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Happy Canuk
06-05-2006, 11:33 PM
Hi everybody.

Been busy. Have had hubby home on holidays going on 3 weeks. Went to Edmonton on Thursday and got to visit with my kids and gkids.

Mima - glad you can relax now. Was glad to hear that your stomach has settled down as well.

I have picutures:carrot:

This is a picture of my son, gson and new little Meela, not even an hour old.


and one of my favorite pictures is of my gson and the baby. He just looks soooo happy.

I have only 3 more days of work, and then I will go on casual - which may be better for me. Some days have been more than bad, but I still went in. I need a rest!:dizzy:

Happy Canuk
06-06-2006, 12:02 AM
Well, since I am showing you pictures, I have some of my Miss Ashley as well. She turned 8 in April and is growing up.

06-06-2006, 07:31 AM
Anne, thanks so much for posting the pictures. Meela is absolutely precious! Big brother does look proud!! How old is he? Ashley is a cutie too!! You deserve a rest! Enjoy it.

Not sure what I have planned for today. Spent most of yesterday in bed, but I feel better today. No papers to grade, so that's a plus!! Can't believe school is out.

06-06-2006, 08:16 AM
Boy-we all need a rest!!! Wonderful pictures Anne. She is so cute. Meela!! What a diffewrent name-any history behind it-there usually is.
Have to clean camper today-they are using it for Relay for Life for the EMT's .
Stomache is not good even with capsules-wonder if it's diverticulitis. Almost didn't make it home from Walmart.
For sure, I am not relaxing. Whenever I go away to work, I have to catch up when I get home. But I did a lot yesterday, Not so much physical as phone calls, appts, picking up a script for Brad. Today is doc's to fix scripts written wrong, a referral for our eyes, bank, library/
And they took ER off-I have to call that station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was my reward for getting my work done!
Hi to all. Mima

Joanne D
06-06-2006, 03:32 PM
Happy- What beautiful G/children!!!Enjoy being off work for awhile.
Mima- Sure hope you can get your stomach problems taken care of..
Tammy- Being out of school is a blessing. Hope you are feeling better soon.
All my tests came back negative. So I guess I just learn to live with the shortness of breath and the rest of my problems. The Dr. did say it could be pulmonary or age. I just said. Thanks a lot. I guess when you have HMO's you need to be near death before they think it is worthwhile to do something.I will just have to work harder to get healthy.
Went to mall today. spent some money and at least got some walk in... Bible study tonight with my daughter-in-law.
Hello Meme.....Joanne

06-07-2006, 12:04 AM
Mima, I used to watch ER all the time. Haven't watched it in years. In fact, I rarely watch anything anymore. Bob says I miss out on all of the great commercials. lol

Joanne, I'm relieved that your tests came back negative, but I don't like that you have to live like that. Please take care. Maybe we can get healthy together. Tim and I walked at the mall today too, so that's a start. I didn't buy anything, did you? How nice that you do a Bible study with your DIL. I go to one a couple nights a month. I skipped both meetings in May. It has become a marriage counseling session for one of the women, and I don't feel qualified enough to help her. I think it bothers me some because there have been some things that I've wanted to share with the group (there are 5 of us), and everyone is caught up with the marriage counseling of one. Not very nice of me is it?

I can't believe it's 11 and I'm still awake!

Oh, I changed my tracker. I thought maybe I'd aim for 10 pounds at a time. That seems more doable. Just hope it moves!!!

06-07-2006, 07:54 AM
Good morning-glad your tests are negative, Joanne. I went to the gastro guy and he just about said I would have to live with it. Have a stomache ache again . Supposed to go to Auntie"s and it's raining.
Tammy, I am not sure that's right to focus on one person-maybe you could talk to the leader-seems like it should be focused on scripture, not people.
Went to prayer group last night-what a nice group. Ther is an upcoming "revival" in Brad's church-really hope it reaches some people.
My DIL is a new Christian. PTL. But I have trouble dealing with her-just my attitude. She is a bit manipulative but really sweet, Lots of ideas that are not like mine.
Have a good day-my brother bought a place in Venice, Just an RV that's set up to stay there. ONly an hour and a half from us. Mima

Joanne D
06-07-2006, 11:23 AM
Mima-Tammy-- I am having a problem with the Dr.s attitude"learn to live with it". Why do we have to live with it? Why is it that because we are over 50 and into our 70's we have to do that?It is as if we are not worthy of having the same kind of care as younger people.It is sad but people on HMO's are limited to just a certain amount of medical care. They seem to have the idea that we are not long for this world so don't bother.If I am having the same problem ,on my next visit,and I will I guess I will try to get him to pay a little more attention to my problem.Saying the test were negative was not a answer for me.
I bought a pair of brown pants, 2pair ear rings,panties,pants for my hubby(father's day)some face lotion and 7 day scrub.(clinique) and walked some in the process.
The bible study is Beth Moore"s 10 week course. It sure makes me face a few issues. I found it hard to sleep last night.
Hello Everybody...Joanne

06-08-2006, 06:45 PM
Joanne and Mima, what is it with doctors? You were both told basically you have to live with the problem, instead of them helping you find a way to help with the problem. I don't like that at all.

Mima, I agree with you about our study should be about scripture. It used to be until we started dwelling on one person's marriage. The woman who started out group dropped out a couple months ago. I really don't know who the leader is anymore. We all share responsibilities. I guess I should be more assertive, but I normally don't do that.

Wow Joanne! Your shopping trip sounds great! Glad you found so many things. I went to Wal-Mart today, but just bought stuff like paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies. Not fun stuff.

Someone was reading Ted Dekker books a while back. Can't recall who it was. Short memory. I just read [U]The Marter's Song[U] Wow. It was good. Deep. Made me really think.

06-09-2006, 06:59 AM
It was Meme-Is that a Dekker book-I need to go to library-always looking for something good to read. Come on Tammy, you can speak up. I remember one time in a Senior yoga class when the teacher was going off on a tangent and others were joining in-I needed to exercise so I spoke up-don't know how popular I was. Maybe you could get someone on your side-follow a Bible Study course-have each person prepare a lesson-all on scripture, You can tell I hang. out with Baptists.
It stopped raining momentarily but will start again. Relay for Life tonight and tomorrow. Brad's sister and husband are very involved-they took our camper for some people to sleep in.
Brad was sick yesterday-must of been a bug that I had on Wed, I had to drive to take dog to get groomed, get his med, and pick him up. What a great job they did!
Still doing research on geneology of my great-granparents. I am going to pay 28 $ for my great grandfather's death cert. I t will give his parents-I am stuck right now, Don't know the exact date but it's in the 30's.
Bye for now-Mima

Joanne D
06-10-2006, 02:21 PM
Tammy- It is usually the HMO's that are regulating the doctor.Maybe we need to be more demanding with our wish to have better health. I think it is called the almighty green backs.
Mima- I am in the library weekly.. I would probably get more done if I didn't read so much..
Hello everybody...Joanne

06-10-2006, 05:59 PM
Mima, yes the book I read is a Dekker book. I mentioned it to Bob and Tim and told them I thought they would enjoy it. My aunt beat them to it though, so I'm loaning it to her. About the bible study, I've had another women in the town where we just moved who asked me to join a study group that she is starting. there are several people I know who are doing their family histories. My SIL has worked on ours off and on through the years.

Joanne, I'm sure you are right about it being the HMO's. $$ talks. Reading is good for you!! don't stop!!

Went to a parade in town today. A friend of my husband passed away recently. He was always tinkering with things and building funny things for the area parades. A couple years ago, he motorized a grocery cart and drove it in the parade. He had about 10 different things. This year his new item was a motorized toilet. Jimmy was so proud of that thing and couldn't wait for the parade. He didn't live to get to ride it with the rest of his toys, but my husband drove the toilet in the parade today!! There was a banner in front of all of his toys saying "In memory of Jimmy....." Each toy was driven by his son or one of his good buddies. It was neat, and a little emotional. I know a toilet doesn't sound emotional, but we all knew how proud he would have been driving it this year.

06-11-2006, 08:49 AM
That is so sweet. What a nice gesture! It finally stopped raining. Can't get e-mail through to my friend who is helping me with gen. Guess I'll have to use the phone!!!!!!
I have been sick for so long, I decided to take a prescr. of something I had leftover and have a refill on. If it doesn't work in 2 days I will stop. But I do think it's working. How's that for a diagnosis.
Pastor's oarty is today. Going to church at 9 and we will set up after and gpo back this afternoon. Fun!!!
Bye for now-Read, read , read. Watch a dvd from the library and it stopped working 2/3 of the way through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Luckily Brad knew the ending. Fargo!!
Bye for now Mima

06-11-2006, 06:35 PM
We've had rain off and on all weekend. Hope you are right about your diagnosis!!
How frustrating for the dvd to stop working! Glad Brad knew the ending.

