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Karen L
05-19-2006, 11:36 PM
Thought I'd start a new thread. Almost forgot how!

Today I did a whole lot of nothing. Now yesterday was the day I decided to finally clean up the mess around the palm tree in our yard. :dizzy: There was lots of weeds and I needed to pull up the white rocks and plastic that was around the tree. What a mess.:eek: DH also was helping me . He was the one digging out the bricks that were stuck down in the ground and I'm sure had been there for 20 years. Any way Now the tree looks better. I'll be planting grass around the thing tomorrow. It took me a while to get around to doing that job. Was going to plant flowers out there but talked myself out of it. I love to look at them but hate the work that goes into it. I have flowers in pots in the carport. You have to water alot but at least the weeds don't take over like they do on the ground. Have one more spot to clean up in the yard. It is around back in a the corner behind the laundry room. But if the weather doesn't cool off for a few days then it will wait until fall.We'll just keep weedwacking it down until then.

Well I was down a whole -.4 this week but that is how it has been going big , tiny ,big, then tiny again. So as long as there in minus in front of the number then i'll just go along happy to have a loss.

We did go out for a while today. Just out bumming around. An excuse to eat lunch out I think. We went to Crispen's very good food. Ann Have you been there? I had the broccolli cheese soup and salad. The soup was to die for and the salad was crisp and delish! Went to Dotti's to check out the point's after I got home and Didn't do too bad I spent 10 points ,7 was just on the soup but well worth it. DH is always much better than me ,he spent a whole 7 points.

Gloria I'm glad it finally stopped raining. Boy the north east really caught it this time.

Ann Did you get a nasty surprise on your home owers insurance? We did and we'll have to go with citizens now. That means an increase from $350.00 to a $1000.00 a year. ouch!!!! Have thought about flying by the seat of our pants but smarter just to pay it and be glad of it.

About the gators. I got a phone call from DD the other morning. When I answered she said "Oh good you didn't get eaten by an alligator"! We have had several removed from the park lately. But I figure if I stay away from them they will stay away from me. I am very watchful when I'm around the water. However I don't think the lady who had one knocking at her door asked for it.

Well guess it's time for bed so see you all later.


05-20-2006, 03:03 PM
Hi Everybody...I just got caught up on all the news on the board. I know Trudy posted that my David died and also a little bit about his "Celebration of Life" service.
David and I had talked about what we would like when we passed away. We didn't discuss it in great detail but both of us decided we would want to be cremated. Years ago I did not think I would like to do that but then as I got older I changed my mind.
David got sick on Sunday evening, May 7th, and on Monday, May 8th, my son and I decided it was time to call an ambulance and have him taken to the hospital. We got to the hospital at 7:30 in the morning and they told us that David was very very sick. Somehow I thought they would give him another blood transfusion or something, keep him overnight and then I would be taking him back home. I even packed p.j.'s and his tooth brush etc. I had tried to take his temperture Sunday night but he was breathing through his mouth and would not keep the thermometer in his mouth but I knew he had a fever...... but he would not agree to me calling an ambulance on Sunday night. When we did get to the hospital his temperature was 104 and that was AFTER I had given him a couple of Tylenol at home. He just begged me to take him back home. He asked, over and over again, "please take me home, please take me home". I promised him that as soon as he was feeling a little bit better I would. They gave him oxygen but he kept pulling off the mask, saying he couldn't breathe and I guess he felt that the mask was somehow making it harder for him, rather then easier. They couldn't find a vein to start an IV. All of his veins had collasped and they said they would have put in a port in his neck and that it would take about an hour. He had been sick to his stomach and when I held the bowl for him I guess I didn't do a good job because it was all over me, and I knew he was bringing up blood and things were not good. They asked my son, dil and I to leave while they got the port inserted into the vein at his neck and that we could come back later. They said it would take about an hour.
I kissed him and told him how much I loved him as did our son and dil and that we would be back in shortly to see him. I don't live far from the hospital so my son brought me home and I changed my clothes and we went back. A short while later they told us that David had been moved from emergency to ICU and we could go in and see him. They said ,they had to put a tube done his throat and he was hooked up to a respirator and sedated and we shouldn't talk to him because he would likely recognize our voices and he had been fighting all the time they were trying to get the tube in place. We went in, and sat quietly by him and I noticed they had tied his wrists to the sides of bed and asked if they could untie him now, they did. I asked the attending doctor if David was just heavily sedated or was he in a coma. The doctor said, that he was likely not in coma. I asked if I could talk to him now and would he hear me. The doctor just said that we should assume that he could hear us. I held his hand so tight and begged him to squeeze my hand back, but he never did, all the time I held it. My son went and got our grandson and the little Princess, my brother and SIL arrived and our dear friends from the lake and one of their son's who is David's Godchild. Our son allowed our grandson to come into the room to say goodbye to his Papa and then took him out of the room. We decided our granddaughter was too young and seeing her Papa like that would not be good. for her as she has lots of bad dreams, so she stayed in the waiting room with a family friend looking after her. Her last memory of him was the Friday before when he picked her up from school and took her to lunch. That evening, my David passed away. I know exactly when his spirit left his body. His eyes were open a little bit, and as I was looking into them, and talking to him, it was like a veil had dropped over them. Our son looked at the clock, and noted it was 8:15pm. Our grandson had said that his Papa would not die because he had prayed to God and was very upset that God had not "listened to him". We tried to console him, but it will take time. He comes here to see me almost every day after school. Our granddaughter is handling his death a little better but her school called a couple of days after he had died that she was crying so hard for her Papa that dil had to pick her up and then she wanted to come here and be with me. I cozied her up in a blanket and laid down beside her and told her to tell me all the wonderful things that she remembers about her Papa and to know that he is in heaven and watching over her and will forever.
The service we had for David was truly a "Celebration of his life". Prior to the service we had a private ceremony with just the immediate family and went to the Columbarium where I had bought a place indoors for the urn that contained David's ashes on one half and will one day contain mine in the other half. We each placed a little remembrance into the space by the urn. Our grandson had played golf and never lost the ball, came home and washed it and wrote on it, "I Love you Papa". He had played that game of golf in his Papa's new golf shoes that David never got to wear. David only wore a size 8 shoe and so does our 12 year grandson. He also put in the stub to the last hockey game that David took him to. Our granddaughter put in a card that she had written ,I love you Papa and then she put lipsitck on and kissed the card because she said she always kissed her Papa when she saw him, and he would miss that. Our son had the card sealed in that heavy plastic. My DIL put in a shell lei that she got this year in Maui, and our son put in the key to the new boat that David had bought them (which he had only seen briefly before our son hauled it to the lake) and I put in a small picture of David and I on our 25th anniversary with a short love letter that I tucked into the back of the frame. Who know's, maybe someday, some ancestor of mine will think to look there. I also put in a medal that I had given him when he first got sick that said "you will never be alone", and he carried it with his change in his pocket always.
The limo then took us to the furneral home where the service was held in the large chapel. My son and I had arranged for Hawaiian flowers to be placed by a large picture of David and a candle lit that had sea shells in it. If we all go back to Maui this winter we will buy flower leis and throw them into the ocean as the Hawaiians do in rememberance of David. As Trudy said, there were about 550 people (the chapel seated 500, and others had to stand). Our son gave the eulogy and it was wonderful. I am so proud of him. It was very difficult for him to do, but he managed. Our grandson played his clarinet. He said, he calls the song "MAUI" and he dedicated it to his Papa and then spoke a few words about his grandfather. Our granddaughter spoke next, and then our DIL. Our son had put together a video tribute which was very moving. My friends brother, played the guitar and sang three songs, one was, "Hey God", Amazing Grace" and I forget the third one. David always loved to hear Ross play the guitar and sing and his favorite while sitting around a fire at the lake was when Ross sang, "She was a great big mother of a bear". I told Ross if it would have been appropriate I would have had him do that song. At the end of Amazing Grace, he looked right at me, and very very quietly whistled the first few bars to the bear song. I wonder how many of the people noticed? Did you Trudy???
After the service we had a lovely lunch which was served in the dinning room and I got to talk to several of the people, certainly not all of them. Later family and few friends came back here and when they left I really knew then I was alone and my David was not going to come home.
I thank God for my family, and good friends like all you gals and Trudy, and several other's, who with their help I will manage but I sure do miss my David and I know my life has now changed forever.

