100 lb. Club - Weekly Journal Buddy Thread (May 29-June 4)

05-29-2006, 01:20 PM
Am I just blind, or have these threads stopped? Well, I know I need them, and I am back, so even if I'm the only one still posting my menus, here I am!

Today's an off day since it's a vacation day from work. Jeff and I don't have any major gathering to attend, so we are packing a lunch and going to a park with a lake and walking trails and stuff. We're bringing 2 loaves of plain white bread to feed the ducks, and then we'll picnic together--I've packed sandwiches and whole-grain SunChips and soda (diet for me, of course). Then we're off to a very large mall for some shopping--I've finally decided to start dressing like a grown up instead of so casually at work because I've been increasingly interacting with associates from outside companies and with higher-ups (Directors and VPs) on a daily basis, so I need some new tops. Dinner is yet TBD.

05-29-2006, 02:04 PM
Hmm, I guess that, being new, I hadn't noticed this kind of thread before. Are we supposed to list food, exercise, emotional outlook, etc? I'll bite:

Breakfast: Chicken Parmesan w/ wine (an unbreaded dish), corn (450 cals)
M. Snack: 1 bowl lipton noodle soup (105 cals)
Lunch: Grilled steak, spaghetti, peas (500 cals)
A. Snack: Soy crisps, sf popsicles (150 cals)
Dinner: Salmon, garlic/onion/dill red potatoes, green beans (500 cals)
Dessert: Crepes (200)

Exercise: Gym is closed:( - Once the sun goes down, I'll try to take at least a 2 mile walk.

Mood: Lonly and sorry for myself.:rolleyes: SO is out of town until Sunday, and the house is too quite all ready. I think I'll perscribe 1 cc of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" on myself to be taken this evening.

Hope everyone has a great holiday.:)

05-29-2006, 03:54 PM
Hey Andoreth, here is the drill:

For our new members that don't know, this thread is where we share what we ate for the day & also log our exercise & water, if we choose to. You can do this any way you want, ie whatever is most helpful to you. Jillybean, for instance, likes to plan out her day ahead of time & then edit her message to show what was eaten or what she just didn't feel hungry for. I like to write it down as I eat it, to keep track since certain things are easy to forget, especially if I WANT to forget them.

It's also a good thread to get recipe or food ideas from, as well as to ask the other members, "What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right?"--everyone is always glad to help.

You can do one message every day, or several days in one message. That's up to you. Welcome & please feel free to join in!

Thank you for starting this, Jilly. :D I, too, have been wondering where it was & need it, just plain need it, for accountability. Sounds like you & Jeff have a fun day planned, I can't wait to hear what clothes you got!! I'm such a clotheshorse, I'm trying to cut down, but will need a "new bra trip" to Lane Bryant pretty soon. I have a picnic @ mom & dad's today, they are grilling bratwurst & hamburgers; I am in charge of the red potatoes, I am thinking mashed w/skins on & roasted garlic? Lots of flavor, no fat.

320 ounces water
1 cup soymilk
1 cup frosted bite size shredded wheat

1 packet cinnamon granola bars

15 pistachios

1 bratwurst
1 bratwurst bun

1 cup garlic mashed potatoes
1 tsp butter

1/2 cup creamed corn
1/2 cup baked beans

1 banana

1/2 bottle snapple raspberry white tea

8 prunes
1/2 cup peas
1 Tbsp mayo
cracked black pepper

for those who don't know, I am on medication that makes me drink, I am up to 2.5 gallons per day.

05-30-2006, 08:29 AM
Thanks for posting this thread again. Today is Tuesday here and this is what I ate for today:

1 cup of FF Milk
1 BK grilled chicken ceasar salad with ranch and no croutons
rice with veggies
jalapeno pretzels (about 2 cups)
SF FF pudding with free cool whip

The problem was the pretzels but as I began to attack the bag I forced myself to get up after 1/3 and throw the suckers away!

