Does it Work? - Dr. Bernstein Diet- anyone tried it?

05-26-2006, 10:54 AM
I am in Canada, and there are clinics here for medically supervised weight loss- doctors and nurses monitor you almost daily, and you get vitamin shots as well- has anyone ever tried this, and what did you think?


almost there
05-30-2006, 12:39 AM
Hi, I have not tried it but I was really close to doing it until I heard some stories from quite afew people. Not sure if the stories are true or not and I realize that everyones weightloss experience is different, but the stories were enough to make me decide not to do it. I was so close to doing it that I even signed up for their consultation (which was alot of money, I cant remember off hand, I think about 400 dollars and thankgoodness they gave me the money back after I decided not to go to the consultation)! I heard that people gain the weight right back and more. I have been told by several people that the diet is very unrealistic, its very low in calories a day. I was told that you cant even chew gum and you have to wear rubber gloves to do dishes because they dont want the grease from the foods in the water to go into the pores of your skin. I heard that their program definately works but because its hard to do and so low in calories that the people that have done it gained their weight back. Its very very expensive, I think about 1500 dollars. A friend of mine also told me that she did it and could only last on it for 2 weeks but she did lose 10 pounds within the 2 weeks but that she found their food plan too unrealistic. Not sure if this is all true, but Im just telling you what others have told me when I was interested in the program. You also lose the weight pretty quick, which isnt good for your body. Hope this helped you. I dont like the fact that their consultation cost so much money and you dont get it back if you go and then decide not to do the program. Most weightloss clinics offer free consultations. Good luck in your decisions and let us know what you decide on.