WW Clubs and Groups - TGIF!!!!! Morning ladies and gentelmen!!!

08-17-2001, 06:43 AM
Good morning all!!! Just thought that I would start the day off with a :)
I had wi on tuesday lost 1.6 I was pleased only 1 more before I hit 25!!!! Then only 5 before thirty! I cannot wait! I love this program!! Well I have to go to work now, you all have a great day and I will check in later! Keep smiling!:dizzy:

Janet R
08-17-2001, 10:02 AM
Good morning everyone!

Hunter, congrats on your weigh-in. Great success!

Well, I have two eat-out meals today... I'm not feeling particularly strong willed either. Send me will-power vibes please.

I finally got on the new treadmill last night. I only walked (jogged a wee bit) for 17 minutes, but I'm proud of that accomplishment. Definitely better than nothing!

Unfortunately, according to the calories burned display I only burned off 1 1/2 of the 4 oreos I ate last night! :o

Better go. Lots of work and I got in late this morning. :s:

08-17-2001, 10:13 AM
Hi everyone. I feellike I have not been keeping up laterly. I think I have been preoccupied with myself. DH adn I are going to start TTC (Trying to Conceive) this month but damn TOM still hasn't show up and it's been 35 days. I went off BCP 3 months ago and my past 2 cycles wer 28 and 30 days so this is frustrating. I am not PG, I checked and not possible anyway. So now I am waiting impatiently for TOM to arrive. Sorry for the TMI but that is my life right now.

I am working at home and leaving half day for Charlotte, NC for anothe wedding. this is number 5 so far this summer. I am looking forward to it though becasue it is a cousin and I get to see lots of family from Lousiana which I love to do! :)

I got up early b/c of the TOM thing so I worked from 6:30-8:45 already! I figure at this rate, we can get an early start on our trip. DH is mowing now and then we will eah shower. I will finish up my work and we will run 2 errands before getting on the road. It is a 7 hour trip so I don't want to leave after noon.

Kim - Good luck on surgery. I am sure that you will be fine.

Belle - How did it go with bf?

Lori - congratulations on becoming a real Doctor!!!

Kay - Way to go on making Lifetime. YEAH for you!!! :)

Ali- 100 pound, that is super! You must be very psyched!

Trish - don't worry about the weight gain. I am sure that you are right on target with the baby.

Ok, I best be off. Have a great weekend everyone. Hi to the newbies!!!


P.S. Home scale still looks good :)

Janet R
08-17-2001, 10:33 AM
Sarah, TTC is fun! :lol: Don't stress yourself out about it, 'kay? 5 weddings in one summer is a lot of gift giving! So I have a question to put out there for all of you. Where you are from, how much is a customary wedding gift? Where we are from things are really pricey. For someone you don't know too well, it's customary to give $100 per person attending the wedding.. So when DH and I attend a wedding it costs us $200. Because of this, I hate getting wedding invitations! LOL

Ok, back to work!

08-17-2001, 10:50 AM
HI everyone. Feeling a little better today. I got a raise, just not as big as I was "told" it would be. Oh well. I am the one management person that kind of gets kicked aside when it comes to that, even tho I do A LOT of work.. and get commended for it! Doesn't make sense to me!

I walked poor Sadie this morning, she practically broke the door down she was so excited. Hubby and I are going to the gym at lunch.

Janet... YAH on the treadmill, a little goes a long way! Keep it up!!! OH and if I don't know the person (remember I am in WI), we give about $30-40 gift from the registry if they have one. As for knowing the person, it depends on how well I know them and how well I like them.... my brother I think I spent $100, my friend I spent about $60. I know it is much less than you, but NY is much more ritzy than WI.

Rhubarb (rina??)... You are an MT??? Come on over any time! I have a gift cert for a masage and facial from hubby... haven't made it there yet. I had one the day before my wedding... an hour long... and I fell asleep it felt so good!

Hunter.... yah on the loss!!!

Sarah... TTC is great... we went nuts just because!!... and it worked!

Back to work!

