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05-19-2006, 11:06 PM
Hello all!!! I'm a newbie, but I've read numerous posts here and love what everyone has to say and how friendly everyone is to one another.

Okay, I guess I'm a lucky person. My DH's cousin paid for the program and is 4 pounds away from her goal, so in order to help me.....she decided to become my counselor and show me how the program works. I started on the Atkins diet late November of last year when I ballooned to 215 pounds. In 5 months i lost 33.5 pounds, but in the last month i hit a plateau. The scale just wouldn't budge and in the end I ended up gaining 5 pounds. I was frustrated and ran to my DH's cousin for help. In 11 days, i've lost 6.5 pounds on the LAWL program. I'm really happy, but now i've hit another plateau. I haven't budged from 175 pounds in 4 days and i'm getting frustrated again. Here's the program she has me on:
2 protein
3 vegetable
3 fruits
2 starches
1 dairy
1 fat
2 la lites
Do any of you know what color program this is and if i'm doing anything wrong. She just told me today to drink warm lemon juice. Help!!! I would like to also know if the portions are right for my weight and all. I work out 3 hours a week.

Thank you for everything.

05-19-2006, 11:11 PM
That is the same plan I am on--gold
I started at 166 and now am at 149 (ish)
I believe that I will stay on this plan until I reach my goal (if I ever do!!)

Goodluck to you!
How are you getting your bars? I think if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't start with the bars...but then, I am not a "sweets" eater--more chips and dip and appetizers are my downfall.

05-19-2006, 11:35 PM
Thanks stacyj. do you think i'm on the right program? She gave me two boxes for me to try and I did like them, but i was looking for a substitute because they are a bit pricey (that's how i found this site). Seems like everyone is suggesting the lunas, pria completes or the kashi go lean's. I love the forum! So informational! (

05-20-2006, 12:03 AM
Youre on Gold, but Im thinking if youre doing more exercise, perhaps you should do Blue, which is 1/2 more P and an extra S....

05-20-2006, 12:15 AM
really? this is where my confusion comes in. I'm not an avid exerciser, but when I do, it's usually on tuesdays and thursdays. I'm on the elliptical for 45 minutes and then on free weights for 15 minutes. You still think I should move on to adding 1/2 more protein and a starch?

05-20-2006, 04:41 AM
hey winkie!

im 175, work out about 4 hrs a week, and im on gold...IMO gold is appropriate for you..dont panic...everyone goes from losing a little more to losing a little lost 6 quickly, its not a miracle will start to lose 1-3 pds a week if you stick with the diet...try and eat your fruit and starches before the afternoon, and stay away from things like peanut butter, heavy proteins, and frozen lemon water is great if you ate a heavy meal the night before, or something loaded with sodium...its a natural diuretic, katie on this site has a great method...take a lemon poke it with a fork and microwave for releases the juices....take half of the lemon and squeeze the juice out with a cup or glass of boiled lemon water, and repeat with the other half a little later...this will make you pee a lot so try and do it when you have access to the toilet...hehe...
4days is definately not a plateau, 2 weeks maybe, 4 days is nothing...give it some works...i lose about a pd a week...its not a lot, but its coming off slowly...i think do to the exercise...
good luck with your weightloss...anymore questions feel free to ask!

05-20-2006, 10:18 AM
Winkie: I actually have a PDF file of the 2004 LAWL program I could share with you if you would like. I would have to email it to you. A great person on another AOL board gave it to me. She bought it on ebay!!

I am also on gold (blue sometimes) does anyone know what the substitute for lites would be? My counselor said to just up the protein by 1, but I've also heard you add a fruit and a starch. Seems excessive, but it has worked for this girl.

I agree with Aggie, 4 days is not a plateau. And I love the lemon suggestion. I've never tried that.

05-20-2006, 10:13 PM
thanks you guys!! (aggie,smokepole,and klvan) I appreciate all of your information. I have great news. I weighed myself this morning and I'm down a pound!! wohoo!!:) Yes, i'm POP, that is I'm going with the portions given in the booklet. She did give me that and the food journal or diary that came along with it. I even bought myself a food scale so that I can weight my protein portions. I have everything I need; The program and great people like you that I found for support!! Thanks to all!!