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05-15-2006, 05:20 PM
Hello all. I've been lurking around recently -- I just love this site. It's a nice feeling to see all of the encouragment -- especially from those who are doing the same diet.

I've started Atkins 2 weeks ago. Had 2 slip ups so far. I've lost 5 lbs. I'm exercising more and more. I'm up to about 3-4 times a week which is huge for me!

The Atkins has taken a bit of time for me to get used to. When I've slipped, it's been things like eating a piece of corn once and having a light beer at a party. It's slipping but I'm trying to train myself so there are no more slip-ups. I've finally gotten the time over the next 2 weeks to have for this diet -- meaning I have no where to go, no parties...basically no temptations while I get used to Atkins Induction.

I would love to buddy up with someone to share ideas, thoughts...people who have lots of experience on the diet. So far I've gotten tons of ideas and I really appreciate it!

Let's do this together! :)

05-15-2006, 06:07 PM
Buffy join us on the weekly that way you can have everyones input those doing great those doing good and know what pitfals to avoid from those of us not doing so good. we are right there for you. (Great job on the 5 lbs by the way!!)

05-15-2006, 09:17 PM
Hi Sue is right. I'm going to start joining in on the weekly's too.
we have very similar stats it will be funto follow you along too!
If there is anything in particular that I can help you with just yell! THe best thing you did so far was to allot ourself some down time for the induction. you really need to be away from temptations and you know what? probably by the time you 're done with induction (2 weeks) you won't have those tempations anymore!
good luck:hug:

05-15-2006, 10:42 PM
Welcome to the forum and good luck with Atkins. It has been working great for me. Congrat's on getting started.

05-15-2006, 11:05 PM
buffy-I'm no expert, I've only been doing this for 7 weeks, but anything you need, feel free to pm or email me!

05-18-2006, 01:31 PM
Hello everyone and thanks for the support.

Well it is day 8 of the Atkins diet and I've lost 6 pounds! I'm really excited and feel so good. I think I finally got the hang of it but still have lots of questions that I'm trying to figure out.

What about a ceasar salad? I heard that they are ok -- ceasar dressing is fine? Any one have any thoughts on it? I've gone out to lunch a few times and usually get a plain small salad to be on the safe side but love ceasars...any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

How is everyone else doing?

05-18-2006, 06:09 PM
Congratulations Buffy- You are on your way!!!
Any kind of salad is a great choice, just no croutons, and be very careful of any restaurant dressing-they are usually full of sugar, and dressing alone can blow your carb count. You can find a ceasar or any other kind of dressing without too many carbs, just read labels. Either bring your own dressing (I know it's wierd, but worth it), go without dressing, or order something else. What's great about Atkins is that you can feel like you are indulging on stuff you weren't supposed to have before, like having a burger or a steak at the restaurant, and still be perfectly on plan. We have always been bombarded by the low-cal low-fat diets, it's hard to change to the new way of thinking and eating without feeling guilty. But when you are counting carbs, the salad with dressing can actually be worse for your weight loss. The dressing I used to use had 9 carbs per Tbs-the dressing I use now has 1, and it's not a diet dressing. You just have to shop around.

05-18-2006, 06:15 PM
That's a good idea. I was actually thinking to keep some salad dressing handy here at work with me. We have a great cafeteria downstairs and it has a huge variety of dressings, including just plain oil and vinegar.

By the way, which vinegar is best? Obviously there are a ton to choose from!

Looks like you and I have a similar weight loss goal! Although you are much father along than I am. Can I ask how long it's taken you to loose that weight?

Thanks for the kudos by the way -- feels good to have some much needed support and encouragment here.

05-18-2006, 08:46 PM
Buffy - Way to go! Congratualtions you are more than half way through your first mini goal!
When you look at it that way it seems real doable doesn't it?
I don't know much about vinegar but I do know to saty away from balsamic for sure:( ( a favorite of mine)
there is a website some here have recommende called I am pretty sure there you can enter your food and it will add up evrything for you. also it;s a great place to graph your weight and inches lost.
keep up the good work.

05-18-2006, 09:23 PM
Oh no! I've been eating Balsamic thinking it was the better one! :^: Well, I'll have to look into that one more. I know that the obvious ones to stay away from are the fruit vinegars right? What about the basic wine vinegar? I see the big jugs of basic vinegar they sell and it's wine vinegar. Now I'm confused! :( Someone help!

Yes, the smaller goals are super great. I just learned of them recently and decided it was a great way to do it too. I'm on day 10 of the Atkins and have lost 6 lbs. It took about 5 days to get used to the diet (i cheated slightly) and am finally getting into the full ketosis state. I hear it can take up to 2 weeks to get into that state? I am doing it with a friend and she had a much fast time getting into the state then I did.

05-18-2006, 09:48 PM

I hope this works I'm not to experienced with copying and pasting and stuff but this page gives you a little info on carbs. turns out regular vinegar, rice, and cider are 0 carb balsamic is 2.
hope it helps

05-19-2006, 01:44 AM
I've been on Atkins since March 24, about 7 weeks. I should have lost more than that, but after some difficulties I got off Atkins for about 10 days after 5 weeks of it, gained back 3 lbs, and had to re-lose that. If I'd stuck with it I probably would have already lost 30. (kicking myself in the butt) is a great place to check carb counts on stuff you're unsure of. I use it for that, but it has many more features to keep a food and exercise journal, weight tracker, metabolic calculator,etc, and it's free. I find the other stuff kind of time consuming, so I just have a little notebook to write down what I eat and carb count every day, as well as my daily weight. If I don't write down my food, I'll forget what I ate and go over count! Plus if you stall or gain later, you'll be able to flip back through and find the culprit, or see what you were eating while losing the most rapidly.
Oh yeah-and if Atkin's is followed strictly, the book says you should be in deep ketosis by day 5. I'm sure for some people it's maybe longer, or maybe the darn ketostix just don't work (which happens alot). If the scale goes down, though, it doesn't matter.

05-19-2006, 01:33 PM
Thanks rebeleagle1965 & needtolose4me2 for the great information.

You'll all be happy to know I actually hit my short-term goal of 10 lbs!!! I couldn't believe it! I decided to weigh myself each Friday -- I had to check it a few times to be sure it was saying the right thing!

Today is day 11 of the diet for me and I absolutely love it! Of course it helps that I am actually losing the weight. It would be actually day 18 of the diet but I had to restart because I slipped up on that first weekend. BUT, I think it was a good thing because it got me used to the diet slowly...then I went in full steam ahead.

I have been keeping a journal, both using and a notebook I keep in my purse. I've been exercising 4-5 days a week. Two days of the week I've been working out with a trainer. I think all combined have definitely paid off! Today I'm meeting with my trainer and will be doing my measurements as well.

It's a GREAT day so far!!! I hope you area all having a wonderful day! :D

05-19-2006, 08:02 PM
:bravo: Yipee! Way to go! That is great news!
I, unfortunately didn't lose lbs this week but I did lose 3 inches. So I'm happy about that!
Keep up the great work!:cheer: we can do this, we can do this!:cheer:

05-19-2006, 08:34 PM
:cp: Congratulations Buffy!!!! :cp:

05-19-2006, 08:43 PM
Congratulations on losing weight (buffy) and inches (needtolose) !:D

05-19-2006, 09:34 PM
Thanks brown-eyed! I see you are on your way too! Way to go!

05-20-2006, 01:48 PM
Inches is awesome! I haven't checked my inches yet...I'm going to wait one more week. I LOVE this diet -- it's actually become easy for me now. I don't even crave anything! Do you think that will change with time?

I've also decided to do induction for a full month. Does anyone have any thoughts on how long you should do induction for? I'm finding it easier as time passes and I get more used to it. I love the energy I now have. It's amazine. My hubby is so happy to see me with so much energy.

About 2 years ago I was a size 4 - yup! Size 4! But that past 2 years I've let myself go and had a baby so...I'm quite bigger than that now.

05-20-2006, 02:14 PM
Cravings pretty much stay gone most of the time, but they can creep back in occasionally. The book says that you can safely do induction for up to 6 months or more, depending on the amount of weight you need to lose. A month should be fine. I haven't yet gone up on carbs. Some people can't do that and still lose weight, but I think that's pretty rare. As fast as you are losing now-that probably doesn't apply to you! After induction you are supposed to go up 5 grams a week until you reach a point where you still lose, but don't stall or gain. It may be 30 grams, it may be 90 grams-different for everybody. Of course you will lose faster the lower you stay. My fluffiness is from baby weight, too. I have, with the exception of after childbirth 3 times, lived very happily at a size 8, around 145 lbs. Don't think of it as letting yourself go-it's easy to gain and hard to lose when pregnancy is a factor! I had my last baby 8 months ago, and until I started Atkins, not one pound had budged.
The point of moving through the stages of OWL etc is to learn a new way of eating. Atkin's CAN be done for life, which I didn't understand at first myself. But living on induction forever is probably not a reasonable goal for most people. That's why we should progress through the stages, because the more variety we can add later on the more likely we are to stick to this in the long run. We don't have to live without bread or fruit forever, thank God!
I'm gonna do induction for about another 6 weeks or so myself. I want to lose as quickly as I can.
My hubby is not quite as supportive-he thinks Atkin's is unhealthy, and that's one of the reasons I went off plan for a while. I still haven't told him I'm back on, and he still hasn't noticed. In my opinion, being overweight is what's unhealthy, and this is working, and it's my body!

05-20-2006, 07:56 PM
Hi Rebel -

Well you and I are in the same boat. I had my baby 9 months ago, although it's my first baby. You are right, I shouldn't look at it as letting myself go. Let's look at it as being side-tracked. :D

I guess we both know how to be fit and healthy since we were lower weights in the past. My trainer said since I worked out so much before, it's all about muscle memory. I love working out now -- and have been working out for 6 days straight. I just started running again. With a bit of weight off, I can feel it's easier on my poor knees.

Don't worry, my hubby thinks it's a bit unhealthy but does think being overweight it worse. Plus, he knows how unhappy I am being overweight so he's all for whatever makes me less moody. :D

Maybe let your hubby know how important this is to you...otherwise, if he really is against it and doesn't notice you are back on it, oh well! It IS your body and you should do what makes you feel best.

Are you working out? With three kids, I imagine every day is a good workout.

05-21-2006, 01:52 AM
I do what I can at home-I wish I could go to the gym! My dh works 12 hour days, and with 3 kids it's just not possible right now. I have a Gazelle, which I should use more often than I do. I exercise about 3 days a week, after I put everyone to bed-mostly stuff like squats, crunches, lunges, etc with small weights. I also walk (with the stroller) when I can. I'm really just trying to get into better shape to be able to do yoga again. I used to do yoga every day, and I'm easing my way back into that. Believe it or not, that's all I had to do before to maintain. Most people think of yoga as easy, or just for relaxation, but it takes lots of strength and LOTS of practice. I love it because it retrains your body to breathe and move efficiently so that all day is a kind of workout.
I know what you mean about the knees-I'm only 27 and I have arthritis in mine, and I've also noticed how much easier it is to move just from what I've lost already. Now if my jean size would just go down! My "baby belly" has got to go!

05-21-2006, 02:23 PM
That darn "baby belly!" I have it too. I'm 34 and want to have one more baby. We are going to try for #2 next year...and I'm thinking about getting something done with this excess skin on my belly. It seems to just be hanging there. Gross! Does it ever go away?? I also have stretch marks but they are started to fade.

I would love to try Yoga. I have the luxury of having a gym at work -- an actual full gym! They have classes there and everything so I'm definitely taking advantage of having it. It's easier without the baby around and basically I have my own time. My trainer has tried to get me into the mode where the workout is "my own special time." So I'm definitely enjoying that aspect of it. That gazelle looks cool. I use one of those machines in the gym and it really makes me sweat! They offer Yoga classes -- now I am thinking of trying one out...sounds like you would highly recommend it?

It sounds difficult to do with your hubby working so much. That must be hard. I hope you can find time for yourself -- even if it is after babies go to sleep at night. Do you have time for yourself? To read or hang out and collect your thoughts at night?

I noticed when I'm happier, I don't eat uncontrollably like I used to. I don't crave anything really...and just this past week when I felt like I wanted a little something, I eat one tablespoon of peanutbutter and that usually does it for me.

05-21-2006, 04:23 PM
I think it will EVENTUALLY go away. My mom had 4 kids-she had the belly and the stretch marks. I'd say about 10 years after her last baby, and having maintained being slim that entire time, you can't tell. I had 4 years between my last two kids, and there was a dramatic improvement over time, but I had 3 c-sections, so I will always have "the pooch" unless I have it surgically removed. I can't have any more kids, so in a few years I'll probably fix it.

Yoga is great-I actually finished my whole video last night for the first time, and it felt SO good, physically and emotionally. If you're interested, but a beginners video to follow at home. I tried books first, but it's not the same as seing someone else do it correctly. When I did yoga every day, I had NO aches and pains. It burns calories, lengthens muscles, and tones and strengthens. As one friend of mine put it "It put her butt back up where it was supposed to be".
The only time I get to myself is after everyone's asleep. I usually stay up a few hours after that to read, watch tv, or exercise, as I refuse to contort or jiggle like that in front of my husband! I live in a small town, so I have a few friends with kids that meet at the park to talk and stuff while the kids play a few times a week. I'll be going back to work when the baby is a year old, so I'll get a "social life" back somewhat then....
My problem since the baby was born, and when I was preggers, was that I'm too close to the refrigerator for comfort. It's too easy to snack when you're pretty much home all day, but since I started this woe I really don't have the desire to anymore. The only hard part is keeping all the off limits food in the house for everyone else, i.e. everyone wanted pancakes this morning-and I have to smell all the butter and syrup as I make my separate meal!

05-22-2006, 12:27 AM
I had a C-Section too. I know the pooch feeling. I think I will have my fixed too after I decided when my last baby will be my last. :) I'd love to have 2 more kids but I think now we are looking at 2 kids and we'll be very happy. The scar is really hard to see from the c-section though -- and it's really low so I'm happy about that.

I am going to try a yoga class at work this week. A co-worker of mine has never tried it either so we are going to try it together. Another co-worker told us it's for beginners and advanced and to just watch on when there are stretches we can't do yet. I hear great things about Yoga and now hearing it from you too makes me really want to try it.

It is SO hard to have to prepare the yummy foods for others. Pancakes! Now that is hard! Up until this diet, I have never lasted on a diet for more than a few days. I'm on day 13 now and have literally not cheated at all nor have I wanted to. I can't believe it! It's a wonderful feeling.

Today my hubby gave me a little crap about eating all that meat. For a while he tried to do it with me (although he doesn't need to be on a diet at all -- he's in great shape!) to make it easier for me but can't do it...actually he only lasted 2 days...ha ha...he loves his toast in the morning.

This week my goal is to bring in my lunch and snacks. We have a cafeteria at work and while it has wonderful and good healthy foods available, the variety for my diet is sparse.

Good for you for getting back to work. I took 5 months off with my son. I went back to work this past January. I guess you can say it was a great start for me.

I hope you had a successful weekend. Did you do ok on your diet and exercise?

05-22-2006, 12:57 AM
Let me know how the yoga class goes-I've done a few classes, but I prefer to do that at home, just because I don't have to worry about how huge my butt looks bent over in downward facing dog! I did okay on the diet and exercise-I haven't cheated since I restarted with the exception of one sip of dh's jack and coke last weekend, which wasn't really "cheating" because it was probably only 5 carbs at the most. I haven't lost any lbs in about 4 days, which is not the norm since I started this, but it's my TOM so I'm trying not to get discouraged.
I had to go to my niece's b-day party today-LOTS of food and a HUGE cake. I wasn't tempted at all, which kind of surprised me, but had to listen to 20 people insisting "You've GOT to eat a piece of cake, it's her BIRTHDAY! One piece won't hurt!" But the fact of the matter is that it will hurt, and although I didn't want to offend anybody, I'm not about to blow my diet and get out of ketosis for a pice of cake that I didn't want anyway.
I am however worried about my vacation-hubby and I are going to mazatlan, mexico first of june, and it's gonna be hard to stay on track there with the rice, bean, and tortilla abundance, all of which will be calling to me from the hotel room ( I can hear it already :) ) I love mexican food, but will do my best to stay on plan there....
Good luck at your class-I hope you like it!

05-22-2006, 12:07 PM
but I prefer to do that at home, just because I don't have to worry about how huge my butt looks bent over in downward facing dog!

LOL! Yes, but dear.. remember.. everyone is facing the floor at the same time as you, so really.. nobody see's your butt. <grins>

I love Yoga, and have been doing it for years. I might be fat, but i'm flexable, and have toned my muscles regardless. My kids do it every morning as well, and I find it really brings on a peacefulness that lasts most of the day. I say most since it can't seem to last forever with kids. LOL!

05-22-2006, 02:18 PM
Falon is right, don't worry about what others think. Plus, you will be in there exercising right? It's not like you are eating cookies and cake AND watching people exericing...ha ha... ;)

My weekend went well. Decided to finally have a little yummy treat last night and had the sugarfree jello and whipped cream. I'm actually trying to stay away from all treats for a while because I know myself. I can see myself going overboard. I'm scared to fall off the wagon! :(

I set a new goal for myself for the 4th of July. It's probably far fetched but hey, I like a good challenge! :D

My goal for the week is to eat breakfast every day (it's been one of my failures in the past not to eat a good breakfast), do cardio workouts everyday and see my results come Friday. My clothes are starting to fit a little more loosely! Which I love!

I have a nutty week at work so I think I'll have to try the Yoga next week. This week I'm going to focus on high impact cardio. One of my goals this year is to run a half-marathon here in my city. :D Think I'm nuts?

DAY 14 / Atkins Induction

05-22-2006, 09:54 PM
Falon-Me, too. It does give you a peaceful feeling-it has been proven to reduce stress levels and even blood pressure. It's great for you all around. My kids do like to do yoga, too, and I really should let them start a healthy habit, but I desperately need SOMETHING to myself, and that's kind of my time out for me.

Buffy-You are absolutely not crazy for your goal to run a half marathon this year-you can do it! As much as you are exercising, you are well on your way! For the last two nights, I have finished my whole yoga workout-before I have been so out of shape I was just working my way up doing as much as I could of it and quitting. My goal this week is to keep up doing the whole thing beginning to end every night....if I can do that, and make it past all the beginning soreness, it will be yoga every day from here on out.

The scale finally moved again, 1 more lb gone! :D

05-23-2006, 01:13 AM
Way to go rebel!!! That is fantastic news!!! I am so SUPER happy and proud of you. The exercise and diet is really working for you. And that is an excellent goal -- I know doing an entire video workout at home is hard. And you know what? I have a few at home and I have yet to finish even one of them!

I agree with having that yoga time for yourself. It's important to keep that alone time. :) Maybe you can incorporate a daytime yoga session with your kids? Then you could get an extra workout in there?!

When do you weigh yourself? I've decided to weigh myself every Friday now. So I'm looking forward to this week. I've been doing some weight training so I know that my weight may not go down as much as I would like -- but I am feeling a difference in my clothes. I heard it wasn't good to weigh yourself more than once a week -- do you agree with that?

Thanks for the support on the marathon. I really want to do it -- it's one of those things in life I've always wanted to accomplish. :D

05-24-2006, 03:11 AM
That's a great idea about the two workout sessions so that the kids can join in-I hadn't even thought of that!
I know lots of people have the opinion that weighing too often can be bad, and it's different for everybody. If you aren't losing, it can be discouraging. I weigh myself every day, always in the morning, undressed, before I've had anything to eat or drink. Clothes, undigested food, water weight, etc can make you fluctuate drastically. I don't have a problem with up and down throughout the week since I started this, so I feel like every day is okay for me. I'm also kind of paranoid about gaining any back, so I kind of want a daily heads up to make sure that doesn't happen. Doing that may not make much difference, but it makes me feel better to see that my weight is at least the same even if it hasn't gone down.

05-24-2006, 01:45 PM
I've been weighing myself daily as well -- can't help it! The scale is sitting there in my face each morning and I just can't help myself. :D Some days it creeps up a bit and others it goes down a lot. So strange how it fluctuates like that. I would say on average, my weight is always between a 5 lbs difference. Like if I say I weigh 190, the week will consist of 190 - 195 all week. Is that normal?

I've been using the ketosis strips and have now been in deep ketosis for about 5 days now! I'm really proud of myself for really sticking with the diet this time. It's the first time ever that I have taken so much time for myself and really watching what I eat. I now even take special care in all my meals -- a true first for me.

I didn't get a chance to workout yesterday but did get a brief brisk walk in during the day. My poor doggie didn't get his night out for a run or the beach last night. :(

Hope you are having a fabulous day so far!

05-25-2006, 01:41 PM
I've heard of lots of people fluctuating in weight-I think that's normal. There was a post brought back up here not too long ago where a women weighed herself several times a day, on different scales, before and after meals and exercise, and with different clothes on. The short story is her weight fluctuated as much as 13 lbs! Weigh yourself in the mornings without clothes, after the bathroom, and before you eat, every time. You may still fluctuate a little due to water retention or TOM, etc, but that should cut it down alot.
I'm proud of you, too, Buffy! Doesn't it feel great to do something for yourself? To know that you've had the strength to see it through this time, and feel the results in your health AND on the scale? Keep it up, girl! We can do this!
Don't feel too bad about not working out yesterday-I know you've been hitting that pretty hard lately, and one day won't do any damage. As long as you get in 4 or 5 days a week, you're doing great and increasing your metabolism-even on the days you're not working out. It's good to take a break every now and then so you don't get burned out on your routine.
I really like using my ketosis strips, too. Lots of people don't like to use them, because they can go bad, or you can get a faulty batch of them. Just take care of them-I read on another site that if they are exposed to moisture AT ALL, like keeping them in a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, even(steam from the bath or shower), or if they are old or opened for more than a few months, then they are no longer reliable and probably won't turn. They aren't expensive, and they give me a psychological pat on the back, so I'll just buy more if that happens. They are also helpful when you decide to add more carbs, so that you will know what your personal limit is that you can still lose at before you get completely out of ketosis.
I bet it's great to have a beach close by to walk/run on for a change of pace from the gym. I'd definitely take advantage of that! Running in the sand would be great training for that marathon!

05-25-2006, 04:39 PM
One thing I've done is to weigh every morning, average my weight for the week and consider that number my weekly weight. That takes into consideration all the fluctuations.

05-25-2006, 07:38 PM
Thanks Hockey -- that's actually a smart idea. I'm going to try that out. I'm going to let this week go. I'm a little sad that the scale so far hasn't shown more weight loss but I'm still happy that I reached my initial Memorial Day goal of 10 lbs. I guess that's a good way to look at it right? :D

05-25-2006, 08:48 PM
Congratulations Buffy on the ten pounds - and in advance of your Memorial goal at that!! :carrot:

I am going to jump in here, although I know I haven't been part of the group:

I am starting to get a bit discouraged on this weigh-in thing after reading the thread posts. I am on day 4 of induction, and I have weighed twice - on Tuesday for fitday (187), and again today (185). I wore my nightgown both times, it was after first pee, and before breakfast. In my head, I know that it is water weight and not fat loss, but it sounds like from the post that it may be my scale fluctuating and I haven't even lost the water weight yet. :?: Is that right?

How many days on induction are you? Because I am looking at a pound and a quarter a day. I don't have ketosticks yet so I don't know if I am in deep ketosis or not. I have tried to keep my meals to 1500 calories for each of these 4 days. I cut back on my sweets all last week in preparation for dieting. I fasted and colon cleansed on Sunday to get rid of excess carbs. I went through three days of headaches and nausea (still have a bit of nausea), so I think I am in ketosis which I understand should mean I am losing - right? :dizzy:

Mind you - I have read the book and tried Atkins before, but I have never made it this long without cheating, so I need a bit of guidance. Any help is appreciated.

05-25-2006, 09:00 PM
Hello there MsChris -

Glad to have you join the group! There's always room for more!

It sounds like you are doing really great -- and congrats on doing that. And losing 3 lbs in 4 day is really good! Seriously, that is something! I'd say you were actually off to a really good start.

First, are you exercising? As you can see from my recent posts, I was exercising and now believe that from my weight training, I was building muscle...we all know muscle weighs more than it was the probable reason for my plateau.

My trainer has told me to always give yourself a good 2 weeks into a diet before you start to think "is this working." Because it takes your body at least 2 weeks to get used to the new diet and needs time to adjust. So don't fret just yet! I think you are doing great.

I suggest that you come here often. I'm here a lot during the day and I feel it totally helps me so much! It's nice to read through the threads and get others opinions and experiences on things.

I don't know if this helped you...but good luck to you! And hope to see you around! :D

05-25-2006, 09:20 PM
MsChris-Congrats on the 3 lbs! That is a totally normal amount of weight for day 4, and the headaches and nausea should be completely gone by tomorrow-you've made it throught the hardest part!
The first weight you lose on any diet is water weight, but especially so on Atkins, because its a good diuretic. Eating carbs actually makes you retain water-so now that you're not your body will let go of that. Some people lose more or less than you in water, but the book says that by day 5 you can be assured that whatever weight you lose from there on out is actual fat. Some people fluctuate more on the scale than others, but mostly that fluctuation is up, making you think you've gained. You really did lose 3 lbs, and from now on it's all gonna be fat coming off. Keep up the good work!

05-25-2006, 11:49 PM
Thanks Rebel - and I missed that part about day 5 being the start of fat loss - that is good to know. I will be really glad when my nausea :p moments pass for good - for sure.

Thanks Buffy - and yes it is helpful to be on here talking to others. Someone else posted on here about how their DH is not supportive and I am in that boat too, so I am coming here for strength when I am tempted to "taste" something off my diet.

Oo Oo Oo - :o you would ask about exercise. I am not really doing to great in that area, just yet:( . I have been really focused on the food part because I am a major emotional eater be it stress or depression.

I bought a manual elliptical about a month ago that I can only manage about 15 - 20 minutes straight on. I did an escape your shape (EYS) workout on Monday with it (3 minute intervals) and my EYS bar. On Wednesday, I did the playground with my boys - 25 minutes straight (timed) on the swing. I didn't count the slide, see-saw or helping my boys with monkey bars or the swings - my hypocrisy only goes so far ;) .

I have a workout from the bulletin of a local karate studio that I am looking at trying, but it is a bit overwhelming. Plus I found out I can not afford Karate classes for the three of us, so I figure why try to get into the preparatory workout.

I really need to find something I can do (and enjoy) along side my boys, because I am already working nights, and I don't want to take even more time away from them.

I really wish I could get FITtv again. I used to love to do the twenty minute step aerobic workouts at the top of the hour with Tamilee Webb. I have ordered several of her VHS tapes in hopes of getting them transferred to DVD so that I can play them.

My third workout for the week will probably be WAP - easy mile or another escape your shape workout if I am really energetic when I wake up in the morning. At any rate, after I manage to stay on induction the full two weeks this time, I will make myself do 3 workouts - real ones - not the playground - a week, somehow.:(

05-26-2006, 01:18 PM
Hey-playing with the kids, especially boys-IS exercise! Just out of curiosity I checked it out-believe it or not, there is a whole part of the exercise section dedicated to just that, and it burns quite a few calories! It is hard to find time to yourself to get in a workout when you have small kids. We live in a really small town that is basically owned by the company my dh works for, so although it's small, there's lots of perks-one of which is a gym, and it's only $8 a month WITH a personal trainer! Even though I can practically see the darn thing from my front door, I still can't go. I have an 8 month old and no sitter. Hubby works long hours, and they are still open when he gets home, but he doesn't seem to realize how important this is to me so there's no help there. I swear, he's a great husband and a great father, but my weight doesn't bother him, and he thinks I'm nuts for busting my butt this far. As a matter of fact, he hates the idea of me doing Atkins, and when I was having some physical difficulties with it about 5 weeks in, he nagged me to death about how unhealthy Atkins is until I gave in and quit;started calorie counting. That lasted a little over a week. I gained back 3 lbs. I STILL haven't told him I'm doing the diet again, and he STILL hasn't's been 3 weeks! I just do yoga at home with a DVD that I have, and work a little with small weights, crunches, etc., and that seems to be enough for now. That elliptical trainer will come in handy for you-they are a great workout! Any exercise we can get in is better than none at all! I have a Gazelle at home, but am ashamed to say that I haven't dusted it off in over 2 weeks. By the time I dig the big damn thing out and set it up, 5 minutes into it the baby cries, someone's hungry, or the phone rings. The only reason I even get to do yoga is that I stay up after everyone goes to sleep!

05-26-2006, 01:35 PM
Wait - hold up - do I understand you right? There is a whole section of exercise on playing with the kids to burn calories? WHERE? Please please :^: direct me because I do that. I searched swinging on fitday and it didn't come up.

I understand completely about the dh. I am in the same boat. My dh said just do a few situps and I would be fine. He doesn't think I need to lose weight, but I want to. You are going to probably have to do what I have done all week which is fix the meals the way Atkins dictates and just add a piece of bread to his plate. I can fix a meat and two vegetables and give him a piece of bread and he doesn't even notice the difference except that I am making time to cook instead of us going out to eat.

Hey - do you know how exercise and then going to bed does? I get off work at 2AM so in guilt went ahead and did 30 minutes of step aerobics with tamilee, but went to bed about 30 minutes after.

05-26-2006, 01:56 PM
Hello MsChris and Rebel -

Playing with the kids IS a good workout. Here's something to try -- go to a playground with the boys and plays running games like sprinting back and forth (kind of like tag or something). The boys will think it's fun and you will NO DOUBT get a great workout. Short sprints in intervals of 15 mintues is like walking for 30 minutes! Brisk walking!

Also, if you do go to the playground, make it worth it. Play on everything with the boys. On the monkeybars, try to do some pull-ups. On the other equipment, it's all a workout believe me! And it's free! if you can do that 3 times a week, you are good! Once you get more strength and energy, believe me, you'll find some time to do a workout video or possibly run on your own -- or walk -- when you have the time.

You are doing great so far -- the exercise too. Don't be too hard on yourself...from what you described below, I think you are doing great!

05-26-2006, 08:31 PM
Mschris-on fitday, click on "activities" on the left. Then on the "browse" drop down menu select "home activities". They have everything from caring for an infant, to cleaning house, to sitting playing with children, to walking/running playing with children. If you select the "moderate walk/run play with child" (there is also light and vigorous!), it says you burn about 200 calories in an hour! That's the same amount it lists for bicycling at 10 mph for the same amount of time-gotta love that....a new incentive to play with the kids!
Buffy's right-you can get in a workout, and entertain and spend time with your kids at the same time. Not only are you killing two birds with one stone, they'll have a blast...

I think it's okay to exercise before bed. I seem to sleep better after exercise, but that's really my only option. If you can exercise early in the morning, it's probably better to do that, because it will boost your metabolism for the day and give you more energy. My 6 and 4 year olds are at grandma's, so when the baby took a nap I got to do my yoga early.