08-17-2001, 10:54 AM
hi everyone! I am so glad its Friday. I really hate this job, so Fridays are a big relief for me. I think I might be going back to my college town this weekend. Sorority Rush is coming up and they always invite the alums back the weekend before to watch the skits. I haven't been since I graduated three years ago, so I think I should go now. It'll be fun to see how the chapter and the house has changed. Thanks for all of the congtats! I had my phone interview for leader last night so I'm crossing my fingers that it went well. If not, at least they still want me to be a receptionist.

Hunter ~ Way to go on the loss! That is a great feeling isn't it?

Janet ~ at least you exercised. It has been weeks since I have worked out. All of the stress about my job had totally thrown me off. I'm going to try harder this week because I know I'll feel better. As far as wedding gifts go, me and my DH usually spend the same as you. Shower gifts are usually around $60 total. For wedding gifts, I like to give the happy couple a set of their formal china and a set of crystal which usually comes up to $200.

Sarah ~ 5 weddings is a lot! Me and DH have been to 2 this summer and have one more. Its not over yet though. It seems like every week another friend gets engaged. Have fun TTC! DH and I are still trying to decide if we're ready. So far the charting is going well so hopefully we'll be able to get preggers easily. Some days I really want to start the family and others I'm not so sure. It seems like when kiddos come around your life automatically goes into fast forward which scares me a bit. On the other hand, I have had a rewarding career so far (not the current job but overall rewarding), I have my degree, and DH and I have been together 5 years so I think the timing is good now. I really want my parents to be able to enjoy my kids before they are older. Maybe God will make the decision for us :)

Well I am off! Take care everyone!

Trish O
08-17-2001, 10:55 AM
Hello all. Well, I am really trying to journal today. I need to do a better job of taking control of what I am eating. Of course, last night I did not do well. I had so much trouble sleeping that I got up and then was soooo hungry. So I ate a bananna and a little cereal. But then I HAD to have a pickle and cheese sandwich (I think that is what I wanted in the first place) so I had that too. I am all about bread and butter pickle chips right now.

Sarah: TTC IS fun. Don't stress. I bet the TTC stress is why you are late. It happened to me too. I was also very stressed about taking my temp too. I have a friend who gets so stressed over the temps that she said forget it and they just "TTC" every other day. They have kids, so it worked for them in the past. Anyway, have fun.

Janet: good job on the tredmill. The exercise points are great! and you can work the rest of the over points off a little every day. On the wedding issue, I don't usually give cash as a gift. Plus, and remember this is me, I don't feel that I have to give a set amount. I am not out to pay for this person's wedding. If they want an expensive wedding that is there business. And I would never have expected someone to give me an expensive gift or not come. Really, no gift was fine for our wedding (my hubby did not even want any. He did not want to price any of his relatives out.) just come share our day. I try to give a gift that reflects them (at a place they can return it) and go from there. Hunter: GOod job on the weight down.

Jen: GREAT JOB on giving them #@&@*^! I hate people with poor customer service.

Hello to everyone else.


Trish O
08-17-2001, 12:17 PM
I am tired today and need to read yourall posts to wake me up. Come on out...

Kay: I am sure you did great on your leader interview!!! Working at WW will be great!

Jen: Congratulations on your raise!!!! I am sure Sadie had fun walking! My dog is getting a bath tonight so she will be in a bad mood. I think I will take her for a long walk before we go.

Ok, come out and play!!!


08-17-2001, 12:22 PM
I am suffereing bad from TOM this month -cramps are unbearable, so bad even walking is painful - plus its 33C here today, and has been 30C or more all week, its too much! I am exhausted. I am going home after work for a nap....me and my couch, mmmmmm.....I have had a very heavy flow (TMI I know) as well, which is tiring me I think.

Things with B/f (yes, I took him back) are very good. I am totally in control and have him on his knees :lol: Well, that is sort of true. Since he feels horrible and should for that matter. I am taking it very slow and doing only what feels right for me. Its nice to pay that much attention to my own needs for a change.

