maintain my water
3. journal
Let me catch up with you all and I can return the support.

06-12-2006, 06:52 PM
Good morning all. Just up, later than usual. Less sleep last night because the people who live above me were making noise watching the World Cup match with Japan against Australia. I didn't feel like watching it. Never have gotten into soccer. It's much too frenetic and just too go, go, go! I guess that's easy to understand coming from someone who resembles a bump on a log, but oh well! :dunno:.... :lol3: No, really, I just hate the yelling and alcohol-fueled antics. Just seems so ridiculous. People who barely talk normally suddenly start screaming and jumping thank you. Anyhow, Japan lost to the Aussies 3-1. Congrats Down Under!

:sunny: Ok, I'm starting another challenge...see my response to princess below...


princess -- Of course you can come back into the fold. Unless you'd been acting up, misbehaving or being a pain, you're always welcome!! :welcome3: We need some action around here. Look at you, losing 10 lbs! That is wonderful!! :cp: My weight crept up to around 75 kg, but I'm knocking it off. Problem is, it's the same few kilos I keep taking off and gaining back and what I really want to do is get way down! :shrug: I was thinking about it yesterday. It's not so much the going out drinking or the lack of exercise at times, it's simply that overall, my level of exercise, drastically less than it used to be simply because I don't have much free time, is just not going to be enough for what I eat. I simply have to reduce the amount of calories that go into my mouth. Period! That's the bottom line. Now, that is hard for me because I have a great appetite, but I think more so, it's just habit. I have an appetite for the wrong foods! Still, the past week I have been getting good stuff into me and that has definitely helped. Right now, pms is bloating me and making me feel really down but I know it's chemically induced, not beautiful, bright, happy me!! :dizzy: Ha! I will prevail! :strong: So, to welcome you back, princess, I am going to kick off another challenge today, total journaling! Everything I eat and every move I make (ok, summarized) is going in to the journal. No more letting it slide. :nono: I've GOT to keep watch. So, good luck princess. I will join you! :goodluck:

Rebeca -- I miss you on your weekends. It's nice to have a positive force around and that you are! Great on the dancing. What energy! And swimming on top of that. You just go out and do it, don't you? Excellent work! Yes, I write for money...but the present story is a wash and it is weighing heavily on my mind, simply because I am in a fog and not getting anywhere. I should have had this done weeks ago...oh well, today's the last push. Tomorrow's the wrap. I'm getting right ticked because it's screwing up the rest of my days. I'm afraid the "just do it" advice isn't going to work with me on dancing. Sure, I do just do it sometimes but it's a joke. You can do it because you are obviously a natural. I am not. And in Japan, the lights are never out. Well, not the places I go to. The other problem is that the Japanese are very poor dancers and I feel more self-conscious. Wish I had some good role models. Oh well, I actually would like to learn steps and such, not just jumping around and not the sexy stuff because that's not me. Anyhow, dancing is not me at all and I guess that's why I look longingly at it. I suppose singing would be more attainable than dancing for me, something I can't do either. :( Anyhow, yes, you are almost there! That is fantastic and you have been exemplary in your work! :bravo: So, is Brazil going to win the World Cup again this time? :hat:

carla -- Have you found that oomph that you had stolen? Brains are wrinkled and lumpy from the start and I don't want to hear any excuses out of you! :nono: I kind of like the idea of roving grannies terrorizing the streets but no, that won't do either! Of course, it would be good exercise! ;)

Shad -- It takes quite a cut to get carla in here so let her have her little say. We welcome it, well, I do for one! :yes: So, were you out celebrating last night in your adopted home or did you stay away? We had two TV channels calling us at the paper yesterday from Oz, well, the same one, abc in Sydney and Melbourne. They wanted someone to talk to about the upcoming match. Well, I even found someone for the woman I was talking to who was willing to do it and then she never got back to me. The ingrate! Are you big into soccer? I much prefer rugby. I guess Aussies are more into Aussie football or cricket, right? This is Australia's first World Cup, isn't it?

ktgk -- How's it going? I don't want to hear you eating those things! :nono: Cut it out, right now! :lol:

sweet pea -- Are you still sulking? Get back in here and stick to your challenge! Which was, by the way, what? Was it the non-bingeing? And, I wanted to ask you, just how do you define bingeing? I have a sneaking suspicion (do suspicions do anything other than sneak?) that what you call bingeing may be what I call just eating! :rofl:

Sushi -- Good going with the challenges. :cp: Glad to hear you are keeping with them and as for the exercise, yes, I know how having something specific can really help. But, still, even though the challenge is for 21 days straight here every day, you can always tell us about your other efforts. As long as you're doing other challenges.... ;) I'm glad to hear the bruising doesn't hurt. Do you get enough Vitamin C? Bruising is often a sign of a lack. Then again, some people are just thin skinned! :lol: I hear you on the heat. It's hard for me to get out of bed too in the winter because it is so cold. I only have space heaters. Which is an idea, how about getting a space heater for your room and then timing that to turn on about a half hour before you want to get up, or just hopping out of bed to switch it on and then getting back in until the room warms up. I can't stand sleeping in a warm room, but getting up in a cold room isn't much fun either! :lol:

06-12-2006, 10:48 PM
my challenge is on my signature see... look below

i'm just jogging along quietly achieving my challenge. day 14 achieved no rest days. i'm packing to move house and a zillion other things.

red i very much doubt that my binges are your ordinary eating. my bingeing is more than 3,000 calories in a day sometimes as much as 5,000 calories. if you do that every day you really ARE a balloon

06-13-2006, 06:50 AM
red i very much doubt that my binges are your ordinary eating. my bingeing is more than 3,000 calories in a day sometimes as much as 5,000 calories. if you do that every day you really ARE a balloon

:rofl: sweet! You are too funny! I think I'm going to burst! :lol3:

Sushi Penguin
06-13-2006, 07:21 AM
Hey hey ho :)

Okay - Day 9 with "no chocolate", "no cheddars" and with keeping a food diary and Day 6 with "no food after 7 pm" being wrapped up. Went for a run today, so that's Day 1 on exercise.

Getting up hasn't moved ahead, I just couldn't wake up this morning, and got up VERY late. Still, instead of restarting, I'm counting this as a pause day. Day 2 tomorrow! It might be silly to take a pause day this early, but maybe this will give me some kind of kick - at this rate, I'm not likely to get past Day 5 with constant restarting... And I do have 3 pause days total for this challenge. And I will want to finish it even if I have just one pause day left, and that might just get me out of bed. :) Carrot and a stick! :lol:

06-13-2006, 09:39 AM
Hi ladies,

Nice to see so many responses!!

Thanks to those of you who expressed sympathy to my situation. I have decided to come back as I think I need something else to concentrate on other than my fathers failing health. He is holding up so far and we are waiting for him to get an appointment with his heart specialist, the doctor is going to set it up and we are STILL waiting to hear from him.

Well needless to say I am back to square one with the challenge of crunchies hopefully I will make it through this time!!

Have a good day everyone.

06-13-2006, 09:59 AM
Day 13 on crunches is done! :cp: Day 1 on journaling is done! :encore:

MyOwn, good to see you! :wave: Sushi! You are rockin'!! :strong: sweet pea, glad you're still going strong! Later all! :flow1:

06-13-2006, 11:01 AM
Yesterday I screwed up with the storms around here I did not get any exercise! I will take it as a pause day and if I screw up again I am starting all over again!
1) Exercise daily (at least 20 min) 18 days done!
2) Drink 64oz of water (at least) 18 days done! (Level 1)

Red- Living in Japan must be a great experience!!! About the singing, i love singing but if I have to sing for a living I will go HUNGRY! You are so motivated and energetic that is just contagious! I am very thankful for that 'cause if it wasnt for your kick in my behind sometimes i wouldnt be trying so hard! What kind of writing do you do??? I love reading but writing is not my forte! I am not very creative that way, but sometimes i read three or four books at a time and even get the stories confused! I try very hard to exercise and sometimes I will do with little sleep just to get it out of the way! I work full time and also go to college (right now is summer but I am getting my Math out of the way) so my days are 12-16hours long! DH doesnt get home until 2am and sometimes i even wait for him... We (women) have to learn how to put ourselves as a priority and ALWAYS #1 in our daily agendas!

06-13-2006, 11:23 AM
Day 1 crunching down and 20 to go!!

Red you are doing fantastic, truly inspirational :)

Rebeca, you are also doing fantastic keep up the great work, wish I could go out dancing with you for I loooooove to dance!!

06-13-2006, 02:27 PM
MyOwn- As long as the lights are not on i can dance whatever...LOL

06-13-2006, 06:41 PM
Okay, Okay, I'll give in and let Carla have the last word(s). But she is probably out terrorising the streets already.

No I was not out celebrating the soccer. I don't mind watching the odd game of soccer here and there but I am a rugby union person from way back. I follow my beloved All Blacks and the Crusaders and Hurricanes in NZ. The whole world is soccer mad and now that the Socceroos have won the first game, Australia is planning the party to bring the world cup home. Yeah like right on mate. Not belittling Japan, but they have yet to meet up with any of the real big boys.
The Aussies are into any that involves sport - if they are winning - well I guess that is no different from the rest of the world really. No it is not their first trip to the world cup. I believe they also went in about 1932 or 52 or something - years ago anyway.

Rugby World Cup is on next year. In France??? maybe. Somewhere over there anyway. More hype to contend with.

Gotta go - I'm terrorising the men from the mines with SAP

06-13-2006, 08:27 PM
OK all. After a brief hiatus/lurk period, where I had to assess my goals and basically get my head out of my @$$, I am back, and ready for action.

I will have two challenges, both level 3s, starting tomorrow 6/14/06. I will add more as I get some success back and stop being such a $#!^.

Challenge 1- NO SODA. This one has been very hard. Allergy season is bad for me this year, and the more meds I take, the tireder I get, and the more soda I drink. But enough is enough.

Challenge 2 - follow menu and stay under 2000 calories. I don't have a lot of "pusher" friends. They are all supportive of me, and if I take the initiative and plan for healthy, they will join in. I just use it as an excuse to be bad. No more. When I am eating healthy more often than not, I can have an occasional off day. Right now - EAT HEALTHY!!

So, sorry I have been absent. Hurray for everyone's successes, and to everyone struggling - we will conquer. Have a great day all. :wave:

P.S. I haven't had the time to go back and read ALL the posts I have missed, but MyOwn, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and I hope for the best.

06-14-2006, 06:24 AM
Oki doki...I´ve decided that I´m addicted to :censored: ...............and my husband is not doing me any favors, because he´s always bringing me some...on the upside, I´ve done well on all my other challenges and I´ve lost my first post-pms pound!


06-14-2006, 06:57 AM
Okay, I made it through another day. Dragged my self to the gym and jogged a bit, only 3K and did the crunches, but I still have work to least it was a good break! So, Day 14 is done! Day 2 is gonna be real soon! :hat:


ktgk -- Well, now, I forgot what your taboo food was...tell me quick! What is it with boyfriends, husbands that they just have to try to undermine you?! :dunno: Is it the only way they can think of to please you? Beats me! Good for you kt, for looking on the bright side and congrats on keeping to the other challenges! :cp: Excellent going on the post-pms pound loss! Hurrah! :encore:

jolly -- I'm so glad to see you back! :wave: It's good to take a hiatus sometimes, eh? Are you back and stoked?! :flow1: Well, just being back is fine with me! :yes: Good luck! :goodluck:

Shad -- I don't know. I think Japan has done pretty well in past years at least. I don't really have an idea and they looked pretty bad in the Aussie game. Didn't even deserve that first goal from what I hear, but who cares?! I'm a football fan myself, and I mean FOOTBALL, not soccer. Do I have to say American football? :barf: Yeah, rugby is cool too! :cheer: So, what is this SAP stuff you're terrorizing the boys with? You naughty, vicious woman! :nono:

MyOwn -- I'm glad you're back and I do hope for the best with your father. :hug: Keep going on those crunches. Take it easy when you're not feeling too hot and go harder, slower and hold for the burn when you're raring to go! It's not so bad, get to lie down and do them... ;) Thanks for the encouragement! :sunny:

Rebeca -- Come on, girl!! DON'T screw up!! :nono: You can't! You MUST, I repeat, MUST complete this challenge. You are too, too far along. You can run in place if a storm catches you again. Ok?! Or run in the storm with your mouth open to catch the raindrops and kill two birds with one stone! :lol: Yeah, I guess living in Japan is an experience...I've been here so long I am surprised at things elsewhere now, not here. I need to get out to other countries more..but can't...just can't afford it...still, with the Net these's sooo different than when I first came to Japan and hungered for English books etc. Well, I'm getting near finished with the story. In fact, I sent out what is likely to be the final draft to the guy I'm writing about and he just called to say he liked it. So that is a big relief. Then it'll be off to the editor tonight to await his decision. I hope he likes it and doesn't change much. That is the worst, to have things changed around a lot. cringe....cringe...I'm glad I'm a motivating force for you, Rebeca. It's that kind of thing that keeps me going, when people say something, so thank you! :thanks: Actually, as for writing, I do all sorts, but I do a lot about horseracing and the industry here. This is the current story, about a foreign breeder here. But I also do other single source interviews with company presidents and such. A lot is horseracing related though, which is good because I have this niche and because there are not many people who can get the story in Japanese and write in good English, I have an edge. I would like to be able to do more as not to limit myself. Then again, if I have the niche, I suppose I could milk it. I am thinking of starting up my Website related to racing here...been saying that for a long time now...hahahaha. Well, I am inspired by your energy too Rebeca! Keep up the good work! :)

:dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

06-14-2006, 07:10 AM
Morning all. :yawn: I am up and checking in before off to the gym. Then to another day. Will be running on little sleep for the next week and a half - I have a friend's horse to show, so have to make time to drive an hour away to ride him before the show. :fr: It's cool that they asked me though.

Yes, Red, I am back and stoked. :jig: I am reading Dr. Phil's book right now. Several people have recommended it based on his principles - however, I have to admit I have a hard time getting past the fact that I think he is a bit of an arrogant :ink: Whatever works though. And congrats to you :cb: for getting to the gym. Anything is better than no workout at all. You did it!

KT - congrats on losing some PMS weight. You have to love what our bodies put us through.

Everyone else - have a great day, and I will try to check in tonight when I get home. :wave:

06-14-2006, 08:48 AM
Good morning girlies

Well my back is sore but that is no excuse and the crunches are done for today :carrot: . 2 down and 19 to go and since I am feeling so confident this time around I give myself one more challenge.........drink 64oz of water a day. That one is not too hard for me so I think I will see it through.

A challenge that I am thinking about starting tomorrow is quiting smoking but that wouldn't be a 21 day challenge but a lifetime challenge. I didn't want to quit until after my SIL's wedding for I know there is a tendency to gain weight and I have a dress to fit into however with being here and watching what I eat I figure maybe I should just go for it or maybe I should wait.....oh crap I don't know.....will keep ya posted on that one:dizzy:

rebeca, I am with you on the no lights and dancing, I think I look alot better with the lights out ;)

jolly, good luck with your 2 challenges, they are good ones!! Hope you had a good workout at the gym. Thanks for your kind words, it is such a worry but then that is life isn't it.......

ktgk, husbands are a pain in the butt this way. Mine will decided he wants treats then puts them in the cupboard because he decides he will have them later (days later) and then I am stuck with all these bad foods in the house calling my name. I have zero will power at times like that which is why I keep my cupboards bare of those things. I think I am going to tell him that if he wants some he better get single serving sizes and eat them the same day or don't get it at all!!!!!

red, way to go!!! You are doing great, only 7 days to go :carrot: , you're in the home stretch now.

That's it for me now, I have kids who need breakfast and then school work to get them busy with. Only 7 more days until summer holidays yahhhhhhh :carrot:

06-14-2006, 10:36 AM
Good Morning Everyone- What a wonder over the hump day hun?

1) Exercise daily (at least 20 min) 19 days done!
2) Drink 64oz of water (at least) 19 days done! (Level 1)

There are only 2 days left for my challenges and I am starting to think of greater ones for next time...I am open for ideas.