I am fighting a cold so I did not exercise. I hope to do that tomorrow.

05-30-2006, 08:53 AM
It's tuesday here, too, but for me it's still morning, so here's what I'm planning for today:

1c honey bunches of oats cereal w/1 banana and skim milk
PBJ sandwich
SmartOnes frozen entree (The Truth About Carbs line--either sweet n sour chicken or santa fe chicken--both VERY yummy!)
ham, turkey, and provolone sandwich
some sort of chicken and black bean concoction in the crock potI'm trying to make dinners without relying on pasta or rice. I don't mind maybe some baked potatos or whole-wheat wraps or something, but I'm trying to cut back on the processed pasta, and I just don't much care for rice, so it's mostly meat and veggies (err, legumes, at least). Including an estimate of dinner's calories, today comes to about 1300 cals. That's good because I can still add an evening smoothie if I want and will still be within a good range. Now, no unplanned snacking!

To avoid said snacking, I will go out for a walk when I get home from work. It's supposed to be about 95 and humid (lovely), so I likely won't go far, but anything is better than nothing, and after working out in heat like that, the last thing I'll want to do is come home and snack!

Oh, and I'm working on my first 1-liter bottle of water with nother already filled and in the fridge waiting for me. My goal is to have at least 2 liters a day, since I've been slacking off on my water consumption lately, too (so maybe some of this weight will drop quickly as a result of less water retention!).

05-30-2006, 11:19 PM
Hey guys! :)


1 boneless skinless chicken breast
1 can zucchini in tomato sauce
2 slices natural ovens multigrain bread

1 box raisins

1 Mounds bar :(

1 cup low sodium chicken broth
1 can veg all
1 tbsp mayo
1 package chicken ramen, cooked in the broth

05-30-2006, 11:41 PM

100 cal pack cookies (100 cals)

Ramen noodles (SuchAPrettyFace-glad I'm not the only fan!:)) (380 cals)

Homemade sweat&sour chicken rice w/ veggies (500 cals)

2 SF popsicles +
fortune cookie rounds (150 cals)

Seasoned hamburger patty (95% lean beef, minced onion, garlic powder, worcestershire sauce, parmesan cheese) +
Spaghetti w/ LF alfredo sauce +
Green beans (525 cals)

Frozen fruit w/ whipped cream (150 cals)

Hope everyone had a delicious day! :)

05-31-2006, 07:02 AM
Ha, my first fully rededicated day and I messed it up :mad: They ordered lunch for us at work because we got stuck in a meeting (proposal review team) from about 9am till 12:30. And it was pretty bad--I had chicken salad (bad) on a croissant (worse) with regular potato chips (horrible) and a chocolate chunk cookie (evil). Oh, and a diet coke, as if it even made a difference at that point :dizzy: I also had eaten my 2 sandwiches, but of course I didn't mention that and ate the free lunch anyway. I skipped the SmartOnes, but that's only 140 cals, which probably didn't even make up for the cookie :devil:

Alright, let's try this again. No free food at work today since we have no meeting andmy boss won't even be in. So, here's the plan:

honey bunches of oats w/banana and skim milk
pbj sandwich
SmartOnes chicken meal
ham and turkey sandwich
2 turkey burgers w/swiss cheese, lettuce, and bbq sauce (no buns)Should be about 1400 calories total. Again, I will try the walking thing when I get home from work. It was so hot out yesterday I ended up going to the mall instead of for a walk, but I did park on the opposite end as Lane Bryant, so I had to walk all the way across the mall ;) And it didn't keep me from eating--Jeff works later now, so he doesn't get home till about 6:30 instead of 5 like he used to, so that's another whole 90 minutes of torture for me to try to NOT eat--yesterday, I binged on Swiss cheese, of all things. I think I had 4-5 slices. I also had a whole-wheat pita with cream cheese on it and a bowl of fruit salad. It's not horrible stuff, but those calories sure do add up. I also had more fruit salad after dinner and then made smoothies (frozen strawberries, bananas, skim milk, and ff cool whip). Today, I will allow myself a YOGURT if I need it before Jeff gets home and some fruit salad after dinner. Will increase my calories, but not to an insane amount like yesterday :^:

05-31-2006, 02:04 PM
andoreth--ramen is 10 for a dollar here, you can't beat that with a stick!! ;)

Jilly, I love that you had a diet Coke. :cool: It tastes so different, sometimes I just get a taste for it. I have a very very VERY hard time saying no to free food as well. I think you just have to chalk it up & not beat yourself up about it.

