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06-05-2006, 03:55 PM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies.

We are a group of ladies who come in for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, :ebike: and we also find time for some chitchatting! :gossip: So please, won't you join us??

06-05-2006, 04:16 PM
Hiya ladies,

Marti - I remember the feeling of buying a home for the first time. It was scary, but the feeling of freedom and pride was pretty cool. I liked being able to do what I wanted w/o having to ask a landlord, lol. I betcha Jhanai will like her iPod at least as much as I like mine, which is a boatload.

Michelle - oh brother, my MILs finances were a total mess when I took them over. She had Alzheimer's and we started getting calls from people she had sent deposit slips to in place of checks. I got it all straightened out, but she was very upset when Neal hid the checks. She had even sent 6 (yes, 6) years worth of payments to the Reader's Digest. We were still getting that magazine a couple of years after she died. Once your sister gets it all lined out, it will be ok.

I've spent the biggest part of the day finding a day that suits most of the family members for our big Christmas party. You wouldn't believe the number of phone calls I've made! Since we're going to use the church hall, it has to be reserved very early. Yikes, that was a time-consuming job, but I "got 'er done", lol.

I'm doing well with the food, etc, and hope you are, too. :yes:

Have a good one, and I'll see you on the flip side. :wave:

06-05-2006, 04:55 PM
JANE...I cannot even begin to think about Christmas right now! You sure are organized and right on the ball!;) My mom had a cell phone that she said she never signed a contract with and she said her time had ended, so she cancelled the phone. Well Sprint just sent a letter stating she cancelled before the ending date and she now owes $175 for an early cancellation fee. She just does not comprehend anything at all and it's so sad.:(

06-05-2006, 05:40 PM
Our weather is beautiful today. Sunny but breezy and not too hot/humid. We have all the windows open, so my clean house is even smelling nice and fresh.
The realtor couldn't stop by until Thurs. (due to us having carpets cleaned Wed. and me being gone tomorrow) So..I guess our house will be for sale starting Thurs.
Today I am being a bit lazy, but also finding little things to do. I cleaned another couple drawers and loaded things into my trunk to donate to charity. Hopefully I will walk this evening. I am doing great with everything else today.

Jane- 11 days, or even 3 weeks...I can only hope for a quick sale. At least I don't have pets to have to take when we leave the house for showings. We can actually leave any time. Just hope it doesn't become a hassle. Hey..there is a new Crate and Barrel at Keystone in Indy if you ever get up that way. (I was told it was there)

Robin- No, not icy steps. Just a klutzy old broad. The steps are carpeted and I just lost my footing and went down on my, dignity.

Flady- Yes, but the big job is going to come from keeping the house clean. We live pretty relaxed and if we want to put our feet up we just do it. Not that we are slobs, but we eat in the great room if we want and are just comfortable. Not fussy! :) It should be an experience. We haven't moved since 1978.

Michelle- I am like you...Christmas..what the heck? Our Jane is sure organized! My mom is also starting to be a little confused at times. Luckily she lives with her younger sister who watches out for her. BUT...she is going to come live with us this Fall, which will be great. She and I get along and have lots of fun.

Check back in later ladies....

da fat n da furious
06-05-2006, 10:23 PM
Robin, thats alot of kids! So glad your DD had a great time...Tanner's BF from 1 yrs old is a girl that we useed to live across the street from.

Jules,,,I much raither come do a night of ushering and then leave,,,without having to worry about all the other stuff I used to worry about. Yes I am another But this show Hair is sooo good. Glad I signed up for a couple of nights of ushering.

Michelle, Id get the worst migraines,,,and drug myself up with advil migrain,,,Id take 3 at a time. And sleep. So far I haven't even touched the camera..just so busy.

Jane,,sounds like you all had a great time. We will be doing the family thing next month with my youngest brothers birthday and my parents anniversary. Was suppose to go to Edmonton for a family friends 50th birthday but Monte and I are going to Victoria for the weekend.
You are so organized you scare

Marti,,I want one of them Ipods,,,was looking at one yesterday,,,the cheap one it was like $40. it hold 100 songs,,I was thinking WOW thats alot of songs,,,then the guy goes,,,well I have 6000. WHY would you need 6000 songs? Its not like I have alot of time so 100 songs would be perfect for me. Going to go get that lil Ipod,,,ya...OR I will make it my point thing! Thanks for the

Sue,,,whimper...can you come clean my house....

Flady, Welcome to our will find we are a chatty group,,,and very supportive. As Jane has said any friend of Ellis' is a friend of ours.

I woke yesterday with a sore throat...but today I woke with a full blown cold. My head is about 4 sizes bigger then it should be. I declined one job,,,the receptionist job was taken, and he wanted me to drive across the city to work at a job I don't know anything about. I know,,,Monte told me I should of given it a chance. But I just felt like there was 1 too many things wrong with the picture. Sure more money but...the stress of learning a new company is bad enough without having to learn a new job completely. Ya Im a suck. But I went on my lunch and faxed my resume to 3 other companies, and by the time I got home I had a call from one of them. So I will call in the morning.
Im going to head to bed now,,,take some nyquil ...

06-05-2006, 11:37 PM
I'm back for a few minutes....

Michelle - will the phone co let your mom out of the contract because of her condition?

Sue - there's a Crate and Barrel in Indy?? (asks Jane, breathing heavily!!) I shouldn't have had that information, lol. Like you, I've been enjoying this glorious weather!

Angie - I think you did the right thing, passing on the job. Your gut instinct is best. :yes: How far away is Edmonton?

Robin - I forgot to tell you hello earlier. Sorry about that! Sounds like the luau was a blast. Hey, if you need family, I've got plenty, so you can be part of mine, ok?

Well, the Christmas party plans are at a standstill. Two of my sisters want it on different nights, and so I said they can figure it out. By the time they do, the hall probably will be booked. I'm staying out of it. :dizzy:

I don't know what I did to it, but my knee is messed up again! It will hurt like crazy then feel not too bad. Arghhh!!!


06-06-2006, 12:24 AM
I did get the walk in tonight..then blew it with food. So...tomorrow is another day.
Seems I say that alot.

Good night all.

06-06-2006, 12:27 AM
For Jane...

Fashion Mall at Keystone
8701 Keystone Crossing
Indianapolis, IN 46240

(317) 818-9900

Now Open
Closed July 4th
Mon-Fri: 10 am - 9 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 9 pm
Sunday: 11 am - 6 pm

06-06-2006, 12:29 AM
Bless you, Sue!! :D

06-06-2006, 03:32 AM
Not feeling good at all today. Bleh!

Jane--Jhanai loves her IPod. She's wanting more music put on it, and I told her to save her money and she can...also to ask her grandparents for ITunes Music Cards for her birthday. Very organized you are to already start on your Christmas gathering. If the hall is something that needs booked way ahead of time, I think you're doing a great job in getting it taken care of. Time flys so it's already June!

Michelle--Jhanai lives w/her dad. She didn't want to change schools and her dad lives only a couple blocks from her school so that is where she is living. I always tell her the door is always open if she decides she needs a change. Of coarse I don't blame her for not wanting to change schools. She's been w/these friends since first grade!

Sue--I was told that our weather is suppose to be nice tomorrow. I'm hoping. I'm ready for the sunshine again! What type of store is Crate & Barrel?? I've heard of it, but I don't think we have one around here. I have cheese and crackers on my mind!:dizzy:

Angie--Jhanai was wanting one of the cheaper Ipods to begin with. To save money she says. James wanted her to have the nicer one. She didn't complain. I might have to sit him down and talk to him about what it means to "save" money!:D I'm sorry you're feeling so badly. I feel terrible all due to TOM. Absolutely hate it when it hits me like this. Some months aren't so bad...this's bad. UGH!

Hello to everyone else!! I'm truly sorry that I didn't get you in an individual if I missed your name. I'm too lazy and tired to go check the last post. I will get you next time. (you know who you are):hug:

Ok...couple more replys and I'm going to bed.

Night all!!

06-06-2006, 05:11 AM
Hi Ladies! Thanks once again for all the Warm Welcomes! Yes Ellis was very gracious and kind to me when I first arrived here and didn't quite feel like I belonged. She helped me "reach out" to people and now I'm totally addicted! At least this is more healthy than being addicted to fast food! lol.

Cafe Ole
06-06-2006, 10:13 AM
Morning All!

Jane... thank you! you are so sweet :chockiss: I feel family is so important and it just confuses my brain when the actual folks in your family could care less - pretty sad.

OMG -- you are planning Christmas already??? Holy smokes! Now that is planning.

Sue... how is your knee doing any better? Now don't laugh beut both times I fell down stairs, I found out I was preggers LOL (sorry it's true though)

Angie... I have a 2MG Sansdisk MP3 -- LOVE IT!!! I can download ebooks and can have up to 1000 songs on there. So I can choose whether I want to jam on songs or chill listening to a book.

Oh I am soooooooooooo procratinating on my house cleaning. Too nice out, too many other things to do. I will wait until my dust bunnies complain (ok ok really I will do it after this weekend when we get home from camping). :D

Ok -- Is this the same Crate & Barrel?

Sorry for those I missed! I will be back in a few to check back in :)

06-06-2006, 12:14 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Had a terrible time sleeping. Tossing and turning. Finally just got up! I'm beat!

FattLady--Sorry I didn't properly welcome you!! Glad to have you join us. Looking forward to getting to know more about you.

Robin--Nothing wrong w/procrastination when it comes to house cleaning!!:D I say leave it and enjoy your weather!!

Good Morning to the rest of you gals.

I have a headache. Should call in but there is no point in that. I need to save money and PTO time. So people at work will just have to suffer with me.:D :D

Ok...I'll check back in later

06-06-2006, 12:44 PM
Good morning! It is another beautiful sunny day here. I was relaxing with a cup of coffee and newspaper when I got company. BroIL and SisIL came to town and wanted to go see the house. DH was already over there, so I took them for a walk through. DH was sure surprised when we pulled up. Now I am back home and will need to get ready for my Dr. appointment soon. Ugh!
I will get groceries and do errands while I am in the "big city." LOL

So far so good food wise today. I found a great recipe for a grilled veg. salad and it reminded me of the Veggie Grill I had at Fridays. Since I am going to the grocery we will have that salad and chicken breasts for dinner. I am going to fix extra of the grilled veg. since I was told they re-heat easily and/or go great on cold salads. This afternoon George Forman and I will spend lots of time together grilling. :) Since the house is clean and laundry caught up I might as well cook.

Be back later for individuals....Have a wonderful day everyone.

06-06-2006, 03:42 PM
Hello Ladies,

Marti - yep, the hall needs to be reserved early. Actually, the date we really wanted -Dec. 23rd- was already taken for a wedding. Aww, sorry you have a headache. Just keep thinking of the vacation you'll have soon in San Fran. That will cheer you. :hug:

FattLady - is there another name we could call you? I just hate to call someone fat. :( If you'd rather not use your real first name, maybe you could be "Fluffy" here at the Jaded Ladies? Just a thought. Ellis is a very wise woman. I had the pleasure of meeting her and 11 other mods in Philly last Sept. and we had such a good time. Again, I'm so glad to have you here.

Robin - yep, that's the right Crate and Barrel. I could spend hours in the store or website. I notice they have a baby/kid section online now. How fun! I do plan things early. I can't help it. When we moved into this house, I knew where every picture would hang, where the furniture would be placed, and what went into which drawer. As I packed, I'd write on the boxes, for example, "kitchen cabinet #4". Sure did make the move lots easier. But, like you, I procrastinate on cleaning when it's nice outside. You only live once, right?

Sue - I had a nice salad for lunch that included the regular stuff and then some chicken and walnuts. They're telling us to include nuts now, you know, and each 1 T. is a WW point, but adds so much goodness. Good luck at the Doc's.

Angie, Julie, Michelle, Mary Kate, Kim & Alex- how's it going?

