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05-24-2006, 12:27 AM
I've gotten lazy with my South Beach Diet the past few weeks and gained back a couple of the pounds I lost. :shy: I'm getting back on track and have exercised every day for the past four days, either walking on my treadmill or doing my "Walk Away the Pounds" tape. I am REALLY unhappy with my abdomen and want to target that area first. I'm 55 pounds overweight and had a "roll" for a while, but in the past year or two I've developed a SECOND roll between my boobs and the original roll. :wtf: It's so frustrating because I weigh less now than I did last year, and the roll just won't shrink! I researched workout tapes over the past few days and ordered these two:

Crunch Super Slim Down Pilates Yoga Blend- Ellen Barrett
Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout for Beginners: Tahitian Cardio

These are quite different from anything I've done before, but they sound like they'll tone the abdomen without having to do floor exercises. I never do floor exercises right and end up with a stiff neck afterwards. The dance one is especially different for me- I would like to dance, but feel very self conconcious when I do. I'm hoping this will make me more confident in addition to any weight loss and toning benefits I get out of it. Anyone heard of or tried either workout?