South Beach Diet - Thursday (aka nearly Friday!) Chat

05-18-2006, 04:56 AM
Hi everyone! I thought that given my place in the time zones, I should start some thursday chats... since it's 9am for me but most of you should be happily sleeping!

So far, Thursday isn't so hot - my alarm failed so I was late to work and then when I got here I weighed myself (no scales at home) and much to my dismay have discovered that I am actually fatter than I thought! It's kind of taken the joy out of the looseness I was feeling in my waistband too :(

But I guess ultimately it's all the more motivation to stay on track! I think I'm having too much dairy though, I need to readjust my morning routine - a coffee with f/f milk (I can't quit coffee and carbs in the same week!) and plain f/f yogurt for breakfast pretty much takes care of my 2-3 cups a day I think. I'll have to think of something else quick & easy I can do for breakfast!

Hope all your early mornings turn out better than mine!


05-18-2006, 07:42 AM
Morning Ellie!

Down another pound here for me! :) I am staying on Phase 1 until I reach the 150s- I am going to tighten up the reins as I have been a bit loose on things I can eat (like nuts) and have a had some wine here and there.

Gotta go- busy day at school and no time to chat!!

05-18-2006, 07:51 AM
OMG! Just "slept in" again! Back in a bit. Hersh has her legs crossed!

Stephanie Osborne
05-18-2006, 08:49 AM
Good morning chickies, I am feeeeeeeling oogles better. I am up before the sun, coffee in mug and working my tail off. I should be able to get a bit of a nap in this afternoon and then get my long postponed run in. I would like to do my yoga/pilates class too however with how this week has been going NO PROMISES. I ate exceptionally well yesterday - water was a different story though. Man why can't this triple life I lead (workout, eating, water) ever go well in all 3 areas? Just as I am feeling better...I am going away for business again FRI/SAT. It is my 25th birthday on SUN so I see sweets in my future :( Well I am chatty today so I will talk to everyone later I am sure.

ellie - Oh don't lose your looseness joy...who cares what the number says if we are feeling better? Now I am as guilty as the next gal but so many things can effect the number on the scale that just are not permanent.

kiko - congrats on your are so motivated being able to stay on ph1 for so long...

ruth - You better let that puppy out :) I know how mine gets.

05-18-2006, 09:16 AM
Morning everyone....I finally had a good day at work yesterday. I closed and we closed with $14000.00 in sales (that's almost triple what we closed with the rest of the week!) and we opened 14 credit cards. Its's amazing what a little customer service will do. My disrict mgr called me last night to check on me & at the time I had $6000.00 in & 10 credit cards she was thrilled, so I'm sure I'll recieve another call this morning!
ONLY 8 DAYS UNTIL KEY WEST!!!! I can't wait, I'm shopping for a cute dress tomorrow.
Stephie - enjoy your run.
Ruthie - That's why I'm glad I have cats....I can sleep in & not worry about their bladders
Kiko & Ellie - Morning!
I'm off to work - see ya!

05-18-2006, 09:34 AM
Schmellie ~ Don't let the scale ruin your day, there are so many factors that make your weight fluctuate daily. Just continue to eat OP, drink your water, and you'll be fine. As for breakfast, check out our recipe boards for some great ideas!

Kiko ~ Congratulations on the loss!!!! You seem really motivated, keep up the good work!

Ruth ~ What's on your busy schedule today? Where are those pictures of the new puppies, we're all dying to see them!

Stephie ~ I hear you on the water, I've been pretty lax about it lately, too. Happy Birthday! , in advance!

I have to work late today, so I'm baking a pizza for Jake's supper right now. I'll probably eat with the girls. Cindy insisted I bring home part of her "birthday cookie" yesterday, she couldn't stop picking at it and needed it OUT of the house, and now I'm having the same problem! I took it to Curves with me this morning and left it there for everyone to enjoy. That recipe is GREAT! I won't make it too often, though, as it will spell trouble for me, LOL!

05-18-2006, 09:38 AM
Soon ~ Wow, you're really turning that store around! Congratulations! You sound like you're feeling a lot more positive than you did yesterday, and I hope you are happy with your new job and position. Have fun shopping for a new dress!

05-18-2006, 09:43 AM
Morning, Beachies! :beach:

Ellie, thanks for starting us off! :hug: Hon, I was so sad to read your post. :( Not because of your weight but because of how you feel about it. Ellie, if you're feeling looseness in your waistband, go with it! Any of the maintainers will tell you that the scale is pretty darn arbitrary. Some of the most successful dieters tell us not to use the scale at all! The truth is, those numbers are just that, numbers. They don't tell you what is causing them, whether it's a bit of extra water filling your fat cells because you didn't get enough the day before or because they're about to deflate (once the fat leaves your fat cells, the fill with water to try to stay open...then get rid of the water when they finally give in to the fact that they are empty), extra water in your muscles from working out, or that you may have lost fat, but gained more muscle than the amount of fat you lost...which would make you weigh more, but be tinier (look at the pictures of fat vs. muscle that are all over 3FC, but especially in the exercise forum). Please don't let this get you down. Know that the scale fluctuates. If you're going to use it as a tool, do that, but use it as a TOOL, not as a predictor of your mood, okay? :hug: You CAN do this and you are doing GREAT!!! Looseness in your waistband is a much better indicator of weightloss than anything the scale can tell you. :bravo: Also, about the dairy, I'd try to keep it to fat free, but be aware that many of us have had more that 2-3 cups of dairy a day and it hasn't affected our weightloss. I'd wait a bit to see if your scale issue was a fluke or if your waistband keeps getting smaller before you go changing your dairy intake. That said, I'd get some veggies in your breakfast to make sure you feel more full in the morning. Maybe some cucumbers in the yogurt? Yogurt and milk are carbs (though this is NOT a plan that limits your number of carbs!!!) to your body, but cheeses are protein. So you might try some cottage cheese instead, with some veggies, or perhaps some veggies spread with soft cheeses like Laughing Cow Light or light cream cheese. That is likely to stay in your stomach longer and make you feel more fulfilled. :D :goodluck:

Congratulations, beautiful Kiko! :hug: Hon, you know how dangerous it can be for your health to stay on P1 too long. Please don't stay on longer than 2 weeks even if you aren't in the 150s. First of all, it's not good for your health. :yikes: Second of all, it stops working (and pretty quickly if you've been pretty much following the plan, which you have) after a bit and can actually make you gain weight. Thirdly, if you lose weight using P1 but can't maintain and lose on P2, you're going to have a very hard time maintaining your loss. It makes much more sense to lose your weight using something that you can keep doing after your loss so you can maintain. You can do P2 successfully!!! I know it! :goodvibes: Just get those nuts out of your house if they're a temptation and start again as you did before. :hug: I think you're amazing, Kiko and I know you can do this! :cheer:

Mornin' beautiful Ruthie! (and cross-legged Hershey) I think it's good that you slept in, hon. Once Lucy is back home, that'll be harder, eh? :hug:

Stephie, I'm so glad you're feeling better and am in awe of your ability to run. WOW! Please don't get down on yourself about not getting all three things done. It's tough to balance them all and even the maintainers have trouble with it sometimes. Just focus on what you are doing well and think of some ways to get better on the things you need to improve. Perhaps you can keep some water in a drawer at work in case you forget to bring it? Do whatever works for you. :D Good luck on getting to yoga/pilates...I wanted to go to mine this morning but I scheduled a phone call during that time by mistake! :(

Good Morning, Soon! :wave: I'm so jealous about Key West!!! :bravo: on those amazing sales at work...I know they're going to be so happy with you! Enjoy shopping for that cute dress! :cloud9:

Well, the bathtub/shower's in! It looks really nice. They have to finish putting on a faucet or two and then it's back to us to finish up. The plumber will spend the afternoon moving a sewer line over and up so we'll have more ceiling room in the basement. We're trying to finish off half of it and this line is in the way. I don't envy him that job. :eek:

I realized the conflict with yoga earlier this week and had planned to go to the gym early this morning. But the plumber wanted to come smack in the middle of that and I had to be here to let him in. So I remember Meg's version of Sandi's "find a way..." and renegotiated my schedule. It'll put me in the shower while the plumber's in the basement...hope I can run upstairs in my robe without being seen! :o

Had a great time at my mood and food group yesterday. This plan teaches us so much about healthy eating that I was able to tell the others in my group so much about nutrition that I never knew before reading the SBD book. :goodvibes: That felt good...especially after a week of feeling pretty clueless about eating! :rolleyes: P1 is going pretty well...I had an extra serving of OP food before bed, which wasn't great, but at least the weight is slowly coming off and I'm feeling less cravings.

Hope everyone has a great OP day!!! :sunny: Mornin' to the chickies that posted while I wrote this long post...and to those that come after. :wave:

05-18-2006, 09:43 AM
Feeling crappy today but checking in anyhow.

Later today I'll try for some garden work. I'm getting used to being cold and damp out there but it's not doing the remains of my cold much good. I feel like time is getting away from me, partly because things are so early this year. It feels like the first of June although I know it isn't! I need some sunny days and a reality check.

I'll finish putting away the winter stuff this afternoon and dig out summer stuff. I really want a whole new wardrobe but that isn't going to happen. I also want a new roof and eavestroughing! Getting a couple of sewing projects done would help assuage my longing - I still have not finished that tourquoise silk shirt although the collar is done!

Whining! Sorry! I think I'll crawl back into bed for a bit.

Wannabe Hotmama
05-18-2006, 10:10 AM
Looks like another beautiful day in sunny Florida:cool: . It's amazingly cool at night and in the am. Very unusual for May. It's day 4 of P1...I was a little disappointed when I got on the scale this morning. Only 1 pound so far. I know, I know, slow is best but I was hoping for more. We'll see how the rest of P1 goes.

I tried the salsa baked chicken last night. It was pretty good. I did mine in the crock. It's probably better in the oven. I wasn't sure what to make with it but ended up with green beans and summer squash. I made some rice for DH and the kids. The kids wont eat squash. The only veggies I can get in them are green beans and sometimes broccoli. They do like corn also.
The afternoon the kids and I are going flower shopping. I have a large raised bed in the front that is in desperate need of flowers. I also have to pick up more sprinklers. I have 5 at home that wont work properly. The darn things aren't cheap either. DH put out 200lbs of fertilizer so I have to keep the lawn watered since we have no rain in the forecast.

Ruthxx: hope your day gets better:)

Beachgal: sounds like a good mood and food meeting. It always feels good to help others.

Soon: congrats on the good day! Hope it keeps up for you.:carrot:

Stephanie: glad your feeling better. I too envy your running. I wish I had the time and ability to run.

Schmellie: I know it's hard when weight loss is slow. I have the same problem. But if your clothes are looser than somethings going right. Must be loosing inches. Stay with it. Sometimes it takes our bodies a bit to quit fighting and give in.

Hope everyone has a great OP day!

05-18-2006, 10:28 AM
Lottie~ I read about the diet being Expensive in yesterdays post.... I hear ya.... I plan the cheap meals mainly... I mix it up as not to get burnt out.. but it is getting hard here this month is a bad month for me,, and oatmeal, bbq chicken, greenbeans, brown beans and triscuits,, and some other veggies is about it...this month... but my mind set is Eat right or NOT eat.. so I have got to do what I can, and find the cheapest way to live this life..

05-18-2006, 10:44 AM
Morning, gals! Last night was the program kickoff for next year's scouting program. Now I have the dates for all the council and district events so we can work on our Pack calendar.

Tonight is a PTA meeting. The den doing flag ceremony needed one more boy so Brian will need to wear his uniform and help out. I just need to make sure that I get him picked up early enough to study for tomorrow's spelling test. It is the last test of the year and this week's words are a little tougher.

We've got a parent/teacher conference with his Talented/gifted teacher at 11 this morning. Good thing I work from home on Thursdays anyway. The end of the year just gets so busy. I can't imagine what it would be like if I had more children or he was in a sport other than his gymnastics lessons.

05-18-2006, 10:50 AM
Well I am finally back OP. Yesterday was the first day that I had a totally SB day. I am hoping that excitement will keep me on track. Just a busy day with work and then tonite we are going to my in-laws to see my DHs aunt an uncle from CA. Looking forward to it because we don't ssee them much and thaty are so fun. They will be here for 2 weeks so we will be having lots of visits and seeing our cousins from NJ too. It should be a great 2 weeks. Thank God my mother in law likes to cook healthy! Off to work now. Have a great beachy day!

05-18-2006, 11:05 AM
morning ladies. tooth is still sore but considerably less so and the vicodin is working today.

I made the chicken enchaladinis last night, only instead of beans I used fresh green beans layered on top it was good. :)

I finally turned in my essay to my editor and now I'm going to start back work on my book today if I can stay awake! The vicodin knocks me out, I'll do anything to escape that stoned feeling. blech!

05-18-2006, 11:08 AM
I made the chicken enchaladinis last night, only instead of beans I used fresh green beans layered on top it was good. :)

That's a great idea. I've wanted to try the enchiladinis, but I really don't like beans enough to make a big batch. I thought about chili, but green beans sounds yummy!

05-18-2006, 11:21 AM
Hello again ladies!

Well the mood has improved a lot thanks to all of your encouraging words! I know that everything you've said is true and I'm feeling much better - especially since I am off to play frisbee for 2 hours tonight and get some good exercise for the bod. We'll see what those scales say next week... coz it's on!!

Congratulations to everyone on their losses, that's great news!


05-18-2006, 11:40 AM
Morning ladies...

this'll be a drive by post. i actually got up early enough to get a nice walk in. it was so pretty out - might as well go outside before winter returns to upstate NY in 2weeks. yeah i'm having some florida withdrawls again. i really wish i hadn't moved here. anyways. not much exciting. i've returned to p1 to make up for my birthday badness. and i'm not scared of it cuz i know how easy it is to do.

Ellie - Beachgal is right. Don't let that overly relied on piece of plastic and metal get you down. a man prolly invented it! :) what matters is how your body feels. you feel smaller - that's what counts. our weight changes by a few pounds even within one day, so try weighing earlier than you did. (i tend to be heavier later in the day.) listen to your body and you'll be fine. :) *hugs*

Sorry to skip everyone else. But congrats to those of you doing well and keep up the good work!

I'm off for some more activity before I get trapped at work. :)


05-18-2006, 12:14 PM
Good morning all. For the first time last night (day 3 for me) I didn't have physical cravings for junk. However, I'm still wanting "see-food". You know, those commercials for those unmentionables. I decided I would start pacing up and down the hall during commercials when I'm watching tv in the evenings. Because if I don't see it, I don't want it. I'm really lucky because I live alone and can do wierd things like that (even can talk to myself while I'm doing it). Also I don't have to bring anything I can't eat into the house. So in moments of weakness, there's nothing for me to eat except veggies, etc. It helps. Well, I gotta go eat breakfast. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

05-18-2006, 12:19 PM
Wow look at the time! It is 10:09 am here in San Antonio, and I just got up! Thank goodness I start working full time tomorrow, I am feeling like a lazy bum! I usually cannot sleep a minute past 7:30 without feeling over rested. I have abusy day today, I am about to head off to the gym (hopefully I get my hour in over there), kinda scared, apparently some lady has been breaking into cars at my gym and stealing stuff. She was on the news last night she has charged over $5000 so far on stolen credit cards from people at my gym. I know I wont be taking my purse anywhere near that gym. They showed her picture but don't have a name yet.

After that, I am off to walmart.... I decided that I needed a hobby. I graduated from college this past Saturday, and though I'm hopefully gonig to start teaching in August which should keep me busy, I need a hobby since I have no more homework or tests to study for. So, I bought a sewing machine and I am trying to learn to sew. I can't wait to learn and to lose weight so I can make myself tons of cute clothes! So, i'm going to wal-mart to buy some patterns so that I can practice.

Then.... off to the grocery store. I threw out all of the junk food that was in the kitchen, I really need to go buy some veggies. My refrigerator is full of meat, chicken, eggs, and cheese, I definitely need some color in there.

Last but not least, my friend is coming into town, she lives just outside of San Antonio, and we are going to hang out. It should be fun. With our busy schedules we didn't get to see much of eachother this semester.

WOW! Sorry I had soooo much to say....Have a great day ladies!!!

Stephanie Osborne
05-18-2006, 12:33 PM
soon - congrats on turning that store around :)

cottage - thanks for happy birthday :)

beachgal - I know I should not get down on myself it is just hard sometimes. It really is a balancing act.

wannabe - I am a baby runner for sure. It is so hard for me, but so worth it. More cardio in less time than most other activities, have you ever considered it?

barb - You sound like such an awesome mom :) So involved...

lindy - I wish my mother in law cooked healthy lol...they are from the south so they fry everything!

ellie - frisbee? That sounds so fun, are you on a team?

soiley - I am horrible at wanting food I see in commercials so I can relate. Great plan with only having healthy food in the house.

losefatfast - That is scary about the credit card theif. Have fun with your friend.

beach bum
05-18-2006, 01:39 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies:)

Second day off, and it feels good. Sunny and warm day for walking along the beach.YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Leo wants to go down & will drive me down and hes going to sit on the beach bench to get some fresh air,while I do my walking.