Hello to anyone else I missed.

I went to Wally World today to get my pictures of the reunion done in the 1 hour machine. I left before they were ready, but goodness knows I'll be back there before long. Madison is my little buddy today, and she's napping right now. Storing up energy, lol.

The food, etc., is going great so far for me today. My knee is much better, so I'm going to try the Gazelle again today.

Have a good one,

06-06-2006, 04:25 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone ~~~ I was going to say morning, but realized it's already afternoon!:dizzy: I've been busy first doing the dishes and laundry. Then I had to run errands at Walgreens and Fred Meyer. Then when my DH gets off work, we need to run down to Walmart. I'm fighting a slight headache today also, so I'm going to lay down for awhile and hope that it goes away before it turns into a migraine. I'm hoping to get back and do personals a little later, but hope everyone has a great day!:grouphug:

06-06-2006, 10:32 PM
Hi Ladies!

I hope everybody is keeping cool today? :beach: We went out and about today, yup out in the heat! lol. I think we must have lost about 20 pounds today just SWEATING! :sunny:

We went out looking at cars. We have decided to buy a new car. Our poor truck has over 230,000 miles and we keep "band-aiding" problems and its just time. So we think we found the car we like, but we are going to keep looking, to be sure. We like the Kia Optima. This car has it all! Leather seats, heated mirrors & seats, sun/moon roof, and the coolest thing I loved was the trunk in itself it HUGE but you pull this release and the seats automatically go down! :D

So we shall see. We're going to ask my step-uncle if he wants to buy our truck from us for the price the dealership is offering us, (our truck was my step-dad's who passed away in 03 from Cancer, we inherited it) so we'd like to "keep it in the family" and my step-uncle is a mechanic so he could fiddle with it and fix it up for a "work" truck or what not. But mostly we wanna offer it to him being it was his brothers and last time he worked on it for us, it meant a whole lot to him. ;)

Anyways...................we walked a lot..................AND we weren't that hungry today! Infact we only ate 1/2 or even that of our meals! :dancer: AND we still are not that hungry! Just very, very thirsty! :drool:

OH and we actually went and picked up my medicines. I've been bad :sssh: and haven't been taking my diabetic medication. :( So I have it now and plan on being a "good girl" :yes:

I went to the dr. to get my blood drawn yesterday for my A1C test (checks my blood sugar) and I go in on Friday for the results. :fr:

Oh I dont think I've mentioned it here, but I've been having "Work issues" and those got "worked out", thanks to our co-worker/friend. ;) So that is one last thing to :stress: stress over! lol.

BTW feel free to call me "Lady" if you want. That is what most of the 3fc ladies call me. ;)

But I'm thinking about "coming out" so to speak and just letting my identity known since I like this forum so much! *I'm even trying the "paid" version for this week too, since I'm *Broke* right now, but I can afford $1!*

So lemme ask, can I change my ID or do I have to create a whole "New" one?:?:

Jane - Glad that you "got her done" ;) and Good Job :high: on the Food. Take care of your knee! My hub has knee probs so I can sympathize! :) Glad your knee is feeling better! *seen your latest post*

suetalks - I'm w/ you. Where as I love a clean house, I like to be relaxed too. Good Luck w/ your house! ;) Sounds like a good dinner! :T

da fat n da furious - Thanks for the Welcome! ;) UGH! I know what ya mean. I just got over my cold! Not fun! Hope you feel better! :sp:

Marti - Sorry you didn't sleep well and have a headache and I understand about saving up your PTO time! lol. I am "trying" to do that now. :rolleyes: Thanks for the Welcome! :)

Cafe Ole - I hear ya on the procrastination on house cleaning! I just need to basically "tidy" up but just been busy! I figure it will get done eventually! lol.

michellerp - hope your rest helps your headache! :headache:

I hope you all have Wonderful Night! :D

06-06-2006, 10:45 PM
LADY...I paid the $1 for the week of ad-free and it was nice once you were logged in not to have those adds anywhere! About your username, I think you would have to create a new account, but you might want to email the customer service department and see if they can just change your name.;) :?:

06-06-2006, 10:59 PM
Michelle - yes I definately like the ad-free! ;) Thanks I will see what I can do about my name! :D

06-06-2006, 11:16 PM
Just thought I would say hi! :wave: Jane welcomed me when I first introduced myself to come over to your community, so here I am.

I think I need to figure out if there are journals that you can post in...I think someone said something about it, but I've not figured it out yet.:dizzy: I'm still trying to get my bearings here since this is a little different than what I was used to.

I'm wrapping my day Grandma is up visiting from Florida and we all had dinner at my brother's and they decided to "surprise" me and celebrate my week early!!! I've already decided if I must will be the last one. :sssh: I'm alittle melancholy about turning 39 this year!! Where has time gone? It doesn't seem possible.

Well, I just wanted to say hi and I look forwarding in getting to know everyone better. I will post a little bio later.

06-06-2006, 11:51 PM
Hi Laura! :D

I'm happy you came to join us! I've enjoyed talking with you! And as most of you ladies can see, I have "came out" of hiding and my name is Shel. ;)

I don't think I can change my ID, but I managed to change my signature so everybody knows who I am now! :D

I also noticed I am now a Senior Member?! Is that after so many posts? I'm about at 300 now! lol.

Anyways, Thanks for all the support Ladies! :D

da fat n da furious
06-07-2006, 01:00 AM
Hey Shel, That was easy wasn't it? I bought a suv a year and half ago and let me tell you I can't explain the relief I have in not worrying about my vehicle breaking down anymore. But I have to admit Ive been looking at other vehicles again. Wanna test drive a FJ Cruiser. What are you talking about $1. add? Ive never paid for anything on here?

Laura, welcome to our lil group.