Red- Thanks a bunch! Living in another country is such a great experience. I been in the US for 5 years and those were the most experienced years in my life. We learn so much about ourselves when we are exposed to such adventures, and we become so much more than we ever thought we would! I too wish to visit other countries but the $$$ wont allow me to do it...In December my DH and I are going to Brazil, it will be his first time and I havent been there for 5 years so its going to be so great!

06-14-2006, 10:40 AM
myown and ktg- I married a italian man whos idea of fitness is to subscribe Man's health! He is 6-1 and ONLY weights 170lbs!!!!! He eats pasta with every meal and doesnt go one day without a potato! Since he does the shoppign I cant say anything about it, so i put everything in one cabinet where i dont look much and try not to think about it! The kids in the neighbohood love coming over because they know Nick is full of junk for them! Then I wonder where did the 40lbs i gained came from!

Apple Blossom
06-14-2006, 05:20 PM
Hello everyone! I'm back!!!! I finally joined Butterfly Life (similar to Curves) I have been going for almost 5 weeks, at least 4 times a week. I like going, it's definately a nice get away from my family, if nothing else. But I haven't lost ANY weight. Nil. Zilch. Zero. My husband says he notices a difference. Actually, I notice a difference too. I have definately firmed up. I may have even increased my biceps a tad, but all the flab underneath is still hanging out. But I haven't lost and my clothes fit the same. I believe that part of the problem is that weight lifting doesn't really burn a whole lot of calories, although I haven't really checked into that. I've just started jog/walking to add some cardio. But I haven't changed my eating habits. It's just like Red recently mentioned. I have to control the incoming calories. So my challenge will be the dreaded, extemely difficult virtually impossible NO BEER. I can hear Carla and Red laughing from here.:rofl: Well, here we go....
Hello to Jolly, Shad, Carla, Sushi and Red of course. Missed you guys. Hello Rebeca, MyOwn, ktgk and anyone else I haven't met. Looking forward to getting through our challenges together!

06-14-2006, 10:36 PM
HEllo all - Day 1 of follow menu successfully met. I will have to restart the no soda challenge tomorrow:o I was having a tough day, and really needed to self medicate. I know it was wrong, but it was so bad, I knew if I didn't let myself "splurge" on a diet decaf soda, I would end up with something worse.

Gym workout was great, though a lot of isolated inner thigh moves with weights. Can you say sore??

Have a good one all. Talk more tomorrow.

06-15-2006, 12:06 AM

Could I join up? I have a mini-goal to lose 10 lbs by July 25th [my 49th birthday]. I've got 3 challenges:

1--Do my Slim in Six exercise video 6 days/week and a long walk on day 7 [level 3, fer shure]

2--Drink 64 oz. of water a day [level 1]

3--No eating after 10pm [I'm on second shift so that's not as late as it sounds for me...] Another level 3. Maybe level 4!!!

Today was my Day 1 and I did all 3. 20 more to go........

Onward! Diana

06-15-2006, 07:24 AM
Good morning all, and :welcome: to Diana. Good luck with your challenges.

Just want to wish everyone a wonderful, incredible, challenge met day. I'm off to the gym.

06-15-2006, 08:47 AM
:welcome3: diana

i've done day 15 of my exercise but my eating is stil wildly out of control, ditto the drinking. anything that can go in my mouth is. i am craving fizzy drinks and wine as well as food. bad news. on monday one of my diet buddies is joining me in a detox to try and cut sugar and high GI foods to get back on track. i could do apple blossom's no beer (hate the stuff) but no wine and soda - i don't think so!!!

jolly ~ well done on the diet and exercise

myown ~ quitting smoking would be a great health move. start with 21 days and take it from there. i hope you decide to do it!!!

red and everyone else :wave: keep up the good work. catch you all soon

06-15-2006, 09:17 AM
Hello everyone,

Welcome Diana, I hope you enjoy this supportive group and good luck with the challenges.

day 3 crunches done.....18 more to gp
day 1 water done......20 more to go

sweet pea, I decided against the quit smoking challenge for now. The fear of putting on weight which I am trying so hard to shed is to big for me to do it. Just a couple more months until the wedding and then I will tackle that challenge. Great work with the exercise challenge... not that much longer now.

jolly, good girl for following your menu.....bad girl for drinking the soda but hey if your going to do it might as well be at the beginning of the challenge ;)
Have fun at the gym!

Apple, good luck with the no beer challenge and I look forward to seeing more posts from you.

Rebeca, my brothers are like your husband, they can eat anything and want to put on weight but can't seem to no matter what they eat and my sisters and myself have to be careful not to look at the cake or we gain weight. Oh if only it could be reverse then everyone would be happy.

red, hope all is well with you and that you are crunching and journaling away!!

Must go look after the kiddies


06-15-2006, 10:48 AM
Well I have been away for a while, my schedule at work has changes to some wackiness, my great grandfather passed away, it was TOM, and I have started looking for a condo. Just seemed like one thing after another.

I was going to look at a condo and I managed to eat more than I should have while I was waiting for a train to come. Then later when I was walking up the subway stairs I was huffing and puffing like no tomorrow. Then this morning while checking for house listings. I was thinking I need to just get up and do it, so I did 1 mile ( I was up to three before everything came to a crashing halt)

So level 2 excercise everyday challenge day 1 complete.

Hope everything is going ok for everyone else. I'll check through the posting later.


Apple Blossom
06-15-2006, 01:45 PM
Hi Obie! Wat to get back on it! You'll be back to 3 miles before you know it!
My makes sense to face one battle at a time. With the confidence you gain succeding at one you can carry over to the next and it will seem easier!!
Whoa, I'm being paged to get moving. We're off on a day trip to the ocean. It includes dinner at a brew pub so hello pause #1. (I don't want to start over!!!!) Day One complete by the way...

06-15-2006, 05:53 PM
Ok, we're back from California and I'm trying to catch up with all of you, but I'm so tired it might take a day or two!

I did manage to make some good choices :) on our trip but also made some really bad ones. It's so hard when all family members insisted on cooking 3 meals per day! Though, I think the hardest part was actually all the time on the road. It was about a 16-17 hour drive and we did each way in one day, plus all the driving between relatives. A lot of our eating was through a drive through and we ate on the run! I refuse to get on the scale yet. I'll wait a couple of days and see what the damage is :o .

For now, no challenge. I'm trying to think of something new. Hopefully by Monday I'll be back to normal here and get going on something.

Hope you all are doing well!

06-15-2006, 10:20 PM
Hello all! I had a late night last night and I'm late for work! Must run, but will get back to you all tonight! :yes: I did do my crunches yesterday and journal so Day 15 crunching is done! Day 3 of journaling is done!

Welcome Chic!! :welcome: And hello to our returnees!! :dance: I will talk to you all later! :wave:

06-15-2006, 10:52 PM
Hey Chix!

Again, thanks for the welcome. Today is Day 2, all I have to do now is go to bed without eating after I get out of work. Easier said than done--I have to drive past 5 late night drive-thrus to get home [no alternate route, alas!].

Already I'm a pound down, prolly due to not stuffing myself for a day :o .

Someone asked about my doggies> I've got 2 Cairn Terriers, 2 Irish Jacks, and an English Bulldog. They're my family and my walking coaches!

So. Still at work and gotta go...



06-15-2006, 11:09 PM
Good luck, Diana! You can do it!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

06-16-2006, 12:57 AM
Alright I'm ready to join in! This sounds like an awsome motivator and group of women! I think my first 21-Day Challenge is going to be drinking 100 oz of water a day and taking my dogs for at least a 15 minute walk once a day. Just to be safe on my first challenge I think I will start at a level 3 challenge! I love this thread and I am excited to share my challenge and journey with you all!

06-16-2006, 08:24 AM
Hey all. Day 2 - follow menu was successfully met. I am scrapping the soda challenge for right now. I do plan on taking that challenge on, just not this week. It has not been a good week, and I would rather allow myself something at this point. Plus, I need the energy boost. Sad, I know.

Last night was not a good night. Had a VERY bad ride. My horse decided to completely ignore my presence on his back, and go have a "discussion" with the horse in the pen. I ended up with both stirrups coming off the saddle, pulling a muscle in the back of my thigh as I almost came off the saddle. Got things sorted out, then listened too long to the trainer. Long story short, it was a long painful ride, that may have done more harm than good.

I slept in this morning, and will go to the gym after work to do a gentle workout and see if I can work the kinks out of this muscle. If yes, I will go ride again tonight. If not, I will go on a charity walk.

Have a wonderful day all. And, if anyone sees my Good Karma, please send her home. I need her. She may be hanging out with a group of Motivations, Energies, and Willpowers - they all seem to run away together.


06-16-2006, 09:13 AM
Hey all. Another day is done! I really didn't feel like doing the crunches, but thought, if I have the chance I should. Even if I do have one pause day left. I should save those for when it's just impossible to do them or I totally forget. So, I did them! Hurrah for me! :dizzy:

However, I'm afraid it's been a hard day and I am beat and ready for sleep. Will have to get back to you all tomorrow, my Saturday. Take care. Don't let those Friday night blues get to anyone, you hear?! :nono: Later, beautiful people! :wave:

Welcome aboard, Pink! :welcome3:


06-16-2006, 10:36 AM
1) Exercise daily (at least 20 min) 21 days done!
2) Drink 64oz of water (at least) 21 days done! (Level 1)


Did 60min aerobics class today and i am exhausted! Had a 16hrs day yesterday, so i am proud of myself!!!

Good luck ladies with your challenges and keep it up!
I am getting a FREEEEE weekend and on monday i will come back with new challenges!!!!

Apple Blossom
06-16-2006, 03:05 PM
REBECA!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!!
:cp: :hat: :cp: :hat: :high: :cheers:
:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

06-16-2006, 03:36 PM
Thanks Apple- are you sooo supportive...

06-16-2006, 06:43 PM
:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

:cp: :cp: :cp: Rebeca has done it!! :cp: :cp: :cp:
Movin' that bod for 21 days straight!!! AND drinking that water!!
Here's the champion's dance comin' at you!

:dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:
:dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:
:dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:
:encore: :encore:CONGRATULATIONS!!!:encore: :encore:

06-17-2006, 02:10 AM
Day One is over and achieved! I drank my 100 oz's of water and I went on a 45 minnute walk! I guess the only alteration I think I'm going to make on my challenge is to change my 15 minutes a day walking goal to 15 minutes of any exercise... as weather and heat might imped on my challenge. Other than that I'm excited to contuine!!

Cogratulations Rebeca!!

06-17-2006, 02:24 AM
Great going, Pink! :cp: Good adjustment to the challenge too! :yes: I can see you're planning ahead, planning for success and that is good, good stuff! :dizzy:


Sushi Penguin
06-17-2006, 07:04 AM
Quick challenge recap, before I get totally lost with all of them... :lol:

no chocolate, no "cheddars", food log - completing Day 13 on all three today, no pause days taken
no food after 7 pm - completing Day 9 today (took a pause day on Wednesday)
getting up before 8 am - completed Day 4 yesterday, and then slept in this morning... counting that as another pause day, my second one, so now just one left for the remaining 16 days, hey, I think this challenge will need a restart soon! :lol:
daily exercise - don't really know what's going on here... :oops:

06-17-2006, 08:46 AM
Not much action around here..... :( Where do you all go? It seems when I can read away, no one is here....when I can't, the place is bombarded with posts! :eek:

Well, Day 17 is done!!! :cb: Day 5 is done!!!! Crunch and write, crunch and write! :dizzy: The journaling is good. I hate it and I hate seeing all the junk I put in my mouth, BUT that's what I I can look and it and stop saying...Why?!?!?! Why am I so fat? How did I gain all this weight? I don't eat that much!! :dunno: :shrug: :?: I'll have this proof sitting in front of me and it will answer..."Well, because you ate THAT and THAT and THAT and because you eat WAY too much and, yes, you DO eat that much and more!!!! :mad: incorrigible numbskull!!!! That's me talking to myself....well, it's my :drill: inner drill sergeant.
Ok, I'm babbling..see what I do when I'm tired and stressed and some jerk is singing opera upstairs or nextdoor...nextdoor is smack up against my building too....paper walls, all that...:stress:

Sushi, wake up!!!! :lol3:

06-17-2006, 10:37 AM
Saturday Morning! YAY! for the weekend!!! Red--I'm a big weekend poster so I'll be here.

First off:

!!!GRATZ!!! to Rebeca for that perfect 21 day stretch! What an inspiration!

:flame: You SMOKED it!!! :flame:

For me it is Day 4 and I'm still on track. Did my video 3x and a 45 min. walk 1x. Drank all the water and did OK on the night eating but had to take a puase day last night. I got out of work just frantically hungry and my route goes past 5 late nite drive thrus. I got a 1 serving bag of pretzels and wolfed it down--that got me past the drive thrus at least. So it was kind of a half-success, I guess. :o

It is simply a gorgeous day here--I'm sitting out on the deck overlooking the lake. Tonight looks like a good night to sleep out in the hammock! I have to finish a Father's Day quilt today so I'll be doing that most all day. After a busy work week, it's SO nice to hang around the house....

Trying to stay out of trouble this weekend so I can post a decent weigh in Monday!


JCT Mom of 3
06-17-2006, 07:22 PM

HI HI HI ALL!!!!!!!

I am back to get my BUTT ON THE WAGON.... and not bog down the horses!!!

RED!!!!!!!!!!! MY FEARLESS :drill: How are you honey?!

I am doing well... school starts up again next week, but I am hoping that I can stay on track AND include weightloss this quarter.

I am only starting two challenges this time....
#1: 48oz H2O EVERYDAY - noting else until I get my watta down. Level 2
#2: Daily walk and/or yard work. This will help my kids as well as me, because they always behave better when I don't have them cooped up all day.


06-18-2006, 06:51 AM
Day 18 is done with the crunches!! Hurrah for me! :cb: Day 6 will be done with the journal as well!! Hurrah for me again! :cb:

Well, I was able to ride, even though it was raining a bit. Afterward I dragged myself to the gym, jogged 3K and then did some chest, back, leg work and the crunches, then walked the 50 min. home! So I am set for exercise. Just realized tomorrow the gym is closed in the morning so that's kind of nice... :) I will be sore tomorrow and the Japan World Cup match is on tonight, which means there will be screaming and pounding from upstairs keeping me awake. Oh well....if they lose tonight they're out. Go, Nippon!

Well, I sure hope North Korea doesn't drop a missile on looks a bit scary.... :yikes:


JCT -- Is that really you!?!?! :eek: Wow! So glad to see you back. Glad to hear you are raring to go. Just what have you been doing with those horses? Let them run! I want that wagon moving at a nice clip. Pick up the reins and giddyup!! Your challenges sound good. Chugging water is something I just love to do anyhow. You can do it! And go for that daily walk/work. You bet the kids will behave better. Good luck! :goodluck:

Chic -- Congrats on getting to Day 4. I take it all your challenges are separate, right? A bag of pretz isn't so bad...of course, just how big a bag was it? ;) Are you going to try to plan for those frantic hungry times? Bring some fruit, already cut up. That always fact, I think I'll get me an apple right now....

Sushi -- How's it going? Great going on 13, 9 and 4...
So, what IS going on with the exercise, you multiple challenger, you!

jolly -- Find Karma yet? I hope so. How are you doing? Are you past Day 2 yet? Ooh, sounds scary with that ride the other day. Are you ok? What happened? Both stirrups came off but you didn't fall off? How'd you manage that? Hope you can work out whatever was the problem.

Apple -- Glad you're back with us. :yes: How's it going? A brew pub...uh oh! I won't laugh. You are brave. I should be doing the same just to get this fat off....but I think I may make it a week challenge or something...not on here.

Obsidian -- I'm sorry I didn't read your post well before and now I see about your great grandfather. I'm very sorry to hear about his death. How are you doing? :hug: How is the challenge? Make any progress or is it a restart?

MyOwn -- How are those crunches coming along? Downing that water? I hope so! :flow1:

Boy, I'm already feeling it. I'm beat! Going to take a nap before the soccer revelry wakes me up. Wish I didn't have to care about the calories or I'd get a few cans of the brew...ooopssss! That constitutes food porn! Bad!! :nono: Sorry Apple! dj, Rebeca, sweet hope to see you back soon!

06-18-2006, 08:18 AM
Hello everyone :wave:

I am still here and plugging away, just had a REALLY busy couple of days and yesterday had to take a pause day on my crunches so I stand at

day 5 crunches done.....16 more to gp
day 3 water done......18 more to go

I am also adding another challenge because I need to pick up the pace abit with this wedding coming up faster then I would like. Sooooo I am going to add doing Billy Blanks Contact DVD every evening which will be a level 3 for me. That should be a real calorie burner and if I can keep :censored: out of my mouth, I will be laughing.

I had a quick read over everyones posts, nice to see people returning, more people to get to know, to kick me in the pants and to support...thats fantastic!!

A big hardy CONGRATULATIONS Rebeca on completing your challenges you are truly inspirational!!!

As for everyone else good luck with your challenges and hope you have a great rest of the week-end.

Oh Sweet Pea, hope all is good with you and your watching that eating and keeping up with the exercise!!!:D


06-18-2006, 10:02 AM
Good Morning!

Amazing Victory to report:

Yesterday went shopping w/DH looking for furniture and appliances--we were out all day [he's the tireless shopper, not me]. I had a decent breakfast before we went and brought a big bottle of water.

He went thru the drive-thru at BK and ordered lunch. I had a diet pop. Later we went to another drive thru for 'second lunch' and I had coffee, apple and rice cakes. Finally, he went thru KRISPY KREME, fer cryin' out loud :fr: Me? I had another coffee and a stick of gum.

Held on until we got home at 7pm and I could make us a lo-cal version of taco salad. By that point, even my shoe would've tasted divine!!!!

My inspiration was how blob-ey I looked while trying on size 6's I could no longer wear when we cruised Goodwill. And I stood in front of the "Nutrition Information" poster while waiting at Burger King ;) That was enough to keep me safe!

Wow. Was that ME?????????? I am so pleased with myself I could PURR!!!

Diana :D

06-18-2006, 06:26 PM
Oh, Diana, your saves sounded just great. It does help, doesn't it, when things like calorie counts stare you in the face. When I am in a slump I refuse to look at them. How self-defeating is that?! :lol: I think it would have been good if you could have gotten some more filling food in you before you got so hungry, but, heh, sometimes it doesn't hurt to be hungry I guess. And since...I take did NOT throw all care to the four winds later, I'd say you came out a winner. At your weight, that's not easy! Those last few pounds are killers. You, Chic, are alive and kickin'!! :bravo:

MyOwn -- So happy to hear you are still going strong! :yes:

Apple Blossom
06-18-2006, 06:51 PM
OK, OK...don't laugh to hard....tomorrow I'll be back to day one. I forgot about fathers day and it's a tradition to drink "Big Daddy" IPA (from a brewery in SF) I'm going to add a water challenge too, so maybe I can actually complete something.;)
Hey Red! Good to here you're rolling along with your challenge. I smell success.....I hear you about thinking you don't eat alot and then on closer inspection:mag: it all adds up to too much. If we cut little bits out and resist temptation here and there, we can do it!!!
JCT!! Great to here from you again! Lets go!!
Chic....I don't know if I would have made it through 3 drive thrus....wat to go! I admire your self control!!!!
My Own...good idea with the videos....I'm planning on doing a video everytime I go to work out next week. Calorie burn yeah!!:woops:
Hello to everyone else out there! Happy Fathers day!!!

06-18-2006, 06:58 PM
No one's laughing, Apple! You have to have fun on special occasions. Just buckle down when it's not so special. And, thanks for your encouragement. This challenge has really helped me stick to the crunching. There is NO way I would have done them on many days, but knowing it would allow me to notch another day just got me down! down on the floor to do them! :D And, yes, the journaling is really helping too. I am also taking my measurements and the total loss over the past week (actually 5 days) is 9 cm off, that's 3 1/2 inches!! :dizzy: That's over 8 different measurements I took and one had a gain (probably mistook it but it may be due to muscle...was my arms so I don't care). Weight is down a kilo from last week! :sunny:

06-18-2006, 10:23 PM
Hi all. Sorry I have been MIA. :ink: That's all I have to say :ink: :ink:

Oh wait . . . :moo: That probably fits too. A :moo: and a couple of :sumo: :sumo: Which means tomorrows :goodscale: will lead to :fr: :yikes: :stress: and a lot of :cry: :cry: :cry:

I am off to have a :coffee2: Will check in tomorrow.

JCT Mom of 3
06-19-2006, 12:10 AM
LOL HI ALL!!!!! THanks for the good ol' boot in the arse :drill: RED!!!!!!! I knew I could count on you!!
HI APPLE!!!!!! You are doing great!!!!!!

JOLLY!!!!! YAY GIRL!!!!! You are back, I am back... lets punch out these challenges together!!!!!!!!!
Hugs all.... I am off to guzzle more water and read to my babies. HUGS!!!!!!!! :group:

#1 h2o: Day 1 complete!
#2 walk/work: Day 1.... does a 1hr walk at walmart count??? I was waitng for my ex to bring me my girls:P

06-19-2006, 12:21 AM
Day 3 Done!!! 100oz of water a day and 15 minutes of exercise!!! Not a whole lot new to tell... I spent the whole day cleaning, organizing and getting rid of things. Feels so good to have things in order and to get rid of those things which I know I will never wear/use again yet seem to hold on to... lots done today... ready for bed!

06-19-2006, 06:56 AM
Day 19 of exercise done. 2 days to go. feeling good about it
but i am exhausted in general, not sleeping and have a lot on my plate. a court case tmrw so i can't stay to chat

hope you are all well. keep strong. i'll be back in a couple of days after the first round of hearings are over

06-19-2006, 08:34 AM
Day 19 is done with crunches! Day 7 is soon to be done with the journaling. I only have two more days to go on the crunches and one pause day. I have to have a busy couple days over the next two, but there is always time to do the crunches. The only time I don't is when I forget or when I come! :crazy:

Today was not a very nice day as I just learned that my uncle passed away. It was sudden and my father had to find him when the neighbors said they hadn't seen him. My father drove the long trip to NY and found him in the wee hours of the morning....That's why when I called him this morning to wish him Happy's Father's Day, he wasn't there....then, just as I was leaving to go to work I got an email from my sister explaining what was I was not in a nice mood all day at work. I would have just liked to stay home, but what can I do? I was leaving a bit early to walk some of the way as I couldn't get to the gym. I did that and though I felt very tired today, it may have made things home, did my crunches...have to try to get in touch with my father now.... it makes it all the harder being so far away. I can't just hop a plane at full-fare. I'll just have to remember him here in my own way... :(

But life goes on... :^:

I'm glad to have you all here... :hug:


sweet -- That's amazing that your challenge is almost through! Great for you! You SHOULD feel good about that! :bravo: Hope the court stuff goes your way!

Pink -- Congrats on the water and exercise! :cp: Your cleaning sounds wonderful and something I really, really need to do! Keep up the good work!

JCT -- Whaddya mean? "a boot in the arse?! :dunno: That was a loving tickle! :lol: And yes, you can count on me!!....usually. ;) I sure hope you come in here and post lots. Things have been quiet and we need your escapades to keep us all entertained! And, yes, walking at the mart counts! :yes:

jolly -- Well, I don't know what all those cute little piggies mean...but they sure were cute! ;) :coach: I expect to hear good things from you real soon! :yes:

MyOwn -- Wow! another challenge! What is this Billy Blanks Contact? Is that a type of martial arts video? You must remember, I am very out of the loop!

Sushi Penguin
06-19-2006, 09:00 AM
Red, to answer your question... ;) ...nothing is going on... with the exercise, I mean! :lol: :oops:

06-19-2006, 10:44 AM
Good morning all. Red, sorry to hear about your Uncle. Glad you were able to get some walking and your crunches in. And the piggies were not meant to be cute - that is how I was eating and feeling. :ink:

JCT - glad to see you back. Good luck with your challenges. Everyone else, good job on your challenges!!

OK. So, back to business, again.

Challenges, start 6/19/06. All level 3's.
1) Follow menu, under 2000 calories.
3) do ab/core work daily at home.

I think I am going to add in a money goal too. Not directly related to weight loss, but I want to become financially healthy too. And let's face it, most of what I blow money on is food that is bad for me :(

Have a good day all.

06-19-2006, 12:19 PM
Ok, it's Monday and time to get back into my routine of logging my food and working out. Since we started on this new flooring in our house (still not done), I have not been logging my food into fitday and my working out has been sporadic at best! Traveling to California topped everything off! I'm scared to even get on the scale. :fr: Oh well, I've taken breaks before and had a couple of backslides and I always managed to get back on track and here I go again!

My new challenges are meant to just get me back into the swing of things.

1. log all food in fitday, Level 1

2. At least 30 minutes of some sort of exercise everyday, Level 3.
I'm going to count any kind of exercise that is beyond the everyday activities such as normal house cleaning. Definitely will count laying flooring as exercise, it's hard work!

Both these challenges are normally routine for me, but since I've slacked off lately, I will use these 21 days to get me out of this rut I've fallen into.

Red - sorry to hear about your uncle! :hug: Hope you got a hold of your father. I know how hard it is to live away from your family. I'm not as far as Japan, but even traveling to California for me is hard financially.

Good job on your challenges!

Jolly - I hear you on the :ink: That's about how I feel right now! Let's both get back into it!

Hope everyone else is doing well. I'm still trying to catch up with all your posts but I'll get back into reading and posting myself.


06-19-2006, 12:20 PM
Good Monday Morning Everyone-
Ohhhh I miss the weekend already!

Red- I am so sorry about your uncle and you missing your father! I know exactly how it feels to live far away from people you love. It can be very hard but I am sure he is proud of you making it in Japan!!! Parts of him will always be with you dont matter where you are!

I am not sure what challenges to do, i dont want to get too fancy with it and not being able to complete it!

1) 64oz water daily Level 1
2) 30min of exercise daily Level 2
3) 50 crunches daily Level 3

06-19-2006, 02:37 PM
Since I'm not sure if we have a group weigh in, I'm calling Monday my own Weigh In Day [it keeps me on track for the weekend]. So my first weigh in I'm down 2 pounds. Hot Diggety!!! A whole week of success!

Sunday we had a 2 1/2 mile procession for our Church so I called that my exercise for the day. I fell on a sewer topper and gashed my knee so I can't do my video this week cuz you're on your knees for a part of it--so I'll just be walking this week.

Today I did a really fast 30 min walk. That's it so far...

Sounds like we're all up for the coming week--YAY!

Red, my condolences on your uncle's passing.


JCT Mom of 3
06-19-2006, 06:05 PM
Today is the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!! So......... I spent the morning sleeping in.... HotSpotting my kids' room, making up math and reading flash cards, and pulling weeds! YAY!!!!!!

Red, I am so sorry about your Uncle. Were he and your father close? Memorials are no fun, we just had on for a young neighbor kid this weekend. Keep your chin up and know that we are here for you. :hug:

My challenges are going well... did my yard workout today.... squat, pull, stand, throw, squat, pull, ect... and I am CHUGGING the water :halffull: LOL

Well ladies. I have to go make sure my little monsters aren't into things they shouldn't be. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1 H2O : Day 2 complete
#2 Walk/Yardwork : Day 2 complete

06-19-2006, 11:02 PM
Hey all. Day 1, all three challenges successfully met.

Sorry keeping this short. I am very tired and heading to bed. Have a great one everyone :wave:

06-19-2006, 11:29 PM
Red, so very sorry about your Uncle.

Let’s see day four… successful with my daily exercise… definitely a pause day with the water.

What an emotional day, the best and the worst…

I guess I really am in a turning point in my life and getting back to a healthy lifestyle and weight are just what I need to ‘start fresh;. I ended… although I knew it was going to months back… a relationship I had been in for years today. First love, but was never the happiest relationship. He was with me during someone of my roughest times, but it just would never of worked. I stayed with him forever it seems because I honestly didn’t believe I deserved him or anyone else, and he knew that and played on it. But I do deserve more, no matter what weight I am, how messy my situation may be or how much time I have. But it’s over and it’s time for some much needed me time.

On a happier note I also got to spend some time with my most dear friend in the world. We grew up together, lived across the street from one another, worked our first jobs across the street from one another and were inseparable. Time and school physically separated us but tonight it felt like a day had never passed. It’s funny with real friends, you can pick up just where you left off… no matter how much has happened in-between. We had some much need laughs, smiles and memories.

It’s kinda crazy that I’m pouring all this out to all you women but I have found more comfort and understanding on 3FC then I have in years and I hope you all will join with me in my weight loss and life journey into a new me. And I hope you all too will share your successes, slip ups and courage with me as we are all beautiful women, inside and out no matter how hard it is to find sometimes.

06-20-2006, 01:27 AM
Hello, everyone and thank all of you who expressed your condolences. That was really sweet of you.. :hug: I am doing a flyby here because I just got in and now am rushing to get out and catch a bus up to the racehorse training center, where I'll stay over night and watch the trackwork tomorrow morning. So, I won't be on here for another 24 hours or so. Everyone take care and good luck with your challenges! I'll get back to you all later! :wave:

06-20-2006, 04:35 AM
hi all
really tired and struggling but did day 20 exercise
very stressed with the law case. it was fairly traumatic in court today but i am hanging in there. 7 days until i move

JCT - that's a cute pic, what is it??
red and everyone else - take care of yourselves!

i have to go. i can't keep my eyes open and it's only 730pm :rofl:

06-20-2006, 09:52 AM
Good Morning Everyone-
I have not started my challenge yet! This weeks is going to be very eventful so i wll take it off and officially start it on Monday!

Pink-Great job on breaking that off! Its better to be alone than in bad company! If i hadnt broken off with this guy who I thought was the greatest but didnt do much for me or for our future, i wouldnt have met my husband! So, there is no reason for you to be with someone who is taking up the spot for "THE ONE"!

06-20-2006, 09:54 AM
Good morning all!

Day 1 challenges met. I logged every bite in fitday and did 1/2 hour stepping and 1/2 hour gardening. It really felt good to get moving again, so hopefully, I'll pick right back up on my old workout habits.

PinkSnow - sorry to hear about the relationship, but it sounds like you made a good decision for yourself! We really do deserve more!

JCT - keep up the good work!

Everyone have a great day! :wave:

06-20-2006, 03:07 PM
I just have to drop in a quick mid-day growl. Grrrrrrr. I am having a real hard time with following my menu challenge. Even though I know it is due to stress etc., and I am not even hungry, I am having a real difficult time avoiding the :censored: I really, really want some :censored: And not in any shape or form of moderation. This is not good. YIKES!!!!

My Karma seems to have come back, but if anyone can find my friend Will Power, please tell him I miss him. Will, are you out there???

06-20-2006, 04:11 PM
jolly -:goodvibes:goodvibes:goodvibes good vibes sent your way honey...drink some tea or a cup of coffee and think about something you have a fruit at hand? that will help too...

06-20-2006, 09:25 PM
Hey all.

I have officially fallen off the wagon. Again. Not even dragging behind it at this point. I am sitting on the side of the road, feeling ill from all I ate, and feeling sorry for myself. Poor me. Why is this so hard. Why does THIS always happen to me. Like I have no say in the matter, and am just a victim of circumstance. Honestly, Officer Red Balloon - the food jumped me man, and shoved itself into my mouth. I wasn't looking for it. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is pitiful. Eating healthy is not too difficult. Eating a normal portion size (or heck, even two vs enough for the football team) is not deprivation. I can enjoy all the foods I like, feel full, and feel healthy. I can not continue this way. I need to get a handle on my stress, and on this emotional eating, before I make myself truly ill.


