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05-05-2006, 05:20 PM
I just received a mailing for a product called Liposvelt, which makes some unbelievable claims.....damn, someday someone is gonna come up with something that really works, and no one is gonna believe it because of all the scams!

05-05-2006, 06:15 PM
this is the FIRST thing that came up on google...

Liposvelt and Other Canadian Diet Scams (

Liposvelt - this scam is being run out of a well known south Ottawa mailbox, specifically 1769 St. Laurent. This promotion is using mailbox number #111. Previous diet scams from this same mailbox location have used box 118 (Neoform 3000). Other promotions coming from the same location in the past include Power Drain #3, and Dayonnne diet patch.

The Liposvelt promotion is being sent out by direct mail outs to women from a prepared mail list. The order number, 1-866-268-5671 goes to a Montreal based call center to take orders. The same product, with the same call center phone number, is also being promoted throughout at least the eastern part of the U.S. The U.S. version is going to a mailbox in Massachusetts. It would appear that the product is being sent out of a fulfilment place in the Montreal village of St. Laurent, near the Dorval airport.

The product consists of hydolyzed collagen, gelatin, fennel (seed), chicory root, onion powder. There is nothing in here that we can see that would cause weight loss. The product is actually one of the better made products in this area, and even has a lot number!

And this from the same website ( investigative firm located in Montreal - apparently this is where a lot of scammy diet products are coming from - remember SuperSvelte Drops??)

Liposvelt - this is probably one of the hotter diet frauds out there now. This one comes out of a mailbox in Worchester, Mass. While initially the direct mailouts were from the east, now we have been receiving complaints throughout the U.S. with a surprising number from Texas of all places. The complaints here have concerned no product being received, no refunds, and of course, no weight loss.

While we haven't had time to decipher exactly where this one is coming from, it certainly has all the parameters of the typical Montreal based fraud.

Trust me...if any diet pill or product came out that *really* worked, it'll be on the front page of the New York Times, Newsweek, and every peer-reviewed medical journal - not some crappy spam soliciation or infomercial. :)