Michelle I think we have all gone to Walmart today,,,had to run in for TP and Nyquil...(Monte went to Mac's = 7/11 convience store) to get milk and nyquil,,,he came home with milk and nitol...poor dear did try. So now I have my drugs,,,and plan to sleep good tonight,,,since I have my first of 3 job interviews tomorrow. Do you have any idea of what triggers your headaches/migrains? Have you had allergy testing? Brandon used to get them bad,,,but after his testing we had him off of PB, sandwich meats, cheese, and any other msg food. And of course red wine,,but we well didn't give him wine at that age...or well even now that he is of age we don't give him

Jane,,,I walked by the photo shop at Walmart and was thinking too bad we are so far away,,,I could easily slip in get your pics for Going to have to check out Crate and Barrel....

Marti,,,me and you girl..tossing and turning all night,,,but you didn't hack and sniff....

Robin,,,I want one of those! So where would I get books from? I know you would down load but how? and Where?

Sue, so where they impressed? With your Dr. appointment do you have to go every so often? Ive got one friend of a friend who has to go ever 6 months to a year.

Today was a long and harsh day...the dayquil wore off wayyy too soon. But I should be good to go tomorrow,,,got drugs for both night and day. I got another call yesterday for a interview which is tomorrow. And i still have to call back one other place to let them know which day is good for an my Thursday morning is booked all morning with an interview.

So tomorrow I am wearing brown pants, with closed toed shoes. And a short sleeved flower pastel brown and blue top with a blue cardigan. or should I have a brown cardigan? Was going with pants cause of the shoe thing...think it looks more professional with closed toe. My hair is a mess,,,Ill just straighten and fluff up.
well need to get to bed....first need to do my walk of shame to the PS section..

06-07-2006, 01:11 AM
SHEL...Senior Member shows up under your username when you pay for the ad-free. I noticed that also, but when my time was up, it went back to saying Registered User. I'm glad you feel comfortable and come out now. Everyone is really nice here!;) :hug:

ANGIE...I have never had allergy testing done. I was signed up to see a specialist about them last year before my hysterectomy, but then with my surgery, I had so many appointments and ultrasounds that I got so burned out that I just cancelled the appointment. I know mine are mainly from stress! The weather does seem to affect them also.:?: :o

INDIANAGIRL...:welcome3: to a wonderful group of ladies here!!! My grandma just left to go back home to Iowa on Sunday. She was here visiting for four weeks, and when we had to take her to the airport Sunday, it was a very sad day for me! Enjoy your time and visit!;) :hug:

06-07-2006, 01:18 AM
I'm back for a few minutes...:D

Shel - thank you so much for sharing your name with us! I'll see what I can do about changing your account so you won't have to start over. I don't have the power to do it, but just hold on, ok? :)

Laura - :welcome: I was so glad to log on and see you here. I hope you'll feel comfortable with us. Yay for the birthday party. I do love parties. :D I've been to and from FL 3 times this year. Our DD did an internship at Walt Disney World from January to May 10, so we were there to take her, then for her birthday, and lastly, to bring her home. What part of FL does your grandma live in?

Angie - Monte getting Nitol instead of Nyquil reminded me of Neal buying Cool Whip instead of Miracle Whip one time. :lol3: I needed it to finish some potato salad I was making. Men! Good luck at the interview tomorrow(and Thurs). Your outfit sounds nice, and either cardigan would work. With your coloring, maybe the blue would be best, but you can't go wrong with either. Wear whichever seems right at the time. Break a leg!

I had fun with Madison today. She is so sweet! Sister Mary Lou came over to test out my Gazelle to see if it would hurt her back. It didn't, so she's planning to buy one now. Wonder if I could get some commission on that, lol.

Better scoot off to bed. Have a good one, ladies. :hug:

06-07-2006, 01:19 AM
Hi Michelle - we were writing at the same time. Thanks for your kind words about the group. We feel the same way about you, sweetie. :hug:

da fat n da furious
06-07-2006, 01:31 AM
Michelle, believe me I know how you felt with the hystro. Mine was just a short 3 months ago. Try and get yourself never know...your migrains could be reduced by elminating something in your diet. And the weather,,,well we live close to the mountains and barometric pressure is not our friend. We do get some fantastic chinooks but at the price of a migrain? Not worth it.
Stress does play a big factor in migrains...

06-07-2006, 04:10 AM
Hi gals!
Just poppin' in before I go to bed. This day has tuckered me out!

Sue--James & I have been watching FoodNetwork channel...lots of grillin' going on! We're wanting to grill soon, but haven't had time. I may just grill for one if he's out of town this weekend.

Jane--I have been thinking of San Fran. Can't wait! Actually, even if we didn't go, I'm looking forward to a week off work! Someone is getting married on Dec. 23rd? Wow....I always thought that the holidays should be left at that...the holidays. Never get married on one. I got married the first time on 2/14.....and so did my little brother. Both of us are no longer w/that person.........(is it a curse??)

Shel--Boy...that is a lot of miles on your truck! I love the "bandaiding" phrase!:D The car you were discribing sounds like a great car. Seats that disappear! Fantastic. Keep us updated on what you end up getting.

Michelle--Hope your headache didn't turn into a migraine. Mine is just TOM induced. Will go away eventually. Right now it's just hanging there....weak but there. I can survive that.

Laura--Hi and Welcome to the JL's. Happy Early Birthday to you!! How nice it must be to have your grandma there for the occasion.

Angie--So you had the sniffles while trying to sleep?? I had the cramps from ****. Then when they would subside the headache would just pound. Nothing worked. I'm feeling really good at the moment compared to how I I should probably hop into bed now while I can!

Speaking of allergies......We have a lot of patients who get tested for different types of allergies. And for anyone who is wanting to get tested for specific things and you want to get tested for had to be VERY specific on that. Do you want egg YOLK, egg WHITE, or WHOLE egg. Crazy isn't it? That's the test that I keep calling the client back for verification.

Ok....I really need to head off to bed.

Take care everyone!

06-07-2006, 05:00 AM
Hey Gals -- Yes it feels good to be able to "be myself" and thanks Jane for the help, I appreciate it. ;)

Marti -- yes lots of miles.........and lol, well that is basically what we've been doing with the truck, "Oh you got a boo-boo? here's a band-aid" lmaoooooooo. I just fell in love with that car, didn't fall "in love" with it until I drove it, then I was like WOW! Mind you our "everyday, hey its paid for and its cheap on gas get us to work and back" little car we drove into the car dealership with, after driving the new car, was like going from going from icky tap water to Champange! lol.

