South Beach Diet - How Much Do We Know About Healthy Eating?

05-11-2006, 03:29 AM
Poking around online and found some interesting information and some quizzes to help us see how much we know about healthy eating. Check these out:

Name That Fruit, Vegetable, or Herb Quiz (;jsessionid=RGLDEOIPLGGWLQFIBQPSAOQ?quiz Id=/templatedata/bhg/quiz/data/NameThatFruitVegetableHerb_08312005.xml&catref=SC448)

Healthy Cooking Quiz: How Sharp Are Your Skills? (

Nutrition: Tips for Improving Your Health (

Nutrition For Everyone: Quick Tips ( This is great information from the CDC...check out the sidebar on the right for a link to a section on helping young girls improve their bone density if you have a daughter, niece, or work with children! Great resource!

Harvard School of Public Health's Healthy Eating Pyramid (an alternative to the USDA food pyramid) (

Nutrition and Activity Quiz from the American Cancer Society (

Sally Squires' Lean Plate Club ( This is one of my most favorite can sign up here to get one in your e-mail or just read the info here at the website. She has such great information on health, fitness, recipes, and having fun while losing weight, gaining health, and learning to like your new lifestyle! :cb:

Interesting stuff! Do you have any links to healthy eating websites or information that you'd like to share?

05-11-2006, 11:02 AM
I got 12 out of 15 on the Fruit, veggie and herb quiz. That was tough!

05-12-2006, 02:27 AM
I haven't done that one yet...I got 5 out of 8 on the healthy cooking one. It was tough too! :)