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08-14-2001, 02:10 AM
Please read the most recent posts on thread #16

We were up to 22 posts on that thread so I hope you all don't mind my starting up #17.

Again, please see #16 for the most recent posts.

I'm too tired to read or post. I just woke up after trying to remove the new virus from quanantine on my computer. Took forever to scan everything and I fell asleep in the chair with my cat on my tummy. LOL.......now we're talking T.I.R.E.D. !!!!!!!!
Sweet Dreams my friends.

08-14-2001, 08:57 AM
hi miss pj how's your daughter any better?

i wi at 10:00 so i'll post more later wish me luck guys
tomorrow's my 31st bday since i have to work think i'll celebrate today and work it off (literally) tomorrow when i'll walk 4miles at work:lol:

08-14-2001, 09:41 AM
Just thought that I would add my post from yesterday since it took a while to type. Survived Scott's birthday party and 5 8 year olds. Man, those guys are full of beans! I took them mini-putting and the balls were flying everywhere. Scott had a good party!

This post is from yesterday:

Good morning everyone!! I'm back from my vacation and thought that I would drop in and say HI!

Things are hopping around here as usual. We just came back from a week at the cottage. It's not our cottage, but we have been renting it for the last 5 years, every week at this time of the year. We had the best weather ever!! It has been very hot here in Northern Ontario. Usually we get fairly nice weather over the months of July and August, but this year was the exception. It has been so hot with lots of humidity. It was great to be able to sit on the grass and just jump in the water when you got hot. I did more swimming this year then ever. Even did an after supper swim, cause we were so hot. Scott and his buddy did a late night swim and they really enjoyed that. We did get one storm and the power went out for a while. Actually that turned out to be quite nice, as the three groups of people in the cottages all sat around and chatted that night.

Our cottage actually used to be Rob's aunts old house. It's not a fancy house or anything, but it does have electricity, running water and an indoor bathroom. I'm still not fond of the outhouse. Anyways, because of the power being out, I couldn't use the bathroom the morning I got up, as the pump runs it, so I held on and held on, but finally had a major sh** attack and had to run to the outhouse a the last moment. Just as I sat down, I hear someone yelling.......the power is on!! What luck!! Regardless, we had our best year ever!!

Today is Scott's birthday. He turns the big 9!! Hard to believe. I'm taking them mini-putting and then back here for supper. Not too many kids this year and no treat bags. Told him, he's getting kind of old for that.

PJ: Had to laugh about the Corona! Every since we tried it at your place last year, we like to buy it here. Unfortunately it costs about $20.00 for 12 beer. But we were on holidays, so we deserve it.

I work a couple shifts this week and then it's off to hockey camp with Scott on Saturday. I get to be the camp nurse. Should be an interesting experience, as it's my first time. We get a lot of kids coming from the US here. There actually are 2 boys that come for the whole summer from Manhattan, NY. Must be a bit of a shock coming way north and in the middle of the bush. It's great though with lots of swimming and water sports and of course, daily hockey.

Well that's all for now. Take care and just wanted to let you all know that I'm back for a while. Scott doesn't start school until September 6th.


08-14-2001, 11:55 AM
Hey everyone!

I'm down another 1.4#. Yeah!

Brenda--Shoot, girl! You're on a roll! That's great!!

PJ--You got an icky virus on your 'puter? I liked the animated New York map you sent. It was neat!
I didn't get to see Irish this weekend. :( Aug 11 (sat), was my sister's birthday and Aug 12 was my mom's. We usually only have one "combined" BBQ, but everyone went back on Sunday for LEFTOVERS! :lol: Besides, it was rainy here this weekend too. Oh, well, we needed it.

Jen--What is it that you do that you walk that much at work? I'm picturing how much I used to walk when I was waitressing. Happy birthday!!

HI SueBee--Sounds like a great vacation at the cottage.

I'm gonna run for now..I have to check to see if I'm still winning an auction on eBay.
Have a great day everyone!

08-14-2001, 01:25 PM
Hey everyone!

I know I have been missing in action again...but I have been on vacation and just got everything under control at work. My home computer is in Rhode Island getting a face lift and upgrade! It really really needed it!

Well...my first week back to WW I lost 6 lbs and this past weigh-in I lost another 2 1/2....so I am totally motivated right now. Hopefully enough to get back to were I was before I had the baby!

Brenda and everyone else with a loss...weigh to go! Keep up the good work...you are motivating me to stay on track....

Setina...you are missing in action again too!! Come on back out!

Tara...sorry about not letting you know about my email addy...you can change mine to Buytoysfromme@hotmail.com I am now selling discovery toys...if anyone is interested in ordering let me know I can send you a catalog! If you want to host a catalog show and earn FREE toys we have a great special going on right now!! Just email me!

Well back to work it is for me...actually its time for lunch...I made the veggie quesadillas the other day from the week 2 recipe card and was it ever delicious!! I brought the left overs...only I am going to heat the veggies and just roll them in the tortillas. That way I have two...one for each hand!! Have a great day!

Michelle K

08-14-2001, 07:44 PM
well guys i didn't gain and i didn't lose oh well i definately will next wk

i work for mohawk industries it a carpet mill i inspect carpet
that's why i walk soooo much

talk to ya'll later

08-15-2001, 12:15 AM
HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY JEN !!!!!! - Enjoy yourself. You're thirty something now but you're still a "baby". heh-heh. Wait until you hit the big 40 .....or should I say 41.......then you'll be a forty something girl. Now THAT'S a real eye-opener. :eek:

I'll post tomorrow morning. I'm bushed and on my way to bed.

08-15-2001, 10:29 PM
Quick post here!! And NO Bren...you haven't "seen" me.. LOL....haven't been here even to lurk lately. Just too much going on. We were away from THursday til Mon night and I have been playing catch up ever since...

Just wanted to say HI and I'll be back soon!!


08-16-2001, 12:17 AM
Hi girls.... it's going to be a couple of busy weeks ahead for us here. In 3 days, we leave to take our 18 year old to college (sob!) and then I go back to work in 5 days, while we are visiting doctors and lawyers (Steve's disability company has caused me to INVENT my own 4 letter words) all while helping our 9 year old, who has attached himself to his older brother's leg in hopes of keeping him here. I have found them asleep in the same bed all week. Even though they are 9 years apart, they look identical and are as close as ever. I don't even want to go into what my house looks like as we've been packing all week.

To make a long story short..... the disability company is trying to refuse Steve's disability claim so they don't have to pay him, even though we've had 10 months and 2 doctors write specifically that he can no longer work. So we live month to month while we fight it, which is no good for his health and no good for mine either. WOW, I did make that story short!

BTW: A good source of exercise is to scream obscenities with a telephone in your hand while pacing the floors, and then hang up the phone, scream at anyone in the house, run up and down the stairs trying to grab the phone when it rings again, realizing that it is not the a** you were yelling at, but your mother-in-law from Florida calling, and then going out on the deck the people on the phone can't hear you hyperventilate and scream more disgusting words only to turn around and see your next door neighbor watering his lawn trying to pretend that the sweet gal next door didn't just scream the "F" word six times at the birds.

****, I figure I used up at least 5 exercise points doing that!

AND, obviously my mother-in-law thinks we are losing it, so she's getting an airline ticket to come and see if we are still sane!

AND, how was YOUR week?

WHew... I'm glad I got that out! Gotta get some beauty sleep because tomorrow we get to meet the lawyer!

Love you guys,

08-16-2001, 05:50 AM

I have been trying to learn this new lable design program I ordered fror my puter so I can get my Christmas list ready and not be rushed. I just hate re-typing all the addresses, hurts my arm!

I'm still op and on this tummy medicine, be gald when it is time to stop it! I think I'm down another pound and if I am that is my final goal:) I will let you know when I weigh on Friday!

PJ..I heard that extra calcium helps with cramps and magnesium too. Wouldn't be too hard to add that to the diet for Jackie. They say a hand full of almonds (magnesim) should help with PMS and cravings also.

Hi Aly..Emmy, Sue Bee, Bren,Pepper,Michelle and Judygal!

Judy I have done alot of that kind of exercise too!:lol:

Here Jennie..something for you!

08-16-2001, 10:30 AM
Jennielou, have a wonderful birthday! ;)

08-16-2001, 11:07 AM
thanks for all the bday wishes guys
guess what i was so totally good yesterday i ate mid range pts and ended up walking 8.2 miles at work last night (ouch)
does anyone have a pic of aching feet

i have to say if i saw some one outside having a fit i'd think they'd lost their mind

and i know mine is already gone you know what they say about talking and answering yourself i've done that since i was a kid

going to bed now i have tonight then i'm off of work for 3 whole days:devil:

08-16-2001, 12:22 PM
Hey you all...where is everyone????

Judygal...PHEW! you made me feel good...just reading your post made me feel like I vented MY own frustrations....when we think our stuff is bad and someone else has problems ours don't seem so big anymore!!! I am just going through the poor me's right now!

Work has been keeping me pretty busy...and the baby too. He is just growing so fast and into everything...hopefully when he starts walking I will lose this weight faster...chasing after him!

I have an obstacle tonight...we are going out to dinner with John's dad at this fancy schmancy restaurant that I love....I am eating light all day today to hopefully compensate...I have no self control in a restaurant. Then saturday we are having dinner guests...at least I have SOME control over the food their! I can't wait to weigh in on sunday and get it over with! I just hope I have at least a small loss to keep my motivation going!

Well back to work it is for me! Come out and play will you all?

Have a great day...Michelle K.

08-16-2001, 11:56 PM
Hi Owls !!

I see where our Tara is a Godmother and Aunt !! That is so excting!! I love babies....

....and speaking of babies...How old is yours now Michelle?? I bet he is a cutie!! How did you do at the restaurant???

Judy...I am sorry that you and Steve have to be going through so much. Does Steve have fibromyalgia?? I thought I remebered that...but I have been known to get mixed up. I did enjoy your "vent " post. I bet your neighbor was surprised...I've seen your pic...a sweet little gal if I've ever seen one.

Candice..Is the arm any better?? I do love the pics of your flowers and yard. You inspire me!! Hope you can get off the meds soon and Ilook forward to hearing that you are at YOUR goal!!!

SueBee...your vacation sounded like a great relaxing time!! I LOVE the water!! ANY water

Alley...Have you had a chance to see Irish this week??? and did you win your ebay auction?? I love Ebay!!

PJ....How is that Momma Horse of yours??? Did I read that your kids are back in school already???

Bren...I miss you ...where are you????? I am here ..LOL

Setina ...How are things with you?? Miss you too!!

Hello to all the owls that I missed...I have a lousy memory:(

I may be MIA again as I will leave with the boys to go to our camper at the lake right after work tomorrow ...Will be back on Sun night

Here is a belated Birthday wish for you JennieLou

Take care


08-16-2001, 11:56 PM
Michelle, I remember motherhood at the early stages. It's wonderful and it only gets better! I'm so happy for you.

08-17-2001, 12:04 AM

I wanted to bake you a cake so here it is and as an extra special treat it is O points!!!!

08-17-2001, 08:09 AM
All these cakes are making me hungry!LOL

But i'm off to bed now so no eating!
Judygal you need to be in that big brother house and scream at them!LOL I'm a sreamer from way back!

08-17-2001, 12:01 PM
Good morning!

Its a beautiful day today even though its suppose to rain!

Emmy...I caved at the restaurant! I always do...I have NO self control in a restaurant. My best laid plans come crashing down all the time! I did have chicken genovese but it was in a light batter which I didn't know. Oh well...I ate all the garlic mashed potatoes too...and all the cheese on top of the french onion soup! I didn't have any dessert....My son Andrew is 11 months now. He will be one on September 11th...they grow up so fast and time flies by so quickly now! It seems like just yesterday I was in the delivery room!

Judy...I love being a mother...I hope things are going good for you!

Tara...Congrats! Babies are great!

gotta run..work calls!

Have a great day! Michelle K

08-17-2001, 07:36 PM
I could not leave without baking Setina one of my 0 POINT cakes!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Love ya

08-19-2001, 02:18 AM
Hi Everyone!

I was lurking and saw your post Emmy. Thanks! You made my day and so did you with your email Tara. It was the big 35 and I just celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary on 8/14 so it was a busy week.

I am still fighting the stress and depression thing along with the migraines. I had a scary bout and lost my vision for a few minutes with the last big one that I had. I have been on steroids trying to get the swelling in my head to go down and help with the migraines.

Happy birthday to you Jen! My fellow Leo. My husband is a Leo too so can you just imagine our house sometimes LOL :)

I miss you all! I do hope to be back soon on a regular basis. I just hate to post and then disappear.


08-19-2001, 05:16 AM
Setina..My SIL has the same problem with the headaches and she lost her vision a couple of times too..she has been all over to doctors and all kinds of tests have been run and just keeps trying new meds all the time! She even went numb on one side when she was pregant! Hoep you get ta feelin' better girl! (((hugs))):)

08-19-2001, 10:14 AM
AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH - I just finished writing a long letter to let you all to let you know what's been going on and POOF!!!!!! I got knocked off!!!!!!!! GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been on program, got overheated yesterday and nearly passed out......
Went on a boat to a waterfront restaurant Friday and had a great time.
Everyone is great.


Judy - Geeeeez, talk about a "Full Plate". I hope things have slowed down a bit this weekend. I'm thinkin 'bout ya! ;)

Michelle - Wow, it really HAS been a long time since you were here. Actually, guess I'VE been missing lately. :D
Yep, kids DO grow up fast. I can't believe it's going to be a year already since you had your baby! My b'day is the 18th....so I'm assuming he's a VIRGO like me????? Enjoy him. I still can't believe I now have a T.E.E.N.A.G.E.R......Jackie is now 13!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAGHHHHHHHH.

Tara - Congratulations Ms. Godmother! I just know you'll spoil her rotten and that's exactly what your job is....heh-heh. She's a cutie-pa-tootie........;)

Hi Em - Yep, my kids started school last Monday. They get out earlier than the kids up north so they go back sooner. "Missy" is doing great. Getting her ultra-sound this week so I'll have to scan the picture and show you. I'm psyched! Her due date is July 8th 2002! Talk about dragging it out!!!!!!!!! Geeeeez.....

Setina Belina - HAPPY, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! 35 eh? and married ALMOST 10 years to boot! Way to go......35 is a great age. You're right in the middle of "both worlds". I really feel for you with those migraines. Every time I hear someone complain about one, I think about you and tell them YOU'RE NOT HAVING A MIGRAINE!!!!!! since after listening to your stories....I now know what a real migraine is and can do. I hope and pray you find some REAL relief and SOON! Have a good Sunday.

As for all you missing owls.......HAVE A GREAT DAY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!


08-20-2001, 12:39 PM
Hey Owlies!

Yes, I know I've been quiet here lately.....me? quiet? :lol:

Last week, didn't have much to report....was a good week, but nothing really going on. My dad went to the hospital with a cellulitis of one leg, but is now home and fine. My poor daddy. In 6 years, he's been in the hospital for one thing or another more times than I can remember. I only remember the 6 years because when my first son was born, he was in the hospital due to a clot in his leg and that was one of the first things. He never had much problems prior to that that I can remember. Well, just thank God he's home and getting better now.

I finally got to ride Irish on Saturday. I hadn't been able to get out there in a couple of weeks. Chrissy had her baby. A little girl. Seems SO itty-bitty, I guess because my "baby" is now 2 years old. Man, it was fun shopping in the baby girls section for something for her!! So cute!! Nothing pink and flowery on my kids! It's ALL boy! :lol:
I felt rushed at the barn, though, because my DH was going to his co-worker's house to watch the football game. I HATE when I can't take my time and do everything I want to at the barn. That's MY treat, MY time and I was glad to finally be back there, but it wasn't as satisfying as it usually is.
Irish and I had a great ride, though. He was very spunky! Whew! He wanted to gallop whenever I asked for a canter. Didn't do any jumps, though...too hot. He would have been FLYING over them if we did, too.

I'm down to 203.7 now.......getting ever-closer to ONE-derland and feels great!!
Be back in minute to read the posts and get updated on YOUR happenings!

08-20-2001, 01:01 PM
OK...read through the latest, here goes:

Hugs to you that you are feeling better soon!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

My, what a day that was on the phone for you!! I had to laugh at picturing your neighbor hearing you on the phone outside. Hope things are looking up now.

Yes, they DO grow so fast! I can't believe my youngest is doing some of the things he does. He's 2 now and his big brother's (who's 6) little shadow.
As a side note: My grandparents lived in Levittown, PA when I was younger. They moved to Yardley....now my grandfather is living with a friend in Levittown area...I wanna say it's called Snowball Gate?? Small world....even here on the internet sometimes.

I DID win that one auction (a bought a cute pair of pants for $3) but I stopped bidding on what I really wanted because it was getting too high. Gotta be good and set my limits...LOL!! I wanted these pants to wear to a party and I don't want to spend much $$ on clothes since I'm still losing weight. It's the first time I bought clothes on Ebay, but my sister does it all the time.

Hope that arm is feeling better! I LOVED the pic of yellow flowers you sent. I love daisies and they look like yellow ones.

Kinda caught up with you last night when you popped into chat! Hope you got some rest, you busy lady! Say hi to Missy!

Hey Brenda!! How are you??? Do I hear you lurking? Hmmm?

Congrats on the little sweetie and have fun spoiling her! Like I said above, boy is it fun to buy baby girl clothes!!

Hello Jen! Hope you enjoyed your days off from work!

OK....I think I'm all caught up now....hope I didn't forget anyone. Have a great day everyone!! Be back soon!

08-20-2001, 02:55 PM
hey guys well i go back to work tonight :rolleyes: wooohooo
actually it's not that bad
what's bad is my weighins tomorrow and guess what showed up today yep TOM aint that a pisser

so now i'm really dreading that

sorry to hear about your dad ally i know exactly how you feel
my dad has cancer so i really do

glad to hear he's home though

pj is you daughter any better ,hope so
my sis has alot of trouble w/her tom's
she has the pcos

well nap time for me and ds i'll ck with you guys later
hello to all and i hope your day started out better than mine cause it's definately a MONDAY (BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!)