What did you get at Lane Bryant???!?!?!??! :hat:

1/2 packet weight control cinnamon oatmeal

1 can tuna canned in olive oil, drained :T
2 slices wholegrain toast

one 20 oz can of pineapple chunks

one packet cinnamon granola bars

looking back, i need a snack here w/some protein.

1.5 cups noodles
4 teaspoons butter

8 bite size prunes
1 stick light string cheese

05-31-2006, 03:21 PM
What did you get at Lane Bryant???!?!?!??! :hat:
ugh, not much. I grabbed a pair of capris that were half off, but they're a size too small, so maybe by the end of summer. I got a sweater (very open/loose weave to wear over a tank top), but it's just a bit tighter around my middle than I'd like, so that'll have to wait in the back of the closet for a while, too. Other than that, I ended up with 5 new tank tops (3 at LB and 2 from Hecht's)--I've been wanting more colored tanks to wear layered under my neutral black, beige, and white outer layers. Oh, and minor LB rant here--they've started calling some of their items "perfectly priced" (although they're still pretty dang pricey, if you ask me), and you can't use coupons on "perfectly priced" items :mad: So I had a coupon for $25 off of $75 or more, and I spent almost $90, but I couldn't use the coupon because the tanks were all "perfectly priced."

Shopping has been a nightmare. I can't find anything I like, and when I finally do, it's so much more than I'm willing to pay (I'm sorry, but I can't willingly spend over $40 on a single shirt). Department stores don't tend to carry younger styles in plus sizes, so my options are pretty much limited to LB, Avenue, and occasionally Fashion Bug. I did get a really cute skirt at Walmart, and I wish they had more colors because I LOVE it (wearing it right now).

05-31-2006, 06:15 PM
Seems like there are only four of use posting here. I would post my eating for the past couple of days but I am down for the count with tonsillitis. As per early discussions on the board don't some meds make you swell up? I am over 1 pound from my ticker weight but I don't want to change it until I feel better. Do meds do that???

05-31-2006, 06:34 PM
Jill I am the same way. $40 for ONE shirt is ridiculous!!! Also wanted to tell you I grabbed the wrong size on a pair of pants, too, so I feel your pain. :dz:

And yes, some meds can puff you up.

05-31-2006, 11:58 PM

100 cal pack goldfish (100)

Ramen noodles (:lol: this is very common, as I can "cook" them with the hot water from the water cooler at work) (380)

Egg Salad Tortilla Wrap (350)

Ice cream (150)

Steak and beans (560)

Pears (210)

2 sf popsicles (30)

Okay, I don't see a single vegetable here.:( Tomorrow it's salad for Lunch, and 2 veggies at dinner!:nono:

06-01-2006, 01:06 AM
Hey I'll join in :)

Breakfast - 1/2 onion Begal w/ reduced fat sun dried tomatoe cream cheese
Morning snack - Apple
Lunch - salad that I made with turkey
afternoon snack - cinnamon pecans
dinner - 1/2 stuffed bell pepper & 1/4 cup baby corn
evening snack - Jello Pudding cup

Water - 32 oz.
1 dr. Pepper (my secret addiction)
Ice Tea

Exercise - I met with my personal trainer today and she kicked my butt, but I did a 1/2 hour of cardio plus weights.

