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02-10-2001, 06:13 AM
Positive Eating Plan aka
Prevention Millennium Diet*

Daily servings
veg and fruits, 9 servings ( 5 veg/4 fruit)
whole grains, 3-6 servings
high-calcium, 2-3 servings

Weekly servings:
Beans - 5+
Nuts - 5
Fish - 2

Serving Sizes

veg. & fruit
1 serving = 1/2 c. chopped fruit
1/2 c. cooked or raw veg.
1 c. raw green leaves
3/4 c. veg or fruit juice

Whole Grains
1 serving = 1 slice whole wheat bread
1/2 rice or bulgar
1/2 c whole wheat pasta

Calcium 1 serving = 1 c ff or 1% milk
1 c ff yogurt
1 c calcium fortified O.J.
1 oz. reduced ff cheese

100% DV multivitamin/mineral
500 (under 50) to 1000 (over 50) mg. calcium
100-400 IU Vit. E
100-500 mg Vit. C

Keep calories to 1500 a day - 250 cal. per meal. Eat 6 small meals a day. Do not exceed 42 fat grams per day.

Drink 8 glasses water and 1+ cup of tea daily.

* Copied from the Jan. 2000 issue of Prevention Magazine

Here is the website address for the Prevention Millennium Diet.

This is not necessarily a vegetarian diet. The guidelines summarized above are just that. In interpreting the guidelines, it is helpful to read the sample menus on the website as well as the more detailed principals of the diet.

02-10-2001, 06:40 AM
judi, I think that dream you had is really significant. I have never had a dream like that, but I would take hope from it.

Fri. evening and I feel good about this week. I had more fruit and vegetables than usual and I feel it made a real difference. I just picked up the Feb. 5 issue of Time magazine and it talks about how you can reverse potential disease by taking up a healthy lifestyle. I think it is really convincing and encouraging.

02-10-2001, 11:16 AM
Hi ladies,

How is everyone doing? Donna, yes I have been busy, but you sound like you're even more busy than I am. I volunteered for a program for the elderly called eldercare. I
met Ms. Stephans today. They had called me
right before I left for Canada, so I did not get a chance to call them until Tuesday. I get home so late that I did not want to call Mrs. Stephans at that time. I finally called her today at work, and poor thing, she told me eldercare had told her someone would be by to go buy her groceries last week. She has been out of bread for three days, and when I got there she told me she ate a hot dog and crackers for dinner. She did not want me to go to the grocery store at night, but I insisted since I would not be able to until Sunday. I told her I did not want her to go without hardly any food until then. Ladies, you would have been proud. She gave me a whole list of things, but only $35.00 to spend. She wanted a 3 lb can of coffee, and you know how expensive coffee can be. I got most of it on sale. The coffee was only $5.00. I bought a huge bag of potatoes for $2.00, normally $4.00. Anyway, I spend more on cat food than I did on all her groceries. I was beaming. Food has been good.....exercising not so good. I need to be snowed in like you Judi. If I don't have anything to do, I'll exercise. Donna, we have a cold front that came in...storms last night, so you probably got them today. Thanks for the cookbook info Ledom....I'm going to try to get to B&N this weekend. It's so exciting about you buying your kayak. I wish I could go with you sometime because it looks like so much fun. Hi Lana and Alice.....hope things are ok with ya'll. Well, I have to be at work tomorrow at 6:00 or 7:00 am. I guess I better get some sleep. Talk to ya'll later and hope y'all have a great weekend.


02-10-2001, 10:24 PM
Goodmorng lady friends, Got up early this a.m. to get D off for her ACT test. We had a late night last night. Drove back to my college for a performance by the theatre dept. 3 1 person plays, all womens stories. They were so good made me laugh and made me cry - through were are a small country university I am amazed at the talent I see every day there. Anyway, it wasn't easy to get up this morning. I thought I might crawl back in bed, but I guess not. Got my grocery shopping done before 9. And yes, Shebacat, I am proud of you, not only for being such a good shopper, but for being such a giving person.

A day of cooking ahead. I am having a potluck at my house tonight. This one is designed for the winter doldrums, after a week where we hit the 70's we were in the low 20's last night. Anyway, buidling it around mojitos a lovely rum drink. The foods specs. are spicy. I am making a posole soup and mushroom enchiladas. I'm excited about these recipes because they are low cal, I know the soup is yummy and I suspect the enchiladas will be as well.

donna, you are shaming me in the exercise department. We'll see if I can do better next week. I have been avoiding the scale this week. I think I will continue to for a while. I feel like I am down this week, but I was up last week, just feel like I will wait to weigh until I am sure I won't be depressed by it.

Shebacat, wish you could kayak w/ me too. I found out about an organization that meets once a month, it is statewide, but it has a chapter in my hometown. It is a network of women interested in a wide variety of sports that does things together. Unfortunately they meet the night of my night class, but I still plan on looking into it for when the semester is over.

02-11-2001, 01:31 AM
Shebacat and Ledom, you two amaze me by how much you can do. You are really SUPER women.

When you have time Ledom a recipe for the mushroom enchiladas would be greatly appreciated. Also can you make a vegetarian posole?

Food wise things have been good. Exercise :(

Hey, did you see Prevention's "Peanut Butter Diet" in the March issue. Something just for me.

I can see how much easier it is to stay OP when I am at home. I have a week still to go until the DH comes home. Hopefully we won't be going anyplace for a bit.

Goodmorning Bannod and Lana! I miss you Alice and hope to hear from you soon.

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02-11-2001, 11:25 PM
Good morning Ledom, Bannod, Alice, and Shebacat. How are you all doing this morning?

It is weigh in Sunday for me and I lost a 1 and 1/2 lbs. That is good because though my food was o.k. last week it wasn't perfect (remember the peanut debacle?). Anyway the peanuts are gone and I am NOT buying anymore so I am going to try for a food "perfect" week. I had mainly Boca burgers this week. A veg. pattie that I just love is "Second Nature." Do you have that in the U.S.? It tastes exactly like extremely lean hamburger and it is only 1.5 points (about 75-80 calories) for one.

Because I was inspired by the fact I was weighing this morning. Last night I finally did some exercise, I did 45 min. on the treadmill and then a few sets of hand weights. Just little 3 lbs. ones.

We still have snow but it is melting. I might go to Vancouver today.

Have a good 'un and I check back later.

02-12-2001, 12:14 AM
Judi, You go girl. So :cool: you got your hand wieghts out! You're an inspiration.

OK, the Mushroom Epazote Enchiladas are not actually low cal. But they could be I think, the filling and the sauce are low-cal, but the tortillas are deep fried 4 sec. on each side before rolling and then you spread sour cream on top of them. Wouldn't you think the corn tortillas absorbs at least a couple tsp. of oil? The sour cream would be good if you used light, and I had a sample w/out s.c. and it was really ok that way. The pozole is entirely vegetarian and it is lovely.

Looking forward to a good diet week.

02-12-2001, 09:49 AM
Ledom, could you give us the posole recipe. No rush though, I know you are busy. Posole is one thing I would like to try. I wish I was eating at YOUR place. Yum! I guess I will have a boca burger tonight (I will go with what seems to be working.)

Spent all afternoon walking around and enjoying the sun.

I feel good up this upcoming week too.

02-12-2001, 06:13 PM
I was staying off the computer this weekend so I could get some major housecleaning done. Computer time was going to be my reward. Guess whose housework isn't finished. :-(

I like a soup called Hearty Bean Soup made by Manishewitz. I add curry powder and barley to it as it cooks. The soup with some homemade bread was our dinner last night.

Congrats on the weightloss, Judi!


02-13-2001, 07:22 AM
Hello girls,

We are still in deep freeze here... It is extremely cold tonite, 10F, no wind tho so that's a bonus...

Shebacat, it is so thoughtful of you to do this for the elderly. Volunteering is so rewarding... I used to volunteer my time alot with my kids' school, this is how I started supply teaching, then replacing the secretary, and now it has become quite the full time job... I must be doing something right because I have never sent out a resume to any one, it's only from word of mouth... I am lucky...I was only in this school for 2 weeks and one of the teachers gave me a thank you card... I was touched...

