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05-15-2006, 08:11 PM
... wherever you are! Where are all the Slimmin' Sistas! Check in, please. We want to hear from you! Yeah, YOU! You heard me. You over there, with the BBQ sauce on your chin. You know who you are!

05-15-2006, 10:27 PM
Sorry!!! I've had a rough go at this lately, and I didn't want to bring anyone else down with me! I don't feel like I've done much wrong, but the scale keeps going up, up, up.

I was at my mom's for the weekend. I missed my husband (he stayed home, because he had to work), then I finally got home last night, and I waited for him to get home, only to tell me that he was going to go play poker with the guys. Apparentely I missed him a whole lot more than what he missed me! It's not a big deal, and he never does anything with the guys, but it just really bothered me last night.

Also, money is tight. I wanted to buy him a new bike, but I just can't afford the level that I'd like to get him. I saw some at Target, but they are out of my price range too. I have my own bike that I love and have had for years, and he said that he would on bike rides with me. He gets absolutely zero exercise, so I'd love for him to bike.

Plus, I'd like to have a baby, but I decided that we better pay off one of our cars first. Well, that's not until November, 2008. The frustrating part is that it's not that we don't make enough money, but we just have too many bills....two car payments, mortgage, home equity loan, school loans, etc. Can you believe I'll be paying my school loans until I'm 61 years old!!! How depressing is that!!!!

I skipped the meeting tonight. I just couldn't bear to go. I did sign up for a couple of things through work. One is called the "Exercise Clinic." It's non-profit, there's a professor from the Health and Human Performance department on campus and a grad student. They put you through some physical assessments, and then they create an exercise program for you. We exercise at the same time three times per week throughout the summer. I didn't think the price was too bad--$45 for the summer. There's only like 6-7 people in my time frame, which is right after work. We get massive one-on-one help. I also signed up for sessions with a nutritionist. We get three free sessions per year, and stupid me has never done it!! She's taking a lot of vacation in May, so I couldn't get in until June 1st. I'm excited to go!

I jogged for 30 minutes tonight, and then walked for 10 minutes or so. I might do some other type of activity, because I don't feel like cleaning the house (which is what I really should be doing right now instead of typing all of this!)

Sorry to be such a bummer tonight. I'll try to be around more often!!!

05-16-2006, 09:29 AM
:hug: :hug: Steph:hug: :hug:

I am sorry things are so bummy. I too would feel upset if DH did that. I hope that you are able to get your ducks in a row and prepare for having kids. We wavered in that area for a long while. We ultimatley decided that we'll never have everything just right so why wait LOL. But I wish in some ways I had pushed DH to ahve a few ends tied up, like owning our home ect. Overall it was good timing for us b/c I don't have a Masters' degree therefore I only had one more year I could teach. I wanted to stay home so it worked out. But I do wish we were farther ahead and didn't have to worry so much. Of course what pressed our resources wasn't number one it was number two who surprised us just 15 months later. My advice is to take your time and enjoy being a couple for a while. Once kids are here your whole dynamic will shift.

05-16-2006, 10:57 AM
Boy Misty, you are completely right about your lives changing once the baby comes. I also advise to take time to make sure things are right, not necessarily just finances though that is hugely important. Things in my own life would be a million times better if money were not an issue. On the other hand sometimes the time never seems right. I think if we all waited until things were 100% perfect the human race would have died out long ago!

05-16-2006, 12:38 PM
Misty, what do you mean about only have one more year left to teach (without a masters degree). You did speech therapy right? Are they requiring a masters now?

When my husband and I married, I gained 42 nieces and nephews! He's the youngest of 11 kids, and so I became a great aunt after saying my vows! Isn't that crazy!

One of the nieces is actually pregnant. She's 18, and the father isn't involved. I think she'll do everything in her power to be a good mother, but it will be difficult for her. This is going to sound far more judging than what I mean it to seem, but it seems like my husband and I are in the position that we could create a much more harmonious upbringing, and we're the ones being so cautious! If it were up to my husband, we'd start trying for a baby right away, but I'm the one holding us back. I'm glad that he's completely supportive and okay with my/our decision.

Boy Misty, I could imagine that the 2nd one was quite the surprise. I'd imagine that two in diapers would be a lot to deal with!

We don't really have lives now, so I don't think our lives will change socially with a baby. I have no friends, and my husband only goes out a few times a year with his (including this past Sunday). But yes, many, many, many things change in addition to finances. You're right about the human race, Jen. Funny, but oh so true!!

05-16-2006, 01:36 PM
LOL Jen you are right!!!!!!