Other than that, busy preparing for my sister's 30 bday - lots of work - making a mixed CD"Julie: 30 years in teh Making." and decorating her bedroom before she comes home off vacation. Me and my other sister are very busy.

well, I want to reply to you all but I have a meeting so it'll have to be this afternoon, I hope some of you are still around.

If not, then have a great OP day and weekend adn see you all next week. reAlly must get internet at home!


08-17-2001, 12:47 PM
Yipee!! I'm so thankful this day has come!
About wedding gifts, I feel that the dollar amount doesn't matter. What does matter is when someone buys you something "similar" to what you registered for, but not really anything like it!! Yes, I'm bitter. I really enjoy the special gifts, but we had a registry for a reason. I just ended up with several fancy serving bowls which don't match anything I have and I have no clue where they came from. You know? As far as prices go, we had such a variety of ranges. One couple bought us a Waterford Crystal Cross from Dillards. It's GORGEOUS!! I almost didn't register for it, but the lady said, if you don't ask, you don't get. I really didn't think we'd get something so pricey! Then we had some friends that gave us several gifts. I, myself, am like Jen...$30 if I don't know you really well and more depending on how close we are. Janet, I should've invited you to our wedding!! :lol:
Well, hi to everyone else and I really have to get back to work!
Belle, what is the difference from celcius to farenheit? It's 95 degrees farenheit today and I'll take that over what we've been having!!
Bye for now!

08-17-2001, 12:52 PM
I just figured out that 30C is about 86F. Is it really humid there, Belle? I would bask in that temperature, but I really do not enjoy cold weather!! I would be comfortable but wouldn't wear shorts in 70F which is about 21C. There is a website that will convert the temps for you. Pretty cool!
Ok, back to work now!

08-17-2001, 12:53 PM
TRISH... WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like that yesterday. In fact, I was typing and then reading my stuff and I drifted off. It was bad. I had to buy a full strength Coke to get me going!!

Stacey... I had TONS of cheap gifts that I didn't want or need. I mean like $5-$10 gifts. Hubby's realatives are from the sticks and very cheap. Their gifts were cheaper than the dinner price per person. I had to sell some of then at the garage sale because they have sat in the basement unopened for 2 1/2 years. Also, few people used the registry and that made me mad too!

Going to gym in about 30 minutes with hubby! I like getting in shape.... maybe just maybe the bikini I have for vacation will look decent!

08-17-2001, 12:56 PM
YES its super humid here. Its usually dry as anything, but lately, just dripping humidity. We aren't used to that. I wear shorts in 20C and up.....I brought shorts to change into for the walk home b/c it gets too hot!

UGH more cramps! What can I do?? I am dying here!!!


08-17-2001, 12:58 PM
Belle... Midol!!! And no caffeine. Or Aleve/Advil type of drug. Those always work for me.

08-17-2001, 01:36 PM
Hi all! Yay I got on here a little earlier today. Of course I was hoping I wouldn't have time to be on here since we're supposed to be headed camping. Last night about 11 our friends who are driving us there said they didn't have anything ready, not even laundry done, so it looks like we won't be heading out for another four hours or so! :( I wanted to be there by now. Oh well. At least we got to sleep in. My friend had to work until 9 last night so I can see shy she's not ready but I want to know why her fiance couldn't have done stuff to get ready. He gets home from work at 5 in the afternoon! He's one of those guys that won't do any housework etc unless he absolutely has to! Not very fair I don't think. It makes me think about how lucky I am that my sweetie helps out so much -yay!

So I didn't do so well last night. I was so busy getting stuff ready that I didn't eat any supper. Then about 8 I realized I was starving. I looked around for something quick cuz I get the shakes really bad when I go to long. Anyway there wasn't anything that didn't require an hour to make or turning the oven on & it was too hot for that (34 C). So I decided to order something in. Of course I didn't ahve any cash so I couldn't order from my favorite place the Pita Pit, which would've been healthy. So I ordered some pasta and some pizza bread. I ordered a full order without thinking about it, then I ate the whole thing without flinching and it was with a creamy sauce ! Then I ate the whole thing of bread sticks and when the delivery guy got here he gave me an extra appetizer for free cuz it was odered by mistak by someone else. So then I ate that too! I was like an eating machine :( Good thing today is a new day!

On the wedding topic, we had five weddings to go to this summer too. None of them were any closer than three hours away and we don't have a car so we had to rent one every time :( The one wedding where my fiance was a best man we spent 900 (!) to go there and back, with hotel room, tux, etc. and for that wedding we even went in with a bunch of people and only paid about 35 for the gift. It was horrible. I am all wedding'd out. We were supposed to go to another one tomorrow but we aren't going. Its ok with my friend and they aren't having a supper or anything so its not like they lose money if we don't come. On average we spend b/t $40-60. That's about average in Saskatchewan. For our wedding I don't want people to spend a whole schwack of money. I mean we need lots of stuff but it doesn't really matter. I like it when people go to together and pool their money so then you get a big gift and they probably didn't have to spend as much as they would've if they were buying one alone. We know for sure that one side of my fiance's family is buying us a TV because ours is so ancient and hardly works properly. Its circa 1971! Older than me! They won't have to contribute that much each either because he has 11 sets of uncles & aunts on that one side. And we know that his other side is going in together to get us a little apartment size deep freeze. That will be so handy :) I really don't want people to have to spend a ton to come either. We wanted to get married at the beach but that's just not possible so instead we're having an ocean/beach themed wedding and so we're telling everyone that its summerwear-casual. Hopefully they can all just wear something out of their closets and not have to spend a whole lot on their outfit. Speaking of our theme here's a question to ponder-what should the men in our bridal party wear? The women are going to wear sundresses. They guys want to be casual and fit in with the theme but still stand out from the crowd and at the same time not be tacky. They had thought of hawaiian shirts with linen shorts with a linen vest but my future MIL thinks that is "too different" from normal. (She's really conservative) I don't know if I like it for sure either- it might be a little tacky?? So if any out there had great ideas I'm open :) I told them that if all else fails we'll get them some lovely speedos! Eww! Can you imagine how horrible that would be? yuck :(

Jen go get your massage! I get one every week :) I have to in order to help keep my body in shape for work. But even if I didn't I would still go every two weeks just for maintenance. People always think that its just for relaxation or to help their muscles but there are so many more benegits, especially with regard to the circulatory and immune systems. It also helps aid digestion which for me is a big bonus :) Anyway I could go on & on here because this is something I'm passionate about but I won't bore you all.

Belle I'm with you I weat shorts at least at 20C if not 15C. Its humid here too. The past few days its been too hot:( Is that conversion right? My Mom always told me that 60F was the same as 20C?? I thought she should know because she was part of the generation that had used F for awhile. I don't know. As for cramps go get a cold pack and put it on for ten minutes at a time with at least ten minutes b/t applications. I know everyone alsways says use heat but that's backwards because heat actually increases congestion and typicaly causes more discomfort before it gives any relief. The coolness causes the blood vessels to shrink in size, chasing out nasty congestion & bonus part is that cold is a natural analgesic (pain reliever). Don't put the cold pack right against your skin, make sure you wrap it in a towel or something. I hate TOM! I have it right now and am going camping :( I hope it doesn't suck too much. Hope you feel better.

Everyone else take care and have a great weekend!


08-17-2001, 01:37 PM
Wow that was a long message! Sorry everyone! I am a babbler by nature :lol: Take care!

08-17-2001, 01:41 PM
Good morning ladies!

Just wanted to let you know I didn't drop off the face of the earth!! My son has been very sick with a terrible virus, and has been hospitalized, so I have been out of commission with my weight and this board! But I hope to have a chance to post later this afternoon or Monday, depends if I get my work done here!

I hope everyone is doing well! My treadmill comes in this weekend!


08-17-2001, 02:04 PM
Tonya: Hope your son is OK!!
Rina: I don't know if that conversion is right or not. Sounds kind of funky to me! I thought 32F is 0C, but then is it degree for degree from there? It's supposed to be in the low 90's this week, but with 100% humidity, I'd rather stick my face in a freezer than go outside!! YUCK!
Getting back to work,

08-17-2001, 04:40 PM
I have a bit more work to do then I get to go home! yea!
Tonya~ Hope your son is better. Take care!
Rina ~ Don't worry about the long message. we all do that here :)
Your wedding sounds so fun. I love the beach themed weddings because it gives you so much freedom. As far as attire for the men in the wedding party, I saw a beach wedding where the guys wore kacki (sp?) pants and a button up shirt that coordinated with the girls dresses. It looked really good, their pants were the light tan and the shirts were a sage green. It also looked conservative enough for a wedding. You can even decorate with sea shells, sand, and mini lighthouses. Have fun!
Well I have to get back to work!

08-17-2001, 04:49 PM
We were thinking about getting married on halloween because it was a saturday... then we could dress funky. But we didn't because the families would have freaked. Instead we had a very traditional wedding the weekend after halloween.

Tonya... Let us know how your son is doing!! My thoughts are with you!

Stacey... I vaguely remember from HS science that there is a conversion formula for Farenheit and Celecius... but I don't remember it. It is way too confusing for me and I wish everyone used the same standards!!! The US is just too stubborn to convert to Metric, even tho I think it makes more sense!!

Rina... We all get chatty... I do it all the time!!

OK... I am searching for stuff to keep me occupied this Friday afternoon because I just wanna go home!!!

08-17-2001, 04:58 PM
Hi all! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I was in Orlando for a few days for work, and then since I have been back, things have been way too crazy to post.

I am so glad it is Friday and am looking forward to the weekend. I am going to see John Mellencamp in concert tomorrow night. I have seen him a few times before and it is always a lot of fun. The only problem is it is outdoors and they are calling for rain. Guess I'll just put on a poncho and not let the rain spoil my good time!!

Once I catch up on all of the posts I will try to respond to all of you! Have a great weekend!


08-17-2001, 05:32 PM
Anyone know how many points a small reuben sandwich is? I am figuring 10 points. No condiments but mustard....?

If not, I'll just count as 10, it sounds high enough (gasp!)

Halloween would be a blast to get married, but a beach thing is cool too! I never thought of "themed" weddings. I'd just have a big party I think!

well, gotta run....


08-17-2001, 05:48 PM
Belle, my list says one is 17 points. But I think that would include sauce. Plus, was the bread greasy like it was fried in butter or soaked in something... that will increase the points.

08-17-2001, 06:01 PM
Hummmm it seems so strange that there are others in the same position that I am and that they really do care about eachother!! I am very inpressed! I guess I knew that I was not the only person who needed to lose a few pounds but I didnt think that many people talked about it!!
I have not done so hot since wi on tuesday seems like I know what I have to do but my mind is saying hey give yourself a break!!! I have to buckle down now it is going to be hard to loose the rest I am afraid!
So what does everyone do for employment?
I work at a hospital full time and will be attending school full time in the winter for Nursing,Kinda excited about that but mostly excited because I get to cut down on work!!!!My bf is willing to pretty much support me through school!! He is wonderfull !! well dont want to bore ya all!!!! Later!!!!!!;) :) :cool:

08-17-2001, 06:18 PM
Wow 17 points. I asked for no butter/condiments, it only had mustard, cheese, meat and saurkraut on it. No frying at all, just multigrained bread. It was smaller than my hand, about palm-size. Maybe more like 13??

Hunter - yup we are lucky to have found this site to get so much support! sounds like your b/f is a doll!!

WEll, gotta run....

Have a good weekend girls, I'll be working overtime tonite (booh, on a friday night) and going for a run after work. Exciting life.

Tomorrow....LES MISERABLES!!! Iam v. excited!!


08-17-2001, 06:43 PM
Belle... I think corned beef is higher in points. I was going to get one yesterday and I think Dottis site said 17... I was like WOWWWW!!! So I got a really yummy chicken breast on sourdough for 7... or was is 6.5???