I have to go help daughter with homework , be back later....

Ok, I'm back but now I'm so tired I can't

Food and exercise wise things are good...but darn it all when am I going to see any pounds lost?? The upside to this is that my clothes are fitting better, and I feel definitely healthier... I know you will come back and tell me that numbers are not what's important, but how we feel, and deep down I do know that, but I wanna SEE it in NUMBERS...LOL.... I'm kidding really, just venting here...thanks for listening...If my eyes weren't burning so much from fatigue, I'd feel more awake... :)

Everyone seems to be doing well, keeping out of trouble, seeing the first signs of spring everywhere....sigh....alas no spring here at all yet... Not a one sign... sigh....

I bet you all think I'm feeling down, but really I'm not, I'm just trying to see the lighter side to all this

Good nite.... Bannod, ledom, shebacat, judi.....I hope I didn't miss anyone, and if I did, I'm sorry...


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02-13-2001, 12:09 PM
Good evening all!

Had a good day.

I like the Man. soups too. The pea soup is good too and fast. Cooks in 20 min.

We still have snow here too. Some where under it though are my spring bulbs.

I bought two beautiful amaryllis plants about to bloom, only 7.99 each. I can remember before Xmas the bulb alone was anywhere from 14.99 - 16.99. My dear mom had great success with amaryllis. I have a few photographs of her beside this big beautiful blooming plant.

I am finding since I cut sugar out of my diet pretty much I rarely get hungry or have cravings. It was HARD to give up Hagen Daz Dulche con Leche. I am not a real ice cream eater but I loved that one.

Yeah, I am with you Lana...I want to see POUNDAGE LOSS!

02-13-2001, 12:35 PM
Hi ladies,

How is everyone doing? I've been doing really well this week with food and exercising. In fact, yesterday morning I did my Pilates video. Last night I was on the Nordic track for 40 minutes, and cooled down on the treadmill for 10. Tonight, I was on the Nordic track for 45 minutes, cool down on the treadmill for 10. I feel great. Once again, I know it's good for me, and I feel good after I've done's just getting started. Since it hasn't been as cold, I feel more motivated. Judi, congratulations on your weight're
doing great! Any kind of nuts are a weakness of mine too. Plus sweets! Ledom, you're always doing such interesting things. I've decided I'm going to the ballet this spring. I think they're doing Swan Lake which is one of my favorites. I'm also going to start going to see different plays. If you could give us the recipes for the enchiladas and posole soup....that would be great. They both sound wonderful, and I love mushrooms. Donna, I've made that soup before, and it is good. Adding curry powder and barley is a great idea. I think I'm going to try to fix it in the next couple of weeks. This weekend I'm going to fix a pot of black-eyed peas and take some to Mrs. Stephans. Lana, I understand about the scale too. Every morning I'm on it checking for a weight loss. I need that instant gratification too. Trust me, the scale will eventually move. Well, guess I better get some sleep too. Talk to ya'll later.


02-14-2001, 08:35 AM
Hi everyone!

It is still cold here (not all that usual for us).

Didn't do much today. I did make "Black Bean Chilaquile". Thanks for posting that recipe in the recipe section Ledom. It was delicious. I made a double batch for the rest of the week. I had MORE than 8 oz. but counted the points. I don't think I will have much for supper. Popcorn maybe.

Shebacat: Good for you for doing your pilates. I haven't read my book or taken the wrapper off my beginner pilates video.
But I will.

I did make a CD of music to treadmmill by. Sort of diff. music and diff. paces. It is 74min. long too.

02-14-2001, 08:58 AM
Hey guys, Probably won't be hearing too much from me this week. I do stop by daily to see what is up with you guys. Very, very, very busy week. And, I'm so far not doing great on diet or exercise. I have some exciting things going on for future on the social front. Things that I want to look great for. I need to get through the next week and do some good cooking come Sat. I do so much better when I fit that in. It is 8 p.m. and I'm still at work, don't expect much improvemnt for the rest of the week. I did have a salad for lunch.