In NY which is where I was certified and PA where I live you have to get a provisional license when you graduate, then you have 5 years to recieve your masters' in order to continue teaching and be certified permanently. That is any teaching position. I didn't technically work in a school either. I worked with preschool kids through an agency that was contracted by school districts for early intervention. Still I needed my masters'. I supposed I could work in a nursing home or elder rehabilitation type setting without my masters' but I am not 100% sure about that, as many older people with speech problems suffer from aphasia which is incredibley complex. There really aren't many jobs in that kind of thing in our small area.

But I am confused about it b/c I was told by my employer I needed my masters' yet they called DH's cousin to come back and work for them a couple times once to cover my maternity leave and she doesn't have her masters' either.

I know what you mean about those who seem least prepared are the ones who end up with babies. But it's not just your social life kids change. I have no social life either. But even simple tasks like going to the grocery store become complicated. I guess my perspective is influence by the fact that everything is compounded b/c I have two. Two in diapers was no fun. I feel in alot of ways I missed out on both kids b/c just getting through the day was harder. Then of course I added to the chaos by babysitting. DD had to grow up faster and DS didn't get the one on one DD enjoyed.

But they are close enough in age they are almost like twins now that they are older. DD is quite small and DS is big so they even wear the same clothing Size LOL.

It's good to set some goals and once you reach them then go ahead. It will never be perfect timing, but for me I am living in a two (usable) bedroom house that I don't own with two kids quickly approaching the time when they need thier own room.

05-16-2006, 03:10 PM
:wave: Hello!

This month has been one of the worst in my life. I have completely fallen off the wagon, the wagon backed up and ran over me, and then someone stole the wagon, so I have to walk everywhere.

For the second half of April and beginning of May, I've felt like 10 miles of bad road. Just absolutely depressed.

Things are starting to look up- I'm only about 2-3 miles of bad road right now ;) - but I'm still trying to find a wagon to jump on.

I'm wallowing in childishness in someways. I don't wanna count, I don't wanna care. I don't wanna restrict. But I want the weight off now.

I've been walking a lot more than I had been- because I don't have a car right now- and that's been the only saving grace. I'm up 2 pounds to 310 this morning.

*Sigh* What a crappy month I've had.

So, bringing sunshine as always, I wanted to check in. Keep me in your prayers please. :)

05-16-2006, 09:47 PM
F&L... Remember that when you're feeling the worst, you need US most! Hang in there. Do what I told Misty and what I did myself when I got off track: Get ONE DAY OP. Tomorrow. Don't worry about drinking all your water or eating all your veggies. Concentrate totally on staying within your points. Just get that one day. Just get Wednesday. On Thursday you can eat a zillion points if you want to. You can throw away your food scale and points slider on Thursday if you want to. But make it through Wednesday. You can do this! DO NOT let the scale go up any higher. Stop it in its tracks.

Meanwhile, here's an *** kickin' wrapped in hugs. It's what we sistas are best at!

:hug: :hug:
:hug: :kickbutt: :hug:
:hug: :hug: :hug:

05-18-2006, 04:59 AM
Hi all. Just thought I would say an official hello to everyone though I've entered the odd post recently. I've left my bio in with the intros. I'd like to join in this group on a regular basis if I may. I don't feel that I am getting the support I need with the other group I've been posting with.

F&L - I know what you mean about having a bad month and feeling childish. I get like that a lot. Like why can't things be easier, it just isn't fair sometimes. Well all we can do is keep plodding along and know that if we hold steady things will improve.

05-18-2006, 09:49 AM
Welcome, Jen. Of course you can join us. The more the merrier. It gets quit around here sometimes, but I'm hoping we can get the group posting like crazy again. I haven't had time to read your intro yet, but I will. Welcome... welcome!

:welcome3: :welcome3:

05-18-2006, 11:15 AM
Jen-Oh I am so glad you are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sorry you weren't finding support in the other board. Sometimes I feel like in the more populated boards it's easier to get lost in the shuffle. We may be few but we are strong :)

Anyway I am glad you are here, I've missed talking with you frequently. (Jen and I have been in touch for over a year now in the Dr. Phil board, which seems to have fizzled out)

05-18-2006, 02:14 PM
Jen and I have been in touch for over a year now in the Dr. Phil board, which seems to have fizzled out

I know we have some quiet times, but we CANNOT LET THIS BOARD FIZZLE OUT!
(There I go yelling again. I'm sorry. I swear I'm not drunk!)

05-21-2006, 04:45 PM
thank you for calling us out, its been a whorwind but thats no excuse sometime i feel like i have nothing to share so i just read along but i shouldent Ill tell you the weeks i read and respond i have a grater loss and my attitude is way better. example last week i check in never and read only one day i think and i had a loss of .4 i was so upset becouse it all my fault i should be happy with a loss but .4 sounds upsetting to me and it shouldent well this week i promise to check in daily ....i WILL DO IT ! i have to!

i think we all need hugs :hug: