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08-19-2001, 09:37 PM
Hey better late than never!!!!!!!!!!!
We had a great day of swimming and grilling today...It felt good to swim all day with Refman and the kids at my brothers house...When they are playing, it is like we have the day to ourselves....

Ok..new week, new day!!!!!!!We will excercise all week except Thursday and eat healthy!!!!!I have been PMSing or preg hormoning some bad this weekend....Who knows which!!!

Setina=WElcome back!!!jUst say helloo on occasion!!I am soo sorry about the migraine situation....

Time for bed !!!!!

08-19-2001, 09:53 PM
Hi All,

I have been horrible this weekend. Yesterday was a party at DH's brother's house...ate way too much, burger, dog, salads, desserts. Today was a party at my brother's house, ate too much again - pasta, sausage & peppers, chicken fingers, icecream cake...UGH!! It wasn't tons of each item, but I'm sure I was not OP.

RR- You're right, this is a new week. I am going to Weis tomorrow after work to p/u more Lean Cuisines, they're on sale half price or something this week.

Setina- Nice to see you...just pop in when you feel like it! Hope things work out soon with the migraines!

Gotta run, have a great evening all! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

08-19-2001, 10:54 PM
Okay I am in for an OP week. I won't make my LD goal but I have to start
with one day. So tomorrow is the day and the week I get my @ss on track!

I will journal all week
I will drink all my water
I will excerise everyday!!!!!

08-20-2001, 05:06 AM
I sat down at the computer on Sunday morning to start a new thread, and got distracted, then went out and never got home until early Monday - :eek:

I went jogging on Friday morning, Friday evening hubby and I went skating. Saturday I had a skating lesson and then practised for an hour afterwards. Not been too bad on the water, but may(!!!) have gone over on a few days. I am just hoping that the exercise may have saved me this week.

Pryia - good luck with with your plans to journal, drink and exercise all week.
LBH - OP - what's that. I think my big thing this week will be to only eat my points (and not go over) for a whole week. I seem to be able to do a couple of days, and then I slip and I find that weekends are my worst time.
RR - why no exercise on Thursday?
Setina - nice to know you are still lurking. Hope you are feeling better soon.

To anyone I have missed out - hi :wave: and I hope you all have a really good week. :D

08-20-2001, 10:33 AM
Hi All,

I'm back to being insanly busy this week, but I am making sure I pop in here once or twice a day!

BFB- OP means On Program...or within points! I am determined to be OP all this week. And I'm determined to have a loss come WI Wednesday.

OK, gotta run and do some work...

08-20-2001, 11:02 AM

3 days op and I am feeling so good about it! Each day is a challenge to get through, but I'm making it.

RR - did you lose track of the month??:D

Watermelon - hello! So nice to hear from you. Sorry that those migraines are still troubling you.

Lauren - wow, sounds like a tough weekend to get through. Good luck this week.

Pryia - I am doing the same thing you are. I've been journaling everyday, exercising, and staying totally op. Good luck!

BFB - Jogging and skating sound like great exercising! I went biking and golfing. So nice when the weather is good.

have a great day all. I will be moving ds back to school :( . It will be difficult food-wise also. Must stick to it!



08-20-2001, 11:09 AM
Hi all,

Hope things are going well on the new goals. Every step forward is so important.

Thanks to LBH, I am now journaling and I can't imagine anything being more helpful. I have found that I am generally OP as far as food goes. However, even when I think I am being "good" about coke and alcohol, I generally have 7-10 points worth a day!!!:o

So, am now bound and determined to have no more that 1 coke/alcoholic drink in any given day. (Since Thursday, I have only had 4...Unfortunately they were all on the same day!) I am also working on the exercise thing, Went to the gym Friday and am on my way today.

Pyria - Good luck with the goals for the week. You can do it!

The New Rabbit -- Go rabbit, Go! Staying OP is so tough, but the results are well worth it!

LBH -- Thanks again for the advice - I have the feeling Journaling will be a huge help. Sorry to hear about the weekend! You may not have been totally OP, but think how much worse it could have been. It is so hard to stay OP with all kinds of food around, I think it is a success to be able to say it wasn't too bad!

BFB and TechAlum - Sounds like you both have a LOT going on. Good for both of you for keeping the lifestyle changes you are making in mind through the busy times!


08-20-2001, 12:16 PM
Hello Everyone!!

Sorry I haven't written in a while, things have been pretty hectic for me. I was looking at my calendar and since the first of the month I've had 3 days (including weekends) where I didn't have something besides work scheduled. Things being so busy makes it really hard to stick to a meal plan and get in exercise. Of course being lazy doesn't help either :lol:.

Well K accepted an offer on his house, so we made an offer on the one that we liked. If everything goes according to plan we should move the 2nd week of Oct. after we get home from Maine. I am so glad that is one less thing to worry about :D. The wedding shower was this weekend. After all the head-aches about the planning, it went really well. We have enough towels and wine glasses to outfit an army :lol:. We need to take stock this week and figure out what to take back. My parents came over after the shower and we took the dogs for a walk but had to cut it short because of rain :( .

Well I lost a pound at WW last Tuesday, it wasn't all I'd gained the week before, but at least it wasn't another gain.

LBH - I agree with Baily, even if you weren't totally OP over the weekend, you probably did better than if you weren't conscious of your eating.

Baily - Good luck getting started. Journalling, drinking water and getting in activity (or exercise) are definitely what it takes for me to do well, I also need to plan what we're to eat during the week or I choose poorly.

Rabbit - 3 days OP :). You can do it, just stay in town for a while.

BFB - Wow :eek:, that's a lot of exercise, I'm sure it'll pay off at weigh in.

Pyria - Good luck getting back on track.

RR - Sounds like you had a great weekend. Those hormones can do funny things to our bodies.

To everyone I missed - Hope you have a great week!!!!!!

- Tech :spin:

08-20-2001, 04:55 PM
It's amazing how losing a bit can really motivate you. I'm always watching what I eat, counting my points, excercising etc.. and not much happens. I know there are days when I splurge and I definitely don't drink enough water or journal enough but I try. It's hard when nothing happens. Now I have lost about 10 pounds in the last year (not bad for no "official dieting") and I've lost another 6 since I started going to the gym regularily (since about the third week of May) and that's not real progress but you know what, I don't care. I'm enjoying life and watching really carefully during the day and enjoying the evenings and the weekends a bit more and if it happens really slowly I guess that's okay. It's only when I see nothing that I get concerned. So last week I hit the 169.5 mark but was concerned that it was way to close to 170 to go back that way but Saturday I hit the 168.5 mark and have kept it the same to this morning. (yes I weigh everyday and it may not be great but it works for me). So seeing that scale go down kept me motivated this weekend. I was out for lunch on Saturday and Sunday and out for dinner on Sunday as well. This isn't normal for me and usually it would be death but it was okay. I had the "fast food" stuff and even some Chinese but I kept the portions small because I didn't want to see the scale go back to 170 and I was successful. I really hope I can keep it up. It looks like I'll make it to my Memorial Day goal by Labour Day which may sound like I failure but I'll happily take it. That's why I didn't make a LD goal, it doesn't seem to really motivate me so I'll take it as it comes.

I just thought I'd share my thoughts for the day and I hope everyone can see that little drop in your weight that keeps you going and (hopefully) leads you to the big drop in weight.

Bailey - I'm actually jealous of people who have generally consumed that many points a day on things that are so easy to change. The coke/alcohol is not filling you up so if you exchanged it for water or at least diet drinks that would probably make a big difference in your day. I love regular coke so much but I treat it like a special treat and only have it once in a while because it seems like such a waste of 3 points. 2 cokes and i could have a chocolate bar. Okay maybe that's not the best thinking but for me, I'd rather have the chocolate. Even if you cut the intake in half to start that should help. Good Luck.

BFB - the exercise sounds great - have you gotten past the 12 minute jogging mark? Don't let your husband get you down about how long you're out for. Every little bit helps. When I run and I haven't in a while, I can only go for about the same but so what. Keep up the good work.

Hope everyone is having an OP day and week!!!!!


08-20-2001, 05:29 PM
Tech--Horray on the house!!!That is a load off the ole mind!!!!!Now U can concentrate on the wedding!!!!

Elisa-I agree about the little goals changing your attitude and making it easier to lose weight..I find when people compliment U, then it makes dieting and excercising easier...

Rabbit--Man, I went back to July!!!!:dizzy: Honestly, motherhood is wearing me down!!!!I went to the MD today cuz I am drained of energy and have been running fever and having headaches since last week..He did blood work to see what is happening, so I should know something Wed..

BFB-U R doing great on the excercise...The reason I dont excercise on Thursdays, is I have a second job that I do just on Thursdays soo I work 14 hrs that day...I cut back to one extra day/week since I got married in May..

Well, off to fix supper and get kids shortly!!!

08-21-2001, 10:14 AM
Hi All,

Rabbit/Vicki- The even funnier thing is...I didn't even notice that the date said July, not August!! :lol:

I was good yesterday, just mis-counted and came out one pt. over. But I'm proud of myself for being pretty much OP! Went shopping and picked up more Lean Cuisines, so I'm set for 2 wks. of lunch!

Tech- Congrats on getting K's house sold!! Hope you get the house you want!! And post some pics when you do!!

Bailey- Glad to hear journaling is working for you! As far as the coke/alchohol thing, try and cut it down to one coke or drink a day...it's better for you anyway! Try flavored seltzers, I think they're zero pts. I drink all water, except for my coffee in the AM, and an occaisional Iced Tea or soda. But I like water, so it's not a big deal for me, I drink close to a gallon a day.

Rabbit- Yeah for you, 3 days OP!! :D

Have a great day all!!

08-21-2001, 11:30 AM

Well, I got through move-in day, and stayed op! Woohoo! 4 days. I'm on a roll. We ate at Friday's last night and I was careful with my selection (although I can't find the points anywhere, so I had to estimate). :D

Bailey - you are discovering the power of journaling!! It's really helpful to me. I hardly ever have any drink points, I'd always rather eat my points than drink them.:)

Tech - well, you certainly sound busy! Glad to hear your shower went well and the house was sold. Everything is moving right along. And congrats on the loss!:cool:

Elisa - You made so much sense. There sure is nothing wrong with slow progress. You're still moving in the right direction. It doesn't matter how long it takes. That's what I'm always telling myself. You are not a failure at all!! A failure would be to quit.

Rr - hope you're feeling better!

Lauren - some of those lean cuisines are so good.

gotta run . . .



08-21-2001, 01:20 PM
:smug: :smug: 2.5lbs down :smug: :smug:

The exercise and water really must make a difference, because I did not stay within my points for most of the week and on Friday I had McDonalds at lunchtime and then hubby and I ate out in the evening after we went skating. However, I did not have a pudding and we shared a mixed salad starter. My challenge for this week is to only eat my points and not to go over.

LBH & Rabbit - I find staying OP such a challenge. I find it way too easy to go over and sometimes it is the silliest thing which you fancy which eats into your points. I want to do an experiment with myself to see the difference that journalling, drinking water and eating my daily allocation of points will make to my loss.
Bailey - do you drink water? I have I really big problem with water, I hate it, but I find it makes a big difference to your weight loss ( I know I have just got back on track - but before the water was making a big difference). Have you tried alternating a glass of water, with a glass of soda. Do you like diet soda? I wasn't keen either, but I now have acquired the taste and it doesn't eat into your points!
Tech - lazy is my middle name. I sometimes struggle to go and do my exercise, but I know the only person that can help me shift it is me and I always feel better afterwards. BTW - when's the wedding?
Elisa - Good for you - slow and steady is what matters and as my signature says "remember the tortoise and the hare" - just wish I took my own advice when I was going through my mad mouth disease stage :lol:
RR - hope you are feeling much better and fingers crossed for the test results.

If I've missed you out - sorry - have a good day everyone! :D

08-21-2001, 08:24 PM
hello all!!!!
Feeling much better....I pick up all the germs from SD#2 and her daycare..It is easier to catch stuff cuz being a handicapped child she has more cooties to catch!!!:dizzy: But she is worth it all!!!!:D

BFB-Congrats on the weight loss!!!!I agree that water makes the difference...

Well off to the races!!!*L*

Hello Legal!!!!!wherever U may be!!!!

08-22-2001, 03:12 AM
Hi! We're back from the show in Lexington KY. It was a great show for us.

I'll weigh in the morning and see if I stayed the same on weight or had a change.

I've got to go back and read the end of last weeks messages. I gather that "Setina" popped in. I've been thinking about her alot. I did get to meet her once.

Talk tomorrow (oops its already tomorrow...o.k. later today then). - jul

08-22-2001, 11:01 AM
Hi All,

Well, I don't know what WI is going bring tonight. I wasn't that good, but I wasn't that bad either...even over the weekend. I don't feel like I've lost anything, but I hope I haven't gained either!! :?:

Jul- Hope weigh in went good this AM!!

BFB- Congrats on the BIG loss!! :D

Have a great day all!

08-22-2001, 12:34 PM

Hi everyone. Day 5 op. Hope my weigh in shows it tomorrow night. If not, it is sure to catch up with me soon.:)

It is lonely and too quiet in my house with ds back in school.:(

BFB - congrats on your terrific loss!! And OP IS a challenge - every single day. I have been too easy on myself for awhile - going a few points over, etc. Now I'm doing it right.

RR - glad you're well!:D

Jul - congrats on your successful show!:smug:

Lauren - good luck at weigh in.

have a super day



08-22-2001, 01:46 PM
I did weigh this morning and I stayed at 185. I think thats great considering all the food we ate while traveling! - jul

08-22-2001, 05:08 PM
Hello all...Well the test results showed just a little anemia and strep throat again. THe prenatal vits with iron will take care of it..Sometimes it is harder to get the protein in when U dont eat the meat....

Jul-congrats on the maintain!!!I been on the maintain for almost 20 months soo it isnt too bad of a thing..only frustrating!!:dizzy:
Off to take a nap!!Take care!

08-22-2001, 06:04 PM
Just if your interested. I met a friend from another website while in KY. She took some photos and actually posted them on the discussion board. www.frugal-moms.com discussion boards, under Chit Chat and the thread it titled I met Julsave. There are quite a few photos of us and our glass. I couldn't believe she actually put them on the computer!!!
- jul

08-23-2001, 11:56 AM
Hi All,

Weigh in was bad, and I'm pretty upset about it...I gained 1 lb. I'm frustrated and mad at WW. It's a great program and even if I wanted to stop doing it, it's like, engraved in me, even when I want to forget about it, I'm mentalling figuring points in my head...which I guess it really the whole point of the program, a change of lifestyle, not a diet. I'm mad because I don't have a good leader. I've never had an exceptional leader. I didn't stay for the meeting last night because I was upset about it. I wanted to drive across the parking lot to Wendy's and get a big double cheeseburger and fries and chocolate shake and say screw it to everything. I did not have any cash on me, and I managed to fight myself and not go to the ATM and get cash. I forced myself with all the strength I had left in me to drive home and cook the chicken I had marinating in the fridge. i am happy that I did, because I was OP because of that chicken. Over dinner DH was laughing, telling me about a movie (which he's told me about before) called Fatso, starring Dom Delouise, which is soo funny. He was talking about one part where I guess they get soo frustrated that attack the fridge or something. He's told me that before and it probably is very funny, but it wasn't last night. I told him, you know, that's not funny at all. That scenario happened to me after WI tonight. I was soo frustrated that I would've gone and eaten all that junk from Wendy's or Mc Donald's, or KFC...all within a mile of each other near the mall that my WW center is in. It took every ounce of energy I had not to go and do it! He felt bad for saying it, but I told him I know that he didn't mean it in a cruel way, he was just trying to make me feel better.

I am not giving up, because even though every center I've gone to sucks, the program works, I know it does, because I managed to lose 20 lbs. once, I can do it again...even if it is the same 20 lbs.!! I proved to myself last night I can do it, as long as I plan ahead. If it means eating chicken every night with a different marinade on it, then so be it. I will do this, one day at a time, until I reach my goal...no matter how long it takes!

Jul- Good for the maintain! Beautiful glass pics!

RR- Hope you're feeling better!

Must do some work...have a great day all!

08-23-2001, 12:40 PM

Day 6 OP! I'm pleased with myself. Weigh in is tonight and I hope to have a loss.

Jul - congrats on your maintain! Tough to do when you are away. Terrific pictures!:D

RR - hope the meds kick in and you are feeling better.

Lauren - hang in there girl.

gotta run for now



08-23-2001, 01:16 PM
Hello Everyone,

Well this week that had started out so great has taken a serious downward turn. On Tuesday they told the team I work with that we would all be laid of on Friday. They were very unprofessional about it, they had everyone come into a conference room together to tell us and then handed out our unemployment sheets, no severance no nothing :mad: . The worst part is I'm afraid that it'll be hard to find a new job where 3 weeks after I start I need 3 weeks of for the wedding, honeymoon and moving :^: . Actually the guy who used to run this office has been hot to have my resume, because he thinks he can get me started elsewhere in a week or so, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

So I haven't been eating well the last couple of days, because this was just what I needed, MORE STESS. I need to get back on track. I went to WW on Tuesday, and gained back what I lost the week before :( . Maybe being at home will help me get back on track (yea right).

Rabbit - 6 days OP you are :smoking: . Hope WI is kind to you tonight.

Juldiet - Your glass looks great! I'm saving my pennies so I can take a glass blowing class at the local museum, it's pretty expensive, but I've always been fascinated watching it's the building they have a hard time keeping me out of :D.

BFB - Congrats on the 2.5 #s. Looks like the exercise paid off. The big day is 9/22/01, it's less than a month away :eek:. I remember when it was a year and a half away, it seems like only yesterday.

RR - Glad you're feeling better. Some of the worst illnesses I've gotten have been from K's nephew who has asthma, and used to bring home everything! Hope everything's working out.

LBH - Congrats on not giving in to the urge to pig out!!!! I know it's hard, fast food is one of my biggest failings. Hang in there, you can do it I know you can :D.

Elise - slow but steady is a great way to go. Before the last couple of months hit I was averaging a half pound a week which I considered great. Unfortunately over the last couple months I've put a little back on. Hang in there you'll make it.

Well, gotta go grab lunch. Have a great day all! Thanks for "listening".

- Tech :spin:

08-23-2001, 02:12 PM
Lauren: This may sound wierd but this is something I had to do to help me change my attitude toward food.....all those "off-limit foods" that we crave because we tell ourselves we can't have them. I took a day where I had nothing to do. I went thru every drive thru and ordered what I wanted. I parked and looked at the food, really studied it (I'm sure if someone was watching they thought I was nuts). Then I ate some of it and really tried to taste it. I'm guilty of eatting and driving at the same time and realized I always ate so quick I never really tasted it). I did that at every fast-food place I could think of. I realized I didn't eat much of any of it but after stopping at 5 places I was stuffed!!! And...I didn't want any more of it. I was pretty grossed out by the whole deal. The best part about it the 'fast-food cravings' went away. I did the same thing with all those different chocholate bars that I would crave. I bought all of them, took them home sat at the dining room table studied each one and got rather grossed out and couldn't finish any of them. I know it sounds wierd but it really helped me because I've always had such an emotional relationship with food, wanting it to fill a need when it really can't. I ended up doing the same thing with chips one day when I had a chip craving. The cashier thought I was having a party from all the different chips I bought. I think I just came to a point where I said "what have I got to lose? why not just try it all?". It helped me, I've lost 30# with very little exercise other than what I get in the glass shop (I want to start exercising again). I find that the junk food in the house goes bad before we finish it, etc... This method may not work for anyone else other than me but I thought I'd share it since it did help me. And if anything else you can laugh at imagining me having a car full of fast food or a table full of bags of chips!!!

Tech: So sorry about the layoffs. I hope you do find something that will work around your schedule.

Rabbit: good job on 6 days OP!!

gotta run, jul

08-23-2001, 04:42 PM
Lauren - you should be so proud of yourself. If you're an emotional eater (and I think we all are to some degree) then managing to not get fast food after your weigh in when you were upset was an amazing feat. Feel good about yourself, it will all come in time, as long as you don't give up. I managed to get down to about 140 lbs. 5 years ago and it was only when i stopped paying attention to the food, the clothes and the scale that I managed to gain it back. This is a lifelong journey not a "diet" and all things will come in time. Good for you!

Jul - your idea does sound a little strange but if it worked for you that is so great. It might work for other people - maybe I should try it. But actually for me when I have those fast food cravings, I just let them grow for a while and then I treat myself. When you plan to cheat, it's not cheating. If you tried to be good before and after. That usually takes care of it for me for a while. I'll have chinese food and then that'll help for quite a while, and I can go a long time without McDonald's but once in a while, yum!

And speaking of Chinese Food, that's what I'm having tonight for dinner. I figure I deserve it. It was my birthday yesterday and my anniversary today so I'm going to enjoy it. I was pretty good yesterday and today and I'll try to make up for all the sodium tomorrow with lots of water but for tonight who knows? I'm going to try to keep things somewhat in check but I don't think I'm going to count points - too difficult and scary.

Tech - hope things well with the job search. That sounds so scary and bad timing but hopefully it will all work out. How is it that they didn't have to pay you any severance??

BFB - are you still in the "losing" trend?? You sounded so happy when you had the big loss, I hope it keeps up for you.

Hi to everyone else!!


08-24-2001, 10:46 AM
Hi All,

I'm feeling much better about the whole planning thing. I took dinner out of the freezer last night...turkey keilbasa that I cut up and labeled the pts. on before I put it in the freezer! I have a head of cabbage and some egg noodles and that's dinner tonight...about 11.5 pts...if I have 2 c. noodles, which I may not have that much.

Last night I went out to eat with my co-worker who's up from Atlanta. We had planned to go to this really wonderful Chinese restaurant that I took her to last time she was up, and I planned to get something not fried. Since the weather was crappy, she decided she wanted to go somewhere local, so we ended up at a little pub in town here by work. I had a burger and some o-rings, and it was really good, but it put me over in points. They did not offer grilled chicken or anything! It was really good though! I will try and make it up today, but I'm not going to stress if I don't, just move on.

Jul- That is very funny, but it makes sense to me! I don't think it would work for me though, because I usually sit in the car and eat, not driving, so I do taste it and enjoy it! I just have to get away from the fast food. I gave it up before, I just have to do it again. Yeah, a Big Mac tastes great every now and then, but I can do without!

Elisa- Thanks for the kind words, I am proud of myself, a little, not a whole lot. If I can stick to it, I'll really be proud!

Tech- So sorry to hear about your job! :( That happened to me 2 jobs ago, they basically called 6 of us into the HR office one by one and said flat out, you're being laid off due to a functional downsize and here's your severence...pack your stuff and get out by noon! Sorry they're not giving you any severence, that really sucks! I hope you're able to get something through your former boss! I wouldn't worry too much about taking time off. I started here in January and told them at the interview that I was getting married in March. They were fine with that. In fact, I get two wks. vacation and I ended up using it all for the wedding and honeymoon! They didn't have to let me use it, but they did, so that was nice. Hope you can find something like that.

Rabbit- How did WI go? Good I hope!! I'm liking your NO EXCUSES tag there. I need to adopt that attitude. If I want to have some fast food, or go out to eat, I will have to choose smart and plan for it, that's all!

Have a great day all!!

08-24-2001, 11:25 AM
Lauren: great attitude! You know you can't fret over what happened yesterday or even this morning....just plan ahead for your next meal and do the best you can.

I fixed popcorn (you know the real stuff made in oil and a little butter) last night for the boys. I had some too and thought for sure I'd be above 185 this morning, but I wasn't . It was reading 184! Now, if I'd only add a little exercise I could probably be losing even more. I even had 3 oatmeal cookies yesterday because Alex wanted to make some.

Karin that I met in Lexington has an herb company and she gave me a basket full of herb mixes. I used some last night on a chicken breast and had potatoes, whole mushrooms, carrots, and fresh green beans in the pan with chicken broth. It was very yummy and the house smelled wonderful from the herb mix.

The boys start pre-school this afternoon. Its just 3 afternoons a week. Since I'm homeschooling Weston they said he can come again too!! I'm getting a bit excited about having 2.5 hrs to myself this afternoon. Will probably hit a few antique stores I'm on the lookout for a glass fronted jelly cabinet for the hall bath.

Our show this weekend is local, about 1 hr away so I'll get to come home every night. Next week we'll be in St Louis and it looks like the boys will be going with us. My parents are off to Oregon to visit my brother. I'll probably take them to the zoo and the science center while Kenny works the booth.

- jul

08-24-2001, 12:56 PM

I lost 1.6 pounds last night! WooHoo! More than I expected - I thought it might be slower. I even stayed OP yesterday - tough for me to do ESPECIALLY on a weigh in day! So that's 7 days op. Now for 8 . . .

Tech - sorry to hear about the job layoff:( . Hope your contact works out. Try not to stress out about it (I know, easier said than done).

Jul - your food thing you did reminds me of that book. I would be scared to do that. Glad it worked for you! Congrats on your loss. That herb dinner sounds yummy. Enjoy your 2.5 hours!!:D

Elisa - Belated birthday and anniversary wishes to you!:) :)

Lauren - I do that 'no excuses' thing to remind myself of that - glad you like it!

have a terrific weekend.



08-25-2001, 10:36 AM
Okay last weekend before school starts and a busy one here. Going to the Brewers game tomorrow and want to get some house stuff done today. It is so muggy here. Just gross and sticky.

Well I am still not on program. But giving it my all today. I walked for 40 min. today. Did some thinking. Of why I wanted to lose weight back in April and how those reasons have changed. Because they really have. So now I have to look for new reasons. But I think if I take pieces of the program and do them, the rest will fall into place.

Lauren-Oh I feel for you. My leader sucks too. I guess that is why I only weigh in once a month and do not stay for the meetings. I am going to be switching my stuff over to the WW near my house. Just cause I can run up there once a month or stop on my way home. But dont give up. I know this 24lbs I have lost is keeping me in line. I have lost anything since the middle of June. Just gaining the few and losing the same few. Chin up girlfriend....we can do this

Rabbit-Sounds like you took moving into school better this year. I know your DS is your heart. He sure has made you proud.

Well gotta do something....But don't want to.

08-25-2001, 11:37 PM
Okay I am PROUD! I stayed with in my points all day. And did stuff I wanted to do.

Went to this great resale shop and got B 4 pairs of pants and a shirt and a belt for under 40 bucks. YEAH!!! Plus the sweatshirt jacket I bought him yesterday goes on sale tomorrow along with a pair of jeans I bought him. So I will take that money and buy him some sweats.

Hung up the blind I have wanted for a few years in my kitchen. So now I feel like I have more privacy.

Planning on doing another walk tomorrow. Going to start a place for us to post our miles like we use to. And I will update it every week.

Hope everyone is OP or at least having fun.