02-14-2001, 12:43 PM
Hi ladies,

Things have been busy as usual.....normally work. Ledom, can't wait to hear about your "social upcomings." I think I live my life through ya'lls since all I do pretty much is work. Diet and exercise has been good. I actually did the Nordic track last night for 45 minutes, then walked 1/2 mile slowly to cool down. I have also been doing ab exercises every night. Tonight I did the Pilates video again. I really enjoy it since it's stretching and relaxing. Still having a problem with the coffee though. I usually drink 2 cups in the morning, 1 cup in the afternoon around 4:00pm, and 2 cups at night. Too much caffeine and way too much sugar and cream. I'm hoping once it warms up, I'll be able to cut back to one in the morning and one in the evening. Judi, you sound like you're right on track. I did read in a book that it is OK to eat a little more every once in a while. It tricks your body into thinking it is getting a lot of food, and then when you cut back, you lose weight. Hi Alice, Donna, and Lana...hope things are going well for ya'll. Talk to you later.


02-14-2001, 12:46 PM


02-14-2001, 06:52 PM
Good morning, everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

Shebacat, I get tired just reading about all the exercise you're doing!

Okay, ledom, you social butterfly! What events are coming up??

Spring has sprung here. It's been in the 70's here for the past few days and all the trees are turning green.

Food has been so-so this week, but now I'm really gonna have to get tough with myself in preparation for my family reunion in May.

I bought my plane ticket to Oregon yesterday and got an incredible deal. I live in a town of 63,000 people and have to catch the Continental Shuttle to get to Houston to catch a flight to Portland (unless I want to drive 2 hours to Houston, Austin, or San Antonio airports). I've been checking every week for the past few weeks on the price of a ticket and it's been running around $500. I finally decided yesterday I'd bite the bullet and buy my ticket before it goes up any higher. I called my travel agent yesterday and she found me a RT ticket for $302.50! Amazing!

And in other news... I'm going to see if I'm a candidate for the LASIK eye surgery. I've worn glasses since I was 12. I'm getting to the point where I'm going to need bifocals within the next year or so anyway. I'd love to be able to buy sunglasses off the rack and be able to see and buy reading glasses at Wal-Mart for $12.99. I'm such a chicken, but I think I can do this. :)


02-16-2001, 09:14 AM
Hi ladies,

Good deal on your ticket Bannod. What will you be doing in Oregon?

I have been good food wise but BAAAD exercise wise. I found that Mexican dish (Ledom's recipe) so filling and sustaining as well as delish!

Only had sugar cravings a couple of times a week but resisted.

It is TOM so I feel so tired. Still hoping for a weight loss...even a small one.

My DH is coming home tomorrow. It will be nice.

Have fun on your up coming social things Ledom.

It is windy and cold, I spent the day toasting by the fireplace reading the book 'Tis by the same author (Frank McCourt) as Angela's Ashes. Really a good read.

Have a good rest of the week.

02-17-2001, 10:32 PM
Hi- Judi, I am glad you like the Chiliquile recipe. It has been a maninstay for me.

Yikes, this week has been so bad as I haven't even pretended to do the diet. Have been having a serious heart to heart with myself over it all. I know I must get myself in control as I will hate myself if I sabotage the entire last years effort. My MO lately has been a week on, a week off. And of course it takes continuous effort. Not exercising is bad for me in two ways, when I exercise I am a lot more likely to stay with the program as well the benefits healthwise. So, I am going to look at how to be faithful to exercise in what will continue to be one of my busiest semesters yet.

Hope eveeryone is well. Deleted my last post as I sometimes forget I'm not writing in my diary, that the whole world can see my personal thoughts. Hope I don't come across as too schiztzy.

I am actually at work this a.m. and just had to touch base with you guys before I get going w/ work, it is Sat. after all. Will send those recipes you guys asked for when things slow down a bit.

02-17-2001, 11:17 PM
Goodmorning girls!

Ledom, I know how you feel about the on/off diet business. Hang in there. Last half of the year 2000 I wrecked everything I did in the first half of the year except for about 10 lbs. so please hang in there. Now I am trying to recoup what I lost in the last half of the year, then I still have to cross no man's land (the wieght range that I was at my lowest in the last eight years) then finally I will get into LOSING serious weight. When I think about it the lost time it wasn't worth whatever I ate for whatever reason. I would much rather have the weight loss it takes too long to make small gains (at losing) only to see them dissolve away. Believe my heart is with you, I EXACTLY what it is like.

Had a good week food wise but only two exercise sessions. My hat is off to you consistent exercise gals, it takes a real effort to do that! I have to make more of it.

STILL snow but I saw daffodils in my rock garden about 4" high. Yahoo! Spring is coming no matter what.

DH cmae home last night which was nice.

Hope you are all having a good Saturday so far.

Ledom, I always get so much from whatever you say so please feel free to post "WHATEVER" because it ALWAYS contains a lot of worthwhile insight.

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02-18-2001, 09:47 PM
Good morning, ladies!

Judi, my annual family reunion is over the Memorial Day weekend. We'll drive to my hometown one of those days to put flowers on my dad's grave. Sunday is when all the relatives on my mom's side meet at the cemetery to put flowers on the greats, great-greats, and great-great-great grandparents' graves. Then we go to the city park for a big picnic. My mom, son, and granddaughter all live in the Portland area. My mom and I are teaching my granddaughter about power-shopping, which we have honed to a fine art! We started her in December, when she was 8 months old. :D

I've been so tired this week -- too tired to remember if I've exercised even once this week. I've been putting in 11 - 13 hours at work. :( Yesterday I did nothing, which I really enjoyed! This was only the 7th Saturday we haven't been open.

Food could have been better this week. *sigh* It's not so much what I ate, it's how much of it I ate.


02-19-2001, 10:11 AM
Hello Girls,
It's been ages since I've posted, I've been pretty busy, kids' projects, and just being a mom. I have NO IDEA, how single moms do it... I have a hard time and we're two... and a few days ago I started a pretty bad cold, i was hoping it was only allergies, but it has lasted way too long to be allergies...
Donna - 11-13 hour days, I'm exhausted just thinking about that... I can only imagine living it...So you deserved that do nothing day...
Everyone is sooo busy on this board, I'm glad to see tho, that we all take a moment altho short to log on and stay in touch...I, anyways, love hearing from you guys.....
My goal was to loose 10lbs by Valentines...alas it has not happened, but I have lost 6, and it's better than gaining six... Now I will aim for 4 by St. Pat's day...1 lb/week...not too big a commitment, but one nonetheless....
Have a great week girls, let's keep posting...


02-19-2001, 11:01 AM
Hi ya'll,

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I've been doing pretty well on the diet/exercise part. I did the Nordic track for 40 minutes yesterday before I went to work, and tonight I did the Pilates video. Three of my friends met today for one of their birthdays.
We ate at a new restaurant called Blue Mesa Grill. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, it was a brunch buffet. They had so much food, and I was so tempted. I thought I did pretty well considering. I had a veggie omelett, a few potatoes, guacamole, a flour tortilla, and a little polenta. I also had one the bad part. They also had a dessert bar. I had a small chocolate mousse tart, a small square of cheesecake with chocolate chips, and a small scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream. I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed myself...good food and good friends.....that's what life is about. Of course, I include ya'll as friends.
It's been great interacting with everyone. Hope ya'll have a great week. I have to get up at 5:00am, so I guess I better start getting ready for bed. Talk to ya'll later.


02-19-2001, 09:43 PM
Hey Guys, Monday morning at work. I went into withdrawal this weekend as my internet server is down. Well, maybe I got a lttle more done at home. I watched three movies over the weekend, Sleepy Hollow, Steal This Movie (I loved it), and I can't remember the name of the other one, but they were all good.

Yesterday i cooked for the week which is good. Had a good day yesterday and look forward to being good all week and all NEXT WEEK! No exercisse however.

Shebacat, yes friends and good times with them is what life is all about, life's too short not to find time for that. Donna, your trip will be so much fun. Little Grandaughter shopping sounds like a blast.

Alice, if you check in, I've been missing you.