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05-14-2006, 09:02 PM
Hi everyone!
This is my first post here on this site, i like it a lot and thought that i should give it a try and post all my thoughts here, hoping that someone can tell me that if i do atkins i will lose weight and will maintain losing it .

From my experience, Atkins realy worked fine with me 2 years ago, but i realy got sick of just eating protein , veggies. I realy missed bread, rice, fruits, milk a lot, i know that you will tell me that i can have these stuff on second or third phase but the problem is once i have one i feel that i need all.This is my big problem, i just eat everything that my eye can see, i always eat my baby's chocolates, buiscuts, chips, ect...

Anybody, tell me how much weight did you lose and for how much time and how long did you keep it.

Also i would apprecite it if you could tell me what can i do with eating everything, i don't have any strength at all.

My weight had affected my life in so many ways,
1)I cann't play with my daughter(3 years old) anymore.
2)Any simple effort could make me feel realy exhausted.
3)Don't find any cloth to wear.
4)I am always in a bad mood cause i feel that i am a loser who cann't control my eating happits.
5)I hate excersize, i cann't stand it.
6)I hate people's words when they tell me that i have to lose weight.
7)I have very bad knee problem, that i cann't bend it or walk for more than 20 min.
8)I feel that this weight issue have affected my ability to get pregnant again.
9)I don't like to go outside, i just feel its better to just stay at home.

Sorry for being so desperate and made you feel bad but this is realy what i feel and i just needed someone to talk to and inspire me to start doing it again.


05-14-2006, 11:01 PM
I would focus on one thing at a time...not try and give it all up at once and just one day at a time. Don't look at it like your giving up something forever...just ask yourself if you can do this today. Worry about tommorrow when it gets here!

05-15-2006, 12:22 AM
I know how you feel. Many of your responses to things that are bothering you are the same as mine. I started Atkins on June 24, 2005, 10 1/2 months ago. I have lost 84 lbs. I am 5 lbs. to goal and reading as much as possible now on learning how to maintain my weight loss. My loss is slowing now, which is expected and I truly find that I am getting close to learning what my ACE will be. I think a person can maintain the weight loss if they continue to eat appropriately and don't let old habits creep back in. I know that bread was a problem for me too, but low-carb bread tastes good and it's all I ever use now. Plus, I make great mexican foods with low-carb tortillas. The thing about Atkins that has worked so well for me is not having to go hungry. I have always loved food and have a hard time with calorie counting or low-fat options. However some people do fantastic with these WOE and I am proud they are able to do that. I never cared much for exercise either, so I walk a lot per my physicians orders and to help me get the weight off. Good luck in your endeavors and let me know if I can be of any help.

05-15-2006, 04:55 AM

You aren't going to like what I have to say. But this is plain talk. Honest and straight forward. You sound a lot like me. And you sound a lot like someone else I've seen on this forum.

I'm not sure who it is, but her message at the end of her post in her signature really struck me. She said "I'll do anything to lose this weight...except for diet and exercise."

I saw that and said "exactly". We want the results without the work. Or as someone said in another place, we have an "inner brat" who wants to be a "princess". She wants to be rescued, to have it all be easy. Some fairy godmother should show up and wave her magic wand and poof, we will be thin without going through the effort to get there. Who are we kidding?

I hear you saying "I hate to exercise". "I hate to give up my favorite foods", "I have no will power" "I eat all the things I know are bad for me" and also "someone tell me I can lose this weight and keep it off".

I'm not going to tell you that. Because you can't. You can't hope to lose the weight with Atkins, go back to your former way of eating and keep the weight off. You can't "hate exercise" and not do it, and hope to keep in shape. We don't have fairy godmothers.

So what can you do? What can I do? We can get serious. We can recognize that there is cause and effect. You eat the wrong foods, you are going to gain weight. You refuse to exercise you are going to compound the problem. BUT, it doesn't have to be as extreme as we tend to try and make it either. Exercise doesn't mean sweating and stressing ourselves out. A nice walk can be exercise. Digging a few weeds in your garden can be exercise. Lugging the groceries up the stairs can be exercise. We don't have to go for broke, and we don't have to kill ourselves. We can make small changes over time that we can live with.

With Atkins you can lose the weight, and you can maintain and keep it off, IF you keep the low carb attitude. I lost 50 pounds in 2000, and kept the weight off for 2 years, lost an additional 10 or so pounds and kept most of that off for another year. But then I gave up on the low carb attitude and started eating whatever I wanted and gained most of it back.

