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06-05-2006, 01:19 PM
I've been sitting here trying to figure out where my enthusiasm for losing weight went. As much as I hated it, I ended up doing a LOT of exercise (WATP and step aerobics) . Drank water. And didn't cheat AT ALL. I was SO commited to LC eating. Then I got almost to goal, and let myself go. It started out "just this once"....then turned into "well, this weekend won't hurt"....then before I knew it, I'm where I am now. I've not stepped on the scale, but know I've gained weight and bloated (water). My clothes are getting too tight to the point they're uncomfortable and I REFUSE to buy new ones.
So I've got to get my act straight. I truly doubt I'll be able to order Atkins type food tonight. So I'll start tomorrow. As for soda (which I think is part of my problem)...I can't get rid of that for the next couple days. Not until after Thursday. I need to think and don't want to do the caffeine headache during those days. I can do well on the's the weekends I have problems with. So I'll be watching those as well. And going to get DH to get more strict with this as well :)

So my plan of action is:
Tuesday: Strict induction, more water
Friday: Go caffeine free--water intake only
(Attempt to get exercise back into my schedule)

06-05-2006, 01:39 PM
Sounds like a good plan and one that I need to follow too. I don't understand why when I get this close to goal that I give myself more leeway. It doesn't make sense. I am sure that I didnt' lose any weight this week. I had "over-the-coals" chicken on Saturday. I thought that meant grilled when I ordered it, but it came out battered and grilled. I was hungry and I ate it. Pulled some of the skin off, but not all. I feel bloated and my tummy looks rounder than usual. I have been sure to exercise and I am getting some water in, but not enough. Diet Pepsi is 2 can's a day right now. I know that sodium really causes me to retain water. I need to get my butt in gear.

06-06-2006, 08:08 AM
Lily, your sig looks AWESOME!!! You've done excellent work in losing weight! Keep up the great work and don't let go too much (you'll regret it like I do)!!

06-07-2006, 12:27 AM
Thanks Brenda, I started a 2 day egg fast to get me back in gear. Have been getting my exercise in. My weight stayed at 148 this week and it made me sad to think that I wasted a week. I could have done better. I can do better and will do better this week. I have a Dr.'s appt June 30 and would love to meet my goal by then. This is the specialist that told me last summer that I was basically disgustingly fat and that if I didn't lose weight that I'd die. He set my goal at 150 and I decided on 145 just to show him that I did have some willpower and some self-worth left in me. I weighed 169 back in February down from 234 when he first saw me. He is all praise now when I see him. It takes all my control not to tell him he looks like he could stand to drop about 40 lbs. and suggest he "get on a low-carb diet and stick to it". which is what he told me to do. My DH laughed hysterically when i told him that I wanted to tell the doctor this. LOL. Hoping you find the motivation to hop right back in here and get this weight going again.