Karen L
05-21-2006, 04:26 PM
Slavika it is so good to see you on the board. Thank you for telling us about David last hours and the celebration of his life. It sounded beautiful and it's good that you and David talked about what he wanted . Your Gandchrildren are very brave to go back to school so soon. My brothers girls didn't go for maybe 10 days. Their mother brought home their school work.

I'm sorry you were left alone. That was the thing my mother feared the most. She remembered my grandmother saying that people were with her until after the funeral and then every one left and she felt so alone. So there were enough of us so Mom was not alone.

Life will be different for you now but know we are here even in the dark of night. You can come here and tell us your feelings or just vent and be mad.


05-21-2006, 05:10 PM
Slavika it is nice to have you back on the board. You have weathered a very difficult time and you will always have your memories of David. Your son, dil & grandchildren will be great treasures for you. As Karen said, always remember we are here on the board day or night to chat, bolster or just listen to a gripe.

David's Celebration of Life sounded just beautiful and your granson will always remember his Papa and speaking at the service.


05-22-2006, 05:20 PM
Slavika it is good to have you back here. Thank you so much for sharing David's last day and the Celebration of his Life. He was a very special man, husband, father, grandfather and friend. I wish I could have known him. I hope the kids are doing better. It is nice that they can come to you and you can share memories. I love the idea of throwing a lei in Maui next year. Hugs to you.

Ann I hope your ankle is doing better. I can't imagine you, the little energizer bunny, sitting around too much.

Trudy glad that that you dh was diagnosed with something that you can work with. That is big relief.

Gloria don't you just love the sunny days? We had about the same amount of rainy days that you had. I didn't think it would ever end. It finally did and I enjoy the sun even if it is a little chilly.

The last big storm came through last Weds night. I awoke to a thundering wind. It sounded a little like a train. I looked out back and the trees were blowing like crazy. For some reason I went to the front and looked out and the top of the huge oak was laying in the front yard. It just missed the house, wires and the lightpost. If my car had been out it would have been toast. We heard a firetruck come and check it out but since it wasn't on the roof they left. Dh rented a chainsaw the next day and started working on it. He rented a chipper shredder which quit on him. We lucked out the next day when the county came by. They are allowed to clear anything on the sidewalk but not come in your yard. So we hauled what was left to the sidewalk and they cleared it. It was originally there anyway. The weatherman said it was a wind shear but I think it was a little tornado. So many trees around here were knocked over or blown apart. This is one time the siren didn't come on. It blows any other time. Go figure.

Only a week left of school.

05-23-2006, 12:44 PM
OHMIGOSH! I lost a brilliant, well-thought out, best message I have ever written. I am too tired to try to recreate. But just know that I am thinking about you all.

05-23-2006, 08:10 PM
Just a short note....it is 7PM and I am ready to hit the hay. I have some sort of chest cold. I have been coughing my head off for 4 days and today I went to the DR. She gave me some AM cough meds and a prescription for a night time cough suppressent. I do hope this works. I am so tired of coughing and my head aches and my chest and back. She said if it kept up for another 4 days I was to fill the antibotic prescription that she also gave me.
I have no idea where I picked this up but I really shouldn't complain as it has been a long time since I was sick.
Hi to everyone and I will be back when I can keep my eyes open for a longer period of time.


05-23-2006, 10:07 PM
this is just to test if the board has accepted my password etc.