No magic wands. No fairy godmothers. Losing it (or part of it) again took work and effort and losing the rest of it will too.

Do I HAVE to do it with Atkins? Do you? No. If we can't handle the deprivation, we can accept a different method of weight loss, accept perhaps a smaller or slower loss, and also be able to eat some of our favorite foods. What we do know however, is that whatever we choose, we will have to give up SOMETHING. It might be only part of the breads and sweets we enjoy eating. It may be only a small part of our sitting or lying on our butts time (in favor of movement), but it isn't going to happen by accident.

You CAN lose the weight the low carb way if that is what you want to do. But you need to make up your mind in advance that if this is the method you choose to use to lose your weight, you will be doing this (or some slightly modified version of this) for the rest of your life! Can you do this? Is it worth it to you to be thin? If not, WHAT can you do, that would be worth it to you? Nothing? Then forget it, you are going to stay fat. Be satisfied with that. On the other hand, when you look at it honestly and reasonably (without the princess attitude), if there ARE changes you can make and live with them, then make THOSE changes and be happy with your losses, however slow or fast they are. As time goes on, you may find that you enjoy some more movements than you originally thought, and you may want to exercise more. And this may speed things along for you a bit.

Please don't feel that I'm picking on you, I'm talking to myself right now too. I TOO want it to be easier than it is. I want my cake and to get to "eat it too". I want my weight loss, but I don't want to give up my chocolate or other wonderful goodies. I do try and exercise a little, but I'd prefer to sit on my butt at the computer and type to my friends.

I'm not kidding myself though. I have the right to make these choices. BUT the choices I make will affect the results I get. If I want to stay fat, then all I need to do is keep on making the choices I'm making now. If I want to lose? I need to accept that I need to make different choices.

Some of the choices I'm making lately that are different are:
1 drinking more water
2 eating earlier in the day
3 trying to not eat late at night
4 moving more. Getting some exercise
5 watching and at least being aware of how much higher carb food I put in my mouth every day.
6 limiting how much high carb food I consume
7 making sure that I eat slowly and eat healthy and enjoy, by being present in the moment, the foods I do eat.
8 trying to make my choices more about quality food than quantity.

Are these changes enough? Something tells me no. That I'm going to have to buckle down and get even more serious. But until I'm ready to do that, these tactics are helping me to maintain what I've already lost and not gain it back.

My suggestions to you are to make changes in your life, but make changes you can live with. If you want to do Atkins? Then make up your mind that you are going to do it with all you've got, and that you are going to accept the limitations it imposes on you. Recognize that there is a scientific law of cause and effect, and that there is NO cheating that law. It is like what the Bible says about what you "sow" you will also "reap". You don't sow corn and get a crop of tomatoes or wheat.

Same way with our bodies. If we sow a lack of self control, an unwillingness to limit how much or the kinds of foods we eat, we sow an unwillingness to exercise, we aren't going to get back a svelte, lovely thin body. We know this. Our logical conscious minds know this. But that little princess brat in the middle of our hearts, that little child that has never grown up, keeps screaming "It's not fair! Why do I have to be fat? Why CAN'T I eat what I want? Why do I have to exercise?" Because. If we will "do anything" to lose the weight "except diet and exercise" we will do anything BUT lose the weight. Simple, straight forward, facts of life. Nothing we can do about it even if it isn't "fair".

If you choose Atkins, put your whole self into it. Do it happily and not grudgingly. Be grateful for the quick weight loss, not angry or pouty about what you can't have. And if you can't do that, then choose a different method. Choose something you can handle. Right now I've decided that I can't handle Atkins. I'm hoping in time to change my mind, but there is nothing more frustrating than PRETENDING to be all into a particular way of eating when in reality you hate it. You can't lose weight that way. That inner rebellious brat will sabotage you every time. Unless you can get her cooperation you will be spinning your wheels and wasting your time and effort.

05-15-2006, 08:15 AM
Definitely decide of LC is the way you want to live the rest of your life. And you're right, you won't ALWAYS have to "deprive" yourself of all that stuff. But to get past the cravings you will. And if you're SERIOUS about losing weight, and you're SEROUS about doing Atkins/low carb you then do it a day at a time. Exercise hurts? Believe me, I'm the queen of the hating exercise club. I started Atkins and didn't exercise. And yes, it works w/out exercise. BUT I also know that I'm to the point where I'm going to have to exercise to get the rest of the weight off. I also know that even though I'm slipping a LOT on the junk carbs lately...I prefer the way that Atkins makes me feel. Why do I slip? Because I'm human (and have no willpower). Does that mean I'm going to give up? Nope.
So think on whether you truly want to do this WOE. Then do it the best you can. As for the weight comes off and you get more energy, try just walking in place for 5 minutes. ANY exercise will help :) :welcome:

05-15-2006, 08:55 AM
I agree with the above posters, they all have excellent advice.

The things you wrote I could've written myself a year ago. I HATED myself, hated everyone around me and felt like I had no future. If you decide that LC is for you, then grab the Atkins for life book and read don't have to deprive yourself. I'm sitting here eating a cheeseburger with all the fixins (without bun!) right now.

When I decided to LC I had just had lumbar surgery for two ruptured disks in my back. I started exercising by walking 1/4 block to my mail box every week, then worked up from there and I'm at 4 miles 10 months later.

after you start exercising on a regular basis you will see how awesome you feel and will hate it when you CAN'T exercise. If everyone liked to exercise then most of the US wouldn't be obese right now.

I know that if I can do it, YOU can do it, it has to be a little 'click' in your head though. You have to want to lose the weight. Good luck in your decision, it sounds like you recognize the problems. I too hated to go outside, but I've bought my first swimsuit this year and plan to wear it a lot!! A lot of inside change goes on as well during your weight loss, you will be amazed at how much your life changes!!

:hug: :hug: :hug:


05-15-2006, 09:13 AM
I to have struggled with my weight for a few years thinking just another one will not matter. I agree with Lacey something in your head just clicks and you think right now is the time to do it. I am a week inand feeling better already the thing that keeps you going is knowing that you can chat to people who are to going through what you are!! Everyone understands .
I wish you the best of luck give it a go I am sure you shall make it a success if you really want to!!

Amanda xx

05-15-2006, 04:32 PM
I have lost 24 lbs total in about 7 weeks, but it could have been more. I went off plan for about 10 days right there in the middle to try calorie counting, and gained 3 lbs back. So I'm back now, and I can tell you that I have tried other diets and with the exception of a prescription a long time ago, they have not worked for me. Atkins has. It is well known for the rapidity at which you can lose. As long as you don't go back to old eating habits when you're done, you shouldn't have to worry about gaining it back. Dr. Atkins says in his book that after you've lost all you wanted, if the lbs start creeping back up, to allow yourself only a 5 lb gain before starting the plan again.

It IS depressing to be overweight. To walk around in public next to all the "skinny" people. To shop for clothes. To feel like a whale when you even think about exercise. You are not alone-but instead of us sitting around here continuing to be depressed about it, let's encourage each other to change. I can tell you because I have been the whale AND the skinny girl that the bigger you are, the harder it is to exercise. It's embarassing, and it hurts! But try Atkin's, or whatever works for you, and start out slowly. Any movement helps!
As far as the food, this is THE best diet for not feeling deprived. The foods allowed are FILLING foods, and once you get through induction and past the cravings and on your way through OWL, the variety opens up. Like lilybelle said, there are low-carb options for MOST of the off-limit foods that you can try later. My vice is chocolate-very no-no, but there are even options for that!
I have arthritis in my knees, and I'm only 27. Extra weight only compunds joint problems. I bought a Gazelle because there is no impact on the knees-way less impact than even walking. Getting moving can only help whatever physical ailments that any of us have.

Buy the book. I am intimidated by anything that says "it's a life sentence"...that's just to big for me to think about, and reason enough to give up. But in the first few chapters, he said to try it for just two weeks, then decide. That's what got me here. I'm just taking it one day at a time, and I'm gonna get there. Come to this site often-there are lots of ladies here with advice, success stories, inspiration, and the occasional kick in the butt. I could not be doing this without all of them!

05-16-2006, 05:55 PM
I am realy ashamed that i cann't stick to a program, but thanks to all of you guys i will take your advice and do this a day at a time, today is my second day and i am doing great.

I like your idea of doing it one day at a time.

Congratulations on losing all those lbs, i am sure that it made a huge difference to you. Hopefully i can do that too:) BTW, are we allowed to drink diet soda?

Your words was realy straight forward to my mind, you are totally right cause you showed me the truth that i want to be skinny without going the miles, i like that you are taking it a bit by bit, this realy helps a lot.

I hate excersize too and i can imagine myself doing anything that is related to fitness excersise, nor even walking.
I think i need to lose around 30 lbs to be able to start walking again.

WOW, you lost 86lbs that is realy an inspiration to me.I have started my LC way yesterday and hope i can stick to it same like you, can you give me a sample day menu, so i can use any of your meals.

Thank yo ugus

05-16-2006, 11:15 PM
I eat super simple. I'm always on the run and don't have time to make exorbrant meals. I LOVE taco salads (minus the shell/chips) so I have at least one of those a day. About the first 9 months I ate a TON of egg things...had an omelette or 2 egges every morning with bacon, etc. When I eat out it's always a steak or hamburger. If there's nothing on the menu that I can eat (like a chinese food place) then I don't eat until I get home. Now that it's coming on to summer time I usually eat a salad every morning. A sample meal when I started (and was losing faster) is:

b: 2 scrambled eggs, 4 pieces of bacon (or more if I felt hungry)
l: cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo & 1 cup of brocolli & cheese
s: steak

right now though my stomach has shrunk a lot and it doesn't take a lot to fill it up so my menu is usually something super simple like:

b: salad w/ lettuce, spinach, sunflower nuts, shredded cheese & ranch
l: chicken or taco salad or bacon, lettuce and tomato

during the day I grab little things here and there...a couple of strawberries, slice of cheese, a couple of grapes, some nuts..

lately I haven't been eating after 3:00 pm, I don't recommend it for anyone but for me it works, because that's when my 'sweet' cravings hit.

hope I didn't blab too much, let me know if you have any further questions, as you can see I love to yack :)

edited to add:
I re-read your post. I'll bet a huge percentage of people in here felt JUST like you. But there IS a big bright world out there and life is just too short to NOT enjoy it!! There are many wonderful people to meet and if you have kids then the sooner the better, their lives are greatly affected by having a parent who can't do things with them and has a terrible self image. I saw where you said you couldn't walk for more than 20 minutes. Be thankful that you can walk that 20 minutes, just start out small. Walk to the mailbox, walk a block...and of course always seek a doctors opinion when you start losin' all that weight and want to start jogging 2 miles each morning :)


05-17-2006, 01:25 AM
Sherry, that was a very honest and straightforward post. Thanks , it made so much sense to me. It is true, Atkins works great but a person has to be willing to put forth the commitment and realize that nobody gets it for free. I didn't lose my weight by going off program and sitting on my butt. That's for sure. There is no other way.

05-17-2006, 01:44 AM
I really needed to read that post. It was a eye opener.

05-17-2006, 02:06 PM
You're welcome. It is just simple logic. But us women we tend to internalize everything and turn it into an emotional battle rather than a logical battle. I think that may be partly why men are so much more successful at weight loss sometimes than we women are, (in addition to their natural advantages of more muscle and more testosterone.)

When I was first planning to start trying to lose weight, I read an article called "Diet like a man". It indicated that men don't invest a lot of emotion into dieting. We women do. They look at it as cause and effect, and change the cause in order to change the effect.

We women have more synapses between the left and right hemisphere of our brains. Our logical side integrates more with our emotional and creative side. This makes it harder (I think) for us to separate logic from feelings.

Dieting shouldn't be about feelings (for us it often is), but it should just be about getting what you pay for. reaping what you sow. Calories in vs Calories burned. It really IS a math equation. No room for emotions within math. This plus this equals this, no wiggle room. It just makes sense on a logical level.

Why then do we feel that we just HAVE to have this little piece of chocolate. Our emotions are going to suffer if we don't? Ah well. Keeping a logical attitude about it and letting go of the princess brat who wants things done FOR her, makes it easier.

When you think about it though, weren't we all brought up on fairy tales? Didn't we expect "Prince Charming" or our "Fairy Godmother" to come and rescue us? Wasn't someone ELSE supposed to take care of the hard things in life and we just had to be our own sweet selves?

It is scary the lessons we teach our daughters without meaning to.

Guess what? I am my OWN Fairy Godmother. I am my OWN Prince Charming. IF I get to ride off into the sunset it will be through my own efforts. Gee that doesn't sound near as much fun does it? But it makes sense.

05-18-2006, 11:50 AM
I thought about my last post here, and I think that there is one thing I was forgetting about. There is a third side to the brain, a third part that has nothing to do with logic or creativity, but a side that doesn't rely totally on ourselves. That side has to do with faith. With believing that if we do our part, put one foot in front of another and keep on doing that, that there is Someone who will help us. That all we have to do is OUR part of it and that the results, the help will follow.

I always get so lost when I start relying too much on myself alone, and start to forget about the help the HE provides. No fairy godmothers but there is a God.

05-18-2006, 01:51 PM
you are absolutly right, i should have more faith in God cause god is the only one who can guide me throught this. Unfortunatly, many times i feel totally alone which is not right, i just have to take some resbonsibilities for my actions and stop feeling sorry about me.

Today is my forth day, i realy find it hard to count the carbs in all the food that i eat and i realy don't feel that i want to have any meat, i am avoiding rice, bread, desserts, pasta, and trying to focus more on veggies, cheese, beans and some fruits.I know that this isn't atkins rules , but right now i find it hard to follow it strickly, so i am trying to do it step by step until i am able to totally commit to the plan.

what do u think about that? is this wrong or should i stick to the plan and just do it?


05-19-2006, 11:38 AM
Sherry - do you have a link for that article "Diet Like a Man" or was this in a magazine. Sounds like it was right on target. We emotionally invest in food - period. Not all women but surely a much larger percentage than men. I'd love to read it. :)

05-19-2006, 11:44 AM
Falon, no unfortunately, this was several years ago. It was in 2000 probably April or so and it was in Ladie's Home Journal or Good Housekeeping or maybe Woman's Day (though likely not the last one). I usually only read the other two so probably one of them. It is possible that you could write the two magazines and ask them if that is in their archives and if you could get a reprint.

Some of the ideas she said was that men "compete" with one another. Put up a pot with money in it for who can lose the most weight (and cautioned women to not compete with men since men lose faster), that they just go at it with a different mind set. I can't remember all the details, but it was one of the things I had in mind when I first started Atkins and I mainly started it because it was what my brother was doing at the time.

05-19-2006, 10:20 PM
Falon and Sherry, go to Prevention Magazine's web site. It was in the magazine last month or the month before. It was a good article.

05-20-2006, 01:21 AM
No Susan that isn't the same article. It is a good one though and it does make some similar points. No I clearly remember reading this article back before I started Atkins the first time and it was printed in a woman's magazine in 2000.

It may have been a new magazine or it may have been one I found lying around, so it may have been even older than 2000. 1999 or so.

It did make the point that men don't get all emotional about the fact that they need to lose weight, they just make up their minds to do it and tackle it like any other problem logically.

We women have advantages and disadvantages mentally. We are more likely to recover from a stroke than a man, because if one half of our brains get damaged, we have a lot of connections with the other half and the other half can take over the functions that are lost. But the disadvantage (or maybe still an advantage in some ways) is that men think with one half of the brain at a time and women don't. Men think with the logical half, and then at a different time will think with the creative/emotional half. We women tend to confuse the two and use them both at once. Keeps us seeming "illogical" to a man, when in fact it is logic mixed with emotion.

With the dieting game, that can be defeating. Instead of "I need to drop some pounds, I'll do this..." It's "I'm such a loser! Such a fat pig! WHY don't I have any willpower? Oh I HATE myself I just HAVE to diet. I'll start tomorrow, right now I feel too horrible and I need some chocolate."

Uhhh... No wonder it is easier for them....

05-21-2006, 08:34 PM
hi guys,
i am down again today :( , i hope i will do better tomorrow.

05-22-2006, 01:15 AM
:welcome3: :welcome: :balloons: If you give this a chance believe it or not you will come to the point where you won't want it:?:. Give it a chance just take one meal and one snack at a time. If you take care of today tomorrow will tak care of itself.:cool: :p Judy

05-22-2006, 01:27 AM
Falon, no unfortunately, this was several years ago. It was in 2000 probably April or so and it was in Ladie's Home Journal or Good Housekeeping or maybe Woman's Day (though likely not the last one)...

Think this might be the ringer :)

Diet like a man. (woman tries diets used by men)(includes related information on male dieting strategies)
Ladies Home Journal, October, 1998 by Gerosa, Melina

(It's no longer available on the site I found the preliminary on ( They must clean out their archives but keep old links...)

No more girl stuff. It's time to get tough and lose weight.

My weight problem began as soon as I left the womb. A few days after I was born, my mother's best friend came over for a viewing. "Wow!" she said, as I lolled naked on the bed. "I've never seen a baby with an hourglass figure--Melina has hips!"

The truth is, I have never been obese or, by most other people' s standards, even fat. But when you are described as voluptuous and zaftig, when all you want to do is fit into your brother's Cub Scout uniform for Halloween, growing up ...

05-22-2006, 06:55 AM
Thank your for your welcome words :), i got a big smile on my face cause i felt that i am realy welcomed.
I will start doing it again and hopefully i could stick to it this time and do it one meal at a time:)


05-22-2006, 01:44 PM
That sounds really familiar. I guess I must have been reading an older article at the time...

05-22-2006, 03:31 PM
I'm glad I could help. On my rough days I never think past the immediate meal, It seem to help.:carrot: :carrot: That way you don't have to think I'm never going to be able to eat___ fill in the blank.:dust: See I sent along some Cyber will power dust to help(LOL). Judy

05-22-2006, 03:47 PM
Judy, i wish i could think about it one meal at a time.
The problem is my husband and y baby are eating all the food that i love and i am the one who is preparing it, smelling it , tasting it :(
I know this is realy hard for me because i a still at the begining of my weight loss journey, i feel that its never ending.
Anyway, i am doing fine today and hope will go to bed without messing things up, i can see that your will power dust is doing its job:)
Btw, what plan are you following and how much did you lose and when exactly did you take the decision that enough is enough?
Nice talking to you.

05-22-2006, 07:41 PM
Kotty, you do not need to limit the amount of food you eat on this plan to still lose weight.

While you are cooking dinner, snack on slices of pepperoni or ham or celery with cream cheese. I eat a lot of cheese (I know, the plan says to limit it, but I've been ignoring that part the whole 145 lbs off).

If you feel like eating 3 hamburger patties, eat 3 of them.

I found that limiting my calories was a recipe for failure. After a while, I backed off on the amount I was eating. But I never allowed myself to get hungry. I only wish I liked hard-boiled eggs.

05-22-2006, 10:04 PM
kotty I know what you mean-it IS hard to stick with any diet while preparing "regular" food for everyone else. Yesterday it was pancakes. Today we ordered pizza. You have to think of it as CHOOSING to eat something different for your own benefit, and that you absolutely do not have to go hungry while watching other people stuff themselves, like we would have to do on alot of other diets. Hey, the stuff we do get to eat on Atkins is usually the forbidden stuff! When you count calories, you want nothing more than some bacon or a big whopping steak-now we can have it! Try to look at it that way. Keep your house full of Atkins friendly foods, and eat whenever you are hungry. My family could not care less what diet I'm on or how much I'm losing if it means they have to change their way of eating, and I just have to live with that. But let's stay strong and do this for ourselves anyway, girl!

05-22-2006, 10:24 PM
I don't even understand why people would do that to themselves. If you are the cook, cook the same way for everyone. Make dinner be meat and veggys and forget about feeding the family things you can't eat. Or if you do make them things you can't eat, then make them things they like that you don't.

I can't see ever being able to succeed if I have to cook for other people in such a way that it tempts me. Dont' go there, make it easy on yourself. Atkins has enough good food and enough variety that the family probably won't even notice most of the time.

05-22-2006, 11:59 PM
I see your point Sherry, and my life would be alot easier to live right now if that were possible-but I cook for a family of 5. Carbs not only are not bad for growing children, but they are absolutely necessary! It would be detrimental to a small child's health to put them on a low-carb diet. They need to use carbs for energy, not just to live, but their bodies' energy is used to grow and develop, something as adults we can safely do without. They don't have the metabolic resistance or insulin problems (unless they have health problems) that we do as a result of the lifestyles we have chosen to live. Children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers etc are advised in the book NOT to do this diet. Sometimes a low-carb meal for the whole family is doable-but fruit, grains, pasta, milk, and breads are a necessary part of a growing child's diet. I admit-pizza, chips, fries, and other junk like that can be done without for everyone's health. But if you are a parent on this diet, carbs in the house are just unavoidable.
Besides, to some degree or another, even if you are single and have that choice, this is all about willpower. We are all bombarded every day with sights and smells of food we aren't supposed to have-from the late night Taco Bell commercials to watching others eat on their lunch breaks. There is no avoiding that no matter what your situation is, so it's about making the right choices for YOURSELF even when temptation abounds-even if it's in your own house.

05-23-2006, 01:54 AM
Well I don't think pasta is necessary for anyone it is mostly white flour and a little egg. Not terribly nutritious. Rice, and potatoes maybe if you are trying to stretch the food budget, but they don't have that much food value either mostly starch unless you are talking something other than white rice, but those things don't tempt me that much, the family can have them even if I don't. Fruit? I generally eat fruit. I usually eat berries, and the kids can eat those too. Or I will buy them fruit they can take in their lunches to school. Fruit isn't that much of a temptation to me either. Bread? I generally buy whole grain bread for the kids and hubby but they eat these for lunch mostly not with dinner.

I may make their lunches, but I'm not tempted to eat the things I make for them for lunch. At dinner time however I am hungry, and anything I cook at dinner I am likely to eat too. So I cook for everyone. Vegetables have enough carbs for kids and adults. I generally make green veggys, I don't see how that hurts the kids at all. Milk they have while I will use cream instead if I need some of that. Dairy in the form of cheese, sour cream, butter and that sort of thing we can all eat.

Mostly the healthy carbs like cereals are not the things that are tempting to most of us. Junk food carbs on the other hand, for some reason those are hard to serve other people and not eat them yourself.

My kids have eaten low carb before (for short times, like maybe a week), and it has benefitted them. My son could use a little weight loss and he did well on low carb. My daughter can't afford to lose any weight, but her asthma seemed helped by eating this way. Normally when I'm on Atkins, the family eats like I do. I make salad, green vegetables and meat for dinner. What they eat the rest of the day is probably not low carb, and they survive just fine.

My children aren't small though, they are both in their early teens, so I don't generally have to concern myself with their meals thoughout the day, only dinner do I cook for the whole family.

Still the examples you gave were "pancakes" and "pizza". I don't see those foods as particularly healthy for anyone. Pancakes are made of white flour, eggs and then with a bunch of sugary syrup poured over it. How valuable is that nutrition wise for your loved ones? Yes the eggs are good, but why not make them eggs without the white flour or all the sugary stuff?

Pizza you can eat the toppings if you can stand to give up the bread. I love pizza, but I would never argue that it is necessarily a healthy choice for the family.

I would like to make one point though. Children more and more are having obesity problems and are developing diabetes and other health issues more and more as a result of bad diet. I've watched people in the grocery stores and watched what they put in their baskets. If they think that their kids need the kinds of carb they throw in those baskets they are kidding themselves. Children need good nutrition, yes they probably need some carbs. But they need them from the healthiest most WHOLE foods you can find. They don't need empty calories any more than we do. In fact to feed them that way you are setting them up for diabetes and obesity and health problems down the road when they reach adulthood (or for many children long before that).

05-23-2006, 02:04 PM
I love cheese too, and i always felt guilty about eating too much of them but this is the most tastful thing, i think i would try to do the same like you do:)

i see your point but the problem when you have a husband who loves to eat all those unhealthy food and desserts.
My house cann''t stay without those items, this is the problem.

I know that the best thing is to choose whats best for me but this is hard in my circumstances cause no one here care about it, and i have lived long time with this unhealthy atitude and to swicth to atkins and stick to it is the problem.

05-24-2006, 12:28 PM
Welcome to the group, Kotty.
I've been MIA for about a week because of family stuff. But I did want to say hi.
I feel your pain about the family thing. Some things I do are:
I cook a lot of pancakes and freeze them, then reheat for my son. Only have to actually deal with cooking them once every other week or so. Sometimes just once a month. He doesn't eat them everyday.
Dinner meals with family: Atkins basic plan of meat and salad or induction friendly veggie and then add potatos or rice and occasionaly whole wheat bread.
I have been known to fall off plan becasue I occasionally partake in the extras. But yes to keep my guys happy I have to feed them some of their carbs.
Snacks: I get things they like and I don't for the most part. Fig cookies, popsickles, and Little Debbie Nutty Bars.
I have been known to eat the toppings off of a pizza. (when the occaasion arrises)
Fruits can be added pretty quickly up OWL. Do your 2 weeks and move on. I can pretty much eat from any rung I like (been at this forever), but I try to stay under 30 carbs. Some days when I know I'll get a lot of activity I'll eat more. But you don't have to eat from every rung every day. Also once you hit grains, Dreamfields makes an awesome pasta everyone at your home can enjoy. Tends to be a weekly treat around here.
Hang in there.

05-24-2006, 12:47 PM
Rebel -

I understand that carbs are important to a growing kid, but not all carbs fall into that catagory. Pasta (unless whole wheat) isn't crucial for a child... it's the complex carbs that they need. If you think about the types of carbs you are intaking, which should be complex, how is that bad for kids? When it comes to pasta, my kids get soba noodles which is a pasta made from heirloom wheat and buckwheat. The green veggies are crucial, and given 3 weeks of dietary change in a household, they will eventually eat what you put in front of them. My son hates anything that resembled a vegetable, and after putting serious changes into place, he loves asperagus, carrots, spinach, broccoli, etc. He commented in the car yesterday, that he likes the healthy way we eat. *gasp* He's 9! I would have never guessed those words would have ever come out of his mouth. :)

I agree that there is nothing wrong (as the cook of the house) to slowly change the way an entire house eats. You are in control of the menu, and if they don't like it.. they might revolt in the beginning, but will eventually change their way of thinking. Explain to the kids why they need these changes. Show them what they are really eating in their nuggets, or what ever else they eat. My kids watched Jamie's School Lunch Project on TLC and couldn't believe what was in all the foods that are served in schools. They were happy to be homeschooled at that point. Read the book Fast Food Nation and tell them about the things you find in there. It's unreal!! Anyhow, sorry, but I could go on and on about this. You are in control of what your kids put in their mouths ( in the house anyhow) and you can to take that control back. Also, put them infront of the tv and have them watch Honey, We're Killing the Kids! on TLC. It's thought altering t.v. I swear!!!

Good luck --

05-25-2006, 03:22 PM
I have watched "honey we're killing the kids", and it is VERY thought provoking. Simple sugars aren't good for anyone-and besides the occasional treat, we could all stand to do without them, even kids.
None of my children have an overweight problem, as a matter of fact, my son is a little under weight. He's very active (he's almost 5)-to the point that it's a daily stuggle just to get him to sit down long enough to get a meal in. I've been concerned enough to ask his doctor about ADD, but he's just naturally that way. He needs a diet high in carbohydrates because of the amount of energy he expends throughout the day, and yes, complex is best.
I apologize if my earlier post wasn't written in a way that my point could come off like I meant it. I did state that we could all do without pizza, but for normal healthy people, things like that CAN be enjoyed OCCASIONALLY. Pancakes (which don't have to be smothered in sugary syrup-I buy sugar-free for my son) aren't necessary, but they aren't bad for them either, so I can't justify making everyone in the house do without them because they're bad for MY diet. We already use whole grain breads and pastas. Sweets are only an occasional treat for the kids, not only because they're bad, but they make my son really hyper. My hubby won't give them up, but atleast he keeps them out of their sight and reach.
I guess I should have been more specific.....complex carbs (not cookies and cakes) are a necessary part of a small child's diet. Sometimes I can make an entire meal that we can all eat, but I can't make low-carb for everyone every day, so I just have to deal with the temptation. The problem I have is this. Say I cook brown rice-which is perfectly healthy for the little ones. A 1/2 cup serving of brown rice has almost 21 grams of "digestible" carbs. If I make a sandwich with whole grain bread, that's 21 grams. On induction level, this isn't even a possibility. Even beyond that, if you're trying to stay in ketosis, it's something that can only be done once in a blue moon, because if you eat salad and other veggies throughout the day, adding that in will probably make you go over count. I agree-once you get close to maintenance level, things like this CAN be part of your regular diet for alot of people, but lots of people here, including myself, aren't even close to that being able to happen.
The point I was trying to make is that as a parent, you simply aren't going to be able to rid your home of the foods that are off limits, especially in the beginning stages of Atkins. I can't have milk and cereal, but the kids need calcium and fiber. Apples and bananas are certainly not bad for THEM, but I can't have one. I get to my count limit just about every day just because of the salad, cheese, and veggies I eat-adding anything else right now is out of the question. Later on in the plan, this won't be such a big deal.