South Beach Diet - The Weekend on The Beach - June 3rd -4th

06-03-2006, 08:52 AM
Time ta get up and seize the day goils!!!!.... I'm brewin a batch of high test :cofdate: and watching the birds at the feeder... looks like another rainy day here .... so perhaps some indoor crafting today........Whatcha got planned fer the weekend?

06-03-2006, 08:57 AM
Wakey, wakey chicks!!

Barb Hope all went well last night- good luck in the race this morning. Is it out in Plano?

Sipping on some java and am going to wake the crew here in a few minutes. DD is so excited that DH is going to be able to come to her tball game this morning. It is too sweet!!

Hope everyone has a super OP day! I think we are going to go out to dinner tonight- so I am planning where the best place for me to stay OP is. Any suggestions? We have just about any restaurant here in the Dallas area. We will have the girls with us....

Later gators...

06-03-2006, 08:59 AM
Is it me or are we getting cranked up later and later? If you are in the Beach Coop first, please feel free to start the daily. I'm up really early these days but have to deal with the Doggage before I do much more than check for spammers and any other problems.

You'll be pleased to know I didn't even think of the darn Chinese buffet yesterday when I was in town for a haircut. :cheers: However, I did manage to spend $149.87 at a garden centre when I dropped in to pick up four pepper plants at $1.30! I am addicted to plants nearly as much as I'm addicted to egg rolls, alas! :shrug: and :flow1:

It's drizzling a bit this morning so any planting will be really limited. I've already been out behind the barn and the earth is too sodden to till again. :( I had Hershey with me and she suddenly went ballistic. :yikes: She spotted two does and a fawn lying down in the back corner of the meadow. (They looked like statues until Hersh woofed and they lept into the forest.) I guess they were in for an early breakfast on Moel's sugar snap peas. Electric fencing is in the future if he wants veggies for market sales.

I'm puttering around the house for most of the morning and am off to the Greenhouse for 11 - 3. I doubt that we'll be really busy but you never know. Lorraine and I are setting up a spreadsheet for the new owners with
costs and selling price for each type of plant. Thank God for Excel because it sure makes it easy. :comp: :)

The Girls are barking their heads off because the neighbour on the East side has a big steam shovel thingie that's levelling a huge hump in his back yard. The plan to build a garage to replace the old one that collapsed two years ago. I hope they realize that they can't put it where the old building was because it's right on the lot line. I don't give a damn but the Township insists structures and overhangs be 1.5 meters from the line. It should be an interesting few weeks.

Nearly eight so I'd better get my fluffy butt in gear. I have done two loads of laundry but....

What's happening at your place this weekend? :cofdate:

06-03-2006, 09:00 AM
Good Lord - three dailies! I'll combine into the earliest one. :rofl:

Guess I should have checked before I started blabbing!

beach bum
06-03-2006, 10:10 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Woke up late again, Yes we had a down pour over and over again something like a no'easter but with out the wind.Than I don't know how but I fell:lol: off the bed and woke Leo up with a "bump into the night".

Have to get dressed,as I going for a haircut,and set.

Will ready your post later.

Hugs :) BB

06-03-2006, 12:08 PM
Goood Morning Chicks

I have been reading the posts, however, I am watching Austin (4 yrs old) and Mandy (12yrs old( and have not been able to post as much as I want to.. I missed weigh in last week as I was away... I weighed in this morning and I am happy to report a losss of 7 more lbs.. Take Care everyone

06-03-2006, 01:10 PM
I just got back from doing a huge shopping at Trader Joe's. It was dubious whether or not they were going to be open because of all the tree damage in the area. It looked like a tornado had gone through, but nothing was reported. There were trees and debris all over the place, but TJ's was opened, as were all the other shops in the area. We lost power for about 2 hours last night, and spent the time sitting in the sunroom with candles lit and sipping coffee, just enjoying listening to the storm, it was so cosy that I was dissappointed when the power finally did come back on.
I'm enjoying some time here by myself for now, while Jake is at our DS's helping him put in a ceiling fan in our GD's bedroom. I think I'm going to make a couple of pizzas with some whole wheat dough I got at TJ's for supper tonight. I might go out later and look for some material for new cushions that I want to make for our patio furniture, I've been wanting to do that for a while now, but never got around to it.

Ruth ~ I'm just like you in a garden center, I can never come out of there without spending a small fortune! I'm addicted to plants and flowers.

Kiko ~ Have a great time at your DD's t-ball game! I'm routing for her team!

Schatzi ~ What kind of crafts are you working on today? It's cool and drizzling here today, too, a nice day to spend doing something creative inside.

Beach bum ~ How in the world did you manage to fall out of bed?! I hope things are going much better for you and Leo these days.

MsCrockett ~ WooHoo! Another 7 lbs, you are really rocking, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Have fun with your niece and nephew today!

06-03-2006, 01:37 PM
Gosh, it's still morning! It feels later! I got done with work and made it to bed in time for 4 1/2 hours of sleep. Definitely not enough. I took the 6 AM teleconference in the car on the way to the race and on the walk to the race. About one mile into the race, I dialed in for the next conference call. As other people from my company are passing me and hearing me talk about load balancers and firewall rules, their comment was "That's dedication". Anyway, I was on that call for three hours (finished at my desk) and we got it working. I'm about to shut down and head home. Our cub scouts have a model rocket build session and launch in about 1 1/2 hours and I need to get moving. My next work meeting isn't until tomorrow. Yeah!!!

Kiko - Yes, this was the race in Plano. It's held on the campus where I work but the finish line is a 15-20 minute walk to the building I work in. Thank goodness I thought to bring my headphones for my cell phone! Have fun today! For Mexican Cozymel's had Fajitas with lettuce instead of tortillas. Or there are lots of other places. I dont' eat out much but everything is here. You are right about that.

06-03-2006, 05:07 PM
Barb That sure is dedication! I used to wait tables at Cozymel's- that is actually where DH and I met each other. :val2:

Ruth and Cottage I am so trying to make my thumb green! I did go buy some different flowers today that are supposed to do well in sun and Texas heat. My mom is convinced that if I would put more time into my garden it would be good therapy for me. :) We shall see.... I can definitely see where it would be easy to spend money!!

Crock You are kicking such major weight loss butt!!!! I noticed on your ticker that you are halfway to your goal. Congrats!! :carrot:

Beach DD has a great mesh Elmo net if you need it for the side of your bed. :lol: Hope your bump in the night didn't result in an injury!

Me- Tball was fun as always, it is just adorable to watch them all out there. After that, we swung by a store to pick up party supplies for baby Meg's birthday "party". Since she is turning one, it will just be family, but big DD is so thrilled. She has been talking about a Care Bear birthday for her sister for months. We dropped Meg at my mom's (so Meg can't see what we choose) and bought plates, napkins, streamers, party hats, all kinds of stuff. She was so excited- it was precious. The best part is that I didn't know everything was on sale until we checked out and it was all only 11.55! I get so excited about the bargain, it is ridiculous!

Okay- I haven't had much water today and need to get that pumping through the 'ole body.

06-04-2006, 01:58 AM
Hello everyone.I'm back from Key was very fun!!

06-04-2006, 09:22 AM
I had a great time yesterday. The boys had fun building their rockets and then they got to launch them several times. One time we had four of them launch at the same time to see which could stay up the longest. Afterwards, we went to dinner with the rocket club. We went to Abuelo's. I ate the veggie fajitas. I did have two small tortillas with mine but everything else was OP (I went very light on the sour cream and cheese since I knew it would be full fat) and I stayed away from the chips. I'm actually down a pound this morning. Yeah!

I did get called by work while I was out so I know I should have a server this morning to build out. The only problem is that I don't know when so it might be tough to make it to church. I would have gone to the mass starting in 25 minutes but Brian is still sleeping. At least I got a pretty good night sleep. My muscles are sore from all the jogging/walking yesterday but it's a good feeling.

06-04-2006, 09:36 AM
Good morning all.

It rained again in the night and the Girls did their potty on the deck this morning! :nono: I was very annoyed and let them know it! :mad: I'm not sure which one it was but Lucy looked guilty. She is pretty practical and may have decided not to go down the steps and get her feet muddy! There was also a puddle on the floor so there appears to be a rebellion in the ranks.

I felt kind of cruddy this morning because my BGL was very low - 2.3/41.4. I had REAL sugar on my strawberries and then had some toast with Laughing Cow and feel much better now. I've left it too late for Church so I will soak in the tub for a bit and contemplate my day. Wet or not, I just have to garden. Here's my latest acquisition but I paid only $24.99. ( The good thing about this eternal rain is that I've not had to water all my newly purchased potted plants!

What's going on at your place this Sunday? I hope you have sunshine. I can see a wee bit of blue out the window so maybe.......,

06-04-2006, 10:16 AM
Hey chickies! P1 is going great for me. No cravings and I feel great. I still don't know how much I weigh since I forgot to pick up a new scale the other day. It's OK. I'm going to be really good this month and then surprise myself at the end. Have a great day, I'll check in later.

Soon, welcome back! :D

06-04-2006, 01:17 PM
Ooooh, Ruth, I just love your new rose bushes! What a beautiful color! I wish I had more luck with roses, I can grow just about anything else, but my roses always look pathetic. We put in a few "Knockout" rose bushes a couple years ago, and they're doing pretty good so far (knock on wood!)! It's another gray overcast day here, too, but, as you say, "it's good for the garden."
I just got back from yet another trip to Trader Joe's. After I got home yesterday I read their flyer I picked up on my way out, and saw a lot of things that I wanted to get. It was a profitable trip, though, because there's a JoAnne's Fabric store nearby, and I found some beautiful rust colored chenille fabric on sale that will be perfect for my new cushions on the patio furniture. My DD just called to say they are coming out for a visit this afternoon, so I need to start my marinara sauce simmering, (we're having Gnocchi - I know, I know, it's not OP, but it's a special treat), and I'm making a Spinach Salad, and we're going to have a Key Lime Pie for dessert that I picked up at TJ's. Ciao for now!

06-04-2006, 04:50 PM
I agree...those roses are a very pretty color. I wish I was better at gardening. I have a tendency to get preoccupied and forget to water my plants :sorry: , especially when school is in. So far the plants on my patio are still alive.....but the damn birds keep picking at some ferns I have :rollpin: . To combat this, I let the boys (my 2 cats) meander around the patio in the mornings. So far that seems to keep the birds away :devil:.

I have no idea how hot is is here in sunny Southern California, but I think if I move, I may actually melt. It is definitely safer to stay indoors somewhere where there is A/C :flame: . One good thing about the heat is that, for me at least, it's a natural appetite suppressant. That and it keeps me drinking more fluids. Thank goodness for Crystal Light to help with some variety with water.
Unfortunately, I have become an insomniac :tired: since a) starting SBD and b) the weather has gotten warmer. I seem to have more energry than I know what to do with now! Looks like it's time to do something with that energy :ebike: .....once it cools off this evening ;).

06-04-2006, 08:01 PM
After over 11 hours of work, I can finally take a break. I'm just about done and need to wait for some firewall rules so I can go fix dinner now. DH ended up taking Brian to church and has been entertaining him today. I still have not planned meals or gone to the grocery store so I might just have to do that after work tomorrow. Brian has swim lessons and gymnastics tomorrow so it will be busy. At least DH can take him if I get stuck working.