We went to another graduation party today. My friend's daughter graduated from college. She's in the medical field, but I'm not sure what it is! She has a job, and will be starting it this week.

Someone told us that our street is the best in town to watch tonight's fireworks. Tim just pointed out where they are setting them off. I think we can sit on the porch or in the kitchen to watch. We don't even need to go outdoors.

06-12-2006, 06:50 AM
That's great. Have you gotten any bids on your old house or did I miss something.
I am feeling better so I will continue to take med. Even though it makes me nauseous. What a great party for Fr, Andre-and I saw my 2 friends from teacher scoring-they don't work there anymore because they live in Kennebunkport ME-he is Fr. Gariepy's cousin. But there was a crowd of people ther all afternoon. And at night I went to the Spiritual Power "revival" at Brad's church-very nice. I think it will be good for us and anyone else that we can bring. Tonight is on the DaVinci code which I haven't read and haven't seen. And don't really care.
Planning a camping trip!! Debbie is coming over this afternoon and we will meet Angela at church tonight, Keith is a little chunk!! Mima

Joanne D
06-12-2006, 08:01 PM
Hello Everybody..We finally got some much needed rain.. Some areas are getting more. The wind will bring in a lot of water from the gulf tonight. I am high so no worry for me.I just hope I can get out tomorrow. I have a hair appointment.The bayous may be over the roads. There is one on each end of the road where I live.
I read the book(DaVinci Code) a couple years ago. I don't really care if I see the movie or not. I sure won't pay to see it. My G/son has a collection of just about every new movie. If he gets it I may see it.I am aware it is fiction. So there is not much opinion. I think it was a sad subject to make into a book/movie.I don't think they made the money that was hoped for.
Reading is one of my passions. Sewing,quilting, crochet,and most hand crafts are the other.I will never give them up. My G/mother took me to the library when I was 11 years old. I never gave up the love of it. I started sewing at about the same age and was making my own clothes a couple years later.Along with the other hand work.
Keep Well everybody...Joanne

06-13-2006, 12:13 AM
Joanne, I was just thinking of you with the storm heading that way. Take care.
I enjoy reading also. Sewing is another story. I'm lucky I can thread a needle. lol

06-13-2006, 07:34 AM
Good morning. Last night's talk was on the fallacies of the DaVinci code-haven't read it and am not seeing the movie so I would rather have heard something more spiritual. But the end of the service was good and great music, I took care of Debbie from 2-6:30 and that was 2 and a half hours too long, I ended up getting mad at Brad after church because I used up all my patience on her. I was upset with him because all he does at church is talk to everyone about air-conditioning , not other things. And then I had to wait in the car while he talked to someone else. He said he didn't know I was there. We never stay mad for long though. But I am tired today and he wants me to take a ride with him so he can talk to someone about a job. They think he goes around and does work for everyone free. NOT Just his church. It seems I have gotten to the point where I can;t do the things I used to but I try to keep up with everyone. Between my stomache and fibr I have to give in. I read a good page today that says when you are older it's not about doing but about being.
But we are going to lunch with friends.
Glad you got some rain Joanne.
My mother taught me to sew but my clothes always looked homemade. But I make cute kids clothes. And I can knit well-no crocheting!!! Mima

06-13-2006, 11:20 PM
I'm going to read the DaVinci Code. I have it with my things to take on vacation. I love music! Sometimes I go to our 2nd service at church because I like to hear the more modern songs. Not about doing but about being - I like that. I believe that I am a better person now since I've been diagnosed with Fibro because I think I understand people better. Maybe I've just been doing more Bible study since I'm not up to doing things like I used to. My cousin and I decided that we were going to make long flannel nightgowns when we were in 9th grade. Oh my word. Neither one of us really knew how to sew. We had a semester of home ec, so we thought we knew everything. We were cutting out pieces and she cut the carpet in her bedroom. What a zoo! We never did anything else. Our moms helped us finish the gowns.

06-14-2006, 06:43 AM
That's a good one, Tammy. Angela is not going to have a car anymore so we have to pick her up-2 car seats and me in a small space, Not getting enough sleep at night because we get home late -took 2 naps yesterday. Suzanne and her new boyfriend are coming to dinner tonight, Oh look-it;s only 5:42/ almost time to go back to bed. Mima

Joanne D
06-14-2006, 11:42 AM
We got 3 1/2 In. of rain.. More will be sister hates rainy weather. I love it.. I can sit back and do my own things or nothing at all. My IBS is saying hello since yesterday..
Fathers Day will be at my house this time.. He started naming all the things he wanted me to cook. I finally said. This isn't Golden Corral..One of the things to cook was greek garlic potatoes. Now mind you he wants fire to come out of his nose when he eats them.Most people can't eat them. And it reeks from the body for a week!!!Sure cleans the pipes.
Tammy- Pretty Good. I cut the table cloth once. I have a board I lay down now. I used to cut everything on the floor. It was easier to lay the pattern. I can't get down there now.
The pants I bought are too big. I guess I needed a 10. I will fix them. I rather things be lose anyhow.It is just the waist and hem. I can't take them back as they were on sale.
Mima- Maybe you need a little something to help you sleep.. Ofcourse ,I should talk. I take a pm med plus Sleepy time tea ,darvocet, and still am awake every hour or so.No wonder I have a headache every morning...
Meme- How are you? You have been quiet lately...
Hello Happy, Candice....Joanne

06-14-2006, 05:59 PM
It was me that read Ted Dekker books ... still do. Before you read 'Martyr's Song', you should have read: 'Heaven's Wager', 'When Heaven Weeps' and 'Thunder of Heaven' ... in that order. They are sequels. They are actually written out of order ... he wrote 'Heaven's Wager' first, then went back and wrote 'When Heaven Weeps' to explain the beginning of 'Heaven's Wager' but that's the order they were written in. 'Martyr's Song' was the last one. If you want to read what I think was his best book so far, read 'Blink'! Then read: 'Black', 'Red' and 'White'! Those three were awesome! Right now I'm reading Mary Higgins Clark's 'Two Little Girls In Blue'. I just finished Angela Hunt's 'The Novelist.' Tammy, you would really like that one. Angela is a Christian author, too. She has just come out with a new book I'm going to get next ... 'Uncharted.'

Last week my modem blew up in hubby's hand. Had to go to the cable office and get a new one Monday. Then, yesterday, I took one of the pills the Dr. gave me and it made me sick. Was sick all night last night. I told him and hubby both they were too strong but they said just try it. Against my better judgement I did. I'll never listen to them again. I know what I can take and what I can't! I've tried those before and I knew how they worked. I can get by with taking one Aleve if it is coated and I can even wait two or three hours and take another, but to take a full strength Naproxen is out of the question for me ... it always makes me sick. I was doubled over with stomach cramps all night and today I have an awful headache. These were supposed to be time released ... that's the only reason I tried them. Still made me sick.

I think if my Dr. told me I'd just have to live with something I'd be getting me a second opinion unless I had already tried everything else and had not been able to find anything that would help. And that doesn't sound like the case with you guys. Sounds like your Dr. is not very concerned with trying to help you live a better quality of life. Just because you are in your 60s or 70s doesn't mean you are ready to throw in the towel. A lot of people live to be 90 or even 100. So does that mean you have to live in misery for the next 30 years ... I don't think so. I'd explain that to him if it were me. Just tell him you are planning to live another 20 or 30 years and you are hoping to increase the quality of your life ... not decrease it! Ask him if he is onboard to help with your plans or should you find a doctor who is. I had the same problem with a doctor once ... Dr. Lanier. He evidently thought because I had fibro and Arthritis he didn't need to fool around with me much. He hadn't been doing much for me and had been mostly ignoring me. I set him straight. I called in for some meds and he didn't respond. Wouldn't call back, etc. I went in to the office and asked to see him. When they took me back I told him he was either going to be my doctor and take care of me when I needed him or not. I said he could refill my prescriptions when they ran out or I could find a doctor who would. I told him it was simply a refill of a med that he had prescibed that I needed and that there was no need for me to make a trip all the way up there for that when he could have called it in. I told him either he started taking care of me or I'd find another doctor who would. I asserted myself to him and never did have any more problems with him. I get tired of playing around with these doctors. It's my health, my body and I'm paying them. Yet they act like it's the other way around sometimes. Doesn't make sense to me! So ... sometimes, I just tell them, no ... that's not how it's going down. Sorry to burst your bubble son! ;)

06-15-2006, 08:18 AM
You go girl!! Naproxen gave Brad an ulcer-and my rheumo prescribed it. I take 2 meds to sleep-can't take any more. If I walked during the day, I would sleep better. It's raining again but will stop/ 89 on Sunday. Brad is trying to get the air going at church. He has 3 more holes to cut in the sanctuary.
Revival last night, It was about believing in universalism -actually not believing in it. Petty heavy .
We picked up Angela and the 2 kids-because she doesn't have her own car anymore. I squeezed in the back between 2 car seats-it's a space about a foot wide-she is bigger so she sat in the front. But it worked-Debbie loves going to nursery!!!
They didn't have the Dekker books at the library. I just finished the Mary Higgins Clark book-it was great. And the a James Patterson but they tend to be a little risque-I just like the mystery part, I love mysteries. Hi all Mima

06-15-2006, 12:04 PM
Joanne, the garlic potatoes sound good! There is a restaurant near here that has the most delicious house dressing with loads of garlic. Bob doesn't eat it, but he says that he always knows when I have been there because I glow in the dark. lol

Meme, I read Blink, Three, and the colors. I enjoyed them all. In the front of the Martyr's Song is a letter from Dekker. He says that there is really no order to the books. They can be read in any sequence. He recommends reading this one first. He says it came out last but it started it all. I just added the Angela Hunt books to my list of things to read.

I agree about getting 2nd opinions from doctors if you arent' satisfied.

I like James Patterson books too. There is another Patterson that has some good ones, but I can't remember his first name.

06-16-2006, 03:21 AM
I still haven't read Martyr's Song ... Patterson is awesome. I have read every single one of Alex Cross and all the Women's Murder Club Mystery's. Sounds like we all have about the same taste in reading. I've been working on the church website for the last 2 days. Finally finished it tonight. It looks really good if I do say so myself. The preacher's wife wanted mountains (because she said we are in the mountains). That was hard to do as they are kind-of a 'busy' background. I'm just glad it is all done. I especially like the Kid's Korner pages. We just finished VBS and I got some good pictures ... we have some cute little ones. They didn't advertise or anything ... just had Fri. night and Sat. for the church kids mainly and I think they wound up with 27 ages 4-12 and 20 helpers. That's pretty good for the first year.

06-16-2006, 07:19 AM
Good morning. I guess we do have the same tastes. What about you, Joanne? Last night's talk was on sin but not heavy. Tonight we will meet in a tent!! And Sunday, Brad is trying to get their air done because it's going to be hot this weekend. He has help today. Angela said she wants to go to work and is looking for a babysitter. I quickly said don't look at me. Went through that with Mike last year. Jill works at the Y and Evan gets free babysitting. Keith smiled at me last night: Debbie gets jealous when I talk to him.
Started painting the trim on the house-not many places need it-rest is siding. I will take it slow,
I will try to get Dekker books from regional library. Mima

Happy Canuk
06-16-2006, 11:22 AM
Good morning.

Mima - I read where your stomach is feeling better. I am glad that the meds help.

Joanne - Hooray! you finally got rain. I'll bet you were out dancing in the street:carrot: I wish I could send some rain to somebody! It has been raining all week, and SHOULD start to clear off tomorrow.

Tammy - so, how are holidays? No more school and not many months left until you are really finished.

Meme - hope you feel better. Too bad about your computer, but that does happen.

I love to read as well, and read the same books as the rest of you. Love the Alex Delaware books. There is James Patterson, and James NORTH Patterson. I haven't read the Davinci Code, but did read Angels and Demons and that was a really good mystery. I have the Davinci Code, just need to get into it. Also, the book called Decpetion Point, written by Dan Brown was really good.

I finished work a week ago and we went on a holiday. Went out to the west coast and visited some friends and then stopped in the Interior of British Columbia. This is one of the most beautiful spots. To get into British Columbia, from Alberta, you have to go through the Rocky Mountians and they are beautiful everytime. Every corner is a postcard picture.

Hope you are all feeling well today and will have a nice day.

06-16-2006, 02:47 PM
Had to sit a minute and cool off. It's so hot out. Been out with customers ... good news is I sold one of them a $800 trailer so at least I wasn't out there for nothing! :p

I was supposed to start my vacation today. Hubby is supposed to take off from work all next week, from today until a week from Monday. We have planned to get a lot of stuff done around here that we've been putting off 'till another day (that day has crept up on us) and maybe go fishing a day or two. We even talked about, if we got along good on our chores, going away next weekend for a night or two ... we'll have 9 days. I already cancelled all my lessons next week. But now we may not do any of that. There is a chance of thunderstorms every single day next week plus the owner's wife of the shop where he works is not expected to live and on top of that one of hubby's top guys that works for him is extreemly ill and out of work. He may not be able to leave and even if he does we may not be able to do any outside work if he's home because of the rain. So I'm bummed. I guess if he doesn't take off I'll just stay home and clean closets and paint. Some vacation. Boo-Hoo.

06-17-2006, 08:02 AM
Don't give up -just on this week. life is what happens while you are making other plans-sure hope you get to go after that. We are going for 4 days out to western MA and going on a train ride-it's only open on the weekend. So I am going to the mountains too. Gotta use our camper since we paid to insure it. We take trips that use a tank of gas one way. Of course, there is the dog.
We met in a tent last night and the topic was what happens after we die. Very interesting and uplifting for believers. And great music!
Have to go shopping alone today while Brad finishes air at church. And then installs a water heater for someone. It's going to be 90 tomorrow.
Father's day I will make hamburgers for Brett, Angela, Debbie, not for Keith-he doesn't like them. He is so beautiful. Even Brad says so. And Suzanne who I would love to come to church with us. Tomorrow is last night. Mima

Joanne D
06-17-2006, 11:45 AM
Hello Everybody... I don't usually read male writers. I don't like their style of writing. I rather read a book that flows well with a story. I don't want my train of thought to jump around to a dozen subjects.Over a month ago I read 'Singing River Story' by Laura Hicks Burge. She has a CD out too. She writes music too along with her husband.It was very good. It turns out that she lives a few miles from me. I met her last evening where they were playing. She is a new writer. She told me that her books will soon be in Barns and Nobles and Books a Million.
I will be cooking tomorrow. I am making it easy on myself. Some of the cooking I will do today and grill out tomorrow.
I hope everyone has a Great Weekend....Joanne

06-17-2006, 12:15 PM
Joanne ... me, too. Kids wanted to go out and eat and were arguing back and forth via phone and email about where to go. Every place they named would either have an hour's wait or would be so noisy we wouldn't be able to hear each other talk. I finally told them we'd just come here after church and cook hamburgers and hotdogs. The kids can play outside and the adults can visit peacefully. Monday is MIL's BD and next Friday is daughter's so I'm getting a BD cake with both their names on it and making it a three-some combination ... getting it all over with at once! Like you, I'm making it easy, bought BD cake and potato salad, Bush's canned baked beans (they are wonderful) & chips, having others bring more desserts and I'm doing the burgers and dogs. Paper everything! No muss no fuss (& just a little bother). ;)

Went to sleep at 3:15 and was up at 6:45. Going to be a looooong day! Was at Lowes before 8. Hubby bought some Cedar Siding and Deck Spray for the house and back deck and it was too light and looked really dull so we took it back and got the kind we had been using. We got the other because it was supposed to last a few years longer but it looked really bad. He's spraying the house now. He washed it down with bleach last week. One end of it was nearly white! I'll be glad when that is done and we can start on the yard.

Gotta get busy, going to a cookout at Hidden Hollow at 4. Hidden Hollow is a big private park near here where you can rent pavilions ... some with buildings, some with covered tables, etc. They have tennis courts and volley ball courts, etc. It's called Hidden Hollow because it's down in a hollow and filled with trees ... you'd never know it was there ... can't see it. Couldn't find it without signs everywhere. The Ladies Friendship Circle from our new church is having a cookout, spouses invited. I had not joined so I thought this would be a good time to go see what it's about.

I want to go on vacations with Anne & Mima!!! :p

06-18-2006, 07:11 AM
Hope you got some sleep last night. We put gray stain on our deck and it shows all the dirt. I ordered 2 Dekker books from the Regional library.
I am in trouble-between knitting and painting, I have tendonitis in my right hand-I have had it before. I volunteered to paint scenery for VBS and they want to do it soon. Darn-I love to paint but I will have to stick to pretty pictures-house painting puts too much stress
on my hand.
father's Day is hamburgers and macaroni salad and strawberry shortcake and then to the last night of Spirit Power week. Brad will have air going for this am but tonight it is ouside ! Maybe they will change their minds. He hopes he has enough.
Gotta make macaroni. Mima

06-20-2006, 04:41 AM gals gave me a headache reading all that!!!!!!!

Happy..cute pics..congrats on the new little one!!!!!:)

06-20-2006, 07:24 AM
Good morning. Going to get a shot in my hand today and no more painting trim on the house-I will hire someone to finish it. And wicked IBS yesterday and I can give you 10 reasons why but I am praying I am better today, I have been doing so good. Candice, you didn't tell us how you are doing.
Hot again-no complaints. I took out my shorts and put the winter clothes
away yesterday.
I am going to put tylenol pm in my husband.s food. He wakes me up but then I had 2 naps yesterday,
Hey meme-sounds like you are doing a lot for that new church. Watch that you don't get in over your head but it's sure good to use your gifts. And you have so many.
Bye for now Mima

06-20-2006, 06:06 PM
Mima ... not really. That's the great thing about this church. No one really does a lot. Every body does a little and it all gets done. There are a lot of workers instead of a few having to do it all. For example, instead of only one piano player like at the other church (which was me) there are FIVE piano players at this church and we are rotating months. Next month is my month. We have two pianos, a grand and an electric so I'm playing with my best friend who came from the other church, too. Having a month off every now and then is good. Then when we had Bible School, it was only for Fri. night and a half day Sat. and all I had to do was lead the singing. At the cook-out Sat. I just took some baked beans and a dessert ... and I made the pictures, too. It's like I said ... it's like you pushed the easy button at this church. Everyone pitches in. And everyone is so friendly and happy all the time. And FUNNY! I laughed all afternoon Saturday. Especially the preacher's wife. She is hilarious. One side of the lake at the park was green and slimy. We are the same age same size and the same height and were standing real close to the edge. I put my arm around her and said, "it would be awful easy for a person to just slip and fall in that stuff." She said, "hmmm, slipping is one thing, but being PUSHED is entirely another thing." I said, "now sister Ruth, you know good and well if you were to fall in there that I would jump right in behind you and save you ... (I paused a minute then said) that is if you didn't pop up by yourself right away." She cut her eyes around at me and said, "believe me when I say, I can hold my breath a very long time!" I thought I was going to wet my pants laughing at her. She had breast cancer and had one breast removed. Well, she just had reconstruction surgery done last month. We were walking along with several other ladies when she put her arms down by her sides and squeezed her breasts out ... she was looking at my best friend when she said, I'm sorry but I just can't help looking at other women's breasts. My friend said, "excuse me." I laughed at her expression until I nearly lost my breath. I said, don't look at me, she worries me sometimes. (I knew what she meant but then she explained what she meant ... in comparison to her own.) A young girl ... about 25 ... walking with us ... really tiny thing ... said she told people she was a 32 double P ... when we all said WHAT? she said the P was for the two pairs of panties she had to stick down in her bra to make them a 32.

So ... I guess the moral is ... so far, I love this church and the people in it. I haven't really had to do too much at all and what little I have had to do has been a joy.

We had a good day Sunday, whole family was here for a cook-out. All went well. Celebrated MIL and Daughter's BDs as well so got all that out of the way. Hubby is home all week ... we've been working. He got both ends of the house sprayed yesterday and today ... we have cedar siding ... looks like a log house but it has to be washed and resealed about every 3 or 4 years. He still has the front and back to do plus the deck. The ends were the hardest because the roof line is so high on the ends. Got the kitchen painted and papered. Need to go wash all the glass stuff now and put it back up on top of the cabinets. Always something. Next project, my walk-in closet. I bought deep rose paint and white shelves and drawers for the back wall. I dread that ... there is so much 'stuff' in there that I can't wear that I need to get rid of. My friend and I are going to have a yard sale ... YUCK!

06-21-2006, 07:05 AM
That is so awesome about your church, Meme. That's the way it should be. Can't say that about my church-there are a lot of workers but the same ones all the time. We are hoping for some spiritual growth with a new pastor. And spiritual growth would mean service.
Got a shot in my hand-it's arhritis. Still hurts.Wonder if I could get a brace to take some pressure off.
Went to prayer meeting last night. We sat in the air-conditioned church-lovely. and talked about forgive
Going to see Auntie today. Feeling better, Went to pay for something with my credit card yesterday-both missing. Came home and called the last store I was in-no! Short prayer-they were tucked down in my wallet!!PTL Mima

Happy Canuk
06-21-2006, 03:17 PM

Hi everybody.

Mima - Wish that the IBS would settle down for you. Are you by any chance chewing sugarless gum? The Sorbitol and Manitol in it can cause irritation in some people. You must be eating something that is causing this to happen. Enjoy your time with your aunt.

Meme - Sounds like you might have found the church of your dreams! Everybody sharing. That is unusual as you well know. Mima has it right. It is usually just a few doing it all. Glad you can enjoy yourself and have a few laughs as well.

Candice - nice to see you. Now stop in and tell us how you are??

Joanne - you would have LOVED the rain we had the other night. I thought we were going to float away and I am living on the 3rd floor:dizzy: It was like the sky opened up and it was beyond pouring. Also, good electrical storm along with it. Hope you are feeling better. It was shortness of breath that caused you to go to the Dr. wasn't it? If so, how are you going to live with that - I need to know as I am having that same problem. I do believe mine is due to FM in the sternum muscles, but still hard to live with.

Tammy - Are you enjoying your holidays so much, you forget to come visit us :carrot: Well, I don't blame you. Hope you are getting some much needed rest and just enjoying your time off.

Not much new. We did go on a short trip last week, out to the westcoast. Visited some very dear friends. Also, stopped in the interior of British Columbia - beautiful spot (fruit belt). Then on to Edmonton for the weekend. Had to get hold of that new baby. She is growing nicely and seems to be quite content.

Well, I am finished working and perhaps that is a good thing, as the fatigue seems to have a grip on me this week. I want this to go away. The pain I can deal with, but this other is just awful. It took me until today to get to the grocery store. Just no energy at ALL. Now I am tired again, but I do need to go out again, so I had better get to it.

Hope you are all enjoying your day - FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!

06-22-2006, 07:43 AM
Anne, perhaps it's a letdown from not working. Used to take me 2 weeks to get adjusted to summer vacation, And then another adjustment because my kids were home 24/7. New routine!! When I did get it together, it was time to go back to work.
IBS again. new thought-I started taking macrodantin again. ???? I also ate out yesterday and I couldn''t have the soup so I ate a burger and fries. I know it's fat big time. Well. today is a new day.
Want to bring car in for service and then we are having our eyes checked . I bet I need new glasses!
Planning 2 parties-got my son with the pool to have Mike's party and I will have something for Brad's 65th bd, the following week/ But that's in July.
QEnjoy summer-Mima

Joanne D
06-22-2006, 11:39 AM
Happy- The Dr. put me on a B/P med and the shortness seems better. I have also commited to walking again. I am up to 3-4 times a week. I am not walking as far as I was though. I think that may have helped get me back on tract. My main problem is motivation to just get out and move. I guess I will have to learn to deal with these little problems as I get younger.You should check it out though. The shortness of breath you are having could be a problem that can be relieved with medication.
Mima- I hope you are feeling better. I am going to have eye surgery next month. They tell me I will just need reading glasses then. That is going to seem strange for awhile. My glasses and watch are the first things I grab in the morning.My daughter said not to believe them too much. She has friends who still need glasses.
Meme- Down here in Fl. The HMO's have us by the neck/behind. There are the good points and the bad too.There are so many retirees that the Dr.'s Have a tendency to treat us all the same.So far our meds are all paid for.There is a couple months out of the year that I have to pay co-pay for
my hubby's.He is on brand meds.Nice that you are happy with your church now.
Our daughter and G/daughter was here for a few days. We spent one day on the beach. Their stay never seems enough. All the appointments this summer is keeping us close to home. We may go up to N/Florida for a weekend when we can get a break.
I guess Tammy is on her vacation.
Hello Candice....Joanne

06-22-2006, 12:21 PM
Hubby got outside of house and deck done. Guess it's the flower/shrubs and rock the rest of the day. I went to Kirkland's yesterday and got 2 cute frogs and turtles that are little bird feeders to put in there. I may not put flowers, just shrub type plants and rock. Less care the better.

Speaking of bird feeders ... hubby left the garage door to the house open yesterday afternoon and a bird got in the house. I thought I was never going to catch it. I finally trapped it in my bathroom and threw my grandson's spiderman cape over it and returned it to the outdoors. Poor little thing was scared to death. Meanwhile, it flew in hubby's bedroom and ruined his lampshade so I'll have to buy a new one. Bummer!

Oldest grandson is bugging me to death. He found out I am on MSN and added me to his 'list'. Now everytime I get on the computer he wants to 'talk'! He just instant messaged me to play checkers! :p Think not! ;)

Happy Canuk
06-22-2006, 10:32 PM
I don't know if anybody here has tried this product 024Fibromyalgia. I bought it today, and it has significantly lessened the pain. It is all natural and feels so good on the skin.

There is also a product for Arthritis. These are sprays and towelettes. Anything is worth a try when you have chronic pain:dizzy:

Happy Canuk
06-22-2006, 10:42 PM
Meme - I would have freaked if I had a bird flying around my house. They make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end:o I like birds, just not flying over ME!!!

Joanne- Is is laser surgery your are having? My SIL had that done. She has worn glasses since she was just a little kid. It was getting so bad, she had to almost sit in front of the TV to see it. She already wore "coke bottle" glasses. Since she had the surgery, she doesn't even wear glasses for reading, as she is near sited to begin with. Hope it works well fo ryou.

I already take a Beta Blocker, as I don't have high blood pressure. I take this for the Atrial Fibrillation, along with Rythemol. I will go have the tests and see what happens. She listened to my heart in various places and has determined it is working just fine, but she wants to find out what is causing the shortness of breath. It has been better the past couple of weeks, so perhaps it IS alergies.

Mima- I don't feel let down! I am used to staying home. I do know that I have been so darn tired - you know, the unrelenting fatigue. Anyway, I took a painmed that has a muscle relaxer with it and I had a pretty good day. This darn FM lets you sleep, but it is interruped sleep and NEVER a deep sleep, even though you think you have slept for hours. Last night I DID sleep and woke up refreshed.

Sorry about the book, and do yourselves a favor and try this 024 Fibromyalgia or 024 Arthritis spray. It really works.

06-23-2006, 07:35 AM
Anne, you are right about the sleep pattern. Then I take a nap because I didn't get good sleep/ When I work , I don't get a nap and I sleep good but noone is waking me up. Like snoring, going to the bathroom, letting the dog out!! But I love him. Going for a massage today !!
Yesterday , I went tio the car dealer's for service. Then it take s a long time to cash out because we have prepaid service that we bought in FL so they have to call headquarters. And fax. Just got home in time to go to eye docs. My dry eye is really bad-that's probably why I thought I needed glasses but I don't. Have to use dropsa 4 times a day-the Restasis twice.
Stomache is better-maybe I am on to something with macrodantin. But then I ate fries on Wed. The fat is trouble, It's good for me to not eat fat.
Meme, I plant perennials now. They come back and also get bigger. But some geraniums and pansies. Nice to get that work done.
Joanne, I have asthma and it kicks up-more in FL than here. It gives me pains in my chest.
Bye for now. mima

06-23-2006, 07:12 PM
Got it all out and got the rock in just in time ... had a big thunder storm. We saw it coming. I helped hubby shovel the rock in. I'll be so sore tomorrow I won't be able to move. Already feel it in my hands. Got way too much rock. I told him I am ready to start on the front now. I know it's hot but I want to get this stuff done. We can use the extra rock in the front. Almost all of that is going to have to be ripped out. I dread it so bad. The house is 50' long and it goes all the way across the front porch. The only thing I want left in there is the redtips on the very ends. We have brown rock and black plastic in there and it all will have to come out. Heaven help me!!! But ... I am determined to make this place look better. Hubby isn't into stuff like that so if I get it done I have to nag or go get the stuff and start it ... then he usually comes through! (I'm just not a nagger!) ;)

Joanne D
06-23-2006, 08:18 PM
Happy- I am going to have cataract surgery..I hope it works well for me too. Several people have told me it is the best thing they have ever done.They put in new lens.I have never heard of the pain rub you found. Ofcourse there are medications in Canada that they don't have here in the States.
After nights that I don't sleep well, I usully sleep better. Ofcourse, I never sleep through. I am awake several times a night for one reason or another. My hubby snores like a locomotive and talks in his sleep.He is up a few times a night and that always wakes me. I am a light sleeper.
Meme- Take it easy with the heavy work outside. You will pay the price in pain.
Mima- We have a lot of humidity and pollen here. It shouldn't bother you so much in the winter. But there is probably more than you are used to.Spring and summer is difficult for us.
Hello Everybody...Joanne

06-24-2006, 07:29 AM
I guess I have new allergies-I think it is tree pollen there. Plus, you have to keep the filter clean on the air. We got our electric bill and it was 65-I guess they mad a mistake last month with 13. Have to pay for it in 2 places! I am NOT complaining. Yes, you will be happy with the surgery, Joanne. Going to a cookout that will be a cookin. It's raiing again-it rains like FL this year-downpours. I guess it's El Nino.
Had a nice massage yesterday. Took away all the muscle soreness-most of it. She did some of it like a yoga meditation and she had warm towels and compresses. I will go bak to her-and she charges 10 less for seniors.
Have a good weekend. Mima

06-24-2006, 04:22 PM
No pain, no gain! OUCH! No rain, no pain. It's raining today. Just wanted to show you a picture of my 'rock' garden. The little shrub thingies will get bigger. I like the barberry bushes best. The tips are red. It isn't completely finished yet, rained us out. He will fill in the front with a little more dirt and hopefully some grass seed and the trellis paneling by the steps still has to be cut off and painted to match the other. He just tacked it up there for now to keep the dog out. She had been going under there when it stormed ... she is terrified of thunder. I love the old-fashioned water pump. The sound is so relaxing when sitting out on the deck. We have a big bank going down to the drivewaythat has steps beside it and I was thinking about putting a large pool with a pump in but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to keep Sami out of it. She loves water ... she's a golden retriever ... they all love water and she'd probably stay in it if I got one! :p

I had hubby drive through some new sub-divisions yesterday evening to see how some of the people had their landscaping fixed in front. After those insights, I've about decided not to redo the front of my house. Maybe mine isn't as bad as I thought. I'm not real crazy about a lot of small plants ... for one thing, I don't think they would look right in front of my porch. It is a 50' long wooden porch with the bottom open - a couple of feet high ... just wood trellis paneling like you see in the picture below across it. Then the porch has wood rails all the way around it and is covered with the roof of the house. My house is western cedar and looks like log. I have large shrubbery like red-tips, holly and rhododendron right now that is about 17 years old. I hate to think of trying to pull all that out of the ground. I think I'm going to just cut everything back, clean out between the shrubs, weed it really good and put my left-over brown rock in there (of which I had a lot) and call it a day. When (and if) I get it done, I'll show you! ;)

I know what you mean about allergies, my eyes & nose start running the minute I walk out the door. I take allegra and use flonase, both. Makes it hard to sing, too. I have two certificates for massages that I need to use. Hubby got one at an auction ... kids got me the other for MD last month.
JOANNE ... not just spring and summer ... every season is getting difficult for me!!!

Joanne D
06-24-2006, 07:45 PM
Meme- Nice job!! My hubby finally cut down dead tree in side yard and there it lays!!!!If he doesn't finish it I may get a hand saw and play with it till I get it cut up and out to road. Sometimes I wish he would agree to sell this place and us move to a condo.. It is paid for but too much work.Never ending..

06-24-2006, 08:22 PM
Joanne ... our whole house has to be resealed with cedar spray every 4 or 5 years. I told hubby this would probably be the last year he'd be able to climb up the ladder a do that. He turned 60 last year and it took him 2 days to do the house and another day to do the deck. Kills me just to hold the ladder and bring him 'stuff'! :p

06-25-2006, 06:46 AM
I sold my house and moved into a condo-but it was me making the decision-now I am back in a house that needs work all the time and hubby doesn't want to sell it. But he doea the work. I am going to hire someone to regrout the bathroom and finish painting the trim. At least we have siding now.
Meme-I had climbing hydrangea bushes against a long fence-boy did they grow and attach themselves to the fence. Sure was pretty. i have perennials out front and they are huge-only some geraniums that don't come back.
Went to a party for my cousin's son who passed his CPA exam. They had a keg of beer-not around that stuff-can't believe how much those kids drink. And then drive?????
That looks so nice Meme. Love that pump.
Fr. Andre's last mass today. Bye for now. Mima

06-25-2006, 04:55 PM
Thanks ... it was 90 % when we were shoveling that rock! See the big mouth turtle? I told my best friend's daugher (age 13) today that I named it Megan, after her, because she talks so much!!! :D I like begonias, I have three hanging on my front porch. I have a little bird that comes every year and builds a nest in one of them ... always the same one ... the one closest to my porch swing. Weird, huh? They make such a mess that hubby went out one evening last week and took the nest out and threw it away before the mother laid her eggs ... he thought I was busy but I caught him. I told him he was mean. He said he wasn't washing off the porch and all the furniture every other day this year. He knew if she ever laid the eggs I wouldn't have let him touch it! :p I got a little mad at him anyway. She worked so hard at building that nest and was almost finished. So mean!!! The babies are sweet but the mother would get mad and fuss at me in the evening when I'd go swing ... I'd have to pass by the begonia to get to my swing and she'd go get in one of the trees in the yard and just fuss and fuss until I went back in. Sometimes, if I was quiet and sneaked by, she'd stay on the nest. It was hard to water the flower, too. I'd have to catch her gone and just put in a cup full at a time so as not to get the nest wet. This has been going on for years and years. I have a hard time believeing this is the same bird but at the same time ... why the same flower? It's actually a new flower ... just the same spot. It's a mystery! Oh well, maybe he'll break the cycle this year.

Happy Canuk
06-26-2006, 01:27 AM
Nice flower bed Meme. Sounds like you have been overworking - AGAIN!!! What in the WORLD are we going to do with you:dizzy:

Mima - glad you had a good party. That sure isn't good, to be drinking and driving.

Joanne - time to move into a condo. I LOVE it! No yard work, and no snow to shovel. Actually, hubby loves it:D Once inside the building, the suite feels like a house, not an apartment.

I am going to work tomorrow morning and Wednesday morning. It is going be really hot here, so I am kind of glad, as at least there is airconditiong there.

Hope you all have nice evening.

06-26-2006, 07:39 AM
Good morning-we are still having lousy weather and will for a while. We are taking the 5th wheel to the Berkshires in western MA and we will go on a train ride, go to a play, and the Norman Rockwell museum-all in that area. If I have my way, we will also go to the outlet stores in Lee but it's ok if we don't. Coming back on Mon.
In the meantime, it's only 3 weeks til Mike comes-big party on the 16th and Brad's 65th on the 23rd. Yikes!! But then I like to plan things-I am good at it!!!I am going to plan to have someone clean for me when Mike leaves also. Because the party will be the next day.
Watched 2 movies last night-Forrest Gump and Broken Trail-rest of Broken Trail is on tonight.
Is it hot in Canada, Anne? Bye for now-Mima-Where's Tammy!!!

06-26-2006, 08:42 AM
Meme..I thought you were not into outdoor work! WE have a robin that builds a nest every year by our back door, she really fusses at us when we go in and out. She makes a big mess when building her nest too drags all kinds of stuff from my flower bed on to the porch. I thought your bushes in front of your house looked nice (you put up a pictuer a while back). I would like everything to be maintainece free or have someone else doing the hard stuff. I think I needed to be born into royalty or a very wealthy family so I could be pampered and spoiled and only do things I really reallly enojoyed! :D I thought that was a frog:D The bed looks nice, like the color of the stone too.

If we move to Dh's mom's house there is a lot of work to be done..not sure I am up to it but DH does not want to go to a condo yet.

Happy..I could not work outside the home.....if I was having a bad day I would have to call in sick and there would be too many!!!!! I thonk it is great you can do that......Hope you get some rest.

Mima....Men ..........;) at least he does the work..mine doesn't he is too much like Joanne's I think!

Joanne..good luck witht the lazer thing.

06-26-2006, 05:35 PM
Nope ... turtle. And it's actullay huge. The whole thing is a lot bigger than it looks, I shrunk the picture. The deck is 10 ft. and there are seven steps coming down beside the flower bed. We spread plastic & shoveled rock under the steps, too, so we wouldn't have to worry about weeds under there. The shrubs look small but they are bigger than they look.

Rain again today and I'm aching so bad. I've always done outdoor work before ... until I got to where I couldn't. I used to mow my yard all the time but my hands and arms got so bad from the arthritis and fibro I had to stop. Hubby & I used to even make a garden and put stuff in the freezer ... even canned some. (I don't like much canned stuff ... rather freeze it.) I still do some corn and green beans but not much else. He puts it out ... has a garden over at his mom and dads ... next door to us. He puts ours in with theirs now to keep them from doing it ... they would kill themselves if he didn't. Then we share. It's good to have some fresh stuff in the summer months and I usually have a little to put up for special occassions, too. My kids love to have the garden corn and green beans that I've frozen at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and a few other occassions throughout the year. I love to do stuff like fishing and camping, too. Just had to stop a lot of it because of the arthritis and fibro. We still go fishing some but not as often as I'd like. We sold our pontoon boat and just have a bass boat now. We stopped camping years ago, though. Funny how you'll get a picture of someone that's all wrong, isn't it? I like to do a lot of things that I can't do anymore. I just make the best of it ... I'm thankful that I can still do the things I can do!!! I almost gave up 30 years ago because some doctors in Nashville told me with what all I had I'd be in a wheelchair soon and then in the bed and wouldn't be able to do anything. I remember I went home and cried for over a week. I was so depressed. My kids were 6 and 10. Then I got mad. I prayed and said the doctors didn't know everything. If God wanted me to raise my kids then I would. If he wanted someone else to raise them, then that's what would happen, but I wasn't giving up yet! I'm still walking around!!! (I never did go back to those doctors, either! They scared me too bad.) :p

06-26-2006, 11:58 PM
I can't believe how talkative you all have been while I've been gone! We left the 16th and hit Disney World from the 18th - 24th. Had a nice time, but I wasn't able to do what I used to do there. That made me sad. We had rented a wheelchair, and I couldn't have done it without it.

Isn't it funny how we all pretty much like the same authors? Wow! If I start typing comments for what you all have said while I've been gone, I'll fill 2 pages!!

We weren't supposed to be home until tomorrow. We were at freshman orientation for our son today, and it continues tomorrow. We wouldn't see him all day, and the parent sessions looked boring. Decided to come on home and get started on laundry. He stays there until Friday because he is taking an early class. Good to be home.

06-27-2006, 01:32 AM
We missed you, Tammy. Had to write a lot to make up for you not being here. ;) Glad you had a good Time!

06-27-2006, 08:24 AM
I didn't realize you were at Disney. It's so frustating to not be able to do what you used to. Whatever I do, I pay for it and that includes what I eat. Knitting seems to be ok with my hand-I am going to help paint tomorrow at Brad's church but I won't use the big brushes. Maybe I will be the boss. Not!! They have overheads to use to paint the scenery. ??? Never did that.
Going to lunch with my friends to a tea room. Even though mine is in August, we are celebrating all the bds because it's had to get together. Then maybe we will get together again.
Getting ready for our trip. That should be good.
Glad to hear from you Candice. Talked to Evan yesterday-he said ok. Mike says he knows all his colors. Bye Mima

06-27-2006, 10:35 AM
LOL to Meme about you guys talking so much!

Mima, lunch with your friends sounds nice. I just ate breakfast. A small cup of vanilla ice cream and diet coke. Think we need to go to the grocery now that we're home????

06-28-2006, 07:12 AM
Too funny. I guess I am the head dwork-got some donated yarn from church -thought it smelled musty so I threw it into the machine-came out all tangled. Stayed up late and tried to unravel it-finally threw most of it away. Then I couldn't sleep well. Stupid!! Went to a Fair meeting at church-seemed very quiet-we are trying to adjust to the Pastor's leaving! A transition process.
Lunch was great-we go to tearooms-I did eat a little of outlawed food-just a little stomache ache.
Going to paint scenery this morning. I will take a nap first.
Mima oh yeah-it's going to rain again!!!

Joanne D
06-28-2006, 12:15 PM
Mima- Send the rain to me.. All we are getting is the clouds.. It rains all around us..
Tammy- If you put some Kashi cereal on your icecream you can call it healthy.:D :D That is what I do.. Not the sweet kind though and F/Free.Yes I think you need to go shopping.
Meme-I used to go fishing all the time.. my son bought a house on the river. It is really a inlet to the Gulf.. He is fishing every night and weekends. My daughter doesn't know when to quit. She will sit with her line in the water all day. Sometimes she gets something . She usually releases.
Cancice- My friends are telling me that this surgery is nothing to worry about. I hope they are right.Not till next month, so, I have a while to think about it.
Happy-My hubby would never move to a condo..
Too many people around for him.. He could be a happy hermit.Although he isn't able to keep a yard like he should he still won't hire someone to do it. Maybe that day will come soon. The kids are working on him..But it just makes him more stubborn..

06-28-2006, 03:06 PM
Grandson is bugging me to death on MSN. I don't think this kid ever strays too far from his computer. I wonder if he ever goes outside to play? :p

That's funny about the yarn. If you're going to wash yarn, you should have put it in one of those little mesh, zippered bags first! Oh well, God knew I needed a good laugh today ... just thinking about you trying to untangle all that yarn did it! :D The wife of the owner of the shop where hubby works put her whole Christmas village in her dishwasher a couple of years ago. :eek: Needless to say, it came out completely white ... not one spot of paint left on the whole set! While I felt a little sorry for her, I still laughed until I cried. :devil: I know, you're thinking have I never done anything stupid like that ... never ... (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!) ;)

06-28-2006, 10:32 PM
Mima, how did the painting go? We had some rain tonight, but not very much.

Joanne, I like Kashi cereal. Might have to give it a try. The ice cream we have is the little cups you can get at WalMart. We had them for Tim's grad. party. I think we bought too many because we've been eating them for ages!! This way I only have a little bit though, so I guess that's better than eating a gallon. lol Bob went to the grocery, so I'm a bit more safe now too.

I did laundry all day yesterday. Today I hurt and slept most of the day. I should have known better. bob and I planned to go uptown tonight to a little bar where they have karaoke every Wed. night. We weren't planning to sing, but some of our friends go every week and we thought we'd give it a listen. Well, bob is there, and I'm ready to go to bed. Party animal. Maybe next week I'll go.

Where we moved is a condo type area. There are 5 doubles and 2 singles, so there really aren't too many people around. It's a cul-de-sac, and there are no homes behind any of them. (for now)

I'll bet that untangling yarn is like untangling Christmas lights! lol to the Christmas village turning white! My cousin moved out on her own several years ago. Her new place had a dishwasher which she didn't have growing up. Do you know that styrofoam plates, cups, and bowls, and plastic ware will melt in a dishwasher? Will we ever let her forget it????

06-29-2006, 03:09 AM
I've never understood why people wash those, anyway? I thought the whole reason behind buying them was so you didn't have to wash them. If I'm going to wash a plate I'll just use a 'real' one ...

I've talked to a couple of other people here who have fibro and arthritis and they are hurting big time, too, like me. Don't know what it is. We were blaming it on the weather but it is dry here now??? I'm actually even "dieting" ... :eek: ... I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW ... I'm freaking out here. Cut out sugar, sodas and most white stuff from my diet. I'm trying everything I know to do in an effort to feel better. I even started taking FISH OIL today. That shows you what bad shape I'm in. (That stuff tastes awful, let me tell you!) I have to do something, my hands are getting so bad it's affecting my playing ... this is not good! I wake up in the mornings and it takes me forever just to turn over. The phone was ringing this morning before I got up and the answering machine got it before I could.

06-29-2006, 07:37 AM
I have to get some more fish oil-my bones creek when I move sometimes-ran out and forgot.
I did throw most of the yarn away-what was I thinking?????
Pinted yesterday-lady in charge is probably ADHD-so disorganized. I stuck to painting the background-good thing I had my own paints-all she had was poster paint to paint a sheet. Now that would wash out in the machine. Well this won't be washed.
Don't have the energy to get ready to camp-oh yeah-it's the 5th wheel/ We went shopping last night-Brad waits at the deli while I get everything else.
I sure ache today-From yesterday. I read acupuncture really helped fibro. Where do the put the needles-I would need them everywhere.
Bye for now. Mima

06-29-2006, 04:59 PM
My Neurologist told me last time I was there that Acupuncuture helped fibro, too. He said there wasn't anyone really good around close by, though. I'd have to drive to Nashville. Too far. Hubby also heard a commentary on the radio on the way home from work the other day speaking about that and fibro ... about how well it worked. I'd like to try it. Another good laugh, Mima ... I can just picture you lying on a table with needles sticking all over you ... :p

Happy Canuk
06-29-2006, 05:05 PM
The Effectiveness of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia.
by Editor


The journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (March-April 2006) published the results of a clinical trial to measure the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. The study was conducted at the Southern California University of Health Sciences, Whittier, CA.
Background: Fibromyalgia is a disorder associated with musculoskeletal and neurological symptoms associated with pain, altered moods, and generalized disability. There are few generally accepted treatments plans. Fibromyalgia occurs predominately in women, and the triggering factors are not known.

Study Design: There were 21 patients with an average age of 53.6 years that completed the study. Data measurements were taken at the beginning, after one month and after two months of treatment. A total of 17 acupuncture point associated with common Fibromyalgia symptoms were identified and used for treatment. Eight outcomes were measured by the use of the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ).

Study Results: The Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ) showed significant differences at both 1 and 2 months, with four of six items significantly changed. The average number of general health symptoms reported by patients was significantly decreased by 2 months. For the Catastrophe Index, significant differences were found after 2 months. Pain threshold scores were significantly reduced after 2 months for 5 bilateral tender points. There was significant improvement in measures of Depression (Beck score) for both the 1- and 2-month measurement periods.

In a statistical analysis of five factors, the age of the patient and the initial level of the FIQ score were found to be significant in the outcome of the results. The higher the initial FIQ score, the greater were the positive results reported for acupuncture treatment by patients. The number of weeks the patients had previously been treated, the number of doctors they had seen and the number of general symptoms they had reported did not seem to predict the result score changes for the patient.

Conclusion: Acupuncture treatment was effective at reducing FMS symptoms in this clinical study. Significant improvements were reported with 8 weeks of treatment.

Authors: Singh BB, Wu WS, Hwang SH, Khorsan R, Der-Martirosian C, Vinjamury SP, Wang CN, Lin SY. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, 2006 Mar-Apr; 12(2):34-41.

Happy Canuk
06-29-2006, 05:16 PM
Hi everybody.

Tammy, nice to see you back and glad you enjoyed your holiday. I guess I forgot you were going! Ice cream SOUNDS good - it has been really hot here all week and will contine for at LEAST another week. No airconditioning here. We don't normally need it for the week of extremely hot weather we get just about every year. This year, however, we are on our SECOND round and it is just JUNE!

Mima - well, it helps to bring your own tools, I guess. I don't know why disorganized people offer to run things. I guess nobody else does and they have to have somebody.

Meme - I agree! Why wash paper plated;) I buy 'em to chuck 'em. Lots of people wash the plastic cutlery as well. Just can't be bothered. I hope you start to feel better soon. This has been going on for ages.

Candice - Hi. Hope you are feeling better.

Joanne - I live in a building with 20 suites - two buildings attached by underground parking (so like 40 suites all together) I don't KNOW how many times I can come and go in here without seeing a soul! It was the same with the suite in Edmonton, only there, they had 120 suites. Still, rarely saw anybody. So, unless you make an effort to be bombarded with people, you probably won't even know they are there.

Hope you got some rain. We had quite abit a couple of weeks ago, but now it is just hot.

I worked 3 days this week, and as a casual employee she can call whenever. That suits me fine. If I something else to do, I can just say NO!!! Otherwise, I LOVE to go to work.

July 1 is Canada Day. The kids are both coming here and we will go, on Saturday to Canada Day celebration put on by the city, and then on Sunday, on a picnic. The weather is supposed to be nice, so that will be great.

My new little gd now weighs 10 lbs. 2 oz., so she is gaining nicely. Can't wait to get my hands on here this weekend.

Hope you all have a nice weekend. I hope you all have a good July 4th as well.

Happy Canuk
06-29-2006, 05:18 PM
Meme, you MIGHT want to have a read through this. It's quite informative.

06-29-2006, 05:28 PM
Meme, I'm like you. I throw those things away instead of washing them. Loved the cartoon! I also have heard good things about acupuncture.

Anne, have a wonderful time this weekend, and Happy Canada Day!!

06-29-2006, 07:32 PM
Anne ... thanks for the link but I already knew all that. I don't eat a lot of bread and white stuff. Just thought I'd cut out most of it for a little while since I'm feeling so rotton ... been eating some sweet potatoes, they are good for you even if they are part of what they call the 'night shade' veggies. Actually I don't really even like bread much. (I do like Red Lobster's cheese buscuits, though! YUM!)

Hubby is being his usual butt-hole self. Now he's saying we will have to come back from the wedding on Sat. right after ... the wedding which is at 3:30 so we'd have to drive in late at night. This wedding is Aug. 12. The Fair is going on here that week and he's going to have trailers set up at the Fair. I want to stay over until Sun. So I told him so. He said, well maybe we can leave as soon as church is over ... I always sing at my aunt's church when we go to NC and then the whole family goes out to eat so that would mean we wouldn't be able to go eat with them. He has to get back to take his trailers off the fair grounds before they close on Sun. because he was going to just leave them there. We're going over on Thursday because the rehersal for the wedding is on Thur. night. Also, he wants to take his diesel truck and take over some trailers for my cousin's husband. I'm so mad at him right now I can't think straight. I just got through telling him to just stay home with his fair and I'd go over alone. I don't want to go to a wedding in a diesel truck and I don't want to come home early, either. I only go over there once a year. If he can't take the van and stay until I want to come home he can stay home!!! If I didn't have to sing at this stupid wedding I'D stay home!

Joanne D
06-29-2006, 08:52 PM
MEN!! Don't you just LOVE them..Meme- You know you would be mad if he stayed home..
I buy paper plates because there are times I don't want to wash dishes. Now, I have one sister that won't use them and won't drink out of a plastic glass.She likes to turn op her nose at us that do. My daughter calls herself and I the paper plate qweens.:D :D I used to just use plates. I got tired of being stuck in the kitchen washing dishes.The first time I used paper at a holiday my brother-in- law(Eleni's Hubby) said"you finally wised up. My other sister and her companion kept their mouth shut.My daughter said "mom, you buy all the food and cook it.Papers fine"
Hello Tammy Happy and Candice.. I wish we had some babies in our family.

06-29-2006, 10:22 PM
Men can be frustrating at times, can't they?

We started using chinette plates for holidays years ago. Still used real silverware though. There were just too many of us to use real plates, so we finally convinced my mother to go the easy route. We all took food for all of the holiday meals at my parents' house.

We used paper plates for lunch today (sandwiches), but we used real ones at supper. Bob made fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and peas. I made us each a salad and tried not to be a pig! He is a great cook.

06-29-2006, 11:57 PM
Sorry ... think I'd have to pig out at a meal like that ... sans the peas.

No ... I really wouldn't be mad if he stayed home. I've been over alone many times and I enjoy myself just fine. I have a favorite hotel I stay at in Asheville ... suite with an indoor heated pool ... wonderful. Right across from the Asheville Mall with lots of restaurants nearby. My folks are all around within short drives. With the rehersal and dinner on Thursday night, shopping Fri., the wedding on Sat. evening and church on Sun. I wouldn't have time to be lonely. I could go over on Wed. afternoon and come back on Mon. and have five glorious nights all to myself!!! I actually have more fun when he stays home!

06-30-2006, 02:00 AM
My baby granddaughter made this picture of me with her new camara & sent it to me ... I just found it in my computer ... forgot I had it. It's a little crooked but I thought it was pretty good ... and it didn't even break her camara! :p I told her I thought she might just be a photographer some day. ;) She slipped up on me (I really hate getting my picture made!)

06-30-2006, 07:24 AM
That picture is awesome Meme. Don't laugh about needles sticking into me-I have had acupuncture on my shoulders after a car accident that I was in pain for 2 years and nothing else worked. There is a chiropractor in the town I used to live in that does acupuncture. I should call him.
I packed a lot of paper goods for our trip/ leaving at 10. Got tickets to the Berkshire Theater tonight, We may even stay over til Tues. DIL asked me to babysit twice next week but I told her I couldn't after that. I think that people think that because you don't work, you have a lot of time. And all the others are workaholics. So they are always working. I can't even go to work because I volunteered myself out plus Mike is coming.
Went to VBS meeting-actually the scenery I was painting doesn't look bad. Going to finish it next week. And laying it on the table so I won't kill my back.
My Red Sox won 12 in a row!!!!!!!
Well-Happy Canada Day and Happy Fourth to you all. Mima

06-30-2006, 06:37 PM
Meme, first of all, great picture! Second of all, forget your husband and take me!!! We could swim and hang out. We could go to the mall! Woo hoo!! Let's do it!! I'm close to North Carolina. (well, closer than I am to Texas or Alaska)

Mima, the mother of a friend of mine has done acupuncture and swears by it. There is no one local that does it. I live out in the boonies. Bob offered to stick needles all over me, but I convinced him that I really didn't want that.

Picked Tim up today. He loved the class on storm chasers. He talked all the way home about it. He came home, unpacked, took a shower, and Jessica came over. They left to go to dinner and hang out. They haven't seen each other for 2 weeks. That's a long time for the lovebirds.

Joanne D
06-30-2006, 07:51 PM
Meme- Nice picture .. You are a good looking women.. Your hubby is a lucky guy.I bet he knows that too. Have fun on your trip..
We always stay home on the 4th.. I am not sure if I will go to the fireworks. They will be shooting them out over the gulf. It has been so dry here ,that will be the safest place..Ofcourse they are predicting rain but they have been doing that a lot.. We never count on it till we see it..
Everybody have a great weekend...Joanne

07-01-2006, 04:20 AM
Thanks all ... about the picture. I hate getting my picture made ... I think all my pictures look terrible! They have to sneak up on me because I always turn my back if I see them coming.

Tammy ... great idea! I'd absolutely love that. Come on down! You could be here in about 6 or 7 hrs. from OH and we could be in NC in 4 hrs. from here. The wedding is Aug. 12th. If I go without hubby I was planning to leave on Wed. Aug. 9th and come back on Mon. the 14th. Work it out and we'll do it!!! We'll have a blast! (If he doesn't still insist on going.)

Mima ... I don't blame you for not baby-sitting, that would be a lot. I need to say no more. I'm having a big 4th bash here next Tues. with lots of people ... about 20. Daughter asked me to keep her kids Mon. night and Tues. It's going to be hard. She is moving and I know she needs help with them. If not for the circumstances I would have told her no but I know she really needs help. I agree with what you said, people think because we stay home we don't do anything so they can just call on us anytime. I work 2 part-time jobs along with all the housework, laundry, shopping, church work and internet sites I keep up but others fail to recognize that because I'm home. They never ask if I have anything to do or how I feel ... just 'can you'? It's frustrating to say the least but what're ya gonna do ... besides run away or just kill 'em all? ;)

07-01-2006, 04:51 PM
We're planning to go to a family reunion tomorrow. They said eat at noon. I have no idea what to fix, but I'll have to do it tonight because of church in the morning.

Meme, it really would be fun wouldn't it? That's the weekend we take Tim to college, so I guess we'll have to make other plans. Darn!!

07-03-2006, 03:16 PM
Everybody is coming here tomorrow evening for a cookout and fireworks and I'm doing all the food. I'm going to make potato salad (my kids want homemade) but you can go to Wal Mart and buy mustard potato salad, put it in a bowl and most people won't know the difference. Buy a large can of Bush's baked beans, heat them in the microwave ... take potato salad and baked beans and it only takes 10 minutes to do that and everyone will think you're great! I do it all the time! If I take a dessert, sometimes I'll buy one of their cheese cakes. They are really good, too. I get a can of strawberries and pour them out in a bowl and put a spoon in it ... sit it beside the cheese cake. It's always gone when it's over. You have to learn the lazy way to take food, Tammy!!! ;)

It's 92 degrees here. To hot to do anything! I have Ross and Jenna tonight and all day tomorrow and 20+ people coming tomorrow evening. I think I'll go on vacation ... leave this afternoon ... go to Alaska or somewhere cool.

Joanne D
07-03-2006, 04:54 PM
Good idea Meme- i do it all the time.. my family all has their own thing going. I will cook a couple burgers for the hubby and me and have a really quiet day till the neighbors get wound up. They already have been popping firecrackers for 2 days.
I have IBS so bad it really doesn't matter right now..
Everybody be safe...Joanne

07-03-2006, 05:08 PM
Meme, I ended up doing some pretty easy things. I bought slaw mix and salad dressing and mixed it together. Then I bought frozen meatballs and mixed bbq sauce, apricot/pineapple jelly, and can of pineapple with it and tossed it in the microwave. The slaw was almost gone when we came home, and the meatballs would have gone better except one of my intelligent cousins did the same thing!! Too funny. We had leftovers for lunch today.

I agree that you should leave. Should we come to help you pack?

Joanne, we'll stay home too. Hope you get to feeling better.

07-03-2006, 05:40 PM
Boy , those meatballs sound yummy Tammy. We are having a big cookout at Bobby's in two weeks. the two Evans are finally going to meet each other. They are both adorable. and baby Keith will be there too. And Debbie-all our granchildren. We just got home from the Berkshires. Not a good campsite-all trees to back into, We have a 30 foot camper. But we had a good time-went to the theater and saw Amadeus-Brad loved it-the acting was superb. Sat we went to church and cooked a steak.they had a bonfire and music at night. Sunday we went on the train ride and went out to eat. And now we are home.
Joanne, you have to get peppermint oil capsules. Call the health food stores around you. They really help. Maybe walmart has them. You take 1 or 2 with every meal. I am so much better, Most of the time.
Bye for now. Mima

Happy Canuk
07-03-2006, 10:24 PM
Don't Post Here, Please. This Thread Is Getting Mighty Long.