Nothing new,except for the housework that I seemed to neglect during the last 6 weeks of treatments. Have to get off the computer and start tackling that.

Hope you all have a wonderful day

Hugs :) BB

05-18-2006, 01:59 PM
okay girls,, I put a new present pic with my before one, I tucked my shirt in to show the belly difference, I hate tucking my shirt in.

05-18-2006, 02:12 PM
I can't wait to have an after pic! :D

05-18-2006, 03:49 PM
Lottie, keep going the way you are, and you'll have a gorgeous pic! :D Glad you're feeling better...hope it continues and you heal fast! :crossed:

Glad you're feeling better, Ellie. :hug: Enjoy the frisbee!

Ruthie, you're pushing yourself too hard, IMHO. We all know you're a need to proove it. ;) I'm glad you're getting extra can't afford to have a long cold! Stay out of the nasty weather...this weekend is supposed to be brighter if not warmer, and you can do more then. Okay? :hug: I feel your pain...spring came SO early this year that I feel like scurrying to keep up! I'm afraid it'll end up like last year when we didn't get our veggie garden in until after the 4th...but it's not even June yet! :rolleyes:

Tropical, you crack me up! :lol: I hear you on winter and upstate NY. I'm from CA so I do feel your pain. But it's getting warmer...have you had a summer up here? It's nasty warm and SO humid (which probably doesn't bother you...but I'm used to dry heat! :lol: ). Trust'll be very warm very soon! ;)

Stephie, keep telling yourself to think positively. You are fabulous and deserve to feel that way! :hug: :cb: Have you ever read any of SARK's books? They always make me feel SO good about myself! :cloud9:

Wannabe Hotmama
05-18-2006, 04:02 PM
I posted this in a separate thread but I see where everyone is so I'm posting here too. Sorry for the duplicate...:dizzy:
Anyway, we've had a change in plans and are going out to eat. I'm not sure where probably Mexican. This will be my first restaurant meal on SBD and I'm only on day 4 of PI. Any suggestions? I don't like fajitas so I thought maybe the taco salad without the shell?
It maybe another restuarant, wont know for sure until we leave. So ANY suggestions are helpful.

05-18-2006, 04:14 PM
you can get grilled chicken and veggies just about anywhere..........if it's mexican you can get a steak or chicken buritto with double meet, no cheese and no rice, open it up and eat it like that. That's what I do. Also at mexican places there are usually vegetarian dishes that are low cal. also, eat somethign small before you leave and drink a glass of water so that you're not starving when you get there.

Wannabe Hotmama
05-18-2006, 04:51 PM
Thanks Lottie!
I didn't think about the burrito. That's probably what I'll do. Now I just have to have the will power to not eat the chips. That will be the hard part.

05-18-2006, 04:52 PM
hi al!

I haven't posted much in a while but i've tried to read all the dailies.

What do you do when you're in between sizes? should I buy the one that's a little loose or the one that is a little snug and plan to get there? how aggravating! I went shopping today at Old Navy and there was a ton of cute things so some i got a little big and some a little small...

I also took back to back classes at the gym today-not a good plan, I think if the strength class had been first then cardio I would've been ok but it was the other way around, let's just say that after 2 hours I was ready to die!

ooh I also bought new bras and panties today!! what fun!!

05-18-2006, 05:24 PM
wannabe - Be careful of sour cream and cheese at a Mexican restaurant as they are usually full fat. Sometimes I get fish or shrimp if the restaurant has it. The one I go to has fajitas wrapped in lettuce with grilled veggies instead of rice and with black beans instead of refried ones. See if the restaurant has a menu on the web so you can choose ahead of time instead of choosing when you might feel rushed. If they serve the salsa in individual dishes (so you can double dip), I get one big chip, dip the salsa and eat it off the chip. I try not to eat the chip but that way I am eating a lot of salsa with only one chip if I do eat it.

05-18-2006, 05:30 PM
mmmmm Barb you just made me so hungry!

05-18-2006, 08:17 PM
question... If I drank 2 cups of herbal tea.... would you count that as 2 cups of water?