Exercise! - eDiets Tip: Top 5 Ways to Make Fitness Fun

05-07-2006, 04:13 AM
eDiets Tip: Top 5 Ways to Make Fitness Fun

Strategy #1: Dance Down to Size
Burn calories while you burn up the dance floor! Take lessons using your favorite aerobics video (hip hop, salsa, Latin, belly dancing) and when you feel ready, try your new moves at a club or at the next party. Dance for at least one hour each time you go out and you'll get a great workout without even trying. Learn More >

Strategy #2: Shop 'til You Drop the Weight
Make the most of the mall by turning it into your private gym. Park far away from the entrance and take a couple of laps around the mall before you go in. Once inside, take the stairs or walk up the escalator instead of riding between floors. Shopping while exercising - what could be more fun than that? Learn More >

Strategy #3: Get Going with a Group
Exercising with others can keep boredom at bay. Look in your local paper or ask around the neighborhood for a walking club or biking group near you. Ask friends to be your "fitness buddies" and make shaping up a social activity. Learn More >

Strategy #4: Play with Your Puppy
If you think exercise is for the dogs, you're right! Take your pampered pooch for a long walk or enjoy a day of play at the park. Remember, your dog needs exercise as much as you do, so you'll both get the healthy benefits. Learn More >

Strategy #5: Experiment with Exercise
Try out new activities by taking a few lessons to see if it's right for you. Take advantage of free offers at local health clubs and sign up for a couple of classes. Look in the local paper or ask friends what they enjoy. There's a workout waiting for you - go out and find it!

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