05-23-2006, 10:43 PM
G'day everyone,
We are back in Derby after spending sometime at Cape Leveque and Middle Lagoon.
Before I tell you what is happening with us, I have to say it was good to see Slavika on the boards, you are an amazing woman and I am pleased that you have had so much support from your family and friends.
As someone else said, we are always here for support as well.
Good to read everyone elses posts as well and I noted that Karen is setting a great example with her weight loss!
I have had more than enough of this tropical climate, it is just so hot...30 degrees by 10 am and climbing...'cools' to about 25 degrees overnight.
The most amazing thing happened and I must tell you.....
Middle Lagoon is a camping place on the most magnificent lagoon and it is run by an aboriginal couple. The whole place is pretty run down other than the actual nature of course. We thought the toilet blocks etc may be cleaned every leap year!!!!
When we got there, an old bloke (white) was in the 'office', we asked for a campsite and he suggested a couple and the ones we suggested he would not recommend because the aboriginal lady gets on the booze and might start wailing in the middle of the night and disturb us.
The old fellow said he was a bit of a wanderer and comes here a few months of the year to do odd jobs in return for free camping. I thought he was well into his seventies and would not have been surprised if he had said he was 83 when I asked how old he was...he was 63!!
I could not believe it, he had no teeth and just looked very old. We went to our campsite and set up whilst this old bloke said on the verandah in a rocking chair.
After dinner we went to bed, there were all sorts of noises and I did not sleep well. Around 3am I woke up with a start because of a shed door banging in the breeze. I then had this thought that this old bloke could be someone like Norman Bates (PSHYCO) and that he could easily creep up and stab us both throught the canvas where our heads were!
Of course all quite ridiculous but it took me a long time to get back to sleep.
In the morning I was telling dh and he just looked stunned because he had dreamt the exact same thing!!!!! How creepy was that!
Last night we got back to Derby and this afternoon we will do a flight to the horizontal waterfalls, supposed to be very spectacular.
Tomorrow we leave here and we will go on the Gibb River road (http://www.exploroz.com/TrekNotes/Kimberley/Gibb_River_Road.asp) it is supposed to be quite spectacular. Here is hoping because the heat and the mozzies are really getting to me.
We have now been on the road for 24 days, it will definitly not be 3 months unless there are some big changes in the weather (highly unlikely) or the mozzies, sandflies, midgees and normal flies also take a holiday.
I do quite a bit of the driving and I often think of you all, of course Slavika in particular has been on my mind a lot.
I am looking forward to planning our America trip but if it will be for 3 months I am not so sure now, it is a very long time.
Cannot wait to share some of the spectacular photos we have taken. We have learnt a lot about our camera but viewing the results is a little difficult on my laptop and in the bright sunlight.
Take care all....till next time...

05-24-2006, 03:22 PM
Maria, I am glad you got on the board and shared your experiences. You two are so very brave. I am not always familiar with your words. What are mozzies and midgees? I have a feeling they are mosquitos and other pests. When you go to the Gibb River road, is it supposed to be cooler? The horizontal falls kind of look like rapids to me. Maria, I am so impressed with you two. Are you missing Matilda drastically?

Slavika, I wrote this all out yesterday and lost it. I am so glad you shared your DH's last two days and the Celebration of Life. I was surprised to find that the Princess was having a bit of an easier time than the Prince, but they have you to guide them through this quagmire of grief. Broke my heart when he said "God didn't listen." I know how that feels. Memories will eventually ease the grief, but his memory will keep bobbing to the surface their whole lives. You have been blessed with such a wonderful close family. And you are a blessing to them. I couldn't believe you had 550 people. I probably don't know 550 people. I hope you are eating. Please let us know if you need to talk. This is such a strange vehicle for communication because in some ways we know each other very well and in others, not that well. I just know that my heart is engaged with each of you.

Ann, glad the ankle is doing better. It is awful when you can't move. Retire from the church musical director? Am I "hearing" right?

Peggy, thank goodness for "near misses". That had to be weird to think about what could easily have been. I hate tornadoes and the damage they can do--even wind sheer.

Florida girls, I hadn't heard about the gators. Please be careful. Karen, when you are digging around, make sure you don't pull up anything that moves.


05-24-2006, 08:16 PM
Maria I feel like I am seeing the world vicariously through your travels. The two of you are very adventerous. We travelled more when we were younger, now I can travel for about 2 hours, then I need to get out of the vehicle for a while. Needless to say, it does take us a long time to get anywhere. It is 6 hours to Minneapolis Minn from my house and it takes us 2 days, we have to stop 1/2 way and rest. I think we all are looking forward to your pictures. Australia is so beautiful, I hope your North America trip won't be a disappointment to you. I know my city doesn't stack up to what you have seen.
Those temperatures would be way to hot for me.
That creepy old bloke (we would call him a geezer) made me think of a Stephen King novel. Strange that the both of you dreamt the same thing.... hummmm, was it a dream?
I too am curious as to how much you are missing Matilda.
Glenda I am sure the Mozzies are mosquitoes and the midges would be those tiny flies that bite and leave little marks on your body. We have midges up north, or in the dense bush.
Gloria Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Could you have allergies that would make that cough really bad and hard to shake? Cough suppressant doesn't work for me. My remedy is a glass of warm milk with a bit of butter added to coat the throat... and my extreme cough cure is a Tbsp. of straight Crown Royal, that seems to quiet the cough at night. :lol: I can imagine what you gals are thinking of me right now... swigging a mouthfull of whiskey in the am.
Peggy I think you asked me about nut allergies... my little :angel: is allergic to peanuts so she is supposed to stay away from all tree nuts until she is 5 years old and then she will be tested again. About 20% of children outgrow this and hopefully she will be in that small group. Try to find a bakery that doesn't have nuts in the facility.
Ann and Karen rarely a day goes by without an article in the newspaper about some alligator doing something to someone in Florida. The reason is because of the high influx of people moving to Florida and the housing boom in the everglades, the alligators have no where to go. Did you hear the same thing?
I saw Slavika yesterday and she is really doing well. Her family is just great. Right now her grandson is over and they are doing a puzzle. She has a great tip for all of you gals with toe rings and who have trouble getting that little ring on and off. She told me to put some WINDEX on the toe first and that little ring just slides right off. I was skeptical, but I am a believer now. I can only wear my ring with sandals, any kind of a shoe bugs me so I am always taking it off and on.

bye for now.

Karen L
05-24-2006, 08:56 PM
Trudy I don't think they have rally figured out what is going on It is mating season and they do become aggressive. also I think it has a lot to do with the no rain factor for around here. There is rain going on elsewhere in Florida but not where i live. we get maybe a drop or two.

I'm glad Slavika is doing well. it's good she has a close family.

Ann I thought the Earthquake sulution was great!


