LA Weight Loss - went to consult, now have to decide

05-26-2006, 12:08 AM
Hello. I am a first-timer. I followed the advice and read most of the threads to date to be sure I don't ask a repeat question. I did not see this question so hope I don't offend.
I went to a consultation meeting (prior to signing up) for LAWL and am pretty sure the counselor I met with told me that I had the option of using/buying the LA Lites but that I would be given Lites to start with...suggesting I would not have to buy them. After reading other threads, it seems I may have misunderstood her. To get to my question, has anyone started the plan and received FREE Lites?

And second, does anyone have any advice for someone deciding whether or not to spend more than $400 to start this program? At this consultation, the counselor mentioned buying additional products but said it was voluntary. I'm wondering if I'll get the high-pressure when I go in again and actually sign up???

Thank you. And I have to say that it was great to read so many people who seem to be genuinely concerned about others and their weight refreshing and not at all competitive!

05-26-2006, 12:17 AM
We got a few days worth of Lites to start with. You'll find that most gals here are thrilled with the results of the plan. Speaking for myself--totally worth the money--all of it. There are many on the plan not using the Lites with just as much success as others, so you have options. YES, you will get the high pressure sales pitch--most likely at most visits. Just decide what YOU want and make them respect your wishes--they work for you. Feel free to ask all the questions you want or need--that's what we are here for! If it's a repeat--who cares--you are probably not the only one wondering. Good Luck with whatever you decide.

05-26-2006, 10:51 AM
Kristi--great point about marking your chart--they did note not to ask us to buy stuff and not to ring the bell at the scales! We both hated that!

05-26-2006, 05:36 PM
I do not use the lites and have never been pressured; I just say that I have alot of food allergies to milk/soy, etc. Matter of fact, I had a bowl of cereal yesterday with skim milk and lost my voice; Sometimes I can have milk, ohter times I have a reaction.

Today my counselor said something funny -- she said she enjoyes helping people and even though the company focuses alot on $$, she tries to help the people .. She also said the center cut back on hours for counselors -- my normal time framed appt is gone so I had to change the time I always come in ...

I think if you can commit to it financially (I paid $354 to sign up for 52 weeks of maint, 6 stab and 25 weightloss) and the blood work .. That was during a $3/week promo at xmas time .. best thing I did -- even though I have not been as successful as some of the woman, I visit my gym min of 3x a week and can the difference in my body ... I can feel muscle for the first time.

Good luck!