06-20-2006, 11:33 PM
Jolly, speed bumps are always goign to be there but look at all the progress you have made! What a difference 51 pounds!! It was one day off, you can get back on! Tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to loss some weight. What kind of stress is it that is keeping you down? Is there an easy fix to it, or is it something you need to tackle before you move on? Hang in there!!

06-21-2006, 06:49 AM
Day 20 is done for crunches and Day 9 will be soon with the journaling as I've been writing things down today and it's almost over...the day, that is. I can't remember whether I did the crunches yesterday or not. I think maybe not, so I took a pause day. Only one more day left til I'm through with this challenge! :cb:


jolly -- I second Pink. Just get up, dust yourself off and start anew. That's all you can do. Beating yourself up, unless you enjoy it, doesn't do anything for you. And yes, you have come so far. What's a binge or two? :shrug: I'm in a similar situation, shed a few tears wondering if I'll ever lose the weight as it seems whenever I take a bit off, I drink it back on. The beer kind of jumped at me too last night, but heck, I was seeing people I haven't seen in a long time and having fun. I think what bothers me more is that all day long I hung around with someone who never, ever eats, a thin-as-a-rail ex-jockey and the guys were saying how fat she looks. Oh, friggin' give me a break. I wish I was surrounded by big, big people. Then I can at least enjoy what I eat. I hate feeling that eating is bad. It's not bad! And if you want to eat, then do so! Just get that butt in gear and wear it off! No, I hear you. If it's emotional and stress-related, well, there's not much to do but just recognize that you'll have such days, then kick on!

dj -- Congrats on a successful liftoff! :cp:

sweet -- Excellent work! :bravo: Glad to hear you're hanging tough.

Chic -- So happy to hear you were down 2 lbs!! Way to go!! :spin: No, we don't do weigh-ins here as the 21-day challenge isn't necessarily about weight loss. But you feel free to post your weight of course and make Monday your weigh-in day. Keep up the good work! Sorry to hear about the knee. Ouch!

JCT -- will write later...

Pink -- ditto that....


Again, thank you all who mentioned my uncle's death. Your condolences are much appreciated. :hug:

06-21-2006, 07:14 AM
Hey all. just a quick post before i head to the gym.

The stress - just life's little ups and downs really. That is just the excuse. Any little bump in the road, I want to soothe away with food.

What is worrying me is that the last several weeks have been like this. Off and on binging. And the underlying feeling that this is out of my control. It's not. Yesterday's binge was not a social event with more options, that I just couldn't say no to - I drove through the drivethrough for the sweet :censored: I was craving. I drove to the store to get the dinner :censored: I wanted. I did this. Nobody else. And I am not beating myself up for an occasional thing - I am scared because there is nothing occasional about it lately.

I just don't understand why my mind set has changed. What happened between one pound and the next, that I am not making the healthy choices I was a couple weeks ago? This is what I must figure out.

Have a better day all :wave:

06-21-2006, 01:16 PM
jolly- some people might think that i am crazy for saying this: it has happened the same thing with me, i kept cheating and cheating and cheating and didnt lose a lb for the longest have accomplished so much more than I is what i did...i took one weekend OFF and ate everything that was in front of me...stuffed myself with the crap that hasnt touched my mouth in months and on Monday i started off with a brand new attitude...just forget about dieting for 2 diets and get it OUT of your system and you WILL be fine... as long as you get right back to your diet and exercise you will do so much better, see and feel the difference...hope it helps you the same way it has helped me!

06-21-2006, 04:45 PM
Thursday morning here. I'm starting out on my last day of my crunch challenge! :dizzy: Will report in later when they are done! :yes: Journaling was a wrap yesterday as well, so I am starting out on Day 10 there.

Where is everyone again? Let's get the focus back on the challenges here and see some action! :yes:

Later all! :wave:

06-21-2006, 07:08 PM
i did my 21 days yday but i couldn't post last night. i was very cross :mad: i typed everything in but the server was down and it wouldn't post grrrrrr

soooooo i have done 21 days without pause of cardio exercise :cb: :carrot: honestly never thought i could do it so thank you everyone who encouraged me, and prodded me to give it a go and stick with it!!! wahoooooooo

i have to go feed the pets and do some stuff so i will be back this afternoon to see how everyone else is going and catch up on the news. looks like lots is happening. i'm not here much during the day as i have so much to organise with my move etc etc:^:

06-21-2006, 08:38 PM
Day 2 challenges all met. Got in 50 minutes of stepping and logged all food.

Tried to post this morning but server was down I guess. I'll post more in the morning. Got to go!

Have a good one!

06-21-2006, 08:42 PM
Hello all.

First and foremost: :cb: :cb: Way to go, Sweet Pea. You rock! :cb: :cb:

Red, I am here, and trying to focus on my challenges :(

Rebecca, I pretty much have done that the last several weeks:fr: I keep thinking if I get it out of my system, I will be fine. I even took a brief break from here. It just isn't working. I need to find my perspective again.

Pink, I meant to share with you earlier some advice a friend's mother gave me: "you can do miserable alone. If you are with somebody, it had better feel good!" You deserve the best! Don't settle.

I am here. Just trying to get back focused. I think I need to come up with some really small reinforcers for making good choices. Right now, the longer short term goals aren't working. Somehow find a way to reward each day, to build up to a bigger "prize." Any ideas?? I am also considering rejoining TOPS. Again.

My challenges right now:

1) NO soda. Day 3 successfully completed
2) Daily calorie intake under 2000. Day 1 completed.
3) Daily ab/core work at home. Day 1 completed.

I think I will start a 4th one tomorrow -

:drill: :drill: FOOD PORN ALERT. FOOD PORN ALERT. :drill: :drill:
4) NO chocolate, with the exception of sugar free fudgicles, and low fat granola bars. Henceforth, this will be known only as no :censored: but I wanted to outline my "rules." I will start this tomorrow, as I did have one piece of some high priced :censored: someone brought to work. Though, I am happy it was one piece, and I avoided the lesser quality crap that was also there.

So, that is where I am at. Suggestions for how to structure my self reward program would be appreciated. Everyone, have a wonderful day. Take care of yourselves, and remember you deserve only the best! :wave:

06-21-2006, 11:44 PM
Day 6 done on exercise done!... starting over on the water part as someone in my house tempted me by bringing home a whole case of :censored: just after I had cleared it out of the house... which I of course gave into. I started jogging with my dogs for exercise and am happy to get back into the swing of things... seems like forever ago when I played soccer in high school and ran for miles... but I guess it really hasn't been so long. Anywho :cp: to Red and Sweet Pea!! I'm off to work on some papers for class :-(

06-22-2006, 01:39 AM
:cp: :cp: :cp: :woo: :woo: :woo: :cp: :cp: :cp:
Bravo SWEET PEA!!!!
:cp: :cp: :cp: :woo: :woo: :woo: :cp: :cp: :cp:

06-22-2006, 06:35 AM
thank you red!!! i bet you're due for congrats too. amazing i do feel better for the extra exercise. fitness probably only went from 2% to 10% but it's still a big step up

i went to ballroom tonight twice so that was 2 hours of dancing and i'm exhausted LOL. feel like i'm behind time for the packing so have to work on that in the next couple of days

Jolly good look with the no *** if you succeed please tell me how. it is my biggest downfall. for a period i can do fruit but never more than 3 days. i am addicted to sugar. i do have a couple of suggestions. the first is to think about visiting the "chicks in control" section. we have a wonderful group of gals who do a weekly thread trying to be binge free and we all have similar bad habits that are HARD HARD HARD to break.

second forgive yourself. be kind to yourself. as Pink has said you've lost > 50lbs it's a huge achievement. try thinking about the things that have worked well for you (what you've achieved so far) rather than focusing on the things that you are struggling with. you'll get there!!!

dj - well done on your challenges

hey to pink, rebeca, red and everyone else :)

06-22-2006, 06:45 AM
jolly - one more thing you could consider is a food journal...

need columns for:
date, time, why you ate (eg hungry, lunch time, bored), what you ate, how full you were when you finished (scale of 1-5, 5 being bursting), how you felt after eating
patterns e.g. midnight snacks, afternoon lethargy, weekly binge etc
mood cycles, when feel better or worse

sorry just some scrappy notes. very tired have to go to bed

06-22-2006, 07:02 AM
Ok, everyone, I am done with the crunches challenge!! :woo: Hurrah for me! AND, Day 10 is done as well on journaling....or will be soon. As long as I'm up to date now in the evening..and I am....I'll be ok with that. I started really looking at all the food I stick in my face...oh, and further! :mag: I am disgusted that I have sooo much fat on me these days. When I think back some months, I had tons more muscle and less fat...oh I have to remain optimistic, not get that old defeated feeling and just push on, try to still my hand...try to do other things than eat...I can do it....I can do it...I can do it.... :^:


sweet -- Yup, you're right. I've finished the crunches!! And I'm glad you're feeling better with all the exercise you did. You should feel better!! :yes: And, yes, it IS a big step. Bravo to you! :bravo:

Pink -- Well, too bad about the water, but starting over is fine! :dizzy: Excellent work on the exercise. You can get back into shape no matter what your age. Sure, it may not be the same, but so what?! And, I'm sorry to hear about the hard time you're having with your private life..but your attitude indicates you are well on your way to finding someone who is a better fit for you, and, like jolly said, if it doesn't feel good, move on! And, please, pour out anything here. It may take a little while to get back to you...if too long...give us another shout! but yes, we are here for you..or at least I am! :val1: It's so nice to have good friends. It's something I miss these days, but I do have good email friends and that's also certain to bring a smile to my face at times.

jolly -- I'm really glad to see you up and fighting...with new challenges and all...aiming for what you can do...not mulling over what you're doing that's not good...50 lbs is HUGE! no pun intended....there are sure to be times when things don't seem to be working...but IF you keep your eyes on where you want to go, you'll get there! :hug: I'll ponder that reward program. I need one myself.

dj -- Wonderful! Congrats on logging Day 2! 50 mins.!!!! Wow!! :eek: :cb: :dizzy: :twirly:

JCT -- Where are you?! :dunno: Come back here and post! Have you clinched Day 3 or 4 yet? I hope so!! :kickbutt: Yes, thank you for mentioning my uncle. :angel: My father had been caring for him a lot recently, as the uncle's mind seemed to be slipping and my dad was worried and was driving in to care for him a lot. It was a big burden for my dad but he did it happily. I'm sure they were close, but my dad is not one to express such things in words...I'm sorry about the boy in your neighborhood. Did you know him well? Was it an accident, illness? How sad...:(

Ok, everyone, come in and post. Let's hear how those challenges are coming along. Shad, carla, you hanging around out there? Chic, Sushi, MyOwn, Apple, Obsidian, Rebeca, are you there?! :listen:


06-22-2006, 07:26 AM
Good morning all. Just a quick pop in before the gym.

:cb: :cb: Way to go Red!! Congrats on the crunches. You are doing great!!:cb: :cb:

Pink, great job on the running. I really should try to start again. Unfortunately, neither of my furry trainers are up to the challenge. That makes it a bit sad too. it is so hard when they age.

Sweet Pea - I do food journal. I will try to add in the whys and hows of when i eat though. That's a good idea.

Everyone else :wave: Hope to hear from more of you soon. Take care!

06-22-2006, 10:24 AM
I posted on wedesday about a new challege, but I can't seem to find it.. The work out think isn't going to happen everyday as long as I am looking for houses, so my challege for this board is not buying any food except grocery and the salad for lunch every day. I just seem to be eating anything and everything.

So rather than try and pick and choose I am going to try not eat anything I haven't cooked except my salad.

Will post more, later....:carrot:

06-22-2006, 11:02 AM
Good Morning

Day 3 on challenges met. Got another 50 minutes on my step and logged all food. We also worked once again on our flooring. I can't wait until we're done. It's even making my diet hard right now since we are working on our kitchen. For the last 5 days now, I've had no stove/oven or dishwasher and my refridgerator is outside on our deck! Crazy huh?!? :dizzy: We're having to live on microwave food and cold stuff and probably won't have things back together until this weekend. Never thought I'd say it, but, I miss being able to cook!

:bravo: Red and SweetPea! Great job on your challenges! :cp:

Red - YES :yes: , you CAN do it!!!!! And yes, 50 minutes on the step is long! Didn't know if I was going to make it through the workout!

Jolly - your reward program sounds like a good idea. I'll have to think on that one. I could probably use something like that myself. Hopefully we can all help come up with ideas for it.

Everyone have a great day.

06-22-2006, 11:13 AM
Still out here. I've been down with pneumonia for a couple days. It comes on in a heartbeat because of my asthma...No exercise and not watching closely what I eat, but NO CHANGE in my weight, thank Heaven!

Today I'm going back to work--there are only today and tomorrow left and then I start a new job at a new hospital on Monday. Maybe closing on our new house next week too.

I am at least able to think about my eating today and will go back to matching those portions. I'll pick up the exercise again when the lungs clear out.

The rest of y'all keep up the good work--I'm cheering from the sidelines! :cheer:


06-22-2006, 11:39 AM

I am still here making sure everyone is doing their challenges... I just have been sooooo busy with work and little time to post...

Congrats on completing your challenges...

Congrats on keeping up....

06-22-2006, 02:24 PM

my news - as i'm moving house next week i will take a break for a week and be back with a new challenge after the move
jolly good to hear you sounding more positive! i find journalling the reason for eating and mood helps establish patterns and then you can find out why the problems arise. good luck with that

hi obsidian - good luck with controlling your eating

06-22-2006, 06:23 PM
Hi everyone,

I am still around but will be missing for awhile longer, we just recieved the news that my Dad probably only has until Christmas. Anyway not feeling very good and need time to digest this information. I am going for a visit tomorrow and will hopefully be back to start yet again on Monday.


06-22-2006, 07:23 PM
Hi everyone!
I am new to the 21 day challenge thread! This is great thread from what I have read so far... :^:

About me- I am 25 years old and a receant college graduate. I am working in a field unrelated to my degree as this was the only job I was offered for 6 months of looking!! I am just starting again to apply for schools as I am a certified elementary school teacher. (Wish me luck, I need it!) I am located in the U.S. in Michigan.

My starting weight was 256 and am now at 244, but have been on a platue for several weeks. I have decided that I need to count calories in addition to eating according to my plan. I must be eating too much of the approved foods, I don't know what else it could be... well that or the fact I despise exersice an don't do it regularly... hmmmm... interesting food for thought!

Anyway I would like to join your thread with a challenge of my own
Record EVERYTHING I eat and log into Fitday! Level 1

I plan to eat 1600 calories a day...

06-23-2006, 03:48 AM
Hey akacutie!! Welcome!! Looks like we have a few things in common, while I am still in college, I'm also going into education (secondary) and have been told over and over again about the job market when I graduate! Don't give up hope! I hear about people who have applied a million places and just when they think they need to relocate and start over the perfect job falls in their lap! Anywho welcome and good luck on your challenge!

06-23-2006, 06:31 AM
Hey Congratulation Red on completing your challenge.:carrot: :D

Day 2 completed. Seems to be going ok, only thing is I forgot to eat breakfast at home yesterday and was starving by lunch. Going to make some tunafish (I am not a big egg person.

Challenege is alot easier than I thought, but I am sure there will be some kinda of bump later.

HOuse Hunting is going ok,I found something I liked put in an offer, but the guy hasn't signed it because his mother is sick and he is out of town. So I am up at 5am to go to Jersey to look at more stuff just in case.:dizzy:

After reading Jolly's post I thought about the big BUMP I had with my boyfriend this weekend and I was pissed off till I finally talked to him on Tuesday. After that I haven't been so quick to eat the junk. hmmmmm....