Hey I like this, thanks for starting this thread. Until tomorrow - Mindy :)

06-01-2006, 03:27 AM
Hi folks,

I am glad to see this thread started up again. I am jounaling my food in a notebook for now so probably won't be posting here too but it is nice to check in once in a while and see how folks are doing.



06-01-2006, 08:32 AM
Jen--veggies are most difficult for me, too, but I don't worry about it. I just plain don't like 'em :p But I've survived nearly 24 years already without enough veggies, so I don't stress over it.

Yesterday, I ended up not having my SmartOnes meal at work--just my 2 sandwiches. Then I had a yogurt at home (80 cals), some SunChips with dinner (120 cals), and some fruit salad after dinner (estimating 80 cals). Oh, and honey mustard on my burgers (est. 80 cals), so I still ended up around 1600 calories for the day :)

Today is TOPS weigh-in night, so here's the drill:

honey bunches of oats, banana, and skim milk
pbj sandwich
Subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki on honey oat, 2 cookies (AFTER TOPS, of course)That keeps me below 2000 calories for the day, plus I'll be drinking my minimum 2 liters of water (ha, see? no veggies today, either--just some iceburg lettuce and tiny bit of red onion on my sub).

06-01-2006, 08:42 AM
Okay. I am going to try to return. I've not quite recovered from my last 2 months, I keep doing well for a few days, then sliding, then doing well, etc. I'm going to start TOPS next week (maybe) and go to the gym (hopefully) and see if I can regroup, following my vacation.

Today wasn't the best day, but it wasn't the worst.

Breakfast: 12 oz can of Coke
Lunch: 6" turkey and cheese with light mayo, from Subway, and Baked Lays
Snack: 10 packets of American-style Smarties
Dinner: One bite of a roll, and some shrimp etouffee (half-portion of what they served for dinner, it looked reasonably sized on a plate at home)

06-01-2006, 01:27 PM
:welcome: , mindydaisy!!

Good to see you back, Denise!! :)

Good luck tonight @ TOPS, Jill! :goodscale:

1 asiago cheese bagel, plain
1 yellow apple
2 cups skim cow milk

nursing my gallon of water

1 lean cuisine mac & cheese meal
1 serving raw broccoli
1 serving raw carrots
1 serving raw cauliflower
1 serving Italian Ranch dressing
2 servings Light Ranch dressing. :(

^^^wow are those veggies keeping me FULLL

^^but not for long

1 box raisins
1 packet cinnamon granola bars

1 serving Tato Skins steak flavored potato chips

2 servings potatoes
1 tsp olive oil
1 Tbsp butter
garlic garlic seasoning

1 serving prunes

06-01-2006, 06:44 PM
Thanks, Jill! I actually like veggies, and really any food (though I will not eat a mushroom :p). However, I've really upped my exercise this week (SO is out of town and I have to stay busy or I'll get mopey), and I was HUNGRY yesterday, and I wanted PROTEIN. If I had passed a cow on my walk home from the gym, it wouldn't have had a chance. Even my cat was looking pretty nervous (lol, the rabbits too, but they always look nervous :D).

The Good News: I was at 303.8 on Monday, I'm at 300.2 as of this morning!:carrot:

Today's meals:

fortune cookie rounds (112)

Egg McMuffin (300)

World's Largest Turkey and Roast Beef Salad (take that, veggies) (500)

Soy Crisps (100)

homemade tuna veggi pizza+
sauteed green beans (600)

peach cobblerette (300)

Welcome everyone just joining this thread!:)

06-01-2006, 10:14 PM
:thanks: such a pretty face for the welcome I'm really excited that I found this site :) .

Today has been a good day here at the ranch :)

Let's see
1 pop tart (I know not a great start but it gets better)

Morning Snack:
Apple and a couple slices of turkey

A salad again, but I made it myself and it had a bunch of yummy things in it

Afternoon Snack:
10 tortilla chips

grilled chicken
1/4 cup rice
corn tortilla

Evening Snack:
Strawberry Jello cup

32 oz. of water
1 dr. pepper
Ice Tea

I did go to the gym but I didn't meet with my personal trainer even though she was keeping an eye on me. Talk to you guys later, keep movin - Mindy

06-03-2006, 12:52 AM
Here's my food for Friday.

2 eggs (450)

Penne with Tuna, Peas, and LF Alfredo (550)

2 SF popsicles+
flavored water (150)

MD's grilled chicken bacon ranch salad (no dressing)+
snack wrap (610)

seasoned popcorn (200)

I hope everyone had a good day today! :)

06-03-2006, 11:58 AM
My food for Friday:

honey bunches of oats w/banana and skim milk (418)
raisin bagel w/whipped cinnamon cream cheese (344)
3/4 asiago cheese bagel (244)
SmartOnes chicken santa fe frozen meal (140)
fruit salad (80)
2 slices pineapple stuffed crust pizza and 2 cheese breadsticks (1330)Grand total of about 2400 calories for the day. Ya know, I thought it would be higher, so I hope those are accurate estimates (I checked the pizza hut site for dinner, so I know that number is correct). The bagels were free at work in the morning--figures, I couldn't leave them alone!

06-04-2006, 12:17 AM
I fell off the wagon Friday night, still trying to get back on.

1 bowl Italian wedding soup
1 roll

3/4 cup tomato mozzarella salad
1 roll

1 biscotti
1 small bottle pellegrino

Here's where it gets ugly:

dinner w/a friend @ the Chancery:

onion strings, ranch dressing (had maybe 3/4 cup)
green apple slices
popcorn crawfish, remoulade sauce
sweet potato fries
seltzer w/lime, 2 glasses

1 small glass root beer

all my water, of course

^^I was up half the night with a tummyache. 4 extra strength Gas-X pills later, I felt a little better. Hardly any sleep though. At one point I was sure I was going to throw up.

1 SuperSized Sprite--this is what I needed. I needed to burp.
1 chocolate-frosted donut @ work (we worked today, last minute, and someone brought them in. about 3 hours into my shift they started to look good. I, too, have a VERY hard time saying no to free food.)

1 everything bagel, toasted
shmear of reduced fat garden veggie cream cheese
1 blackberry lemonade

nothing until now. Except water. I've been napping, since I didn't sleep very well last night. I have a pizza in the oven, so will have some of that.

2 slices plum tomato-cheese pizza
more water

06-04-2006, 04:49 PM

I am getting a new bed on Friday!! :) I am looking forward to no more back pain. So my best friend & I just spent the last 2+ hours cleaning, it looks great!! :)

1 cup decaf
1 milk
1 McDonald's cheeseburger :mcd:
64 ounces water

working on another 64 ounces water

2 slices plum-tomato cheese pizza
1 serving prunes

6 ounce steak
grilled vegetables--asparagus, red pepper, mushrooms, onion, yellow squash
1 weight watchers chocolate cake thingy (TINY!)

1 weight watchers ice cream cone

06-04-2006, 05:21 PM
Saturday, I ended up having:

2.5 cheese breadsticks from Pizza Hut
2 turkey burgers with 2% American cheese, lean bacon, low-fat mayo, honey mustard, lettuce, and onion on light wheat buns (SO good!)
about 1/2 cup each potato salad and macaroni saladGrand total of about 1910 calories (per fitday). Also drank a liter of water (plus 3 diet sodas), which isn't enough, but is still more than I normally have on a weekend day :^:

06-04-2006, 08:52 PM
Today (Sunday), I ended up with:

2 slices pineapple stuffed crust pizza
about 1 cup macaroni salad
Panera's broccoli cheddar soup w/french baguette

Panera's 1/2 size Asian sesame chicken saladThat all comes to about 1560 calories per fitday (I got the calorie counts for Panera and Pizza Hut both from their websites--hooray for the internet! :D ). I may add a smoothie later this evening, which would bring me up to about 1815. Still below 2000, so that's EXCELLENT for me for a weekend! :cool: