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05-06-2006, 09:37 AM
Good Saturday morning to you all!

Well, I went to bed at 3:30 and am up again at 7:30. Judd got home around 2:00 WITHOUT his friend. They had gone to a bar after the game and as soon as they got there, they became separated. It's not a huge place but Judd said he walked around the whole thing three times, asked people if they'd seen his friend (gave description) and then sat down to watch TV and talk to strangers, I guess. He tried calling the friend, no luck. Okay well, whatever! The friend's truck is in our driveway so I hope he's okay. If he took a cab home, we'll have to go pick him up later so he can come get his truck. Geez...

The scale was at 145 this morning so I am putting my foot down. I will NOT have a reversal. I've already had my breakfast and have started on the water.

What's everybody got planned for the weekend?

05-06-2006, 09:45 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I slept ok once I put the Vicks vaporub on. It feels like the cold is going into my chest. I probably shouldn't go to the birthday party but I'm not really coughing and sneezing so I'll just go and not touch anything. I know Sarah is going to be upstairs away from everyone.

I got the macaroni salad made and I think it tastes ok. I cut up too much onion, celery and red pepper so I'm going to make chili tomorrow so that it doesn't go to waste. Thankfully, the presents are wrapped and all I have to do is get ready.

My scale is WAY up this morning. I'm not sure what the problem is. The only thing that's different is the exercise and the cold. I didn't eat more than I have been. Weird.

I'm going to go see if I can read posts and find out how much I missed last night.

05-06-2006, 09:54 AM
Oh hey speaking of gifts, I received those PJs for my mom in the mail yesterday and they are tooo cute! Kate's birthday is May 15 and I'm trying to think of a little something to go with the money that I always give her, so I think I'll get her a one-handed pepper and salt ball. She loves mine and has been saying she'd like to have her own. Do you know what I'm talking about?

05-06-2006, 09:58 AM
Sandra, :bravo: on your weight loss! 10.2 pounds in 4 weeks is just utterly amazing! :cp: :cp: :cp: I'm very proud of you. All that and no exercise? Fantastic job!!!! I'm glad you told me about the cornmeal. I had the lo's for lunch yesterday so I'll just wait for them to leave my system. :o

Vivian, welcome back from vacation. Great job :carrot: getting right back on track with a loss! :D

Saundra, I'm glad your PT is going to make continued sessions affordable for you. It's nice to run into folks who are just in it for the money. Soooo just exactly what do you put in your Core burgers that made Natan think they are so yummy? Inquiring minds want to know! I hope you have fun at the seminars and are able to share some wisdom when you return.

Kathy, are you getting your hair done today? I have to wait until next Thursday even though I'm ready NOW! I do have my pedicure scheduled for next Tuesday after Jim's doctor appointment. I'm looking forward to that. The way you describe your foot is just so sad. I'd hate to be in that situation. You are really much braver than I would be. Are you sad that you won't be going to the Derby party? I thought it was a big tradition. I'm surprised Judd doesn't want to go. I hope Judd's friend is ok.

Frouf, I have no control with chips and salsa either. The good news is that there are way more fattening things you could have eaten there. I think you did a good job at lunch. Good going with only having a sliver of cake. to post my menu.

05-06-2006, 09:59 AM
Vickie, my mom and I have noticed that when we're sick, especially with something respiratory like a cold, that our weight doesn't budge, and even goes up. I think it's something to do with fluid retention. Keep on exercising and eating right, and I think when you recover, you'll be fine.

I was doing really well earlier this week, and need to kick myself into gear again. Pre-TOM time is pretty difficult for me.

I'm excited, I got chosen to sing in a choir here for the sesquicentennical celebration of the Mormon pioneers starting their handcart trek to Utah. It's going to be a huge deal, I guess. We're performing in the Hancher Auditorium at the University of Iowa, and a big mucky-muck from the church will be there. Anyway, it should be a lot of fun. I've never sung in the Hancher before. My dad and my younger sister are going to be in the choir too.

I've finally broken down and bought some otc allergy medicine. This year has just been awful for allergies, I guess. I really hope it gives me some relief.

I'm going to make some cinnamon rolls for my family. I'm having malt o meal...I'm being good. :)


05-06-2006, 09:59 AM
Kathy, I can think of a certain bunny lover who would LOVE those Salt and Pepper shakers!

05-06-2006, 10:01 AM
:lol: They DO look like bunnies, don't they!

05-06-2006, 10:02 AM
Oh Angela, thanks for that information about the respiratory stuff! I would be really happy if that were the case. I am being SO good. What exciting news about your selection for the choir. And, how much fun for you to do it with your Dad and Sister. Your Mom must be SO proud! Doesn't Mom sing? I hope your allergies respond to the medicine.

05-06-2006, 01:51 PM
Wow! I can't believe you are all off having fun somewhere. I guess I'll go have lunch and then a bubble bath and get ready for the party. I probably won't be back until tomorrow.

Have a great day!

05-06-2006, 02:06 PM
kathy, thank you for making us some clean pages to type on here. i have to tell you i am very proud of you for getting a grip on this before you start gaining.

we have 11 yr old grand here. the 8 yr old wanted to stay home and play with neighbor kids. we're having a good time. she'll be going home this afternoon. after that, if it's not raining, we'll prob go to the archery range to practice. mickol doesn't want to go out there today so we're waiting till after she's gone home. i am ready to start more indepth training for the state senior olympics. they are just a month away.

vickie, i'm glad you're feeling better. i don't understand your scales cept i know our weight fluctuates during the week. have you considered just weighing on monday? one of the suggestions our ww leader gave us to help stay positive and motivated was to avoid the scales cept on wi day. if our bods are fluctuating upwards, we are sometimes tempted to give up. i know, though, that some folks get motivated by watching the scales. you sound like one of those--like you aren't giving up. you are going to make alterations to push that scale downwards. (am i talking in circles?) i say this again--i'm not worried about you. you have great determination and will do what it takes to be healthy and happy. you, rock, girl!!

angela, what a wonderful experience you'll have singing in the choir. and what a wonderful compliment for your talent. i am so proud of you.

i guess melissa is in high gear today. i miss her.

frouf, i miss you, too.

05-06-2006, 04:22 PM
Sandra, I didn't know you had the Grand! are having fun. Good! You are sweet to suggest that I stay off the scale. I probably should but I can't help myself. Don't worry though. I'm NEVER giving up.

I miss everyone when they aren't here. I'm off to the party now.

05-06-2006, 06:15 PM
HELLO!! We are just barely moved in and there is still much, much, much work to be done! But I just wanted to say hello because I have missed you all a GREAT deal!! I hope that you are all well. I will probably be back by later tonight when we wind down for bed. And we do have a bed! :D

05-06-2006, 06:20 PM
There's our girl! HOW ARE YOU??? I'm sure you're as worn out as can be but it sounds like you're mostly moved in! I can't wait for a full report. No matter how boring it seems to you, we've been patient long enough!

Judd had to work today and so that's why we didn't go to the Derby party. His mom is disappointed but she'll have a house full of people so maybe she won't notice so much. They have a huge party every year; at least the years that they don't go "home" to attend the Derby. He just got home so we're watching it now. I'm making goulash but he wants to go out somewhere to "celebrate my foot healing". Uh, sure. :lol: I guess we'll see what happens. I had planned on having salad and fish because I made the goulash with regular elbow and not whole wheat -- anyway, it might not matter.

I did my own hair and will make an appointment one day next week for highlights.

05-06-2006, 10:28 PM
Hey Chicks! I'm home from the party and I did well. Great Niece is now officially 5!

I'm still very hungry so I think it's a popcorn night.

Melissa, I'm so glad you are moved and that your computer is hooked up. You made me smile that you got hooked back up so fast so you could say hey to us! We DO miss you.

Kath, you'll enjoy your highlights. My favorite picture of you was the family picture where you were very blonde and highlighted! I didn't realize Judd had to work today. I hope you enjoyed your meal.

Sigh......I'm off to watch the end of the Sox game. Talk to you all in the morning.

I'm looking for some new Core entrees that don't involve tomatoes. Does anyone have a favorite?

05-06-2006, 11:32 PM
Just checking in - on crappy den computer (with broken space bar - you have no idea how frustrating the typing is!) just peeked into our bedroom and looks like dh is asleep so I'm on here now for my puter fix!

Dh had a 'boys night' out last night - playing pool- I understand he got home around 2:30am- but I only heard him at 5 am!!! when he came upstairs to bed (ended up watching some old James Bond movie) - which explains the early night? We did sleep in til noon (yes I was a very tired frouf).

Rainy gray and cool day here - ended up taking little ds and BIG DS (he asked to come along!) to the movies this afernoone (RV w/Robin wiliams)- ate too much popcorn and was feeling queasy after that! Got some groceries - and then home- made coq au vin (for tomorrow) cuz I had a big bottle of red wine that was open and not being consumed! Smelled very good cooking!

Sandra - have fun w/grand and w/archery practice!

Angela- congratulations on your new choir singing career- how very exciting for you!

Melissa - so nice to hear from you - hope all is going well and you and Aaron and Murphy have survived the move!

Vickie- glad you had fun at the party - and hoping that cold is on it's way out?

Kathy - okay look like bunny ears - but no at all like bunnies? ha ha ha. We have one of those battery operated salt/pepper mills - very cool and fun to use too!

My eating is a bit off this evening. Think I am just bored and nibbling too much as I am not really hungry? (Just had a skinny cow ice cream sandwich that I got today with groceries!). Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


05-06-2006, 11:42 PM
vickie, right now i'm drawing a blank on a core tomatoless recipe. have you looked at dottis?

kathy, we missed the derby today. i used to love going to the races in bossier. i haven't been to one anywhere in years. that might be something for us to plan to do.

frouf, i love reading about your outings. i know you and the ds's had a good time together today. i had my popcorn tonight. i didn't burn it!! i cut up 3 ww chocolate covered coconut bars into it and let it melt all over the popcorn. thought i was in heaven.

05-07-2006, 12:25 AM
We are definitely having slow days!

So I made the goulash and whole wheat rolls, and then the guys came in and said let's go eat Mexican food. We did but I just had 1/2 margarita, a whole lot of chips, some guacamole and cheese dip. Then we came back to our house to watch the Rangers and I fell asleep on the couch because my foot was hurting and Judd had given me pain pills.

Oh and let this be a lesson to you all: don't go drinking with my husband. Last night, his friend Jon was just totally too far gone! They were at this bar and Jon got some money from the ATM then said to Judd, here take this money, it's for you. Judd wasn't drinking so he took the money. When he got home this morning at 2:00 and we were in the bedroom talking, he remembered about it and took it out of his pocket. It was $140!! :lol: And Jon doesn't remember! I thought he was going to give it back and didn't think any more about it. Well, tonight when we were at the restaurant, Judd said he would pay for it. I thought that was mighty generous of him so when he opened his wallet and I saw all this money, I was like WTH?? Where'd you get all that money? He winked and said shutup (under his breath) and so I knew it was Jon's money. I about died! They're playing golf in the morning and I'm sure Judd will pay for that too, so in effect he's giving the money back but Jon doesn't even realize it's gone.

One of my favorite TLC shows this season is "Little People, Big World". Has anyone else seen it? I think I like it so much because one of my best work buddies is an Achondroplasia dwarf and so I'm fairly educated in the little people world and a lot of the diseases and problems that come with it. I was really looking forward to tonight's new episode because their son, Zachary (also a little person) is having surgery but I nearly missed it by sleeping. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it because it's such a good love story about these two people (Matt and Amy Roloff) and their children and life on the farm. I love it.

Eating was good and right on track up until we went to dinner. I'll start all over again tomorrow. I guess I'll go to sleep now. Judd's tee time is 7:07 a.m. and so I'll be waking up early in the morning. I'll be back then, I'm sure.

05-07-2006, 12:32 AM
Frouf, you had a BIG day! I'm glad you had some time alone with your boys.

Sandra, I haven't looked at Dottie's now that you mention it but I have kept abreast of the other sites (Kippy, BCB, and a few others). I haven't really seen any that got me excited. I'd love someone's tried and true. Maybe I should go back through my own files and see if I have one that I can convert. I'm desperate for new things to make for dinner as I need to try to start cooking more at home.

Kathy, I believe you exercised alot of self-control. I'm sure you wanted at least the whole drink! I love Mexican food alot too and really have to stay away from it. Chipotle burrito bowl is as far as I can let myself go. I've never heard of that TLC show. It sounds like it could be interesting. So you can go out drinking with Judd, but leave your ATM card at home?! Wait until the friend sees his statement and can't reconcile it!

I'm craving some avocado. I'm thinking a big chicken salad for lunch tomorrow with some avocado in it.

I'm hoping Melissa is sound asleep in her happy new home. Moving day is SO draining.

My head/chest cold is getting worse. I'm trying to stay up until I can take some more medicine. It'll be another Vick's vaporub night. It really does help and let me rest.

05-07-2006, 12:43 AM
The weird part about this friend is that he wastes more money than most people have, and never notices (and never balances his checkbook). He's Judd's age, has a great job, a new house right on the golf course, a new truck, has never been married but would like to be, and apparently drinks too much! :lol: He is very generous and usually pays. Last night I guess he thought Judd needed extra money, so he got some out and gave it to him. They've been friends for many years; he's the one Judd always does things with. He's such a nice guy that you feel sorry for him for being so goofy.

You could go out to his truck right now, dig around under the seat and in the console, and probably come up with a few hundred bucks. I'm telling you what, he's a good one to hang out with! Judd didn't have to spend any money last night, and dinner was (sorta) free tonight. Jon has Rangers season tickets so even the ballgame didn't cost us anything.

I hope your cold gets better very soon.

05-07-2006, 01:13 AM
What a GREAT guy! I could use a couple of hundred.....I'll be right down. I'm sure I'll be better in a couple of days. It's kind of nice to just have a cold and nothing serious...for a change.

I'm sure my poor husband is asleep on the couch. I need to start getting ready for bed. By the time I get all my prep done, it'll be close enough to time for more medicine.

See ya all in the morning!

05-07-2006, 09:11 AM
Good morning! We had a rude awakening this morning with the phone ringing -- Judd had forgotten to set the alarm and they were waiting for him at the golf course! Yikes!! Now he's gone and I'm still tired so I might go back to sleep.

What's everybody doing today?

05-07-2006, 10:13 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I just got up at 7:30 and believe it or not I'm still tired. Must be the cold.

Today, house cleaning is on the agenda for me. First I'm going to look at the Sunday sale papers and make a shopping list for tonight's dinner. I also need to figure something out for tomorrow's dinner. I'm a planner and sometimes it even gets to ME.

I'm also supposed to walk on the treadmill today. I'm REALLY not feeling like doing it right now but I'm going to try to force myself. The scale is up and believe it or not, I just don't care right now. Not a good sign.

Kathy, I hope you guys are close enough that Judd didn't have to drive like a maniac. Does your day promise to be quiet?

Melissa, I hope you slept well. It will take a little while to feel like home.

Everyone else, I hope you have a great Sunday.

05-07-2006, 10:26 AM
I'm sure he made it okay. There's no traffic between here and the course, at least not at 7:00 on a Sunday morning.

I was up another pound this morning too, so two pounds in two days. That's stinky! I know it's not actual weight, but more like all the salt in that Mexican food. I'll lay low today and take it easy. Hopefully the scale will be much more cooperative next Saturday.

05-07-2006, 12:31 PM
Morning chickies
I slept in this morning,,,whew felt good. Its finally warmed up a bit here actually snowed on friday. I have company coming for supper tomorrow night so today is a cleaning and prep day. We're having the raclette supper good and so core. Im looking forward to it.
Vickie what about a stir fry for supper. No tomatoes in that.
I like making a shepherds pie with lean ground beef, cooked up with onion, garlic, celery,,, layer that on the bottom of a baking dish. Add one can of drained niblets layer then top with garlic mashed potatoes. (cook boiled potatoes with 2 cloves of garlic, mash garlic along with the potatoes and skim milk)Its very simple but yummy and all core.
I was going to plant some plants in the greenhouse today but after the snow we had on friday I think its better to wait another week...hah
Hope your feeling better Vickie
Kathy Im glad your foot it feeling better.
Sandra that popcorn sounds soooooooooooo good! I have to try that.
Ok I better get off here and get some work done.
have a great day chickies.

05-07-2006, 01:42 PM
Good morning - I guess it's actually afternoon!

Finally up and aboiut - have one load of laundry in and getting ready to go to Farmboy - my favorite healthy food haven! ha ha ha (I have a list w/a few things on it - but I usually come out with more than I planned to buy!)

Was up arond 9 am but lazed around in bed til hunger took over. Made a lovely small pot of cornmeal hot cereal for breakfast - really hit the spot - with some earl grey tea!

We are off to sil's place today (her dh gone on a fishing trip in their new 36 FOOT RV!) - we can't wait to see it! Seems the pool is open tho not as heated as usual - little ds is sick w/excitement and getting ready for his first outdoor swim of the season altho it is anything but warm outside (high around 55 today). We'll see how he manages.

She has asked us to stay for dinner - I am already marinating chicken breasts in a bottle of atkins bbq sauce I found in my pantry - so I shall bring those along for grilling. Sounds like she is low in veggies so I will be picking up something at farmboy to bring along as well. Maybe pick up some baby carrots and dip for munching?

Best news is dh and I got our income tax refund cheques so putting those in the bank - mine should cover the eventual patio set, barbeque and gardening supplies!

Melissa - hope you had a good sleep in the new place. I remember our first place - we finally got all moved in and it was late! After 10 pm - movers come to tell us they can't get our queen size bed upstairs - we first think they are joking with us - but soon realize they are serious!

Because of narrow stairway and sloped ceiling over the stairs the bed does not go up! We freaked out of course - luckily I think we had the hotel room for another night (we were moving from another city) - next day neighbour said 'no problem' and helped us FORCE the mattress upstairs - we left these scrape marks in the stucco ceiling over the stairs as a memento!

Live and learn of course - next house we definitely looked for any physical obstructions regarding furniture moving!

kathy - hope you were able to get back to sleep after Judd left - what a panic for him!

Patti - can't believe you got snow on Friday! Glad you got to sleep in and your core recipes sounds very yummy!

Vickie - sending you good vibes and motivation to go on the treadmill even if you don't feel like it! What's for dinner?

Contemplating whether I go swimming or not? not in the mood either - just want to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air (sil's backyard is lovely - and very large w/inground pool and gazebo (I don't think the trampoline is out yet?) w/lovely landscaping and flowers and rocks - very restful.) I shall pack my swimsuit just in case!



05-07-2006, 02:25 PM
Happy BBQ'ing, Frouf. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Judd came home from golf and he and his friend Jon have now gone to the Rangers game. He said he got to the golf course in 4 minutes. I wouldn't have wanted to be riding with him. I'm still in bed as I feel pretty rotten today. Tonight I'm going to try and sleep without the pain pills since they keep me groggy for most of the next day. Anyway, at least I get a break for another 4-5 hours. They'll probably come back here and watch the Mavericks/Spurs game that's on right now but being TiVo'd.

My stomach hurts so I'm going to the kitchen to see if I can find something to take, and will also fill up my water glass. It's probably because Judd brought me a little package of peanuts and I ate a few of them. That won't help my salt situation any either but right now it's got my tummy making noises.

05-07-2006, 04:34 PM
Hi everyone, I finally got a chance to jump in here and say hi. My DH is home today keeping the two kiddies occupied. I am 41 and have two children, my son is 6 and my daughter is 2 1/2 going on 12. Talk about terrible two's ( she is driving me insane lol). I will come back later and chat, gotta get ready to take the kids to see Ice Age, I don't know if my daughter will sit through it, being her first time at a theatre. Wish me luck!!

05-07-2006, 04:37 PM
I have been meaning to mention that we might be going to Lexington this summer. MIGHT. Judd's aunt just found out she has breast cancer and is having a double mastectomy next week. They said it is massive, and the worst part is that she just had a mammogram last June! I told Judd we really should go visit because I haven't seen his aunts, uncles or cousins since '99 when his brother got married. We have a place to stay (MIL/FIL have a farm outside Louisville) so we could drive to Louisville, see the relatives in that area, then to Lexington, see those relatives (and Melissa and Aaron) and go to Shakertown. It would probably be like a long, very exhausting weekend with two days of driving and two days of visiting. If we plan it right, maybe we could go near Memorial Day and have an extra day off. We'll have to see ... I'm still talking to him about it.

05-07-2006, 04:38 PM
Hey there Niki! I'm glad you decided to join us! Enjoy the movie and hurry back!

05-07-2006, 06:11 PM
Holy moly, it's slow!! I can't imagine everybody but me having a life!

I just made a cake -- white with milk chocolate frosting -- in case they get home from the game and want to eat. We have last night's goulash and wheat rolls that nobody ate, so that's what's on tonight's menu, along with a new salad.

I did a little bit of laundry but now my whole leg hurts so I'm done for the day.

05-07-2006, 06:11 PM
kathy, mexican food out sounds good (especially a margarita). i haven't been out like that in months. it sounds like you did very well at not getting in too many calories. i'm proud of you. your weight is just fluctuating. those scales will go down.

vickie, i bet you have a lot of good tomatoless core recipes. i get very hungry when i read about the goodies you make. you really know how to enjoy core. makes me smile. i'm sorry you're not feeling well. i hope you get better soon.

i've been de-cluttering the kitchen today. we gave the little neighbor boys a snowcone machine. we had 2 and didn't need the larger one. we had already bought the grands one a couple of years ago. can you tell i like snowcones. also, i'm a gadget fanatic. i am getting rid of several other items including that turkey cannon. :lol:

patti, next time i'm having 1/2 pkg (3 pts) m&m's in my popcorn. that's my absolute favorite.

frouf, did you go swimming? we have a hot springs outdoor and indoor pool up where we'll be camping and shooting next weekend. i'm hoping to be able to swim. right now i'm still having to keep the tootsie dry. life goes on.

hi, nikki. it's good to see you here. we have "chicken little" rented. got it for when the grand was her fri night but didn't watch it. i'm actually wanting to see it. :lol:

kathy, that would be neat if you went to lexington. i'm more excited about your seeing melissa and aaron.
melissa, is the dust cleared yet? i know you and aaron are enjoying your first days in your first home. first home!! that sounds wonderful!!!!

05-07-2006, 07:09 PM
Hey Chicks! I'm cooking dinner. Sirloin chili and cornbread! Actually, I don't have alot of recipes without tomatoes because Honey Lamb is kind of a fussy eater. He'd never eat Patti's shepards pie although it sounds fabulous to me.

I did find a couple of ideas on Dottie's, so thanks for that Sandra.

Take it easy, Kath. You don't want to set yourself back. You are making progress.

I slept all afternoon and could sleep some more. No treadmill for me today or tomorrow. I have too much to do. WW in the morning and then lunch out. After lunch Jim and I are going to see United 93 at the show. We are going to try to go to the show more often.

05-07-2006, 07:11 PM
Frouf, I hope you have fun at SIL's house. I cannot imagine swimming at 55 degrees even if the pool is heated. You still have to get from the pool to the house. I wouldn't be a good hot tubber either, I guess. My GF has a hot tub but it's inside.

05-07-2006, 07:24 PM
Hi guys! I'm trying to keep up with you, but it's hard! Things are still really, really stressful for us because tomorrow is the last day of school. I still have to finish reading the book and write a paper. It's only 5 pages but I'm so tired! Poor DH has to write the paper AND study for a final.
Tomorrow I have to meet someone at the rental for a walk-through and then we'll be done with that place. It will be a good feeling.

Kathy, that would be so incredible if you guys came here. Even if I could just meet you at a gas station or something to say hello!

Frouf, your mattress story is hilarious. Luckily we didn't have any experiences like that!

Vickie, don't forget chicken fried rice! :T I know you make that a lot though. When I get settled I'll help you look for some new recipes!

Gotta get back to work. I hope that you all have a great day!

05-07-2006, 10:05 PM
I DID forget about Chicken Fried Rice!

We miss you, Melissa, but don't stress yourself out about us. You'll be crazy for at least a week. Good luck to you and DH with your papers and tests. I'm glad those days are over for me. Just own your own HOUSE!!!!!!! Now your monthly payment no longer goes into someone else's goes into yours!

05-07-2006, 11:30 PM
Hi there,

Late nite computer visit! yes melissa we laugh about the mattress fiasco now - but it sure wasn't funny then (they actually suggested cutting the bed in half and then screwing it back together?). Good luck with the finals and reading and studying - it will all be over soon and you can start relaxing and enjoying your new place!

Vickie - no swimming for us - altho little ds was trying hard - we decided it was too cold outside (and gray w/dark clouds rolling in) - even tho pool temp was at 90 degrees!

Dinner was fun - lots of people over - sil had her daughter (our niece), dh and son and new baby jackson over - what a cutie at 4 months old! But he is already teething and was quite crabby! Dh's mom turned up as well so lots of people around the table. The chicken was AMAZING and everyone loved it. Sil grilled steaks as well - luckily I brought a huge bag of green beans, and some additional salad greens (and baby carrots, mini pitas and tzaziki dip).

Alas I ate too much (1 chicken breast, scoop of white rice, lots of green beans and salad w/olive oil dressing - it was the little piece of steak I had which i certainly did not need). Proud to say I refused the sherbet and ice cream and cookies for dessert - and managed to down 500 ml of water on the way home!

We saw the new RV (bil just got home at 9 pm) and it is MAGNIFICENT - if you see the movie RV you'll know what I mean - huge and gorgeous with beige leather chairs and convection oven, dvd player, 2 tv's - just lovely. I just can't imagine being able to drive that thing - i sat in driver's seat and just about peed my pants - you really have to know what you're doing to manoeuver that sucker!

Anyhow home too late and little ds just got to bed! I packed up a few of the LO for lunch tomorrow and will scavenge some more goodies before I leave in the morning.

kathy - your trip sounds like a great idea - esp visiting w/Melissa too! Don't try and do too much as you might over do it and strain your leg! Also can you take half pain pills? or adjust dosage so you can sleep but are not groggy the next day? how are the exercises going?

Sandra - I always wanted a sno cone machine when I was a kid - they looked so nifty! I bet the kids love them! I hope you can enjoy the indoor/outdoor pool next weekend (if the tootsies are allowed to swim that is!).

Stressing out a bit about managing again tomorrow? Big meeting tomorrow pm (1:30 - 4 pm) and I think I might have to report on something or other? Will make it up as I go! ha ha ha

nitey nite

05-08-2006, 12:10 AM
Thanks Vickie. I'm not stressing, I just miss chatting with you all. And I hate getting behind and not knowing what's going on with everyone. I hope that you are feeling better and getting some rest.

Frouf, sounds like you've had quite an evening! You are always up to something aren't you? :) I think you did great with your eating by the way. Good luck with your meeting tomorrow.

Sandra, you are already getting rid of the turkey cannon? I'm terrible about holding onto things. Oh, and in case I never said it, congratulations on your loss. You're in the 180's!!! Hopefully I'll join you soon.

Just taking a break from my paper. Better get back to it....

Good night!

05-08-2006, 10:31 AM
Good morning ladies! We had a fun, spontaneous family party on Saturday evening, where I ate too much. Then, new SIL and BIL had us over for dinner, where I ate too much too. For some reason, I'm not very hungry for breakfast today! :)

I'm starting to wonder about these allergy meds. I like that my head isn't constantly hurting, and that my whole body doesn't itch anymore. But I think they may be making me feel tired all the time. I'm constantly yawning, and feel like if I got horizontal, I'd be out in no time. Supposedly, they're non-drowsy, but I've got to wonder.

:lol: As our family party progressed, we ended up in an arm-wrestling match. I beat my younger sister, who used to be a gymnast, I beat my mom (just barely - she's strong), and I barely beat my younger brother. I'm proud...of course, it was my baby-toting arm, so I've been working it out for years now. :D Now my entire body is sore, but I just remember the calories I worked off. :lol:

It looks like rain today - big surprise. I have a mountain of dishes to do, and some laundry. Then I'm going to rest.

Sounds like things are looking up for most of us...let's keep the trend going!

05-08-2006, 10:47 AM
Good morning chicks! :sunny: Just wanted to say hello on a break from paper-writing. I have to leave soon to meet the lady at our apartment, then finish this darn paper and go to class! I hope that you're all having fantastic Mondays.

Angela, sounds like quite a party! Way to go in those arm-wrestling matches!!

05-08-2006, 11:18 AM
Good morning, just a quick hello I am off to the pediatricians again. My poor son, first he gets tonsilitis, then he falls in the backyard and gets a buckle fracture in his wrist and has a cast on till 5/18, then he gets a throat infection again so he is on antibiotic and this mornining he has a rash on his feet ,knees & hand :( So I kept him home from school to take him to the doctors, it could be a allergy but I am a worry wart. If he keeps getting throat infections he may have to have his tonsils out, I don't know how I would handle that. Needless to say, never a dull moment around here. :) Hope everyone has a great day and should be able chat a bit when I get back.

05-08-2006, 11:29 AM
Good morning all. I'm up even though I don't want to be. I have a few things to do then might try to get more sleep.

Angela, that's pretty funny about your arm wrestling contests. Just think, if you do that once a week (and switch arms) you'll have some nicely toned arms and will be the strong one in the family!

Melissa, good luck at the rental and also at tonight's class. It's hard to believe it's the last class but I'm sure you're ready. Is everything starting to come together at the new house?

Frouf, sounds like you had a great evening, despite cool temps and a cranky baby. The food sounds great, as does the RV! I love things like that.

Scale was back into the 143s this morning so what a relief. I guess all the water drinking paid off. I had a lot of goulash and foccacia bread last night (more bread than anything else) which is why I'm surprised that it's down.

I have a demo driver (club) to return to the shop this morning, then to the bank, then to the store. I also need to wash sheets today and get a little more housework done.

So off I go! Everybody have a good day.

05-08-2006, 12:37 PM
Ya - well my scale was up like 3 lbs this morning? Too much partying? or too much salt? Only time will tell - trying to not overdo it today and get some more water in (altho being in a meeting all afternoon precludes numerous visits to the washroom?)

Sounds like you have a busy day planned Kathy - PLEASE don't over do it - you still need to take it easy and rest your leg when you can!

Angela - we know you had many obvious and hidden talents but definitely didn't know about your amazing arm wrestling abilities - we sure don't want to mess with you! ha ha ha. How's the garden coming along?

Melissa - good luck with finishing off the paper and hope the rental visit goes well.

Niki - sorry to hear about your little guy's ailments (the rash sure sounds like an allergic reaction to medication). Good idea to have it checked out of course. My dd (now 14) always had, and still has issues w/enlarged tonsils - kinda sorry we never got them out (altho it's not too late?).

And coincidentally my ds is also home today - of course he went to bed late last night due to our exciting night out - probably got him down around 10 pm. This morning of course he is a crabapple and says 'his brain hurts' - figure he has a headache from lack of sleep. Give him some tylenol - still doesn't want breakfast - and crying and now says he is nauseous!

So dh (who is at home) decides he should stay home and by the time I got to work there was a message on my phone that he did throw up! So I guess he was really not feeling well. Hopefully sleeping it off at home right now!

Almost lunchtime - brought my runners so I could go for a walk as it does look promising out there - I think I shall eat first as I am super hungry!

Tonight dh is out drumming (he is playing at this club on the 18th with some latin/cuban band and needs to practice), and big ds is having 'friends' over to watch the final hockey playoffs (ottawa senators in the playoffs - as we are every year - but we never win - maybe this is our lucky year?). Have to drive dd to dance class and back (8-9 pm) but at least can leave little ds at home with the 'big boys' while I'm out! (I think he will be thrilled to watch hockey w/his big brother and his friends!).


05-08-2006, 12:52 PM
Good Morning Chicks! I just popped in to say hi. I'm back from my meeting and I'm down .2. Better than nothing.

I'm off to lunch (I skipped breakfast which is VERY unlike me) and I have a date with Honey Lamb to go to the show. At least I'll be going with a VERY full tummy.

Talk to you all later. Have a great day.

05-08-2006, 04:41 PM
hi, chickies. just finished some grilled mahi mahi. i had some boiled okra with it along with mixed veggies and some ff gravy over them. sure was larruping (as my grandmother used to say.)

vickie, your sirloin chili sounds delish. i bet ya'll enjoyed it last night. i'm glad you found some recipes at dottis.

melissa, what are you and aaron going to do when the whirlwind dies down?

frouf, we had a motorhome till last april. we've downgraded to a travel trailer now. one of the reasons is so we can take it to the boonies up here. sounds like you had fun last night.

melissa, i know you'll be in the 180's pronto. thank you for the congrats. i went down a size in jeans already. i'm in 14's now instead of my 16's. also, i have a pair of 18's i need to toss. life is good.

angela, you're right about those meds. they can leave you tired. been there done that.

nikki, i hope ds is feeling better.

woo hoo, kathy! congrats on being back to 143. that water is a good thing, isn't it? guess what? the embroidering is going great. i have found my nitch for crafting. :lol:

frouf, i hope ds' brain is feeling better. guess what? i just found out one of my favorite cousins lives in toronto. small world, isn't it? vickie, congratulations on losing weight and much more congratulations on being back in control. you rock, girl!!

got to go give the grocer some money. i'll be back later.

05-08-2006, 04:52 PM
I just got home from about 1/2 my errands. I did take back the demo driver and also went to the bank, but just couldn't make myself go to the grocery store. It hurts too much to walk with the boot, and I can't use crutches while pushing the cart, and don't like their motorized carts. Maybe I can get Erin to go later. The only thing I need to do next is wash the sheets.

I'm changing my weigh day back to Monday. Saturday is just too weird, plus it doesn't hurt that I was much lower today than I was on Saturday. :D Also, my yahoo tracker is set up for Mondays, so it's settled.

Judd's leaving in the morning for Whiteman AFB for a few days. It'll make the week pass a lot faster. The boss is wanting me to wait until Wednesday (the 17th) before I go back since next week is a four-day week. That way I can ease back into it instead of having to work all four days.

05-08-2006, 05:32 PM
Glad you realized you couldn't do it all - and came home Kathy - I'm sure you can get someone else to help you out! You should be resting more! I think starting off slowly at work is a great idea!

Sandra - guess you will have to visit your cousin in Toronto - with a slight detour to Ottawa, right? (what's another four hours?). And congrats on those size 14's! You must be thrilled - almost time for a new wardrobe!

Vickie - congrats on the .2 and starting the downward trend! Good for you. How was the movie? Dh and I don't even want to go see that movie as we feel we will be too depressed!

Ds' brain is much better now I hear (since he is now clamoring to go biking!). Dh is in the yard doing the patio work but I just called and asked him to go in and start the brown rice for dinner.

I have been STARVING ALL AFTERNOON - went into this 1:30 mtg w/my water bottle and couldn't get out fast enuf as my tummy was starting to rumble (and yes I had four licorice sticks in the meeting). Luckily I had some farmboy lebanese moussaka stuff (chickpeas in a tomato/onion/eggplant sauce) in the fridge at work - just shovelled it in with some earl grey tea (it was freezing in the boardroom and I have to warm up!).

Looking forward to the coq au vin and brown rice - and should be leftovers for lunch tomorrow too!

Time to pack up!

P.S. Hope everyone has noticed the hopping (walking?) bunny???

05-08-2006, 06:05 PM
Yes! Your bunny IS getting a workout -- which means you must be too! Congrats!

And you too, Vickie! I'm sure you're relieved to be down this week! Enjoy the movie -- Judd says he wants to go see it; it's supposed to be a life changing experience.

I just talked to Kate and asked what she wants for her BD next Monday. She wants a Chi straight iron ($140) so I told her I would just give her money and she could buy her own. I can probably find one for less anyway but it would be online and might not be here by her birthday. She said she's at work, has cramps, and wants to cry everytime she goes. I guess she still doesn't like it much but hopefully can hold on for a while and it'll get better.

Judd ate the last of the leftovers so thank goodness I don't have to cook dinner tonight. I just made my hair appointment for noon on Friday for highlights.

05-08-2006, 06:34 PM
kathy, i'm glad you stopped running errands before you got too sore. i just got back from the store and my foot's hurting and swelling. won't you be glad when this is all over? i know i will. that's good of your boss to have you stay home till the 17th.

frouf, :lol: i was thinking you were in toronto. girl, i can't keep things straight, can i? i am thrilled about the 14 jeans. i don't think my top's any smaller, though. a new wardrobe sounds awesome. i will do that when i get to size 10. right now, my closet has all sizes down to that just waiting on me. i need to get in there now and toss the biggees. yippeeeeeeeeeeee i like you're hopping bunny. lots of exercise there all right.

kathy, what movie are you talking about? "da vinci code"? i just finished the book. curtis and i are going to see it about a week after it opens here. don't want to be in the rush of things.

we have meetings to attend tonight and tomorrow night. both archery related stuff. we've been talking about needing to socialize. now i just have to pry myself away from the tv and make myself go.

have a good evening, all.

05-08-2006, 06:45 PM
No, I was talking about the 911 movie, United 93. I think Judd also wants to see DaVinci Code though. He read the book and gave it to me. I haven't read it yet because I have other books in front of it.

I think I'll go take a quiet bath and get back in the bed. I've already changed the sheets and put the old ones in the laundry room; maybe I can wash them tomorrow.

And yes, I'll be so glad when this is all over, and I'm sure you will be too. I hate not being able to walk, or bend my foot at all. The pain is getting old, the therapy doesn't seem to be loosening things up, and I'm sick of it. Any movement of it just shoots horrible pains all the way up to my thigh.

05-08-2006, 07:13 PM
sure wish we could get together to heal. that would be fun.

i don't want to see 911. it's too close for me. i think i'd cry all the way through.

are you wearing one of those rubber thingees that seals off your leg/foot to keep water out? i'm still having to use mine since i reinjured the incision.

05-08-2006, 07:20 PM
No, the screw hole and incision has healed except there's an internal stitch trying to work its way out. If that happens, it'll be reopened. Right now there's just a little knot on my heel that's either scar tissue or the stitch. I didn't have stitches on the outside, just staples. I hold my foot out of the water though because the water makes it hurt more since it's numb. It sorta feels like if you have a sunburn and get in the water -- you know how it burns and tingles and then gets hot and cold? Hard to describe but either way, it's very uncomfortable. And then it's locked inside at the joint, which is my next biggest complaint.

I'm still undecided about the movie. We'll see after I read Vickie's review of it.

05-08-2006, 07:36 PM
i have the same problems when trying to sleep. i'm having to wear socks to keep my foot from hurting from the weight of the top sheet. don't know why that helps, but it does.

05-08-2006, 08:02 PM
Back from the pediatricians and he changed ds medication, he believes it was the Zithromax that caused the rash, which is kind of strange since he has been on it numerous times before. I guess you can develop new allergies. Kiddies are fed & dd did not nap today so she should be in bed by 8:00. Monday night is my favorite tv night, 8:00 Prison Break & 9:00 24.

Kathy I hope your foot starts feeling better soon, I have a podiatrist appointment tomorrow because I get really bad pains in my heels, sometimes I can't even walk first thing in the Morning and I even get shooting pains when I am resting them, I don't know if I have spurs or what. :(

ontarget thanks ds is feeling better I gave him some childrens claritin and the rash seems to be going away. Let me know how Chicken little is, we haven't seen that one yet.

froufy you were right it is his medication that caused the rash. if he needs his tonsils out I will have them removed while he is young. I had them out at 21 and it was not fun. Glad to hear ds brain ache went away:)

05-08-2006, 08:25 PM
Thanks, Niki. I guess I'm looking at a few more months before I'm back to normal and that makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

I went ahead and made dinner for the folks; jambalaya with smoked sausage in it. It smells good so I hope they eat it. I can make a salad later if anyone wants it. I'm not going to have anything except for pain medicine and a whole bunch of water. I had some McDonald's at lunch while I was out but only ate half of the burger and 5-6 fries. I guess I can't eat that sort of stuff anymore. I should have gone to Subway or somewhere healthier but there's no drivethru at those places, and if I had gotten a salad it's pretty hard to eat it in the car while doing my errands. Oh well ...

I just found out Judd won't be home until late Friday afternoon. I thought for some reason that he would be home Thursday, so I'll bet he has arranged to play golf with some of the Air Force people on Friday. That stinker!

Melissa, come give us a report when you can!

05-08-2006, 09:10 PM
nikki, we stopped watching chicken little after a couple of minutes. if the grands had been here, it would have been perfect.

kathy, enjoy your week.

05-08-2006, 10:37 PM
Hey there! I'm finally back from class. I think my paper turned out really great and he said we were all getting A's. :lol: DH's test and paper also came out good, so there is much relief in our house!

Kathy, I didn't even realize that you were driving yet. I'm glad that you decided to rest, even though you are frustrated with being limited.

I don't want to see that 9/11 movie either. I know there are plenty of movies based on reality, but few of them are events that I remember so vividly.

Sandra, you take care of yourself too!

Frouf, way to go, getting that bunny hopping! :D

Niki, hi there! We're glad to have you. I've been sort of MIA lately with moving and school, but I'm usually a "regular." :lol: I'm glad to hear that everything worked out with your son today. And I'm glad to see another "24" fan! We're thoroughly addicted.

Speaking of that, I'm sure we'll be watching it as soon as DH gets our LR blinds hung. We've been exposed to the neighbors since we moved in, but we're finally putting up the blinds. :)

05-08-2006, 11:02 PM
If you all haven't been here, you need to go

05-08-2006, 11:08 PM
Hey! Welcome!!! How does Murphy feel about the house? Is he confused?

I started driving last Thursday after seeing the doctor on Wednesday. I have never felt so free and so worn out at the same time!

Well, Kate just called back and I was talking to her about the Chi. She was on break so got on the internet and we looked together. We found her a pink one, 1" new in the box, for $69 and only $10 shipping -- so happy birthday, girlie! I bought it and the seller says it will be shipped tomorrow. I should have it by her birthday, and then I can give her money to make up the difference since I ordinarily give them $100. What a deal!

Now Judd's birthday is the 17th and he already got 1/2 set of golf clubs (his parents paid the other half), a new bag, and a new driver. His birthday haul was substantially more, like about $400, but at least it was stuff he wanted. Since he got it a month early, I'll probably get him a few other little things and make him a nice dinner so it won't go uncelebrated.

Thank goodness my pain med is starting to take effect; today has been a real bad one. Tomorrow I have to go to the store though. I need new deodorant because like a dummy, I got vanilla scented the other day and it is awful. I think I'd rather have b.o. than smell like the deodorant. YUCK!

05-08-2006, 11:54 PM
Well I lost my whole long and detailed post and too tired to recreate it - here is a synopsis:

-those w/foot problems - stop walking and keep resting - otherwise the rolling pin will reappear!

-niki - glad you got new meds - I as the Queen of Allergies - found a few new ones in recent years (amoxicillin and nuts/peanuts).

Melissa - congrats on the good marks and finishing classes! That recipe site is great! thanks.

-little ds update - what a liar - told me his dad gave him meds after I took his temp and noticed fever (100.6) - did not like the tylenol it seems - found some berry flavored liquid motrin which he took

-big ds - was having some 'friends' over to watch hockey game playoffs (ottawa senators lose game 2 against the Buffalo sabres - NOT GOOD). Sure I say - leave to take dd to dance class and he is in the family room surrounded by 3 very lovely young ladies! - when I return one young lady has left only to be replaced by another one - and thankfully one more guy in the room! Lots of bellowing and excitement while we lose the game but alll quiet now (which is a good thing cuz Mr. party pooper dh was VERY CONCERNED about all this partying and messes, etc).

-the hopping bunny: nothing strenous took place - just a 'gentle' walk at lunchtime - but at least I was moving.

-dinner: ate too much: had a small nibble of cheese pizza - cut down dinner to 1 coq au vin drumstick, pile of brown rice, baby carrots and lf/sf skinny cow ice cream sandwich for dessert!

-shopping: dd sends me on a shopping scavenger hunt for a black/hot pink t-shirt needed for tap costume - ya right - go thru all the racks hunting this down and of course can't find anything suitable - the brainstorm hits as they announce store closing in 10 minutes - LAYERING. Find an adorable, black slinky tank w/satin bow on front - fairly low cut - and find regular hot pink tank to go underneath - very cool looking and dd actually likes it!

-da vinci code: can't wait for the movie - try and find illustrated versions of code and "angels and demons" (also by dan brown) at library or bookstore - much more interesting read.

-I think that's it? tired and yawning now - time for bed!

05-09-2006, 12:10 AM
melissa, it's great to see you here. congratulations on your A. i'm not surprised. i was betting on your getting one. thanks for the website. i bookmarked it. i'll bet you and aaron are ready to do some celebrating. so much finalizing going on this week for you two. i am very very happy for both of you.

kathy, sounds like you got some good deals on bday gifts. :lol: about the deodorant. how's the weather there? are you having a lot of thunder boomers? i talked with my son the other night and he was driving in some nasty weather. scares me that he talks while driving up 35 from austin. that highway is always busy.

frouf, i could almost feel your typing super fast. you certainly covered a lot of posts in a hurry. amazing. the pink tanks sound cute. the party sounds like fun. the illustrated da vinci code sounds neat. i doubt i'd reread it, though. i am wanting to see the movie, though. i don't have a clue what coq au vin is. i used to be all beans and potatoes type cooking. i'm slowly branching out in new directions. is the recipe posted here?

we just got home from the meeting. i'm starved. just had a banana and am about to have 2 oranges. we'll watch our shows on the vcr. thank goodness for those!!

have a good evening, all.

05-09-2006, 09:44 AM
Good Morning Chicks! My cold is slowly but sure getting better as we all knew it would. I'm still pretty tired all the time.

No exercise yesterday but I did eat Core with a couple of WPA'S. I'll be exercising tomorrow.

Today is Jim's first follow up appointment with the Specialist for his tongue. I'm REALLY hoping that all is well. He seems to feel good, so I'm hopeful that all is properly on the mend. His appointment is at 10:30 today so I don't have much time this morning to get everything done.

I actually have a pedicure today at 3:00 and I'm excited about that. It's at a new place which is close to my house. I'm hoping that I like it but actually I hate trying new places.

United 93 was every bit as emotional and sad as you could imagine. I think it was VERY realistically portrayed and extremely well done. I can not imagine how they did all those camera angles. I actually felt as if I was on the plane (which was quite upsetting). I don't usually see these types of movies. Jim really wanted to see it and it was given 4 stars. September 11th was one of the hardest days of my life. I was working in downtown Chicago and was Director of my office with no other managerial officials in charge above me locally.

We had a TV in the office and one of my teleworking employees called me shortly after the first plane hit to tell me to turn on the TV. Needless to say, we saw the second plane hit live, as did millions of people. When the 3rd plane hit the pentagon, I closed the office and sent everyone home, including myself. Jim was home with our dog because the dog had a surgical follow up appointment. I was stuck in downtown Chicago with no car and had to rely on public transportation to get home. We couldn't get on any public transportation. It was chaos and it was nearly impossible to get a cell to make a call. I never saw so many people on the streets at one time. I guess that's why the City always calls for orderly shut downs so that we all don't end up on the street at once. My GF finally reached her husband and he drove downtown and picked us up from his body shop. In the meantime, we started walking out of the loop on foot to try to get away from the big buildings, just in case. It was one of the scariest days.

The movie points out how disorganized the country was and how little communication there was between the airlines, ATC, and the government. I just pray that this has all been remedied!

Jim also wants to see Da Vinci Code which doesn't open until the 19th. I'm sure we'll go that day. Neither of us read the book so we don't know alot about it.

Ok, I'm off to read posts!

05-09-2006, 10:07 AM
Frouf, I'm glad little DS is feeling better. There is nothing worse than having one's brain hurt! I remember those days of being stuck in meetings. At the end, I started getting very selfish. I was tired of getting bad bladder infections. So I'd drink my water and get up whenever I needed a break and excuse myself. I'd usually find out that everyone else needed the break too! Big congratulations on your walk. I'm VERY VERY proud of you. If we just keep at this, we will be successful. Great job on the tee for DS. Ok....Angels and Demons.....Is Da Vinci code a scary movie? I can't see devil and demon stuff!

Kath, I hope you find the iron for Kate and Happy Birthday to her. You girls with the curls always wanting to take them out and me with the poker straight hair always wishing I had some. I hope she starts to like her job better soon. There is almost nothing worse. Tell Judd that I don't know about life changing but it does remind one that life is pretty darned short and unpredictable. We should be enjoying life and not sweating the small stuff. You ankle situation just sounds horrible. I'm praying that the therapy starts to work soon. I'm guessing it will take a while and that's why you do it for a couple of weeks at home first. Judd's birthday is the same day as my best GF (the one who's not feeling so good right now). I love all these May babies!

Sandra, I hope your foot is better this morning. We are all quite the crew, aren't we? I am SO tickled for you that you got into your smaller jeans. You must be VERY happy about that. I have a variety of sizes in my closet too. This time, I'm getting rid of the bigger ones as I grow out of them. I don't want to give myself a chance to go back up.

Nikki, I'm glad your DS is better. I can't take the Z pack either. I don't get the rash but I get other very "extreme" side effects. Your heels sound like spurs to me. I have them in both feet too. I just bought a new pair of New Balance walkers with $25 insoles and so far they are helping. I also try not to walk barefooted because that hurts them. I think if you start wearing shoes with good support and cushion it will help. Good luck at the Dr. I'm not getting surgery for as long as possible since I hear that they can come back.

Melissa, congratulations on getting your paper done and getting an A all while moving. You are one impressive Chickie! You and Aaron should celebrate with something special. Just how "EXPOSED" have you and Aaron been! :o Just kidding! I hated living without blinds. It's unsettling. It's always the first thing I do. Actually, here, people usually leave the window coverings. I saved the recipe site but haven't had time to look at it yet. I'm SO excited to look at some new recipes.

Speaking of recipes, WW has a new cookbook out for $14. I was mad yesterday because it is wrapped in cellophane so I couldn't look to see if there were Core recipes. I didn't buy it. I don't think you could even look to see the names of the recipes. Harumpf!

05-09-2006, 10:23 AM
:D Your Harumpfs always make me smile!
I was just posting on the menu thread that I feel like I'm starting core all over again. It's been so long since I did it right that it's like I've forgotten all of my favorite recipes/menus. I've got to get back on track!

I had to call the office to tell a co-worker something and my boss asked if I was coming in today. I don't think she remembered that I have the day off. :rolleyes:

Hey you all, look at the shirt I bought for my mom for mother's day. You know she's a horse person. Now I'm just hoping it gets here in time!!

OK the pup is whining to go out. Be back in a few...

05-09-2006, 10:24 AM
Good morning! I'm up early because I didn't sleep ... you're going to LOVE this one!

I had watched a movie that ended around midnight, then watched a few little shows and so by about 1:00 I was tired. Judd was already asleep so I turned off the TV but couldn't sleep. I laid there for what seemed like HOURS and just about the time I fell asleep, all heck broke loose! It was like an episode of "When Animals Attack" !!! Judd was on his knees in the middle of the bed swatting at me, Zuki was tangled up in the whole mess, and all I knew is that I was getting assaulted! Talk about a rude awakening! He actually smacked me in the face and I started crying. By then he was awake and of course was apologizing a thousand times over and over. Then he went back to sleep and I laid there for another few hours with my heart still pounding! :lol: What a night! Oh, and the problem? There were bears in the bed that were about to get me. This morning I told him we were going to find some professional help for this little problem. He was still apologizing while walking out the door.

I hope Jim's appointment goes well today. It sounds like he's recovering nicely though, and so will have a few good weeks until starting in on the shoulder. And I'm glad your cold is improving but wish you could catch up on your rest. I know how miserable it is to be tired (boy, do I ever!).

Enjoy the pedicure -- I can't go for a while because nobody's going to be able to touch my foot except for me. I did my toes the other day though; I can do a better French on them that my pedicurist can so it doesn't bother me to do my own. Fingers are another issue, however, but I'm keeping them short and plain these days due to (1) not working and (2) it being dig-in-the-dirt season. I can't wait until my hair appointment on Friday though. I need to be cute and I need it PDQ.

I have a grocery list a mile long so while I'm up, I might as well go. I was stuck for what to have for lunch until I saw your baked potato, which sounded good, so that's what I'm doing. We're out of milk though so if I don't hurry up and go get some, my whole schedule will be thrown off and I'll be eating dinner at midnight! I'm making that soup so I can have it for dinner all week since it'll just be me, Erin and Shaun eating. If they get sick of it, they can eat a sandwich.

05-09-2006, 10:25 AM
Oh what a cute shirt! I didn't know Sandra was your mom! :rofl:

Happy day off!

05-09-2006, 10:44 AM
:lol: I know Sandra will want it! :D

Kathy, what soup are you making? I'll have to go look at your menu again. I'm going to try to get myself a menu together and go to the store today. I have plenty of food but not enough things that go together. And what a terrible night you had!! Judd must be embarrassed when he does that. Especially hitting you in the face! He's not doing a good job of protecting you from those bears. :)

Off to work on some menus....suggestions gladly accepted. :D

05-09-2006, 10:48 AM
I want this one:

05-09-2006, 10:49 AM
Melissa, it's that soup that I think you've made before -- if I'm remembering correctly. I saw some cooked chicken in the freezer but think I'll just get a rotisserie chicken and tear it up. If I'm feeling spunky at the time, I might even make some polenta cakes to go with it. However, if I don't get myself up out of this bed and get to the store, none of it will matter anyway because I don't have any of the other ingredients!

05-09-2006, 10:50 AM
SO cute! Where are you finding those?

05-09-2006, 10:52 AM
It is the "Life is Good" brand.
Although you can find them cheaper elsewhere. They have really cute stuff!
They had a golfer t-shirt and I thought of Judd.

05-09-2006, 12:03 PM
Those t-shirts are so cute! I know dh would love the 'band' one - and if we add a bow and arrow to any of those I know Sandra would get a bunch! ha ha ha

Kathy - I agree that Judd needs to do something about his night flailings - and you don't want to be attacked at night - bears or not! My dh used to fling open the blanket when I got up at night to go to the washroom - then once settled he would fling it back over me - except for that one time when he misjudged and whacked me in the face - not good! I know take care of my own blanketing - thank you very much!

Please don't overdo it going out for the groceries and make sure to rest later on when you can!

Vickie - hope dr appt goes well and Jim is healing nicely. I know that movie would have been very upsetting for most people but the reviews are very good! Have fun at your pedicure - I too would be a bit anxious if it's a new place!...and definitely make the ww people open a book for display purposes - how are you supposed to know if you like it when you can't see the recipes inside??? I add my harumph!

Melissa - welcome back to core - I bet you need a lot of groceries for your new place?

Went to bed too late - dh yapping too much - seems he demoed his jazz drumming skills to his congo drum pals and they were suitably impressed and asked him to play with them this FRIDAY at some big event with their jazz band! (They are supposed to rehearse tomorrow night). Dh is of course flattered but nervous about playing for a big crowd with only 1 practice run? Will see what happens (best news for me is I think he might actually get paid - maybe like $100 or so? - not bad!).

So had mega trouble getting up this morning and was lying there dreaming up excuses of why I could not come in to work this morning - ha ha ha. I obviously made it tho I am struggling. Tomorrow and half day thursday I am on a course so need to get things settled here - holding a small team meeting this pm to relay info and advise of my pending absence (so they can all run amuck while I'm away - but only downstairs so I will be checking in on them!).

Also brought my runners to work so will try and go out for another walk today as the sun is shining and it's lovely outside!

More coffee!

05-09-2006, 01:00 PM
Home from groceries. Ugh, what a pain! I also went to Home Depot to get a flat of flowers and some potting soil; need to replant the big planters on back patio. I told Judd I was buying a new bench for the back while he was gone and he said no, wait for him. Apparently he wants to pick it out. Okay, whatever. We have an octagon shape on part of it and the bench will go on the slanted section with the two big planters at each end. I also took a pair of denim capris to the alteration shop because last year when I bought them, I had worn them exactly ONE time and next time I put them on and was pulling them up by the waistband, it came apart! I pinned it and limped thru the season, actually not wearing them all that much because they were a bit snug. This year though they are a perfect fit. I looked at the size and they are a 7/8. Well, yahooty! Now I can lose the safety pins and get some real stitching. I could do it myself but would rather pay someone to do a good professional job so it'll match the Lee stitching.

Now I'm home, worn out, but feel good that things got done. I have my potato in the oven and everything is out to make the soup later on. It's going to be in mid-90s with high humidity today, so I'm not inclined to go outside this afternoon and plant those flowers. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow, because from what I read, it will only be a high of mid-80s so that's much better. The heat plus humidity just saps all of my energy, which is not much to begin with!

Frouf, that's great news about DH doing a paying gig this weekend. I'm sure he'll do fine, otherwise the band wouldn't have made the offer. Will you go listen?

05-09-2006, 01:36 PM
Hi, back from the podiatrist, he says my heel pain is caused by me having very high arches in my feet and due to my weight my arches are starting to fall a bit so the ligamints are being pulled. He gave me a script to get arches made that he says my insurance won't cover which will cost me $400-$500 dollars!! I think I will really work on losing the weight first, he said that would also help. I will now go clean my house, since I didn't do it this morning and it is driving me nuts( I am a neat freak ;) kinda hard with 2 small kids but I try.
Will be back with a cup of coffee when i am done.

Vickie, you said you bought arches for $25.00 and good support shoes, Maybe I will try that in the mean time, we only have one income coming into the house at this time and $500.00 is alot of money. Glad you enjoyed the movie, 911 really hits close to home. My mom, brothers & sister inlaws all work in Manhatten and had to be evacuated. There was no public transportation so they had to walk accross the bridge to get out of Manhatten. My brother lost his friend in the world trade center. I live a hour from the city and to this day I will not take my kids on the NYC subway. I would rather drive & pay $40.00 for parking.

Kathy so sorry you got assaulted :D . My husband is always getting kicked out of bed, he snores terrible, keeps me up all night.

Melissa, isn't 24 great!! I even went to the library and got season 1 & 2, I started watching the show in season 3

05-09-2006, 01:41 PM
Oh, Niki ... you don't know the half of it! I slept in the guest room for a year due to major snoring until my son moved back in with us last summer. Then I was forced to move back to the master bedroom but that's when I discovered earplugs. They work great but do NOT protect me from getting smacked in the middle of the night! I have a scratch over my lip and I don't know if it's from Judd or the dog! :lol: He (Judd, not the dog) feels bad enough so I'm going to let it go. Thankfully he's out of town until Friday so I have a wide open sleeping schedule.

That's a lot of money for arches, whether one or two or 10 incomes! Yikes! I hope you can figure out a work-around solution meanwhile.

05-09-2006, 01:52 PM
Niki, that is so interesting about what your doctor said. I also have high arches and had to have special supports (not $500 though! :eek: ) years ago. Recently I have been having really bad heel pain too. I wonder if it is related. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Oh, and DH and I got a DVR for Christmas--since then we have been recording reruns of 24. So far we have all of this season (that has aired) and a great deal of season 2 and 3.

Kathy, I'm glad that you were able to get out and get stuff done today. I know that has to make you feel better. And congrats on those skinny-minny pants!

Well I need to go to the pharmacy and Kroger for a few CORE things. Here's some of the stuff I'm going to try to make this week:
Chili and Rice
Southwestern Chicken Sandwich (like Texas Roadhouse, going to attempt my own)
Cola Chicken
Cheesy Chicken and Rice
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Cola Chicken
Graham Cracker Treats

What do you think? A couple of these I've never made before but I only have to supplement a couple of ingredients from what I already have. I'll be sure to give full report. :D

05-09-2006, 02:10 PM
It all sounds so good! Geez, I must be starving! :lol: I'm about to go fix my potato in a little while, then start the soup.

Next week I should make some cola chicken. Everybody likes that and I have some thighs, which I think makes better cola chicken than breasts.

05-09-2006, 03:26 PM
I have the opposite foot arches are non-existant. I would be very much in pain without my $450 orthotics. But I agree, if you can find a cheaper alternative that works, try that first. :) Even my podiatrist was impressed by the flatness of my feet. He also said it will most likely lead to hammertoes, corns, and bunions later in life. I already have some trouble with those things. Yippee. :p

We had a nice loud thunderstorm this morning at 3 am. Gotta love those midwestern storms.


05-09-2006, 03:29 PM
Hey Chicks! Jim's checkup was GREAT!!! Specialist said Jim is a trouper and is healing beautifully. He was really impressed because evidently he took Jim's tongue all the way down to the muscle. EEEWWWW!!!!! Anywho....we don't go back for 3 months unless there is a problem. He's cleared for shoulder surgery but Specialist wants to make sure that his tongue is protected during the anesthesia. I'm very grateful and we feel as if our prayers were answered.

I have a little time before my pedicure so I'm going to go read what's up with all of you.

05-09-2006, 03:47 PM
Kath, you poor girl! Trying to sleep with all that ankle pain and Judd attacking you too. Sheesh! I'd would surely be sending him for some treatment. It seems like he has those terrors often. I'm sure it's affecting the quality of his sleep too. He has to not feel rested when they are over. I live for the day when I can reach around my tummy and paint my own toenails! I'm really impressed that you cand do a french manicure. Now that's something I'd never try. I'm not having a manicure today. I'm way too hard on my hands to bother unless I'm going somewhere nice. You do more than me and I have two healthy ankles. I hope you are resting with that foot up now. Congratulations on the 7/8 capris or capretties as my Great Niece calls them! I know you felt very pleased when you put them on....and who of us wouldn't?!

Melissa, that shirt is ADORABLE and your Mother is going to love it. What until Sandra sees it. I'm going to look at the website in a little while. I'm not a tshirt girl but my Sister would probably love it. I was going to remind you that cola chicken sounded good to you the other day when I was making it.....but I see from your list that you didn't forget. How about cornmeal chicken and oven fries? All you really need is cornmeal, some FF or lowfat (for points) parm, eggs, lemon juice and spices. Ohhhhh.....what's the dreamsicle? I'd like that recipe. Do we have it here? I'm going to go look. I NEED a dreamsicle.

Frouf, how exciting that DH got a job! Did you get your walk in today? I'm still nervously awaiting your answer to my question about Da Vinci Code. I'm am afraid of supernatural scary stuff. I have to know if Jim is going to the movie alone! I hope you're feeling more perky by now with the caffeine coursing through your veins.

Niki, I have really high arches too. I'd suggest those New Balance inserts. The salesman told me that I can put them in any shoe. The arch was so high at first I thought that I'd never get used to it. Now it feels good. There are stores all over NY so I'm sure you could find one. I was a former Federal Employee and we had employees at 6 World Trade Center. The buildings did come down but they were able to evacuate safely. They had to walk home too. What a horrible scary day. I don't even want to be in downtown Chicago, so I certainly understand why you wouldn't want to be in NYC.

Angela, those thunderstorms are headed my way down I 80. Gotta love life in the Midwest! How's your eating going today?

Hey, where's Saundra? Is she out of town?

05-09-2006, 04:31 PM
Melissa - your menu sounds very yummy - we have not had cola chicken in a while either - have to remember it next time I do chicken!

Kathy - good idea to get the capretties fixed up - I bet you feel great and look great in them! Don't tire yourself out tho - maybe save the gardening for another day? At least you will get a few nights of sleep without being attacked!

I also have very flat feet - since childhood - I remember having to wear these inserts in my shoes as a child (like they did anything!)...and in summer of course took off my shoes as soon as I left the house going barefoot the rest of the day - then putting them on before heading in (and secrety washing my feet in the bathroom before my mom saw them! YIKES!).

I did not walk at lunchtime - now working on this @#$#@@$E@# budget exercise which is driving me insane - I of course started my own table/spreadsheet and was doing well until this am when the 'template' I am SUPPOSED to complete was sent out! Ya right - then had to go see the 'money man' so he could explain 'my' budget as it is spread out all over the place coming from different codes (Did I mention how much I don't want to be a manager now?..)

Of course I had a slight headache brewing at lunchtime which has now morphed into an almost migraine - stayed in at lunch and ate at my desk, popped 2 ULTRA tylenol and now nibbling on gorgeously huge and red strawberries at my desk! May try and head home early if I can - need to rest a bit?

As for the Da Vinci Code - nothing supernatural or inherently scary - altho it will be a thriller with some close calls and probably some gorinesss (is that a word?) and violence (i.e. shooting, chasing, drowning). The most gory part (for me anyways - and there is a hint of this in the preview) is the self flagellation/self-mutilation part. Story deals with a church sect called Opus Dei and I don' think it's true in real life, but in the book they seem to adhere to some religious concepts of self mutilation and such and one of the characters wears some sort of metal chain in his thigh which he pulls on to 'hurt' himself and feel pain. I could barely stand reading this in the book let alone seeing this in the movie! Hopefully there won't be many scenes of this type!

I'm hoping the movie is as good as the book - very interesting, mind-stimulating and exciting! (altho a bit gory!)

I think Saundra was going to Niagara - soon? or did she leave already? not sure!

Vickie - let us know how your toes turn out!

05-09-2006, 04:45 PM
Frouf, Opus Dei DOES exist! I can handle gory...just not demons and devil and supernatural. I'm sorry your head hurts. I remember too well the days of being and upper level manager and MY head almost hurts at the memories of struggling with the budget. My sympathies are with you. Definitely go home early. Tonight is American Idol!

My chicken is marinating....a new recipe from Dottie's....garlic lemon chicken which I shall make with oven fries. I was really coveting Jim's fries at lunch. Gotta go get my toes done. I'm bringing my Goddess pink in case OPI doesn't have a color better that I like. She says they have 356 colors. Best new of all is that it is right around the corner. I'll be driving of course!

05-09-2006, 05:15 PM
Vickie, I'm not sure where I got the dreamsicle recipe, but I'll post it. I haven't tried it yet, but it is basically just jello and pudding and cool whip. Actually, that is it! I'm also making some frozen graham treats that aren't core of course but I think they're only 1 pt?? I hope that you are enjoying your pedi!

Frouf, sorry to hear about your headache. I can't imagine having to budget a major operation--I am not a $ woman!

Went to the store and spent way too much money, but now I am stocked. I bought some of those Philly Swirl Stix that Dotti's site is always promoting, I got the fudge kind and they are one point each. I'll let you know how they are. :D

Well I better get something done. I've done very little today, and tomorrow I have to go to work! :cry: Tonight we have to go borrow IL's lawn mower because our lawn is ten feet tall. OK, maybe not quite that, but it's pretty darn tall and our manual mower won't cut the weeds. :) Talk to you all later!

05-09-2006, 05:21 PM
I forgot to tell you all that I got something else interesting at the store. I got some new Michelina's frozen meals (the light ones) and found some new ones made with "whole wheat pasta" and "whole grain rice." Now I know these probably aren't core (I saw the ingredients which said whole wheat flour), but I was still excited.

05-09-2006, 06:37 PM
hi, chickies. i typed a long post and had a lucy moment. this one will be a tad shorter, so i apologize in advance for being so brief.

vickie, i think we're smart tossing those larger clothes. that's great news about jim's visit. i am very happy for both of you.

melissa, i love the shirt. you know it's my type of quote. :lol: congratulations for being back on core. i'm proud of you. this is sort of a new beginning in many ways for you, isn't it? now we just need to find you a new job that makes you happier.

kathy, i am glad judd's going to get some help. that's dangerous!! :lol: i'm probably older than melissa's mom ( i'd love the shirt).

(yes, i do want it.) :lol:

frouf, you know me well. bows and arrows and "life is good"--doesn't get any better than that.

nikki, i wear those orthodics. i have to tell you--they are worth every penny. also, save your molds so you can have more made. mine were made for lace up shoes and are too big to wear in flats. i'm getting more made soon. by the way walmart has some off the shelf arch supports back in their shoe dept for around $5.

melissa, your menus look good. you're seeming like your old self again. makes me smile.

kathy, i need to make some cola chicken, too. sounds good.

angela, we woke up to fresh snow on the deck this am.

frouf, i hope you're headache is gone.

we have another meeting tonight. thank goodness this one's not in a restaurant. last night about starved us being in one with all the food and cooking smells for around 2 hours. tonight's at the senior citizen center. this will be our first time there. :lol:

05-09-2006, 07:49 PM
Hey Chicks! My chicken is marinating and my oven fries are soaking so I had a couple of minutes to come say hello. We are supposed to have bad storms tonight which will upset my pup, my kitty, and me!

My pedicure was divine! I have pretty pink toes. My color is called Goddess and isn't made anymore. I have a bottle and a half left. I'll have to pick a new color someday. I spent alot of money but I am worth it. Now I'm ready to treadmill again.

Sandra, I hope you have lots of fun at your meeting tonight. Maybe you'll see some ofther things at the Senior center that you're interested in. I'm jealous of all the outings that ours have. I'm sure I'll joing at some point!

Melissa, thanks for the tip on the Michelina's frozen meals. I might buy a couple and keep them in the house for emergencies. There are some days that I just have no clue what to eat for lunch. Of course, then I couldn't have my startch at dinner....unless I count points for the meals. Hmmmmmm.....decisions, decisions. I can't wait to see the dreamsicle recipe. I'll have to make some soon!

American Idol tonight. I'm sure I won't be back until morning. I hope you all have a great on program evening.

05-09-2006, 08:37 PM
Ugh! Well, I'm up from my nap and feel worse, so I'm going to set about to make a plan. I have to figure out a way to sleep at night and not in the daytime, and also to not take any pain medicine. That's what's making me feel so bad, I'm sure.

So needless to say, I've hardly had anything from my menu. I did have my baked potato at lunch and tried to drink a coke later to settle my stomach but it tasted too sweet and made me feel worse. I dumped it out and refilled my glass with ice water, then took a bath. That usually helps but not today.

AI should be good tonight with the Elvis songs. I was watching an interview last night with a consultant and they were talking about the fashion. He said they were each given $500 a week to spend on clothes but picked their own (maybe with a little help from either each other or the style consultants). That explains a lot.

05-09-2006, 08:49 PM
vickie, it's sooooooo good to have you back to normal again. your pedicure sounds divine. what a good treat for you. i'm feeling more "normal" now, too. ain't it great!

kathy, thank you for the inside scoops from ai. i love reading about what's happening. i have the vcr set to record it tonight. we should be home just after it's over. i'll still get to vote. i normally try to voteduring mountain and pacific time.

05-09-2006, 09:19 PM
Hey guys. We just got back from picking up the lawnmower and I'm getting ready to make lunches, iron clothes, etc. Have to be prepared because the house is such a disaster, I can't do anything at the last minute!

Vickie, just wanted to post this for you. I don't know how "dreamsicle-y" it is, but it sounds good. I'm making mine with strawberries and strawberry jello. I have no idea where I got this recipe.

You may add fruit if you like.

1 small box sugar-free orange, raspberry or strawberry Jello (0 points for ¼ mix)
1 small box sugar-free, fat-free instant vanilla pudding mix (0 points for ¼ mix)
1 8 oz. container fat-free cool whip (2 points ¼ container)

Mix Jello with 1 cup hot water until gelatin dissolves. Add 1 cup cold water; mix well. With an electric mixer, add DRY pudding mix to Jello and blend well. Fold in cool whip. Refrigerate 4 hours or until firm.

Makes 4 servings.
Serving Size: 1 cup
POINTS: 1-1.5

05-09-2006, 09:22 PM
i remember that recipe, melissa. thank you for posting.

sure can pick up on your happiness. i am soooooooooooo excited for you and aaron. what a great time of life!

05-09-2006, 09:30 PM
Do you suppose using the new SF Cool Whip would drop it down in points? Maybe WW will make some revisions soon and let it be Core -- wouldn't that be GREAT?

05-09-2006, 11:14 PM
Did I get that recipe here? I didn't mark it so I can't remember. It looks good so far, but it hasn't "gelled" yet.

Sandra, thanks, you are so sweet. It is a new beginning for me in a lot of ways, and I'm looking forward to getting back op and losing some weight. :D I have not had much self-control lately. You sound like you are getting back to your old (but now skinnier) self too. ;)

Vickie, it sounds like you had a good day. And I'm so glad to hear that Jim's appt went well.

Kathy, I'm sorry that you're having stomach and sleeping problems still. Have you created a schedule for yourself? I know how hard that is though. After I had back surgery I would do the same thing, end up sleeping all day and stare at the ceiling at night. I couldn't sit up and I was living with my parents so I couldn't stay in the LR. I did have a tv with a couple of channels but you know what's on at 4am. It was a very hard time for me.

Well that was more than anyone wanted to read. Back to work for me tomorrow. I need to iron some clothes. I made the dreamsicle and some salads tonight. I hope that everyone has a great night.

05-09-2006, 11:31 PM
No, that's exactly what I do. I'm so far off whack with my schedule that it's making me sick. I actually thought about calling my regular doctor and seeing if he could find something wrong with me; this can't be normal.

I have to stop taking the pain medicine first though. I'm sure that's part of the problem. No matter how early I take it, it doesn't kick in for hours and hours ... it's like it doesn't work as long as I stay awake, but as soon as I start sleeping then I can't stop. Then sleeping so much gets my eating schedule off, which makes me feel really rotten.

I think I'll look for that SF Cool Whip and make some jello or pudding tomorrow. I have four boxes of each in all different flavors and it sounds good now that you mention it.

05-09-2006, 11:51 PM
Any chance of getting different meds? or different dosage? If you need pain relief you should get it but it shouldn't be so debilitating for you! Maybe a call to the dr's office is in order?

Melissa - that dreamsicle thing sounds divine - we shall be waiting for a report after the taste test.

Vickie - your toes sound lovely - and I'm glad you have your favorite color on! I know Opus Dei exists - but I'm pretty sure they don't advocate self mutilation or stuff like that! Pretty gruesome stuff!

Sandra - glad you will be out of the 'restaurant' zone and won't be having to deal with all those tempting smells!

I have sequestered myself upstairs in the bedroom most of the evening cuz I am in a bad eating mood and don't want to be in the kitchen! I think the stress from work came home with me - altho I am happy to report I think I have finished crunching my numbers (and managed to find the lowest 15% priorities which is $288K of the $1.9M budget I seem to be 'responsible' for?). I can't believe what a crazy exercise this is and will review this with my director at our meeting on thurs - at least I have a draft of something I can show him. I swear it was making my head ache (and yes the headache seems to have disappeared!).

On course all day tomorrow so need to be at work early (so I can get my coffee ready) and head downstairs (in the main boardroom). Hope I don't fall asleep! ha ha ha

I will however still be running up to my office during breaks and will probably work thru my lunch so I can ensure everything is still running smoothly! I am now even sending myself reminder emails to work from home as I think of things that need my attention!

Did nothing but watch tv tonight (which is a rarity fo rme) while dh is off to the annual general meeting of the museum he volunteers at! ( ). I expect him home soon - and I will be asleep and he will start fiddling with the blinds so no speck of light dare come in in the morning.

I am yawning already - eye makeup off - just have to wash up and head to bed!

nitey nite

05-10-2006, 12:14 AM
kathy, i would love for sf cw to be core. i have to confess it's hard to measure a level tablespoon of the stuff.

melissa, you definitely sound like your old self. okay, girl. let's get smaller. we can help each other.

frouf, we had a great time snooping around the senior center. we were there for a senior olympics meeting. first time we'd been there. but--we're going back to play bingo, dance, tai chi, etc..... can you tell we're pumped? curtis is as pumped as i am.

congratulations on crunching those numbers while staying op. that's amazing!

we missed ai tonight. i set the recorder for wed. i've been thinking it was wed all day. nope, it's tuesday.

05-10-2006, 09:49 AM
Hey chicks! I'm back at work, but have a training to attend this afternoon, so at least I don't have to be here all day. My stomach is kind of icky this morning, hope that goes away soon. I have to admit it was probably the junk I ate last night (you know, the whole "one last stand" mentality).

Sandra, sounds like you had a fun time yesterday! And yes, I desperately want to get smaller. The scale is up for me from all the junk I've eaten during the move. Hopefully it is water weight (including TOM!!) so it will go away soon??

Frouf, glad to hear that all worked out with your budgeting--I can't imagine being in charge of something like that.

AI last night--I thought Taylor was not that hot, but then again, I've never cared much for him. Chris didn't do great either, but I still really like him. It wasn't exactly his kind of music.

Kathy, I hope that you can get all of these issues worked out. I'm with Frouf, call and see what they can do for you. You need rest and a regular schedule!

Gotta get to work...Good day everyone!

05-10-2006, 10:25 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I slept until 7:30 and would have slept longer were it not for the workmen on the street. We have kind of a busy street behind our home. I normally don't hear them but the windows were open last night. Oh yeah....they were laughing and talking and slamming doors and playing the radio loud with the doors open. I just got up. I didn't want to yell because they probably would have messed up my telephone!

Terminix is coming this morning for an extra treatment for ants. We aren't swarmed but I panic when I see a few since when we first moved in we had a lot of them including a nest of flying ones. Really icky. That's one reason I'm glad we live in a cold climate because most of these critters die over the winter. I could not be a southern girl. The bugs get too big for me.

I have dinner with my Sister and BIL today. No special occasion. My Sister just misses me and has a gift card to use. We'll be going to Texas Roadhouse. I haven't had pork chops in a while and they have good ones.

I should walk on the treadmill but I don't think I can because of the Terminix guy. I'm not really sure when he'll be here. I think I'll clean the house for a while and then go shower. Thankfully, Jim will handle him.

Melissa, I'm sorry your tummy is sick but I'm glad that you know why and that it's not some type of virus coming on. It's also too bad that you have to be at work but at least you have a beautiful new house to work for! We love (at least I do) learning things about each other. I knew you had back surgery but I never realized how hard it was for you. You are so young and SO positive.

Kathy, I wish I had some suggestions for you. I would be at my wits end too. Maybe it's a good idea to call your General Doctor, especially if you have a good relationship. When I've gone to too many Specialists, I stop back at my Internist. I figure he's the one responsible for looking at the whole picture. Specialists just seem to care/focus on their specialty and don't worry so much about the whole person.

Sandra, I'm so excited that you and Curtis liked the Senior Center. I'm glad you so so many fun things that you might be interested in doing. You've been saying for a while that you guys were wanting to do some more social things. Jim and I always talk about going to bingo and we never have in more than 15 years. I used to go weekly with my parents when I was living at home and working. I was quite lucky.

Frouf, I had a similar size budget and HATED when they didn't give me what I needed to deliver the program. Usually, I'd find that they wanted everything done so badly that they'd find the money for me. I hope it's the same for you. My advice is not to start skipping lunch. You need to get away if just for a few minutes. If you start out that way, you'll never get one and you'll probably have more than one headache. The big bosses go to lunch, so can you! What a cool place that museum must be. I wouldn't mind a tour.

Is SF cool whip also FF?

I thought everyone really stepped up on Idol last night. I predict that Katherine is gone. I thought Elliott was the best overall but I loved the first song that Chris did. Taylor wasn't great to me. But, I started out not liking him very much so I'm not totally objective.

I'm looking forward to the show tonight.

Happy Coring!

05-10-2006, 11:35 AM
Hey, all. I slept with no medicine and woke up around 9:00 because the dogs needed to go potty.

I also think Katharine might be gone tonight. At this late stage, you absolutely can't drop a lyric and hope that your improvised choreography will disguise it. It didn't work for me at all. As for the other three, it's going to be so hard. Elliott has the voice, Taylor has the experience and stage presence, and Chris is just smokin' hot. I would be happy with any of them winning. I liked Taylor from the beginning and his CD is really good. As for the "idol" part, I've tried to read as much as I can about them and from what I can find, they're all good people.

Shaun got home sorta late last night and when I asked where he went, he said he went walking. I said "I don't believe you" and he just totally went off on me, yelling and stomping around. Good grief! He had left before 9 and this was around 1:30. Anyway, I don't believe him but whatever. I just thought it was a little stupid to go crazy about it.

I think I'll try to take a nap in a while to see if I can catch up.

05-10-2006, 11:47 AM
morning. i'm up early readying to go to the podiatrist. i am sooooo ready to get back to normalcy. i hope to be able to do the exercise bike after this visit. we'll see.

melissa, i'm glad your first day back should short. you sound very excited to be back on program. makes me smile. i ditto everything vickie said. you are a very positive lady. hope your tummy's better. been there done that on those last evenings.

vickie and kathy, thank you for telling us about ai. i set my vcr to tape for wed instead of tues and missed it. we'll be watching for their snippets tonight.

vickie, we don't have a texas roadhouse up here. i have driven by quite a few down south and have wondered about them. enjoy your visit with your family. famous dave's is open up here. we're planning to go after i lose 20 lbs. i know i shouldn't want a food reward, but i do. (i love ribs.)

kathy, i'm glad you got some rest last night. did you get your flowers planted? i'm waiting till today to plant mine. it was 30* last night so i put them back in the garage. our weather's supposed to be warmer now.

05-10-2006, 12:34 PM
Hi everyone,

Vickie I know what you mean about bugs, I am originally from the city and I moved to the Suburbs which is about a 1 hr drive from the city about 9 years ago, and I still can't get use to the bugs. The spiders are huge, at least to me they are(yuck) and the bugs that freak me out the most are the ants with wings(gross). In the Summer we get these huge bugs I think they are called June Beatles that stick to the screens, so If we come home late and the outside light is on, they are all over my front door, I will not get out of my car till my husband cleans off the door I am afraid they will go in my hair.

Melissa sorry your tummy hurts, it probably is from what you ate, I have done that plenty of times to myself with my "last meal". When I was doing the SBD I decided to have a Carb free Icecream sundae from Friendly's, needless to say I over did it and it sat on my stomach all night and the next day. Hope you feel better.

Kathy I can't tolerate main meds, when I had my c-section they gave me pain killers and I hate the way I feel on them. The podiatrist yesterday wanted to give me pain killers for my feet and I told hin no thanks, I have to stay awake & be alert, Once I take them I really feel groggy and crappy the whole day. Maybe if they switch your meds you will feel better.

frouf glad you finished your numbers, that has to be a relief. That is funny about your husband fidling with the blinds. My husband gets up before us to go to work, he makes so much noise every morning that it drives me crazy, I tell him constantly get your clothes ready the night before, does he listen,Noooooo, he has to be banging draws & armoires opened & closed. Gotta love em

sandra have a great time at the senior center, sounds like they have alot of fun activities. My favorite idol is Chris

Hope I didn't forget anyone, I am still getting to know all you wonderful ladies so It may take me a while to get the posts straight.

My ds is in Kindergarten and takes the school bus to school, there is a little boy that sits next to him on the bus. He asks my ds if he can come over to play so I told my son to have his mother call me. So that day around 5:45pm
a minivan pulls into my driveway and these two little boys come to my door asking if they could play. I ask them where is your mother, well she is sitting in the car. This women does not know me, and she sends her kids to my door by themselves. Then she comes in my house with a 4 year old little girl. She then decides to take her older son who is in the 4th grade home and leaves her 6 yr old and 4yr old alone with me. Then she proceeds to do the same thing the following two days and I made excuses that I was busy. So everday her son asks mine if he can come to our house and I feel bad for the little boy but his mother just seems like she wants a place to leave her kids. Also I haven't heard very nice things about her and her older son who steals and gets in a lot of trouble from my neighbors. I just feel that I don't want my son to be friends with a child who can be a bad influence, I know he is still young yet but all it takes is one kid to make them start doing bad things, and the mother is no prize package, she has left her son at the neighborhood park by himself at 3yrs of age. I don't like to judge people, but this situation makes me feel very uneasy. Thanks for letting rant.

05-10-2006, 01:50 PM
I would also be uncomfortable with that situation Niki - you should get her to call ahead and make plans for a partcular day/time - and not just show up? I think that's kinda nervy! She obviously doesn't believe in supervising her own kids????

Kathy - so are you 'on schedule' today? Hope you can eat and rest as required without screwing up your body clock!

Vickie - hope the 'ants to marching one by one' hurrah - right out your door! Sounds pretty icky to me - and Niki we also have these big ugly spiders once in a while and my 14 yr old dd goes crazy - dh and I are usually in the 'spider removal' business when required!

Have a nice lunch at the Roadhouse!

Melissa - sounds like you overdid it at 'the last supper' - hope you tummy is recuperating nicely!

Sandra - there is that fabulous rib place in Montreal - which I insist on enjoying whenever we're there (core be damned) - luckily we're not there that often! :)

As for number crunching - swear to god there are trying to drive me crazy! Drafted my numbers last night only to get in this morning w/email from money man something about new numbers and a 'matrix' and filling in something else! Now I'm not that stupid but I can't even understand what this he is sending out and have sent it to one of my staff for 'translation'.

Meanwhile I am on this course (perfomance discussion process) which is pretty funny. Had to throw basketbal in hoop - we get to choose how far away (from 1-20 feet) and how many shots out of four we would make. Being the lazy slacker that I am I stand one foot away and predict I can make it in four times - and yippee I make it (first time alone in the room, 2nd time w/whole gang - got lots of laughs) - seems I am a 'consistent achiever' but might need to be challenged a bit more? ha ha ha

Just had lunch and back down in a minute - bringing my big container of fresh strawberries with me to nibble on!


05-10-2006, 05:39 PM
Quiet afternoon I guess? back in my office now - remember all those crazy numbers I had to figure out and add up from numerous spreadsheets - the ones that initiated a migraine headache? Well sometimes it pays not to be so diligent and timely - today of course we get a new email and spreadsheet with ALL THE NUMBERS ADDED AND LINED UP FOR US! Yes had I simply put that @#$@#$$ sheet aside, gone home, relaxed(?) and come in today - I could simply now plug in the numbers provided! (of course I would still have to come up with the low priorities on my list!). Anyhow - that's what you get for trying to get things done in a timely manner!

And yes - I did inhale a few jellybeans while working on this! YIKES.

Course is going well - very interesting. Had to 'present' on behalf of my table/team of course - but I"m used to that!

No plans for dinner - but still have LO coq au vin and brown rice somewhere in the fridge? DD to therapist and art school via her dad. Dh going to drumming practice (for his friday night gig).

And big ds calls me (while I'm in my course!!) just got off work - where THE POLICE WERE THERE (he works in a cd store - yes we love the discounts!). Anyhow his manager who he has known for a few years (young lady, maybe early-mid twenties?) was found to be doing FAKE RETURNS and had stolen thousands of dollars from the company! Ds is completely freaked out - says he feels like 'someone has died' - I told him I guess you never really know someone? I feel so bad for her - that she had to do this - and how this will affect the rest of her life! What was she thinking?? Will get more details when I see ds at home!

Otherwise might go out with little ds? Have to pick up dd around 9:15 in any case!


05-10-2006, 05:54 PM
Hey Chicks! I cleaned a couple of rooms today and then got showered for my dinner out with Sis. Bug Boy (that's what we call him but not to his face!) was here and everything is treated.

Kath, how exciting for your that you had natural sleep. Are you in pain without the medicine? Some things will never change with Shaun. I wouldn't have believed him either. It's sad because it could have been true. I'm hoping you're napping and not working around the house.

Sandra, how did your visit with the Podiatrist go? I hope everything is progressing as it should. Be careful at Famous Dave's! Everything is absolutely delicious and VERY fattening. I love the burgers and the bread pudding. I wasn't crazy about the ribs but really liked all their choices of sauces.

Niki, my alert antenna would definitely be up with the Mother who keeps dlievering her kids for you to watch. How does she know that it's safe to leave them with you? Ugh. Some people.

Frouf, so I guess your conervative side showed with the basketball hoop! I would have opted the same way. I would have ben crazy to have the spreadsheet "arrive" after I did all that work. I guess working for the government in Canada is a lot like working for the U.S. government. Not always alot of forethought and planning. Very frustrating for self-starting planners like me and you! It sounds like you got lunch and I'm real happy to hear that. It's too hard to stay on program when you let yourself get too hungry. I also notice that when I let my blood sugar dip too low, I no longer work effectively. Look at it as setting a great example for your employees!!!! What ever was that young woman thinking. She's just ruined her whole life for a couple of dollars. It is just SO not worth it!

Ok, I'm off now to await my Sister's arrival. I'm sure I won't be back until morning. I get a cut an color tomorrow. It is much needed.

05-10-2006, 06:22 PM
hi there. we had a great time at the sr center. and we weren't the youngest! we met a nice couple and ate with them. meeting folks and getting out is the main reason we went. i think we're going to join so we can take dance lessons and do some of the other fun stuff. but--we are not settling down. we'll still be climbing trees, etc....

got a good report from the doctor so i have been doing yardwork all afternoon. got all my plants potted and did some more pruning. whew! i'm tired but feel great.

nikki, june bugs scare me, too. my fav idol is taylor. i don't necessarily think he's the best singer but i like his personality and stage presence.

frouf, girl, we could stack up a pile of rib bones, couldn't we? i don't get ribs often but it's a wonderful event when i do. my fav way to eat them is just with light bread, pickles and onions. i don't really care if i have beans or any other side (but i wouldn't refuse them) that's funny about the bball event. you're a hoot!

vickie, i am starving for famous dave's. i've never been so this will truly be an event. are you changing your hairstyle? i am letting mine grow a little.

i need to get off here now and have a snack. have a good evening.

05-10-2006, 06:41 PM
Still at work and ready to pull my hair out. I should have just left after the training but came back to the office. At least I'll get to leave early on Friday.
Just wanted to complain.
Oh, and I'm starving!!!!

05-10-2006, 06:50 PM
Hiya, folks. I'm checking the weather online so I thought I'd check in. Did we decide that Saundra is in Niagara? For some reason I was thinking it was next week (middle of the month) but whatever the case, I hope she's okay.

Shaun had a call from a student loan place this morning and it was imperative that a payment be made, so I made it. He is now sweeping and hopefully will do more around here to repay me.

I just felt so darn rotten all day! My stomach hurt, I was dizzy, felt feverish and nauseated but didn't want to sleep. I did sleep a little though, around noon, but this has to stop if I'm going to be able to work next week. I ate a Hot Pocket and drank a coke a while ago and felt a little better. I might just have more cereal for dinner.

I'm really ready to be back to normal though, you know?

05-10-2006, 07:11 PM
Kathy bless your heart. I hope that you feel better tomorrow, and that you can sleep tonight. I hope that on top of everything you aren't getting sick!!

I'm so ready to leave this place. If I have to listen to babies crying much longer I might yell. :o Hopefully they'll be done in the next 10 minutes. :crossed:

05-10-2006, 07:34 PM
melissa, i'm hungry, too. wonder what's up with this? i'm glad you get to leave early friday.

kathy, i hope you can get back to normal soon. i'm feeling a bit more normal today. i wish i could send you some "normal" pills or something.

i just came in from pruning/planting and took a shower. now i'm thinking about throwing on some clothes and going to walmart for more plants. don't know if i have the energy left. guess i'll find out in a few minutes.

05-10-2006, 08:20 PM
Hey chickies,
its so cold here,,,but Im bundling up and taking my dog for a walk. There are talking the *S* word for tomorrow.........hopenot hopenot hopenot. I was planning on transplanting my starter plants to my greenhouse this weekend.
Sandra and Kathy, you guys are making me feel so jealous with your planting flowers already...I stil lhave to wait about 2-3 weeks.
Vickie Im glad Jim got a good report fromt eh dr.......
Melissa congrats on the A you deserve it after all your hard work.
Ok i better get going or I wont do it.........dont forget AI tonight!!
ttyl chickies,,,,,,,

05-10-2006, 08:23 PM
Patti, it's in the 90s here and we've had temps over 100 already this year. I really could have used more of a winter season. Not as much as you had, but at least something!

I can't wait for AI tonight!

05-10-2006, 09:50 PM
Well I had a little bit of a meltdown for supper, since it was after 8 when I got to eat. I ended up having a sandwich and some chips, and am making some soup!! I have got to start eating more on these long days.
Anyway, I had a few bites of the dreamsicle and boy is it good!! I will say it is a little lumpy because my cool whip wasn't defrosted before I folded it in. But I used strawberry jello, vanilla pudding, and put pieces of strawberries in it. Very yummy!! I recommend it.

Sandra, sounds like you've had fun today. I hope that you aren't pushing yourself too much!

Patti, I can't believe that you might be getting snow! I couldn't do it. :) Congrats on getting out in the snow to walk!

05-10-2006, 10:59 PM
Holy smoke, I am FLABBERGASTED! I've been an Idol watcher since Season 1 and I've never seen anything even CLOSE to this! Not even when LaToya London was sent home, which I thought was bad enough. I'm glad it wasn't my guy Taylor, but I don't think it was a reflection of last night's performances. However, I guess the votes just weren't there.

05-10-2006, 11:12 PM
Kathy, my dd phoned me long distance as soon as it was announced........shes heartbroken...I felt so sorry for him..he was shocked!!!! Im sure hes going to have a great career ahead of him though. Its always the good guys.

05-10-2006, 11:31 PM
Oh, I know! As soon as I saw his face, I just wanted to cry. He was more shocked than anyone! I'll bet he has a contract before the week is over though. With David Foster and Tommy Mottola knowing his name, I have no doubt his career will take off immediately!

05-10-2006, 11:55 PM
Okay - like who got voted off? Name please? (I did not watch tonight) watched "The Amazing Race" in Thailand this week - gorgeous place!

Kathy - I too hope you are not getting sick on top of everything else! Are you off of the pain meds now? could this be withdrawal stuff?

Sandra - it's so funny to me when you talk about a senior center - like I think you are going to visit some old people - and not that you are participating - not in a bad way - just you seem so young and young at heart - I imagine them sending you away and telling you to come back when you've 'matured'! ha ha ha

I agree Saundra must be in Niagara Falls? altho I also thought the trip was coming up later?

Vickie - yes I should be a bit more 'lazy' I guess? I should know in the gov sometimes if you wait a while things either recitfy themselves or disappear! What was I thinking?

And it seems to be hairdo week on the Core Board? I also have an appt on saturday for root color and cut! Can't wait. Now it seems I am also doing roadie work in between hair appt and dd's dance competition. Good says ds - when you get home from hairdresser you can drive me and equipment downtown (4 pm) then take Emily to her dance thing! Ya sure - no problem why should I get a break or rest on the WEEKEND - silly me what was I thinking?

I am taking friday off as well as she competes friday morning - I kinda know where I'm going but the info says something about 'building' a stage next to the main stage? which leads me to believe this might be outdoors? which may be a MAJOR PROBLEM cuz we are expecting rain this weekend? I sure hope I'm wrong! And I am a bit anxious about driving there early fri morning in rush hour traffic! YIKES!

Patti - where in heck is the snow coming from? I too am very anxious to start planning - altho garden still needs to be 'cut' and planned! I guess this weekend is a write off - but we have a long weekend coming up (Victoria day) so hopefully the garden will happen then!

Melissa - I too had a dinnertime meltdown - not sure what that's all about? I am not proud of myself - but tomorrow is a new day? The dreamsicle sounds very yummy!

dh not home from drumming but I shall start getting ready for bed!

05-11-2006, 01:24 AM
patti, curtis is telling me i rushed it planting here in montana already. i hope not.

melissa, i melted a little, too. i used 7 wpa's today. i had popcorn for my 2nd time this week. i guess i was hungry cuz of working in the yard. i was really tired when i finished but i'm good to go now. i hope i have a loss friday. i haven't used all my wpa's for the week but i've used several.

kathy, we were shocked, too. and we're taylor fans. i'm going to use that cd of his to help me lose weight. i think trying to dance to his songs should do it, don't you?

patti, i agree chris will have a good career. the idol cd's coming out toward the end of may. he'll be singing "walk the line" on it.

frouf, we watched ar, too. thailand is beautiful, isn't it? ohhhhhhhhh, thank you my dear friend. that's a wonderful compliment. curtis and i try to stay active. we'll be climbing lolo mountain this saturday shooting archery targets. i hope you can find dd's stage all right and don't have too much trouble with traffic.

i got the okay from the doctor to do almost everything i want cept hot tub and bowl. i go back the 22. maybe i can start bowling then. i'm wanting to compete in bowling and archery at the montana senior olympics. i'm a bit worried about my bowling. oh, well. i'm bowling more for the socializing than the medal.

05-11-2006, 01:32 AM
frouf, i don't think we've answered your question. chris was voted out tonight on ai. he and kat were in the bottom 2. taylor and elliott were the top 2. we were expecting either elliott or kat to be voted out. never dreamed it would be chris.

05-11-2006, 02:05 AM
I talked to Judd a little while ago and we were discussing my going back to work. He thought I was going on Monday and told everybody. Now that I'm thinking about it, I might just do that. That means going to the doctor tomorrow to get the release note and faxing it to the disability company ASAP. I think as long as I don't overdo it, and if I'll get my butt up this weekend and try to keep a regular wake/sleep schedule, I should be able to. I can feel bad at home or feel bad at work ... either way, I think it'll be quite a while before I'm normal again and can't stay home forever.

Sandra, I watched the replay of Chris' face on the news a couple of times. The shock is just heartbreaking! I just can't imagine what people are thinking! I voted for Taylor about 15 times and will continue to do so until the end. He's my favorite, and I'll buy his music afterwards. We like the CD we got and I'm glad you do too. If we do our dance moves like he does, we'll definitely lose some pounds AND inches! :lol:

I got in all my 20 points and most of the water today so that's good. I'll try tomorrow to push more water. 90% of my foods are Core but I'm still going to count the points for a while to make sure I'm getting enough.

05-11-2006, 08:53 AM
I can't believe my favorite Idol has been voted off, I think I had the same expression on my face when they said his name. I don't have any idea who is going to win, this is one is tough.

Weather here in NY is real crappy, rain all day yesterday, cloudy & damp today and some bad rain tomorrow. I bettter get moving today, have to do grocery shopping, I am out of alot of my Core foods. I did pretty good my first week, I lost -2.4 yippee.

frouf I am also an Amazing race fan, but since they switched it to Wednesday
I forget it is on because I watch Lost. I watch the reruns on The Game Show channel.

Kathy I am jealous, I wish it would warm up here, 90 sounds real nice, it is going to be 56 and damp today.

Melissa I was hungry all day yesterday, I don't know what was up with that. Seems like all I wanted to do was eat, nothing was satisfying me, I did use a few point but I tried to eat Core.

05-11-2006, 09:03 AM
Good morning! I got up and will try to stay up for a while. I need to make a few calls and decide what the best "return to work" scenario will be, but I guess I should wait until people get into their offices.

I just ate my cereal so I'm on track for now.

05-11-2006, 09:45 AM
I couldn't believe Chris got voted off last night. I'm more upset about him losing than any other "idol" in any season. I think he's great and I hope that someone signs him quickly.

Kathy, don't push yourself, but do what you think is best. Could you go back for 1/2 days or something like that?

Niki, hopefully we won't be so hungry today. :crossed:

Sandra, you are one active woman. I'm glad you got a good report at the doctor's appt.

Vickie, hope you have fun today at your hair appt.

Apparently it is hair week! :lol: I desperately need a cut. It's a wild mess today.
Hope that you all have core-iffic days!

05-11-2006, 12:01 PM
Good Morning Chicks! I'm really bummed out today. It's gray and rainy and cold here. And...Chris getting voted off is just wrong. Katherine should have been gone and she knew it. I was not able to get through to vote for him although I tried for two hours. weight is up this morning which I'll blame on a heavy dinner since I was starving and the popcorn at 8:30.

I was going to blow off the treadmill today but I've decided to get on. that's one thing getting on the scale every day does for me. I don't have a lot of time though because I have to eat lunch and shower for my hair appointment after I get off of the treadmill. I won't be able to read and respond to posts until much later. Sorry to be such a downer. I do NOT know why I am so blue.

05-11-2006, 01:14 PM
Vickie, you're allowed to be blue sometimes. I hope that you enjoy your appointment today and have fun. It is gray and rainy and cold here today too. I hope that you're enjoying yourself now. Good job getting on that treadmill today!!

I'm wishing this day would go by just a little bit faster. I'm tired and just don't want to be here! But at least I have some things to do this afternoon, so maybe it will go quickly. Hope you're all well. Quiet day!

05-11-2006, 02:50 PM
I went to the doctor's office to get my note, took it up to the office and talked to people for a while, then went to Boston Market and got a family-size turkey dinner so we would have something. I didn't have turkey, just a little bit of the corn, green beans, and new potatoes.

I had a bit of a scare this morning. I got up around 6:45, ate my cereal, then went back to bed to watch the news for an hour or so. I got up to take a bath and get ready for the doctor's office but decided to weigh first. 140.2! OMG, I thought I was going to faint! I don't like that a bit. No matter how much I'd like to peek into the 139s, this isn't the way. Problem is I ate all day yesterday (felt like it anyway) and got in all my meals, and milk, etc. That's when I thought I'd better go get some real food in me, so hence the Boston Market. I don't know what to do about dinner but it'll be something that's worth 7 points.

It's sorta cool here, like in the low 60s with a high wind. I need to go plant my flowers but don't feel like going outside right now. Oh and I went to the drug store and got some vitamin B-12. I'm hoping it'll help with the energy. Keeping regular sleeping and eating schedules for the next four days should help too.

Vickie, sorry you're feeling down today. I don't know what's going on, but we are a very blah bunch. I heard something on the radio a little while ago about interviews with Chris last week where he was bragging about having lots of fan clubs. They said he was "less than humble." I probably would be too, if I was as good as he is, but they mentioned you can't get all cocky and sure of yourself because it's not exactly talent that's the deciding factor at this point. They're all talented (although you're right, Katharine should have gone) and will all do well. That radio person was predicting Elliott to win it.

05-11-2006, 04:46 PM
Well looks like the dreary rainy weather is heading our way - supposed to start tonight and rain for the NEXT 3 DAYS - whole weekend shot - of course I will be spending much of the time indoors (hopefully?) at the dance competition.

Vickie - hope the hairdo has cheered you up a bit!

Kathy - I would definitely faint if I saw 140 on my scale! ha ha ha. It is true that if you eat you will lose better than if you let your body go into starvation mode - this might be happening here? Hope you are well enuf and rested enuf to go to work next Monday.

Feeling rushed and out of sorts all day due to late start to my morning. Had to be at my course for 8:30 am - like to get up at 7, ready to leave by 7:50, at work by 8:15 - get coffee and downstairs in time!

This morning I am lying in bed waiting for clock radio to go off - not knowing that DH HAS ALREADY HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON SEVERAL TIMES! I finally hear it - roll over and see it says 7:36! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! PANIC!!!!!!!!!

Leap out of bed - run to bathroom - NO TIME TO SHOWER - not that I'm smelly - but it's my HAIR! Manage to do something with it - dressed, make up on and out the door by 8 am - agressive driving gets me to work by 8:20 - get coffee/muffin and to the boardroom by 8:25 - and I AM THE FIRST ONE THERE! So all day I'm feeling rushed and out of time!

Was supposed to have dinner w/gf tonight but since we did not confirm and I have to take dd to dance class and GET the recital tickets I have postponed til next week.

Tomorrow morning is already stressing me as I am told it will be VERY HARD to get parking as it is a work day and many office buildings in the area use the underground parking garage! Will try to stay calm - and I sure hope it isn't raining buckets cuz that will only add to the stress!


05-11-2006, 05:08 PM
good thursday, chickies. i've been working on getting all ready to load the trailer this afternoon. we'll be leaving for the mountains and the archery tournament tomorrow after weight watchers. i want my loading completed before then.

we had a huge ww lunch today . i'm so full that if i had any more food, i'd have to rub it on.

kathy, we taped ai last night cuz we were watching "lost." it was heart breaking, wasn't it? i took a chance tues night and phoned a vote for #1 and found it was taylor so i kept voting. i don't know how many times i voted for him, but i'll keep on till the end, too.

i think you'll be happier back at work. you're a very active person and need something to do while healing.

nikki and melissa, i figured out why i was hungrier yesterday. i was more active. did ya'll figure out what your hunger was from?

melissa, my hair's a wild mess, too. i'm trying to let it grow out some but it's getting very heavy on top. i may have to go in next week for a touch up.

vickie, congratulations on treading. i'm proud of you. i hope you are able to perk up soon. think how much better your and jim's lives are now than a short time ago. as a good friend of mine says, "smile and let your face know you're happy."

frouf, i hope your day improves, too. how's ww going?

am i the only one here today who's in a cheerful mood? i hope all of you are back to your perky selves soon. i'd tell some jokes to cheer you but i don't know any. okay, i'll be quiet. i know it can be aggrivating to be around "susie sunshine" sometimes.

05-11-2006, 05:23 PM
Well, I'm not exactly in an UN-cheerful mood, but it could definitely be better. I got out just now and planted my flowers in the two planters, watered everything then rushed back in. I'm in shorts and a tank top and I was a little chilly out there. I'm going back out at 3:30 to sit in the sunshine for 30 minutes or so, just to soak up some heat.

Frouf, I hope you can have a less stressful evening and get to your destination in the morning with no trouble. I'd really like some rain; I prefer it over non-rain. Maybe I should move to Seattle?

Sandra, it's good to know someone else is voting for Taylor. I'm glad you had a nice big lunch! How long will you be gone? Is this the first trip in the trailer?

I have to get back to faxing these papers to Cigna ... have been trying for quite a while and their line is busy. Thank goodness the fax machine is right by the bed and I don't have to move much. My B-12 is wearing off, but I swear I did get a good-sized burst of energy. I cleaned my bathroom (the little potty room that just has toilet in it) on my hands and knees with Lysol cleaning cloths and Swiffers, scrubbed the toilet and all behind it, washed the rugs and then put carpet foam down in the carpeted area in the regular part of the bathroom (where the shower, tub, and sinks are). I'll vacuum it in a few minutes. Then I emptied the DW, refilled it, planted those flowers, brought in the recycle bins from the curb, cleaned out the litterbox, took out the trash, and now I'm resting. Maybe I should add that B-12 to my regular morning line-up of supplements.

05-11-2006, 05:26 PM
Hey Chicks! I'm home from my hair appointment and thought I'd come read posts. I have about a half hour before I have to go restyle my hair before we go out to dinner.

I didn't change my hairstyle but I did have her put some more layers in so that I could have some more lift. She always styles it way differently than I do. Jim said it looked nice this time. I couldn't duplicate it if my life depended on it. Maybe I'll try her styling again.

Sandra, it is SO good to here that you had fun at the Center (we don't have to keep mentioning the Senior word, do we? ;) ). You guys don't have to settle down. It's just nice to have some more options. It's also great news that your foot is healing well. Funny that you ran right out to your garden and got all tuckered out. I'm sure it looks beautiful. Mine yard looks yuck and I'm not even a bit motivated to go out there. You all would throw me off of Wisteria Lane! I like the "smile so your face knows you're happy" motto. I think I keep it in mind...or on my face. I'm not depressed....just blue. I think the rain and the cold is getting to me. I'm ready for summer. Perhaps I should move to Texas for a couple of weeks.

Melissa, I noticed you said you were starving yesterday. I was very hungry too. I acted as if I was coming out of hibernation! I'm hungry again today. I'm hoping the salmon will fill me up. I can't wait to try the dreamsicle. I bought the mandarin oranges today and the cool whip is in the fridge defrosting. Thanks for the tip about letting it defrost. I'm so looking forward to it!

Frouf, enjoy your cut and color! I really needed it. It was hard to believe it had only been 6 weeks. I can't believe you have more recital stuff this weekend. Do you EVER get a break? Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure you be great at navigating to the competition.

Kath, I'm sorry you were feeling sick yesterday but I am happy to hear that you are eating. I'd be scared if I dropped that much weight so quickly too.

I don't think Saundra was supposed to go to Niagra so soon. I hope she's ok. We didn't say anything wrong, did we?

Off to do my hair!

05-11-2006, 05:28 PM
Kathy, you do more with a bum foot than I do "healthy"!

05-11-2006, 05:38 PM
kathy, i'm glad you're feeling good and are getting out. we've been voting for taylor from day 1 even though we have voted for chris several times, too. (are we fickle?):lol:

we are leaving tomorrow for lolo hot springs. the turnoff for it is between missoula and hamilton. you may have been there. if not, it's a fantastic place to go when you're visiting up here. they have an indoor and outdoor pool that are heated by hot springs. (reminds me of "dante's peak"!) they also have a campground, cabins, hotel, bar/restaurant, horseback riding (which will be closed cuz of arrows flying everywhere this weekend), snow mobiling in season, and a lot of other stuff.

we will spend fri night camping there; shoot the tournament saturday; and come home saturday evening. normally we'd just drive up for the shoot and come home afterwards. this time we're wanting to tryout the new trailer. anyway, i'll be back online sat night probably.

that b-12 sounds like good stuff. i take a multi vitamin daily along with some other stuff. sure helps keep me peppy.

vickie, sounds like you have a good "do." makes me smile. i liked that "smile" saying, too. i think of it often. i'm glad you're not depressed. i wish i could send you some sunshine. we have oodles right now. my yard is coming along but has a long ways to go. the rosebushes are growing and doing their thing. i just need to do more of my thing. i'll prob be back out there sun or mon. no more this week or i won't be able to move this old bod. :lol:

i like "center" better, too. we're thinking of taking dancing lessons when my foot gets better. i have already been challenged to a scrabble match. :lol:

curtis is working outside. i'm sitting inside with my orthodics in my hiking boots. i think they will work fine for me this weekend. we are supposed to go out to the outdoor range to fling arrows in a few minutes. i'm getting excited to be able to compete this weekend. life is good.

05-11-2006, 07:43 PM
Hey since everyone is talking about getting there hair done I should mention I am a hairstylist. I haven't worked in a salon in a number of years but I still do family & friends.

Sandra lolo hot springs sound beautiful and alot of fun, sound like a vacation the whole family would enjoy. No reason for being hungry yesterday, think it was the weather, very dreary & wet.I see you are a Lost Fan also!

Kathy sounds like you got alot accomplished today, good for you. If you want I could send some rain your way, we are suppose to get 4" tomorrow.

Vickie, isn't it great to get your hair done, Have a wonderful dinner.

frouf, good luck finding parking tomorrow!

05-11-2006, 08:53 PM
Hey Chicks! Dinner was FABULOUS and all Core. I'm a good girl. I had healthy fish. My heart thanks me!

Elliott has always been my second favorite. Katherine and Taylor just aren't my cup of tea. But I vote based on how they do that week, so we'll see. I saw some internet rumblings that there were phone line problems with Chris' line and that they may bring him back. I'm thinking it was just wishful thinking on the part of sad Chris fans. I'd be happy if it were true, but I'm sure it's not.

Ok Susie Sunshine......did our Moderator give you permission to leave? And just who will spread the cheer around here in your absence. I guess I'll have to shake off my blues and carry the torch for you! Seriously, we'll miss you but I hope you have fun. I thought you didn't have any more archery competition for a long time?

Niki, I wouldn't have the patience to be a stylist. I can barely stand to do my own. Will you ever go back to a salon?

I just heard about a treatment today that I'm going to have done next time. It's called glazing and it makes the hair mega shiny. I'd love that.

Hmmmm......still no Saundra. Hope she's ok.

And no Angela.

Well, me and my full tummy are off to the TV. Honey Lamb has lots of stuff on DVR for me to watch and I'm also doing laundry. It's so cold and rainy here still. The high is only to be 48 tomorrow.

05-11-2006, 09:06 PM
I'm here, I'm here. I was out of town yesterday, but now I'm back. It's cold here today, and I'm really fighting TOM eating. So far today I've been pretty good.
We have some things coming up in the greenhouse. I'm sure they're warm enough in there.

I'm looking forward to Survivor tonight. I'm tired..I stayed up too late last night.


05-11-2006, 09:10 PM
Hey....I was worried about you. I knew TOM was looming. You'll come through it. You're our strong maintenance Woman! I thought about your plants today. Good thing they are in the greenhouse. We are only supposed to have a high of 46 tomorrow. I'm staying in.

05-11-2006, 09:20 PM
I read that about the lines too. Some said they called to vote for Chris and got a "thank you" from another contestant. I'm not sure how they could happen unless they just dialed the wrong number to begin with. I guess we'll see.

I ate an egg and some toast for dinner and am now drinking some coffee to warm up. I keep walking by the thermostat and it's on 70, so I turn it up. A few hours later it's back to 70. I'll have to check the programming but I don't think Judd would have set it that far down.

There's nothing on tonight that I usually watch, so I'll have to find something to do tonight. I do have a book that I started this afternoon, so maybe I'll just read. See you all tomorrow.

05-11-2006, 09:28 PM
nikki, do you think we'll ever figure out where "lost" is going? whatever happened to the monster who killed the pilot?

vickie, that would be something if they brought chris back, wouldn't it? we'll just be gone fri-sat. this competition is just "for fun." we're taking stick bows and arrows and absolutely no high tech gear. this will be the type shooting that i will come home happy if i don't lose all my arrows. :lol: our next "serious" competition with all the high gear whistles and pulleys will be the montana senior olympics. (oops! i said the "senior" word again! :lol:) after that, we will just be doing the stick bow shoots till fall. (is this too muich info?)

kathy, i'm heading over to american idol's website to see if i can find out any scoop.

angela, it's good to have you back. we're survivor fans, too. sure am anxious to see what happens tonight.

right now, i'm so full (again!) it's hard to imagine i could possibly have a loss in the am. i will try to get back on here tomorrow after wi before we leave. if i don't see you before--have a wonderful weekend.

i will be here before mother's day.

05-11-2006, 10:18 PM
Hey chickies! Glad to see everyone chiming in tonight. I hope that Saundra is doing well too. Maybe she is on her trip??

Sandra, speaking of trips, I hope that you have a great time this weekend. And no, it wasn't too much info, because I was going to ask the same thing Vickie did. :) I hope that you all have a great time.

Vickie, you sound like you are in much better spirits. A nice do and a great dinner will do that to a girl. ;)

Angela, you'll win over the eating! You are so inspiring. I hope that someday I'll be on maintenance too!

Niki, oh, I wish you lived closer. I have never found a stylist that I really felt I "connected" with. I'm terrible with hair and need someone who can tell/show me what to do.

Kathy, gee whiz you got a lot done today. I am thinking that b-12 sounds pretty fantastic. I need something to help me fight my fatigue from the nasty job I have. I think I'll look into it, thanks. I hope you don't freeze. :coolsnow:

Frouf, good luck tomorrow. I'm sure it will all work out just fine. Hope you have a good time!

Well I tried to "take a walk" in our backyard tonight with Murphy and he was so wild I came back in after about five minutes. Something must have been roaming around in our yard and he was sniffing like crazy. Oh speaking of that, you all won't believe what we saw last night. OK here's the story (you know me and stories):

We had Murph on the leash around 11pm or so. DH was standing on the deck holding his leash. He kept looking in the neighbors yard with his ears all up, then he would jump back up on the deck like he was scared. Finally I took the leash and started walking him around the yard. I saw him looking in the same direction, and he looked like he was about to bolt. I grabbed the leash tight and looked to see what it was. Something was walking right towards us, but all I could see was what looked like the face of a cat. Then it turned and I could see it's whole body--it was a FOX!!! I turned and high-tailed Murphy into the house. He was scared of it. Then DH and I watched it walk along the creek bank until we couldn't see it any more. Isn't that wild??

Wow have I ever written a novel. Have a great night gals! I'm going to go watch the Office finale.

05-11-2006, 10:50 PM
A FOX?? Good grief, Melissa, I would have wet myself! :lol: That would have scared me to death!

Speaking of animals, Bridge the cat just went out and then Shaun heard a bunch of yowling ... he went out to see what's going on and can't find him. Shaun worries about the animals more than anyone else, I think. Probably because he missed them while he was living in the apartment, and since he's here so much he's alone with them more than we are. Anyway, I hope he's okay.

I went out at 3:30 today and sat in the sun until 4:00. I am such a TV hog -- you won't believe the reason I picked 3:30. It's because usually I watch Judge Alex then but the rerun is on at midnight and since I'm alone I can stay up and watch TV for as long as I want. :lol: I organized it so that I wouldn't miss Judge Alex. Now tell me, how lame is that? Anyway, I have a teeny sunburn in spite of the cooler temps. It was probably high 70s but the sun was definitely shining.

Hopefully Saundra will show up soon. Maybe she's busy with her DS's new house?

05-11-2006, 11:38 PM
while waiting on survivor to come on, we watched last night's american idol again. other than the shock, the music was good last night. they could do elvis song severy week if it were up to me.

just saw where chris's being voted off is on fox news tonight. they interviewed ace. he's predicting elliott to win now that chris's off. ace was shocked at chris's being voted out.

melissa, that's neat about your seeing a fox. is there a chance you had deer in your yard last night? that might be what murph's smelling today. well, maybe it was the fox, of course. was your home empty awhile? the fox might have a litter nearby.

kathy, i hope bridge is all right. that was a quick sunburn, wasn't it? i completely understand about tv programs. we do the same thing.

05-12-2006, 12:43 AM
I want to go to lolo land and loll around the hot springs! I so need a rest and that sounds like such a nice place! Have a great time Sandra and think of me while you're lolling!

Niki - so explain to Vickie and me why it is IMPOSSIBLE to ever replicate the job done by the hairstylist? Is it some secret code thing? do you use special pixie dust? I swear if I could I'd keep my hairstylist at my house 24/7!

I am so anxious for my appt on sat and can't wait to enjoy the gorgeous results - at least before I mess it up myself! ha ha ha

Melissa - I would have been freaked out by a fox - as was Murphy! Any other critters roaming about?

Kathy - I agree you do more with your injury than a normal person does - I sure hope you were wearing sunscreen! We are having big dark looming clouds and gret whooshing winds all evening and it sure 'smells' like it's going to pour! Dh was so nice to clear out my side of the garage (full of gardening equipment and drums and wheelbarrow) so I was able to scoot by the HUGE pile of topsoil still on the driveway and park indoors. I was fearful of getting in the car in the morning w/dd as her hair and makeup will already be 'done' and don't want the costumes or luggage getting wet - now if I can get into the underground parking we should be fine once we get there.

Now get a load of this - her gf also in her dance class/school - calls tonight to ask if we can drive her to the competition in the morning (so what happened to the parents I wonder?). I found this really weird? We have known about the competition for at least a month now and I would think as a parent you would have planned this out? I asked dd where her parents were? Says they are teachers and they are working tomorrow!!! THIS MAKES ME CRAZY??? I work too and I took the day off? Can't understand why the night before this poor child is calling asking for a lift? Of course I don't mind taking her (yes it means leaving even earlier) but I wish she had asked like WEEKS AGO? (I will try and find out if there was an emergency or something?)

DD had dance photos taken tonight (took about 2.5 hours) - dropped her off - bought 12 tickets for the recital - and then we went out for dinner where I feasted on extremely non-core items.

The problem I am sure i have discovered is TIREDNESS - I felt so depressed and blue on the way home - not sure why - come in the house and immediately start ranting and raving about the dishwasher not being loaded and run - and why is ds' jacket not hung up? and why has dd left her school stuff on the living room floor? Wow - I start listening to myself and I am almost in tears?

So I asked dh (and little ds of course) to come with me - dh of course was going to drive once he realized I needed help! After dinner we killed some time by going to this fun fair in the strip mall parking lot across the street - little ds had a blast on the little alligator roller coaster - the spinning strawberries, and the motorcycle ride!

I think I know where I am going tomorrow - but all depends know on one way streets and if I can find the entrance to the parking garage - keeping fingers crossed!

I sure need to get to sleep now!

05-12-2006, 09:59 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Today the weather seems more like November; gray, rainy, cold. I was smart enough to plan to stay home today. We have nothing on our calendar and I'm happy about that. I'll be doing more laundry and cleaning but that's ok.

Poor Frouf! You do sound so tired and stressed. It's very kind of you to give the GF a ride. Those parents should have called and thanked you. My fingers are crossed that you are already safe, sound, dry, and happy at your destination. I'm sure some of the stress and tiredness came from work and your body's reaction to your dinner. I always feel VERY tired after eating non-Core. I wonder why that is. Also, my Mother told me that perimenopause/menopause symptoms include those alot like PMS. Sometimes I listen to myself ranting a bit and can not believe it's me. Maybe your hormones are a bit haywire? I don't remember how long you'll be gone today. I hope you'll be home and relaxing tonight and that you definitely have an easier weekend then last.

Melissa, holy cow! I would have fainted. Check out the lanscaping stores/nursurys in your area. I'm sure they'll have something you can spray around the perimeter of your fence that will keep the fox away. Fox/coyotes will definitely attack dogs. They are beautiful but I understand your concern for yourselves and Murphy. The spray won't hurt them, just repel them. I love everyone's stories. It doesn't bother me how long a post goes. Probably because mine are always so long! :o :D

Kath, I hope Bridge is ok! Our cats never get outside because I'd be frantic. It's nice to hear that Shaun has that tender side. How's he feeling? I'm guessing the antibiotic you had did the trick? I hope you enjoyed your Judge show last night. Jim likes them alot too. I watch them if they're on. They're kind of like a train wreck.....I can't look away once I start watching!

Sandra, wasn't AI something? I feel sorry for Chris. Maybe what Kathy heard is true. Maybe his fans that follow him closely thought he was getting to overconfident. I heard he got offerred a job with a band that I never heard of (because I'm old!) on Extra last night. I asked Jim to record the rerun for me but I haven't seen it yet. I'd buy his recordings. I'm a rock and roll girl, through and through. I hope you have loads of fun on your trip. See you Saturday night....or Sunday morning!

I'm making a new baked chicken recipe tonight with oatmeal. I'll post it if it turns out good. For dessert, I'm making Melissa's dreamsicle. I can't wait. How sad is that! I'm off to post my menu now. I'll be back later for sure.

05-12-2006, 10:01 AM
Vickie, make sure you blend it really well. I noticed that some of my jello is kind of chunky. :D

05-12-2006, 10:03 AM
I have to reread the recipe. Should I use a handmixer or do you just stir it?

05-12-2006, 11:09 AM
Wow, it is raining cats & dogs here, got drenched going to the bus stop this morning which is in front of my house. My poor Lilac bush is drooping so bad.
I ordered a pair of Halfiger Slippers ( $49.00 ouch), they have arch support, I read all the reviews and seems everyone who bought them loves them. I walk around barefoot at home all day which is not good for me, so I figured they should help me with my foot problem. I also ordered the New Balance Inserts, so hopefully using both will give me some relief.

Vickie I don't know if I would work in a salon again, it just doesn't appeal to me anymore, I did it for many years in my younger days and had a ball(flirted with the cute male customers :o ), use to do 11 hr shifts with no problem. I think I got spoiled being a SAHM for 7 yrs now. Once my daughter starts Kindergarten in 2008, I may do it part time while they are in school.

Sandra I want to go to lolo to , it sounds so relaxing, I am way overdue for a Vacation, My last one was Sesame Place last summer & needless to say was not very relaxing. Lost has me very confused, but I am still addicted to it.

Melissa if I was closer to you, I would love to do your hair.

frouf us stylist have a ancient chinese secret ;) . It is hard to do your own hair,when a stylist does your hair she or he gets alot of volume by lifting the root, did you ever notice when you get your hairstyled it is really poufy for a while. Once the root is lifted the style stays in all day.

Kathy how relaxing to lay in the sun, i sometimes watch Judge Judy, She gets her point across doesn't she.

05-12-2006, 11:43 AM
Vickie it calls for a hand mixer after adding the pudding, but maybe I just didn't do it long enough. Who knows? I had some last night. It is so sweet I can't eat too much at a time, but I guess that's a good thing!

05-12-2006, 12:14 PM
Hi ladies,I am making a ham tonight for dinner and it is the butt portion, is that a Core food, please say yes :^:

05-12-2006, 12:58 PM
Good morning! I'm finally up but about to get ready to leave for my hair appointment. Judd will be home around 2:30 and we're going to get new cell phones. He lost ours somewhere on the AF base this week but we had already been looking at getting new ones. He usually just uses the OnStar phone in his truck because he doesn't sit and chat on the phone, just calls home to say this or that, so the truck phone is ordinarily sufficient. However, since we have to get one, we're just going to go ahead and get two.

I really slept poorly last night, and then didn't wake up until 10. I have a sore spot in my mouth, like a tooth or something, but it does this from time to time then quits. I'm not going to get it checked out right now because I just added up my medical bills and my portion, so far, is about $1100. I can't pay that AND a big dental bill right now. Even the best dental insurance, which we apparently have according to everyone else, is crappy and pays hardly anything. I'll tough it out as long as possible.

A lady we work with is having a baby shower tomorrow. I'm not invited because we're also having one AT work; this one is for her friends who don't work with us. Anyway, a lot of our former co-workers who transferred to other places are back in town for tomorrow's shower and tonight we're having a BBQ at Judd's friend Jon's house. I'm going to take my Coke Zero and Light Ruffles, and just have a plain hot dog and THAT'S ALL. Scale this morning was 140.2.

Niki, all I know about the ham is that it says "lean ham." Does the butt have fat on it? I know mine does. :o Enjoy your rain though, in spite of getting soaked this morning. I'd still like to see more rain in this area but then again, I'm so easily depressed that maybe it wouldn't be a good thing.

Vickie, enjoy your quiet day! It's certainly been a long time since you had nothing on the calendar! What a great day to stay in though, nice and dark and raining. There I go again with the rain envy.

Bridge showed up around midnight last night and wasn't limping so maybe he was the winner of the fight.

Melissa, are you off today? I seem to remember something like that; or maybe it's a half day or something. Anyway, I was watching the news last night and they were showing a bobcat that was walking around in a neighborhood. It reminded me of you. If you keep seeing the fox, you should take pictures and send them in to the news station. It seems to be odd enough to sight them in neighborhoods that it's news. Although, with what looks like a nature reserve behind you, it might be common to see things like that.

Well ... I guess I'll go get ready. The appointment is at noon. I'm not sure when I'll be back but I WILL BE BACK.

05-12-2006, 01:18 PM
My butt has alot of fat on it . (haha) ;) I gues I will try to trim all the fat of the Ham butt before I cook it, shame I can't trim the fat off mine :D

05-12-2006, 03:37 PM
i'm typing fast here so there may be typos. went to wi and lost .6. the meeting was about activity. this came at a good time for me. i'm getting back into being active. yippee!!!!!!!!

frouf, wish you could come loll with me. also wish you could come hike the mountain with me tomorrow. you could walk right behind me and give pushes on the steep parts. my guess is the parents kept trying to get the day off but weren't able. schools are pretty tough about that this close to the end of school. i even had to miss a whole week of a college class one time. (and that was a 6 week course) i was lucky that the course was in education and the prof was understanding.

frouf, have a wonderful time tomorrow. i know life is difficult with teenagers but you two are building some memories with the dance competitions. are you permitted to take photos? i know it's not permissible at plays but am not sure about dances.

vickie, i'm a little bit country and whole lot rock n roll. (heard that in a barbara mandrell song) ai's cd is coming out soon (end of may) and chris will be singing "walk the line" on it.

let us know how the new chicken recipe is. a gf gave me 2 boxes of ww oatmeal. she didn't like it.

nikki, i wish you could go, too. we're anticipating great weather, lots of friends, and a lot of fun. tonight we're roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. i'm feeling like a kid. haven't cooked over an open fire in eons. normally, when we go rv'ing i have cooked ahead and we reheat in the microwave. this time--no way!! we're really, really camping. well, we do still have beds, showers, refrigerator, microwave, etc.... but we are cooking outside tonight.

kathy, let us know how your hair appt goes. have fun tonight. we're having "dogs", too.

well, i'm outa here. have a good evening. i'll be back tomorrow night or sunday.

happy mother's day, all.

05-12-2006, 05:06 PM
Congrats on your loss, Sandra! I know you're excited about it! Enjoy your trip and be careful.

My hair is awesome! I love it so much, and she did a great job of fixing it. It sure helps to make me feel better. Judd's on his way home and we're going to get the phones, then he has a few things to do, then we'll go to that thing tonight I guess.

I am really hot right now and trying to cool off. My ear hurts too so I found a Rx of decongestant that I'll take. When I got it (a few months ago) it was because of an earache so hopefully it'll work.

I'm off to see if I can find some lunch now. See you all later!

05-12-2006, 05:43 PM
Hi all! I hope that you're doing well today. I'm just getting home and trying to do some stuff around the house.

I'm way behind here. I'll catch up later.

CONGRATS Sandra!! :twirly:

05-12-2006, 07:22 PM
Afternoon chickies,,,,,,
its finally stopped raining here after 4 days...I can actually see something yellow wayyyyyyyyy up in the sky!! The kids at work have been so restless being cooped up all week.
Have fun camping Sandra,,,Im so jealous..but its way too cold here still for us. My dd wants to go camping when she comes for a visit the end of June. I cant wait.
Got a walk in wed night in between rain drops...felt good.
We live in the we call it...we have seen more wildlife in town....
we had a moose and a calf walk right down our street
when I was into walking faithfully every night , I would meet up with a fox every time, just sitting int he middle of the road, like he was waiting for me.
-last summer we had a bear walk into our back of our house..its like a shed ..he was dragging our garbage out. He was HUGE!!
- dh sees two to three moose every day he drives to work
As much as we get used to it we still get excited when it happens though.
its amazing the wildlife we have here......when i sit by my pond in the summer, it attracts birds, toads, chipmunks and squirrels. (they llike to come for a drink) It can get quite busy if Im sitting quiet enough.
I get more excited seeing a big mall then I do seeing a moose...haha guess Im a country bumpkin.

05-12-2006, 08:02 PM
Hey Chicks! I have been SOOOOO busy today! I did about 4 loads of laundry, baked Jim's tollhouse birthday cookies, worked on my medical expense project, made the dreamsicle dessert, and I just put dinner in the oven. Whew!

I hope dinner turns out good. It's dijon mustard rubbed on the chicken, then it's dredged in quick cook oatmeal that has all kinds of spices on it. The chicken gets placed on a Pam coated cookie sheet and then the chicken gets sprayed again before it goes into the oven to bake. I'm hopeful! And the best news is NOOOOO tomatoes!

Melissa, thanks for the tip on the dreamsicle. Thanks to you it set beautifully and is really creamy just like mousse. I can't wait to try it. You'll be busy around your house for a good long time. How GREAT does that sound.....your house!

Niki, I never heard of slippers with arch support. How exciting is that! Do they have a website? Maybe I'll ask for some at Christmas. I'm always barefoot and my heels are always killing me. I try to wear my birkies but I don't like to walk on the carpeting with shoes that I've worn outside. Slippers would be great. I hope your ham was good. I'm sure it would have tasted better with all the fat. But sadly, as you know already, the butt isn't Core. I'm sure it was Core enough with the fat cut off. Yum....I grew up on pork butt!!!!

Kath, well....let's see a picture of your cute self! I should have taken one of myself yesterday with the Stylist's do. Lord only knows I'll never replicate it again! I hope you got a great new phone and went out to eat somewhere fun as long as you were out. Ok....don't make me crazy now with that sore spot in your mouth. Could you just have someone look at it already. I'm a little paranoid with my husband's situation. Now I worry that everything could be serious. If they say it's nothing then you are free to ignore it. I had a sore in my mouth recently and my Doctor said it was just a virus. I told him I felt better that he looked at it. It only cost me $15 for the reassurance. You'll have a great time at the shower and it sounds like you have a great eating plan. I'm SOOOO impressed that you are still 140. I believe you'll be able to hang on to it too! I hope the decongestant worked.

Sandra, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: I am so proud and happy for you that your hard work is paying off. You give me inspiration! Hope you're having fun. We will miss you.

Patti, we are supposed to have rain through next Thursday! :dizzy: I can't bear the thought but nothing I can do about it. I couldn't live with wildlife. I'm not an urban girl but definitely suburban!

Gotta go...there's a bell ringing for me. I'll be back in the morning! Have great evenings.

05-12-2006, 08:26 PM
Hey vickie, the butt was quite delicious even with the fat trimmed off. My kids seemed to enjoy it also, my son is such a picky eater.

Here is the link for the slippers;

And I have a coupon code that is 10% off, type in fabsavings10

05-12-2006, 11:25 PM
Niki, thanks! I probably can't buy them right now since I've had an expensive month and another one coming up in June. I can't wait to hear how you like them. My feet get hot easily. I'll be interested in hearing if they wool makes your feet feel hot. I also can't wear wool (like unlined waistbands make me itch). I'd like to know if they feel itchy to you. I may just give them a try anyway if you don't think they're too hot.

I'm glad the pork was good. I LOVE pork.

Quiet tonight chicks! I'm off to bed.

05-12-2006, 11:54 PM
CONGRATS SANDRA - on your great loss ! You go girl! Hope you are having fun in lololand - I just LOVE hot dogs over an open fire - reminds me of camp when I was younger! ...and don't get me going on roasted marshmallows! YUM!

Kathy - have fun at the shower - don't you just love it when your hair turns out great (I have it from a good source that it's the pouf that holds it in place). Tomorrow I shall be poufy froufy ha ha ha (except that it's going to rain again!).

Glad some of you are seeing sunshine - but it's miserable here - and now pouring harder than ever - and slanting like! Took dd and ds to a movie (cross town of course) and driving back was a bit stressful due to all the rain and poor visibility!

Melissa - any more critter sightings? I agree w/Vickie you should try and find something to deter them from coming on your property!

As for this morning - well we got there okay (only drizzling a bit) but there is only ONE visible entrance to the parking garage and due to the dance competition there was a two block traffic jam with cars backed up trying to get in! Not fun.

At least we had enuf time (started inching in around 9:15 am and girls would only be on at around 11:30). So here we all are inching our way slowly and surely to the ticket booth - and 3 lanes converging into one! Seems a lot of discussion and finger pointing going at at ticket booth. We are trying to be patient of course.

I am hugging the bumper of this big white pickup in front of me as I get closer (to nirvana ha ha) and I see the guy carrying out the LOT FULL SIGN!!!! PANIC PANIC! The girls and I just screeching inside the car - no no no. I am literally glued to the car in front of me and I swear to God - as I pull closer - almost there - the parking lot guy puts the LOT FULL SIGN BEHIND MY VAN!!!! So I am somewhat reliieved but feel SO BAD for everyone behind me - esp mom of another dancer - she had to drive all the way back home as her dd forgot her costume 'hat' - and now she coudn't get into the lot - and she did kinda let me in front of her (altho I was there way before her!). Anyhow they are double parking cars everywhere - had to leave my keys...and my dd went back to the other mom's van and got the hat to bring in in case she didn't make it! Such adventures and ulcers!

The venue is pretty icky - no real dressing rooms this time - just one big room for all the girls and each dance school seemed to mark off their own areas. It was also this crappy temporary/portable stage - and it's huge - very wide and acoustics in room very bad!

Anyhow the GREAT NEWS IS DD'S DANCE GOT DYNAMIC GOLD (equivalent of high gold in other competitions and one less than platinum) I swear they do better and better at each competition! The worst part was one of the dancers fell (on her butt) - she looked kinda surprised at first but jumped up smiling and continued dancing - what a trooper - of course I later saw her running off the stage crying and looking for her mom - poor thing! Bad news is I was eating toast w/jam for breakfast - then a brownie later on! I think it was all that stress - and being near a major food court didn't help!

I am pretty sure they can get a platinum for their Tainted Love sr jazz dance - only problem is two girls are away so they have to literally rechoreograph part of it so there are no 'holes' - I am stressing about this already. At least tomorrow night should be easier for parking?

Came home around 2:30 pm and had a NAP - yes - altho I didn't sleep much with phone ringing and kids interruptions. Dh went to his jazz gig tonight which is why I decided to take dd and little ds to movies (big ds gone to INXS concert tonight!!!).

Hair appt tomorrow at 1:15 - roadie equipement work from 4-5 pm then back to the competition around 6 pm for 8:30 dance slot! Is it really mother's day on Sunday? :dizzy:

05-12-2006, 11:59 PM
Frouf, your life is SO exciting compared to mine! I'm happy for mine to be calm though. I don't think I have the nervous system to live yours. I'm glad everything went well and that you got to park. See....sometimes things do work out. Congratulations to Emily! I hope she was happier this week? Will you have time/energy to enjoy Mothers Day?

I'm REALLY going to bed now. I was playing card games.

05-13-2006, 12:01 AM
Hi everyone! I feel like I've missed a lot here.

Kathy, I hope that you have fun with your old co-workers. Congrats on the scale being, and staying, down. What a great feeling. Oh, and we don't have a nature reserve behind us, it's another subdivision! There is some greenspace near our house, but it's not enough that one would expect to see a fox. It's kind of scary. I'll be glad when we get a fence put up.

Vickie, I'm glad that your dreamsicle turned out so well. How did you get it so smooth? Mine is definitely not mousse-like! It sounds like you had a good day and I'm glad.

Frouf, how did it go today?

Patti, whoa do you ever have some wildlife! I don't know if I could get used to that. I can handle cute and fuzzy critters, but bears? I can't imagine.

Well I think I'm going to find a snack and maybe do some more around the house. DH is still at church tonight.

05-13-2006, 12:07 AM
Frouf, what a day! Bless your heart. I'm glad that things ended up well though and that you got a chance to rest, at least a little bit, this afternoon.

05-13-2006, 01:00 AM
OK here I am and you're all in bed!
I must confess I didn't have a very good eating day today. I think it's TOM-related.
I finally made a hair appointment for myself. Tomorrow morning at 9:15. I'm excited not to look like a shaggy dog any more. ;)
Alright, guess I'll go find something to do with myself. Good night everyone!

05-13-2006, 07:37 AM
Hey, all. We got home around midnight, watched TV for about two minutes, then turned off the light and went to bed. Not to sleep, mind you, but to bed. I laid there for what seemed like a week and finally decided to get up. It's 5:30 and I just took *one* pain pill. I'm telling you what, this pain is so indescribable that I'm starting to feel like there's something wrong with me. My whole leg hurts up to my thigh, and the foot burns and aches and throbs with every heartbeat. And I have just about had it, so Monday I'm calling the doctor to complain. Yeah, like he can do something about it, but maybe they can give me something different (like you've ALL suggested in the past). I can't work while on these drugs, not that they're all that effective anyway, but I also can't work while in pain. AARRGGGHH!!

We had a good time tonight though. It was SO nice to get out and see people, even if it is mostly people I'll be seeing Monday at work anyway. Jon lives on a golf course, and so we were in the backyard for a lot of it, even after dark, because they were doing night golf. If you've never seen it (and I hadn't) it's just sooo cool! The balls light up and flicker, then there are colored neon markers along the fairway and around the greens. Now Judd is wanting to go play at night, of course.

I should get Kate to take a pic of my hair and if I do, I'll post it. She's coming over sometime in the afternoon. Sometime Saturday morning we have to go vote for city elections, go to the cell phone store since we ran out of time before the party and didn't go, and then Judd has golf at 1:00. Saturday night is Mavericks playoff game so we'll be plunked in front of the TV all night.

And that's my life! Exciting, huh?

05-13-2006, 07:56 AM
Well, gee willies! I had to go back and read threads and gracious goodness, Frouf, you had a DAY! Congrats to Emily and her group but girl I would have been stressed to the max with the drizzle and parking and drama of it all. If toast/jam and a brownie were the worst things you did, I'd call that successful eating! And I think of all of us here, you deserve a huge Mother's Day blessing. You continually do so much for her and big DS (and Sam too, but he's still little enough to be a sweet and grateful child). Anyway, I hope it's your best Mother's Day yet.

Vickie, that was quite a busy day you had! I am very interested to know how the chicken turned out. I make something that everybody loves but it has breadcrumbs as the coating. If I could substitute oatmeal and have it deemed Core, and still be good enough for the masses, that would be great! I usually rub FF Italian dressing on the chicken before coating in the crumbs so Dijon would be a nice change as well. And now all this Dreamsicle talk has me wanting to make it too. I have all the stuff; just getting in there and doing it is holding me back.

Patti, you are so funny! I would just shriek if there was a bear in my back yard. Or a moose walking down the street! Closest thing we have is cows and they're pretty tame. We have had them in the front yard and on the street when there was a farm behind us but a few years ago, it was sold to a developer and now there are houses back there. Speaking of which ...

Melissa, girl, that green belt is close enough to a nature reserve for me! :lol: Could you stand it if it was any more natural? I know we probably invaded the animals' space, since they were more than likely here first, but you know if they see a porch light or something, they should just move on down the road and get to the woods. They're probably more scared of us than we are of them. Since it's hair week on the board, I'm glad you made your appointment.

Shaun has a DEP meeting this morning, which stands for Delayed Entry Program. It's a once monthly meeting where they go over different things, maybe do a few exercises, and generally let the recruiter know what they're up to. He has 3 months to go before shipping out (ya right, shipping out to Chicago but that's still what they call it) which as you know won't come soon enough for me. I left him some money before we went to Jon's house and told him to walk up and get a haircut. He's looking like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. I hope he did it; I didn't see him after we got home last night. Seems like he's trying a little harder though. I know he's bored and really miserable being stuck here with no car. If he had one though, he could work but additionally he'd just be out getting in trouble so maybe it's not so bad that he doesn't have one. At least now when he leaves we won't have to worry about disposing of a car.

Okay I've talked to myself for long enough. I'm going to read for a while.

05-13-2006, 08:44 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I just got up at 6:00. I couldn't sleep any more because I was having bad dreams. I think there's a nap in my future.

Kathy, I'm really glad you got out and had fun last night but your ankle situation sounds horrible. I'd sure be wanting to know if pain up your thigh is to be expected. I'd say different medicine is in order. So you're not doing full days next week are you? Are your exercises going ok? The night golfing sounds cool. If I was Judd, I'd want to try it also. I'd always heard that the balls are even more outrageously expensive than the regular ones are. I'd don't know if it's true or not. It'd be fun to have Kate take a picture. Even if she doesn't, I know you're going to enjoy seeing her for Mother's Day. It's hard to believe that Shaun still has 3 months left to go. I hope he got the darned haircut so that you don't have to fret about him. Too bad there's no drugstore or something within walking distance of your house where he could work. I'd be bored and crazy too.

Melissa, sorry we all went to bed on you. I didn't see that you were on with me last night. I really hope you enjoy some pampering today during your haircut. God only knows that you have been too busy to do anything for yourself lately besides work and move. How is the drive to work from the house? I hope it's better. As for the mousse, it couldn't be more moussie! I decided to beat the pudding when I put it into the jello for 2 full minutes since you stir the pudding when you make it for 2 minutes. You just have to be real careful to use the lowest setting on the hand mixer since the stuff is all almost water. It set into this great "stuff"! I told Jim that it's something I could make for a party so I'm VERY excited about it. I put it into those little tupperware 1/2 cup snack cups and it made 9!!!! Next time, I'm going to put in a little more fruit so it'll probably make 10 of them. I could have eaten a little bit bigger portion but these little cups are really convenient and keep me kind of in control. It's very sweet and really helped with my sweet tooth. I also used the white chocolate pudding instead of the vanilla and I think it helped with the illusion of mousse.

The chicken tasted good but I think it needs some work. It called for instant oatmeal but I used quick cook. I don't know if that's what made the difference but it didn't get as crunchy as I hoped. Also, the spices were inconsistent even though I mixed up the oatmeal real good. I'm thinking about two things for next time. I might grind up the oatmeal a little bit next time and/or just sprinkle the spices on each piece of chicken instead of putting them into the bowl with the oatmeal. Aside from the coating, the flavor was quite yummy. Cornmeal chicken is still my favorite. Hmmmm.....I wonder how cornmeal would have been instead of the oatmeal. Anywhoooo, I'll post the recipe and you can all decide how to experiment.

I also loved everything about the lemon garlic chicken. The only thing I can't decide is whether or not I need to cut down the amount of olive oil in the marinade. I'm trying to reconcile how much stays on the chicken. It calls for 1/3 cup and I marinated 8 thighs. There was still marinade left in the bag. I probably could cut it down to 1/4 cup of oil. That would still be 4 tablespoons/12 teaspoons of oil. What do you all think? Should I cut it down even lower?

Well, that's the cooking corner on the Core Board for this morning.

05-13-2006, 09:16 AM
Ugh...I need to treadmill today. I do NOT want to. I'll try to make myself do it after breakfast. Speaking of's time!

05-13-2006, 11:27 AM
Ok.....I was hoping that someone was here to talk to so that I didn't have to get on the treadmill. But, alas, no one is here. I guess I'll go work on my weight. I ate 2 chocolate chip cookies and they were divine. I don't know how you folks bake and exercise self-control. I will NOT eat any more of them. I don't want to have to be crying on Monday because I gained.

05-13-2006, 11:36 AM
Hey, here's something for you to look at! Great for those about to start their spring gardens ... :lol:

05-13-2006, 11:43 AM
Hey Kathy, you look beautiful, great hair!!!

I will back a little later got to finish my chores for the day.

05-13-2006, 11:51 AM
Thanks, Niki! I got my DS to take the pic and he said I looked scared. And ugh! Saturday morning chores. :o Thanks for reminding me that I should be UP and not sitting on my tail reading a book.

My mom sent me some books a few weeks ago and they sat by the bed until the other day when I decided I should read them. They are by Wanda Brunstetter and are about Amish. The series is called Daughters of Lancaster County; the first book is the Shopkeeper's Daughter and the one I'm reading now is the Quilter's Daughter. The next one is due out in June and I think it's the Bishop's Daughter. Anyway, they're just so good and I've been enjoying them so I don't feel quite as bad as if I was sitting around reading a National Enquirer or something like that! :lol:

Judd's ready to leave so we can go do our errands. Be back later!

05-13-2006, 11:51 AM
Kathy, you look ADORABLE! I can't wait until I'm your size. You really do look beautiful. gymies are on and I'm ready to go. I just came to change my weight tracker.

05-13-2006, 11:52 AM
OOOHHHH.....I'm so interested in the Amish culture. Maybe I'll check them out of the library. I don't buy books anymore since I'm retired. Are they fiction?

05-13-2006, 02:39 PM
They are fiction and, of course, have a religious slant to them since they revolve around the Amish beliefs. It's about a family with a lot of kids and the things that happen to them -- hard to describe but really, really good. I'm looking forward to the next one.

05-13-2006, 02:53 PM
I did it. I walked 40 minutes. Now I'm going for a bubble bath because my legs and hip are killing me.

05-13-2006, 03:12 PM
Congrats on your walking Vickie! I'm so proud of you all that exercise on a regular basis. I'm so bad with exercise. I think it's because it's such an ordeal for me to get it all set up and done with the kids. But maybe it's just because I'm lazy! :lol:

I have to take the oldest dd to a birthday party this afternoon. While she's there, I'll be out getting Mother's Day presents for my mom and MIL. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. :) Mother's Day really sneaked up on me this year.


05-13-2006, 07:05 PM
hi, chickies. we're home early. we had a grand time but i needed to dropout after half the course. i have to tell you---it was hard hiking. we started the tournament at target 20 which was on top the hill (mountain). we shot our way down then were just starting to shoot the first half (climbing to the top again when i told curtis i'd had enough. my foot is swollen and sore but i think i'm all right. curtis was glad to stop shooting, too. we're quite a pair of gimps.

yesterday/last night was our first trip out in the new rv. we were camped just across the road from the tournament at a very nice place. lolo creek ran right by our rig. i "lolled" a couple of hours sitting by the stream reading while listening to the water rushing downhill. we had our hot dogs but cooked them inside due to high wind. we'll have our marshmallows on another outing. last night we got very, very cold but had a lucy/ricky episode trying to wait for the other to get another blanket and turn up the heater.

we saw a great deal of wildlife--a herd of buffalo (cows, bulls and calves), several elk, a coyote, and a few whitetail deer. there were a lot of friends up there competing. it was hard for me to say "enough". i don't like to quit anything. curtis said i didn't quit. i just shot the amount i wanted to shoot. now is that a play on words or what?

kathy, you look like a doll with your new do. and you're so small!!!!! i hope you're feeling better, and i am very glad you're going to call your doctor monday. i had never heard of night golf. it sounds kewl.

patti, i know what you mean about getting excited seeing wildlife. we do the same. we live in a large city but still see deer on our way to the grocery store. also we have some bald eagles nesting next to the river downtown.

thank you, girls, for the congratulations. i used 4 wpa's yesterday. looks like i'm back to normal today. plus, i must have burned some pts hiking that tournament for 2 hours.

vickie, your menus always make my mouth water. you're a very creative cook. i have a stack of medical bills on the table waiting on me. thank you for the information on the chicken recipes.

frouf, i love reading about your day. i can picture everything really well. i'm glad you got into the lot before it was full. how's your hair? i'll bet you and the rest of the chickies are looking very perky in your new do's.

melissa, we live in town and have deer in our yard nightly. the fence doesn't slow them down much.

vickie, congratulations on getting in 40 minutes treadmilling today. i'm proud of you. curtis is outside soaking in the hot tub right now. i came in and took a long hot shower first thing. what's with all of us about hot water? :lol:

angela, curtis told me he bought me a really nice card the other day. (actually, i saw him at the checkout stand with it) however, he put it in a safe place. maybe i'll get it next year. :lol:

got to go watch some tv. i taped deal/no deal and vegas last night. do i need a life or what?

05-13-2006, 09:35 PM
Hey Chicks! I'm home from having dinner out with friends to celebrate birthdays. I confess I had my first drink in about 2 years. It was a Raspberry Mudslide. I'm sure it's alot of points. I also had a roll. The rest of the dinner was Core except for the diet margarine that I brought with. Now I feel like I need to get on the treadmill tomorrow again.

I'm pooped and am going to spend the night on the couch with Honey Lamb. I'll be back in the morning!

05-13-2006, 10:17 PM
I'm glad you enjoyed your dinner out!

Kate came over this afternoon and is still here while Devan is doing her birthday shopping. Erin is at work, Shaun is at a BBQ, and Judd was supposed to come home after golf, but called to say he was going somewhere to watch the game with friends. Before he left, I asked if he was going to do that and he said no, I'm coming home to watch the game with you. When he called with the change of plans, I said I *knew* you would ditch me for this game and go with your friends. I think that made him feel sorta bad, but he still went. So I sit at home alone tonight (Kate's about to leave) and am not happy about it. Oh well, huh? Gotta move on.

Maybe I'll just go take a bath and go to bed. I've only had one meal today, around noon, and haven't been hungry since then. We went to Panda Express while we were out doing our errands.

I'll also be back tomorrow. Everybody have a great night!

05-14-2006, 10:02 AM
Happy Mothers Day!!! :hug:

05-14-2006, 11:06 AM
Good Morning Chicks! The board has been really slow and hard to navigate for me today. I'm not sure if it's my connection or if the board is having problems. I'm going to see if I can read posts after I send this message.

I got 9 hours sleep last night and it felt great. We have no plans today except for my cooking dinner. I need to clean a little house. First breakfast!

Happy Mother's Day to all my chickie friends!!!!!

05-14-2006, 11:12 AM
Sandra, I think you and Curtis sound like you have a GREAT life! Nothing wrong with relaxing and watching a little TV after the trip you guys had. I'm glad you gave us all the details. I LOVE details!!!!!

Kath, Judd would not be married to me long! I honestly don't know how you put with him leaving you alone so much. I feel bad that you sounded so sad last night.

What are you all doing to celebrate Mother's Day? I must be the only chick with no Mommy alive and no kids. :(

Ok, I'm off to try and make a menu thread and then go eat breakfast.

05-14-2006, 12:30 PM
Happy Mother's Day! I hope everyone has a peaceful and relaxing day.

We're going over to the inlaws' after while for lunch. I think I heard that FIL is going to Outback to pick up food and bring home. MIL had umbilical hernia surgery on Tuesday and still in quite a bit of pain so there's no way she should be going out.

Judd got home around 10:30 and immediately said "what's wrong?" I told him he had been gone out of town since Tuesday, and then was gone all day playing golf, and that I hadn't anticipated spending my Saturday night alone especially since I had confirmed with him RIGHT BEFORE HE LEFT that he would be coming home. He said okay, we would just stay home today and not go to his parents'. Of course then this morning his dad called and everything changed and once again, I go back to the bottom of the list. Poor, pitiful me. He'll never figure it out.

I should go get ready now. Be back later -- I hope everyone has a good day!

05-14-2006, 01:27 PM
Today's blog entry:

Happy Mother’s Day to my Children

Like most people, I did my best parenting before I actually HAD children. MY children weren’t going to have runny noses, and MY children would always look so cute and color-coordinated, just like those little kids you see in the Sears catalog. Hehehe … hoo boy, was *I* ever naive!!

I was blessed with my first child, a son, in 1978. Shaun was the most beautiful little boy in the world … strangers would stop to tell me so. He had gorgeous auburn hair with highlights in every color and huge blue eyes. He also had a great sense of humor even as a toddler, and is still the only child I’ve ever heard of who could read at age two. I mean, really read. Newspapers, TV guides, books … he could read. In spite of all our ups and downs throughout the years, he loves me and doesn’t hesitate to tell me so. He was and is my favorite child, that boy.

In 1983, my beautiful Erin came along. I was pretty good at this mothering thing by now! She was such a petite and charming little girlie girl, with a shrill voice and fashion taste that just wouldn’t quit. It was like punishment when she had to wear pants – she informed me from a very early age that “girls wear dresses.” She loved her big brother and tagged after him from the time she could crawl. Today, she’s still very cute, her voice has toned down to a normal level, and she never leaves home without looking her very best. She is my favorite child.

In 1986, here came Kate, the cutest and spunkiest child that I do believe I’ve ever seen. She was such a livewire! With Kate, we were almost immediately introduced into the world of emergency rooms with broken arms, stitches, bitten tongues (have you ever seen a tongue that was bitten in half?), broken light fixtures raining down shards of glass, playground falls and numerous dives off of the bunk beds. She entertained us with all sorts of antics and always (okay, usually) had a big beautiful smile and a happy heart. More importantly, she has since learned to stay safe, and in spite of a few messy teenage years, is now my favorite child.

Phrases that I swore I’d never say, things like “don’t make me come up there!” and “you’ll put your eye out” have escaped my mouth more than once. I inherited these words from my own mother and am not afraid to use them. Now that all of the kids are grown though, it’s more like “please be careful” when they leave the house, and “do you have enough money?” Just as my mom still worries about me, I worry about them.

So today I honor three of the most special people in my world, the three who made me what I am today – a proud mother. They saved me from a life of perpetual self-absorption and I love them completely.

05-14-2006, 01:40 PM made me cry AND miss my Mother more than I was already missing her. You all deserve to be honered EVERY day.

05-14-2006, 01:43 PM
Kathy, that was beautiful! :) Thanks for sharing it.


05-14-2006, 02:18 PM HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

kathy, what a beautiful tribute to your children. thanks for sharing.

we're meeting curtis' mother, sister, and bil at a local eatery. i'm dressed up for the first time in eons. (which means i have on a dress and not shorts or pants :lol:)

this afternoon we're going to work in the yard together. it's a gorgeous day.

hope all of you have a wonderful day.

05-14-2006, 03:01 PM
Have fun Sandra!

I've decided to go walk on the treadmill.

05-14-2006, 03:16 PM
Hi all: I would like to post on this site but I know lady who lives in the same town (w.w. leader) so I would rather not give my real name. I hope that is alright with you people. I will be honest I have been lurking for a while and have seen what a nice group of ladies you are.
I wish you all a wonderful "Mothers Day", I never find this day easy as I miss my dear Mother even though I am a Senior myself. I live near Toronto but spend time in Ottawa so I love hearing about the restaurants you gals mention.
Today we are going over to our daughters for supper she is such a sweet heart. Hey ladies, the ones that are having problems now, they do grow up and become so important in your lives. Just hold tight and keep loving them.
Then come the grandchildren and they become so dear to you. Our son lives in Ottawa we do not see him as often but is great when we do. I also have 2young gals who call me their other Mother. The one gal includes me in all her family dinners etc.
Everything has not always been smooth in my life, but all in all life is "Good" as Sandra says.
Thanks for reading and hope you will accept me. I have about 35 lbs to lose and I find it especially hard as I never had a weight problem until menopause and then Bingo.

05-14-2006, 06:31 PM
Hello, Rose! You are certainly welcome to join us and it sounds like you already know us very well!

We're back from Fort Worth visiting the inlaws. My poor MIL is in a whole lot of pain still, but she says it's getting better. We did get Outback takeout and all I can say is -- none of it, not one shred, was Core. I ate until I was sick but it was all so good. We got three appetizers: Bloomin' Onion, fried mushrooms and coconut shrimp. Then I ordered Bronzed Chicken with Corn Cakes, which is bronzed chicken breast, served with grilled corn cakes, topped
with shrimp and mushrooms in a vermouth cream sauce (website description, not mine). It was just awesome! MIL had also made some sweet potatoes and stir-fried vegetables. I didn't have either of them although I should have; I was just too full. Didn't have any bread though, so that was good. I brought leftovers home since I only ate about half of my chicken, one corn cake, one shrimp, a few mushrooms and a few of the onion pieces. I brought the entire rest of the onion home too, which is about 80% of it. I'm sure someone will eat it.

I'm off to rest before starting laundry. Hope everybody's having a good day.

05-14-2006, 09:50 PM
Kathy, it's just SO good to hear that you are eating. I hope you got spoiled rotten on your Mother's Day.

Rose, :welcome3: to our little corner of the world! I just love when folks jump in and join us. We can, as you know, use all the help we can get! :o ;) It doesn't matter whether it's 35 pounds or 120 like me. Every pound is difficult to get off and just as hard to keep off. I couldn't do it without all of my friends here. Do you go to meetings? My weigh in is tomorrow.

Speaking of my weigh in....I was so freaked out that I had the drink and the roll yesterday (I was out of points) that I exercised for 40 minutes on the treadmill again today. That was two days in a row which I haven't done since last September. I'm pretty darned sore already. It will be worth it if it keeps me from having a big gain tomorrow. I'm going and staying for the meeting no matter what.

I'm off to watch TV. Big night.

05-14-2006, 10:13 PM
Hi Kathy and Vicki, yep I think I almost do know you gals. Kathy I noticed your picture and what a pretty gal you are.

Vicki, you sound like a very sweet person. I was reading along when your hubby was having problems and so glad that everything was fine.

I just got back from our daughters, she had a wonderful meal. I could tell there was something on tv that they were interested in tonight. We came home as the kids have to get up in the morning for school and it is hard to get them to bed when we are there.

We spend time at our cottage in the summer so I will post as often as I am at home. It is very hard for me to diet at the cottage as everyone brings up so much food. We were up last week my hubby put another bathroom in so now we have the two. We need it though as when there are a lot of people it can be a busy room. lol We are on a northern lake on a sand beach, it is wonderful for the grands. When we are all up there I feel like the Walton's saying goodnight to all.
I have a feeling you all are watching tv tonight, our dd seemed to think it was going to be a good night. I have enjoyed American Idol but have not watched Survivour. I think that is what they are watching. Bet you can guess I am a Canadian with my spelling, eh?

Hi Sandra my good friend, so how does it go tonight. I am feeling much more in tune with the world tonight. Life is sweet, so my dear Mother used to say.
Bye for now,

05-14-2006, 10:18 PM
Vickie, I don't have a Mother's Day report. I called Erin on her cell phone (upstairs) around 7 p.m. to ask her a question and she said Happy Mother's Day. I haven't seen Shaun at all although Erin said he was up there, and Kate will be here in a little while. Judd's mom sent her a BD gift so she's coming over to get it because she's in the area again.

I am really dreading going to work tomorrow but I suppose I'll make it okay. I'll have to get back in the mode of getting up early, making lunches, and all that stuff. Ugh!

Rose, it sounds like you had a good time at your daughter's. I know what you mean about not wanting to stay too long -- when I was married before and the kids were little, my inlaws would come over. They were a lot of fun and the kids just refused to go to sleep when Grandma and Grandpa were over. It was a little annoying back then but I'd give anything to roll back the clock and live in those times again.

05-14-2006, 11:08 PM
Finally some time to get on here and read and post!

Welcome Rose - we love having a new 'face' around and a canadian on top of it! Hi neighbour!...and thanks for the good news that hopefully one day our kids do grow up and become our 'friends'. (altho at this point I can hardly believe it!).

Kathy - love the 'do' and of course the pink t-shirt! :) Your mother's day message also brought tears to my eyes. I am sorry Judd did not seem to get it - and made other plans!

My dh doesn't quite 'get it' either. Yesterday I asked him if he remembered what he got me last year for mother's day? A blank stare? course not! Well look on top of your dresser I say - yes there still in the little box is the bike meter (like a bike pedometer) that he bought me LAST YEAR - but never got around to putting on my bike? So maybe this year for my present you can actually install it?:D Of course he thought this was awfully funny! What an economical gift? Lasts for 2 years (or more?) ha ha ha. Then I reminded him of last year when he lay on the couch and asked me what I was making for dinner?

So this did prompt him to call his mother today (at my insistence) and invite her out to dinner with us - yes we were ready to go get her - when I go check on dd (who has been getting ready for the last hour!) to see if she's ready - take one look at her makeup and inform her that she is staying home!

I was just heartbroken - she already knows how I feel about her 'raccoon black circled eyes' on a good day - today she has done something stage like (guess the dance competition has rubbed off?) and done like big black 'wings' coming out of the lines on the side of her eyes - I DON'T THINK SO! So I am in the car (without her) very cranky and upset - dh starts on how he doesn't believe in mother's day - and you can imagine the rest! Of course I made sure his mom had a nice time and she did like the present (which of course I bought on dh's behalf!).

But I did go to the Mother's day tea w/ds (the only boy there) and we had fun and tea and cookies and fruit - great slide show (with a pic of me and dd there last year!), and guest speaker was a party planning lady with some good tips and centerpiece examples.

DD did bring me breakfast in bed which was very sweet - bear and flower shaped banana pancakes w/strawberries and syrup and orange juice! I did get to 'loll' around in bed til noon also! Dh got me a card and a $25 starbucks gift certificate (guess he felt bad after I mentioned last year's gift?) and big ds got me a james blunt cd and dvd of 'the notebook.

Yesterday I did get my hair done - my highlights were getting a bit yellow/brassy so colorist decided to put a toner on - however now it looks like my highlights have disappeared? NOT GOOD - I mentioned this to her and she said she did make it darker on purpose and my highlights will reappear (more golden than yellow) as it fades out - i hope so! OR ELSE!

Sandra - you are a real trooper and I think you did great with your hiking - you certainly don't want to damage your foot so you were right to stop when you felt like it!

Vickie - i am very proud of you very doing your exercise two days in a row! What great dedication!

Kathy - I went to Outback for dinner tonight! Food there is consistently good - but we obviously have different menus? I had a salad, and the grilled swordfish w/veggies - fish came with this citrust salsa which was amazing (green onions, tomatoes in a lemony sauce). Now I am stuffed!

Also went to the dance competition last night - took little ds with me (even tho I know it was ending very late!). DD was there since 2 pm - went with a friend - we got there around 6. Some of the dancing was amazing and ds and I really enjoyed the 'show'. DD's dance only got a gold (as opposed to the dynamic/high gold she got on Friday - and the group they were up against got first place - so she was very cranky on the way home (despite getting the black $30 dance pants she wanted from the competition).

Now all we have left is a major dress rehearsal on the 24th, the recital on the 28th and they are dancing at 'relay for life' which is a local fund raising event! Then maybe a break for me!

I am still feeling super tired due to going to bed very late - can't imagine waking up at 7 am tomorrow for work! We are heading for a long weekend tho and I am tentatively taking friday off so might make it a four day weekend!:carrot:

Melissa - how's the new place? Are you settled in yet?

Vickie - good luck at WI tomorrow

And Kathy - are you heading to work tomorrow too?

05-15-2006, 12:10 AM
Hi again: Thank you girls for the welcome, and yes Froufie, they do grow up and become your friend. I know it is hard now but just keep telling them you love them, but are not happy with the way they act sometimes. Bless your heart it is not easy in this day and age being parents.
I see you got some nice Mother Day gifts. I also got James Blunt. I love the song, "You are beautiful" It is funny my grandson 13 said that the teacher would not let them have that song at their dance, as there was a word that they thought was not the best. I argued with him saying there was not, but found out there is. lol I phoned our grandson and said I was wrong there was that "word" (as they say) and told him now Papa will not let me listen to it. Well they laughed and laughed. lol They were not quite sure if I was kidding or not. I am driving my husband mad as I have it on in the car every time we go out. I told hubby it put me in a romantic mood so then he thought maybe it was ok. lol
Life is sweet,

05-15-2006, 02:43 AM
rose, welcome to the group. i am so glad you've decided to join us. i hope you found some smiles today. your mother would have wanted that. don't worry about posting your real name. rose is beautiful. i like it.

chickies, rose and i have been friends for several years. i want you to know that she is an inspiration. she's always very positive and has a world of dieting ideas. i have gotten numerous recipes from her (especially ww desserts). again--welcome aboard, rose!

speaking of rose(s), after our meal today with curtis' mom, sister, and bil, he and i worked out in the rosebeds then went to kmart and walmart to buy bedding plants for me for mother's day. i have to admit that my best present from him today was his digging up dandelions. the rosebeds are usually my job. i pruned then planted the new flowers. i think our yard's going to look pretty good. not designer good like frouf's, but colorful. now--come on, hummingbirds--we're ready for you.

rose, yes, life is good.

kathy, your meal sounds heavenly. i love coconut shrimp. i've been baking some lately that i get at albertson's. it's essencia brand over in frozen foods. i take apricot spreadable fruit and dilute it before nuking to make a dip. love it!!

vickie, our ww meeting was about activities. i'm glad you're back to treading. i am counting yardwork as my exercise today. maybe tomorrow i'll bike. ;) ;) ;) for a good wi tomorrow.

frouf, i'm glad you and ds went to the tea. was it big or little ds? i'm not sure. your schedule boggles my mind. (a professor once said that about me but that was around 20 years ago) i hope dd gets her make up straight. i told our oldest grand that i would take her to dillards for a makeup presentation when she gets old enough to wear makeup. right now, she's happy about that.

i have to close for tonight. i'm a happy tired. talk to you tomorrow.

05-15-2006, 10:39 AM
OMG, I just type a typical morning huge post and lost it! I decided to send a PM and forgot to save what I was typing in the box. Darn......and now I have no more time because I have to get ready for my meeting. I have to leave at 9:30 so I have to scoot.

I'll be back later. Happy Monday.

05-15-2006, 12:12 PM
Hi there gals. Just wanted to check in and say hello since I've not been around much this weekend. We've been so busy.
I forgot to tell you all that this week I'm going to a conference, so I'll be gone Tuesday-Friday night. I'll miss chatting with you all and I know I'll be so behind.

Well I just got to the office, we've been at the local clinic this morning, and I've got lots to do to get ready for not being here the rest of the week! I hope that you are all doing great and I'll probably be back later.

05-15-2006, 12:34 PM
Good Morning Ladies, I am still recuperating from Mothers Day. We ended going to my mil for a little bit in the afternoon, then drove into the city to see my mom and sils, well it was a ride from ****. First of all I don't know if you guys ever heard of The Long Island Expressway, it is considered a parking Lot, when we got close to the city the traffic was horrendous. Then dd decides to have a tantrum in her car seat because she wants to get out, she worked her self up so bad she vomits all over herself 3 times, now my poor ds is sitting next to her in his booster seat gagging, my dh is also gagging. Talk about stress, we finally get to my moms and she gives my dd a bath and my poor dh has to go clean the car & her car seat. Next Mothers day I think I will stay home!!! :dizzy:

Kathy beautiful tribute to your children. I know how you feel, my children are my life and they are both my favorite child. Good luck at work today.

Sandra sounds like your garden is going to look wonderful. I have so much gardening to do, I don't know where to start. especially being raised int he city I don't really have a green thumb, But I am trying. :D

Rose, welcome. That is a saying my mom always says, First you have your own children to love & worry about & they grow up so fast, then your children have babies and the love & worrying starts again with your grandchildren.

Vickie good going with the treadmill, I have decided today I will start using my exercise bike.

Froufy I love you posts, they always make me smile. I remember doing that as a teenager, experimenting with makeup, my mom use to make me wash it off before my dad came home, he was a very old fashioned Greek daddy. I miss him soo much he passed away 5 years ago at the age of 61.

05-15-2006, 01:16 PM
Hi girls another beautiful day, the sun is shinning and the birds singing this earth is waking up. (So are the bugs, and that I don't care for.)

Where you surprised Sandra that I have posted?? I have lurked too long, felt like I was listening in to a party line. Did you have luck with the Roses in Texas? It would be much warmer in the summer I would guess.

Oh what a stinky drive you must have had Niki, I could just picture the whole thing. Our daughter used to throw up on the way to the Airport. We would be on the 401 and she would say, "I feel sick" My poor husband would try and pull off but it was not easy. We made many trips to the Airport as we travelled with the children a lot. (We had passes) Lots of fun, but I would love those days back again, when the children were young. I am one of these Mothers that really felt sad when the kids left home, even though I knew that was what was normal.

Yes, Froufie you can sure write, you have a gift to express yourself. I have a sister who lives in States and she wrote for a New York Newspaper for a long time. She had a wonderful command of the English language. Hope you are fine at work today.

I read about you gals going off to work and think I was so lucky, I was able to stay home with the kids. I was lucky also as my friends were all staying home also. I did teach night school (crafts) and also taught Nursery School for about 5 years after the children were grown up.

My husband retired in his middle 50's and we have not looked back yet. It has been wonderful as we built a cottage on a lake in Northern Ont.

I am having a terrible time trying to lose this weight. I do not go to w.w. as we are away lots and I would miss. I do know the plans back wards and front wards so that is not my problem. I take meds for hbp. and it seems to ****** the weight loss. I will not give up though.
Life is sweet,

05-15-2006, 01:28 PM
Oh Rose, you are so lucky the sun is shining, we have had nothing but pouring rain & thunder here in NY all morning, I am jealous! :D

05-15-2006, 01:41 PM
Oh, oh I think I spoke too soon Niki, it is going to rain later today so the news tells me.

05-15-2006, 01:47 PM
Ok, I added my exercise ticker, Now all I got to do is make my train move(Haha)

I will start today;)

05-15-2006, 01:56 PM
Well it's not exactly sunny here - gray and overcast but at least it's NOT RAINING! (altho the clouds do look a bit cranky right now!).

Yes I am at work altho I'd much rather be home in bed!

Did I mention how I don't like doing hr stuff? Do I look like an hr person? NO I DON'T - so as acting manager you can only imagine how upset I am when I get like 3 emails today about some job stuff and writing some merit thing and changing some criteria for something or other - oh and please follow these guidelines (like a 12 page book or something!). I just want to pull my hair out!

So I print these all out and the printer fairy must have absconded with them cuz they are nowhere to be found - good I get to waste more paper! (note: yes big hint of sarcasm throughout).

...I could of course leave this aside for a while but frankly the other stuff I have to do is just as icky so it's the lesser of several evils I guess?

Melissa - have fun at the conference! Hope the house is shaping up nicely!

Kathy - are you at work today? Please let us know how you make out!

Rose - Have not listened to the cd yet but will pay close attention for the 'word' (and make sure no little ones in the car w/me ha ha ha).

Niki - poor you - I too was always carsick as a child:p - but you deserve a medal for going above and beyond the call of duty - next time have them come to you!

Vickie - hope you had a good meeting! Sorry you lost your post - that always make me very very cranky!

Sandra - glad you are able to start your planting and having your own personal 'weed whacker' must be so helpful :)

It was little ds I went to the tea with (the only child who still enjoys his mother! ha ha ha). So far says he wants to go next year (so he can see himself on the slide show from this year's pics - ha ha ha).

I want to talk to dd about her makeup but not sure what good it will do - i think it's just a 'test'. She knows how I 'feel' about her makeup (esp when she goes out with me) so I find it hard to believe that she has SUCH poor judgement as to completely go overboard for mother's day dinner out! Was she just waiting for me to tell her she couldn't go with us???

Later last night she does come to 'schmooze' me up and try to talk me into preparing 'snacks' for her as she has a field trip today - cuz 'that's what mothers do!" - Told her she was perfectly capable of putting some fruit and cereal bars and other stuff in a bag for herself! Really now!

Big ds off to New York City with friends - I am a bit anxious of course - told him to make sure AND CALL ME - of course he says it will be collect! ha ha ha

Additional crisis - just got a call from team member - she is away in California due to her dad's surgery (fairly serious) - has been gone for 2 weeks supposed to be back today - turns out her dad has taken a turn for the worse and is going back into surgery - she was so upset and now I am almost crying. Now need to find a replacement for a course she is going on as we will need to pay anyways (too late to cancel!).

Off I go!

05-15-2006, 02:06 PM
Hey, chickies! I'm just stopping by quickly to say I'm alive and well at work. I got here around 10:30 or so, and will stay until 3. That should be enough for the first day.

I'll be back tonight to read more though. Meanwhile, have a great day!

05-15-2006, 04:09 PM
Hey Chicks! I'm home and disgusted and embarrassed and sad, with no one to blame but myself. I gained 1.2. Today starts the first day of my new Core program. I haven't really committed myself fully to the who shebang for a long time now. For a while I couldn't help it but I can now. So I need to take advantage of it while I can.

I exercised 3 times this week and still gained. Harumpf. My portions have not grown but I've gotten very casual about my WPA tracking and that CANNOT continue or I'll gain all of my weight back. I will NOT let that happen. Today's meeting was actually about Core and my Leader is starting it this week. It should be fun.

I went to Trader Joe's and got my Dr. Praegger's california burgers for lunches. I also bought a multi-grain cereal which I'm eating now because I was starving! I really missed breakfast and a smoothie just was not going to cut it. I also bought a Kashi 7 grain puff cereal because I cannot find the WW vanilla puffs anywhere. I'm going to go to the WW website to see if I can do s store locator for the cereal.

Ok....I'm off to read posts and probably try to recreate the one I wrote this morning.

05-15-2006, 04:35 PM
Rose, your cottage sounds delightful, especially with all the good company you have there with you. I've tried so hard lately to separate social from the food but it is darn near impossible. Especially in my family where to have good food to eat was one of the ways my parents showed us their love.

Kathy, I could just cry to read that none of your kids made a big deal out of Mother's Day. With everything you do for them, shame on them. Maybe your should frame your blog entry from Mother's Day and give it to them. I wondered if you went back to work today. Try not to do too much. I'm glad you'll be leaving for home soon.

Frouf, it sounds like you and little DS had a great time at the luncheon. I'm really glad that you took him and that he had so much fun that he wants to go back next year. I would have done the same thing with Emily and the makeup. I'm sure she's just testing you to see how much she can get away with. That is the primary job of a teenager! I read what you say about work and it all comes back to me as if it were yesterday. They used to tell us that the job of an upper Manager was more HR than anything else. It didn't really bother me though because as a professional I was an HR person (Staffing, Recruitment, Postion Managemen/Classification, Labor and Employment Relations, and EEO) before I became a Manager. That's all I did for 30 years. Now that I'm gone, I really don't miss it at all.

Sandra, you are always so busy. I feel lazy compared to you. I hope you enjoyed your gardening yesterday. You all could come here an fix my yard any time you want. Maybe I'll be more into it when I take off about 75 more pounds.

Melissa, we miss you tons! I hope you have a great conference but it sure won't be the same around here without you. What will the Murphster and Aaron do without you for 4 days?

Niki, I had a friend (she was my employee but became my friend) who used to live on Long Island forever. It's where she raised her kids and lived, I think, for about 40 years. She just moved back into the city, Bayside, a few years ago. She doesn't drive but often talked about how hard it was to get into the city by car. You poor thing. Mother's Day should not include vomit! I have a 5 year old Great Niece who can make herself vomit at will. Not a pretty picture! She realized she could get attention. Now that we've stopped, so has she. I'm SO proud of you for starting your exercise ticker. One step/pedal at a time!

Ok....I'm going to take my sad sack self and go make some phone calls. My GF who may have leukemia had a Doctor appointment today so I need to check on her. I'm also trying to reschedule Jim's shoulder surgery and a few other tasks. The White Sox are playing now so you all know where my Honey Lamb is right now.

I'll be back.

05-15-2006, 04:37 PM
No we are not 'disgusted' with ourselves - if someone else has gained 1.2 lbs you would never tell him or her that you were disgusted with them would you? Of course not - you are your own best friend so 'speak' to yourself and encourage yourself.

I am glad you are reacting in a positive way by ensuring you have what you need in the way of Core foods - good for you! Keep up the exercise as well - you will definitely do better next week - I can hear it in your 'voice'.

Kathy - hope you are not overdoing it and that people are waiting on you hand and foot!

I need to go to the bank on the way home - seems my card is again 'compromised' and need new atm card and pin number ! YIPPEE I am also trying to avert some crises here and so my hand has been dipping into the jelly bean dish. Good news is I am looking forward to a lovely steak dinner and little ds and I supposed to go to a bonfire party tonight - will see how we are doing!

Oh yes - please go visit my poll - I am quite upset about this and very sad about how I look and the effect this has on my social life!

05-15-2006, 04:44 PM
Oh Vickie - just read your 'other' post - watch out for Great Niece - my dd was an attention getting vomit queen at AGE 1 (I should have known then what a challenge she would be - actually I think I did? ha ha ha).

We would put her to bed and she would stand up in her crib and throw up! Of course we were frantic! 'something's wrong with the baby!". Tried not feeding her too close to bedtime - changed her diet - but nothing helped. Took her to the pediatrician of course - she says there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH HER - except she is manipulating you for attention!

What a very crazy dr I have, I thought!

How could this poor sweet innocent tiny baby be THAT manipulative? Dr's advice: put her to bed as usual - wait til she throws up (we peeked thru the door - this happened moments after being put to bed - we ended up putting towels everywhere!). Then go in very matter of factly, clean her up - DON'T SPEAK TOO MUCH - MAKE NO FUSS - then put HER BACK IN HER CRIB AND LEAVE THE ROOM!

Well you should have seen the look of shock on little baby's face when no big fuss was made and she was back in the crib in minutes! Two nights later - it was over - no more making ourselves vomit for attention (as it was no longer forthcoming!)

What a very clever dr I have!, I thought!

05-15-2006, 04:48 PM
You are right, Frouf, as always. I should be nicer to myself. You definitely hear determination in my voice. It's the terrier in me. This is the only job I have to do and I need to succeed.

I responded to your other post. I know this is really upsetting for you and I do understand as I have been there more times than I can count.

05-15-2006, 04:53 PM
Frouf, I also want to say that my sense is that you are an absolutely lovely, funny woman. I would LOVE to spend time with you. I have a small group of friends who have seen me gain and lose weight so many times that it is sickening. Now these are close friends so it's different but my point is that I've talked candidly with them over the years about my weight. All of them have told me that they love me and wish that I'd lose it and keep it off for my health. But they've also said that they don't even really "notice" because they love me. I guess only you can decide if these are really good friends who are kind or whether they are just the more shallow unkind type of people.

You have so little free time that you should spend it with people who make you happy and feel good. I've given up toxic people. Do I sound like Dr. Phil?

05-15-2006, 05:28 PM
hi there, chickies. it's a gorgeous day. we practiced outside target archery this am. after lunch we ran errands back in town. now i'm settling in for the day. the new flowers are glorious. life is good.

melissa, i miss you already. where are you going? will you have some friends going with you?

nikki, your trip sounds awful. sorry for all the problems.

rose, about 35 years ago i grew had a backyard of rosebushes. i had about 30 in beds and climbers all along the fence. they were gorgeous. then we got a large dog. (st. bernard) i remember one morning as i was backing out of the driveway i saw him running across the yard with a whole bush in his mouth. the dog and the hot weather finally killed all my rosebushes. i have to confess this was happening also due to neglect on my part. i was teaching and going to college.
my favorite rose back then was "chicago peace". runner up was "sweet afton." i have a "chicago peace" now and it's one of my favorites. it cost me $3 at a kmart type place in oregon. i'm saying this because it's just as beautiful (and more than most) as my "high powered" bushes i got from jackson and perkins and from edmunds' roses. i could have bought 5 of them for the cost of one of the others. but i'm not complaining. i love all my roses.

my rosebushes had a longer growing season in texas but the extreme heat made life difficult for them in july/august. believe it or not, it's extremely hot here in montana then, too, and i have to keep pouring the water to them all summer.

that's prob tmi on the rosebushes. sorry. i got wound up.

nikki, choo choo!!!!! wooo wooooo!!!!! i hear your train getting ready to move.

frouf, that's too funny about little ds wanting to go next year to see himself. makes me smile. i am so sorry for your coworker and her dad. brings back memories of my mother's heart surgery a few years ago. i hope her dad improves. and dd? i had one son and no daughters so i haven't jumped the hurdles you're attempting. keep on racing, good friend. i know you will cuz a frouf never gives up.

kathy, you sound more upbeat already. that definitely makes me smile.

vickie, i am so proud of you for going to your meeting and coming home very dedicated to being healthy. sounds like you got some fabulous core goodies. vickie, losing weight will help you have more energy (but you already know that). i'm so ready to have 40 more lbs off. my cardiologist told me the worst thing about my heart condition was i was fat and out of shape. i'm working on losing at least 40 before i see him again in january. "i'll show him!" :lol: (is that the competitor in me?)

> No we are not 'disgusted' with ourselves - if someone else has gained 1.2 lbs you would never tell him or her that you were disgusted with them would you? Of course not - you are your own best friend so 'speak' to yourself and encourage yourself.

this is exactly what our ww meeting was about 2 weeks ago. be nice to yourself. what would you say to us when we gain?

frouf, i like what vickie told you better than what i did. don't listen to me about going to the party.

05-15-2006, 05:40 PM
Sandra since you know so much about roses I will ask you this question(hoping not to sound so naive) :o Do rose bushes thrive better in alot of sun or some shade? I have so many trees in my front yard, so it is very shady, my back yard
is alot more sunny.

05-15-2006, 05:49 PM
nikki, rosebushes need a lot of sun but can handle some shade. they need soil that drains well. most of mine get mainly sun. the ones in the front get a little afternoon shade and the ones in the back get some morning shade. some of my rosebushes are in full sun. does this help? your best bet would be to talk to a local nurseryman and explain your soil, shade, etc.. to see what he thinks. thank you for asking. i love to talk about roses about as much as i love to talk about weight watchers. i'm addicted to both.

05-15-2006, 05:51 PM
rose, i was surprised--and thrilled!!--that you posted.

05-15-2006, 06:27 PM
Hey Chicks! Jim just went to get our dinner. I'm VERY hungry which is not good. I was afraid I might eat something non-Core while he was gone so I came here instead. The sun came out this afternoon and, although chilly, it is a pretty afternoon.

Sandra, you are a competitor and there is NOTHING wrong with that! I guess I missed the meeting about being kind to myself. It's funny that you talked about the Chicago Peace rose. My Mom used to have several of those bushes and I love them myself. Aren't they pink tipped with some yellow? Remembering made me cry but in a good way. I miss her so much. Maybe I should get a Peace to help me think of her. I just know that I'm not good about taking gare of plants. Right now my peonies are blooming which was her most favorite plant and I love them too. I so miss my friend.

05-15-2006, 06:32 PM
Afternoon chickies,
Welcome Rose from another fellow canuck!!
Happy belated Mother's day to everyone.......yesterday was a me day for up , went to church, went home (didnt stay for the potluck) and went straight to my greenhouse and puttered away all afternoon in there. Most of the time I thought of my mom who passed away 8 years ago and it was her birthday yesterday as well.. got two phone calls from my dd's so all in all it was a great day. Now that my girls are grown Ive decided Im spending mothers day whatever way I want to. When the girls were young they always made me breakfast in bed...(cold toast haha colder coffee) we would go for picnics etc....but this is the first year they are both gone. So I thought its time for me to be alittle selfish and do whatever I want...I didnt even look at housework yesterday...ahahha felt ssssssso good. Course just means I have to do it tonight but thats ok.
Vickie Ive started back hard core again as well. We can do this...
Fouf, I love James Blunt..and yup that words in there!! they change it for
Sandra I would love your roses........I dont plant them. I always thought they were alot of work and we live in such a cold climate.
Hurry back Melissa!! Drive safe.
Kathy, WOW great look fantastic!!
Ok off to check on my potatoe and cook a piece of lean ham for supper..
ttyl chickies!
ps it finally warmed up here today....

05-15-2006, 06:33 PM
Vickie, my heart goes out to you, I am very close with my mom and I don't know what I would do without my best friend. Maybe planting a Chicago Peace Rose will make you smile & think of your mom when you look at it. I lost my Dad 5 years ago and I think about him every day. :hug:

05-15-2006, 07:06 PM
vickie, i agree with nikki. plant you a chicago peace. my mother's fav rose was "tropicana." i have one in her memory. also, my paternal grandmother (who taught me to love flowers)--her fav rose was "queen elizabeth." i have one in her memory. my other grandmother who was a very loving, caring person who couldn't grow a weed's name was daisy. i have daisies in her memory. i think of them when i'm tending their plants.

patti, you are right about their requiring a lot of care. we call them our pets. :lol:

05-15-2006, 07:15 PM
Well I am off to join WW tonight (again), I am really motivated to get the weight off and I think joining will help.

05-15-2006, 08:16 PM
you're smart to go to the meetings, nikki. i am a "pro" ww'er. know the program from top to bottom and sideways but i was spinning my wheels trying to do program without meetings. it's hard to explain but they are very, very important.

05-15-2006, 08:24 PM
Hi all: Gosh I do not know where to start so many have posted since I was last here.

Vicki with a personality like yours I am sure your friends just love you. Think of how well you have done so far and get back on the track. Just think of how good you will feel. (Hey, I should follow my advice) Don't fret about it and just move ahead.

Sandra have you ever seen "New Dawn" it climbs and pretty light pink and it blooms and blooms and blooms all summer. I can not have it any more as I have so many trees in our yard. I call our yard, green park.:smug:

pa: I did not know they took the "word" out for the radio. I heard it first on Oprah's and of course it wasn't there either. lol You are a Canuck also, gosh 4 of us now, right?

Gosh, I am not the only one that misses there Mother so much. I can not read the cards in the stores or I get all upset.

Oh phone, I will come back later.
Blue Skies,

05-15-2006, 08:28 PM
donna, i haven't seen that one. i have 5 climbers--3 dynamite and 2 don juan. both are dark red. our house is yellow so they show up really well. i'll go check out "new dawn" on the net.

05-15-2006, 08:35 PM
donna, i found it. the article says it's the most popular climber of all times. it's good down to zone 5. i live in zone 4.

05-15-2006, 08:37 PM
okay, i've stalled long enough. it's still 83* and the sun is bright hot. guess i'll head on out and prune the last 2 rosebeds. (i'm just pretend complaining. i actually love working with my rosebushes.)

05-15-2006, 09:16 PM
That is it Sandra, it is absolutely beautiful and you can not kill it. Have fun in your garden
Blue skies,

05-15-2006, 11:31 PM
All this rose talk makes me want to plant some! There were three gorgeous bushes when we first moved in, and they had trellises behind them, but the trellises were starting to come apart and the bushes were too leggy so we ripped them up after a year or so. We've never put anything back in their place and so I'm thinking I should do that.

This morning (and yesterday morning too) I was back to 144. I just can't stand this yo-yo! I guess it makes me realize once again that maintenance is harder than losing, at least for me. It's like balancing on a tight-rope. So ... sigh ... I suppose tomorrow morning I get back on 100% Core and we'll see how long I can last. I only want to lose 5 STINKIN' POUNDS! :lol: Geezalou, is that TOO much to ask???? I know I'm below my goal weight but I had set it high. I really want to see what's happening in the 130s, plus I'm between sizes. The 8s are loose but 6s are a little snug. When I'm able to start back exercising, hopefully before summer is over, then maybe it'll happen. Until then, all I can do is watch my intake.

Today was Kate's 20th birthday. No more teenagers here! Only people who act like teenagers -- guess what she and Devan bought themselves at the mall? Baby turtles. Yep. Turtles.

I am LOVING Grey's Anatomy tonight. Just LOVING it! I will definitely be getting this season on DVD.

05-16-2006, 12:16 AM
i didn't prune roses afterall. i vacuumed and made dinner instead. i did do some watering, though. i will prune later maybe tomorrow morning when it's cooler. we're having record heat today.

kathy, i used to plant rosebushes in jan or feb when i lived near you. i don't know if they would live if you planted them now.

i'm watching the apprentice. guess i'd best close. night night.

05-16-2006, 08:18 AM
Good Morning Chicks! It's 6:00 and I'm up early because I had to help Jim get a urine sample from Cassie. Yes, there I was, running around in the back yard with a coat over my nightgown and my shoes with no socks, Cassie on leash being walked by Jim, with a rectangle metal pan in my hand trying to "surprise" Cassie. The deed is successfuly done (I'm as much a terrier as Cassie) and now we will await the news. We are still trying to find out if she has kidney disease. It seems at last test that her urine was too dilute which could be a sign of kidney disease. Sheesh.....we are quite the medical family lately. I was supposed to get this taken care of weeks ago, but frankly, she seemed ok and we had bigger problems with Jim. Evidently, there are no symptoms until it is too late. Great.

Anyhow, I had a horrible night of sleep. I woke up about every hour and it felt as if it took 20 minutes to get back to sleep. I was also disturbed about my best GF. She is no longer making platelets and must have transfusions twice a week. She learned yesterday that her brothers are not a match for her bone marrow and now she awaits the news to find out if anyone in the bone marrow bank is a match for her. She is positive and upbeat and has more faith than anyone else I know. She one of those bright light people that it has always been a joy to be around. The Doctor says there is an 80% chance of a match from the bank. She is not dealing with the other 20% possibility right now. Her 25th wedding anniversary party is on June 24th and she plans to take her vacation at the end of June after the party and get her transfusions while on vacation. Jim and I will be at the party since I was a bridesmaid all those years ago. Isn't it grand that she and I have stayed such close friends for so many years. We met at work when I transferred departments. She came up to me at about 10:00 on my first day there and said, "Hi, I'm Cindy. Do you want to go to lunch with me?" The rest is history! Is she amazing or what? She'll also have her 43rd birthday this Wednesday. Anyway, she could use some prayers. I ask because I know that most of you are "quite" connected.

So I worried about Cassie and Cindy all night long. Oh yeah, I also watched 24 before I went to bed last night which is also not good for a sensitive soul like me. As you all know, I'm an emotional eater. Needless, to say, this morning I would just like to go out to breakfast and eat until I'm ill. I've decided to let the intelligent part of my brain rule and I'm going to try to beat the emotional eating. I know that eating until I'm ready to burst will NOT help anything and will only hurt me. I really want to have a good week.

Sorry for the vent, but this was what was flowing out of my brain this morning and I KNOW that it is all going to be something I'll have to fight to control my eating.

Jim and I have eye doctor appointments this afternoon. I can no longer read my books without my glasses (or with them) since my right eye has gotten very blurry. I need to decide if this is a treadmill day. I think it is not.

Ok, I'm off to read posts while I drink this absolutely wonderful smelling cup of coffee that my husband brewed for me. At the moment, my life is good and I need to enjoy it.

05-16-2006, 08:37 AM
Patti, I think your approach to Mother's Day is wonderful and I'm glad that you seem to have enjoyed your day so much. I guess we are all "birds of a feather" and that's why we are all here together. Seems as though we are all strong women who all cherish/ed their Moms. I really needed to recommit to Core. It is such a good program and I'm really ready to lose again. There is a woman who started after me who has already lost 65 pounds. I feel I could do better and I will. It will be nice to have your company.

Niki and Sandra, maybe I will plant a Peace. I've been thinking about her so much these last weeks. I think she asked Sandra to mention the peace rose. Maybe she wants me to know that she's at peace. I'd like to think so.

Niki, I think it's a FABULOUS idea to go back to regular weigh ins at WW. There is NO doubt that I do better when attending regularly. I don't get much support from the other attendees. Most of my daily support comes from the women here. But, I do get some great ideas and I need the accountability of the scale. It's a routine and it helps me. I hope it helps you as well.

Rose, thanks for the compliment! I just try to be the friend that I'd like others to be to me. Problem is that I'm not very nice to me sometimes. I'm trying not to fret (and that's a great word for what I'm doing!) and get on with business.

Kathy, I know wht you mean about being in between sizes. It's VERY frustrating. Maybe you'll conquer this when you start to exercise. I think your eating is generally spectacular so exercise may be your only hope. You'll probably tone enough to get into the 6's. I know that would make you happy enough to not care about the number on the scale. I think you just may have to be patient until you are back on your feet (literally!) and try to keep eating healthy. We enjoyed Grey's Anatomy tonight too. I was shocked because I NEVER expected Burke to be shot. OMG. I can't wait for tonight! What am I going to do without my shows all summer? Uh....maybe get a life?!

Angela, how are you doing today? Are you all the way back on the wagon?

Melissa, have a safe trip. We'll miss you.

Time for a menu thread. I've got dinner planned at least.

05-16-2006, 10:25 AM
Vickie, I'm sorry that you had such a rough night. Bless your friend, she is really going through it isn't she? And poor Cassie, I'm hoping that all is well. I'll be praying for both of them (and you too!).

Kathy, so I guess work went okay for you yesterday? Did it feel good to get back? I'm sorry that you are "yo-yoing" but maybe it is just daily fluctuation and not real weight.

Sandra, sounds like you are a busy beaver as usual. Your roses are beautiful I'm sure!

Patti, it sounds like you had a great mother's day.

Rose, we're so glad to have you join us.

Sorry to be so brief girls but I'm kind of in a hurry. I'm only at work until noon then running home to get my stuff before heading out. My co-worker is driving so I'm working around her schedule today. :crossed: that it goes quickly and that everything will be well. I get really, really anxious about leaving home, especially without DH. I don't know what it is. When I was a kid it was leaving home without my mother, or vice versa. I would always worry about bad things happening while we were apart. And now I'm struggling with the same things. It's so silly, and I know it, so I'm really trying to fight it. I hate being away from home (DH!).

Anyway, I hope that you all have a great week. I may not be back on for awhile. :D

05-16-2006, 10:34 AM
Have a safe trip, Melissa! I understand the separation anxiety completely since I, too, have had it all my life. I'm glad that your coworker is driving and that you can kind of relax. Maybe you'll be able to get some walking in while your gone and don't have any other responsibilities. I hope you take the time to pamper yourself a bit in the evenings. What is your conference about?

05-16-2006, 11:20 AM
Thanks Vickie. The conference is at a state park where there isn't much except hiking trails and a river. I wish the weather was going to be nicer, but I think it's going to be cool and rainy. I still hope to take some walks and spend time on the balcony reading and that sort of thing. The conference is abou case management with pregnant women, domestic violence/victimization, etc.

05-16-2006, 11:42 AM
Hi Ladie, well I did it, I joined Weight Watchers last night. Seems like I am the only one out of the whole meeting who is following core. Flex is good, but I seem more in control on Core. Choo Choo, did you see my train moved a little, I did 10 minutes on my bike yesterday, I also did 40 crunches & leg lifts. 10 min was all I could do on the bike, I am really out of shape, the bike is a killer It is a full body worout, the handle bars move back & forth. I will get on it today & try to do a little more.

Hi P.A glad you had such a great mothers day, next year I think we will stay home and relax

Sandra I plan on planting some pretty rose bushes. I just love the way they look & smell. We have a split rail fence in our front yard & we have a couple of rose bushes there that do okay, I think it is too shaded, My moms roses are gorgeous she lives in the city and her back yard is the size of my front flower bed and with no trees so she gets tons of sunlight.

Vickie sorry to hear about your friend , I am glad she is positive & upbeat, 80 % chance of a match is great news. I just got my Halfiger support slippers 5 minutes ago And I am wearing them. Let me tell you, these are sooooo comfortable, I feel the arch support right under my arch and feels really good kind of like a massage. The wool is not itchy, I will let you know if my feet get hot and if my heel pain improves by wearing these at home. So far I love them.

Melissa have a wonderful & safe trip

Kathy I weigh different every time I get on the scale(mine is known to be a liar ;) . I even weighed 4lbs more at weight watchers( that scale is also a liar ;) than at my doctors.

Hi frouf, my son did the same thing with the vomiting, now my daughter is doing it, My husband said the other night there is not one corner of this hose that has not been puked on or peed on, Needless to say we bought a carpet steam cleaner many years ago.

05-16-2006, 11:59 AM
Hi all this bright and sunny day, (well not really, but it can be in my heart, right)
First of all I want to say hello to Melissa, hi there. I am the same way about going away without hubby. Friends are always asking me to go with them on shopping trips and I make excuses. Strange eh? My daughter is not like that at all she is a RN Nurse and goes on trips with the nurses at least twice a year.

You must be a Social Worker, my sister has her Masters in Social Work and worked along the same line as you for years. She now stays home with her adopted little boy.

Vicki, I am so sorry about your friend, I can feel your sadness. I hope she is able to get a bone marrow match. You would think that the brothers would I guess it is not the same in families. I did not know that. She is very young to have all that trouble.
Cassie must be your dog, at least I hope it is, running all over the yard trying to get a sample. Lil Lets hope all is well for poor little Cassie.

Kathy, wow, size 6, that would be great, when I was 135 lbs. (before menopause) I wore size 12.
My Mother was 97 lbs and wore size 7. I think the sizes must have changed. I do know I can wear a smaller size in the U.S. as when I was going to school in Arizona I loved to buy the clothes in size 10. I now wear size 16, sometimes a 14 not often.

Sandra that "New Dawn Rose" never stopped blooming all summer and I did not do anything to help it along. As soon as the trees got too big though it did not bloom much. It would be completely covered all summer, and the smell was glorious.

I do not know if any of you young chicks have had a fungus problem in your toe nails. I did and my step brother (Doctor) recommended a med. I did not take it but my step mother did and it did not work. Well to make a long story short I read to put Vicks Vapourub on the nail twice a day for 2 months. I have put it on for about a month now and low and behold, it is just about gone. I showed my Dr. and he seemed surprised. My husband said as I got into bed, "What is that smell?" I told him it was my new perfume, "Vicki Victoria". lol

Niki good for you joining w.w. I do not go as I am away at the cottage off and on in the summer. I am also one of these people that want to try and do it on my own. (not doing so well though) I do have all the info. though and going to give it the old college try.

Another hint it you get a wart, wrap duct tape around it for days and it will disappear. I did that and it worked. I love all these home remedies. I was talking to a gal at a party last week and she said it worked for her daughter who had planter warts. Doesn't take much to amuse me, eh?

Well must run, will come back later, hello to you all and have a good day.
Blue Skies,

05-16-2006, 12:13 PM
Rose that is funny you should mention home remedies, yesterday at WW a women was talking about drinking a tablespoon of vinegar for migraines. She swears by it, said she spent days at a hospital with severe migraines that did not subside, then someone told her about the vinegar, she tried and said it works everytime. I have to tell my sil, she gets them bad.

05-16-2006, 12:13 PM
Love those home remedies - I had also heard of the 'duct tape' remedy and hear it does work!

The roses all sound (and look) so lovely (esp the pink ones :) ) - I dare not try to grow those - I am sure our soil is the crappiest around and I need low maintenance stuff - altho I do love roses!

Vickie - so sorry you had a rough night and I know where you mind doesn't shut down it is hard to sleep! With 80% odds you friend has a great chance of finding a match and her attitude will surely help in the long run. Did I mention my dad had leukemia - had it for many years (with treatment). I think it actually runs in our family as another cousin has it as well (starts off with a high white blood cell count) - so I guess it's something I will have to have monitored as I get older? Hope Cassie's peepee is okay!

Niki - Of course I always thought those 'manipulative' kids belonged to someone else - not me! ha ha ha - well the joke's on me now! Congrats on joining WW - and getting that train out of the station! Slow and steady wins the race!

Melissa - try to enjoy the conference as much as you can - think of the grand reunion you and Aaron will have! While the topics sound a bit heavy the place sounds beautiful - i would love to be sitting out on a balcony looking at nature and reading a good book! Enjoy! (but we will miss you :()

kathy - guess you survived your first day? How is your leg doing?

I'm home today by the way - just feeling blue and depressed and lethargic? probably exhausted. Went to bed around midnight - had a slight headace - took some advil.

Woke up and still tired - kept hitting that snooze button - still a bit of a headache - and decided to stay home altho frankly I am not really that sick - just feel like resting and doing nothing! Eating way off wack as I consume what I please. I sure wish I had some of your strength and determination Vickie - I am definitely an emotional eater but have problems recognizing this (until it's too late!).

While I am already dressed (and had a big breakfast) I am feeling a bit tired so might try and lie down for a bit. Dd also home today - very stuffed up with a cold and sore throat! (and she is 'off' the computer until we can actually see the bathroom counters and floor! - cleaning lady coming tomorrow!).


05-16-2006, 12:19 PM
Hey, all. Another quick fly-by to say I'm at work, had a bad night, and will be counting the minutes until I leave at 2:30. I'll be back later.

05-16-2006, 12:46 PM
Are you Froufy or are you Froufie, I think I have been calling you Froufie.
You sound rather blue this morning hope you can get into the pink zone soon.
Hope you are having better weather then us, it is rain, rain, rain here, in fact it has been hours of rain. I always feel much better when the sun shines. Have not talked to our son in Ottawa to see what it is like there.
Hope you do not get your daughters cold. Another hint, if you feel any scratch in your throat take a Zinc tablet right away and often it will not turn into a cold. It works for me every time. You do have to take a Zinc at the first sign though or it does not work.

Niki, must remember the Vinegar hint.

Isn't there another gal that lives in Ottawa, I can not remember her name.

Kathy hope you have not gone back to work too soon. Also hope you have a better night tonight.
Blue skies, (not today but I can dream can't I)

05-16-2006, 12:57 PM
Okay - more info on the vinegar please? I also get migraines (at least once a month) and would love to hear about this? Maybe it's cuz the vinegar is so nasty you forget about the headache? ha ha ha

What kind of vinegar? (I know I have balsamic and cider in the house?) or does it matter?

Rose - sun is trying very hard to peek out today - it's bright but still a bit overcast - hope it does not rain ! I am really 'froufie' but due to a log on glitch I am also froufy - so it doesn't really matter as I answer to both!

Kathy - sorry you had a bad night - hope 2:30 comes quickly! did you ever get any new pain killers?

Okay dh is now home WITH HIS NIECE - (she is helping him out on a project - as she is studying industrial design at university). so he comes upstairs to check on what to make for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention our kitchen is a PIGSTY? How could you possibly bring anyone in to eat there? Crumbs on counter and kichen table - floor could use a sweeping - dishes in sink - some on counter as dishwasher needs to be emptied! yes we do let it get run down esp day before cleaning lady shows up! (poor thing).

Told him to clean up a bit - and there is a fresh pepperoni pizza in fridge downstairs that he could make (but don't let her look in our oven! ha ha ha).

Yes I really needed more stress!


05-16-2006, 01:13 PM
Froufy she said any kind of vinegar, I did hear her mention apple cider. I don't know much about it, just what she said yesterday that it works for her everytime, she also said to chase it down with a drink because it is real nasty. You may be right, maybe it is soo bad you forget about your headache and concentrate on your burning throat Haha. Hope it is true, alot of people could use that relief.

05-16-2006, 02:25 PM
Hey I forgot to tell you all that when I got back to work yesterday, there was an email that WW@Work was starting back up. Tomorrow's the first day! I think I've convinced them to let me join (it'll be up to the leader) -- at first they said I had to be at least 10 pounds over my goal weight. I weighed just now with my clothes on and full of food, and it was 148. We'll see tomorrow. I'll just set my goal at 135 if they'll let me so that I'll be well over the 10 pounds.

05-16-2006, 02:25 PM
good morning, chickies. curtis is gone to wild horse plains, montana with a buddy to visit an archery shop. i am rarely home alone and am enjoying it but this house is starting to get rather large and empty. i miss him and he's just been gone a couple of hours and will be home in another 3.

vickie, thank you for sharing yourself with us. that's what we're here for. special friends are just that "special." of course, you're upset over cindy. just keep thinking positive thoughts. sounds like she is an amazingly positive person. congratulations to you for not letting your emotions trigger a binge. i'm proud of you.

that's a beautiful thought of your mother wanting to let you know she's at peace. plant that rose.

melissa, i know you're probably already gone but i just want to wish you a safe, fun trip. enjoy yourself.

nikki, congratulations on rejoining. there aren't many folks here doing core either. most of them do flex.

rose, you're a hoot!! vicki victoria perfume!! thanks for the hints. those home remedies are amazing, aren't they? i enjoyed our chat this morning. saundra is our other chickie from canada.

frouf, did you read what nikki said about vinegar and migraines? i'm sorry you're down in the dumps today. hope your mood lifts soon. (just saw that you read about the vinegar. i'll bet you can also find out about it online.)

kathy, i am soooooo happy you are at work. you sound a lot happier now.

i'm in the process now of putting some photos online. it's a slow go as my puter will only let me load one at a time. i'll be able t o post photos here soon. yippee!!!!

05-16-2006, 02:33 PM
Hi! I'm getting ready to leave but just thought that I would say bye! I hope that you all have wonderful, core-iffic weeks. :hug: I should be back online Saturday.

05-16-2006, 02:51 PM
have fun, melissa.

05-16-2006, 03:16 PM

this is our family photo taken mother's day. curtis niece with her two girls, curtis' mom, curtis, me, curtis' sister.

05-16-2006, 05:18 PM
just finished pruning roses. 108 finished!! i am hot and tired but feel very proud to have finished.

05-16-2006, 05:43 PM
Gee maybe it's time for a little nip of vinegar??? ewwww I did lie down for a bit - but slept for only an hour perhaps (phone kept ringing!). Now I am feeling a bit groggy and minor headache behind left temple...hope it goes away on its own?

Bye Melissa - have fun!

Sandra - I usually enjoy being home all alone cuz it happens so rarely - time to put the music on and dance thru the house!

Dd getting ready for visit w/her dad and dh going out to a meeting so just little ds and I. Still need to get to the bank to get new card and pin number - maybe will take ds for a ride if I'm up to it - bank open til 8 pm. Then no other plans - was going to take ds to a movie but not sure if I feel like it now!


05-16-2006, 06:40 PM
frouf, i did have the music on till i went outside. i'm hardly ever home alone, too. i thought i'd go to the movies but decided i'd work my buns off instead. i need some smart pills.

05-16-2006, 07:10 PM
Sandra, I can't see your picture. Is it just me? Can anyone else see it?

I left work at 2:30 and went to Super Target. I was all excited about looking for my WW Puffed Vanilla cereal -- they didn't have ANY WW cereal. I was just really ticked, but went ahead and got some other things and some brown sandals since Bindy ate mine last summer. Then I went to Albertsons and found the cereal. It doesn't have the Core checkmark on it, but I think it's because the packaging with the checkmark is new. The ingredients are exactly the same as what's shown on the website, and it has Splenda, high fiber, the same calorie and fat counts, etc. I think it's just a packaging thing and that's a shame because people need to know that one is Core now.

I know Melissa is gone by now but I hope the trip is good! Stay safe!

05-16-2006, 07:24 PM
darn! that's why i posted photos on so i could share. kathy, i'll e it to you if you don't mind posting. do you have a suggestion of where i could post them online to store so i can post them here?