Cafe Ole
06-07-2006, 10:08 AM
Morning All! I timed myself out reading all the posts LOL :p

Marti... How is your headache? When you hit San Fran are you going to the Chocolate Factory? I know that is a horrible thing to ask on this site - but I have never been there & was curious about it. :chockiss:

Jane... That's right I agree, the kids are only kids for so long and I would rather be out playing with them than inside cleaning anyday! I saw a sign at a craft show that said: My house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it. That is so ME! I should have bought it!

Hi to Julie, Mary Kate, Flady, Kim & Alex! :hug:

Lady... 230K miles! Holy Cow! I have a Chevy Duramax and I love it! Have you tried duct tape? My gf has a 1981 van she used duct tape on to keep it together. Mind you she is so nuts she also sprays it with spray paint to make it look better LOL (I am serious!) :dizzy:

Hmmm I have Norton Internet Security and it has a free popup blocker so I don't get any popups at all - what a blessing!

WELCOME LAURA & Happy Birthday! :woo:

Michelle... I went to Walmart too! I get my coffee way cheaper there and my eye drops

Angie... I use or you can also use
I have also used the ebooks at our library -- they are free :D

I am sorry if I missed anyone. I am so ready to get out of here & head out for camping on Friday! Weather is yucky today -- of course the kids have their picnics today! But supposed to be a gorgeous weekend! :sunny: :sunny:

Have a wonderful morning all! :grouphug:

06-07-2006, 01:08 PM
I have been cleaning up my computer and finally got Yahoo messenger downloaded again. I don't know how often I will use it, but I had it to talk to my DD before she got AOL. Don't know if I will be online when anyone else is but if so IM me.


06-07-2006, 01:16 PM
Good Morning Chickadee's!!

Lots to do this morning so I'm just popping in.

Sassy--I remember when James & I got our first car together. We drove into the lot in a car that was falling apart....had duct tape on one of the back doors to keep it together and it was SO loud. It was embarrassing really. Wasn't even our car we borrowed it since we didn't have one. Well we bought our toyota Supra and guess who got to drive home the beater??? Me. Now how wrong is that??:lol: But since James had recently been in a car accident, it was only the right thing to do. (but that doesn't mean I'll forget!):D

(like the name change by the way!)

Robin--We DO plan on going. In fact, that was one we didn't go to last time! We were right there just didn't have time. Loved "Ghiradelli Square" such a fun place. We bought our bag of chocolate of coarse. I will tell you what it's like when we go.

Sue--I don't use my messager hardly at all. Half the time I don't realize someone is online until I'm ready to get off. If I didn't have to rush off here, I'd IM you right now.:)

Good Morning to the rest of the gals!

Ok....must get moving.


06-07-2006, 01:32 PM
JANE Thank you for your kind words. You are the sweetheart!;) :hug:

ANGIE I will check with the allergy testing. I do know that something in the air causes me to have problems on certain days.:?: :hug:

MARTI I hope today is a much better day with your migraine and cramps. Even though I've had a hysterectomy, every once in awhile I still get symptoms of TOM; it's just really wierd.:dizzy: :hug:

ROBIN I love Walmart; I just wish we had one closer. Walmart fought for a couple of years to build one here in our town, and the city fought against them and it never came to be anything. I hope you have fun camping!;) :hug:

SUE I don't have Yahoo and I've never tried it before. I have my email through our local cable network company. Have a nice day!;) :hug:

SHEL Glad to see you could get your name changed without having to start a new account. Do you think you're going to keep paying to stay ad-free when your week ends? I'm still thinking about it.:dizzy: :hug:

Well I'm off to do laundry and dishes again!:mad: Hope all of you ladies have a wonderful day!!:grouphug: :flow2:

06-07-2006, 01:52 PM
Hello ladies....

Lots of posting going on...too much to catch up on.

ROBIN...DH and I will be building our pergola too! We are do-it-yourself kind of people. Hope you guys have loads of fun camping! I haven't been in years but would love to go some day.

MARTI...can't remember, but when are you guys headed up to San Fran? Bet you are getting excited! What a cool BD present for Jhanai, bet she is lovin' it! Buying a first home is a little scary but in the end, you will love it and it will all be worth it because it will be YOURS! You won't have anyone to tell you you can't paint, etc. are right...doesn't matter how far the kids are from us, we will always miss them. How are you and DD doing?

SUE...will you guys be ready to plant/landscape in the fall? Can't remember when you said your house would be finished. We have one more thing to plant in the back and do the pergola and we are done with the yard. Oh, no, I forgot we are going to make a pathway from the driveway around the side leading to the deck in the back and then we are done. Of course by then I am sure I will be wanting to paint another room, lol!

Can't remember who mentioned showing pics, Kathy, Sue and Jules??? I will definitely share pics when I get this roll of film developed. We take pictures of all we do to see the changes and how far we have come. When we moved here we had a balnk canvas.

MICHELLE...hope you are feeling better today. I woke up with a mild headache but feeling a little dizzy now for some reason.

HI and :welcome: LAURA! Looking forward to getting to know you!

SHEL...thanks for coming out and adding your name! Thought we had another newbie for a minute there, lol! Well, you actually are...a new car? How exciting for you and DH!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Nothing much going on today. It's going to be a scorcher today and I plan on staying in as much as possible. :sunny: Get some cleaning done and laundry and possibly get to my border in the bathroom.

Take care ladies and have a WONDERFUL day!

06-07-2006, 04:46 PM
MARTI I like your new pic; very cute!;)

CRISTI I still have a slight headache today, but it hasn't turned into a migraine yet. I suffer with dizziness all the time, and some days are very bad!:dizzy:

06-07-2006, 06:32 PM
Hello ladies,

Marti - Makenzie has allergies to peanuts, we recent found out. I can't believe how many products contain peanuts, or are manufactured where peanuts are used nearby. I didn't know so many people could be allergic to eggs. :dizzy:

Shel - yay for the new username. And YW for my help. :hug: I truly think the new one is better for your self-esteem.