Anyway, off to get ready for my 2.5 hour trip before I go to work. Talk to you all later. :carrot:

Sushi Penguin
06-23-2006, 07:25 AM
I haven't been around because I got a temp job... no time to catch up again... This is the state of my challenges (or so I hope - I'm lost...):

1) no chocolate, 2) keeping a food log, 3) no "cheddars" (a form of crackers I tend to overeat) --> completing Day 19 today on all three - yay, I should be done on Sunday! And the best part is that I'm not even craving the crackers or any chocolate, and that I know that the end of the challenge won't be the end of keeping a food log! :)
And lastly 4) no food after 7 pm - completing Day 14 today (took a pause day yesterday, my second one)

No progress with exercise, and I think I gave up the getting up before 8 am challenge because I had to get up before 6 am for work anyway. I think I'll be starting a new exercise challenge in the next few days, and I feel like thinking another challenge as well, but I need to think it up first!

06-23-2006, 10:59 AM
Hey all. I meant to get on here last night, but got home late from a friend's house. Barely did my abs, then went straiight to bed.

Day 4 - no soda, day 2 menu and abs, and day 1-no :censored: all met. AFter thinking about it, I am going to check out the TOPS group near me. I think it might help me get over this bump.

Good luck to everyone - not only with your formal challenges, but dealing successfully with all of life's challenges that get shipped our way: new jobs, new homes, families. And welcome to cutie. We can do it, ladies :wave:

06-23-2006, 11:43 AM
Day 4 challenges met. Logged all food and got 55 minutes of kickboxing and aerobics done.

I've got to get moving. Got company coming shortly. Catch up with you all later. :wave:

06-23-2006, 11:53 AM

Still really sick. Today is my last day at the current job and I'm tempted to call in sick but we just SO need the money. Going to try to drag myself through it. For now I'm sitting around resting and trying to tape myself together enough to go.

Haven't gained anything as I checked this am and feeling like it'll be easy to watch it today too.

This weekend have to do some shopping for kitchen appliances for the new place, maybe get some measurements on the rooms, etc.

I guess this makes my first challenge a bit of a flop :rolleyes: and I know I'll have to start again after I'm well but it sure helps to check in and root for everyone!

Monica--I'll add you and your Dad to my prayers, you have a tough patch ahead of you.

akacutie--Welcome and best of luck with your challenges!;)


06-23-2006, 07:07 PM
Hello again!

Well today is day 2 for my challenge of journaling EVERYTHING I eat in fitday... I binged today on :censored: so I don't have calories left for dinner or a snack later, but I have recored everything, everything... I actually planned dinner and recorded that too... (even though I over 1600 that is not part of my challenge...:^:)

Pink- Thanks for for the welcome! I am willing to move but my mom would be devastated... I keep mentioning to her that I will have to move and she freaks!

Jolly- Congrats, on day 4 of NO SODA! I think that would be hard... I don't drink it everyday, but I like a diet coke now and again...

Diana- Thanks for the welcome!

06-23-2006, 08:37 PM
Diana, thanks so much for your reply, it really made me feel good, which I really needed as I had my visit today and he has taken a turn for the worse and we don't know if he will see the end of the month. It was so difficult to watch his laboured breathing and he could barely lift his arm to fix the glasses on his face, it was heartbreaking for me and my family to see him suffering.

I will still try to return on Monday to face my weight loss challenges.

I wish you all the best and will be back soon.


06-24-2006, 07:12 AM
Hello everyone. Not doing too well here...late night last night and a wash of a day today... :^: Oh well, up and at 'em and will do my journal for today, but will have to take a pause for yesterday as it may not be accurate if I do it now.

I'm going to have to come up with another challenge...well, no problem there, just I don't really feel like doing one now....

I am considering taking a leave of absence from here...think you could handle it on your own?


MyOwn -- Yes, I'm sorry that things are so rough for you now and very sorry to hear things are worse for your father. I really feel for you. Please be strong...try to make your father's last days ones in which he can remember you as happy and loving. That is I think what he needs now. I know it's so hard for you but please do try. :hug:

akacutie -- Hello there and welcome aboard! :welcome: Sorry I have been away since you joined. You're doing a great job journaling and since that's what I'm doing too let's cheer each other on. :cheer: I hope to get to know you better. Best of luck with your challenge and your weight-loss journey. You've already made a terrific start! :sunny:

Chic -- So sorry to hear you've been sick. I sure hope you are feeling better now! :yes: Were you able to get through the day yesterday? I know very much how that feels to need to stay home but need the money more. I'd don't have any paid holidays or sick days and it's something I have to keep in mind and do usually keep in mind, realizing that staying healthy means staying afloat. Thanks for checking in even though you'll be restarting your challenge. We want to hear from you!

dj -- Hello! :wave: Good job on the challenges! :bravo: And thank you for the congratulations! Your kitchen situation doesn't sound fun. How is that going?

jolly -- Thank you for your warm words of encouragement for everyone and the congrats for me. Yes, life's challenges are the really hard ones, aren't they? We must prevail! Excellent work with the challenges! You are doing a wonderful job again! And, yes, I think a group of real live people may help you over this rough spot. I find you inspiring in your determination to carry on and not give in to defeat! :strong: Good luck! :goodluck:

Sushi -- Glad to hear you got a job! :cb: Even gladder to hear you have been continuing on with your challenges with such success! Isn't it wonderful not to feel slave to a craving! Fantastic work! Keep it up! :flow1:

Obsidian -- Thanks for the congrats! :thanks: And congrats to you for notching another day! :cp: Your 2.5 hour trip before work? What is that? Your commuting time?! :eek: Are you and your boyfriend on an even keel again?

sweet pea -- Thanks for the congrats too! I hope your move goes smoothly and look forward to hearing from you again soon! Take care!

Rebeca -- Hello back! :wave: Hope things ease up a bit for you soon so that you won't be so busy. Hope you'll join us again soon! :yes:


06-24-2006, 09:25 AM
Well, I'm back to day 5 today on logging in fitday. The kids and I took the day off to go play and we were gone most of the day. I thought about trying to log my food at the end of they day, but was too tired so I'm taking a pause.

Day 5 on exercise was good though. Part of what we did yesterday was to go play disk golf. That gave me almost 2 hours of walking. Part of it was even pushing a 30 pound 2 year old up steep grassy hills in his stroller when he got tired of walking! Hard work, but fun! I think we all needed a break with all the craziness around here lately.

Red - Sorry things are rough for you right now. Hate to see you take a break from this, but if that is something you feel you need, then take it. Just come back soon!

MyOwn - I'm so sorry about your dad! That's so hard to have to see someone you love not doing well. My prayers are with you. :hug:

akacutie - :welcome: Keep up the good work with the journalling!

citychick - Hope you're feeling better. Don't worry about your challenge being a flop! We've all been there. Just pick things back up as soon as you can.

Hope the rest of you are doing well. :wave:

06-25-2006, 08:47 AM
Hi all. I haven't come up with another challenge yet. Well, I just don't want to immediately start another one. But the journaling challenge continues. I am finishing Day 11. Decided to take my remaining pause days, as the last two days I had not written everything down and could no longer remember for sure. So, I have to do 10 days straight, no pauses! I can do it! :yes:


dj -- Things are sounding good with you. :cp: Thanks for the warm words of encouragement. I feel much better today. Am hoping I can turn a corner. The workplace is like a very bad relationship and things are weighing extremely heavy on my mind. Normally, in a relationship, someone would either be shown the door or I'd be out of it. This isn't possible really right now, well, I'm not ready to do that with work, but what I can do, is cut emotional ties to certain co-workers. That's what I've been thinking I can do at least and I think that has helped me get some calm perspective now. Let's hope it holds! And, I'll hang around here a bit more if I can come up with a challenge that holds my interest. ;)


06-25-2006, 09:51 AM
Day 5 of my challenge is complete although I think I ate a little too much. I managed to avoid going to the various fast food places with about 5 blocks from my house.

Red I'm buying a condo in New Jersey, but I live in the outer reach of NYC. So since things seem to go quickly in my price range, I get up at about 5 am , leave at 6 so I can get to NJ by 9 and look at houses before I have to be at work before noon. I put in an offer on something, but the owner mother just passed away so waiting with all my available body parts crossed.

I don't get home till 8 mon wed and fri, so would be a big ole lie to say I would try and do exercise everyday.

My and the boyfriend are stable, the problem is we live 2 hours away and he is taking advantage of the fact,so I said we can put us on hold until I can move closer to he has to follow some rules and regulations. Surprisingly, He chose the rules and regulations.

I did get up (in the heat, no AC) and do the 2 mile walk so getting back on track


06-25-2006, 09:53 AM
Hello there girls,

Red and djstorey thanks for your thoughts and kind words. This has been a real emotional rollercoaster for now he seems to have snapped out of it. One day he is on the brink of death and two days later he looks like once again he might make it to Christmas. Of course the doctor has warned us that things can change like that over night and not to get our hopes up. But it was so nice to tell him, I love him and hear it back no matter how weak his voice is.

I will be back tomorrow with my challenges and hope that I can stay on track.

Good luck girls

06-25-2006, 01:24 PM
10 days of exercise done!! Lots to do today catch you girls later!

Sushi Penguin
06-26-2006, 07:50 AM
Well, so that's three challenges finished - I've been keeping a food log for three weeks, I've not eaten chocolate for three weeks and I've not eaten those crackers which are so easy to overeat for me!
Finished all those yesterday, actually, without any pause days, but I did an extra day with chocolate today - I drank a cup of hot choc on Saturday, and while that wasn't eating chocolate as such and thus not really a cheat, I wanted to make it up anyway.

Finishing Day 16 on no food after 7 pm, and I think it's Day 1 for a new food logging challenge. I'll see about starting anew on the other two in the next few days.
I'm out of work again, no need to get up in the mornings, so today is also Day 1 on getting up before 8 am. And it was supposed to be Day 1 on an exercise challenge, but I've sort of forgotten about that... so will start tomorrow.
So that's 3 challenges completed, 1 in progress, 2 started and one or two or even three to be started soon.

06-26-2006, 07:58 AM
:cp: :cp: :cp: :woo: :woo: :woo: :cp: :cp: :cp:
:bravo: Triple winner!!! :bravo:
:encore: :encore: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :encore: :encore:
:cb: :cb: :cb: :dancer: :dancer: SUSHI!!!! :dancer: :dancer: :cb: :cb: :cb:

06-26-2006, 08:26 AM
Hi everyone,

Well I am back here like I said I would be with my challenge, which is doing my Billy Blanks contact video which will be a level 3.

WOW Sushi, way to go, congratulations on a job well done.

I gotta run be back soon,

Sushi Penguin
06-26-2006, 09:20 AM
Thanks Red...
I must say the "no food after 7 pm" bit is getting a tough test tonight... I'm awfully hungry for some reason, despite having had a delicious filling dinner...

06-26-2006, 06:26 PM
Busy day today! Just wanted to report in real quick. Days 6 & 7 on exercise are good. No actual workouts but lots of errand running and laying floors, moving appliances around, etc.....

Logging my food on fitday will have to start at day 1 today. We were so busy over the weekend that I didn't get everything logged and couldn't recreate it. Anyways, floors here are pretty much done now and life is slowly getting back to normal so I should be able to do better now.

Hope everyone is doing well! :wave:

06-27-2006, 12:25 AM
Hey ladies, took a pause day on my exercise today but I did do some HEALTHY shopping tonight and ate under my calorie mark! I seem to be a night owl lately... I'll lay in bed hours wide awake. I need to start getting back into a reasonable routine.

Wednesday is my first weigh in day since I started... hopefully I will see some change.

DJ - laying floors... what a workout. I helped my father do a room when my parents built their house and got a good enough workout just helping out!

06-27-2006, 06:56 AM
Hi all. Tuesday evening here. The journaling challenge continues. This is Day 13 and I've been writing away. Yesterday I got to the gym and did crunches and just did them now so I'm starting a new crunch challenge and Day 2 is done!

AND, two more new challenges!!!! I am starting a new phase of CLEAN LIVING! :cb: That means good food, whole grains, brown rice, veggies, fresh veg juice, and, with conditions, no beer, no sugar, no processed foods... :eek: and I must exercise, exercise, exercise. So, Day 1 there.

Also, I am cutting WAY down on caffeine again and making that a separate challenge. ....Okay, today then is Day 1 on the caffeine challenge (level 3). I am allowed one mug of tea, black or green in the afternoon and my regular coffee in the morning, otherwise none! :yes:

With the CLC (clean living challenge) I am allowing myself to be imperfect! But, I will judge whether it was excusable or not...a little here and there of the things I want to stay away from is ok, PROVIDED someone else wanted me to have them (as in socializing where it's rude to refuse), but not when it is up to me, if I can easily say no then I have one is forcing tons of junk down my throat or pint after pint of if I do that to myself it's a no-no! :nono:

Something just clicked yesterday and I decided to really kick A! The past six months or even longer, I've just been slacking so badly. And it is showing, in my skin, my weight, my energy levels...and I just want to clean things up and take years off again.

So, here's the tally:

Journal -- Day 13/no pauses left
Crunch -- Day 2/3 pauses left
Caffeine -- Day 1/3 pauses left
Clean Living -- Day 1/3 pauses left


06-27-2006, 07:35 AM
Day 6 is a wrap, things are going nicely. I have some cravings, but seem doable. Still working on getting the condo and the boyfriend is helping me not pull my hair out over that. Hope everyone is going ok with everyones challenges.

Red, glad you're still around.

06-27-2006, 07:48 AM
Obsidian -- Hi there! :wave: Yeah, thanks...I decided to jump in and go stronger than ever...must be all that energy from the good food I'm eating! :yes: Glad to hear your challenge is going well! :bravo: for notching Day 6! Hope the condo works out..sweet of the boyfriend! :val2: That was a great save not going to the fast food places!! Those places are evil! :devil:

dj -- Good for you for keeping going! :cp: Glad to hear things are getting back to normal! :yes: Too bad about the food logging challenge, but nothing is really lost! Remember that! :spin:

Sushi -- Any time, Sushi! :encore: How did the after 7 challenge go on that hungry night?

MyOwn -- Welcome back! Tell me, what/who is Billy Blanks? Contact video? Is this a martial art of sorts?

Pink -- Glad to hear about that healthy shopping! :sunny: How did the weigh-in go? :goodscale: Great going on ten days down!! :bravo:

Others?!?!? Where are you?! :dunno: Come in and tell us what's up! It's no magic... :wizard: ...just hard work...that's gonna get you where you wanna go!

06-27-2006, 12:17 PM
hEY rED!!! pLS Dont leave us...we will be missing you so much...

no one can kick my @$$ like you ...LOL

sorry I havent been here much, lately i have no energy for nothing...i am starting to think that i have iron deficiency or something is missing in my diet...well hope you guyz still going strong on your challenges....

06-27-2006, 05:11 PM
Hi everyone!

Day 8 on exercise was good. More laying floors (almost done), cleaning, moving furniture etc.... Day 1 logging food also good.

Things are finally getting somewhat normal around here. I actually have my kitchen put back together! I have a stove to cook on again and my dishwasher too, so now my 2 teens can quit complaining about washing dishes by hand! All we really have left to do now is get baseboards back on all the walls and put all the furniture back. Easy compared to what we've done already.

Red - glad to hear you'll be staying with us with new challenges! Way to go!!!!

Pink - I never suspected that laying floor would be so hard! Don't know if I would ever do it again either. Good luck on the weigh in!

Rebeca - hope you figure out where your energy went. Sometimes it seems though that it suddenly comes back for no reason that you can figure out.

Obsidian, MyOwn, Sushi - keep up the good work!

Hi to everyone that I missed. Got to get in my workout before my little wakes up from his nap.


06-27-2006, 06:28 PM
Rebeca -- What are you eating? All that exercise. You have to eat good, good food, cut out sugar and garbage. Are you?

06-27-2006, 11:30 PM
Back off my pause day and going strong! I played tennis tonight with an old friend for 45 minutes and went jogging with the dogs for 20 mintues on top of that, way passed my 15 min/day challenge! Feeling good and feel like I'm making some progress finally!... hopefully the scale will show that in the morning! Night girls!

Keep with it Rebecca, you can pull out of this funk! Sometimes it takes me getting up and out exercising for me to get back my energy! Stay with it!

06-28-2006, 12:10 AM
i all
i won't be around for a while. turns out there is a delay in transferring broadband DSL to the new address so i will be without service a week GRRRR

06-28-2006, 09:13 AM
Day 9 on exercise went well, got in 30 minutes of stepping and 15 minutes of kick boxing.

Day 2 logging food was good too.

Hope you are all doing good with your challenges. I'm going to get ready and go for a walk.

Have a great day!

06-28-2006, 11:08 AM
Yesterday was a pause day. I decided to deal with the cravings so this is Day 7. Boyfriend got activated (he is in the national guard) to deal with the flooding in PA. I would have sworn I had a small heart attack when he said he was activated, but before he could explain it was to deal with the flooding.

Anyway, Red and DJstorey glad to see challeneges are going well

Everyone good luck on your challenges.

06-28-2006, 10:05 PM
Hello all. 10 a.m. here and having a late morning. Just did my crunches. Figured I'd get them out of the way in the a.m. Yesterday was clear too and yesterday was a clear on the three other challenges as well! :woo: I got to the gym in the morning before work and was a gem at lunch, making an interesting bowl of brown rice, miso soup and tofu. I had brought some leftover brown rice with chestnuts and other things, like shiitake mushrooms and barley and mixed that with some beans for a snack after the gym when I got to the office. I was flying high. The lack of caffeine was dragging me down a bit in the afternoon and I was getting stomach cramps, but my allowed mug of tea took care of that. I am such a junkie! :mad: Went out for a few pints with a boss after work and only had vegetable sticks with it, so I was doing great! I feel so clear-headed (yes, even despite the brew) and I think my skin looks sooo much better all ready. The absence of sugar for the past two days has tightened me up. If I can, please, please, please just keep this up!! :crossed:

Journal -- Day 14/no pauses left
Crunch -- Day 4/3 pauses left
Caffeine -- Day 2/3 pauses left
Clean Living -- Day 2/3 pauses left


Obsidian -- Ok, pause day. Be sure to get back on track! :yes: Glad to hear the boyfriend was only going as far as Pennsylvania, my home state! :dizzy:

dj -- Good going! :cp: Glad to hear you have the kitchen back! :sunny:

sweet pea -- Look forward to getting you back online! :comp:

Pink -- Coming off a pause day can be tricky! Great going! :flow1: Don't look for the scales to do things so quickly! :nono: Look at what you DID and hopefully will do consistently and the scales will eventually...emphasis on eventually....come around! :goodscale

06-29-2006, 08:06 AM
Finishing up today. Everything was good!! :encore:
Here's where I stand now:

Journal -- Day 15/no pauses left :write:
Crunch -- Day 4/3 pauses left :faint:
Caffeine -- Day 3/3 pauses left :coffee2:
Clean Living -- Day 3/3 pauses left :angel:


06-29-2006, 11:00 AM
Morning all!

Day 10 exercise good. Got in a 50 minute walk and spent a couple of hours rearranging furniture.

Day 3 logging food was good too.

Going to be a busy few days coming up so I don't know how much I'll be on here. I should be able to at least report my progress that will probably be about it. I promised my kids we would go disc golfing again tomorrow and we are hopefully going to get most of the finishing touches done on our flooring project.

Have a great day everyone!

06-29-2006, 06:41 PM
Just wanted to announce I have broken below 72 kg, the first time this year I think!!! 71.8. Hurrah! Now, to get beneath 70, which I haven't seen for about 2 years, I think. I'm psyched!! :spin:

:dancer: :dancer:

06-30-2006, 10:01 AM
Day 11 exercise was good. Day 4 logging food was good too.

:bravo: Red on the weight loss! You must be feeling really good about that.

Hopefully I'll manage to get on here to report in over the long weekend but I'm not sure. We are going to start in on the finish work on our floor. We've got to put in baseboards now and a few other finishing touches before we can call it complete. I will finally be able to bring back in all our furniture and things will feel back to normal!

Today I'm taking my 3 kids out to play disc golf again. That will give me another good workout. Lots of hills to climb while chasing after the frisbee!

Have a great weekend! :wave:

06-30-2006, 08:58 PM
Good morning all. Saturday here. I was really great yesterday until the end of the day, but then the stress of deadline at work just got to me :stress: and I had to stop off at the pub with coworkers and had a bit too much :stars: to call it "clean living"....oh well, it was fun and the one guy is off for a couple weeks so it was kind of a farewell and good luck thing.

I ate like an angel, :angel: having brought brown rice to work from home, mixed that with store-prepared salad makings and sesame tofu after working out at the gym, which mostly involved a 5K run! :running: Lunch was soba noodles which was cool. The crunches and journaling were done, but I am going to call a pause day on the Clean Living challenge, despite all the good things I did. I'm going to be tough on myself with this one! :drill: Here's the tally!

Journal -- Day 16/no pauses left
Crunch -- Day 5/3 pauses left
Caffeine -- Day 4/3 pauses left
Clean Living -- Day 3/2 pauses left


dj -- Well, kiddo, it looks like it's just you and me....really lonely around here but glad you're sticking with it, despite all your work with the flooring project. Yeah, I'm happy about the weight loss. My "big pants" are loose again...thank God!... because I wouldn't have anything bigger....and I need to get back into the smaller sizes to save money by not having to buy new ones. Congratulations on your challenges! :bravo: You should be feeling good about them too! :yes: Hope you had fun with the disc golf. What is that exactly? :?: Later! :wave:

Sushi Penguin
06-30-2006, 11:32 PM
Okay, so the last update went like this: 3 challenges completed, 1 in progress, 2 started and one or two or even three to be started soon.

Make that two challenges in progress - it's Day 20 on no food after 7 pm and Day 6 on keeping a food log.
I started a new temp assignment on Tuesday and that made getting myself out of bed before 8 am totally irrelevant, since I had to get up before 6 am anyway. The planned exercise challenge hasn't taken off so far - hopefully today though! And I don't know whether I'll be doing a new challenge on those crackers of mine, my addiction seems to have been cured. But I'll probably need to take control of chocolate again soon.

07-01-2006, 12:23 AM
Hey Red, yeah, I noticed everyone seems to be gone. Maybe for the long 4th of July weekend?

Doesn't it feel good to have those pants get smaller? :cp: I love that feeling! Now, if I can just see the scale move again. I may be exercising and logging all calories but I need to get the calories down. Oh well, one step at a time!

Disc golf is played like golf but you use frisbees instead. The course we play on has 18 "holes" (baskets) and you have to throw your frisbee into the basket which may be 300 - 600 yards away or more and hopefully make it in par, (the number of throws it is supposed to take you to get there). Hope that made sense!

I'm not really good at it but it's fun and when we play the entire 18 holes we get in more than 3 miles of walking up and down hills, across creeks etc... and pushing a 30 pound kid up those hills in a stroller must burn a lot of calories! :whoo: When we get too hot, we sometimes jump in the creek or the river that runs through the park and cool off!

Well, it's past my bedtime! I'll try to get on here tomorrow and report in.


07-01-2006, 07:58 AM
Well I fell down the steps to my house so walking, standing and sitting became an issue so while I didn't fall off by a big jump I didn't stick to the challenege. So I am starting over. I leave for my vacation on the 13th so the goal is to do from now till then with no pause days and hopefully do ok once i get to the resort....No Eating out. except for salad at work.

Off to the boyfriends for the weekend.

07-01-2006, 10:14 PM
Sunday morning here. Had to take a pause on crunches yesterday as I was at the office all day, till after midnight and just was not going to do them when I got home. And I had to allow myself one cup of coffee late in the evening or I just was not going to get my story done. So, here's where things stand:

Journal -- Day 17/no pauses left
Crunch -- Day 5/2 pauses left
Caffeine -- Day 4/2 pauses left
Clean Living -- Day 4/2 pauses left

Sure hope we get some action around here!

07-01-2006, 11:55 PM
Hello all :wave: Well, I am jumping back in. Decided I am going to celebrate my independence from unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms.

My challenges are as follows - all started today, and all are level 3's:

1. Follow my menu, which includes eating less than 2000 calories, not eating fast food, and no chocolate (except for the sugar free fudgicle and low fat granola bar exceptions).

2. No soda

3. Daily exercise, including abs and core .

All three challenges succesfully met - though #1 was a struggle. I have been eating so bad, it was hard to turn it off and not have just one more thing. . . In addition to coming back in here, I did rejoin TOPS Thursday night. Whatever supports I need to where I need to be!

Have a good night all :wave:

Sushi Penguin
07-02-2006, 01:29 AM
Nice to see you again Jolly! Good luck with your new challenges. :)

Sushi Penguin
07-02-2006, 07:43 AM
And I might as well mention that I finished my "no food after 7 pm" challenge. ;)

07-02-2006, 09:14 AM
Days 12 & 13 exercise challenge was good. Days 5 & 6 logging food was good.

Welcome back Jolly! I hope that TOPS gives you that little extra help you're looking for.

Good job Sushi!

Got to run. I knew this weekend would be crazy and I was right. Tomorrow I should have more time to post. Have a great day everyone.

07-02-2006, 09:24 AM
Past my bedtime here. Wrapping up a good day and here's where things stand.

Journal -- Day 18/no pauses left
Crunch -- Day 6/2 pauses left
Caffeine -- Day 5/2 pauses left
Clean Living -- Day 5/2 pauses left

I can't believe I've only been doing the "clean living" stuff for 5 days, well, actually 6, because I was good but for the brew so took a pause. Still, it seems like weeks. Just goes to show how hard some new habits can be. Now, if I had been stuffing my face with junk would five or six days seem like an eternity??? No way!! Five or six months of it and I'd be going, oh, I've been a little lax for a few weeks... ;)

I'll try to catch up with you all tomorrow. Welcome back Jolly! :welcome3: Glad to see you again. I missed you! Sushi, Congratulations!! :woo: :cp: :encore: :cp: :encore: :cp: :woo: Great going! I don't know how you did it! You're amazing! :eek: dj, Obsidian, take care and keep up the fight! :strong:

Later, gators! :wave:

07-02-2006, 09:11 PM
Hello everyone. Thanks for the welcome back, and :cb: :cb: way to go, Sushi :cb: :cb:

Day 2: follow menu and no soda challenges, successfully met. Hopefully I will be able to also say the exercise challenge was met, but I need to do some ab work before bed.

I have been struggling with the calorie part of the menu challenge. After really making bad choices for the past month (maybe longer - like you said, Red, time flies when you are eating bad:o) it is hard to rein it in. I picked something for dinner that stayed within calories, barely, but was really stretching it as far as good choice. But, part way through, my stomach let me know I was full. My taste buds were not convinced, but I managed to get up, and finish dishes, and do a couple things first, then was able to throw out the rest of supper. Calories, and potential night of acid reflux, saved.

Have a good one everyone :wave:

07-02-2006, 11:52 PM
Hey girls I'm still aroudn this is just a crazy week for me. All my pause days are gone but I tihnk I can still finish this challange of exercising 15/day till the end! Miss the daily chatter! I'll catch up later! Good luck to all!~

07-03-2006, 08:35 AM
Another day notched on all fronts!!!

Journal -- Day 19/no pauses left
Crunch -- Day 7/2 pauses left
Caffeine -- Day 6/2 pauses left
Clean Living -- Day 6/2 pauses left

:yawn: Night all!

07-03-2006, 10:48 AM
Exercise, day 14 good.
Logging food, day 7 good.

Still busy around here. My oldest son is in the high school band and is playing in the 4th of July parade here tomorrow, then off to the fireworks show tomorrow night. Not sure if I'll be on here at all but I'll be back on Wednesday.

Keep up the good work everyone!

07-03-2006, 10:44 PM
Hey all.

Day 3 challenges? Well, I did my exercise with abs. The other two challenges, you ask? Well . . . .I did my exercise with abs :^:

I expect to take a pause day again tomorrow for the menu following. I am doing the holiday with family. I will try to use some caution and restraint.

Can I just blame today on time of month???

Have a good one all :wave:

07-04-2006, 07:07 AM
Ok, I just got down and did the crunches. I am beat! But, at least I did them.....I'm dragging...must be the lack of caffeine kicks...pms, I don't know. I'm tired of all the effort, especially when it doesn't lead to weight loss...I feel fatter than ever...oh, well, just gotta keep shuffling along.... :kickcan:

Journal -- Day 20/no pauses left
Crunch -- Day 8/2 pauses left
Caffeine -- Day 7/2 pauses left
Clean Living -- Day 7/2 pauses left

Heh there Jolly, Pink, hi dj! Glad to see ya! :wave: Good work! :spin:

07-04-2006, 05:25 PM
Heh, where is everyone? Holidays keeping people away I guess.... :( Is the 4th still that big over there? :?: Been so long.... Or is it that it is a big EATING holiday? ;) In any case, sure miss those fireworks! Have fun!! :woo:

07-04-2006, 05:39 PM
Morning Red, Happy 4th to you.

I was going to come back with challenges as soon as I got home but can't commit to 21 days yet until I know what I am doing with this next job due to start 17th July.

Hope all is well with you. I am lurking if not posting. So watch it.

07-04-2006, 06:04 PM
Hi Shad! :wave: Thanks for popping in. It sure is lonely around here and kind of scary too, just waiting and watching where those North Korean missiles land! Hope you're doing ok and that things ease off at work and you can be back here with us soon. Take care! :sunny:

P.S. Hmmm, just reading back...maybe you're not busy with usually are and I misread it. Off? New work? Well, hope whatever it is works out well for you.

07-05-2006, 02:22 PM
Hi all. Real quick check in here. Sorry we abandoned you over the holiday, Red.

Well, yesterday was a big eating holiday :; I did keep two of my challenges - the no soda and the exercise. Gee, one on Monday, two on Tuesday - maybe I can actually manage all three today :?: Stranger things have happened.

Have a good day all, and will try to check in tonight.

07-05-2006, 05:10 PM
Hi everyone!

Well, quick catch up here....

Day 15 & 16 exercise was good. Got in a lot of walking waiting for the parade to start yesterday and even played frisbee for a while. Day before I used my step for 40 minutes.

Day 8 logging food was good, but having to take a pause day for yesterday, so day 9 again today. I didn't do bad on food yesterday, just was gone so much of the day that I never logged anything. I'm back on it today.

Red - I can't even imagine being where you are with those missiles flying by! I'd be freaked out too!

Got to run.... My son is napping and this is the only time I can workout!

Have a good one! :wave:

07-05-2006, 09:46 PM
Hi there, people, the few who are around these days... :( I have completed my journal challenge and was cool on crunches and caffeine, but am taking another pause day on clean living. It was good for most of the day, but, again, stopping at the pub after work with a coworker is not conducive to weight loss. I'm not upset about it, just don't want to call that a model day, because in the long run, days like that would be unhealthy. So, here's where I stand.

Journal -- Day 21/no pauses left DONE!!! :cp: :encore: :cp:
Crunch -- Day 9/2 pauses left
Caffeine -- Day 8/2 pauses left
Clean Living -- Day 7/1 pause left


dj -- Excellent work on the exercise! Isn't it fun when you can exercise while doing something else, something that doesn't really seem like exercise though of course it is. I like the way you're determined to get your workout done, utilizing the time that you CAN, such as when your son is napping. Good work! Yes, the missiles yesterday, seven of them, are not nice. Of course, none of them flew overhead, they all were north of Tokyo and apparently landed in the ocean. Still, it's ridiculous and very provocative, them doing this on the U.S. 4th of July. Not nice stuff. Bunch of kooks. Whether it's Kim Jong Il or the military gone astray, I don't know. Whatever, it doesn't bode well.

jolly -- Yes, I am feeling very neglected.. :cry: But, I understand that people have other things to do. Too bad, holidays don't exist for me anymore, whether American or Japanese. I'm glad to hear you kept on two of your challenges. That's what we need, reining in the free-for-all. So, you let one thing go, it doesn't mean it has to become a total anything goes kind of day. Good for you! :cp:

07-05-2006, 09:57 PM
Hello, hello, hello. Sorry you are feeling neglected, Red. I'm hear :D

Stay safe! That is just all sorts of crazy. And way to go on completing your challenge :cb: :cb: :cheer: :cb: :cb:

Well, day 3 of follow menu, day 4 of no soda, and day 5 of daily exercise. Woo hoo.

I am feeling kind of neglected here too. Was trying to get some friends together Saturday to go to an art fair, then come eat drink and be merry. AFter spending about $150 on stuff, it looks like just my sister and me :( Ah well. Too bad most of it was fresh fruits and veggies which I can't exactly save for another time. Plus, my new mattress and furniture aren't being delivered yet, and nobody knows WHERE my saddle is. So, a big fat PMS fueled case of the poor mes.

Take it easy, Red. DJ, good job keeping up on your challenges. Everyone else - GET BACK HERE!!!

Good night y'all :wave:

07-05-2006, 10:07 PM
jolly -- Hi there! :wave: Thanks for the congrats and for keeping me company. Sorry to hear about your plans not looking good...was it last Saturday or this coming one? That is such a bummer when others can't join you when you're up and ready for some socializing. I hope your friends will feel sufficiently guilty about leaving you in the lurch that they will reciprocate and invite you out sometime. But even if not, at least YOU took the initiative. Don't we need more people like that?! :yes: I must have missed something, but are you moving? Is that why things are missing? Hope you find the most important stuff...your saddle! And I hear you on the pms. I think, here too, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that my super-fat feeling is a lot of water retention. Take care! Have a good night!


07-06-2006, 09:29 AM
Another day notched on the remaining three challenges! Yowzah! :dancer:

Crunch -- Day 10/2 pauses left
Caffeine -- Day 9/2 pauses left
Clean Living -- Day 8/1 pause left

07-06-2006, 09:31 AM
Good morning all!

Day 17 on exercise I am counting as good. I was going to take a pause because I was so tired yesterday, (only about 3 hours sleep), but for some reason I got a burst of energy and went on a cleaning spree! I think the mess from doing all this flooring finally got to me. I ended up washing wall, sweeping mopping etc.... My house feels much better to me now and I got in a good workout at the same time.

Day 9 on logging food was good too. Now I just need to start logging less of it! I'm not doing horrible on my eating, just not as good as I should. Still making some bad choices I guess that ups my calorie intake for the day. Oh well, at least I'm back to logging it all. One step at a time!

Red - :bravo: on your challenge! Keep up the good work. You're gettting closer everyday with your other challenges as well. You can do it! :cp:

Hey Jolly, good job on the challenges so far! Sorry about your weekend but you gotta enjoy those fresh fruits and veggies! Just think how good they are for you.

Hope to see everyone back here soon!

Have a good day all. :wave:

07-06-2006, 05:32 PM
Hi there. It's Friday morning here and I'm trying to get out to the gym before an expected long day at work. We are so short on people now. Everyone takes off for vacation when they feel like it and leaves us strapped. :stress: Other problems at work, very worrying ones, but I'm trying not to let things get to me, and force my hand to eat garbage or keep me sitting around like a total sloth. It's not easy though. But I am trying my best to carry on... :^: I think the challenges really do help me keep focused. I am not making the journaling a challenge again but I do plan on continuing with it as if it were. Looking at the clean living challenge is a little scary, thinking I only have one pause day left. But, the parameters of that challenge are flexible. As long as I don't slide into eating sugar and processed foods and as long as I keep the intake of the brew at a weekly minimum, then all is well. Ideally I will be eating very healthy foods as well and getting fresh vegetables in me but keeping OUT the junk is paramount. :sunny:


dj -- Great going on your challenges! Getting the house clean AND getting a workout in at the same time is cool! I hear you on the logging too much food. And that is the benefit of the journaling, isn't it? You can really see what you've been eating, go back, review and try to make amends. But that can be the next step. True success takes a long time and the results may not always be evident (as in weight loss) but when you do make the changes, they will stick! Thanks for the congrats! You're one of the few who has stuck around and I'm thankful for that! :thanks:

07-06-2006, 10:35 PM
Hey all. REal quick post before I have to do some computer clean up.

Met two of my three challenges today. Had to take a pause on the soda, as I had one. Diet and decaffeinated, but still soda. I hear you Red, when you think of your challenges. I am afraid I am going to have to restart two of mine, as Saturday will be my last pause day on the menu challenge. . .

On a good note, though, I did have a nice loss at my TOPS meeting tonight. Also, was able to come up with a few other triggers, and can now work on alternatives.

Red, hope you made it to the gym. DJ, keep up the great work. Have a nice night all.

07-07-2006, 08:30 AM
Another day notched!! Hurrah!! :cp:

Crunch -- Day 11/2 pauses left
Caffeine -- Day 10/2 pauses left
Clean Living -- Day 9/1 pause left


jolly -- Hi there! :wave: That was a great day with your challenges, and the soda was nearly there and certainly didn't hurt you caloriewise...but I know you're trying to break the habit altogether...wise move. How far along are you on the menu challenge? It'd be a shame to have to restart, then again, nothing would be lost as long as you restart right away. Still, you could try to do it, right? plan the rest of the days perhaps and just really, really try to stick to it. Or, is this challenge too strict? If you do have to restart could you maybe allow one meal other than your planned menu, if it was kind of forced upon you out of circumstances or something like that? May be a thought, but only you can know....
And wow, what is this, stuck down there at the end so quietly! "A nice loss at my TOPS meeting"....!!!!! Yowzah!!! I'd like a nice loss anywhere at all!! Congratulations!!! :woo: :woo: :woo: Great work, jolly! I did get to the gym, thank you and today was a pretty good day. I am home now, NO alcohol, no beers. I thought, nah, I've had enough of the wingeing, the whining, the badmouthing the management. Instead, I offered to help with an idea at a section (which will help me too) then went straight home to my cats...who had really messed up the place...oh my God!! :eek: Anyhow, all is cleaned up now and I'm about to sit down to some fruit. Yum! Take care, jolly!


07-07-2006, 09:53 AM
Well, day 18 on exercise wasn't as good as I wanted but I did get in a 50 minute walk so I got another day notched. I usually try to walk AND do a workout but had an appointment I had to keep in the afternoon and couldn't fit in the workout.

Day 10 on logging food was good too. Still wanting to get those calories down, but I'm working on that. The not being able to cook while my kitchen was torn apart and also taking our vacation kind of threw me off course and I'm having a hard time getting back to it.

Red - You're doing so well! I know it's hard when you have a lot of stress in your life, but you're hanging in there, so be proud! :carrot: That clean living challenge does sound hard, but hey, you've made it this far! That is something I need to work on myself but I'm not ready for it to be a challenge yet. And yes, my next step is to start cutting out those extra calories I've been eating. I've just been taking it one step at a time since that seems to work better for me and I have slowly over the last week or so been cutting down on calories. Whenever I take on too much at once, I tend to get overwhelmed and end up really blowing it and I definitely don't want that!

Jolly - :bravo: on your loss! That's awesome!

Have a great day all!

Sushi Penguin
07-07-2006, 08:39 PM
Hi Red & All :)

Wow, not much action here these days... I've been working my temp job all weekend and spending lots of "quality" time on public transit. :dizzy:
My challenges got a bit side-tracked earlier this week - I didn't quite stick to not eating after 7 pm, went two or three days without recording my food, ate a bit too much chocolate, and so on. It wasn't too bad, but if I continued on the verge of cheating, I'd only be cheating myself. So Thursday was a new start on five challenges, all level 3 though I'm going to strive to not take any pause days. Today is Day 3 on all of them:

1. no chocolate (pause days allowed only for very special days)
2. maximum of 15 of my "cheddars" per day (this way I can still eat them, but won't overindulge; no pause days allowed & will strive to have less than 15 most days)
3. keeping a food log (no pause days allowed, though if I don't manage to write everything down in the evening, the next morning is ok)
4. no food after 7 pm (late dinner ok if it was impossible to have it earlied, but it has to be light and not too late or else it's a pause day)
5. must be in bed at least 8.5 hrs before the alarm is to go off the next morning (it usually takes me 30-60 min to fall asleep, so this is the only way I'll ever get enough zzzz; pause days allowed in special circumstances, like when I have to stay up to enroll in courses)

07-07-2006, 11:11 PM
Alright girls I'm back!! Sorry about the absence. Had a long but good week of craziness! Finished my challenge of 21 days of 15 min or more of exercising a day this morning and am starting a new one or two... not to sure what my goals will be yet but I will let you all know!

Congrats Red!!
Good luck Sushi! Sounds like your are doing great on ALL those challenges!
Jolly! What is TOPs? I've heard it said on 3FC before but seem to be left out of the loop?

07-08-2006, 08:56 AM
Another day in the bag! :dizzy:

Crunch -- Day 12/2 pauses left
Caffeine -- Day 11/2 pauses left
Clean Living -- Day 10/1 pause left

Sushi, dj, Pink! :wave:

07-08-2006, 10:14 AM
Hey all. Real quick post, as I need to get SOMETHING accomplished today. I will be restarting my 2 foodchallenges Sunday. Overall though, I feel I am doing well. If I go AWOL again, it may be technical difficulties. My computer seems on its way to fried!

TOPS is a weight loss support group. Stands for take off pounds sensibly. Good group. I've been a member before.

Anyway, sorry so short. We are watching movies all day - a "Lord of the Rings" marathon. I need to call my sister and ask for an extra hour, as I am running behind.

Have a great day all.

07-08-2006, 06:44 PM
Just a quick update:

Day 19 on exercise was good and day 11 on logging food was good.

Once again I only got in a walk yesterday but it was a 3 mile one, so not bad, although I was hoping for an afternoon workout. Ended up with a major migraine that I had been fighting for a couple of days. Sometimes I seem to lose the fight and get a bad one, and I sure did this time! I feel mostly better today but still weak and tired since I was up most of the night last night. I'll probably be taking a pause day on exercise today but I am logging my food.

I'll try to get on here tomorrow to report but if I don't I'll be back on Monday.

Have a good weekend everyone! :wave:

07-09-2006, 08:56 AM
Wow! I really saved the day today and it was thanks to a 3fc post over on the goal forum. I was lazy (though I had gone riding) and was sitting home feeling sorry for myself. I had even gone off to the store and, in a fit of self-pity, had bought something that would still be clean living but has a lot of calories in it! Then I read this post about a woman who had reached goal and her pictures looked fabulous! So I was inspired to get off to the gym, which I did, despite it raining just as I was leaving the door planning to get on my bike and go. But I did anyhow and cycled home in the rain too. Got a good workout in, lots of weights, then 3K jogging and the crunches! Hurrah! And I didn't eat that stuff I got from the store! :dizzy: AND, I did the journaling. I am going to take a pause on caffeine since I had one extra mug of tea. I was feeling too bummed. It's not much but I don't want any slacking slipping in. :nono: So, here's where I stand:

Crunch -- Day 13/2 pauses left
Caffeine -- Day 11/1 pause left
Clean Living -- Day 11/1 pause left


dj -- :bravo: Congrats on keeping up with the exercise and food logging. You're almost done on the exercise challenge! :spin: Sorry to hear about the migraine. Hope you make a full recovery real soon! :yes: And thanks for the encouraging words. I need them! and always love them! :hug: I don't know how I made it through these 11 days of clean living. I think eating healthy really supports me and I didn't have cravings. Also, I allowed a little of the brew, and that probably helped. I'm sticking to a macrobiotic diet more or less, eating lots of brown rice and whole grains and it is really helping. My skin looks fantastic and that only after 11 days! I sure hope I can keep this up, but I really felt my resolve weakening today....still, I did it. Thanks again! :thanks: By the way, is that you in your avatar? You look great already!

jolly -- Oh, oh, too bad on the restarts, but, yes, it looks to me like you're doing well too. I hope you won't go AWOL on us! :eek: Are you going to change your challenge at all?

Pink -- A belated congratulations for your completed challenge!!! :woo: :cp: :encore: :cp: :woo: Good for you!! I look forward to seeing you moving along on your new challenges. Tell us what they're going to be! :yes:

Sushi -- You out there? How are the new challenges coming along? Keep us posted!

07-09-2006, 09:39 AM
Morning all!

Day 20 on exercise was a pause, so day 20 again today and day 12 logging food was good.

This headache is STILL hanging on but I'm going to try to get in some form of exercise today as long as it doesn't get worse. Luckily, I've still got another pause left!

Red - good going on the save! Those success stories really do help don't they? I read them whenever I need some encouragement. And, thanks, yes, that is me in the avatar. I finally got up the nerve to post a pic. That picture is of me with my 3 sons while we were in California. One of these days I'll find a better one of me, but I don't have many since I'm still very camera shy!

Hi to everyone out there! Have a great day! :wave:

07-10-2006, 09:55 AM
Hey all. Really, really quick post. I will try to sneak in when I can, but I am still trying to get the new computer set up, and may be switching to high speed, so . . .

Lost two pounds today when I weighed in. Day one yesterday for my follow menu and no soda were successfully met. Day 9 of exercise successfully met. It was a good day.

Keep up hte great work everybody. Sorry so short, but you know how it goes. Thinking of you all.

07-10-2006, 10:13 AM
Hello everybody! It's good to see that a lot of people are doing so great! Congrats!

I'm on day 3, juice fast finished, i feel cleansed! lol


1. 8 glasses of water a day **
2. Eat under 1500 cals a day **
3. Treat once of week
4. Workout everyday (after the 2 day fast) *
5. Vitamins **
6. No eating after 7pm **

Doing pretty good so far!

07-10-2006, 11:50 AM
Morning everyone!

Day 20 exercise was good as was logging food for day 13.

Hey Jolly, congrats on the 2 pounds! Way to go!

Hi Angie, good luck on your goals!

Red, where are you?

Have a great day everyone!

07-10-2006, 02:31 PM
Real quick (again - just can't resist :D) My formal, for this thread, challenges are as follows:
1) Follow menu - stay under 2000 cals, no fast food, no chocolate except acceptible frozen treats and low fat granola bars. Started 7/9/06
2) No soda. Started 7/9/06
3) Daily exercise, including abs/core. Started 7/1/06.

All three are level threes, and no pause days used yet! Today I really feel like I have turned a corner. I have spent the last 4-6 weeks kind of waffling. Not really going back up, but not making the healthiest choices, and not staying committed to the process. Today's loss just reinforces that my mindset has improved. I am listening to how my body feels in relation to food. I am enjoying eating healthy. Things aren't feeling like such a hard effort. This is a good thing.

I am going to challenge myself now. (NOT a 3FC challenge). I want to keep going down. So, if I lose 6 pounds in 3 weeks, to get under 210, I will treat myself with something nice - maybe that massage I have been putting off.

Good luck on your challenges. Keep up the great work :wave:

07-11-2006, 12:25 AM
Alright I'm ready to start another one... or four.

Only one glass of Diet Coke a day or less (Level 3)
At least one bottle (34oz) of water a day (Level 3)
20 minutes of exercise a day (Level 3) (Up-ed from my 15 min one I just completed!)
No eating after 9pm (Level 3 for those nights out with friends:-))

07-11-2006, 06:21 AM
Crunch -- Day 14/1 pause left
Caffeine -- Day 13/1 pause left
Clean Living -- Day 13/1 pause left

07-11-2006, 10:50 AM
Hey all. Real quick post. I will be just jumping in quick as I can until next week when I get high speed at home. Bare with me - I am thinking of you all.

Yesterday - day 10 exercise, and day 2 of no soda and following menu - all challenges met.

Today, I started my running program again. Felt good.

Have a good day all. Good luck with challenges. :wave:

07-11-2006, 09:15 PM
Day 1 -Only one glass of Diet Coke a day or less (Level 3)
Day 1 -At least one bottle (34oz) of water a day (Level 3)
Day 1-20 minutes of exercise a day (Level 3) (Up-ed from my 15 min one I just completed!)
Day 1 -No eating after 9pm (Level 3 for those nights out with friends:))

07-11-2006, 09:59 PM
Hey all. I had to take a pause day today. I had a meeting for work at a coffee shop. I didn't go hog wild, but the drink I chose, on top of what was already budgeted for the day, threw me over. So. . . I had been craving something from a local eating establishment, and was planning a pause day for the weekend to be able to enjoy it. I decided to have it today, so I won't take a pause day later. (some justification, huh?? Now I have to stick with it :))

Day 11 for exercise, met.

