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06-05-2006, 08:54 AM
Hey guys, I just wanted to share a little something with you that I noticed and I wonder if you guys had similiar experiences. I have always been trying to lose weight and doing different diets so I have many food logs and weight/body measurements dating back to about 2002. So I pulled out some of my old weight logs to see where I was then. I noticed that even though my weight was lower on some dates than they are now, my measurements were bigger. For example, I saw an entree back from 2004 that had me weighing 167 and right now I'm 189 but my measurements like chest and stomach are actually smaller at 189 than at 167?! Is that possible. I swear I am losing more fat on Atkins than I did when I just counted calories and did hours of cardio. The funny thing too with counting the calories, the scale would lower but I still looked "skinny fat" if that makes sense. I am really trying to look past scale weight and focus on my measurements and clothing size because that tells a way better story to me. I actually look better at 189 on Atkins than I did at 165 on a low fat/calorie counting diet. Go figure ;) . Just thought I'd share. Anyone else notice this?


06-05-2006, 09:18 AM
:yes: I can wear a my "old" size 16's at 200lbs, and used to be(before atkins) 175 when those pants would fit.

I dont have any measurement numbers to compare(from before atkins), and you cant use the clothing sizes today compared to about 10 yrs ago....but if you have "old" skinny clothes, that will certainly help you notice the difference in how you loose fat on atkins.

06-05-2006, 01:02 PM
I've never kept a record of what I've weighed and worn. Except that I know none of it ever worked.
Congratulations on the success you're having :)

06-05-2006, 01:31 PM
I did notice the same thing. I am at 148 now and 5'7 . I can wear size 4-5 now and used to wear a 7-9 at 135. I know that sizes have gotten larger.But, I do think that I am smaller in measurements now than when I weighed 135, especially in hips and thighs.

06-05-2006, 01:55 PM
I did notice the same thing. I am at 148 now and 5'7 . I can wear size 4-5 now and used to wear a 7-9 at 135. I know that sizes have gotten larger.But, I do think that I am smaller in measurements now than when I weighed 135, especially in hips and thighs.

Wow Lilybelle, you are only 3 lbs away from your goal. Congrats!!! I'm 5'7" too and was curious as to what my goal weight should be. So at 148 you can already wear a 4/6... wow that seems so tiny. I bet you went though a ton of clothes and sizes. Are you most comfortable at a size 4? I just never thought my goal of 145/150 would put me in a size 4. I haven't been that since... never. I also notice you are coming up on a year since you started. Has it been hard? I can't see your before and after pics (I guess some sort of block at work) but I bet you look awesome. Now that you are almost at goal, what do you plan on doing? Do you feel skinny or do you feel like your old self? What are others reactions? Have you added back fruit and things yet? How hard or easy do you think it will be to maintain 145 lbs. I'm hoping to get there real so too. Again congrats.


06-05-2006, 06:43 PM
SIO, I feel very comfortable in a 4 in misses or a 5 in Jr. miss. My trouble is that I lost so much from hips and thighs that once I have my clothes on for a couple hrs. I get the saggy butt thing going on.. June 24th will be my 1 yr. anniversary since starting Atkins, hoping to be at goal, but last few lbs. are being extra stubborn. Oh well, it doesn't matter when they come off as long as they do. I plan to maintain my weight. I have only been having 25 carbs for last 6 months and will go up to 30 for a few weeks and see how that works. If I keep losing, I'll slowly go up 5 carbs at a time every couple of weeks. I seem to be very sensitive to carbs and can't handle many. I don't feel skinny but everyone tells me I am. I still am surprised when I get dressed everyday and my clothes look so small, I wouldnt' think I could ever wear them. I don't feel as big as I was, just feel like I am average-sized. Most people are very complimentary and many tell me that I shouldn't lose anymore. Some family members are jealous, of course. I have allowed some fruit from the start. I don't eat the recommended fats daily, so all my carbs come from fruit and veggies. I don't eat bread at all. The only really higher carb food I have added so far is Oats and the fiber helps so much. Plan to eventually add Yams after I hit goal. I think maintaining my weight will be a constant struggle and something I will have to watch. I plan to continue to write my food down daily, like I have doing. Exercise at least 1 1/2 mile walking 4-5 times a week. Drink my water. Don't see maintenance as any easier than losing the weight was. As for my clothes size, I didn't expect to be able to wear that small either, I figured at goal that I would wear a 7 or 8.Good luck to you and thanks for noticing my progress, it makes me feel good to see someone notices. As for the pic's , I plan to post new ones when I hit goal. Last current one of me was at 161 lbs. I think and just a shot with the web cam.

06-08-2006, 11:06 AM
I like this thread. Yes I too have noticed that I'm in a smaller size now than
I as on low fat. I've lost 5 inches on my waist, 2 on my hips and 1 on each
thigh and went from a size 16 to a 12 and I'm not close to my goal weight yet. When I was doing low fat I was 172 and a size 12, I'm 187 and the same size but my butt and thighs look so much better now because they were my
fattest areas on my body. Those and my tummy but now, my tummy is flatter
then it's been in years and my thighs and butt are actully firming up.

This WOE is the best!!