Robin - I have a wooden plaque in my living room that says, "You may touch my dust, but please do not write in it." :lol3: Living in the country, there's dust blowing any day that it isn't raining, lol. Hope the kids have fun on the picnics.

Michelle - oh my, there's always laundry and dishes, usually sitting in the washer and dishwasher, lol. If you're experiencing dizziness, it could be a sign of sinus problems. Just a thought.

I have been running around in town for most of the day, just doing errands and shopping for nothing special. Katie is cooking dinner tonight, and I like that! Gives me more goof-off time, lol.

Better run - see you on the flip side. :cool:

06-07-2006, 08:51 PM
I missed a whole boss has been here from Florida staying in my house for the past 4 days. He is helping me buy a house. I will catch up on reading soon! I lost 2 pounds last week!

06-07-2006, 09:06 PM
Nice and warm here again today. We had storms blow through several times all day...and then it sunned up and got HOT before storming again. DH tried to mow twice and he is just now able to finish it up.
Had some of the carpets cleaned this morning so I have been in the office and bedroom most of the day, outside between rains. Hopefully the floors will be dry by morning. The realtor is finally coming tomorrow, so that will be one more thing off our list.

Cristina- I am hoping to be ready to plant some things in Aug. or Sept. I know of one area that I am going to landscape...the rest is going to have to be planned when the yard gets in and I can see what it looks like. We should be in by the end of Aug. *fingers crossed*

Marti- I forget to turn my messengers on most of the time. My DD in CA used to be online when I am and we would "talk" Now with the 3 hours difference we aren't on at the same time much.

Jane- Will you loan Katie out to cook for us? I get so tired of trying to decide what to fix...I actually like to cook, just not plan. :)

Shel and Laura...Hope you like it here. Glad to have you join us.

Michelle- I hope you are feeling better. Can't they find what is causing your dizziness?

Robin- Have fun camping. I used to love doing that. I was quite a fisherwoman too....:)

Hope you are all having a good night and I will talk to you tomorrow.

da fat n da furious
06-08-2006, 01:40 AM
Fingers crossed for you Sue...

Alex thats great that your boss will help you with buying a house. Doesn't sound like a boss,,,as in staying at your house and all. What do you do?

Michelle, I get those weird TOM things too,,,ok the cranky the day before is still around. Just never know when that day Hope your headache goes away.

Marti,,,You guys will have so much fun there. We had to cancell our trip to Victoria, Tanner has exams that week and not the week before so can't have him miss school. So we will be going to Edmonton for our friends birthday. BUT we are staying at Fantasyland Hotel. The Roman room,,its a theme room...*grin redicule price each night thou,,,but well thats our anniversary gift to each other.

Robin,,,Monte was checking for me with Ipods,,,he thinks thats a great thing to have,,,Im thinking for him too...he could have one ear plug in during work,,,as I could too...there are few people in our office who bring CDs in and listen to them with one ear and have their phone headset on the other ear.

WELLLL I had my interview this afternoon and had a blast. This guy was hilarous and we got along so great. But there are 5 other people he is interviewing so will know Friday. Mon-Fri 8:30 to 5 plus 100% benefits in dental/prescriptions and 50% on crowns and other crazy dental stuff. I would be doing more then what was stated but being its such a new place and not all that busy I told him I would really like to have more to do,,,and as long as he trained me I would think it could work in all our favors. Since he is semi retired and working full time he said he could pass on his work to me and actually be semi retired.
Well need to get to bed,,,have another interview tomorrow morning bright and early! night all

06-08-2006, 03:05 AM

What a day. One of our labs we send specimens to brought doughnuts today. Of coarse I had one! Wait...I had another one later! so that makes two. :o

Michelle--Right now a hysterectomy sounds like something I would want. Cramps are just awful.Ready to go lay down. You're getting dizzy w/your headaches? Do you have high blood pressure? I had horrible headaches and dizziness a lot when I had HBP. I'm thinking it's starting to go back up again, since I've been feeling strange. May have to check my own!

Cristi--First week of July I'll be in San Fran. Will spend the 4th down there. Should be fun! Like the picture of your pup! Didn't realize that we both put our dogs up today.

Jane--Poor Mackenzie. Peanuts are everywhere it seems! We get a lot of testing to see if people are allergic to eggs. Not sure how many people actually are. The last few days we've had Postive Mumps results on people. Is your state having a Mumps breakout? What did Katie end up making for dinner??

Sue--How big is the house you're building compared to the one you're in? How exciting to have a brand new home. We've thought about some of the homes that haven't been built yet but will be ready by fall. May check into that.

Angie--Sounds like a fun hotel! A girl at work just had her anniversary. They went to a mystery murder dinner on a train. That sounded like fun. (I'm not even sure I'm getting it right) All these cool ideas for anniversaries! I'm so ready to go!

Alex--Hurray on the 2lbs!! Wish I could lost just one!

Ok....gonna go tend to my crampy self and go to bed. You all have a great night. (you're all probably in bed!)


Cafe Ole
06-08-2006, 09:57 AM
Hi All! :hug:

Cristina... the Pergola - I will have to find (or take) a photo to show you what ours looks like. We did it ourselves. Why pay labor if you can do it on your own & save $$$

Michelle... Our Walmart is in Okemos or GL (about 20 min from me) - they had to fight to get it here too & won. Now the fight is for the expansion to make a superWalmart (with groceries). That will give Meijer a run for their money!

Marti... Cool! I can't wait to hear about the trip. Are you going to see the fireworks over the bridge? I love your sign by the way about the dust - too funny! :rofl:
Hmmm have you see your Dr about how bad you are feeling?