NOw, I am getting some stuff done on the new 'puter, and feeling like a horrible mommy. I realized I had been slacking a bit on dog grooming, so was going to do a deep clean night on the kids. Only to find a large, hopefully only boil on my boy. So, take a day off of work to run him into the vet tomorrow. I just don't know how I could have missed it.

Have a super day all. Wish me luck at the vet. Good luck with challenges.

07-12-2006, 03:37 PM

After "The Move From ****" and my first 2 weeks on the new job, I'm back. I just managed to maintain at my starting weight, but it could be MUCH worse.

Now I'm all fired up to do One Big Challenge. [Can I do that here?] I read 'Body For Life for Women' and am determined to do the 12 week challenge in the book. That's FOUR 21 day stints [:eek: who---ME???]. My mini goal is to get below 140 for my birthday. And I WILL do that, by dam!

So my first 21 day stint is simply to do the first 21 days in the book. Level 9, or thereabouts....:sunny:

Day 1: brisk 30 min walk, food on track so far.


07-12-2006, 04:35 PM
Hey ladies! Doing good on my first two challenges (water/pop) but even after good intentions last night PMS kept me lazy and had no motivation to do the workout I had planned :-( and ate instead. Aye. But I'm back on track today already finished my water with more to come and emptied the house of my addiction, Diet Coke, so now the only time I can have it is when I go out.

I cut my hair off this morning for locks of love ( For those of you who haven't heard of it it is a non-profit organization provides hair prosthetics for children who have developed long-term medical hair loss. I think it is such a great cause! This is the second time I have done it and feel about 5 pounds lighter with 12'' off my hair! It's a shocker again having short hair but it's worth it and I will enjoy it this summer for sure! I'm going to swim laps tonight in the pool for exercise... something that would have taken me 20 minutes to untangle my hair afterward and 1.5 hours to blow dry (super thick) so I'm looking forward to enjoying that tonight!

Welcome back Chic!
Day 2 -Only one glass of Diet Coke a day or less (Level 3)
Day 2 -At least one bottle (34oz) of water a day (Level 3)
Day 1-20 minutes of exercise a day (Level 3) (Up-ed from my 15 min one I just completed!)
Day 1 -No eating after 9pm (Level 3 for those nights out with friends)

07-12-2006, 04:57 PM
Day 21 exercise was a success! Days 14 & 15 logging my food was also good.

Sorry I've been missing. Been really busy around here lately. I'm hoping to catch up with all of you in the next day or 2. I'll also start a new challenge then.

Keep up the good work! :wave:

07-12-2006, 07:33 PM
Crunch -- Day 15/1 pause left
Caffeine -- Day 14/1 pause left
Clean Living -- Day 14/1 pause left

Will be back to write more later....

07-12-2006, 10:58 PM
Hey all. Going to do enough crunches so that I can count it for my ab work, then going to bed with all 3 challenges met. It has been a long, wrong, day.

The news at the vet was not good. The lump I found on my dog was due, not to an infection as I hoped, but to some kind of growth. Long story short, I have made the decision to not put my poor guy through anything more. We are going to enjoy the weekend, and Monday I will be taking him in. This sucks royally.

Pink, that is awesome that you donated your hair. My stepsister has done that. It is a great cause.

Everyone else, welcome back, good luck, etc. :wave:

07-12-2006, 11:17 PM
jolly, I'm so sorry about your dog. Gosh, that must be the most awful, hardest decision to make. I couldn't do it. You must have all the facts and know this is the kindest route. You're a braver woman than I. :hug:

07-12-2006, 11:19 PM
dj! Three cheers! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: Congratulations on completing your exercise challenge!

Way to go girl!! :woo: :cp: :encore: :cp: :woo:

:dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

:dance: :dance: :dance:

07-12-2006, 11:40 PM
Jolly so sorry to hear about your dog. My family put our dog down two years ago who I had grown up with almost my whole life and it seems like just yesterday. But your right if he is suffering that this may be the best choice. I'm sure he has had an amazing life with you and you have many memories to hold onto oce he is in a happier state. Take care! :hug:

07-13-2006, 08:29 AM
Crunch -- Day 16/1 pause left
Caffeine -- Day 15/1 pause left
Clean Living -- Day 15/1 pause left

Hey all! :wave: Sorry, I'm just too busy, and not feeling up to writing either. In a bad slump, although I'm keeping up with the challenges...need some encouraging words... :( Today I almost blew it and pigged out on junk...but I didn't... :^:

07-13-2006, 09:38 AM
Morning all!

Day 16 logging food was a bust. My migraine came back the night before and I was so tired yesterday that I just didn't feel like doing anything. Back to day 16 today. I'll have to read back, but I think that might have been my last pause day, but I might have 1 left. I'll check.

Starting today I'm back to the exercise challenge again. I'll keep it at 30 minutes minimun daily and level 3.

Hey Red, glad to see you back. Sorry you're having a rough time of it! Hope things get better soon. Good job though on keeping up with the challenges! It's so hard when you're stressed but you've done it! And :bravo: for not pigging out on that junk! Good going! Hope to hear more from you soon.

Jolly - So sorry about your dog. You are definitely stronger than I. I've been there but had to have someone else take care of things for me. Just know that you've given your dog a good life and you're doing what's best now for him too. :hug:

Pink - Good going on your challenges. I wouldn't worry about the whole PMS thing. That's always a rough time of the month! You're doing good! That's great that you donated your hair for the locks of love. I admire people that take the time to help others. Good going!

Hi to everyone else!


07-13-2006, 02:52 PM
Okay. Day 1 was a success with exercise and eating. One down. Today did 30 min cardio and 30 min abs and lower body. On track with food so far.

Managed to avoid a late night pig out with a cup of diet cherry jello. I stocked it just for such an occasion and I guess it pays to plan ahead!

Jolly--I am so very sorry about your doggy. I guess you must be sure this is actually a malignant lump of some kind? You might have said more in another post, but I missed it. I wish you two the best--go easy on yourself next week, huh?


07-13-2006, 06:10 PM
Thanks, dj ..... :yes: Good luck on your new challenge..

Chic, excellent work on the exercise and congrats on that late-night save! :cp:

07-13-2006, 08:15 PM
Good saves red and chic! Stick with it! I havn't had jello in forever! I'll have to pick up some Sugar Free Low Calorie jello next time I go shopping I could def. use that during my cravings!

07-14-2006, 10:02 AM
Hey all. Real quick check in.

So, I have to laugh at myself. I had my new computer for 4 days, and managed to uninstall a major system :fr: I was just trying to get rid of some trial software I knew I wasn't going to use and . . . . Well, luckily I was able to figure out how to use the system recovery disc. I just have to re-install things like the printer, camera, etc. Not the worst, but how blonde of me.

As far as the dog - I don't KNOW that it is malignant. However, it is large, and causing him discomfort. He was licking it until it bled. So, I can't leave it. I am not willing to put him through another difficult surgery, especially as it is on the side of his amputation. That is why I made the appointment I did. HOWEVER . . . until Monday, I am giving something a try. I have a friend who is into all the herbal, holistic, hippy-dippy stuff (OK, so even though he was before my time, I LOVE George Carlin!) - she has some stuff that has helped her pets, which we are trying. If there is any improvement before Monday, I will postpone for a bit, and see what we come up with. Keep fingers crossed. If it doesn't work though, I will not let him suffer.

Keeping on track exercise wise, but was a bit off food wise yesterday. OK, a LOT off food wise. Today is a better day.

Have a great day all. Keep up the great work - nice job on saves and successes. Catch you later.


07-14-2006, 12:14 PM
Hellow everyone-
I am officially out of the wagon! I keep trying to pinch in the time to work out but i just dont do it! I am also havings lots of trips and seminars to go to so I am just putting myself on hold for a while!

Hope everyone is doing great!
I know Red will keep everyone in check!
Have a great weekend!

07-15-2006, 10:08 PM
Just a quick catch up for me.

Days 16 & 17 logging food was good.

Days 1 & 2 on exercise was good.

I'll catch up with you all later. Weekends seem to be so busy around here!

Hope to see you back soon Rebecca!


07-15-2006, 11:42 PM
Hello everyone!

Red did you know there was another 21 day challenge here. I've been reading that one waiting to see your name or the others I knew. I'm glad I found my way back to yours.

For those that are new I've MIA for awhile because of family illiness. My weight loss plan is Weight Watchers pure points. (Computer Weight Watchers Software)

My 21 day challenge is to stay in my WW points which includes activity pts.
July 16 will be my start day. It's also my birthday so It might be tuff but I'm sure I'll do just fine.

07-16-2006, 12:22 AM
Hey ladies! I'm still around... seems like I haven't posted in forever!! Most my challenges are doing good and are on track expect for exercise... TOM has kept me lazy and in enough pain. Good news though I am back down to the weight I thought I orginally started at :rolleyes: so 5 pounds lost and I've maintained it for 3 days now (thought the scale was just lying the first time) :goodscale:. Later!
Day 5 -Only one glass of Diet Coke a day or less (Level 3)
Day 5 -At least one bottle (34oz) of water a day (Level 3)
Day 3/ 2 pauses used -20 minutes of exercise a day (Level 3) (Up-ed from my 15 min one I just completed!)
Day 5 -No eating after 9pm (Level 3 for those nights out with friends)

07-16-2006, 08:52 AM
Hello everyone. Had to take a pause Friday on clean living and then just got lazy and took one on crunches yesterday. But today, I was on track for all. Hurrah for me!!

Crunch -- Day 18/no pauses left
Caffeine -- Day 18/1 pause left
Clean Living -- Day 17/no pauses left

Mez! great to see you! No, I didn't know there was another 21-day challenge thread....well if you could call it that! I hope you'll stick around with us this time! I've missed you! :yes:

dj, jolly, Chic, howdy! :wave: Pink, congrats on that weight loss!! :cp: :spin: :dizzy: :cp: Rebeca, hate to see you go! :( Hope you'll join us again soon! Take care!

07-16-2006, 07:42 PM
Hi all. Certainly is quiet around here... :( Oh well, I suspect the weekend has you all distracted. It's Monday morning here and a holiday but I have to go in to work. Just wanted to report a new low since February... 71.4 kgs!!! :dancer: That's 157 lbs. Yesterday, after riding, the day was winding down and I hadn't gotten to the gym. I was feeling sore and tired and decided to blow off the gym. But then, I just said, no, what the heck, I can't go this morning because it won't be open early before work. So I got on my bike and pedaled there and jogged 5K. Would have done weights but it was too crowded, so I did what I could. Hurrah! So, I'm really happy that the scale was positive this morning. Still, I can't believe how slow this is taking. Of course, I have had a few nights out with copious amounts of beer, so I just think, if I hadn't had anything to drink, I could have been under 70 kg by now. Oh well, I probably would have felt deprived and then overeaten. So, I'll just have to grin and bear it and keep on. It's hard, though, it really is. Everything around me is NOT about eating well. It's more about calories and starving yourself and my goal is to be healthy AND lean...the brown rice is cooking right now....I just went over to the success stories and read some people's. It helps keep me inspired. OK, enough babbling for a while. See you all around! :wave:

07-16-2006, 07:49 PM
Oh and heh, Mez!! I missed that. Happy Birthday!!! :woo: :gift: :present: :woo: :hb: :woo:

07-17-2006, 03:03 AM
Day 5 / 1 pause used -Only one glass of Diet Coke a day or less (Level 3)
Day 6 -At least one bottle (34oz) of water a day (Level 3)
Day 4/ 2 pauses used -20 minutes of exercise a day (Level 3)
Day 6 -No eating after 9pm (Level 3)

Great job Red!!:woo:

Sushi Penguin
07-17-2006, 08:43 AM
Just waving hi for now, Red and others. :) Things should start moving here again soon. :grouphug:

07-17-2006, 11:23 AM
Thanks for the b-day wish Red. Congrats on your new low!!

Hello to you Sushi

Day 2 of challenge. So far so good.

07-17-2006, 07:16 PM
Day 3 - exercise - good, did 10 minutes aerobics and 30 minutes of stepping

Day 18 - logging food, good

Day 4 - exercise - pause, 2 pauses left

Day 19 - logging food - good

Felt rather lazy yesterday and took it easy. I think I needed it! I found out that what I thought was a second and then a third migraine, was actually a rebound headache from the original migraine! Doctor gave me something that worked pretty well, but I sure didn't get much done after that. Feeling back to normal today though and now I have some meds to help with migraines that I hope work for me.

Hope everyone is doing well! I'll try to write more tomorrow. Playing catch up today and really busy.


07-17-2006, 09:02 PM

So far, still on the program I started, Day 6 out of 84. I finally found a way to get my dh to be more supportive....HE gets a special reward :censored: for every 5# I lose. Suddenly he's very interested in my progress---and has stopped offering me his snackies!!!

Whatever it takes, I guess!:rolleyes:

Today is 30 min cardio [done]and a lower body strength training session.



07-17-2006, 10:31 PM
Day 6 / 1 pause used -Only one glass of Diet Coke a day or less (Level 3)
Day 7 -At least one bottle (34oz) of water a day (Level 3)
Day 5/ 2 pauses used -20 minutes of exercise a day (Level 3)
Day 7 -No eating after 9pm (Level 3)

Doing pretty good over all and feeling good except for this darn heat!! Been able to swim laps in the pool for about 30 minutes every night and also get in a good 20 walk once the sun dies down a bit at night with the dogs so my exercise has been kicking into gear! Not eating the greatest as we have been eating out a lot because of the heat (not wanting to use the oven or stove) but I have made some really good choices (which I found new tasty favorites) and made some bad choices too... working on it!

Hope you all are having a great week! Chic great way to get your DH on board! Should make it easier now to have some support at home! :wave: Hey DJ, mez, sushi and red!!

07-18-2006, 06:21 AM
Red - just caught up with the thread. Congratulations on the new low. You rock girl. Won't be long and you will be under the 70kg mark. You've earned this, you deserve this. Don't let any negative thoughts do you out of the celebration of achievement. Keep going!!!

07-18-2006, 04:59 PM
Day 20 logging food - good
Day 4 exercise - good

PinkSnow - I know how you feel. It's so hard to exercise in this heat! Being in the northwest, not too many people have air conditioning, and we're one of the ones that don't. All I can do is to get as many fans as I can and have them all over the house. I'm even trying to blow the colder air up from the basement using fans. Oh well, I refuse to give up! I'll just have to take a shower when I'm done.

Chic - good going with the husband! It can be so hard to get them to be more supportive. Whatever works!

Shad - glad to see you back!

Have a great day all. :wave:

07-18-2006, 07:50 PM
Hey all. :wave: Sorry I have been MIA. Partly due to computer issues, but I now have my computer set up and internet connected. Partly, I have been self medicating my stress (dog) with food.

I am getting back in the game, though. And my exercise is going well. I am really enjoying the jogging, and hope to be able to get a 5k in this year.

That is better than the horse. I finally got my new saddle. Or, rather, a new saddle. The one I ordered, they never got straightened out. I am trying a different one. Keep fingers crossed. But, with the weather and all of the dog stuff and work stuff, I haven't been riding regularly at all (gee, Red, do you ever feel that way :D). And social skills are the first thing to go when I ignore him. So we are a loooooooong way from being able to play with others. Sigh. Ah well, at least once I can calm him down enough to get on him, we are having great rides.

Anyway, that is the long and short of it. We are continuing the alternative medicine on the dog. No improvement on the lump yet, but not worse either. Keep fingers crossed there too.

Talk to you all later, and hope to catch up. Take care!

P.S. despite my bad eating, I did lose 2 more pounds this week :cheer:

07-18-2006, 09:51 PM
STOP!! Do NOT post here!! A new thread is up! Please click this link and hop on over!! See you there! :wave: