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05-12-2006, 08:25 AM
I think some people are slightly confused as to what constitutes a carbohydrate. Carbs aren't bad so I personally don't think it's a major concern but I was just kind of struck by the fact that a couple people in earlier threads (which are now closed) referred to carbs as "bread pasta or rice" Lettuce and asparugus each have around a gram of carbs but peas, squash, carrots and most other vegetables are actually quite high in carbs. Just wanted to clear this up for anyone who is trying to break down their caloric intake into carbs, protein and fat. There is more and more research suggesting that a plant based diet is the healthiest so if you are eating a vegetarian style and getting your daily protein I wouldn't even worry about how many carbs you're taking in daily. If you're trying to lose weight you will be much better off counting your calories but little things like this get the better of me and I felt a compulsion to post. Thanks for listening (/reading) my little rant! Have a healthy day everyone.