05-25-2006, 01:01 PM
good Morning Everyone;

Slavika: So glad to hear from you here, and thank you so much for sharing with us. I felt so sad when you told us that your GS was disappointed because God didn't hear his prayer. I' m sure you had a good explanation for him that would be satisfactory and not harm the wonderful faith that kids have. And what nice memories for your GD to be wrapped up with you and sharing memories. I am so glad for all of us that we have this special circle of friends where we can share so much. and care so much.

Karen: Way to go with the continuous minus signs. I wish I could say the same. If there was ever proof that exercise keeps the weight off - I'm it. Since I haven't been able to do my daily walking and going to Curves, I've been going up - just plus signs. But now I am happy to say that I am getting back to it little by little. They took a big alligator out of our lake. But this year we haven't had any wanderers. Sounds like your yard is going to be 'slick'. I had to replace some plants out front, as the ones I had were very tasty to the rabbits, and they just left sticks. Hope they don't like the new plants. So far we haven't received any notice about our insurance. We wwent with Tower Hill, soon after the 3 storms were over. I hope we can continue with them. There are a lot of people in our park that have had to go with Citizens. There was a big piece in our paper about that, saying it was never meant to be a program so large, and probably there will have to be some changes made to it.

Gloria: So sorry that you are not feeling well. Hard coughing is really tough. It makes one hurt all over. I can surely sympathize. Glad you are now having some sunshine. HOpe the cough goes away soon.

Peggy: Scary 'train' in the night and trees blown over. Glad your house was not touched. When we lived up north we had something like that, but our house was spared. It was a wind that bounced from place to place. They called it a Microburst. I say, whatever they call it, it is not good. You will be glad when school is out. Here in Fl. the schools are closed now. I think this past Tues. was the last day. But then they start really early in the fall.

Trudy: We too travel and stop every two hours, and that is reason number ?? why we are not driving North this summer. Just too long a trip. It is so good that you are there for Slavika. Hope your DH is feeling better now.

Maria: I agree with all the gals that you two are very brave. The scenery you are seeing must be magnificent. My trouble is that I don't like high places. I'm not a good mountain traveler. I don't like to drive on roads where there is nothing between us and a big drop-over. The horizontal falls look very blue and beautiful. It does make me think or rapids and river pools. Is there much of a drop from the start to the end of the area? I too am wondering if you are having Matilda withdrawal. I bet she sure will be glad to see you when you get home. I too am thinking about all the bugs that are biting you. Up north we also had black flies and deer flies, and they would take a chunk right out when they bit.

Glenda: I can sympathize with you in losing a nice post. I have done that on occaison and it is very frustrating, to say the least. Are you getting enough rain now? I remember that you were very dry. We still need rain. As Karen said, we get a few sprinkles, but that is not enough. I am still considering leaving the music ministry at church. I decided that it wasn't right to just cut out because I wasn't too thrilled with the new Worship Leader. I have to give him a bit more of a chance, before I retire. This ankle business has made me slow down a lot. It has been hard to just sit, and read and keep my foot up, but it has paid off. I guess, when one doesn't know enough to slow down, God gives us something that forces us to to it.

Well time to get DH some lunch. 'See' you all later. Ann

05-28-2006, 04:57 PM
Just a quick report. Yesterday was weigh-in. I had not been to WW in several weeks, due to so many conflicts, some of which were in my mind I guess, since knew I had gained. But yesterday was a good report, down .6. I am going to take any minus number I get. It is such a pain to take it off, but so easy to put it on.

Hope you are all having a pleasant long weekend. We will have a Memorial and flag ceremony at our clubhouse tomorrow and then a continental breakfast afterwards, with some bits of entertainment.

Our Norwegian daughter and her oldest son will be coming tomorrow p.m. and will probably be here for 5-6 days. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

It doesn't sound right to say happy Memorial Day so I'll just say have a thoughtful Memorial Day as we remember all those who gave their lives for our freedom. Ann

05-29-2006, 07:26 PM
The Memorial Day weekend has come to an end and I hope all of could take advantage of the long weekend and with good weather in your corners of the world.

Weatherwise it was beautiful and I did take advantage of some deck time. I think I have finally turned the corner on that cough that has been with me for the last 10 days. Sunday I stopped the meds and I was able to sleep without a coughing session, however, day time I still have bouts of coughing.

DD#1 and Cam, 12, went to NYC Sunday to be there for Katie Couric's last two days. However, she and Matt had today off. She was able to get on TV for the tanning segment. She & Cam were in the background and she called to tell us to look for them. He had a red Red Sox hat so he was very visible. They will be there again tomorrow and she said she would be there very early to get a closer position.

Ann: Any number with a minus is a good number. They all add up.

Slavika: It is so good that your grandchildren are close so that you may be a comfort to each other. I am sure that sometimes they comfort you and others you comfort them.

Peggy: That must have been a scary time with the wind sheer. Glad no damage was done to your property.

Trudy: When we went to Disney last fall we did no more than 6 hours in a day. Even at that some days seemed so long.

Maria: You and Alan are such an adventerous couple. That is quite a long trip. I have checking out maps on line and it looks like most is in the non populated areas....that alone would scare me.

Glenda: That lost post happens to me all the time....I think it's because I am not really paying attention to what I am doing and click back instead of submint reply. Don't want you to think I have Attention Span Deficit.:D


05-30-2006, 12:04 PM
Gloria: glad your cough is leaving you. It is hard to keep coughing as y ou get sore ribs.

Our Memorial Day was very nice and we are enjoying our Norwegian family, even tho' we are sort of the hotel, for them to do the touristy stuff. But that is fine. We don't mind a bit. My NDD has to take it easy as she has MS and she can't get too tired. We're glad to be here for them. It is good that we have kept in touch all these years. We were talking about that last night and we have known each other for 33 years. We both count ourselves as blessed that our relationship has lasted the test of time. She is a sweet gal.

Off for my massage. Just wanted to say 'Hi' to you all, and hope you had a nice long weekend. Ann

05-30-2006, 04:38 PM
Ann, NDD? What is that? I am glad you are enjoying your friends. It is pretty amazing to have kept up with people for such a long time. Did I miss a post? How did you meet them?

Gloria, glad you are feeling better. DD#1 and Cam are probably have the time of their lives. Are your schools out?

Karen, good for you in the WW department. Wish I could say the same. So just keep your feet out of the pond. I saw on the news where a man wrestled his labrador from the jaws of an alligator. Those critters are just scarier than any other animal to me.

We had a busy Memorial Day. We had our son and his family for one day. They went home on Sunday and we went to visit my hubby's only living aunt. She is 90 years old and lives by herself. She does really, really well, but doesn't see very well anymore. I should go back and clean her house for her, but she would be annoyed, I think. I did clean her stove a bit. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed it immensely, but today at work my co-worker's husband seems to be doing very, very badly, so work today has just been so sad. I need a drink. Know the feeling?

05-30-2006, 06:48 PM
We had a fairly quiet Memorial Day. We watched the grandkid Sunday while they golfed. I was so tired when he left. Never stops moving. It was so hot we could only take a couple of short walks. We went to the park to swing and he fell asleep on the way so we came home. When we get him we also get the 2 dogs. I was really glad to see them leave. Too much in and out. I went to a nursery yesterday and got caught in a parade. No matter what side street I took there they were. I bought 3 Knock Out roses. I will see if they live up to their reputation of being care free.

Ann and Karen those alligators sure are aggressive. I saw on the news today that a man saved his puppy from the jaws of one by banging the gator on the head. Scarry.

Maria you are having a great trip except for the bugs. Are you ready for a sleep in your bed at home. That dream was weird-especially since you both had the same dream. Maybe it wasn't a dream. Sounds like something out of Hitchcock.

Gloria glad that you are feeling better. Take care.

Slavika I am glad that the grandkids are a great comfort to you. You all need each other.

Looks like a storm is coming. Going to shut the puter down.

05-30-2006, 06:51 PM
Hi Everybody: Gloria, sorry you are sick. My nephew and his wife are sick too, sort of with the same symptoms. Their little daughter was sick first. Sometimes when children start school or are in day care they pick up these little "bugs" and bring them home for Mommy and Daddy to share. :D I received an unbelieveable number of sympathy cards and have looked to see who they are from but the verses bring tears to my eyes, so I am only reading a few at a time before my tears become a flood. I am not one of those gals that cries pretty tears. :) Ann, congrats on the weight loss...anything with a minus in front of it is good. My GS comes here nearly every day after school so I have had the opportunity to talk to him. I told him that his Papa would not have wanted to be sick all the time, or spend more time in the hospital. I told him that Papa probably prayed to Jesus that when the cancer got really bad and nothing more could be done to just take him to heaven. I explained that it is difficult for us to be without him here on earth and it's ok to cry and to miss him but now Papa is free of cancer and of course he is keeping an eye on all of us. I told him it wasn't so much that God didn't answer his prayers it was just that this time God knew it was better to answer Papa's prayers. I think he is feeling a little bit better, it's just that he misses David so much. I think he comes here so often for many reasons, one being he likely feels closer to David when he is here, and the other I think is that he wants to make sure I am ok. He asked if he could have all of Papa's T-Shirts that he bought in Maui over the years no matter how "chessy" they are. He's a big boy for 12 and kid's like shirts bigger so I said, "sure, you pick all the ones you would like". Everytime I see him now he is wearing a "Cheesy Papa Shirt". :p :dizzy: :) Maria, it's like you and DH are on a real adventure and I am looking forward to all the pictures you will be sharing with us. I planted two LARGE tomato plants in my little garden today, and put flowers in the window boxes and I think that is all I will do this year. I am managing to keep busy but the evenings and mornings are sort of tough for me.....but now I know why old people talk to themselves it's because it's just so quiet. David is probably thinking, HA...she always talked to herself. :D :D

Karen L
05-31-2006, 12:10 AM
Slavika good to see you on the board. About the card thing I know what you mean. I don't think Mom has read all of hers yet. I know what you mean about pretty tears. My eyes swell up and get all red looking and my nose turns red and runs like crazy. I sob and sob and once I start I can't seem to stop. Then when I do it takes the whole next day for my face to go back to looking normal. I even have to take Sudafed to help me breath. Yeah I don't cry pretty tears either.

Well I had my 60th birthday on Sunday. Didn't do anything except go out to eat several (3) times. Needless to say it didn't help my diet. I weighed in tonight and was down .2. I was thrilled with that. I was expecting to stay the same or even gain. Although I counted everything I ate as best as I could. So now my total is -8.4#. I'll just keep on trucking. I also didn't drink water this past weekend like I should have and didn't walk my 2 miles on Sunday or Monday.

Got my hair cut on Saturday. Just wanted the same hair cut only a little shorter. I nearly fainted when I saw what she did to me. It's not short enough to spike but almost. Then the idiot tried to style it and did a horrible job. I was almost in tears on the way home. DH was in shock also. After I got home I wet it down and style it myself, managed to get it to look OK. I'm looking forward to 2 weeks when it will look better I hope. I'm half tempted to go have the rest cut and just spike it up. My friend down the street had gotten her hair cut short a few weeks ago and her DH was calling it a "dike" hair cut. Well he changed his mind after seeing mine.

Talked to my DD Sunday she told my my GD had gone out to the lake with friends and didn't use any sunscreen and fried herself. Even her eyelids were burnt and swollen shut for a day. She was putting ice on them to help the hurt. She is 14 and blond but with naturally tan skin. I'm thinking she won't ever be doing that again.

Not to worry about the gators getting me I'm very careful around the water. we have a lot of recovered water ponds or canals here . tonight on the way out of the park to WW I saw and so-so size one up by the front gate. I don't walk that way and now I won't walk that way. I pick Sprout up up when walking by the water ways. Would not want to have beat up a gator if he tried to get my little Sproutie boy.

05-31-2006, 01:06 AM
Hi Karen.........so you cry just like I do. hee hee. If I get going I can't even catch my breath.....so it's best I just read a few cards a day like your Mom. :) I was picturing you trying to defend your little Sprout from an alligator..,....with what, your shoe. Oye Vey. :cheer: :cheer: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! By the way, just put a little bit of gel on your wet hair spike the top up and bring whatever hair that hairdresser left on sides, forward, and you will look just like me. ;) :joker: Simply wonderful (sort of like Rod Stewart)

05-31-2006, 12:15 PM
I am wondering who really cries pretty but in the movies. My whole face crumples like tissue paper and everything sort of twist together like a Halloween mask. Not pretty. And then there is the flowing nose. Definitely not all-star beautiful. But that is heartfelt crying. Sometimes you just have to cry a river to loosen that old knot in your heart.

Karen, I had forgotten about your little Sprout around the alligators. Just had a funny image of a crazed Karen with spiked hair taking on a surprised alligator.

Slavika, your counsel to your GS is undoubtedly helping you too. When you have to put it into words, it makes more sense to you. So, he loves the cheesie Maui shirts. Anything that helps comfort. You are so linked with Papa that being with you is what he needs. I know you will keep busy. That seems to keep me sane when life is throwing bricks in my window.

My youngest child I used to talk about is the one who keeps me humble. He works for his brother, the lawyer. He has social anxiety, but has made such tremendous strides in his life. Fear is his number 1 enemy. Anyway, he messed up his credit so badly for about 7 years that he is always working harder. Anyway, we are about to get him into a much cheaper apartment so he can have a car payment. It is always something, isn't it? One of these days we hope to retire, but until Cody is able to take care of himself, we have to sure enjoy these wonderful jobs. See what I mean about bricks flying through the window?

05-31-2006, 09:19 PM
G'day everyone,

I am using a very dodgy internet connection, I have already lost 2 posts :mad:
Briefly read everything that you have been up to, good to hear everyone is well and that Slavika has also been visiting the boards.
I am well, looking forward to going home....we are in Kunnanara at the moment and tomorrow travelling to Gregory NAtional PArk.
'Mozzies' are mosquitos.....
Money has run out....
post b4 i loose this post.


05-31-2006, 11:57 PM
Glenda: You didn't miss any post. NDD stands for Norwegian Dear Daughter. I think of Mona as my Norwegian daughter. We have always been very close. she spent one year with us. My daughter was her maid of honor at her wedding and I sang. We have visited each other as often as we can.

Slavika: I am glad that your grandson loves the 'cheesy' t-shirts. And I agree with Glenda that being able to talk with him about things is probably also helpful for you.

I am not a pretty cryer either. Red eyes and runny nose- the whole works. Of course now and again a movie or tv program bring tears and i have to get the tissue, but that is not real crying.

Maria: Glad to hear that you are making progress in your trip. I'm going to have a photo question for you when you get back home.

My old printer died, and now we have a new one with scanner and fax and a whole lot of 'bells and whistles' that I have to learn how to use. so I just might be able to send a photo to update our collage. It is going to take me a while to learn to use it properly.

Karen: glad to know that you are guarding Sprout. good for you that you went down a bit. I won't go this week as NDD will be here on Sat. so will skip and hope that I will have the same positive results as you.

Gloria: How is the cough? Better I hope.

Peggy: Hope your rose bushes do all you you want. I love roses but they take a lot of care and differently here in Fl.

Trudy: what is going on with you? HOpe all is well.

time for bed. Ann

06-02-2006, 08:30 PM
Maria I couldn't find Kunnanara on my old Atlas. Do I detect a little "homesickness" in your post? Ahhh yes, the money does go fast on a holiday. It's great that you take time to keep in touch with us.

My DD and the kiddies came over today. We walked over to the park so our :angel: could play in the playground. It is very hot today and I am tired. I had a lot of laughs with today's crop of e-mail jokes. Everyone needs a good laugh every day for good health.

06-02-2006, 08:36 PM
Slavika have you ever thought of making a tee shirt quilt? Here is link to see samples. http://www.nanasquilting.com/gallery.php A friend of mine made one for each one of her kids using all their old tee shirts that she had saved. They are really nice. I know that you have to use an iron on interfacing on the back of the tee and then cut the part you want to put in the quilt. My friend had teddy bears made out of her dh's shirts for her girls so they have something to remember him.

I am a terrible cryer. Wish I could yell and scream like you do when you are a kid.

Karen I am glad that you pick up Sprout when you walk by water. The hair will grow out and spikey is in.

06-02-2006, 11:10 PM
Just a 'quickie'
We have been having fun with our Norwegian family. Today Mona and i went shopping and had a good time looking. Men just don't understand how women like to go and just look at stuff, and get ideas. Dh and Marius went to the Fantasy of Flight - an interesting site for people who like airplanes and flying.
Only one more day and then they will have to leave. I hate to see them go. We have been having such good talks and remembrances of all thetimes we have been together.

No weigh-in tomorrow, as it is their last day. I asked her what she would like to cook for the last meal we would have together, before they have to go, and she wants homemade Clam Chowder and lemon pie. I think i might have to find some other stuff to accompany this menu.

Haave a great weekend everyone, and I'll probably be back on Sunday. Ann

Karen L
06-03-2006, 11:43 AM
Hi all,

Now that my birthday has past I'm wondering are we all in or past our 60"s? Just a nosey girl I guess.

Slavika. along the same lines as Peggy's quilt idea. My Sister-in-law took all of dads flannel shirts and Jeans and made quilted pillows for all of the Grand kids and G-Grands plus she made them for all of us kids. Then she made a couple more for My Uncle(dads brother) and his wife and another Aunt(dads sister) and her husband who were always around in my Dad last days and months. She used the jeans for the front of the pillow and the shirts for the backs. We were all thrilled with them when she surprised us with them. She even made on for Sprout. I have to tell it was a huge undertaking I have 4 brother's There are 16 grand children and 7 great Grands and she did it all in about a week. We got them one evening when we were all together and we each stuffed our own. And helped the kids stuff theirs. There were tears but not sobs.

We are grounded for the weekend unless some one takes pity on us. The A/C in the van is on the fritz. We have an appointment on Monday. What a pain and the warranty ran out 1,000 miles ago. We do have a call into the Dodge company and were told they might give us a break depending on the out come of the diagnoses. There must be a recall or something on some cars. Who knows . We had to take a shot at getting something.

Maria I'll be glad when you get back. I miss having yous stop by regularly.

Ann hope your day with you NDD is nice and i agree men just don't get window shopping. That is something I miss a lot. Now DH is always on my heals ready to go.

Need to go get the wash started.


06-05-2006, 04:37 PM
Karen, in my heyday I used to shop for hours and on some days I wouldn't buy a thing. I used to "haunt" some antique stores. They knew my name. For some reason this was just the most relaxing thing! Now my hubby so often is with me. He "says" I can look all I want, but it just isn't that easy with him beside me with arms crossed and a scowl on his face. Ann, so glad you are having such a good time. It isn't everybody that you are this comfortable with for days and days at a time.

Slavika, I bet you can use some of these great ideas of using your DH's things to help out the grandkids. I know with my mom I still wear her watch and for some reason it just feels like a part of her with me all the time. She was so proud of her watch. I especially liked Karen's idea of each person stuffing their pillow, kind of an interactive thing.

Hope you each had a wonderful weekend. We saw our little boys and enjoyed the visit. The littlest (age 2) is such a handful that Austin is sort of left out a lot. I must do something about that with the next visit.

Is it warming up where you all are?

06-05-2006, 10:34 PM
Hi Everyone:
Well our company is gone, my laundry is done(towels and bedding, etc) and we are getting back to normal. whatever that is.

got on the scales this a.m. the first since the Norwegian invasion, and I'm sad to say that I have gained a pound. Now I have to start the program again. I think I am having some trouble with my motivation.

I am going back to Curves now, as the ankle is much better, and the Dr. gave his permission. I know that when I wasn't exercising at all, I did gain, so hopefully I can get my act together now. A friend and I rode 6 miles tonight.

I have been busy booking entertainment for our Clubhouse events. I am working on 2007. Can you imagine, and sadly the groups I have called so far are already booked for New Years Eve 2007. I have to get my act together and spend some more time searching.

Not much else going on here. Tomorrow I get my hair cut, and I'll be glad. It has become much too long for me.

Anyone have any ideas about how to get motivated again to lose those unwanted pounds. I know I just get tired of counting and watching everything I eat. Oh well - such is life, I guess.

'See' you all later. Ann

06-06-2006, 08:38 AM
Good Morning All!
I am up early today as we have a commissary run to do today and I didn't finish putting together the shopping list last night.

Yesterday was beautiful and Jack hinted at going to the Cape just for the ride and to see my friend Toni. She is the girl friend that we have visited for the 4th of July for many many years. She had a stroke earlier this year and was in the nursing home for 6 weeks and then went home but got a bladder infection and returned but not to the same nursing home. This time to a much more unsatisfactory one that she hated. Three weeks later she was home again only to fall last week with another mild stroke and is back in the first nursing home again. We stopped by to see her and I thought she looked remarkedly well, she had had her hair cut and curled and had lost a little weight in the face but she had all that old spark and vinegar that was the old Toni. She is looking forward to going home again but they haven't given her any time schedule.

After visiting her we drove through a few of our favorite places in Falmouth and then back home. Was able to finish the laundry that I had started and dropped when Jack gave me that Cape Cod hint. :D

Ann: Now that your back to 'normal' it won't take you long to loose that small gain. If you are doing Curves then the added exercise should give you just the boost you need. I imagine that booking acts for you place is sort of like booking bands etc for a wedding.....the earlier the better.

Glenda: Oh, those days of endless shopping and looking....I used to do the same thing. Jack is very good and doesn't mind if I take my time looking. Usually he will find a shop or other spot to look at things he likes and we set a time to meet.

Karen: Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY:hb: Welcome into the great world of the sixties. I think I am the oldest of the group, 73, but I still feel like a very young sixty. ;)

Maria: We miss you. Hope you are having the time of your life.

Peggy: What a nice idea with the quilt of old T shirts. That could be done for any reason. Even the one I could use....I have too many old T shirts collected from travel.

Trudy: It is nice that :angel: stops by so often that you can see her in all her glory. When the gks were smaller we loved taking them to the playground just down the street at the elementary school.

Slavika: Think of you often. Hope you are enjoying the grandchildren and that they are enjoying you. Take care.

I guess we will be heading our to Bedford Air Base and that lovely Commissary day.


06-06-2006, 09:14 AM
Just sticking my nose in to wave at Lizziepie and ask "When are you coming North?"

Actually I really belong in this group as I'm 67 and sometimes feel really out of it in the South Beach Forum - especially since I can't crab about PMS and TOM! :lol:

06-08-2006, 06:24 PM
Ruthxxx, are you new to our board? We would all like to hear more from you and about you. And if you are someone I should know, just excuse me. I am old.

Gloria, sounds like you all had a wonderful "retirement" day, one in which you can do anything you want or not do anything you want, like the laundry. You definitely sound like a young person because you are always doing something. Sorry about your friend having such a time, but isn't it wonderful that her spark has returned?

Karen, I do believe you are the baby of the board. I had that momentous moment two years ago.

Peggy, what is going on with you all? When you were telling us about babysitting with your GS, I thought the same thing. When they leave, we both just crash--Leon on the floor and me on the couch, probably with our tongues hanging out and our eyes glazed. Our little GD and her parents are on a Carnival Cruise this week. I don't talk to them that much, but it is weird how many times I wish I could when they are out of touch.

Sally, Trudy, what is going on the great North? I saw, I think last week, where Canada found a terrorist plot. This is probably just going to be a way of life from now on.

My middle son will be here tomorrow with his little boys. His wife is having a weekend with a bunch of high school girlfriends and she is kicking him out. Poor guy! He said he mowed and helped clean and worked so hard and he doesn't get to enjoy--strangers do. We will just be happy to have them.

06-08-2006, 08:53 PM
Hi Everybody: Karen a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. :carrot: :gift: I trust it was a good one. I am now 66 yrs old so I passed 60 sometime ago. Gals today is one month since my David died. I can't believe that a month has gone by already. I don't have to tell you how much I miss him. Peggy, I heard about making quilts out of T-Shirts way back when I was doing a lot of sewing. Some Mom's were making these quilts for their kids that were going away to college. They would use the entire fronts of each T-Shirt, sew them together (like a big patch work quilt, and then put the batting between that and flannel back and top stitch all around each of "square T-Shirts"(through all three layers). I just kept one of David's sweatshirts that he wore all the time (much to my dismay) and then the Princess wanted his "cozy" white arctic fleece one" (that was the biggest one in his closet) and grandson wanted the one from a golf course in Maui and that David had worn last Christmas. Our son, took one also as did our DIL. I think I told you all that our grandson took about 20 of his Papa's T-Shirts....anything that had Maui on it. I passed on the rest of David's things to a men's homeless shelter after the family chose the things they wanted. David would not have wanted his things to go to waste. Glenda the weather has been good here, today was a little cooler but ok. Ann, I need some motivation too, to get this weight off. My family and I are thinking maybe we might go to Maui again in January, and I still have never worn those size 12 swimsuits, brother, soon they will be out of style. ;) :D Maria, are you getting a little homesick? I bet you are missing that sweet little girl of yours. :love: :love: I went out to a factory outlet store today with my DIL's Mother and then we went to one of the Casino's for lunch. The lunch was super, I bought a pair of navy shorts at the outlet store, and lost $5.00 on the slot machines. :( It was a pretty good day for me. I try and go out with friends as much as possible and I do feel better when I do that. My son is selling David's Camry and also the older boat we had given to the kids. I hope somebody buys them soon. I have spent time at the bank and have a nice gal as a financial advisor and when everything is settled she will help me to decide where best to invest some money, not that anything is paying great interest these days. I talked to Trudy today, and know I can call here anytime I need a friend to listen to me. LOL LOL she is VERY good at listening. :) :) Nothing else is new, talk to you all soon, and am happy you are all here for me to come and visit. Bye now.

Hello again. Well since it is 3:30AM hopefully you are all nicely tucked away in your beds and sound asleep. I went to bed about 11:30 I think and I fell asleep quickly, but I don't STAY asleep. I thought I would hang out at my computer for awhile and then try going back to bed.

06-10-2006, 09:30 PM
G'day everyone,

Just a quick one as again I don't have much time. :(

Good to have a quick read of everyones posts :)

We are in Darwin at the moment and have been t a few of the National Parks (Kakadu and Litchfield) quite spectacular however so were the 'mozzies' and I am just covered in bites, a really good look.....not!

I am happy to say that we both have had enough and look forward to getting home, 3 months is just too long to be away.

We received the news from our ds that Matilda will be having allitle sister or brother in January. It was NOT planned and they are in a bit of a state of shock but are now adjusting to the idea!

I have lots to tell you when I get back, hopefully I will be home in about 10 days....cannot wait.

Take care everyone......


06-12-2006, 04:40 PM
Hi everyone:
And Hello Ruth. I gave up on the South Beach thread, since all the people that used to post suddenly were gone, except for you and Ellis. And I decided to stick with the WW. Come back here and visit anytime, or post regularly. This is a great bunch of gals. I don't think we are coming North this year, unless maybe in September. Depends on gas prices and other things too, like health. Your loss line looks good and you are making progress. Have you been in any more plays? I'll try to be better about keeping in touch a bit.

Hooray! :cp: :cp: we are having some very much needed rain. Yesterday and today and tomorrow we will be feeling the effects of the first named storm - Alberto. Not sure just what that might bring except for more rain.
Today 4 of us puddled around ferrying cars from a sale back to the dealership. I drove some really nice ones this time. :D: Severa; new ones.Too bad we are not in the market for a new one.

Gloria: I have you beat in the age department. Right now I am 76. Come September, up another one, but I must admit that I don't feel any different than I did 10 years ago. Glad you had a chance to see your friend.

Glenda: I can identify with feeling reallly pooped after grandkids leave. Now all of ours are too far away and are mostly grown up, so even when they come to visit we don't get so tired.

Slavika: You sound a bit more like your perky self. It is good that you can go out with friends and do things to keep busy. I am sort of gathering tho' that night times are the worst. That is what my friend from England says. Too bad we can't figure out a way to IM as sometimes I am on in the wee hours. I can count on being up at least one night when we have a full moon. I don't get fangs and fur - just the sleepless nights.

Maria: So glad to hear from you and I think you have been having some adventures. I know what you mean about being glad to get home. When we used to go north for 3 months, even tho' we knew a lot of people, I was always glad to get home. I'm sure you will have some magnificent photos to share. I am soon going to send you a picture so you can update the collage. Just as soon as my friend shows me how to do it, :D: now that we have the scanner etc. Congrats on being Grandma once again. Those surprises do happen sometimes.

Karen: Belated Happy Birthday. Are you enjoying this rain? I know my flowers certainly are, and I am happy not to have to go out and water every night.
I lost the pound and then I have maintained. So decided to go back on the Core for a couple of weeks to give myself a bit of a jump start again. Now that I can exercise once more, I hope it will come off.

Trudy: How are things with you? Slavika is fortunate to have such a good friend. Friends and good listeners are so important. Is your DH doing okay? I haven't forgotten that you want a muffin recipe. I suppose by now you have lots, but one more won't hurt, if I can ever find it.

Peggy: Are you through with school now? I remember those last days were awful and the kids were just wound up and could hardly wait for vacation. I often wonder how they were able to pass all the tests. Have you had a lot of rain? We have been talking with some folks who said that have had rain for 4 days, but that is further East than you are.

Time to go make a lovely Turkey meatloaf for dinner. It is a sleepy kind of day, so I might even get in a little cat nap. 'See' you all later. Ann

06-13-2006, 05:07 PM
Ann, Hope you enjoyed your sleepy day. I love those, for me usually Sunday afternoon. I would never have thought you were the oldest one of our bunch because you are always going, going, going. My oldest son and his family just got back from a Carnival cruise from Florida. They missed Alberto by just a day or so. I hope this just brings needed rain and no destruction.

Slavika, I got that message too about nights being the worst. My mother said the same thing. For her it was Sunday too. Just keep busy seems to be the best advice. I have a friend here in the office who is going through the very same thing you did. Her husband has lung cancer and just went into Hospice care. We are all so sad here, taking food, and paper products. She told us not to, but I told her she needs to let us do something, if not for her, for us. We just all feel so helpless.

We are going on our vacation June 30th to Red River, NM. I am so ready to go somewhere, anywhere. About 20 family members will be there so it should be fun. You all remember our little Austin? He will be 5 years old on Fathers' Day. Where does the time go?