Sue...Camping is my great escape! I also hunt & fish

Angie... I download my stuff to my windows media and play it at work (I listen to my MP3 while I workout, walk, or do the stairs, or just sit doing nothing when we are camping :) ) --- otherwise at work I just play it off my computer, they let me as long as I don't rock the whole building LOL ;)
ps -- get gummy earphones - they are way more comfortable (at BestBuy)
GOOD LUCK ON THE JOB!!!!!! :crossed:

Jane... Tons of kids with peanut allergies these days & so much has peanut oil! I had a girl at the party whose mom left me her eph. kit just in case - that was freaky. I checked all of the labels & really the only thing she couldn't have were the little candy bars & I made a vanilla cake too as I knew one girl was allergice to Chocolate! Scary thing how bad allergies are getting these days (mine are just seasonal).

Marti & Angie ..we have murder mystery weekends up here. Have to book them way ahead of time as they fill up fast but I hear they are a total blast!

Alex.. great job on the lbs! :carrot:

Ok yesterday was a bad day (workwise) so I left & told them I had to be a mom for awhile and I hit the parks to join the girls picnics (of course 1 was 20 minutes from the other!) but it was good fun and I am glad I went. I felt much better by the time I returned (2.5 hours later LOL)

This is my last day of the week until Tues. We are off tomorrow for the Lake! I can't wait. In case I don't get back on in time, have a wonderful weekend all! :hug: :hug: :hug:

06-08-2006, 10:52 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

I can't sleep :tired: so I'm going to be one tired pup later on tonight @ work! lol. I was a dope and fell asleep watching tv and slept for 4 hours so that totally messed me up! :rolleyes: Hub said he tried to wake me up twice, but couldn't. Aw

I skimmed messages, so please forgive me, but Yes I think the new user id is a lot better for my self esteem, I feel a lot better about myself now.

About the paying here. If you pay you don't see all the advertisements on the sides and banners. So I am doing "try it for a week for $1". so far I like it! :D YEs I have pop up blocker things but for some reason always on this site I had that stupid little guy about the toe fungus pop up constantly before I paid! lol. Now no toe fungus guy! lol.

About our truck, its pretty much just been "band-aided" to get us by and basically we just feel we deserve a new car, neither one of us have ever had a brand new car before so we are going to do it I think. Our other car is a small car and is about the most basic car you can imagine. Only thing it has on it that is not basic is air, which unfortunately right now doesn't work! But it's a 5 speed manual, NO power steering, crank windows and infact on my side the "crank" falls off so for me to put my window up and down I have to "put on" the crank! lmaoooooooo! And it is noisy too, sounds like your typical little "rice burner" BUT it's paid for AND great on gas! lollllllllll.

Well I guess that is about it for now. I will do posts for indiv. later........

Have a Great Day! :flow2:

06-08-2006, 10:57 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Alex - YAY for the 2 # down! :carrot: You're doing great. Wow, I've never had a boss like yours. How nice of him to help you buy a house.

Sue - it's been so hot here, too, that I've tried to stay in most of the time. I liked that 70 degree weather we had last weekend, don't you? Katie is a pretty good cook when she wants to be. You know how teens are.

Angie - hmm... Fantasyland hotel. Is this Disney related.... or something else, lol. Anyway, it sure sounds like fun and that's a good gift to give each other. I hope your interview today goes as well as the one did yesterday and that you can pick the job you want.

Marti - aww, hope your cramps are gone by the time you read this. :hug:

Robin - the vanilla sandwich cookies that Neal eats even are exposed to peanuts. Who knew?? I'm just glad I looked on the package before he gave one to the DGDs since he shares with them often. Picnics are what summer is all about, and it's nice you were able to join the girls for that.

Cristi - your dog is a cutie. Wish the avatar was larger.

Hello to anyone I may have missed. :wave:

Today is my grocery shopping day, and I don't have my menus ready, so can't make a list yet. What a goof off, lol. Nothing sounds good, though, in all this heat. I'm fine with salads, but Neal wants something more substantial, lol.

Speaking of Neal, he needs me to go help hold some ceiling panels for the screened in patio soon, so I'd better scoot and get dressed.

Have a good day, ladies!

06-08-2006, 01:10 PM
For those who ask about my boss.....I was working for a Health Club as the Director over 5 locations. I am a single mom and I was working 65-70 hours a week most weeks 7 days. My kids know WAY to much about the Health Club and how it's run from being there and seeing it all. We bought new Management software from a company in Florida and that's when I met John..over the phone. I talked to him for over two years while I was learning the software, going through training classes all over the phone. John and I clicked...but for the two years we talked on the phone I thought he was a tech support person. 2 1/2 years ago we added a physical therapy clinic to one of our health clubs and I was responsible for setting up the computers and networking them to the health club and the software. I called John and told him I had everthing setup and was ready for registration codes. He laughed and said YEA RIGHT ALEX....he knew how much work was involved in setting them up and didn't believe that I had done it all alone. I made a sarcastic reply....that he could give me the codes...and then tell me it didn't work...and that one day I wanted to work with him and not have to worry about payroll, employees, billing and my 60 hour work week. He called me two weeks later to tell me that he owns the software company with a partner and if I was serious about working for him then he wanted to fly me to Flordia for a week and talk. I flew for the first time that summer....terrified. My ex-husband called me on my way to the airport and starting telling me how I didn't know as much about computers as I thought..that I was going to get and they would find out I was just a stupid woman who should he at home with kids (getting cheated on by the way). I cried all the way through the airport and on the flight. I got to Florida and after a brief introduction John put my on the phone's doing tech support. No training...I had taught myself. He sat with me that week with a headset so he could hear both sides of the conversation, but I didn't need any help. He hired me and I did both for about 6 months...I stayed at the health club and taught new businesses how to use their software. John ask me what I was doing for Christmas...when I told him I was going to be alone...the boys would be with their dad...he insistend that I fly to Florida again. Every time I have gone to Flordia in the last 2 and half years I have stayed in their house. On my Christmas trip that year he and his partner took me to dinner and offered to make me full time doing tech support for them, training new clients and sales demos with a salary twice what I was making at the club. All of this is done from my house in Texas. About 6 months ago I sent some pictures of my kids and the new puppy and that's when John noticed my desk was in my bedroom and the boys were sharing a room. He said we need to find you a bigger place with 4 bedrooms so the boys don't have to share and you have an office. So that's how this whole process got started. I have been looking at houses for the last 6 months and emailing pictures to him in Florida. I finally found the house I he flew here this week to see the house. Of course he would stay with me...all the times I have stayed with them. They have done so much for me and the boys. Helped with so many things...the bought the boys a pool pass for the summer, paid for baseball, school clothes so many other things. He and his partner Bonnie have adopted us....the rescued me from an awful job! Definatley a God send!

06-08-2006, 01:44 PM
Alex - wow, John is amazing! And so are you, for making such a success of your life. Speaking as a former single mom, I know how insecurities can sneak up without any help from the ex. I hope you find the perfect house, Alex. With John and Bonnie's help, I bet it won't take long. Are your boys excited about the prospect of their own rooms? Before we married Neal, Mary (who was then 5) slept in a room so small that it was actually a large closet. She had only her bed and toybox in there. The one thing she asked for in a new house was a door on her room. Anyway, you go girl!! :carrot:

Cafe Ole
06-08-2006, 02:00 PM
HI! Back in for a minute or so....

Jane... I love picnics, more so on the beach, but with my kids just the same :)

Alex... That is AWESOME! What a find John is! Just remember exes want you to fail I swear it is in their nature. Look who has the last laugh now! FABULOUS JOB! YOU deserve it all! :hug: :hug:

06-08-2006, 03:37 PM
Hello ladies...

Had a busy morning and have been up since 4:30, yikes! Was watching a stupid movie this morning and couldn't go back to sleep so finally just got up. Went out and mowed the front yard and cleaned it (did the back yesterday) before it got too hot. Supposed to be 96 today and 100 tomorrow, ick! Then went grocery shopping. Since I went so late thought I would go to the local grocery store rather than head to Wal-Mart. Don't like going there unless I get there early.

MICHELLE...hope you are having a good day. and James are going to have a fabulous time in San Fran, especially during the fourth of July! :love: Wow, bet they are going to have all kinds of stuff going on then. Your avatar is sooo cute!

ALEX...sounds like you have the best boss ever! Hope you find the perfect house for you and the boys! WTG on the 2 pounds! :bravo:

ROBIN...would love to see a picture of your pergola! We have a kind of long patio but we are just putting the pergola on the very end where we have a swing...wanting shade and privacy. And yes...why spend money when you can do it yourself and save loads! And you too have a WONDERFUL weekend of camping!

SUE...keeping my fingers crossed for you :crossed: And I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quick sale too!

JANE...tried several pictures for an avatar and needing to get a head shot for sure. So put Ernie dog and I am not sure why it is so small because I didn't resize it.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

I've got the rest of the day to do nothing, well, gotta pick V up at 3 but then nothing else to do. Hoping to get some reading done and a nap!

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

06-08-2006, 10:10 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:
Just popping in to say I'll be MIA tomorrow. I've got to get my weekend cleaning done, then go grocery shopping that I didn't do today. Mackenzie the 7 y/o will be here all day, so that should be fun. Then, tomorrow evening, Mary and Katie are having a "spa" party, and we're watching Caylin while that goes on.

Have a good Friday, and I'll chat with you Saturday. :)

06-08-2006, 10:20 PM
Good evening

I am Home Alone. Wonder if I can get into some trouble? :o
Nah, I will be good.

The meeting with the realtor went well and we now have a sign in the yard and a lock box on the door. Don't know how soon we can expect any activity, but we are ready. DH just realized today that we will have to keep things picked up and be ready for showings at all times. LOL. I also told him there are "things" on his table and on his dresser that have to go as they look too cluttered. I am going to thin out my family photos also. I have 2 different tables with photos on top and 2 walls of pictures in the house. So...that is the only things we really need to do. The realtor said the house looks great and she didn't even mention the things that I thought were clutter.

New house news: 1/2 of roof is shingled and we meet with the electrician Sat.

Thanks Angie for the crossed fingers. Good luck with your interviews. It sounds like you might have your pick of jobs before long.

Marti- Hope your "crampy self" feels better. The new house is 3 BR/2 and 1/2 baths/great room, kitchen,dining area all open/utility room/and of course, DH's workshop. The house is 1700 sq. ft. Our old house is over 2000 sq. feet and we have 4 BR/2baths/formal dining room/formal living room/utility/breakfast room/huge family room and a screened in back porch. The formal living room is sunken and we converted it to a pool room when we built on the family room. Just too darn much house to clean..too many rooms. And the yard is 3 times as big as the new place., so DH is looking forward to less mowing. (more playing in his workshop) We just hope the buyers want to keep the pool table...we don't have room for it.

Robin- Have a good time camping. Will you be fishing also? What do you hunt? I have never hunted, but come from a family of hunters. Dad taught me to shoot and I did help him clear out some varmits once. :)

Shel- I would say, by your discription, you not only deserve a new need one. :hug:

Jane- Loved the cool breeze today. We didn't have the high humidity either. It was great. I do love the 70's though. My son keeps telling me about the 70's in San Diego. They say it is perfect weather there. Only about 20 or so days a year without sunshine. He says it is never very hot. :cool:

Alex- Your boss and the job sound super! Hope you find a house soon. Hey, I have a 4 BR house for sale. Want to be a Hoosier? ;)

Cristina- Thanks for the crossed fingers too. Hope your DS gets a car soon so you won't have to run after V. Wow...on the mowing! Too hot for me at your house. I have never done much yard stuff here due to us having no shade. I am so fair and never did the sun thing much. Now with the trees at the new house I think I will be able to get in the yard more. Of course the Dr. tells me not to go out AT ALL without sunscreen due to the melanoma, so I am being careful.

I think I missed if anyone weighed this week...I didn't lose anymore, so I guess I was trying to NOT mention it. :devil:

06-08-2006, 10:37 PM
We're getting close to 50, so I'll start a fresh one. See you at #196.